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The McGraw Electric Railway 
Directory is compiled by the 
Directory Department of the Elec- 
tric Railway Journal, one of the 
McGraw-Hill publications. 

Electric Railway Journal has been 
for more than thirty -six years an 
integral part of the electric railway 
industry, the leaders of which it 
has continuously inspired in- 
formed and guided. 

Its readers are the executives 
and their principal assistants who 
direct the purchases of the millions 
of dollars which the entire industry 
annually spends for equipment, 
materials and supplies. 

Electric Railway Journal readers 
control practically all important 
decisions on the roads which own 
98% of all cars and 99% of all 
existing electrified mileage. 

The advertising pages of the 
Electric Railway Journal include 
reguliarly the sales messages of the 
manufacturers who get the bulk of 
the electric railway orders in their 
respective lines. 

Published weekly — Subscription $4.00 a year. 


Electric Railway 


August, 1920 

Published Semi-Annually 
February and August 

Subscription Price $7.50 per Year 
Single Copy $4.00 

McGraw-Hill Company, Inc. 

Tenth Avenue at 36tfa Street 
New York 

' iJMivERSin c MirHiftAN um. 



I ,'1 .> 

; / ■ ^! 

Copyright, 1920 


McGraw-Hill Company, Inc. 

77- S.'^ V66 

Directory of 

Electric Railway 

in United States^ 
Canada and Mexico 

[August, 1920] 

in this Directory has been correct- 
ed up to July, 1920. 



Data on Electric Railways ar- 
ranged by States and Cities 5 to 209 

Electric Railway Associations . 210 to 214 

National and State Railroad 
and Public Utility Com- 
missions ...... 215 to 219 

Statistics on Number of One- 

Man Cars 220 to 226 

Alphabetical List of Electric 

Railway Officials ... 227 to 256 

Numerical Index to Electric 

Railway Companies . . 257 to 280 

Electric Railway Companies. 


PapulsttoD la Etven directly >fUr (b« oudm of cltl« or tonni, ind, noleii 
olhaiwlie Bpeclfled, ia from ISIO Ceonil. 

The (*) iDdie&leB a repart ibst differ* In eome reepect fiam the csport of lb* 
um* compsnj In ttae prerioiw Ixne of the Directflrn and Che dEore* dlrecU; 
tallowing tbe(*) Indicate tba latest d>t* at liifoiDUtlOD by monlfa and tbu. Thni 
to woulalndlcals a report ncslved In Jnns, 1820. 

Th* (1) iDdlcaM a compuiT not pravlouiily rspoit«d in the Dlrecturj. 

The <*) In th* AlphabstlCAl Indei (a compaclH indicate* ; 
1. OompuiM whoa* property !■ controlled oi operated by another company, and 
which are not reported aeparalslj In this directory. 
S. Oompanlg* HfaM* idmllty has been lost through merger, coonoUdatlon, or re- 

iHltman A Tajloi 



Ball Ball Bntf na C«, 

Brmghm BlrmlnBham 

Bckje BnfkojB 

B. AW Ball AWood 

0,*C C.*C. Blec. 

Oh Chief 

Chm Chainsati 

Chatt...C1IBttBnDaga Balli 

Ca-R CahUI-Bi: 

Opr C. Ik a. Cooper 

O.O.B, . .Cauadlah Gen-Elec. 
C-W Orockar-Wheel 

d.e. fMrectet. ._. 

Det Detroit 

D.ftC Dick A Chnrcb 

neea Klectrlctmr 

iDgr EnglQcci 

ErlsClly Erie City Itor 


FUhkJ Fl*hklll 

Vttch Fltcbbutg 

F.M.*Co Falrbank* 

Uons ft Co. 
Fnok FrankllD 

Ft W.'. ,', Ft. Wayne 

O. B Genttal Electric 

r™ .ranwator* 

Q. * UcC Qordle A He- 


.AT Haidle&Tynee 

. B. &H .HarrlRbnrg 

Boiler ± Mfg. 

.F. A» Hairlebnrg 

Fonndry A Mche 

). ft H.-Hooven, Oweni 

A Bentachler 


. S, di Q., .Houston, S 

Schoy Schuyler 

8.F.«M Bonthwack 

Fonndry ft Hchs. 

. .Lombard 

. .Uaater Uecfaanlr 

Mor Mnrmylron W 

Northn Northen 



Raa Raaeell 

it. it S RlCB ft Sargeot 

— Spnnglleld 
Sapenntf—"— ■ 


TAR Taylor ft RIlay 

■^ ...Triumph Klec. Co. 
TwinClty ■ 


. .United E3eetrlc 


'~ ftW.,Walehftmdener 

A A...Wrlght ft Adatna 


. . _ Weatcm Electric 

Wnt. or WeUg. . . . Wntlng. 



1 — Mortb Alabama Traction Oi 

— Oftlce. Second Aie. (Conascu Di 

Mtnrmnd AlbioT.) 

Pn*. Jdo. B.WestlJ BlraiiiiBtl«i 

Snpt. & Pur. Agl. 

W. R. Speer 

Eoargj pDTChftBed 

AHNI8TOM, W.lll (1»1() 
■uwer Oi 

Alsbuma Fwi 
. AJkClrtanSt 

J. 8. F 

^.)-L(w»l oI 

B. 9101 


D Cll/. For . 

■ble St. {Con- 
•— -Td ind 

D>, 01 


BnerRy from compinj'i trani. tf 
(nag. voll. 4.0IX) •: Crallej rolt. aOO t. 
1 lub its. e«p. BM lew. S mo. gen. Ml< 
B«p»i( »hopB «t Bth St. A Wllmer Ati 
HeacfaH Oxford Lnka Pu-k ud Hoi 
BOD City P»[k lowned). 

S.B mllas; 4-8Mt: IS motoc pua., 
trail p»M., 1 (p. inotor»ndT»itte«oap 
(Campauy doci gciuii] llgbtlog and pow 

ICampauy di 

(S«s No. 4.) 

la— Alabama FowerOo.- 

ofllce*, Brown-Man Bldj, 
■ ■ ■ .a City, Badid»n & 

1«,E56 (IMS) 

Blao Falifleld.) (Controlled, thronBh 
ownenblp of capital •tDi;k, by Blrmlnl- 
bamHj., LI. ftPwr. Co.) 
>OBlTer, Lee C. Bradle j. 
2100 JefferaoB Connty Bk, Bldg., 

en. Mm. 


_ _ _ P. Rofi., 
,udr. B. O. 
Jlalm ABt. H. B 

Energy pBrcbased'troin tho Blnolnt- 
him r|. LI. * Pwr. Co. ; tram. toHII1,0» 

field ai 

east Lnke. Avo 
mt Parka, 
i; 4-BHBi WmoloT 

{Conlrnfled by 

& Pwr. Co., Ltd, I {Opsralea Annli 
Tlioi. W. MartlD Blnnlnabai 

m-l. Met. F. D. Mah. 
" O. Q. Thr-"™ 

r. 3. A. 81 

Ch. Bngi. O. Q. Thnrloii 

•b ^ BlrmlnallBBil • Bdnwovd 
■lee. Kj. Co.-(Controlle« by the 
BlnBlnglianiRy.,Lt.APwr.Ca.) (CoD- 
Dtct* Bfrmlnghatn, Rawdale, Oak QroTi 

Prei. J. H: PBTear , , ,. 

Energy piirchaaed aad cart leaaed from 
BlrmlDEbMD Ry„ LI. A Pwr. Co. 

f.SmUea: MHI. *c 

a— BlfmlnKfaam-TldewBtaTBr.Oo. 
B e c e I y e r appointed Jan. at, IllB, 
— OfllM, ilOO 1*1 Ave. (8nocei«or ta 
Blimlnsbsin, Eniley A BeiMmer K.R.J 
(Connscu Eaet Like, Woodlawn. At. 
ondalv, Birmingham, GraynumC, Pratt 
CIlT and Bnaley. n«w withtn the corpo- 
rate limit* of tbe Olty of Blnnlngbami 

1 roDtrolled by the . 

Receiver, Lee C. BiadUj, 
SlOO Jefferaon Copnly Bk. B 

Pns. A Qen, Hgr. J, S, Penat. . 
Au't. Oen. Mgr, 

Fred V. Underwood 

8»c.-TMa*. J. P. Roi» 

Audr, B. O, Lftaney 

i Elect., B. Jordan.... 
Bqnip., A.Taunnan. 
Oa>.aB. Elliott.... 
LlneijA. O. Morton.. 
Kwy. «Pgt,Traf.HgT. 
T. a. Brabiton _ 

100(44 4111 Atc. W 

Au't. Tiat. UlET. 
lMra)C,L. Sterena 

isloob'v^ir'olley'voii, STIiV ' Xneigyalao 

Tidewater By. Co.) * 

cloterdale:. its (lou). 

(Bee No. 11.) 
DBCATUB. |4,»H) 

I— ^peoplei Railroad Co. 



die*: B RBBollne rare and 1 trail 
IXiMtrUcatlon conMmplUed In 



(SaeNo. M.) 
»A1>SDBN. u.ta (leiB). 
(See alio No. 1b.) 
— AlBbamB Poner Co. (Qu 

DlTHlon) (PurchMOd Alabsnu .,11,, 
Qidwlgn i AtUUa Ry. Co. — Locij 
oDcs, Oidedan. (Comuou Qadide 
A.l>t»i)ia City Had AtUUi.) Poiei« 
tiro offlcflra^ lee Blnalngbani. 

LoulUgi. E. W. ABbmesd Oultd 

Sopt. M. D. Fayn* 

EncrgT (mm compsny'i trins. »> 

tnuu. volt. 4,000 t: ItollsT Tolt. <^00 t. 
I anb. iia, o«p. TDOkv; erol, coav, 
Bab-itB. md rspsU ihope a Dulidi 
ll.ti mllw owned (11 mr.m.t.: O.Sn 

Bid.) Toiilmlleaoptrated 11;4-BME! 

motor p>ii,, a moCor fnliht ind S trail 

rnlgbt call. Company dogs jcenanil 

llgbtliig and po'verbUBlDSBi. 


l-OadadaD, Bell**ae * Lookoat 
HonntalD B7. — OSoe, Oadadeo. 
(ConnscU OadideQ and Moscalnla 

Pres. n. J. Virgin, 

BM Canal Ht..New OMeuit, La. 
lit V. F™i.,Qbii. Mgr. A Pnr. Agt, 

LoulaBait Qadaden 

Kd V, Prea. T, J. Slmptan Rome.Oa. 

Sec. ATreu. A, R. arliidle7....0ad*deD 

aiec.'snir. *M.M.' 

Bueriry unrctiBaed riom Alabau 
Repair ahopaatNoccalnla Falla. Gad 

Boachei Noccalala Falls Park. 
S.lmiUa;4«Mg; t motor [MUi. car*. 


(Sie Blao No. Ea.) 
S-Alnbams Pwr. Co. (Hnntsill 

DlTlaDD.) — Local offlcs, HnaMTlll 

For OMCDtlTe oOlcera, BagBlrmlngban.. 

DIt. Mgr. W. H. Slanlay HiiDtavllle 

Supt. /b. McLnra 

H. If ., R. V. HcLnre 

Ch, EDgT. PwT. Bta. A. W. Bag " 

Bnttgj from company'itiang. nil alao 
power eta, eqnlp. 1 d. c. G. E. 360 kw. 
Ua. o. G. E.. Wails, tot. SGOkw, tanOT. a 
pb. no cje; HO b* a R. & S. and Ball; 
lOOObp.b.B, A^ (ik* W«tsr,tarl). 

4 anWU. BDto. coD.ii.. 0;; lOtOkw; 
traoB. volt, MOOv: trolley tuIi, NOi. 

Power ala, and repair abopa at Weet 
Ollnlon it. 

«.I mllea: 4-8M II oihd; B molw can. 
CompanydDaaganeralllghtlng and power 

HOBII.B. S8.W (i«ie). 

*-« oblla LIrhl A B. B. Co.— OMca, 

lliSOoTernment St., Mobile. (Connecta 
Ifoblle. Wblatler. Flsleau, Uagaitne 
Point. SprlBgtalll and Crtcbtoni alio 
operatea line In tbe Cblckaaaw Bblp- 
bnlldlnR plant.) 

Prea. J. Howard Wilaon Mobile 

V, Prai. S. A. Wllion '■ 

Ata'l, to Prea. D. J. McGratb " 

Sec. ft Andr. F. B. Clementa " 

Treaa. O.T,N.Whlt*4ipnnner '■ 

Supl.. W. C. Stockman " 

Claim Agl. C. H. Fllber " 

Pur. Ant. F H.Patara ■■ 

Cb. P.n»r. Pwr. Sta., B. V. Vamado " 

M. M..8. M. Ooffln " 

Hoadnuuter, B.J. Schram " 

power ata. equip. S d. c. Q. B„ Wrati.. 
S. AH. tot. ISSnkw: IBtS hp. a, Alll>-C. 
Falton. Ham : 1480bp, b.Stlr, Bab. ft Wi 
trolley Toll. ESO v. 

Power itatlon at Koyal asd Hoiroa 
ati. ; repair ib^a at Honroa FUk. 


Owneai Uobto* Fiik (wblte) and raach 
Dill* Park (colored). 

Sl.S mllea; 4-BH g: 78 motor paea., M 
trail paia, and 18 aarrice aara. ABO 

lO-MobllB * panauol* B7. A Mk- 
rlK>tloD Oo. — omca. LUllao. (Snc- 
CCBBor to Mobile, YolanU ft Feneacola 
R. K, Co.) (Will connect Mobile to Vo- 
lanla, E, Falrbope, Qabel, Barclay, 
HoUana, Harlow. BammerUalo. Ader, 
Elberta, and LIU I an, Ala., and Penaa; 
cola, Fla.. a dlatsnce of 44 mllea.) 

Prea., Cbarlea Barclay Lillian 

V.Pree.ftQen.Mgr.B.H. Miller. SeaCllff 
Treaa, W. D. Staiileton Bay UlQCtt* 

Reachea park In Volanla. 

2 mllea In opersitloD From VolBnti, eaal. 

*'^ii ti 1 EBB alec, ear and tolbet can. 



11— HDntsomery I.lslit* Tructloa 

Co.-Offlce, B Court Square, Uonl- 

Eoraary. (Connncti Montgomety, Capl- 
)1 HelghlP, Cloverdale and Pickett 

Receiver Ray Rnshton Monlgomerj 

Trees, ft Ch, AccI, 
ChaB,E,Norton ;| 

Comi, Mgr. J B. Champion " 

Bupt, Hy,Depl, W,M. Perdue 
Supt. Llnee ft Uetfra 

A. 8, Coleman 

Ch, Engr. Pwr, Bta. 

J. M, Chiimley 

M, M. A. P. Rcypoldi " 

Power Bta, eqalp, I a, c, atm, tnrbo- 
gen. West, lot. SOOO kT», 1800 », B ph, » 
eye; 321X1 hp, b. Stir; traiia, Tolt £800 t; 
tiollITTolt SlOi 

lauli.ata; cap.WOOkw: Brotconv, 

Power ata, at Llmeatone ft Eva ata: 
repair ihopa at Hadlinn Ave, 

Heachoa Pliketi Springe Park Geaaed) 
and Washington Park (colorod), (owned.) 

BS mllea; 4-^ g: t4 motor paaa. and 4 
olbercara, {Company dnee general llgbl. 
Ing and powar bualneea.) *B0 

OXFORD. 1,090. 

<See No, la,) 


(See No. 18B.) 


18 — Selma Bl(«. Bb11w»t Co., 

(Formerly Selma Traction Co.) 

Prea. B. L. Oeroiild Warren, Pa. 

Tteaa, ftMng. DIr. Bogh Mallory.Selma 

Bnpt. ft Pnr, Apt, W, E, Naea " 

RDsrgypurcbaaed from Alabama PowH 
Repair afinpi al IGIB No, Broad Pt, 
Reacbee Hllidale Park and Mania. 

rmlliw! l-au e: gmotor paafl,,IOtrall 

14— TbcHheaeldOo OfflcflhaMald 

(Conoacta ShaSald, Florence and Tna- 

Praa, Henry Paraoni, 

)0I Park Ave., New York. N, T. 

Pnr Agt. W. S. Hatch Bhaflald 

Sec. ft Treaa, JoeepU Paraona, ■' 

101 Park Ive,, Naw Tork. W. T. 

Andr, O, W, Terry Bba«eM 

dan, Mgr. J. F. sanmoo " 

9npt. J. w,Robertaon " 

Snpt, Wa'er T)opt, O. F, SwalD... " 

Claim Agent. W, R, Hale ShaSeld 

Elec. Bnirr. H,H. Bnrt " 

Engr. Pwr. Sta. S. M, HcClaln.. " 

M, H,. F. L, Blaman " 

Roadmaatar, P. LHUner " 



Power ttft. eqnip. 1 d. c. WMt. 8S6 kw; 
8 ft. c. West, 1 AUis-O. tot. 1960 kw. 9800 t. 

8 ph. 00 cys; 800 hp. e. Brown, Wteeonsiii 
Bug. Co; 8400 bp. b. Wickee, Bdge; 1960 
kw. tnrb. (Btm.) WcbU Allis-C; trane. 
2300- volt* MOO V. trollej toU. 600 t. 

1 snb-etft. (eato. control) cap. 500 kw ; 

9 rot. conT.« 1 mo. gen. set. (400 kw. 
syn. mo., 800 kw. 600 v. gen.) 

Power 8ta. and repair sbope at Sbeflleld . 

Owns and reachee two parks. 

t2.9 miles; 4•8^g: 16 motor and 9 
other cars. (Company fnmiihea energy 
for power and ligbting.) 69 

TUSOAI.OOSA. 10,488 (1016) 

15 — Taaoalooaa Bj. 4k Utilities 

Co.— Office, 9918 Broad St. (Successor 
to Birmingham-Tatcaloosa Ry. A Util- 
ities Co.) (Parchased Tnscaloosa Ice 
Sc Lt. Co.) (Connects Tnscaloosa and 

Pres. J. H. Morris Phihtdelpbia, Pa. 

y. Pres.. Gen. Mgr. A Pnr. Agt. 
I. W. Boss Tuscaloosa 

Seo. & Treas. 
F. A. Courtney Philadelphia, Pa. 

Aadr. J. 8. Billings Tuscaloosa 

Supt. Ry. & M. M., 
C. J. Brickson ♦• 

Sapt. Lt. A Pwr. B. C. Beatty. •• 

Sapt. Gas Dept 
M. L. Thompeon " 

Oh. Engr. Pwr. Sta. 

P. J.Jiminez *♦ 

Bnergy purchased from Alabama Pwr. 

Co. Power iita. used as stand-by: 

I d. c. West. 860 kw; 600 v; 1 rot. con v. 

600 kw; 8 a.c. G. B. tot. 800 kw. 9800 v. 

8ph. 00 cys; 800 hp. e. Cor; 1000 hp. b. 

W. A W. 600 kw. turb. (stm.) O. B; 

trolley Tolt 600 v. 

Power sta. and repair shops at Tnsca- 
Reaches Rivsryiew Park (owned). 
15 miles; 4-8^ g; 5 motor and 17 other 

cars. (Co. does general lighting and 

power business.) lOt 


(See No. 10.) 

WHISTI.KR. 8,489. 
(See No. 9.) 



16— Thane Perseverance Ralliray 

(Formerly Alaska GastineaMiDing Co.) 
— Office, Thane. (Operates 1 passenger 
train daily between Thane and Perse- 
verance; road used chiefly for ore haul- 

Qen. Mgr. G. T. Jackson Jnneau 

Pur. Agt. Leonard Guy Thane 

Supt. of Transp. Wm. G. Carlberg. ** 

M. M., L. M. Steyenson '' 

Ch. Bner. W. A. Tolch ♦* 

Engr. Ovhd. Constr. W. A. Fleek. . " 

Power sta. on Salmon Creek; trolley 
volt. 600 V. 

1 sub sta. cap. 600 kw; 9-800 kw. rot 
conv. 60 cys. 600 v. d. c. 
Repair shops at Thane. 
6.96 miles: 8 g: 8 18-ton Baldwin West, 
locos, and 9 6-ton G. B. locos; 9 trail 
pass, and 110 other cars. 00 


BISBBK. 9.010. 
(See No. 90.) 

DOUGLAS. 8.000 (1914). 

17— DoufflMi Traction * lA* Co*— 
Office, Douglai. 

Prea. J. S. I>onglas Doaglaa 

y. Pres. Wm. Adamson ** 

See. S. P. Applewhite ** 

Treas. B. R. Plrtle *• 

Q%n. Mgr. 4k Pnr. Agt. 

R. G. Arthur »* 

Power sta. equip. 8 a. c. G. B., Bull. tot. 

076 kTa. 9900 V. 9 ph. 60 cys. 600 hp. e. 

AllisC; 800 hp. b.3ab. AW.; 988 hp. 

gas. e. Diesel; 1 rot. conv. 900 kw.; trans. 

volt. 9900 v.; trolley volt. 600 v. (Bmer- 

gency energy purchased from Phelps. 

J>odg« Corpn., Douglas, a. c. 9900 v. 8 ph. 

60 cys. re-convertea to 9 ph. d. c; also 

d. c. 440 V.) 
Repair shops at Douglas* 
Reaches Douglas Park (owned). 
10 miles; 4-9^ g; 6 motor and 1 

trail car. (Operates pwr. sta. for elec. 

Itg. service.) 60 

PHOBNIX. 18,691 (1919) 

18 — Phoenix By. Co. of Arlsona.— 

Office, 1810 B. Wasbinffton St. (Con- 
nects Phoenix and Glendale.) 
Pres. M. H. Sherman 

Consolidated Realty Bldg. 

Los Angeles, Cal. 
1st V. Pres. 

Harry Chandler " " 

9nd V. Pres. 

Ralph Chandler ^ ** 

Sec. L I. Smith '' *' 

Treas. C. Cari^ ** ** 

Gen. Mgr. A Pur. Agt. 

Samuel Mitchell Phoenix 

CI. Agt. C. B. Newcomer ** 

M.M7 Antonio Salcido '* 

Bngr. Maint. of Way, 

crB.P»rsons " 

Bnergy purchased from Pacific Gas A 
Electric Cfo.; trollev volt. 660 v. 

Repair shops at 1810 B.Washington St., 

Reaches Bast Lake Park. 

89.5 miIes:4-8H g; 99 motor pass and 
1 work car. *60 

TUCSON. 16.756 (1916) 

19— Taoson Bapid Transit Co« 
Office, Tncaon. (Controlled by Federal 
Lt. A Trac. Co., New York, N. Y.) 

Pres. B. N. Sanderson.. 

60 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

y. Pres. A Treas. 
J.Dunhill " •* 

Seo.B.K.H.D'Aeth'' " ** 

Mgr. Frank B. Russell Tncaon 

(Sen. Supt A Ch. Bngr., C. H. Nichols, 

60 Broadway, New York, N.T. 
Bnergy purchased from Tucson Gas A 

Elec. Lt A Pwr. Co; 9 d. c. West. tot. 

500 kw.; trolley volt. 660 v. 
Repair shops at Tucson. 
6 miles; 4-8H g; 9 motor pass cars.^MO 

WABBBN. 694. 

)90 -Warren Oompanj, (Operating 

Warren-Blsbee Ry. — Office, Warren. 

(Connects Warren. BakerviUe, Lowell, 

Johnson Addition and Bisbee.) 
Pres. A Gen. Mgr. G. H. Dowsll.. Warren 

V. Pres. C. L Knapp ** 

Sec. J. B. Curry " 

Treas. A Audr. 

H. B. Baull New York. N. T. 

Supt. J. O.Cowen..: Warren 

Claim Agt. M. B. Oastidy Bisbee 

Pur. Agt. John B. Rawllngs Warren 

Ch. Bngr. D. M. Rait " 

M. M. W. B. McKee Bisbee 

Bnergy purchased from Calumet A 
Arizona Mining Co., trans, volt. 9900 v. ; 
trolley volt. 660 v. 

Reaches and owns Visla Park and Ball 
Park in Warren. 

6.7 miles; 4-8U g; 8 pass, and 1 work 
ear. Company does lightinf and power 
boalneM. ^lOt 


On. Mn^ CL AfL M 

PwTXct. r. CWwn A iM M 

fciimm^iiil fna lintt IMA Kf . 

roKTSMITH. MMO (l»m. 
«- r«rt Hisltk L*. * timMloB Ce.- 

■M,,Tnu. * Aidr. 

R.K MUnl 


M,»(,.M r WT-rM 

■koM H eat. 

Mil* doM c*iMn] lltbllaf ud powi 
boalDM' and M*Brtbiitaa nManl fM 1 
n. SmllbandTinBam. I 

HELKMA, 10,TM(m8) 

M— TIm WMt B'lamm OraHll 

teM4 Ca. (gaecHKir td InUnrb* 

Kf, Co.)— (CoobmU Hilm* utd W« 

Pna, I, C. Hnniar Hdra 

T. rrw. B. n. HuoD " 

•m. * Traw. J. fl. HarnM.. 
Ora. lliiT. K. T. Bomor. . , . 
"- — t,*pMi>Aft.' " " 

J.. V. TIbbiM 

■■•r.M.ofW.. «, P _, 

StierrT pDrchucd fmm t)MHat«aaGu 
* KIM, Co. 

IteMlr rtojn at W««t H*]*n,. 

IImk1» B«acb Cmt Park, Wilnat OroT* 

Bttmllo; I-C^e; tl motor and Itelliv 

H'lT nPBINOS. 1T,nS(l>l» 
ST — Oantm Arkanuo Rv. * U. 

OorvB.—OHle*, tO B'waj,~IT«« Tork, 

S. T. Kmntit Em Tiifcp «. Br- 
OiU Ba ■ ■ I » VIr. O^ C«^» 


■ ■laaliai Saw TariL V. T. 
" — - -- - ' ---"—- 
Sac. * AaaL TtaH. 
KK.H.irAMk - -_ 

»« Bt «! iHa ji Bt.B 

>»«tT OcMnl A** ,_ , 

CHtnl - ■ St. A Ll ChasK. 

-Mttta^tatiaUinid by «■#•<- 
■■I Lt. * lyac. f;o. Bnr Talk, X. T.I 

PM.B.».aMlaii I 

WBnadnr. BavTaakJTT. 

■m. *nw«.W, K. I «k»na..aat Ifil ^ a 

0«. Msr. S. B. DOm. 

"^•K Sapt. A Cfe. b^r. 

C.B.^ncbk BcwTok, B. T. 

■at. J. H. BUHBlcU BatSfri^ 

t U ■aiitmd fiiM niliiaiTlii 

" '^ihaHMnrrafkA**. 

>: «4(>:S7 aMMfvaw. aMI* 

B BOCK. n^tL (■■>). 
.. J Ba^ By. * BiM. C«b— 

Oaca, 11* W. «k St. (Opw at aa ta 


m*. D. B. CtealnD LltttaRwit 

TFin >TiMi I ■iliiilin 
•ac.AAair. W. J.Tkaip.... 



il^.I>c|it.A.B.Kaoac«. - 
8Bp(a.<LlE D<**.*Bur.O*M. 

t ConaL L. FTdrHtok... " 
ClaiB Act. Ckaa. T. Bowlaad. 
Ant. kvamj BtaCTSckoCE** " 

Coa. Met. B. I. Bran 

Ck. BacT. Pwt. Ma. 

M. ii.w.H.dirtii'.'.''.".'.;;;;; 

Boadaiaatcr, Job* Card " 

PawnaM.Bqalp td.c.G.E. taC 1«0 
kir : I a. c. tmbo ten. G. B. tot If .OOOkra. 
noo T. I pb. «l ctl: B. O. a B: NK bet 
b. B « W; Itxiu kw. (tm. Orb 8. K: 

1 inb. (U. (aato. eont.) cap. <M kw : > 

Power aU. at root or Artb St.; lapalr 
abor* at Hortk A Cbolrr Bta. 

Bwebaa aad eoatrol* Poraat Pnk. 

4) mllM: 4Mi : M BMer paai..10 irall 
pan. and 1 otkcr eat*. Coopaaj doca 
tmnal lia. A pvr. boalBeai: aallaaacrrr 
to Inlertl^ Tatmlul Hj. Co. *aO 

Pimc HLCFT. n,«T. (IMO 
SO— Tha Plna BlaV Ca. Ofle*. ttl 

Praa. B. C, Conch PtncBInC 


T WaU St. BawTOTk. N. T. 
S«c. A Blae. BnfT. 

J.L.L0Hlna PlnaBlaS 

Trcu. * An. If tr. 

J. A.WUIlow 

ABdr.l ». W«t 

Sopl. Rj.Daot. J. Cain " 

Pnt. A«. C. 8. Lynch 

n>ini Alt. Pirkfr C. Tacker.. " 
Ch. Bngr. A.W. Look ^"J 

M. M.T. I'^Wtll.y....!!!'...,.PlB0BlnB 
Snm. Orbd. Conat. 0. H. S'nlth '■ 

Power lU. eqalD.Ba.!!. O.B.,Wa*l. tot. 
KWikw., noo V. Sph. SOryt: WOO hp. b. 
B.AW..H*lnf; nao kw. ita. tub. O.B., 
Waat: trani. ToU.n.OaOT; trollarroll. 


TiDh-alaa. (IvllbaBto. cost.) tot. tap. 
Mfle kw. : MOO kv. Q. Z. roL codt. 
Powat ita. at«hao<Aab8ta. 
Rapalr tkopa at U aid Aah St*. 



IOinllM:4lllB.t.;19motornn. Con 

bnalnan. jO 

31-8onthWMtern O.. « BlM. Co 

M. M., V. N, Miokrlberry .... 

En»rj(7 parchued from Sbd Jokqali 
Ll, A Pwr. Cnrpn., Freino. 

^ Rspml^r ibop. .( IRth 81. A Unlo. Art, 

tlro»d at., T«Mk.n.. Ark. (Conn«ti 
Truii. J.C.Msrkl'"" •' 

Ruchei Bfmnilion P«rk (oirnsd). 
lO.Bl mlL»; i-Sii k; IS motor c»r.. 



Poww lU. eonlp. 1 d. c. WeKg. HO kw; 

torb. a B; irini. Tolt, tSOO »; troller 

EAGLE ROOK. 1.190 (ma). 

EUBKKA. U.I1M |l»ev 

-Central Ponardt I.t.Co._0(n«, 

% Cbamlcil Bldg.. St. Loali " 
nocseBwr (a WiJoot Ridgs * Hi 

Bcc., Treu, A Aadr.B.H.Gone ■■ 
LncaJ Hlr. A. Llabemuii. Wtlnntl 

Pnr. Art. H. C, hoUbr 81. LobIi 

Cb. b il«. Baxr. 


Bngr. PwT. aw. 


Itord, 8L t,.' 
BOnhp.wlr. _ _ 
•; trollej vol I. 2800 

Pnwfir - 

^ F. M. * Co. 
Wett. tot. «• 

im. lurb.WBnt 
ipstr ehopi It Wiinn 

.ft mil..: *-SM e; * motor c.n. 
If doH llghling it pniter basin* 


ALAMEDA. K.ns. (IMfl) 


Ht B7). 

BAKER8FIELD. !«.«■* (IHd) 
S&-8>ker.fl«ld A Kern Bleo. Ry.- 
0<no«. Bikmneld ; MilaOfflcc, Premo 
fCnnlrolle,! hj Sin Joaqnin Lt A Pwr. 
Owpn.l (P™n«UB«l(mfl,lfl.ndKeni 

Pr«. Wm.O Kerckhoff 

SOS Oarland Bide.. Lou Ad»1<i 
V. Pr«. A. C. Bklch ^ " 

MB aarliDd Bldg. 
Btc. L. M. Firnham 

Tmu. ACompt.A. B. Put 

MS Garland Bldg. 
A«dr. A. B. (,'arpmlei 

TDlara A H Bid., PrHno 
Geo. Mp. A, G, Wlihon...." 
Sapt. « Qan, Fgl. * Pait, Aet. 

D, L. Wlibon Bakanfleld 

OIkIm Agt. 

M.BooroK Ta!»r« A H Sti.. Pruno 

Pbt. Agt D. P. Kawrn 

J. A Dan 


Heache. Boqnoia Park, and tonltoli 
Isqnols GardfiiB. 

llRilleiM-aHE: It motor paai. and ] 
«TvlC( car. i,m 

ig— VlaitllB EIbdIHd R. R. Cs— 
Gen. Ofllc*, Picillc Elsotrlo Bldg.. Loa 
Anp'lei. (CoKBtctM Viaalla, Farmon- 
Tllft. KKln. LamoncoTB. Woodlake 
and Btrathniorfi. (Controlled b; the 
Uontbain PaddeCo.) 

'na. PanlShonp 8an Pranclfco 

'.Prea.R.P.aehwfrin.... ■■ 
.ec. * Andr. H. A, Callodm. LoaADeelei 

Tr«af, H. 8. Wadu '• 

m, U^. Prank W. Webale' Sister 

ipt A Else. Bngr., W. P.Ballard 

-Jr. Agt. I. L.Ward LmAagslea 

Tgt Claim A«. R.T. Albert.. 
0«D. Fgt. A«. T. J. Daj . . . . 
0»n Paaa. Act. O. A. Smith 
Cb. Bngr. & RDadmutsr 


Ob. Bngr. Pht. flta. J. B. jDiie)..,.BieIii 

-1.M,. A. A. BeoB " 

Energy purchased from Ml. Wbltner 
wr. A EW. m.: Irana. rolt 11.000 •; 
oll«. »on, SSOOi; a ft. e, Wwt, tot, 7B0 

W. ll,0O0T.«.ph,lS<-T». 

4 sob. atni. tni, mp. iSoo kw. 
Repair ibopi It Bielsr. 
sa* mllfie (1«.fl4 milea of track owned 
bT 8outhsm PftclBa Co.): ^-B^t g. OThd. 
" ■nntor pue. cars, 1 Jtaa-Blec, paii. car, 
nd S other cari ; I <1ec. loco, and 1 gai 
lee. l«o. BO 

rBEHNU. H.tH (llHa>. 

(See alio Ko. M.) 

O— Free so Intarorbftn Ry. Co.— 

Gen, Omce.Mt California St.. San Fran- 
elacD. (Operatea In Freino and aitende 


dau mnetlj freight bn* 

PmIBc lit Frnno.l 

Tm. A Ufln. Mgr. Thos. M 

Sbh PiancUco 

V. Pros, F.O.Cooke " " 

Bec.Traat.A Andr. 

Geo. H. Bridnor " " 

eupt. A Por. j(gt. 

W. F. PqIIbi Ftl 

GpD. Fit. Jt PsBi. Ap. 


Power Its. Bqolp; 700 dp. g». e. H- 

Repalr ehOM it AlTtni BelgbM. 

l«nit]e.;1.8ME;l motor p«> ., 
(gt. molot c»r. fEipwl.lohnildOn 
10 CenterTille noil IClngi Rlvei I 
gtMB.) (Knllr«BT8leninowopor»ledwllh 
gai motor.) *T- 

41— rremoTraDtlon Co.— Gfln.ofl1« 
Piclne BIscMc BLdg., Loe Anzrla 
(Ls»i««l^>nol!ttT Ht, Co. (8,H mllig; 
(CoQtrolled b^ Santtmn Pacific Co.) 

Prei, W. F. Hsrrin Sbd FrondnOi 

V. PrBi. P«ul Sbonp 

8bc. Jt ADdr H. A. Ciilioden., 

Tr«M.M. a. Wad. 

G<n. Mgr. Frank W. Webster. Fremi 

Sopl.B. A. DeVBreai '■ 

ClIlmA^U. Everts A Swing " 

Put. Agf. I. L. Wsrd Lo> Angele 

Ch. Kngr. A. H. BBbriwk 

Flood Bids., 8ftn FrBDcteci 

M, M., E.O. Snider PMiini 

G.B. We«t, AlUihC" tol'.''"l«01iwTTi^llV 

Toll. BED ». 
Reiwlr ihopB at FlMt and Tulare ftti, 
IlMebei and owna RecreatloTi Park anr 

U.DI mllHri-Slje; S9 motor can ui 
1 elac. loco: X other can. Iln addition b 
the »ho7e mlleaea. nwti> lt.61 mllei leaaai 
to and opentad kj Sootbern PaclBc Co. 

G LEND A I.E. 8,B0T (1918). 

49— Glendale A HontraaB R^.- 

OfHce. 109 Eaat Brosdwa;. ICnnnecti 
Qlendalo. Eaele Eock, HontrDee anr 
La CreicenW.) 
Prei. Wm. a. Henihaw 

;fi8 Mill! Bldg.. Ssn Frtnclic< 
V. PfBi. John Tr»anor 

•40 Title Int. Bldt , Loe Angele 
Sec* Treas. C. L. McFarlind, 

Evane Block, Blveraldi 
Audr.J.H. Woods 

«40 Title ln>. Bids., Los Angela 
G«n. Mgr. R. M.Wallll]! 

640 Title Ine.Bldg. 
Bupl. A l^r, Agl. 

P. L. Hatch 

Oen. Fict, A Paas. Agt, 
M. W. Mill! 




«S-N*Titi1k CooDtT Tna. Co.- 

Om«. Roota jm. SS4 PIna St.. Ban 

Francisco, Cal. 

Prea. JabD Martin Saa PranclKO 

Sec, A Traae. P. H . Pterson . . 
Oen. Ugr. A Par. Agl, 

C. G. BkeifH Or*« Vallai 

Eleo. Engr.. Oh. Bngr. Pwr, 

Bta.« U.M., T. CThomaa 

Id.o. a. R. tat. aookwi la. c BtuJer 

t. Kd kw. 4900 T. 3 p 

. stH. end repair ehops at Glenbrook. 

cbBi OJjmpla Park. 

let; 4-BMi; 4 cari. TO 



(Hoe also Nob. S», 41. 71. 73. T4 

40— Ldi AiiKelnB & 91 1. fVKahlngtoa 

Rr. Co — Omce SOD Manb-Htronu 
Bidg, (Incline lo top of Mt. Wajb- 

Pres. Roitt, Marsb Lob Angelei 

Sec. A TresB. R. D. Middieton " - 

Energy parcbaaed from Pactflc LI. * 

Owns £otel and 14-acre park on Mt. 

gODO ft. (electric, Srd rail, citble)^ S-flg: 
icars. T8j 

4fl— Loa AnsBlcfl By. Oorpn,— Office. 

aiO S. Main St. (Snccrasor Co LOB An. 

K-leB Ry. Co.— narrow gange lines of 
aoincElec.Ry, and Loa Angelea Inter- 
urban Rj. In Loa Angelea. and all tboBS 
eirtlona oF tbe hot Angelea t Rsdondo 
y. Co. and CallCornla-Paclllc Rj, Co. 
north nt a line manlng tIiroD|h Athens 
andHawtboma.) (Controle Olty Rail- 
way Co. of Loa Aneoles.) Connecw 
Lna Angeles, E«EleRock, CnlfgroTe and 
Vernon; Hnntfngtoe Park, Sunnrelde, 
Hyde Park and Inglewood.) 
Pres. H. E. HunttngtoD 

01 BrDadwsj-, pew York, R. Y. 

V Ptssta lW. E.Dnnn Los Angeles 

1 Howard Huntington '■ 
Sec, Treaa.. Compt. and Audr. 

C. A. HendemoB 

Aait. Andr. R.O.Crowe..,. 

Gen. Mgr. G. .1. Kuhrta " 


B.L.Lewl. " 

Gen. Hopt F. Van Vraoken " 


C.M.Rohena " 

Ch.Knar. P.B, Rarrle 

M. M..S. L, Slepheni. 

Bneri!:) ourchsBrd frnm Soaihem Cali- 
fornia BdlaonCo: Irans, »dIL 16,000 t; 

48— PbcIRc Kleo. By. Oo. — OOlce. 

Pacinr Blfctrlr Bldg. (A contolldation 
ot the Parlflc Elec. By.. Loe Angelea In- 
leriirhan Ri„ Loa Angelea Afiedondo 
Rt. Co., Lob AneeleB-Pvino Co., Tha 
Rlreislds t, Arlington Ity. Co., The 
San Brrnardlno ValTev Trac. Co.. Red- 
lands Central Ry. Co. and San Bet- 
oardlii" mier-Urban Rj. Col "- 


IsA Mt. LowereBort Bnd 

San Bernardino A Han Rahrlri nngw. 
Rnblo Canyon, 14 Ramada and direct 
line to mountain reiorli of the San 

PaclBp Co.. J_ branch from ClBmanl 
1 bj Sontiiwn Paclflc Cs.'t 


80CTHERN DIV. c<impilM«:WblKlar. 
Lft Hibn, FnlUrtoa, »uila Ani, 8int& 
Ana'Oiuga, Suta Ani- HnnllDirton 
BMch Han, Seal B«tcli, "— ■ 

Llnei, Long Bsu>i-8u Ptdro, San Padro 
ClQrjflui Psdro vllDomlnicntE, Sun Padn, 
Tia JSvdaDk, RcdoDdo tA OstdEii* bd4 
Bl MMO'Hnrtbanie-EI Beprndo LId« and 
brsncimthSMof. InelodFir- ' — - --'- 
San Ptdro, and RedoDda ' 

MOBTHERN DIV. compclHa: Bd< 
dale, Olendale, Baibaok. So. Paaadi— 
Local, Asnandala, Faodena Short Line, 
Pawdtna via Oak Kaoil, Ht. Lows Lisa. 

aisndon, Albambra, San Oabrial, 
Bl UoBlB. Covliia, San Dlmu, Fuuiuun, 
FomoDa CitT Llnsi, Oataiio, Upland San 
Antonio Hti„ San BarDardlDO. Ban Barn. 
ardlno Cltj. ColUn, Redlandf,B*dlaiidt 
Cltr, Highland, Airowbaad. BlTerild* 

OltT, Victoria, MagnolU, 


WESTERN DTV. eomprlHe RcdODdo 
Baach via Plaja dal Rar, Venice Short 
Lisa, Sawtalla, Vanlca-Lnglewood, Van- 
1— T.1— ^., ™-_ Wetlgala, 8an1«Mo»- 
eaiMro lermlnai al 
. Santa tloolca via 

la Air Line ni 
Clement Jnnctlt 

Boljwood line, , 

water Canon Llna, BollTwood Local 
LInei, LaDkerablm, Van Nnra. Owena> 
moutb and San Feroando Ui»i and 
branehas iheraof. 

Frag, Paul Sboup Ban Frandaoo 

V, PrfB. H. B, Tllcomb LoaAnnlM 

Sec. A Andr. B.A. Cnllodan. 

Tnaa. H. S. Wade 

Chief CouniBl, Ffank Karr... 

Qan. Snot. F. L. Annabla 

Aai-t Oan. So pi. J. CHcPtaeru) 
For. Agt, 1. L, Ward 

Up. Re^ Bita'le. Taiee'i' Rai 

Gan. Claim Axt, S. ArBlehoiiV. 
Geo. Pitt. Art. O. A. Smltb. . 
Oan. AgU. )B. H.Sharpa..., 
Paee. Dept. ) H. C " ■ 

-. J. Weak! 

Sbpt. Bo. DIt. O. P. Darla... 
Aiat. Snpt So. DlT. 


Snpt Weat. Wt. W. C. White " 
Aaat. SdM. Weat, Dlr. 


Snpt, No. DlT A, C. Btadlej.. 
I F. B, Paichajr, 
Aait. Snpt*. Ban Bamardlno 

No. DlT. ) C. B. BalL....LoaADEalep 
I H.X.RodanhoniaFaaadena 
TnTellDg i F. E. BUIhardt. .Lot Abgalaa 
Faaa.AEta. 1 A. B. Fidel ..... ■■ 

TtaTel&g IS B. Cooper..,, '• 

K. AgU.lG,H. Fame.... 
ib.Sopt VradF.SmaU... " 

Cb. Engt. E. C JohMOB " 

Dec.Supt. S. H. Andaraon.. " 

Aa«. Elao. Supl. 

C, H. Warnecka " 

Aaal. Bleo. Snpt. 

<Cbee. Fwr. A Elso. Dlalb.) 

Jnllan Adanu " 

AMt Bac. Sopt. (Chge. Snb^ta. 

Conii. A Ifalnt.) W, F. Smith " 
O«o. BlotekaapcT 

C. Tkorbarn. ?th A Centnl . . " 

Snazt pnrehaaed from Sonttaam Cal. 
BdlaoD Co.] tnna. *olt. 15,000 t; trallaT 
T*lt. BnT.BDdUOOT. 

n *ab4tM. (■ with anto.control) lot. 
^>. ST.OH kw; 4 roLcoDT; 80 mo. fen. 

Power (ta*. at DM Ceotntl Are., Lm 
ABtalei and Vhitjiai. Repair abopt at 

Ttb Bt. and Central ATa., Loa Angelai, 
Sbernuui, Bedondo and Toitanea, 

Owna and raachei Alploa TaTam, If t. 
Lowe; Crblta Bpringa Farh, Ban Bar- 
nardlno; Badoudo Beach TUaorM and 
Rabio Cai^on. Baaeha* baaeb reaarM 
at Santa Honlea, Ocean Park, Veate*, 
Lons Beach, Balboa, Newport Beach, 
Beal^each, and Anaheim Lr--"— 

IOI)6mllei:*^g;a« — 
trail paaa., St motor In 
freight, N motor ecrTka I 

Cisco. (Ownpd and operatfd bjr Ci 
VaDep On A Blec. Co., nblch li < 
trolled b; the Caltfomla Ry, A I 

liipt. <?B, Noack Mooterej 

Ch. Kngf. Pwt, ata. Jas. TbPitar " 

iO— Shi Frkneleeo, Vap* Jt C>lle- 
tain Rt — Office, Saecoi At>., Napa. 
(ponnactiSanFrandaco.Valtajo, Napa, 
TountTllla, OakTllla, Rntbarford, Bt. 
Helena and Callatoga.) (Conitructlna 

See. « Treaa, T. V. Maiwall 

SB) Crocker Bldg., Ban Fraueleoo 

Aadr, F. B. Qroal Napa 

Oen. Hit. * CI. Agt-C. E. Brown.. " 
Sopt. Tramp. C. L. Bnmphreyi.... " 
Ch.Bngr.irofW., J.B.Batfe.... " 
Elec. BoRT. A Snpt. Eqalpt. 

S. ) 

alt. ttca T. 
Bepalrahopeat SneoDl Ave.. Napa. 

Oa— Oaatro Point Ballwkj * 
TermlBBl Co — Oflce, 4E4 Central 
Bank' Bide.. Oakland. (Operataa In 
Prae. F. W. BUgar. . . Um Bwaj, Oaktaad 
r. Free. * Snpt. Edwin T. Blake " 

See. JtTraaa.O. A.Rappe " 

"h. iDgr. H. T. Conpton, 

CltT bur'a Ottca, Blockloa 
O.SImllee4-BMg. ikOO 

St—Bmn Franclaao ' luirBiiiieiita 
■t*11»»d Oo. (Feimarlr Oakland, 
Anlitoch A Eaatam Bt.)— Office, 40th 
aCABbarUrA' - -' ■ ■-^- - 





BIdg., San Francisco. (Conneots San 
Francisco, Sacramento, Oakland, Wal- 
nut Creek, Concord, Bay Point, Pitts- 
burg, Danville and Alamo.) 

Pres. W. Amstcin San Francisco 

y. Pres. A Gen. Mgr. 
H. A. Mitchell Oakland 

Sec., Treas. &Audr. of Disburse- 
ments, H. J. Sutherland ** 

Audr. of Fgt. Sb Pass. Accts. 
Thos. Keams •* 

Trainmaster, C. D. Keuady *' 

( Tunnels, J. D. Welsh. . . ** 

Snpts. •< Marine Equipt. 

J Capt.J.Ough " 

Claim Xgt., Gen. Fgt. A Pass.Agt. 
L. H. Kodebangh ** 

Pur. Agt. H. B. Jaeger *' 

Ch. Kngr. C. M. Mardel " 

Ch. Bngr Pwr. Sta. & M. M., 
F.A.Miller " 

Engr. Maint. of Way, R. L. Lowry " 

Bngr. Ovhd. Constr. H. F. Neill. '* 
Energy purchased from Great Western 

Pwr. Co; 8 d. c. W. K, G. E. tot. 4600 kw; 

trans, volt. 11,000—22,000 v; trolley volt. 

1200 V. 
Repair shops at 40th & Shafter Aves. 
Reaches Pinehnrst Park (owned). 
100 miles own^d (98 mi. 1st m. t., 11 ml. 

Bid): also 10 miles leased. Total miles 

operated 108; 4 8H g: 18 motor pass. 21 

trail pass., 76 fgt., 15 service cars and 6 

locos. ^60 

5S— San Francisco - Oakland Ter- 
minal Rys.— Office, Key System Bldg., 
29d and Grove Sts., Oakland. (Con- 
solidation of San Francisco, Oakland & 
San Jose Consolidated Ry., Oakland 
Traction Co., East Shore & Suburban 
Ry. Co., California Railwav, Oakland 
Traction Consolidated, Berkeley Trac- 
tion Co., Oakland Transit Co., Oakland, 
San Leandro A Hay ward Ry. Co., Ala- 
meda. Oakland & Piedmont Elec. Ry., 
Eaot Oakland St. R. R.. Highland Park 
Sa Fruitvale R.R..Piedmont& Mountain 
View Ry., Oakland Ry. Co., Webster & 
Park Ry. and San Francisco, Oakland 
& San Jose Ry.) (Connects Oak- 
land, Alameda, Berkeley, Richmond, 
Albany, San Leandro, Hayward, Pied- 
mont. Emeryville, San Lorenzo and 
San Francisco.) 

Pres. . C. O. G. Miller Oakland 

V. Pres. & Qen. Mgr. 
s W. R. Alberger 

Sec. Angus Clark 

Treas. P. W. Frost 

Audr. B. W; Fernald 

Attorney M. C. Chapman 

Pur. Agt. 8. H. Pickard " 

Gen. Supt. Qeo. H. Harris 

fln^*. j Transp. J. P. Potter 

supts. -J Bqnlpt. G. St. Pierre. . . . 

Claim Agt. John S. Mills 

Blec. Bngr. H. P. Bell 

M. M., W. P. Jackson 

Engr. Ovhd. Constr. Thos. Kerin 

/-West., C. E. Bourne 

Central, H. Eelton 

Div. J East.. H. Brobeck 

Snpts. I North., C. F. Donnelly.. 

I Key. E H. Thornton 

FerryDlst.,W.A.Ra«mupen •' 

Storekeeper, ChM. Christopher. . " 
Power sta. equip. 16 d. c. G E. West. 

McC. Rnll. tot. 10.650 kw; 12.000 hp.e. 

Penn. Cor. Ham. St. L. Ball. McI. A S; 

8WS0 hp. b. Bab. A W. A. A T; trolley 

volt. 600 V. 
Snb ntn. equip. ^Richmond>:8 d. c. O. 

B., West. tot. 2400 kw; trans, volt. 

10,000 V. 
Large portion of energy purchased at 

K sub-stanons from Pacific Gas ABlec.Co. 

and Great Western Pwr. Co. 
Power sta. and repair shops at Bmery- 

vllle, Cal. 
Owns Bast Shore Park, Richmond. 
99t miles: 4•8^ g; 880 motor and 47 

other oart ; 4 ferry boata. • if^O 








ONTARIO. 4,274. 
(See No. 48.) 

PASADKNA. 46,450 (1916) 
(See No. 48.) 

PETALUMA. 5.880. 

58— Petalama 4k Santa Boaa B.B.Co. 

—Office. Copeland A B. Washington 
Sts., Petaluma. (Connects Petalnma, 
Santa Rosa, Sebastopol, Forestrille, 
and Two Rock.) (Operates steamer 
''Gold** and ''Petaluma** bet. Petalnma 
and San Francisco, 87 miles.) 

Pres. Thos. Maclay Petalnma 

y. Pres. A Gen. Mgr. 

E. H.Maggard " 

Sec. R. W. Wise San Francisco 

Treaa. Geo. P. McNear Petalnma 

Audr. & Actg. Treas. 

H. Von Emster ♦* 

Ch. Engr. & M. M. 

W. G.Rennison '* 

Energy purchased from Pacific Gas A 
Blec. Co. ; trans, volt, 00,000v; trolley rolt. 
600 V. 

2 eub-stas. tot. cap. 1,165 kw; 8 mo. gen. 

Sub-stas. at Petaluma and Sebastopol; 
repair shops at Petaluma. 

48.86 miles owned (87.02 mi. 1st m. t. 
16.84 mi. sid.) Total miles operated 87.02. 

4-8H g: 9 motor pass., 8 trail pass, and 
86 freight cars; 5 elec. locos. 


POMONA. 18,150 (1916) 
(See No. 48.) 

BEDLANDS. (14,000 1916) 
(See No. 48.) 


(See No. 48.) 

RIOHMOIfD. 156,687. 
(See Nos. 50a and 52.) 

BITEB8IDE. 19,768 (1916) 
(See also No. 48.) 

8A0BAMENTO. 75,602. 
(See also No. 51.) 

55— Pacific Gas A Elec. Co.— Gen. 

office, 445 Sutter St., San Frandtoo. 

(Operates entire street railway system.) 

Pres. Frank G. Drum San Frimciaco 

1st V. Pres. A Gen. Mgr. 

John A. Britton '* 

2d V. Pres. A Treas. 

A. F. Hockenbeamer ** 

Sec. A Asst. Treas. 

D. H. Foots *' 

Audr. R. R. Rudf ord " 

Asst. Treas. Jos. C. Love.. ** 

A«i8t. Sec. Chas. L. Barrett. '* 

Local Mgr. C. W. McKlllip 
Supt. Ry. Dept. H. B. Mathews 

nth A K Sta., Sacramento 

Ct. Agt. J. P. Coghlan San Francltco 

Pur. Agt. John H. Hunt. . . ** 

Ch. Ener. P. M. Downing.. " 

M. M., G C. Snelder Sacramento 

Mk. Publicity Dept. 

F. S. Myrtle San Francisco 

Power sta. equip. 2 d. c. G. B., tot 2B00 

kw: la. c. turbo-gen. G. B. 6000 kw. 
4150 V. 8 ph. 60 cys; 8882 hp. b. Stir.; 
trans, volt. 110,000 & 60,000 v; trolley 
volt. 560-600 V. 

Power sta. at 6th A H Sts. Blectri- 
cal system of Co. consistoof 19hydro-elee- 
tric plants and 8 steam plants, which 
operate in parallel, supplying Co*i. trana- 
miseion system of 2288 miles. 

Repair shops at 28th A M Sta. 

Reaches and owns Oak Park. 




48.91 miles; 4-^ g; 70 can. Company 
does ffsneral Itg. and pwr. business In 86 
ooont^ of central Caliioraia. ^00 

B5« — Sacramento Northern Ball- 
road. (Formerly the Northern Elec. 
Ry.)— Offices, Sacramento and Mills 
BldR., San Francisco. (Connects Sacra- 
mento. Woodland, Maryiville, Colusa, 

Pres. Q. F. Detrick San Francisco 

V. Pres. ft Tress. J. D. McKee *' 

Seo. A. B. Wellington Sacramento 

Audr. J. R. Parke »* 

Oen. Mgr. J. B. Rowray '' 

Supt. W. W. Nelson •» 

Claim Agt. J. W. Grace ** 

Pur. Agt. L. 8. Jones San Francisco 

Traffic Mgr. Z. T. George.... Sacramento 

Ch. Sngr. H. O. Brown " 

Elec. Enurr. W. H. Evans ** 

Supt. Power A Ovhd. 

HusseJl Gould Chico 

Roadmaster D. Kennedy Marysville 

Energy purchased from the Pacifle Oas 
A Elec. Co. 

10 sub-stas. (1 with auto, cent.) tot. 
cap. 4800 kw; 1 rot. conv; 10-400 kw. mo. 
gen. sets. 
Repair shops at Chico. 
219 miles; 4-8^ g. 3rd rail; 99 motor 
pass., 8 trail pass., 896 fgt. (without 
motors) and 84 other cars; 10 elec. locos. 
(8-80 ton elec. locos, on order.) -^60 

SAN BERNARDINO. 16,946 (1910) 
(See No. 48.) 

SAN DIBGO. 68,880(1916). 

56b— Bay Shore B. B. Oo. — Office, 
844'*C'*St. (Connects Ocean Beaoh, 
Mission Beacn and Pacific Beach, all 
within city of San Diego.) 

Pres. John F. Forward, Jr San Diego 

y. Pres. & Gen. Mgr. 
Qeo. L. Barney •* . 

Sec. & Treas. J. H. McKie " 

F. E. Garside. .880 Union Bldg., ** 
Energy purchased; trolley volt. 660- 

9.877 miles; 4-8U g; 3 motor pass. cars. 


57— Point lioma B. B. Co.— Office, 
Union Bldg., San Diego. (Leased to 
San Diego Elec. Ry. Co.) (Connects 
San Diego and Ocean Beach.) 

Pres. J. D. Spreckels San Diego 

V.Pre8.&Mng.Dlr.Wm. Clayton " 
Sec. A Treas. Claus Spreckels . ** 

Audr. N. E. Brown ♦* 

Mgr. Transp. M. J. Perrin '* 

Pur. Agt. Geo. Holmes *' 

10.16 miles owned. (9.91 mi. 1st m. t; 
0.88 mi. Sid.) •eO 

58— San Diego Bleo. By. Co.— Office, 

Union Bldg. (Purchsaed Coronado 
R. R. (Elec. DiT.) and So. Park A E. Side 
Ry. (Leases A operates Point Loma 
R. R. Co.) Connects San Diego, Na- 
tional City and Chnla Vista.) 

Pres. John D . Spreckels San Diego 

V. Pres. A Mng. Dir. 

Wm. Claytoo " 

Sec. A Treas. Claus Spreckels.. ** 

Audr. N. E. Brown '* 

Mgr. Transp. M. J. Perrin.... ** 
Supt Mot. Pwr. H. MacNutt. . ** 

Claim Agt. W. H. Moore '' 

Pur. Agt. Geo. Holmes •* 

Ch. ClrU Engr. A. Ervast *' 

Ch. Engr. Pwr. Sta. 

Geo. K. Hellerman ** 

Park Sopt John Davidson * " 

Power sta. equip. 0d. c. G.E. West. tot. 
8700 kw; 8 a. c. West. tot. 6960 kya. 8800 
T. 8ph. 00 eys; 1810 hp. e. Allis^l; 9400 
hp. D. Bab. A W; 7000 kw. stm. turb. 
west; trollij Tolt. 800 t. 

Power sta. at Artie A E Sts.; repair 
shops, cor. 16th A L Sts. 

Owns Mission Cliff Gardens. 

76.76 miles owned (49.90 mi. 1 stm. t., 
88.41 mi. 8nd m. t., 4.44 ml. sid.); also 
11.68 miles track rights ; total miles opera- 
ted 88.48: 4-8H g; 147 motor pass. 4 trail 
pass, and motor service cars. Compukj^ 
does general lighting A power business.' 

5V— San Dley o 4k Arlsona By. Co., 

—Office, 686 Spreckels Bldg.,San Diego. 
(Purchased San Diego A Sontheastem 
Ry. Co., Steam R. R; electrified section 
operated by San Diego Elec. Ry. Co. 
(Connects San Diego, Lakeside, Chnla 
Vista, Tia Juana and El Centre.) 

Pres. John D. Spreckels 

Union Bldg., San Diego 

V. Pres. R. C. Gillis 

Spreckels Bldg., Los Angeles 

Sec. A Audr. L. J. Masson San Diego 

Treas., Land A Tax Agt. 
W. G.Daoiels " 

Gen. Mgr. D. W . Pontius ♦• 

Supt. A Chief Engr. 

Pur. Agt. 8. P. Howard 

1686 Newton Ave. '* 
Asst. Traffic Mgr. F. B. Dorsey ** 
M. M. T. F. OTonnell 

1686 Newton Ave. ** 
Claim Agt. 

W. H. Moore, Union Bldg . . *• 
Roadmaster C. A. Vincent 

18th A N Sts. *y 

Repair shops at 1686 Newton Ave. 

10 miles elec.,.188.7 miles stm. 88 stm. 

pass., 868 stm. freight and 80 stm. service 

cars; 18 stm. locos: 8 gat-elec. cars (leased 

equip, not included.) ^IcTO 

SAN FBANOISOO. 468,616 (1916) 

(See also Nos. 40, 48, 48, 49, 60, 61, 68, 
68, 66, 78, 76, 76 and 668.) 

•1— Calif omia St. Cable B. B. Co.— 

Office, Hyde A California Sts. 

Pres. J. Henry Meyer San Franoisoo 

V. Pres. A. H. Pavson. ... " 

9d V.Pres., Gen. Mgr. 

A Pur. Agt. Jas. W.Harris. *' 

See. A Claim Agt. 

Geo.A. Hare *' 

Treasrs. J. Henry Meyer A Co. ** 

Audr. Charles B. Stone " 

Elec. Engr. John R. Steel. . ** 

Ch. Engr. Pwr. Sta. 

C. Trubert " 

Elec. Engr. John R. Steed.. . ** 
Ch. Engr. Pwr. Sta. 

C.Trubert " 

Roadmaster,. Alfred Bowes. ** 

Power sta. and repair shops at Call- 
romla A Hyde Sts. t^^ 

11.6 miles (cable); 8-6 g; 48caiigr^^ 


69— Central California Trao. Co. 

—Office, 687 Holbrook Bldg. (Connects 
Stockton, Lodi and Sacramento; leases 
lines in Stockton to the Stockton Elec. 
R. R.) (In 1916, entered into agreement 
with Tidewater Southern Ry. Co. for 
Joint operation of the two lines.) 

Pres. H. Flelshhaoker San Francisco 

1st V.Pres. M. Fleishhacker '' 

8d V. Pres. Geo. W. Peltier 

Calif. Natl. Bank, Sacramento 

Sec. A Treas. 
A. N. Baldwin .SanFiancisco 

Audr. M. E. Taylor 

101 E. Weber Ave., Stockton 

Gen.Mgr.FrankW. Webster " ♦* 

Supt J. J. Hooper " ** 

CI. Agt. A Traffic Mgr. 
J. C. Stone Sacramento 

Pur. Agt. I. L.Ward 

Pacific Blee. Bldg., Los Angeles 

Elec. Engr. C.B.Sptiicer.... *' " 




M. M., A. H. Gazin Stockton 

Roadmaster, A. Palm '^ 

BQergyparohaaed from Weitem States 
Oai A Blec. Co.; trans. Tolt. 60,000 t; 
trolley Tolt. 1900-600 t. d. c. 

Repair shops at Stockton. 

70.8 miles (1800 J. A 600 t. d. c. —over- 
head trolley and> third rail); 4-8H g; 81 
motor and 88 other cars; 1 loco. 119 

63— Falrfkz Incline Railroad Co.— 

Office, 888 PhelanBldg.. San Francisco. 

(Connecta Fairfax with Mt Top on 

Fairfax Manor.) 
Pres. T. W. RiTcrs, 

760 Market St, San Francisco 
y. Pres., Sec. A Gen. Mgr., 

C. 0. JBUTers 

Pnr. Agt. Rivers Bros " 

Sopt. U. G. Day Fairfax 

Bnergy from Pacific Gas & Blec. Co. 

1600 feet; double cable, electric hoist. 


04— Bfanlolpal Br. of San Fran- 

oisco— Office, 8000 Geary St. 

Snpt. Fred fioeken San Francisco 

( Dennis Collins. . " 
Asst. Snpts. ■{ B. H. Roberta. . . '* 

(B.Clisbee *' 

Ch. Clerk Wm. H. Scott *• 

Claim Agt. Jno.Leighton " 

M. M., Wm. C. Bendel 

City Bngr. M. M. 0*Shaaghnessv '* 

Bnergy purchased from Pacmc Gas A 
Blec. Co.; trolley volt. 575-600 v. 

Repair shops at 8600 Geary St. 

Reaches nearly all city parks. 

67.88 miles; 4-8M g; 197 motor pass, 
and 1 other motor car; 6 busses. ^^60 

65— Northwestern Pacific B. B.Co. 

Office, 64 Pine St. (Connects Bnreka 
and San Francisco, via San Rafael, 
Petalnma. SanU Rosa, Ukiah. Willits, 
South Fork and Areata. Blectrical 
operations cover interurban territory 
between Sansalito, San Rafael, Manor 
and Mill Valley. 
Pres. & Gen Mgr. 

W. 8. Palmer San Francisco 

rPauI Shoup 

V. Prests. J ^ „ « Market St. 
^ A. H. Payson 
L 601 Market St. 

Sec. G. L. Kin|L . ..66 Market St. 
Tree. A Par. Aft 


Asst to Pres. A Gen. Mgr. 

H. G. Jenkin 

Gen. Solicitor 

StanleyMooro. 810 California St., 
Compt. W. B. Burrfs *' 

Claims Atty. Blliott Johnson ** 

Gen. Pass. AVgt. Agt. J. J. Geary ** 

Ch.Bngr.J. wTWUUams " 

Blec. Bngr. F. T. Vanatta Sansalito 

M. M. R. J. Quintrell Tibnron 

Gen. Safety Agt. 

W. S. Wollner San Francisco 

¥gt. Claim Agt. J. G. Brady ** 

f Motive PwT. A Marine Bqulp. 

J. K. Brassill Sausalito 

Div. Sonthem Dlv. 
Snpts. ' George H. McMillan.. . " 
Northern Div. 

W. J. Hunter Bnreka 

f Northern Div. 

Div. Bngrs J W. W. Winn *• 

M. of W. 1 Sonthem Div. 

L B. J. Simmons.. Sansalito 
Power sta. equip. 6 d. c. Stan, West, O. 
B, tot. 8900 kw: 1800 hp.e. McI. AS; 8100 
hp. b. Bab. A W, Keeler; 1000 kw. tnrb. 
(stm.) West; trans, volt 45,000 v; trolley 
volt 600 v; energy also pnrehaMd from 
Pacifle Gas A Blec. Co. at Alto. 

1 snb-sU. cap. 1600 kw; 8-600 kw. mo. 
gen. sets. G. B, Allla>C. 

Power sta. at Alto; repair shops at 
Sansalito and Tibnron. 
Reaches Schnetaen Park. 





666.14 miles owned (607.06 ml. 1st m. t, 
16.68 mi. Snd m. t, 188.46 mi. sid.); also 
0.48 mi. track rights; total miles operated 
688.68; 8 and 4§^ g; 8rd rail; 48 motor 
pass., 196 trail pass. , 1488 trail freight and 
866 trail service cars. if^O 

66— Ooean Shore B. B. Co. ~ Office, 

S8 Bleventh St (This is a steam road 
connecting San Francisco, Salada, 
Tobin, Fantllone, Moss Beach, Granada, 
Princeton, Half Moon Bay and Tnnitas 
(88 miles); also Santa Cma and Swan- 
ton (16W miles). Terminals of 4 miles 
in San Francisco operated by electric- 

Pres. F. W. Bradley San Francisco 

V. Pres. A Gen. Mgr. 
John G. Sutton '' 

Sec., Treas., Audr. A Par. Agt. 
J.W.Crosby. •• 

Claim, Fgt. A Pass. Agt. 
J.A.Walden " 

SuptH.Hom " 

M.M.,W. Hesse " 

Bnerey pnrchaied from Paoiflc Gas A 

Blec. Co. 
Repair shops at San Francisco. 
Reaches Pnncoton-by-the-Sea. 
64.5 miles in operation, 86.4 miles under 

construction, 4 miles of terminals operated 

by electricity; 4-8H g; 8 motor pass., 87 

trail pass, and 106 freight cars; 8 locos. 


67— Southern Paeiflo Co* (Western 
Div.— Oakland, Alameda A Berkeley 
Blec. Lines)- Offices, 66 Market St., 
San Francisco, and 166 Broadway, New 
York, N. T. controls Pacific Blec. Ry. 
Co., Fresno Trac Co., Peninsnlar Ry. 
Co., Stockton Blec. R. R. Co., Visalia 
Bleo. R. R. Co., and San Jose Rail- 
roads. Absorbed Portland, Bngene A 
Bastem Ry. Co. and Salem, Falls Oitv 
A Western Ry. Co.) See also Portland, 

Chmn. Bxec. Comm. 
J. Kruttschnitt New York, N.Y. 

V. Pres. H. W. de Forest " *» 

Dir. of Traf . L. J. Spenee *• '* 

V. Pres. & Compt 
A. D. McDonald " •• 

y. Pres. A Asst to Chmn. 
W. A. Worthington •' " 

Gen. Counsel J. P. Blair " '• 

Sec. Hugh Neill " *• 

Treas. A. K. Van Deventer •• •' 

Pres. Wm. Sproule San Francisco 

y. Pres. A Asst to Pres. 
PaulShoup *♦ 

y. Pres. A Cfh. Counsel 
Wm. F. Herrin •* 

y. Pres., charge Promotion A 
Deyelopment E. O. McCorroick ** 

Gen. Mgr. J. H. Dyer ** 

Audr. T. O. Edwards ** 

Asst Treas. W. F. Ingram. " 

Div. Snpt. 
T. F. Rowlands Oakland Pier 

Pur. Agt. F. W. Taylor. ...San Francisco 

Oh. Bngr. William Hood. '' 

Power sta. equip.: 8 a. e. West. B. M. 

Co. tot. 16,000 kw. 18,800 v. 8 ph. 86 cys; 

7740 hp. b. Parker; itMO kw. stm. turb. 

West; trans, volt 18,800 v; trolley volt. 

1900 V. 
8 snb-stas. tot cap. 16,000 kw; 10 rot. 

101.81 mUes; 4-8^ g; 79 motor, 60 trail 

and 8 baggage A express motor oars. 


6S^ITnlt«d Ballroads of Ban Wrmn- 

olaoo.— Office, 68 Sutter St. (Owns and 
operates a suburban line to San Mateo 
and leasee the San Franelfco Blectrio 
Railways (which owns the Parkalde 
Transit Oo. and the Yisltacton Valley 
line) and the Gough St B. B.; the 
Soath San Francisco B. R. A Pwr. Co. 
is part of this syttem.) (Controllod by 







the California By. A Pwr. Co., a labiid- 
iary of the United Railways Inveitment 
Co.) (Negotiations pending for pur- 
chase of property by City of San Fran- 

Pres. & Oen. l|gr. 
Wm. Von Pbnl San Francisco 

V. Pres., Sec. A Compt. 
Geo. B. Willcatt 

Treas. A. M. Dahler 

Asst. Gen. Mgr. M. MoCants 

Snpt. Transf . 
A. W. Brohman 

Oen. Atty. W. M. Abbott. . " 

Pur. Agt. P. C. Paddock ... '• 

Claim Agt. J. H. Handlon.. *' 

Bngr. Maint of Way A 
Constr. B. P. Legare. ... " 

Snpt. Cable Machinery L. P. Peterson 
Turk A Fillmore Sts., San Francisco 

Bngr. Blec. Itonip. W. T.Birins ** 

M. M. J.M.Yoant 

San Jose A Geneva A^es " 
Bnergy purchased ftom Sierra A San 

Francisco Pwr. Co.; 8 d. c. G. B. tot. 850 

kw; 1 a. c. O. B. motor 600 hp. 440 v. 8 

ph. 60 eye; 500 hp. e. Risd: MO hp. b. U. T. 

W ; trans. Tolt 11.000 t ; trolley Tolt. 6B0 ▼. 
Repair shops at San Jose A Geneva 

172.77 miles (electric and cable); 8-6 g. 
cable) ft 4 8^ g: 888 cars, of which 761 

are electric motor and special cars and 67 

cable ears. i(W 

•9 — California By. A Pwr. Co.— 

Office, 26 Broad St., New York, V. Y. 
(This is a holding company onlv and 
controls the United Railroads of San 
Francisco, the Sierra A San Francisco 
Pwr. Co., the Coast Valleys Gas A Blec. 
Co. and the San Francisco Blec. B/s. 
and is lt«elf controlled bv the United 
Ridlways Investment Co. through own- 
emhip, either directly or through sub- 
sidiaries, of the outstanding preferred 
and common stocks.) 
Pres. Mason B. Starring, New York, N.Y. 

V i>r«.f. i 8- H. March, " 

V . rresis. ^ q^ ^^ B.Greene " • • 

Treat. B. S. Guinness, 

8m:. p. M. Hoskins lOt 

SAM JOSE. 88,902 (191Q 

71— Peninsular By. Co.— Gen. olBce, 
Padflc Blec. Bldg.. Lou Angeles. (Con- 
nects San Jose, Saratoga, Los Gatoo, 
Campbell, Cupertino, Monta Vl8ta.May- 
fleld, Palo Alto, Los Altoe and Berry- 
essa.) (Controlled by the Southern 
Pacific Co.) 

Pres. Paul Shoup San Francisco 

Sec. A Audr. H. A. CuUodenLos Angeles 

Treas. M. 8. Wade " 

Gen. Mgr. A Park Mgr. 
F. B. cniaptn SanJosa 

Snpt C. F. Bdmonds.. 

Gen. Fgt A Pass. Agt. 




B. G. Shoup. 
Pnr. Agt L L. Ward. . .Los Angeles 
Ch. Bngr. A Bngr. M. of W. 

Henry H. Lvnch San Jose 

BlecBngr. A ftngr.Ovhd.Ck>nstr. 

W. H. Davison 

Bneny purchased from Pacific Gas A 
Blec. (To.; trans, volt 11,000 v. 8 ph; trol- 
ley volt 600 V. d. e.: 7 rot eonv. 
G. B. West tot 1960 kw. 

Repair shops at Snnol & San Carlos Sts. 

Reaches Congnm Mineral Springs 
(owned) and Alum Rock Paik (owned by 

city). _ 

102 6!S miles: 4-8^ g: 46 moUxr cars (88 

owned and 8 leased) 2 trailen and 8 fgt 

cars. *70 

79— San Jaae Bailroadsr-Oen. offlea. 
Pacific Bee. Bldg., Los Aageles. (Con- 
nects San Jose A Santa Clara.) 

Pres. W. F. Herrln,. 

V. Pres. Pan] Sbanp. 

Sea A Audr. H. A.€nlloden . . Los Angelas 

Treas. M. S. Wade »• ' 

Gen. Mgr. F. B. Chapin San Jose 

Supt (^F. Bdmonds.. k *■ 

Gen. Fgt A Pass. Agl. 

B.G. Shoup *• 

Pnr. Agt. L L.Ward Los Angeles 

Ch. Bngr. A Bngr. M. of W. 

Henry H. Lynch San Jose 

Elec.Bngr. A Bngr.Ovhd.Constr. 

W.H. Davison ** 

M. M.. H. J.Rego ** 

Bnergy purchased from Pacific Gas A 
Blsc. Co.; trolley volt 600 v. 

Bspair shops at 1070 Alameda Ave. 

Owns and reaches Luna Park. 

88.85 mUes: 4-8^ Md 8Ji g; 40 motor. 
8 trail pass. 2 sprinklers (owned) 6 motor 
cars (leased.) -^70 

SAN LBAM1>BO. 8,471. 
(See No. 82.) 


7 1— Paolflo Coast B|r. Co. (Blec. Dtv:) 
— Ofllces, 612 L. C. Smith Bldg., Seattle, 
Waah. and San Luis Obispo. (Connects 
Port San Lois, Avila, San Lute Obispo, 
Arroyo Gninde,SantaMarla,Guadalnpa, 
Orcutt, Sisqnoc, Los Alamos A Los 

Pres. B. C. Ward Seattle, Wash. 

V PrA>t. i N. D. Moore... »• 

V. Presti. ^ g ^ Qj^ij Los Angeles 

Sec. AAndr.H.M.Watklns. .Seattle, wash. 

Treas. R. 8. Walker ^ 

Sunt. A Gen. Fgt. A Pass. Agt. 

J. M.Sims San Luis Obispo 

Pur. Agt W. B. Nichols. . .Seattle, Wash. 
Ch. Bngr. A. F. Marion. ... '* 

M.M., D.W.Ford San Lois OMapo 

Boadmaster H. Bunce Santa Maria 

Bnergy purchased from Midland Conn- 
ties Public Service Corpn., Santa Maria; 
1 mo.-gen. set Allis-C. 225 hp. 28U0 v. 8 
ph; trolley volt 660 v. 

Repair shops at San Lnla Obispo. 

18 miles: 8 ft g; use ears of 8 steam 
lines; 8 elee. locos. 60 

SAN PBDBQ. 6,000. 
(See No. 48.) 

SANTA BABBABA. 14^46 (1916). 

74— Saata Barbara ASalmrbAn Bj. 
Co.— Bxec. ofiltoe, 120 B. 4th St, Los 

Angeles; local office. Santa Barbara. 

(Sn cc essor to The Santa Barbara Con- 
solidated B. R. (3o.) 
Prea. W. A Brackenridge...8o. Paaadena 
V. Pres. C. A. Bd wards. . . .Santa Barbara 

See. S. M. Kennedy Aihambra 

Treas. W.L. Percey LosAagalss 

Pur. Aft John Otta " 

Snpt W. B. Brwln Saata Barbara 

M. M, Roy Savage •• " 

Bnergy parchased from Santa Barbtta 
Gas A Blec. Co: 2 d.c. G.B., BalL tot 
500 kw: trans, volt 4000 and 2800 v;trollS7 
volt 500 V. 

Repair shops st CsstiUo St 

Owns Ball Park. 

7.55 miles: 4-8H g; 10 motor pass.. 4 
fgt. cars ; 1 elee. loeo. 119 

SANTA OBUZ. 14.694 (1916). 
(See also No. 66.) 

75— Uaioa Traetloa Co. — Oflee 
454 California St., San Frandsco. 
(Sncc e ssor to Saata Crax Blae. By. 
Cq. and Santa Cms, Capttola A 
WatsonvUU Ky. Cc.) (Coaaaets Santa 
Cnm, SsabHght, Dal Mar, Opal aad 
Capltola.> (OwasdbyttaCoaatConn- 
tias Qmm a Blec Co.) 

Pros. A Oen. Mgr. 
S. W. Csleman...., San Fraadaaa 

T.FNa.R.M.Botalinf».. ^ 

SacATrsas. L.W.Pr7or •* 



Kp. B. L. CHdlB SuUCrni 

Snpt, a. L. ritegerald " 

ADflTn pnrcbiBad from CDftIt Coantki 
Qu ASIw:, Co.; troUsT Tolt. BOO v. 

Rapilr ibopi It SiDti Crii. 

lEiiill«: 4-eHg;n »n. «0 


(SaeHo. SI.) 


70—80. Bun Fruciuo B.R. * Pirr. 

Co.— Omoa. £8 Hotcar HI,, San KriD- 
sl'co. (ConnecU with Cnltad Rillmndi 
□f San Pnuclaiu and opantEB from 
Lelpsio Croiatng lo ioiilh Sbh Frxn- 
claco oatcr trout. Fart of trniled 
Railroiclg aysMm.) 
Prea, Wm. J. Martin.. .80, Bin FranclKO 

Hm. GeoTgoB. W!]lcutt....BiDFnndiro 

Traaa, A,>f. Dihlal " 

BDem'rom Cniled BsilrDadi at Sin 

S.Wiiillaa: 4-BHi; letit. *«a 


(8» alio No. SS.) 

TT-BtaDkt»n Kleo. K. R. Co.-Gen. 

oIBca.WHtrketSt .SanFnndicufOper- 
■tea Id StockMu; alao. nndsr 38- jr. 
[aaie, rrnm Jan. I. ISIB, llnaa of the 
Cential CillfOTDla Tnc. Co, Id HlncktnD) 
(CoDtTQlled bf Saalbrm Paclllc Co,) 

Prea. Paul Shoop Loa Aii(elai 

8eo. * ADdr.H.A.Cnllodeo.. 

Tnaa.H.S. Wide 

Gan.MEr. Frank W.Wab.tBr.,.Htoeli ton 

Bopt. J. J. HtWD*i 

Pot. A«i. L L. Ward . . . . Loa Aneelea 

Claim Agt. A. L, Levlnekj Stockton 

EDeiET parchaasd frum Weatarn Btstfli 

tia» * Klee. Co.: Iroller toU. flOO v. 
Repair ahopi at Stockton. 
RsaDbaa Oak Park aodMlD^ral Bathi, 
aVM nllpa; 4-BK (: SI motor paie. 
and « other can. IIS 

TB — Ttdewstor Southern Bitllwav 
Co.-Offlcaa, Ml Hllla Bldg., San Fran- 
ctaco, Connccta Stockton, Hanleca, 
HodMla. Tnrloek and Hllmar. (Ma- 
Jorlti of alock owned by W««l«rn 
PaclOc By.) 

Pres, C. U. LcvBT San FranclacD 

V v.„.<. i *■ *- Baldwin 

'^-"""■iBTTon A. Bearca,.,. Stockton 

Traas. Chaa. BIikt San Frandaco 

Andr. R. P. Dnnbar 

Mar. B. L. Gambia Stockton 

Cb. Engr. T. J. TJrfha San Franctlco 

Klec, Bnjtr. W, H. Kvanl.. " 

Enere; purcbaaad from Pacldc Gaa A 

Blec. Co..8anFr»nciarn. 
I inb-alaa. tot. can. »W kn; > rot. conr. 

trollaj volt, law T.d.e. 
Bepalr ibopa at Stockton. 
m.4 Bllea owned fM,T ml, lal m. t., 4.T 

ml, aid.); alio 0.»ml. Itaek rlEhU; total 

mlleH operated T0,a;4.R<.«K:Smoto>pa*a. 

and 1 trail fgl. cut: 1 alee. loco. 

VALLKJO. II,4IS1 (l*lfl). 

(Sea Hd. to.) 

VIBAUA. 4.H0. 

<Saa Vo. N.t 


BUULDBB. ll.SW (iiiai. 

10— The ITsalerii I-t, A Pwf. O"-— 

ODlee. Tample Bldg,, Bonldar. 
Prea. Prank W. FtnaanlT. 

10 Wall St., Naw Tork, N. T, 


;. St. By, c'. L. Green' 

Pur. \gX. D. W. Onlnay. 

BIcc. Bngr. W. D. Bennetti 

-^h. Bngr. Pwr.SU. Frank W. Laaa 
Powur au. equip. « a, c. lur 
Veati.lut.BOOOkw.. 11 000^ IS.KM 
ph., SB A 60 cyi; WOO bp. b. Fr 
000 hp. atm. Ic-'- w-" - — — 
S^aOO& 44.000 t; 

COLORADO SPRINGS. 8a,iiTi (laiei. 

iO— Th« Mt. ManltDO Park A Id- 
ellDO Br- Co.— Offioe.BOSMInlnK Rich. 
BWg. (Connecta Manllno lo Mt, Kanl- 
toal>aik at 11111111111 of Ht.Minilon.) 
Prei.SpenfEr Fen mat... Colorado Spring* 

Bd'v.'Prea. W^j. Barkal..'..' 
eo. Panl R. Jonea, 

eo Wall St., N*» 1 

. .DanTK 
rk, V. I. 

Gan Mir. J.J, Ciwan.. " 

Traffic Mgr. F.C. Mallhewa 

Bnerg; porcbaaed from Col 
nprlnga Lt.. Bt. A Pwr. Co.; trani. 

I O. K, motor TB bp. ISO r. a ph. II 
>elted and RUred to cable abcatei. 

Beacbaa and ovna park on lumi 
It. HanKon. 

I. K mile cable: t-»t; Sean. 

ado BprlDBa * J: 

-Omca.fiSOS. Tejo 
u or Colorado Spt-jups »d 
iraniiL Co. and Colnrado Bprinfi ■ 
Bnbarban Rj. Cn.) ( Con necta Colored* 
Bprlnga, Colorado OllT. HaultOB, Boa- 
wall and iTTWlld.) 
■rM. D. a. Blca. 

Sen. Sopt. ' 

Power *ta. equip. 4 d. c 



8E— Colaisdo SprlDga A Crlppl* 

Creak Dlatrlot R}. Co niHce. SOI 

Mlnln* EiohangB Bide, (Operatlom 
dlacontlnDed Haj U. 1030,1 iConnecIa 
Cripple Creek, Goldfleld. Elktnn, Inda- 
pendenca. Anaconda. Colorado fiprlnga 
and Victor.) 

Receiver A Gen. Mgr. 
Q.M. Taylor Colorado Sptlo (a 

Andr. S Claim A|[t. 

Sgpi, J. W. CommlDBa,. " 

Pnr. Aat. T. A. Bamfllon " " 

Sm . Fgt. ft Paea. Aet- 


Ch. Bngr. S. J. Connolly, " " 




Ml M.,Wm.W. Lawhead,Colorado Spring! 
Engr. M. of W. 

C.H.Dletz " " 

Power sta. eqaip. 1 d. c. G. E. 825 kw; 
3 rot. conv. West, G. E. tot. 840 kw. 3 ph. 
30 cys; 826 hp.e. Cor; 345 hp. b. Kewanee; 
trans, volt. 22,000-6,600 v; trolley volt. 600 
v. Energy also pare based from Arkansas 
Valley By., Lt. & Pwr. Co. 

Power sta. at Cameron; repair shops 
at Cripple Creek. 

75.8 miles; (elec. 4-8)^' g; 18.5 miles; 
57.3 steam;) 4 motor pass, cars and 1 
other car. '^60 

(See No. 82.) 

DKNYKR. 260.800 (1916). 

S8 — ^TheDenTCir A Intermountaln 
B. B. Co.— Office, 805 Tramway Bldg. 
(Operates through ownership and by 
lease, freight trackage by steam and 
electrioity from Denver to (^Iden and 
Leyden; also operates by electricity 
from Denver to Bamum 3 miles). 
Pres. A Gen. Mgr. F. W. Hild. . . .Denver 
V. Pres. S. M. Perry 

Gas & Elec. Bldg. ^ 

Sec. A Treas. H. S . Robertson *' 

Audr. Wm. A. Doty " 

Gen. Snpt. & Ch. Engr. 

Edward A. West.. " 

1 Transp. , J. L. Adams '* 

Supts.KWay, W. L. Whitlock.... »» 

I Lines, O. P. Morse ** 

Supvr. of Safety, S. G. Shaw '» 

Par. Agt. W. S. Brackett " 

Traffic Mgr. ff. P. Wood •» 

M.M.,G. W.Dolezal " 

Bway & Alaska St., '' 
Energy pnrchased from The Denver 
Tramway Co; trolley volt. 550 v. 
Kepair shops at Broad way&AIaska Sts. 

55.42 miles; 4-8^ & 3-6g;18 motor pass., 
2 trail pass., 8 other motor and 150 other 
can; 5 eleo. and 2 stm. locos. 'A'50 

84— Tbe Denver Alntemrban B.B. 

Co.— Office, Railway Exch. Bide. (Con- 
nects Denver&BouIder, 41.40 mfles, and 
branch to Eldorado Springs, 3.02 miles.) 

Receiver, William H. Edmunds. . .Denver 

Pres. Robert Rice »» 

V. Pres. & Gten. Andr. 
J.H.Bradbury " 

Seo. A Treas., B. James *' 

Energy from Western Lt. & Pwr. Co. ; 

trolly volt. 11,000 v, a. c. s. ph. catenary. 

& 57o V. d. c. 
Repair shops at Denver. 
Reaches Eldorado Springs. 
12.77 miles oWned (11.61 mi. Ist m. t., 

1.16 mi. Bid.): also 8.19 mi. leased, 25.16 

ml. track rights. Total miles operated 

44.42; 4-8Vig; 14 motor pass., 6 trail pass. 

and 1 service car. • ifW 

85 — The Denver A South Platte 
Bj. Co. — Office, 210 Tramway Bldg. 
Denver. (Connects Englewood and 

Pres., Treas. A Gten. Mgr. 

H. W. Hartman Denver 

V. Pres. T. B. Doan *• 

Sec. & Audr. U. T. Reilly " 

Energy purchased from the Denver 
Tramway Co. 

Repair shops at Littleton. 

Reaches two parks (leased). 

4.5 miles in operation, owned; (4.2S 
mi. 1st m. t., 0.26 mi. sid.); 8.6 g; 16 
miles under construction; 3-6 g; S motor 
pass., 1 trail fgt. and 1 service car. 


86 — The Denver Tramwaj Co.— 

Office, Tramway Bldg., 14th A Arapahoe 
Sts., Denver. (Acquired the propertief 
of the Denver A Northwestern By. Co.) 











(Operates In Denver and connects 

Golden, Arvada, Leyden, Englewood 

and Aurora.) 
Chmn. Bd. 

Chas. Boettcher. . . .Ideal Bldg., Denver 
V. Pres. S. M. Perry 

Gas A Elec. Bldg. 

Sec. H. S.Robertson 

Treas. H. J. Alexander 

1st Nat. Bk. Bldg.. 

Audr. Wm. A. Doty 

(3»en. Mgr.P. W. Hild 

Gen. Snpt. & Ch. Engr. 

Edward A. West 

Pur. Agt. W. S. Brackett 

Traffic Mgr., H. P. Wood 

transp., J. L. Adams.. . . 
„ . J Power, W. B. Casey .... 

8upis.-< Lines, O. P. Morse 

,Way, W. L. Whitlock. . . 
Supvr. of Safety, S. G. Shaw. . . . 

Mech. Engr. Eugene Weber 

M.M.,G. W.Dolezal 

Broadway A Alaska St. 

Power sta. equip. 8 d. c. G. E. tot. 3200 
kw; 4 a. c. G. B. Westg. tot. 18,000 kw. 
6600 & 2300 V. 3 ph. 26 cys; 21, 700 hp. •. 
G. E., Whlk, Allis-C, West ; 0626 hp. b. 
Stirling; 11,500 kw. tnrb. (stm.) West* 
G.E.; trans, volt. 13t200 v; trolley volt. 
600 V. : energy also purchased from Colo- 
rado Power Co. 

Power sta. at 14th A Platte Sts. ; repair 
shops at Broadway & Dakota Sts. 

Reaches City, Lakeside. Mountain, Ber- 
keley. Washington and Cheeaman Parks. 

228.90 miles; 3-6 g. and 4-8H g; 244 mo- 
tor pass., 118 trail pass.^ 40 other 
motor and 25 other cars. 50 

DUBANOO. 4.686. 

87 — Darango By. A Bealty Co. — 

812 Main Ave. (Connects Durango and 

Animas City.) 
Pres. A Gen. Mgr. J. A. Porter 

University Club, Denver 
V. Pres., Sec, Treas., A Supt. 

W. N. Bagby Dnranga 

Enerey purchased from The Western 
Colorado Fwr. Co. ; trans, volt. 560 v. 

Repair shops at Durango. 

Owns Brookside and Animas City 
Parks and Fair Grounds. 

2.5 miles; 4-8H g; 5 motor pass. cars. 


FOBT COLIilNS, 12,600. 

87a — Fort Collins Manic. By. Co.— 

Office, 330 No. Howe St. 
Snpt. W. A. Johnson Fort Collins 

Energy purchased from Western Lt. 
A Pwr. Co. at Lafayette. 

Repair shops at 330 No. Howe St. 

Reaches Lincoln City and Prospect 

4 motor pass. cars. 129 

OBAND JUNCTION. 10,000 (1911). 

88— The Grand Blrer Valley By. 

Co. — Office, 3d A Main Sts., Grand 

Junction. (Connects Grand Junction 

and Fmita.) 

Pres. A. E. Carlton Colorado Springs 

y . Pres. Spencer Penrose * * 

Sec. A Treas. Charles L. Tntt " 

Gen. Mgr. J. Stewart Garden City 

Gen. Snpt. 

A. E. Anderson Grand Junction 

Snpt. H. P. Smith *' 

M. M. T. F. Anderson, . . '* 
Roadmaster, N. P. Hansen ** 

Enen7 purchased from Grand Junction 
Elec. WM &Mfg. Co., Fruita. 

1 snb-fta. oap. 300 kw; 1 rot. conv. 

Repair shops at Grand Junction. 

21 miles owned (19 m. Ist m. t., S mi. 

■id.) ; 4-8)^ g: 6 motor pass, 4 trail pass, 

1 motor fgt., 14 trail te%. and 1 service 

car. (Company does lighting in Fmita.) 

\ •SO 

GBEELET. 11,430 (1916). 

«0- The Greeley A DenviT It. B, 

Co. — omci.-, Greoloy. (OpBWle* In 


Pros. F. W. Allen Greeley 

V, Prei. J. H. Woolf " 

Snpt, & BJec. En^. 

C,L. Httitmau '• 

* P«r, Co. 

RspakAopa at GreelEJ. 

Smiles: 4-Si4g; Bcarg, SC 

FOEItl.O. 03,000 (1B17). 

gO-ArkHUBag Tnller Br., LC A 
Pwr, Co.— Offlce, Bleplrfc Hldg, (Con- 
trolled throngli Btock ownerslilp b; 
Stuidard Qta & Elcc. Co., and uper- 
■ted by H. M. Bylleeby A Cd„ Cblcaeo, 

Fret', AiUDrS. Hub; Chicago. HI. 

V. Prat. iGBD. Hgr.W. F. Ilaber...Paflblo 

Sao. Herbert Ltat Chlc»go,Ill. 

ABBt. See. A AndiB. J. RosenBDer . . Paeblo 

TreM. H. J. Graf Chicago, til, 

Aaal. Treaa. Waller J. BennlHg.... Pueblo 

Bnpt, Rj. Dopt, W. 0, PotWr " 

8upl. Ll£. Dept. B. F. 9 lone " 

Claim Agt. H. P. Voriae ■■ 

Pdi. An. S. U. CunnlDKham '• 

tegi, Pwr. 3W. M. Q. ford " 

FoKBT lU. equip. 1 d. c. G. B. BDOkw; 
Si. I. G. E. tot. leiO kw. 8300 t. S ph. 
eo est; an hp. e. K. A S; 4035 hp. b. 
CahBll, BHr., lf,.iDe, Bab. A W; aOOCTkw. 

Stm.) lurb, AlllB-C; 1050 kw. rot. conv. 
. K; trans. Tolt. 91,000-38,000 >; trolKy 
Tolt. MO c. 
Power 9ta. and repair ahopB at Poablo. 
Reachee MlnDoqua Park, 
35.3 mllee: 4 e: 40 moUir and 10 trail 
oare. (Additional power etae, at Canon 
City. Bkaeoay, Rocky Ford and La 
Juata tor ligbtlQg and power eer vice.) 

TRINIDAU. 13,87a (l»IO), 

SI — TheTrlnldHlBIec.TrBninila- 
iluii By. A Gaa Co Local offices, 

Trinidad^ Main omceii, 00 Broadnar. 
NewYork.N. T. (Cnntrols ■ cliy lys- 

Tilaldad, Suprli. BUrkvlllB. Jansen, 
Jeri^ villa, Ttomaavllle, Pledinoni, 
UcBriderllle. Coakdale, Viola and 
Boprli PiBia.) (DontrollKl hy the 
.FeflBrsl Lt. A Trac. Co., New York. 

E. N, Sanderflon New York, N.Y. 

IltT. Pres. AQen. Hgr. 
C.H, N1chol». 

IndT, Prsa. ATreai... " " 

Seo.B.R.H. D'Aclh... >■ 

Andr, Aimer Q. Pay Trlnlda'l 

Mar. W. P. SonthMd " 

Pat. A«. W. D. Creek 

C.H. Bngi, H. A, Person 

Blee. Entir. B. O.Ftrree 

Ener. M. of W.,W.8, TowEsend 

C turbo.geo. West. O. B. tol. lO.flas kvi. 

saw T. 3 ph, DO ere; 4390 hp. b. Parker, 

Franklin, A, A t: trani. 44.000-SROOO- 

0,600 A BSOO V ; trolley volt. SfiO •. 
WALSBN STA, BQOIP. Sa. c. tnrbo- 

gen. WeBt. lot, S7flO kva. KiOO v. 8 ph. 00 

eye; £400 bp. b. Wiekei. Keeler; cram. 

HASTINGS STA. BQUIP. 1 a.c. tnrbo- 
gen, Allls-C. l87GkTa. IBOOT.Ipb.flOciB; 
lODO hp. b. Wickes, VII, 

Etapulr Bhopi at Thnld'id. 

ReBDhei Central and Kit CataoD Park). 

1S.8E milon; 4-BU g; 8 motor pai). and 
■ motarritlKhlcan; Celec. locOB. (Co. 
doM cea, Itg. St poT. buliieH.) MO 


BKANFORD 6,047. 

Haven and Stony Creek. For Boneral 
olHcen and rolling stock equipment. 

93- The Connecticut Co. (Bridge- 
port Dlv,) (Thia ditlBtoB opBralesTn 
and connectft Htamrord. Derby, An- 
Honla, New Haven, Norwnik, Wea'pott, 
Southport, Pairlleld, Bridgeport, Strat- 
ford, Milford A SbeltoD.) For geuoral 

Mht. . Bddeeport 

Ch. Bngr. Pwr. Sta. B. J.Baidwin " 

RoadtnaBter, M, E. Stark ■' 

Power ata. equip. Bd. G. G. E.,WeBt. tot. 
4SpO kw; I a, c. tnrbo-gen- G, B. BOOO kw. 

4M0 k"! M(»' hp. e. Penn, Allla-C, FroT; 

4500 bp. b. Bab, A W; trolley lolt. BOO v. 

Power tta. at SHttiewATo.. repair sbopi 

10S.46S mltei: 4-SU g; S^TT motor paai. 
B rgi. motor aad 4B ofliar cars. -kiO 

D4— Tile I.iirdBliip Bsllway— Office, 
llSaMalnSt. (Connt-cts Bridgeport and 

Prea. F. A. Banleft Bridgeport 

V. Free. Goo. B. Clark 

Bee. A Andr. Geo. L. Taylor, Jr. 

Treas. Lewis A. Corbfltt 

Oen.Mgr. Chas. H. Davis 

Sypt. A £lec. Engr. U. C. Conoell 
Stratford A UolUsler Ave. " 
Energy purchased from The Connectl- 

Repalr Rhope at Stratford A Hollliler 

Reaehes and owns Lordship Park, 



vllls, Terryville and LakeCompoonce.) 
Chrmn. Bd. Charles H. Tenoey.ftatttord 
Fiea. A, B, TeDuey....LailnKioD, Haes. 
V. Prea D. Bdgar Uanuin. .Boston '■ 

Sec. A Treas. H. L. Tiffany Bristol 

Aist. Treaa. G, A. Braaiey,BDstoD,Ui<H. 

Mrt. O. E. Coeklngt Bristol 

Geo. Mgra. 

Charles H.'l 

Energy pnrcbaS' 

Sub-sta. oqulp.lMOkw.Btm. torb. Car- 





96— The Connecticut Co. (Torring- 

ton Div.)— For general officers, see No. 

Snpt. ft M. M. Frank L. Hopkins, BurrylUe 
Ch. Bngr. Pwr. Sta. C. B. Smith " 

Power sta. equip. 8 d. c. G. B. tot. 860 
kw; 600 hp. e. Slater; 600 hp. b. Stewart, 
Kendall; trolley volt. 660 v. 

Power sta. and repair shop at BnrrvUle. 

Reaches Electric Park. 

18.076 miles; 4-8^ g; 80 motor pass, 
and 6 other cars. 60 

DANBUBT. 88,608. 

98— Danbary A Bethel St. By. Co- 

— Office. 88 South St. (Connects Dan- 
and Bethel. Purchased the Bridge- 

ESt Danbnry Blec. Ry., operating 
een Bridgeport and Long Hill.) 

BeeeiTor, J. Moss Ives Danbury 

Sec, Treas. A Snpt., 

Geo. B. Klinzing *' 

Blec. Bngr. Wm. Rosenbanm . . ** 
Ch. Bngr. Pwr. Sta. 

BricSwanson ** 

Power sta. eqnip. 8 a. c. tarbo-gen. 
6. B. tot. 1860 kw. 8800 v. 3 ph. 60 eye; 
1100 hp. b. Rust, Bab. & W; trans, volt 
9800 t; trolley volt. 650 v. 

Power sta. and repair shops at Dan- 

Beaches Eenosia Park (owned). 

18 miles; 4-8^ g; 87 motor pass, and 8 
work cars, 1 sprinkler and 3 snow plows. 


DBBBT. 9,665 (1916) 
(SeeJNos. 98 and 104.) 

BAST liYMB. 1,916. 
(See No. 108.) 

ESSBX. 8,745. 
(See No. 108.) 

FAIBFIEIJ>. 6,184. 
(See No. 98.) 

HABTFOBD. 110,969 (1916) 
(See also Nos. 101, 109 and 811.) 

99— The Connecticut Co. (Hartford 
DlT.) Office, 187 State St.— Connects 
Wetherslleld, Hartford, West Hartford, 
Windsor, Glastonbary, Bast Hartford, 
Newington,Rockyille,New Britain,Mid- 
dletown, Unionville, Farmington, South 
Manchester and Stafford Spnngs.) For 
general officers, see No. 108. 

Local Mgr. W. P. Bristol Hartford 

Snpt. Fred. Iflller " 

Asrt. Snpt. M. J. Scott »* 

Claim Agt. R. M. Marlowe *' 

Ch. Bns^Pwr. Sta. Chas. Miller " 

M.M.Tw.E. Crilly 

Roadmaster F. P. McEaig " 

Power sta. equip. 8 d. c. G. B., C.-W. 
tot 8800 kw; 8 rot. conv. G. E, Westg. tot. 
4000 kw. 6 ph. 86 cys; 3 a. c turbo-gen. 
G.B, West, tot 5000 kw. 11,000 v. 8 ph. 85 
cys: 8600 hp. e. Penn. Allis-O: 4800 hp. 
b. Heine, Bdge; trans, volt. 11,000 v; trol- 
ley volt. 600 V. 

Sub stas. at Bnckland: 8-800 kw. 11,000 
T. 8 ph. 85 cys. G. B. rot. conv. and 1-400 
kw. 6 ph. west. rot. conv.; Unlonville: 
8-800 kw. 11,000 V. 3 ph. 85 cys. G. B. rot. 
conT.; Rockville: 8-400 kw. 11,000 v. 8 ph. 
85 cys. G. B. rot. conv. 

Power sta. at 70 Commerce St. ; repair 

Aops at Vernon St. 

Beaches Luna Park. 

189.488 miles; 4-8Vi g; 389 motor pass. 

16 fgt. motor, 7 f gt. without motors and 

81 other oars. 4r50 

liEDYARD. 1,079. 
(See No. 108.) 

MBBIDBN. 88,066. 

100— The Connecticat Co. (Meriden 

Div.) (Connects Southington, Plants- 

ville, Milldale, Cheshire, Meriden, So. 

Meriden, Tracy, Talesville and Wailing^ 

ford.) For general officers, see No. id. 

Robert P. Lee... 187 Pratt St, Meriden 
M. M., C. S. Symonds *• " 

Roadmaster F. E. 0*Neil " " 

Energy from Berlin and Sta. A, New 
Haven, trans. volt. 11,000 v. Bnergy also 
purchased from Connecticut Light & 
Power Co., Waterbury. 

Sub-sta. equip. 8-800 kw. 8 ph. 85 cys. 
G. E. rot conv; trolley volt 600 v. 

Repair shops and car bams at 187 Pratt 
St., Meriden; sub-sta. at Hanover Park, 

Reaches and owns Hanover Park. 

88.185 miles; 4-8^ g; 68 motor pass. 
1 f gt. motor and 18 other cars. 50 

MIDDUCTOWN. 80,719. 

tOl— The Connecticut Co.— (Middle, 
town Div.)— (Connects Meriden, Mid- 
dletown, Portland, Rockfall, Cromwell- 
Middlefleld Center, Rocky Hill and 
Hartford.) For general officers see 
No. 103. 

Supt F. A. Hewett Middletown 

Claim Agt. R. M. Marlowe Hartford 

Ch. Bngr. Pwr. Sta. A. B. Goodrich, Berlin 

M. M., J. Booth Middletown 

Qea. Track Foreman 

P. B. O'Neil Meriden 

Power sta. equip. 8 a. c. Q. B. tot. 1700 
kw. 11,000 V. 8 ph. 85 cys: 3000 hp. e. 
Bckye; 1500 hp. b. Ken; 8-800 kw. 3 ph. 
85 cys. G. B. rot. conv; trans, volt 11,000 
v: trolley volt 600 v. (This sta. serves 
Hartford, New Britain, Unionvllle, Ber- 
lin and Meriden Divisions.) 

Sub sta. equip: 8-300 kw. 3 ph. 86 cys. 
G. B. rot. conv. & 1-300 kw. 8 ph. 85 cys. 
West rot. conv. (1-400 kw. 6 ph. West 
being installed.) 

Power sta. at Berlin; sub. sta. and 

repair shops at Middletown. 

Reaches and owns Lake View Park. 

83.481 miles: 4-8^ g; 88 motor pass. 

8 fgt. motor, 1 fgt. without motor and 9 

other cars. KG 

MULFOBD. 4,866. 
(See No. 93.) 

MYSTIC. 8,900. 
(See No. 108.) 

NEW BBITAIN. 55,000 (1918) 

lOS— The Connecticut Co. — (New 

Britain Div.) Office, 38 Chestnut St. 

(Connects Kensington, Berlin,Plainvill« 

and New Britain.) For general officers 

see No. 108. 

Supt. F. L. Beardsley New Britaim 

Claim Agt. R. M. Marlowe Hartfqrd ' 

M. M., Harry Connelly New Britain 

Roadmaster F. B. O'Neil Meriden 

Bnergy purchased from the Conn. Lt. 
A Pwr. Co.; trolley volt. 600 v. Some 
energy supplied from Berlin. 

Repair shops at (Chestnut St., New 

88.485 miles; 4-8^ g : 50 motor pass. 
1 fgt. motor, 8 fgt. without motors and 
12 other cars. 60 

NBW UAYKN. 149,686 (1916) 

(See also Nos. 110, 450, 650, 786, 
759 and 1188.) 

103 — The Conneotlout Co. — Gen. 

office, 189 Church St. (Operates under 
agreement West^hore kj. Co.) (Con- 
troUed by N. Y. N. H. A H. R. R.) 
Pres. L. S. Storrs New Haven 

coNNBcncuT 2 

y.Preg. diGan. Her. 

J. K. PnoUarlora N«w B«t.ii 

Bee. AOm. TnSia Agl. 

Vlolor 8, Cprtis 

Tnu. E. T. Chipmsn " 

Comptr. I. A. Ma» '■ 

Fni. Agt. J. B. Huironi 

Ob. EnSr. Fwr. & Eqalp. 


fDec. A, Sle. Engr. a. H. OoalU " 
Conitr. Bner, CBit. R, IIsiU . 
VMh. Eap. A. C. Colbj 

TdwI mllrjags kpS rolling itock sqntp: 
' inlles^ 4.B^ g: lt»S motoi pasa. M 
tjct. motot. 2i fgt. wlthoDt mnlon mnd 
*H olber ens; i d«o(rlo locM. *G0 

10«— Tlie Cnnnectlcat Co. — (N«w 
Hlvan Dlv.) (CoddkM New HsreD. 
Wen HHan. Woodmant, Derbv, An- 
ion la, Chnhire, Willlngford, Bnnford 
mndSlonyCreek.) FoT KcnerBl oSlceri. 
Ke Ho. 103. 

Mgr. ?. P. HuIiD NeviH&ieD 

Bupt. J.B. Judge '■ 

Claim Agt. C. t: Mstion 

Cb, Bner, L. A. FirnbBm... '■ 

U. H..3Bine9E. Doaler 

Ho«dm»pler, p. N. Wllion., 
Power bU. equip. 10 d. t. G. E.,C.W„ 

We>t. tnt. mob ^v: 1 a. o. turbo-geD. 

Wed. 7M» kw. 11.000 T. S pb. X eye: a 

rot. conv. tot. 6000 kw; 7900 bp, e.Wttb, 

Allln-C, Bckye; B800 hp. b. Bie-Horasby, 

Wood; trans, volt. 11.000 v; trolley vofl. 

Hub lU. equip.: S-SOO kw. O. E. rot. 

*on¥. 11,000 1, a ph. as eye. 
Power atsa. at IsgOnnd Ave., uiil Blm 

A River Sts.. Wcat Haven; sub-sta. at 

Korlh Haven; repair ibopa at %! Grand 

ITB.nSt mllu; 4-8M e: 431 motor paae: 

IB W. mo., 11 fKl. cars wllbom motors 

and 38 otbar cm. K 

lOa^The New York, Mew amen « 
Hartford R. R.— OiBGiMt. New Saves, 

bv overhead troller avateju mam tine 
tnim Waodlswn, S. T.. U Cedar BUI 
via Btamf ard(fll.72 mllel). Hulam River 
Branch (11.17 inllei). New Canaan 
Brancb (7.H mllea). ProvldeDCe, War- 
ren and Brlalol Brancb fn.SS milea), 
and dnring ■nnuner It* line between 
NantuketandPembertoD (I.K miles.) 
(Kntera New York City over tracka 

electrified tnnnel at Providenrc, R, 1.) 

Sintrola all cloc. rys. operated by 
e Connecticut Co. In Conn; alao 
controlB Berkibite Bt. Ry. Co. (whlob 
IfSaes Tbe Vermont Co. aad operaWa 
Booiiek PallB R R. Co.l. New York, 
Weetf^beatcr A Boaton Ry. Co.. New 
York A atamrord Ry. Co. and Weit- 
chHIer Bl. R. B. Cu, at Wblte Plai&e.) 

Pl«. Edwaid J. Pearion New Haven 

Chma. Cornm. InlercorporaM Belatloni, 

Howard ElMoit NewYotk, N. T. 

find Oen. Counael, 
E. O. Bnckland 

New Baven 

V Pr«ii-\B. Campbell " " 

^■"""■[A.P. HQiw1I..Bofton,Ma«.. 
1 and Geo. Uet. 
I C.L. Budo....MewHaTeii 

a«i. Aitbar K. Clark " 

■Preai. AuBoitmS. May ■■ 

Compl. Howard S. Palmer... " 
. . H„i . ) C. H. Bampetesd 
■*■"■ o™ *'• ) W. H. Rowland 
KiecnUvB AasL E. G. Kegi, 

Rm. 8840 Grand Central Terminal, 

New York. N.T. 

Audr. Revenue, A.KackrIlle.NewHaven 

IW. H. Foiler... 
Q«,. enpU, <'■ «■ ""^"'Blton, W^. 
I, J.A.Draeta, NewTOrkN.T. 

RD. FItimaurice... Boston, MasB 

Pur Agt. Geo. G. Yeomana,. .New Haven 
Gen, PsM, Agt. A. B. Smith.. 
Aaet, Gen. PasB. Agt, F.C. Colej " 
Oen.Fgt. Agi. " 
Fgt. Claim Xgt. 

ic^^iec, Eng^. 

8. Wltblugton New Haven 

Supt. or Eleu.Trana.B, Gilliam.. Cos Cob 

rA . A. Harria New Haven 

Meoh, 1 G. A. Moriarty BoBton, Mbbb. 

Bupts.^ Supt. of Shop* 

L A.L.Kal«tOB.,VBnNBBt,N.Y. 

Meeb. ABi't. W. L. Bean New Haven 

Engr, of Teats, H. P. Haaa... 
Inaplr. of Power Honsea 

B.F. Batdo 

SnpL C. B. Motaelt. .Harlem Rivet, ». Y. 

Cb. Bnir. Edw. Gagel New Haven 

Ch. Engr. Pwr. Plant 

M.K., 9. R. RlobardB^HarlVin' Hivor.N.Y. 

w!'h. Mwire New Haven 

SiB, Engr. C, H. Morrison... 
Maint ^Kr. 

C. F. Yardley Harlem Rlvor, N.Y. 

Power Bla. equip. 8 a. e. West. tot. 
3<S,6I0 kva. 11,000 v. s. pb. 3B cya; Ifl.OSO 
hp. b. Bab. A W. BIg-HomBby; S4,000 
kw. turb. (»tm). Wealg; trana. volt. 88,000 
v; trolley volt. ll.DDDv. a. c. calensry. a. 
ph. % cya. and S;$ v. d. e. EoerEy alio 
purchased trwm irnltfd Elec. I,t. & Pwr. 
Co., New York City. 

shoprat lt«rofDrd?New ilaven and'tln 

4M nilles 4-8!4 b: (Npw York Dlv.) 87 
mnlt, unit motor cars. GO tnillera and lOfl 
eleolrlc loniii (Berlin- Hiddletown Br.) g 
motor cars; (P. W. A B. Br.) SI motor 
cars; it CrallerB; (Nantasket Beach) H 
motor curt; Sa trailers. «4fl 

106— n eat Shore Rj. Co (Operated 

Co.) (Connocl 

PreB. L-S. Storrs New Hav« 

Sec. Victors. Cnrti» 

Treaa. E. T. Chapman " 

HKW I.OSUOK. 80.98G (ISlfl). 

SboreLlnBEIec. By. Co.) (Cooalata of 
looalllnea In New London and Norwich, 
line from New Lonilon In Nofwioh, 
WlUiamantlc ind Coventry, aleo line 
from Norwich lo Jewett City, Plala- 
neld. Central Tlllaee, Danielsan, Day- 
villa. Patman and Grosvenordale.) 

NOBWALK. 8e,8» (1910 

■a. Nofwalk and Weatpott.) 

- " al offlcera. 


_jpl-T. Macl.ean Norwalk 

Claim Agt A. B. Qonld Brldgepon 

■;. M-,A-C. Colhv 

oadmatlar. U. B. Stark " 

Energy pnrcbaaed from tbe Cona. IX. * 

■nd 9 other cm. 

Bee New Bav 


NOftWlOH. S8.S19. 


< No. II 

108— TIw Shora Une BIe«. Kj. Co.— 
BcMtnr appointed Oct. 1. 1911. OOce. 
«a Haln 8t. <F. 0. Box 4TT). (Opn- 
■m an alecirlc nllwaj between new 
BaTen, Stony Creek, QaUrord. HadlHn, 
CIlBton, Veetbrook. Old Bsybrook, 

, WeetbrooL 
EnuJK^^Ion DeepK' 

:hued the foUowlDg: Nor- 

, PDichued the foUowlDg: 

wteh A WntnlT TnetioD Co., We> 

^. di>.7eoBii«ethig Morwfth. I^>qn 

It TnetioD Co., Weaterlr 

^ Ht. Co., PawcatBCkTal- 

Iqr Bt. Rt. Co ana Aihawar £ WMterly 

jDck,'HallTllla, ^Mtoa, Le^u4, N. 
Stonfastoo. Conn., and White Bock, 
Aahaw&T, Wertarly, Wat<A Hill, Pleas- 
■nt View. AUintlc BeMh. asd W«ka- 
paag, fi. I., IB.1B mile*; Oroton St 
etaAofftoD St. R. R. Co., connecUns 
ITew Lmdon, OrotoD, Noank, Untie, 
BtoolnRon. Coon., and WealerlT, It. 1., 
nmllMj New London ABaatLTine St. 
I^. Co., axtmdlng fiom New London 
to Watafnd, Flindan to Fottt Road 
at Bajbrook. Eaat Lnne and niantlc, 
M.7 mllea.) On ISIT, The Shore Line 
KeetJio HallwBj Co. of Rhode laliDd 
»a* omDlsad and hue abiorbed all 
rlKhta poesaaeeA tor I'awcatuck Valley 
at Bj. Co., Aebaway Jb Wealarly Ry. 
Oo. andWaatatly * Connecticut Ry. 

Beeai**! • Tm. 
R.W.Paikini Norwich 

V, Pre". F. de C, anJllyan 

Bei:.*Treu. A. E. Sherman.... " 

Gfln Andr. J. r. Sarenean " 

Snpt. Tranep, J. H. Cain " 

Gen. TfEt. A Paaa. Agt. 
D. C Peek New London 

Pnr. An. B. D. I^nabea Norwich 

M.H.. JohnKellor " 

SnpL Vay A Strnet. 
J. B.WUttemore 

Snpt Pwr.E.T. Phillip* " 

Gen. Lli-e Hnpt. 

J. B.Hnmphrey " 

power eta. eqnip. at Saybronki 8 a. e. 

O. K. AlllaC. tot.«0(lkw._lUI»0_T. gpt. 


. TOlt. 11,000 T 

^werita. fqnlp. at Thamearll 

I (P.O. 

Wiirtar tot. EW) kw. S ph. % cy«:'j[IOOhB! 
a. PrOT, We«lg: HWO hp. b. Bab. ft W, 
Bdm; tnuu. toU 11,000 ■ " 

1. Hun, Cor: ISK hp. b. Frank; 
ioltia,OOOT: trolley Tolt.«OOT. 

Power <ta. eqnIp. at Mystic; 
Van. tat. no kif, «7D hp. e. C. & O. 
Cpr; OOt hp. b. Stir; trolley TOlt. BOO t. 

Power BUa. al Saybroak.ThamnTllle. 
HrsUe and HalMlIc; anb-ita. at 8r- 
bnok: repair ihopB at Saybrook, Grei 
TiHa, Oaweitateble, Mygtio and Hallvi: 

Beaches Lincoln Park and Weqae 
no^OaalnD; own> Oolden Spur Inn 

1M.04 n^lei; 4-8^ K; (ISe.SS mi 
owned. 88,71 "lie* track rlghU); 



(Bee No. lOK.) 


(Sea No. 9«.> 

(See No. 100.) 


los — HartloTll * SprtnMeld St. 
Ky. Co.— Office, Warehoose Point: Ex. 

offloa. SO Stats St., Hartford, Com). 
(Opatatei Windeor Locki Traetlou Co., 
Somera A Enlleld Elec. Rr. Co. and 
Bookyllla. Broad Brook * Eaet Wlnd- 
aorSt.Rj.Co.) (Oonnecta Sprlngfleld. 
Mau., Hartford, Wirehonie Pt., 
Bomere. Bnad Brook, Elllncton, Rock- 
vllle, SaOald, Windsor Locke.) 
SecelyerJIarrlBon B, Freemao. .Hartford 
r. Pres, Thoi. C. Perkina. " 

William Walker Warehonae Point 

Treaa. Geo. 8. Wa« Boston, Haas. 

ftast. Treaa. Leelar S, Flint *' " 

Lndr.A, W. Lace Haxardvllle 

Claim Agt. Robt. F. KallT-.ThompionTlIU 
Ch. Engr. Pvr. Bta. 

R H Oesiner WarehoDM Point 

H. M., John PaBqnerilllo. .ThompionTlll* 

Jamea Forey.. Warehonie Point 

anpt. Orhd. Lines 

Barry Frew Thompeonvllle 

Dh.Dlin. J. F. Hannon ...WarehonaePl. 

Power sta. eqnip. » i. c. Q. E. C.W. 
tot. 1100 kw: laootp. a. Weth.Cm.Cor; 
1000 hp. b. A. A T; trolley ynlt. 000 t. 

Power sta. and repair shops at Wan- 
hooM Point. 

Reaches Mn«y Kldga Park {owned). 

48 mllos; 4-4fgi 41 motor paao. anil 

WATBRBCBT. 78,141. 

r N. Ualn St. 

dlehnry and Woodbnrr. Thon ._ 

WalertowQ.) For Keneral oOleeta fee 
No. lot. 
Hgr. Oh as. H. Chapman Waterbnrr 

M. M., W. 

'Kj pnrebasad fi 
. Co.; trolley to] 

_ __ _ ..Watarbarj. 

Reachea and owns Lake Qnaasapann. 
UlddlvbiuT (controlkd) and LakewoDd 
"~^ '— fion trolled.) 

illss; 4-BM g; "•! motorpaas. 4 
IT and 38 sanrice oan: 9 elec. 

Ill— WBtaTbDT7 A ■fllldnle TFmnt- 

w» Co.- OtBoa, 144 Bank St. (Ex- 
tends from Wataibnrj to Ullldale, 
where conpectlOD Is made with tbe 
Connecllcot Co'B, line for Herldan and 
- — --1.1 



. .HIIMala 


John H. Caeald]' ....Waleibarr 

Pnrcliuu energy. 

9,0T mllei (T.<ISb mlln owo«d. I.SBfi 
mllei trmck rights); A motor cut BO 

WltLIM ANTIC. 18,870 (IBIBI 


{Bee No. lie.) 

NEW OASTI.E. a.m. 

Ua— WIlmlnEton, !r»w Caitle 
Jlelaware CltJ Ky. Oo, (Cona 
d»tlon of Wilmington, New CasUe » 
Belsware City Ry. Co. and Wilming- 
ton SoDtliBm Twclion Co.)— Office, 88) 
Miirkel St., Wlimineton. (Connecu 
SoiBware CI If. Rirsrside. Dohbini<vlliF, 
New ChHh and Wilmlnelon.) (Con- 
trolled, throDKh Block ownerBh in, and 
leiied hj Wllminglfln & Philarfelpliiii 

Prea^in Horn El;, 

l»ai Walonl St., Phlladelphi*. Pa. 

T. FrsB. ftOan. Mgr. 
T. W. Wilson Wilmington 

8«!.*Tre»B C.N.Kjsn..., 

Andr. C. K. Tost 

Snpl. Wm. A. HsindlB. 

EnsTgy fromWll mlngton A Philadelphia 

IT miles; G-S^g; 14 motor and* 


(See also Nob. IIS. 306, TOB, 981 


Iia-Wllmlnrtan ft Phlladelphii 

TTOo.Oo.,Tho—OffleB.B84 Market 8t. 
WlimlngtOD. (Onns all the stocb o. 
Southern Fenn. Trac. Co.. CIlMler & 
BddjWone St. Bj. Co., Wilmington 
New Castle A Delaware Citj Ry, Co. 
PeoDl« Eailway Co, and Wllmlngtni 
Lt. A Pwr. Co., nhicU issl three compa 
nle»lt leaKGB: also ieaus and operalei 
the WllminElon City Rv. Co.. Wilmtng 
tonAEdgemoor Blee.Hy.Cn.. Goraon 
Helgbtsfc. Co., Front * DnionBt.Rj, 
Co. and Wllmlngtfln City Blec. Co.. of 
which sompsnles the United Pwr, A 
Transpt. Co., owns entire oapllal stock, 
dlrecllT or indirectly.) (Cootrole and 

through the SoolbemPenn. Traction Co 
all electric llsht and power hnsineee In 
theCityof Wllmlngtonandvlclnily.and 
street railway ]lne« in Wilmington, 
New Oastie and Delaware Clly, Del., 
Chester and Media. Pb„ and •obnrban 
lines connecting the above place with 
each other and with the City of Phda- 
deliAla. compriilng a total of 136 miles 
offrack.l (ControlledhyTlieAmerlcan 
Railways Co.) 

Free. Van Horn Ely 

isei Walnut Bt., Philadelphia. Pa. 

lat V. Pre*. A Oen. Met. 
T. W. WUeon Wllmlngttni 

SndT. Free. 
H.J. Crowley PhlUdelphia, Fa. 

Sec. A Traaa. 
H.D.AndetfOD " ■< 

Frank J. Pryor WtlsilngtoB 

Andr. C. B. Tost Wilmington 

Bapt.Ry. P. T. RoUIt. 

Fnr.ABl.O.C.Weirlck. Philadelphia, Fa. 

H. H. Qelger Wilmintton 

ClalmAgt. I.G.Jack Chester, Fa. 

Else. Ensr., Supt, Lt. A Pwr. Dept. 

F. H. Bensel Wllniinglon 

Ch. Knar. Pwr. 8u. 

Geo. T, Bromley " 

M.M.. J. L.Goold 

Enp-. M. of W., Clande Bryan " 

Fowei Bta. eqnip. 8 d. c. O. E., tot. mOO 
kw; 8 a. o. lorlw gen. AI1IS.C., West. G. 
E. tot. 29,000 kra. isoO. 11,000 v, S pb, W 
cys; S800 hp. e Weth; 0400 hp. h Kdge: 
trans. Tolt. il,«K)-2S00T; troUey yolt BOOv. 

7 Bub-itas. tot, cap. 71X7 kw; 10 rot. 

Power ata, and repair shop! at Wlimlng- 

R'eaches and owns Shellpot Park and 
Brandywine Springs Park. 

141.809 mile* (IIR.mT ml. 1st m. t; 
IB.5M ml. «nd m. t; «.SOS ml. aid.); G-194 
g; 311 motor pass., 118 trail pass., 4 motcr 
freight, 1 trail freight, Sd motor service 
and D trail service car*. 


irASHiMGTON. ssi.oes. 

(See also No. 881.) 

114 — The Onpltal Tnotlon Co.— 

Office. 3«lh A M Sts., N. W. (Leaess 
the Wasblngton A Maryland By. Co.) 

PreB. Geo. E. Hamilton Wasblnglon 

V. Pres. D. a, Carl] 

V. Pres. Iln chge. oper.) 
J, H.Hanna 

Sec. A Treaa. 

Asst, fi'ec. J. E. Heberie' '.'.'.! 

Aiii. Treaa, C. B. Kiwnti.... " 

For. Agt. J. Fleming 

Cb. Bngr. R. H. D^glelsb. 
BngT. Pwr. BU. 
A. H. SparshntC WlscoDsin 

a.V,'. W. H. HcCarty.kai 


Boadroaster, P.Morrlil " 

Power Bta. eqnIp. 4 d. c. O. E. tot. 9100 
kw; 4 a, c. turbo gen. WestK. tot. 11,000 
kva. SSOO V. a ph. gn cys: SOOD bp. e B. F. 
Allls; 844B hp. b. Bab. ft W.. A, A T.; 
trans, volt. DIIOO v. trolley volt KO v. 

8 sab-Bts*. tot; cap. ll.)EO kw; 11 rot. 

Power sta. at Wfa. Ave. A Water St., 
N, w : repair shop* at sanS M St., V. W. 

Reaches Chevy Chaae Lake. Hd. 

64.0B miles owned fBO.ll ml. 1st tti. t., 
I».1B ml. Sod m. t.. 7.74 ml. sld.); also 
S.ST miles leased, £.11 miles track rights. 
Total miles operated Bl.M; 4.BHg; 
andgrd; Ifci motor nan., 188 trail pars., 
IT motor sarvlne and HO trail service cars. 
(Company sells energy to 



Tntq. K. B. Co.— Office. 3900 Pann- 

Highlands with' the Nations) Capital 

anrl operale- alone P-nnsyW.nla Ave) 

Free. Arthur E.Randle.Randle Highlands. 



(BitoiilB trom Bndler Lane and Wli- 
oonain Ave. to Qreut I^te, Md.) 

Pub. Gardner L. Boolhe. . . . . WMblngton 

Sec., Tnu, & Oea. Ugr. 

J. C. Freeland " 

BoeigT pnrchued trom Wuhlngtod A 

RockvQIe R. R. Co. 
lO.Gmllea. IB 

US— Wiuliitiston-Iiitsmrbsn R.K. 

Co.— OBLCA, SSMflh St., N, W. (Con- 
n«la Wsahlniitoii. D. C, Cottage Clt;, 
BlBdsnsbnrg.B, RlTetdals «nd^. BB^ 
WTD, Hd.) CContiolled by WasblnBton 
Rt. & KIm. Co.) 

Prse. W. F.HBm WaibltietoD. D. O. 

V. Free. A See. 
8. K. Bowen 

Tieu. Atwood H. Fisher " " 

AsBt. Sec. A Treie. 

Compi. A. Q.Noal.... " " 

GeD. Atly. J, 8. Barbour " " 

Bnpt. J. H. Stepbeoa . . " " 

Bner. Waj A Btractnres 

CTfl. KimbBll " 

M. K.. H. D. Toihill 

aJlIPSl., N. W. '• ■■ 

Pur. Agt. R. W. Crowell 

EnetRT purchased from Wasblngion 
Rf. A Hoc. Co.: trolley volt, BOO t, 

Hepafr ehope at Mil P St., N. W. 

e.08 mllei; *-8M K; 1 motor pua oar. 

IIT— IVuhlDgton » Marrland Ry. 

Co,— Offlce, U13 H St.,N. W. (Por- 
chaeed [ranchjae tui aeBsts of BalttmoTe 
A Wasblnrton TmoaltCo^ (CDDiiecl« 
Takoma Park, Md, and Waiblngton.l 
(Leased lo The CapiUl Trac. Co.} 

Pres. Chas. Selden, Jr Washington 

V. Pres., Henrj W, WllUanis 

FldelltT Bldg., Baltimore, Hd. 

Sec. M M. Lltlls WasMugton 

Treas. N. H. Little 

BnergT pntcbaaed from WasblnRon 

Rj. A Elec. Co.; truiB. roll. SfloS '; 

EtoUbt Tolt UO Tj I tot. eoni. 6. B., SCO 

kw. 800 T. S ph. 36 cyg : g transf . Q. B. 
SnlMta. itTakoma Park. Hd. 
4mlleicg.ani1. latm. t, O.G ml. aid.): 

4-^ g; 4 car.. io 

11S-1Ts»llli>8ton A Old Dominion 

BaUwur— OBlce, 3606 H St, N. W., 
WaahlnRon, (Connecta Waablnglon 
D, C, Aieiandtia, Blnemont and flreat 
FbUb, Va.) 
. Pub. Colin H. LlYlnKBlone...WaBhlngton 

T.p.»t..)S.».5js;™.:; ~ 

Sec. A Treas. A. K. Stratlon.! " 
Gen. Hot. A Pur. Agt. 


Qen, FBt, A Paw. Agt. 

G.C. Baggstt 

Comm, A Claim Ally. 

8. G. Bnmgamer " 

Blee. BogrTH, W. Kldwell ... 
Knp. Way A SlmctBrei 

Power Bta. equip. 8 a. c. VTeatR. lot. 
SSOO kra. tOO t. 8 ph. 19 cya; IGOO hp, b. 
Bab. & W. 8Uri trans. >olt. 3R,M» t: 
trolley Tolt. 660 V. Bnergyalto pnrchsBed 
from Potomac Blec. Pwr. Co. 

Senb-atas. tot. cap. 8830 kw; 1] rot 

Power ata. and repair shopa at RasBlys, 

Raacbea and owaa Great Falls Park. 

8* mllOT; t-SH g; IB motor paai., t 
trail paiB.. 6 motor freight and 11 trail 
freight cara; 6 elec. loooa. *B0 

(Controla the following: Oily A SBbor. 
ban Ry. of Washington (nblch nwna 
Waehlngton, Berwya A Laurel Elec. 
Hj.), 41.43 miles ; QeorgalowD A Ten- 
nallytowD By. Co., g,U mllea; Waah- 
iDgtob A Glen Echo R. R. Co.; Wasb- 
Ingtoa A Rockvllle R. R. Co.; ll.ti 
mliea; Waablogton. Woodalde A For- 
est Slen Ry. A Power Co., S.M milea: 
Washington InterutbaD H. R. Co.. 8.03 
mlleBand Potomac Eleo. Pwr. Co.) 

Prea..W. F. Bam Waahlnglon 

V. PresU. ]'^n^J'HoyTNewTork.N.T. 

Treas. Atwood U. Fisber. 

381 Htb 8l.,N.W.,Wa»lvinstoil. D.C. 

Asst. Sec. A Treas. 
Wm. L. Clarke 

ComptA. O. Neal 

Gsn. Atty. John 8. Barhonr " 

Snpt. J. B. 8tepbeDe " 

Bogr, War A StractnreB 

C.8. Kimball, 

Pot. Agt. R. W.Ctowell 

f C. 8. WllBon, 

Bnirs. Pwr. Bta.. J J'??'?,«S^n': ""*' 
I ' W*aabln([ton, D.C. 

M. M„ R, D. Voeliall...B411 P at, N. W. 

POWER BTA. E«UIP., Htb A B. Sta., 
N. W.-8 d. 0. G. a. lot 4860 kw; HBW 
hp.e.McLAS; 4BB0 hp. b. Bab. A W; 
trana. volt t80l]-«iO-110 v. 

a, c. a, B. tot 87,000 kw. 8 ph. 36 cya; 
SO.IOO hp. b, Bab. AW; >r,<»l)bp. (urb 
(>tm.) G. E; traus. volt 18QO0 t; trolley 
TOlt. 600 Y. 

Power slia. at 14th and Bate.. I4.W.& 
Bennlngi Road A Eaetern Branch; T*- 
pair shops at 1411 P St 

Reacfaea Glen Echo Park. 

Furnishes energy for light, power and 

Wa'tlngton Rj. A Elec. Co., lOl.M 
miles; tot mileage operated 176.866 mileB, 
t-Sii g. or which 63.B40 miles are nnder- 
groan^ and IIS.DOS miles overhead elec- 

38 service cars: S4 enow plows and 
sweepers; Selec. locos. *S 

131— WMhinBton-TirKinla Ry.Co. 

eratlng offlce, ISOS Pennsyivanla Ave. 
(ConnectB WiBhlngton. 6. C, Alei- 
apdrlB. Mt. Vernon, Radio. Ballslon, 
Palls Charcb, Dunn Loriog, Nanck, 
Clarendon, Vienna. F^tfairArlinfton, 
ArllngtOD National Cemetery and Ft. 
Preo. Norman Orey, . .Washington. D. C. 

V. Prea. David A, Howe '■ 

Sec. Gardiner E. Boothe " 

Treaa. J. C. Freeland 

Gen. Mgr. 

R. W.King... taosPenna. Ave " 
Cl^m Agt Thoe. H. Traf ere, .. . " 

Civil Engr. C. A, Sinclair " 

Elec, Engr, J. H. Stephens " 

Gen. Hupt J. W. Rich 

Snpl, Mt, Vernon Dtv. P. B. OItt " 
M. H. Daniel Sebum.. Fonr Mile Rnn,Va, 
Power ata. equip. E d. c. G. E. tot 
1000 kw: 3 a. c. Westg. tot. *X)0 kw. 
8ph. 25cyB; ISOO hp. e. Prov; BOOO kw. 
turb. (stm.lWealg; S800 hp,b. 8tlr, Hlg: 
trana. volt 6600 v; trolley volt 800 t. 

8ub-stBB, at Arlington Junction, Alex- 
andria, Lacej and Vienna; repair shopa 
al Fonr-Ulle Ron and Lace;, Va, 
Keaehee WashluKton Luna Park. 
03.33 miles; 4^ g: 41 motor and 38 


IflS-Furnandlnk Hunle. Br .-Office. 

lllh ACeolreHU, PemiindlDS. (Con- 
[CDla Old AmellB Biicb Co. Roid) 
(ConnecM Ferssndln& SDd Amelia 
Beicb: opvraMa during BDinCDerinciDlhf 

Treu. H. p. WtllUmi Peniandlna 

Own. Xgr. & Bapt. 


Clw OlMlt A Pnr. Agt. 

W.8. Whllnoy " 

Ch. Knur. J. O. Btce '■ 

PowBr 8lB. eaaSp. S &. c. G. K. W. E. 
loL 000 kvB. an bD. «. Bill Wood, Rkint. 
•00 hp. b. 8rla W\ A W.. 400 hp. etm. 
turb. WMIg; trailer Toll. s» V. 

Isnb-Pta. cup. aXIkw. 

Power fU. alcot. lllh * CcntreSta; re- 
pair sbDpi U IStb & beech eta. 

Reuhei AmeJls Beicb (nwned), 

aw rpll»; MJi g^ S moior pKsa. 
a otber m™, ICo. dooa Roneral llg. and 
p«r, biinlnesi Id Fernindlna.) *Ii}t 


Rccflver appolnMd October 30, 1019. 
Oen. Office, JacknooTille; (Companj 
doei enllre eleotHc rnllna; baalDeei 

B.J. Trtar JncksoDTlIle 

" ~ ■ ■ «Id 

IwM, N. 


V. freau.-i itzilllk St.. Boainn, Mas 

Treaa. Hooty B. Sawyer ■' 

Ugt. Hardy CrOKin JirkaonTll 

Bapt, C. FT B(ietwick..Tr...BOBtaii, Mai 

Pnr. An. F, U. Martzall " 

Claim igt, J. S. HarrlBon. . . . •* 

Oh. Kaer. Pwi. 81a. 

ner. M. of W., 

Thoa. R. SannoD 

• hp. B. Nord; 8120bp,"b. Edge 

3ll BOOT. 

U.cap. MOkw; 1 ma. R*n. act. 

trollev Ti 
Power. ml, latin.t.,l4.0M 

1>S— The Rer Waat EIm. ( 

a. una., Stone 
Ik m, BoxtOD, 

alentrlc llBbtlne and power builDeat 

In Key We«t.) 

Prea.HirryB Hnnt Bnaton, Maat. 

T. Prea. 

Cbarlna V. W, Wetterer ■' ■' 

Trtaa. Henry B. Sawyer.. '■ " 

lot. too kir; K a. e. Tt. W.. Bori: H, E. 
tot. WOkw. SMOt; Ipb. dOeya, 11S6 hp. 
oIlc.Dteas!: 4Sa hp. a. Ball; «0D hp. b. 

S.41 lalleB owned (1.77 ml. lat m. t., 
M ml. eld.); 5-^ g: 9 motor paii. 
nd 1 trail rrelgbtcar. *7D 

MIAMI. St,00«, (isn.) 
2e~aaiLml Tnkctlon Co.~Offlea, ill 

St. A Cipn, Mgr, B. 

Bee., J.'K.'Tatnm....' 

-Liidr.'s'.L.' Parke.,"', 
upt. JaIoc« Been ... 
^owor ats. eqoip I 


leSa-IHIkml BMDta Electric Co. 

Office. Miami Beach. IConnecIa Mia 

Beach and Miami.) 

Prea. Carl G. Fisher Miami Beai 

V. Prea. Arthor C. Newby,. " 
Hec.*Treaa.J.B.McDnffe« " 

Audr. F. H. Humpage ■■ 

Mar. Ellla O. Klnu " _ _ \\ 

kva. S900 V. S ^. 60 cy>; 46B hp! 
800 kra. etm. larb, 0. S; tcsoa. 


■37— PenaaoolB Else. Co — Bec^Wer 
appointed Jan. afl, ino. Office. 
Ji. Garden St., Peneacola. (Doe* 
the entire eleciric railway bDalneaa In 
Peneacola and owna the EecamblB 
CoBotj Klec. Lt. A Pwr. Co., which 

npton. U, : 

CoDBt; Klec. LI. « i-wr. tjo,, wnicn 
company does the eotlrB electric Ugh [- 

dway.NcxTork, N.T, 


BnatOTi, Haia. 

. . Pena 


^"P"! Dl.lrbn. 

I. n.t.SbnnnoD 

Pnr. ArI. B. E. MUllkaa 

Claim Agt. C. L. Shlti* 

Oh. Bngr. Pwr. St». 
n. a Shatlileia 

Riiadinaater, K. C. TT'lilooghby 

Power ata. eqnlp. I d. c. C. 

kw; a t. e. Weat. Allli-C, tot, 

esoo V. S ph. 90 cja; UTO hp. «. Cpti 
IBOO hp. b. Heine; flSOO kw. atm. tarb. 
We«t.AllIa.C;Smo..gen.Mtl lol.HCOkw; 
tran*. Tolt, ».9O0 ± DSQO r; trolley lolt. 

Power au. atMalnATarralonaSU.: 
repair abapa at Jackaon & T)e Vllllai 

Reartaea niid owna Palmetie Beach. 

«1.«8mlleeownt'd(l8.SSinl. Itt m. t., ml. aai to. I. and 1.71 ml. lid.) 
4-8Mk; Mmotot paia.. II trail pat-., I 
tnotoc rrelghl, A trail rrelghl, 1 motor 




ST. auousiinb:. 6.404. 

Its — St. Johns ]Cle«* Ck>.— Office, Bay 
St., St. AngoBtine. (The St. Aas^ttine 
A Soath Beftch Ry. is part of this system, 
OomwctsSt. Auffiistine with Anastasia 
South Beaehand Chantaaqna Beach.) 

Praa. J. I. Manfte. ..... .New York, N. T. 

V. PMa. T. W. Moifat " 

Bee. A Treaa. H. B. Brown . . " '' 

Andr. B. B. Dyson St. Angnstine 

Oper. Mgm. The J. O. White Mgt. Corpn. 
48 Bxehange PI., New York, N. Y. 

Mgr. O. H. P. Fant St. Angnstine 

Cn. Bun. Pwr. Sta. 

M. X., Wllfis Andrew 

Power sta. eqnip. 1 d. c. Bnll. 500 kw; 

8 a. c O. B. tot 900 kw. 2800 v. 8 ph. 

10 eyi; 1611 hp. e. Allis-C, H. O. A R; 

•06 hp. b. Stir; trans, volt 2900 v; trolley 

Power 8ta.Arq>airshops, St. Angnstine. 
Owns So. Beach and Chatanqna Beach. 
1(0^ miles; 4^ g; 7 motor pass., 1 fgt. 

motor ear; 1 igt car withont motor. 

Company does general Itg. & pwr. 

bulnew. •SO 

9T. PBTISBSBUBO. 7,186(1916) 

lli S n S t.PetcrsbnrgAGnlfBy. Co.— 
Omoe, 6th and Central Ayes., St. Peters- 
(Connects St. Petersbnrg, Onlf- 
Davista, Southland Seminary and 

r, C. IC. Allen St. Petersbnrg 

Wm. C. McClnre Peoria, HI. 

1st v. Pres. A Gen. Mgr. H.Walter Fuller 
Real Bstate Tr. Bidg., Philadelphia, Pa. 
8d v. Pres. H. K. Heritage 

Real Batate Tr. Bldg., " 
Sec. A Treas. J. D. Scanlon 
Real Estate Tr. Bldg., 

Andr. ▲. L. Mitchell St. Petersburg 


Walter P. Fuller 


dalm A Pur. Agt. 

Bdw. Morton, Jr 

M. M.. Bdw. Mortem, Sr. . . . '' 

Snpt. Constr. J. S. Wilder. . " 

Wm. Orhd. Constr. 

fimnat McClnng '' 

Bnerey pnrchased from St. Petersburg 
Bee. Lt A Pwr. Co. ; trolley volt. 600 v. 
Repair shops at St. Petersburg. 
Beaches Jungle, Big Bayou. 
88L11 miles; 4-8H g; 2S motor and 8 
otber cars. 59j 

19SI»— St. Petersburg -Tampa By. 

iWfll connect Tampa and St. Petersburg 
k sabarbs.) 

ftes. Geo. S. Gandy St. Petersbnrg 

See. A Treas. ▲. L. Gandy '' '' 
90 miles. Under construction. 78 

TAMPA. 48.160. 

ISO—Tnn&pa Blec. Co.— Office, 810 
Tampa St. (Purchased the Tampa & 
Snlpbnr Springs Traction Co.) (Does 
the entire electric railway and elec- 
tric lighting and ];>ower business in 
Tampa and operates an electric railway 
be t w e e n Tampa, Port Tampa and West 

Pres. 6. J. Baldwin 

190 Broadway, New York,N. Y. 

f Peter O. Knight Tampa 

w 'n.„.tm J Charles F. W. Wetterer 

T. nesB.<^ J4^ ^jjjj g^^ Boston, Mass. 

LDonaid C. Jewett "• '' 

Bee. GeoigeAPslrce 

Tims. Heniy B. Sawyer. . . '' *' 

'. Treas. F. D. Gwynn Tampa 


A Webster, Inc.. ..Boston, Mass. 

MOMS J. Hanlon, Jr Tampa 

r. Alt. F. B. Fletcher '' 

Claim Agt. B. M. Harrison Tampa 

Blec. Engr. Wayne Warfleld '* 

Bngr. Pwr. Sta. H. B. Harley " 

M. M., B. T. Smith •• 

Kngr. M. of W. , T. C. Folsom ** 

Bngr. OThd. Constr. B. H. Lucaa. ** 

Power sta. equip. 1 d. c. G. E., BOO kw. 
576 v; 6 a. c. West., G. B. Allis-C. tot. 
14,600 kw. S300 v. 8 ph. 60 cys; 1860 
hp. e. Allis-C. Ham. Cor.; 8100 hp. b. 
Bab. & W.; 90,480 kw. stm. torb. west. 
Allis-C; 1400 hp. (wtr.) turb. McC; trans. 
Tolt 6600 v; trolley volt. 676 ▼. 

Power sta. and repair shops at Tampa. 

Reaches Ballast Point Park and Sulphur 


68.66 miles owned (46.60 mi. 1st m. t., 
1.98 mi. 8nd m. t. and 6.18 mi. sid.): 4-8M 
g; 106* motor pass., 4 motor freight, 14 
trail freight, 8 motor service and 8 trail 
service cars. ^Includes 7 cars leased to 
Pensacola Blec. Co. '^60 


AIJBANT. 10,604 (1916) 

131 — Albany Transit Oo. — Office, 


Pres. C. W. Rawson Albany 

V. Pres. P. F. Putney ** 

*Sec., Treas. A Pur. Agt. 

J. C. Fulford " 

Power sta. equip. 8 d.c. G.B. tot 800 kw. 

Power sta. at Flint A Front Sts., Al- 

6 miles; 4-8^ g; 6 motor and 4 trail, 
cars. 69 

ATHENS. 17,846 (1916) 

132 -Athens By. A Eleo. Co.— Office, 
N. B. Cor. Hancock A College Aves. 
(Successor to Athens Blec. Ry. Co.) 
(Controlled by the Cities Service Co.) 

Pres. A Gen. Mgr. 

C. D. Flanigen Athens 

1st V. Pres. P. W. FrueanlT 

60 Wall St., New York, N. Y. 
and V. Pres. 

John E. Talmadge, Jr. * * " 

Sec. A Treas. J. M. Billing Athens 

( Produotion, H.M. Hughes " 

8 upts. < Distrbn. J. J. Fowler " 

(Transp. Robt. G.Davis... " 
Gen. Engr. R. B. Hubbard *• 

Power sta. equip. 8 rot. conv. G. B, 
West tot 600 kw; 9 a. c. G. B, Allis-C. 
tot 4850 kw. 8 ph. 60 cys; 2800 hp. b. Stir; 
8500 kw. turb. stm. Westg, Allis-C, G.B; 
7190 hp. turb. (wtr.) 8. V. Co., Allis-C; 
trans, volt. 12,000 and 8800 v; trolley volt. 
600 V. 

Power stas. (hydro-elec.) 9Hinil®>t6H 
and 11 miles from city. (Steam turbine 
sta. near city line.) Repair shops near 
city limits. 

9.5 miles ; 4-8H g. ; 16 motorcars, 2 other 
cars. Company furnishes lighting and 
power. 60 

ATLANTA. 190,668 (1916) 

133— Atlanta Northern Rv. Co.— 

Office, Elec. A Gas Bldg. (Connects 
Atlanta, Bolton, Smyrna and Marietta^ 
^tock owned by the Georgia Ry. A 
Blec. Co.) 

Pres. P. S. Arkwright Atianto 

V. Pres. A Mgr. Rys. W. H. Glenn ** 

Sec. G. W. Brine ** 

Treas. I. S. Mitchell, Jr " 

Andr. H. Plynn " 

Gen. Atty. P. E. Shumate ** 

Supt. Transp. S. E. Simmons. ... ^* 

Energy purchased from Ga. Ry. A Pwr. 
Co.; 2 rot. conv. West tot. 1000 kw; 
trans, volt. 22,000 v. 3 ph. 26 cys : trolley 
volt. 600 V. 

18 miles (16.2 owned ft 2.8 leased); 
4-8V4 g; 6 motor pass., 2 trail pass. 
2 other motor and 1 1 other cars. if 50t 

Atluntv Dacstur, Clarki 
MaaDtHln. Baltoa, Smi-rni 

, .iollegB PifH, 
jkhmd. In lUlB, 

SicchiMd piapcTt]' of Ouinearllle Rj. 
Pwr. Co., Dpeiatlng in OHinBsillli! 
•nd connectlDe GstnsevllLe. New Hal- 
land and Chattaboocbee Pack. In addi- 
tloD to liaee owned, opemlH nnder laati* 

ownej hy doorgia Rj, & Elec. Co.: 
AtlantH''™?fhc^ra"R/. Co.) "{CoStrolB 
tbe Carrollton Eltc. Co., Bubnrbao Ofts 
£ E!ee. Co. and AUanu Gaa Lt. Co.) 

Fre». p. a, Arkwrljiht .Atlanta 

V PraatB J Gon. Met. a.W. BclnB " 

Bee, W.H. Wrigbt ■' 

Treas, I, 8. MIlcEflll. Jr •■ 

Aodr, H. Plynn " 

Snpt.Trampt. 9, B, Slmmona '■ 

CdwsrdC. OrambKng " 

Q«n. CULm Aet. L. F. Wynne .... " 
Bupt.Stm. P»r..J,T.Ch«tnben.. " 
Sapl. Wtr. Pwr. ¥. W, Hadl«v. ... " 
Bnpt. Tranirn, & DlBlrbn. 

T.F.JoUnBon " 

Snpi. OpUi. Q. A, Her •' 

Bnpi. RoBdwar, C, A, Bmilti ■■ 

M. M., J. B. Eaves " 

EnCT. Blec'lDept.H, L. WUlB.... " 
Pub. Art. J. P. TrazBarfl " 

Power sta. equip, 4 d. c. WMt, Q. E. 
tot. 4025 kw; 31 a. c. G. E, Weat. Ft. 
Wayne, AIl!a-C. tot. 93,880 kw. 440-uaoo 
''i?*.3jtl "" ' " 

^''ifl Jssiip.' i 

liMOv: trolley volt. BOO V. 

Poweratat.lS): Atlanta (2Btm.),TullB- 
l»h FiUa, Morgan Falls, Carrollton. Dan- 

Car BbopB at Boulevard & VlrKlnla 
Ave., AUaaCa, ani] Oainesvllle. DapL 
Teata and Repalra, Boulevard & Virginia 
Ave., Atlanta and OalneavUte. 

Keicbcs Biaeball Park (owneil), ino 

smro mlliB: i-aa e: 3SB motor pass. 

11 olber cara. ComnauyllaeB a Bunenil 
llgbOng and powsT buelueas In Atlantx 
■nd other ettlea In norib <K-Drela. 
<Contamp]stealT!«taJllnel2.l)D0-kw. G.E. 
Ken. and IBDOO-bp. Smttb wtr, turb, at 
Tallnlah FallB Sta.) *50t 


ISK-Angnatu-AlkeD Rj. Jb Elec. 

CarollnaPwr. Co.) 

and AlkBD. 8. C.) 

Prea. F. Q. Brown 

Sec. t, Trea«. L 

31 PlneSt. ■• 

ABBt. Sec. & A>it. Tteai. 

P. B.OuUey Auauatj 

Oper. Hgra. TkeJ. O. Wblls Mel. Corjin 
J3 Biohanie Pi„ Sew furk. tf.T 
~ ». S. Banghart. ...AnmiBti 

Gan. Mer, C 

1H«, fClly DIv. 
Bnpla. 1 1nt--- "'- 
'■■ ■mAet.G 


aupt. Blec. Dept, M, B.Bummel, AnEnat* 

Koadmailpr D. n. Bell '■ 

Com, Agt. H, H. Hondoe " 

tot, 147B kw'; 7 a. c. West. G. E, tot l«,!iS(l 
kva. SSOO V. a*Spb, BO oya; 1348 bp, b. 
Cuey Sedeee; aTBO kw. Eurb. (Btm,) 
G. E; le,4ZaTip, tncb. (wtr,) Mortla.SUll- 

Power ata! at Staveui Cfuek; repair 

Owua Lake view and "Plney Dell. 
Reaehea May Allen and Renney Parks. 

56mUea;4-B^B:T0motor puB.lU trail 
paaa. H tf t, mo. and 11 ai-rvice can; 1 oleo. 
loco, (Co. doea gensial Itg. & pwr. bual- 
uesB. Sella energy to Tbe Carolina Lt. & 
Pwr, Co,, Aiken, S, C] *1I0 

13B— Olty&SnborbanRy.Oo.— Offlca, 

IfiaCOtant Ht.,Brnnawlck. (Controlled 
by Brunswick Terminal * Railway 8e- 
cuclUeH Co,, New Vork, N, T.) 

( Prea. Bsmael C. Blelnhardt 
„ , jMIUroaa8t,,MiwYork,N.V. 
Recti .era < oen. Mgr. O^ver Llamin 

L Haw York. N,T. 
V. Prea. Albert FendlR Bruniwiek 

slra Agt, 

Oscar C, Jobannesi 

mrcbaaed from Mutual Lt. * 

erCo. TbeBi 

wer buBl 

Inilj, PhOEUix 

buslneaa In ciilnmbiu.WeBI Polol. L 
ette, Lattange, Hojtansvllle, Trlml 
Proi, Cbarlea F. W. Wetteter 

I4T MUk St.. Boiton, Mi 
V, Prea, Donald C. Jewetl. 

Seny. George A. Pelrc* 

Treaa, Henry B. Sawyer... " 

Gen.Mgra.SlonBft Webaterjnc. " 
Uer. of Opcratlag Cos. 

ISg — Colambna R. B. Cs. — G 

Broad ar 

. Itth SI 

T MUk at., BOKton, 
HasB. (Connect! Coluiobn.. O.., 
Phosnli City and Glrard. Ala., and li 
controlled by the ColUinbu* Blec, Co. 

mllea^ha've been Toaaed to the Seaboard 

Air IJne.) 

Pre*. Harry ri. Hont. Boetoa, Maaa. 

V. Prpi. Qeo, J, Baldwin, 

WO Broadway, New York, N. Y. 

Set;. George A. Plarc* BoatoD, Him, 

Treaa. Beary B. Sawyer — " 


OflQ.MgTB. stone AWebeter.BoaMcMiBB. 

Oeo. Bupt. R. M. Hardlug ColambDB 

Cliim AgU A. a, BtBdley 

Repair ihoM at ITth Si. & a 
Oonlroli midwood Park. 
KSmlleB; 4-HMg; 4B motoi 

to 8. A. L. Rj.) 


■41 — Fstrbnrn ic Atlanta Br. i 

Eloc. Co.-OfflM.FBlrburn. Ga. fcoi;- 
nectB Fiirburn. Onton City, Rad Oak 
and College Park, 1 

Ptbb. L. M.Bobgood F»ifbn 

V. Prea. W. H. SeLarin 

Sec. Mlai Lilly Eubanks ■■ 

Trsaa. C. B. HirYey 

Andr. Jamea L, Reapeu " 

Qbd. Mgf, ,1. H. Cook ■■ 

Pur, Agl, * V1.M. J, A. Hill.... 

Hoadmaater. Chas. VlPkery " 

Ri^pBlr ahnpB at Falrburn. 

Reachea Uoion City and College Par 

10.8 mllea; 4-flJi g; 4 gaiolloe cata, 

(See No. 131.) 

UACON. G9.K«5 (1820) 
iSae a!aD No. 701 >) 

Qen, Supt. & Pur. Agl. 

Bloc. Engr. H. L!'MaJi»elL'.'.'.'.'.'."' " 
Ch. EDgr, Pwr. 6la. W. A. Ford,. ■' 

M, M„ W, H. Forward " 

Power ita, oqutp-Sa, c. turbo gen, O. B. 
tot, law kw. S pb. 90 cja; iroM bp, b. Htlr. 
Vogt;IB00kw. wtr, wh; trsEB. vol!. fiSOO 
r; troUay volt, eOO v. Has connecllonJ 
witb Qei.rgla Ky, A Pwt. Co. 
Power ata. and repair ahopi, Rome, 
IS milea; iSH e: SS motor care and 1 
otbcrcar. Company doDji general Itg. A 
pwr. bueineee. *N} 

ibllc Dtiliti „, 

aolidallon ot all tbe tail way 



Andr. N. J^adaoii '.'.'.'.' 
Supt, L. P, Jones 

Cb, Engr. Pwr 
M.M., W. H.1 

Bnxr, M. o( W„ , 
Gngr, Ovbd, Cun 

Rice'* Hill and O' 

I Highlaniia, 

l^otiir and 4 
abea II Kb tin ^ 


ROME. IB.ieO, 
14B— Rome Ry. A Lt. Co.-Ofll<;e, 80C 

Broad St,, Rome, iCoangcM Rone and 

Free, 8. A. CnlberIaou....Lonl«vill«. Hy, 
V. Pica. A Gen. Hgr. S. S. Bolh " 
•u. A Treu. a. W. Lewli. , ■' 

I4T— SaTBiuuiliElee, Co.— Ofltoe Bay 

&, WblUker Bu. (CDUtroli Cbalham 
CoDoty Tract, Co,) (Does tbe cnliM 
eleulTlc railway and greater part of 
electric llgbtlug and power bualnees la 
Savaiinab.) (ConneciBportWeutBorlll 
and SavBunab.) QuttaoMea principal, 
luiereit and alnking tundpajjnentaoo 

Rlvsrslde Power Station al Saranoab, 

Receiver^ H, C, Fooi Bavannab 

Preu. G, Geo, Baldwin, 

130 Broadway, New Tork. S. Y. 

V, Preata,.! 14J Mli'k St, Boaton. Maaa. 

I Cbaa, r, W. Wstberer '■ 
8eo, SiABBt, Treaa. 

Lionel B. Dreir Savannab 

Treaa. Henry B, Sawyer 

147Mll£ St., Boston, Maaa. 
Gen, Mgra, Stonei WelialPt,Inc, " 
Mgr, S.C, Brnoka Savannab 

Ch. ^CT, j. G, Brown!"!.".'.',',' 
Bner, Pwr. Sta. J, W, Atkina, , 

M, M , A, P. Brooka 

Roadmaiter, W. G. Stoarl 

kw; 4b,c. totbo. Eon, G.B. Weetg, Allia- 
C,tot,ll,BOOkva,SaiX)y,Bph,Mlcva: laoo 
bp. e.CprOor;M2Bbp,b flab &W., Stir. 
Crasa. Tolt 29aor, Ipb. & 13,>0a v.Spb; 

a Bulntae". tot, cap, 1860 kw; 4 mo, gen. 

Power Ita. at Indian A Ann Sta, (cap. 
SMO^kw.); repair ahopB at Gwinnett A 

cbaa & ontia Caaiao Park and leaaei 
Llncnla Park. 

BT.ra mIlea owned (43,03 mi. Ht ni. t., 
nm ml. md m. I., S.Ol mi. eld.); ilao 
4.98 milea Taaaed. TaUl inlleB operated 


«K— VBldosta St. By. Co.— Addreea, 


ces. Mre. W. 8. WeW ValdoaCi 

.jtV. Free. A. H. West. . JackaonYilie.Fla. 

Sec. Fred W. Hoyt " 

■"reaa, (Sen. Mgr & Fur. Agt, 

T. J. Chrlatio ValdoaU 

Ddr. Albert H. Marsh Anenata 

M. M., W. H.Walley Valflosla 

from ValdOBi* Ltg. Co. ; trolley 

abona at Pine Park 

*-SH S 

alley Ry. Co. 

. . . _. (Steam road) 
Operate* storage battery care Trom West 
"-'-■ ■- Standing Rock and Bleeckef. 

. . JUiecta Lanett. Shawmnl, Laug- 

dale, Fairfax and BlTotvlew.) 

Pr™. Hki. H. Luiler Wnt Point 

V. PrBB. B. C PrMDiin 

Sec, A Treu. D. 8. Beui . . Boiton, Us*!. 
Andr. * ClaliD Agt. 

HnbMt Cumliep WmI Point 

Gen. Mat. C. B. Wrighl 

Bupt W. T. Edmondi " 

M, M., JosB-FoiUt 

0«D. Equip. In op. 

ttmllia; 4-8M'iV2'moiDi'piu, Stvlll 
pui. ud II ihQ f night an: 



IBI — Hoiislulu Kkpld Triuidt A 

Land Co.— Office, UBS AlHpiJ HI. 

Pis>, L, T. Peck Hanolnln 

lit V.PtBB, I,.A.Tbunloii 

M V. Pre*. O. P. Cmttle 

Beo. A.L.Ca.tlo 

Trtme. C. H, Atharton 

Avar. W, M.GrshBm 

Qen. MEr.. Put, & CJHLm Agt. 

H,B. Johnsou 

Bapt, TtiDapt. Alex. Prutt " 

Oh. Bnur Pwr BU. 

Robt. llenitUKh " 

Roadmsatet. R. M, Dancku ■' 

tot. ISDOkwi'l^lm. e. H.'o. * R; IMO 
hp.b. Stli, Bab, « W; ttotle/ volt. &7S v, 

PawetlM.aod repair ehopi at AtapalSl. 

Reacbea AqDitlDm and Ksplolant Park. 

ao milea: 4 g; ts motor and it other 



uoisE. sa,u« (iflis) 

as« — Bolaa BBllwm* Od., (Sucoea- 
aorbiBalaeItallRwdC;a..Ltd,) (Oper- 
■I« local Uhm,) (Sold to 8. F. Watte 
of iDdinindnia, who will Improve knd 
rMtoic lh« ptopntj.) 
Znerej porchued, 
Bapalt Awp* >l Warm Bprlnjra Ave. 
Ke«bf* KaUtorlnm and White City 

Hta'llee: t-SMg; 10 motor and S oCbar 
can. OflJ 

ISS-Hulae Vitlley Tri>«. Co. (Buc- 
ceaaot to Idaho Tiac. Co,)— Tlh aod 
BtniiaGlc StI, (CoudbcIb Bolae. Eagle 
Slat, Ulddleton, Caldwell. Namp* and 

Ptea, K, H.Dewey N*iopa 

V. Pres. W. it. Putnam BoIae 

See, A Atiy, C. F, Ward '■ 

Treae. & Andr. A. E. Janeaen " 

Gen. M?r, 11. B. Dallon ■■ 

Pur. Agt. Heorge E. Barnard " 

Claim Agl. B. 0. Kirratcd,.,. " 

Ch. Disp. W. E. fllronp " 

Gen. Pet, Bi Pass. Ap. 

Ch.'Eugr. A ElVi.' Engt', 

W, H. Tronner " 

W, ir.,C. H.MiiaBrove ■■ 

Hoadmaater Bruce Bloom " 

KnK, Ovbd.Conat,J,T. Hnaign " 

BnerKJ pnrchaaed from Ihe Idaho Pwr. 

Repsiribnpe at Bolae. 

8S,t milea: 4-8^ g: n motor paaa., 4 

ritt. motor and XI ta. can wlthODt 

moiora. *W 

CAt.DWEIX. 3,«S, 

! mam 

Pica, Treaa. A Oen. Mgt. 

W, H. Bobres Caldwell 

V. Free. Howard BebrBs '• 

Sec. W, A, Slonc " 

Aaal. Gen. URr. C, D, ParkhiSBr, , " 

M. M.. H. B, Ueek " 

Roadmaaler, Ira Piper '■ 

EDariyparchBMdframldHboPwi, Co, : 
MOOv. S ph. BOcya; trana. volt. 11.000 v; 
trolley Tolt. «00 v. 

S gnb-atu. tot, cap, asOkw, Smo. gen, 

RfpalrBbopaat Caldwell. 

11 mllcB 4-Sm Bi 8 motor paaa.. « fgt, 
mo., a trail aaif i! (gt. cars without 
motors. *» 


lOB— Spokane A Inland Kmplr* R. 

B. Co.— For olHciira see Spokane. 


Repair Hhopa al apok&ne, Waah. 

City Park and Liberty Lake Park. 

"■ -■ '—-.-.—.-. ..swp: 

18 e 

laU. 8 

a and S I< 

AXToM. ea,874 (maj. 

158- Alton A Ksatero Klee. Ky,— 

once City Hall BIdg. (Will eilend 
from City of Alton to Btate Boipital for 
Inaane east of Alton and will connect 
with and )m operated by Alton. Granlta 
II S'. LoDle Trac. Co.) 

Prea, L. C. Hayner 

T CalllnBTllle Ave., But Bt, Lonli 

Sec, aod Treaa, T. W. Gr«cary 

T Collloivllle A>e..lB*sl Bt. Lonia 
Will piirchaae enargy. 
S.KOteet; 4-8U it. 
(Under caaatnirllQD), *ltO 

TractlDU Co..-GeD. Oltlce. City Hall 
BI IE.. Alton. (Oporalra la AUnn and 
counecta 81. Loula and E. St. Louie with 
MadlBoa. Granite City, HItcball. Venice. 
Wood KlTer. Alton, Bdwatdn'llle and 
Brooklyn.) (Controlled by The K. Bl. 
Lonle jt Bnbnrhan Co.) 
Prei. W. H. Sawyer, ...... Eaat St. Lon l« 

V, Pt«, L,c. Hayina " 

Sec. O. L.Eslabrook " " 

T. 'W. Hregorv,' '. ..Eut St. Loula 

Treaa. C, A. Caldwell Altoti 

Addr.F.L Rearden EaM Bt Louta 

Gen. Hgr, D, B. Paraooa, ..Baat St. LoDia 
Ultr, ARon Dlatrict. R. F. Allen... , Allno 
Obd, Snpt. W. C. Mreta. , . .Baat St. Louli 
Claim Agl. Trevor C. Nrilaon ■' 

For. Agl. RoyG. Goea '■ " 

Ch. Kogt, □, W. Welab '• 

KnKt.M.otW.,H.CIayBaker " 
Roadmaater John A. Roacb . , ■> '■ 
Bopt, Blec, DIatr, T. H, Neae. ■■ 

Boergy mirchaaed Iram B. St. Loula * 
Sabnrban By. Co.; Irani. *oll, 11.100 *; 
trolley Tolt. SCO v. 

Reacbea HDtee«hoi> Lake and ling Lakp 
and Begia Park. 
0S.O1S mltea; 4-8^ (; » motor and i 





ANNA. 8,809. 
(See also No. 823.) 

161 — Ceutral lUinols Pablio Ser- 
vice Co.— (Connects Anna and Jones- 
boro, 111.; reaches Sonthern Illinois 
Hospital for Insane.) For execative 
officers see Mattoon. 

Local Sapt. W. M. Perrine Anna 

Energy from Blectric Utility Dlv. of 

C. I. P. ». Co. ; trolley volt. 560 v. 

4.88 nailes; 4-8H g; 4 cars. 60 


AURORA. 84,804 (1916). 
(See also No. 816.) 

iSS— The Aurora, Blgrln A Chleagru 
R. R. Co. — General office, Aarora 
^Controls the Aarora, Elgin & Chicago 
Ry. Co., Elgin, Aarora & Southern 
Trac. Co. and Chicago, Wheaton' & 
Western Ry. Co. (merged). (Connects 
Chicago. Maywood, Blmharst, Lom- 
bard, Glen BUyn, Wheaton, Aarora, 
Elgin, W. Chicago, Bataria, St. Charles, 
Geneva, Oswego, Yorfcville,Dandeeand 
Receiver, Joseph K. Choate 
V. P., J. G. White Mngment Corp. 
48 Exchange Place, New York, N. Y. 
Gen. Mgr. for Recvr. 

BdwinC.Faber Aarora 

Att*y for Recvr. B. P. Alschnler . . ♦• 

As8*t. Gen. Mgr. E. F. Goald ** 

Aadr. C. A. Whonsetler " 

Snpt. Transpt. C. J. Jones " 

Pur. Agt. C. J. Nelson " 

Claim Agt. C. H. Pegler * 

Safety Sapvr. H. B. Adams 

Gen. Fgt. & Pass. Agt. 
Richard Breckinridge, 

810 So. SthAve., Chicago 
Ch. Bngr. Power Sta. 

C. A. Crytser Batavia 

M. M., J. H. McCarron Wheaton 

rSrd Rail Div. 

Jno. Carlson.. *^ 
Fox River Div. 
J. L. Brewer. . . . Aarora 
Asst. Enn. M.'of W., S. J. Steiner 
Bngr. Ovhd. Constr. 
S. B. Johnson 

J. W. Ganderson Elgin 

Power sta. eqaip. 6 a. c. G. B. tot. 16,800 
kw. 2800 ▼. 8 ph. 25 cys; 10,000 hp. c. 
Cooper; 8000 hp. b. Edge; 10,800 kw. stm. 
tarb. G. B; trans, volt. 86,400 v; trolley 
volt. 600 V. 

Power sta. at Batavia; repair shops and 
car bams at Wheaton, Aarora and Elgin. 

Reachea Glenwood and Fox River 

170 miles (8d rail and trolley); 4-8H g; 
188 motor and 100 other cars, 4 snow plows 
and sweepers and 1 eleo. loco. (Company 
does lighting and power basiness in Blgin 
and sells energy to Chicago, Aarora Aue 
Kalb R R. and Blgin & Belvidere Blec. 
Co.) ^50 

163— Chicago, Aarora A De Kalb 
R. B.— Office, Plam St. (Connects 
Aurora, Kaneville, Maple Park, Cort- 
land and De Kalb.) 

Receiver. Harvey Gunsal Aarora 

Pres. A. R Evans " 

V. Pres. C. B. Lovell Kaneville 

Sec. A. J. Brlenborn Aarora 

Treas. G. A. Faath " 

Andr. G. B. Troll »♦ 

Qen, Fgt. & Past*. Agt. 

L.Blakinger " 

M. M., J. Basvior '' 

Energy pnrchased from Aarora, Elgin 
A Chicago R R Co. ; trans, volt. 86,400v ; 
trolley volt 600 ▼. 




Repair shops at Aarora. 
Reaches Buss Park. 

80.80 miles; 4-8Hg; 4 motor and 10 other 
cars. ^60 

164 — Fox A UUnols Union Bj.— 

Office, 889 Coalter Block, Aarora. (Con- 
nects Lisbon Center, Morris, Yorkville, 
Central, Kentland and Saratoga.) 

Pres. A. R. Evans Aurora 

V. Pres. Henry Herbert Evans .... « * 

Gen. Mgr. & Pur. Agt 

W. C. MUler Yorkville 

Enersry purcbaced from Public Service 

Co. of Northern Illinois; trans. volt. 88,000 

v; trolley volt 600 v. 
Power snb-sta at Lisbon Center; repair 

shops at Yorkville. 
80 miles; 4-8H g; 2 mo. pass, and 

1 fgt. mo. car. 60 

BBIiIiBYILIiB:. 21,149. 
(See No. 801.) 

BBLTIDBBB. 7,268. 
(See No. 181.) 

BLOOSflNGTON. 28,688 (1980). 

165— Bloomlngton A Normal By. 
* lit. Co.— Office, 818 W. Jefferson St. 
(A consolidation of the Bloomington and 
Normal Ry., Blec. A Htg. Co., and Con- 
sumer Lt A Ht. Co.) (Connects Bloom- 
ington A Normal.) (Part of Illinois 
Traction SystemJ 

Pres. Wm. B. McKinley Chamnaign 

V. Pres. H. B. Chubbuck Peoria 

Sec. E. A. Macnutt Montreal, Can. 

Treas. Geo. M. Mattis Champaign 

Audr. B. O. Rngless Bloomington 

Gen. Supt D. W. Snyder, Jr. . " 

Claim Agt B. J. Gottschalk. . " 
Supt Trans. C. L. Richards. " 
Supt of Track E. L. Meece. . " 
Ch. Bngr. A. C. Salsman. ... *» 

M. M., C. H. Robinson *' 

Oper. Bngr. D. G. Wallace. . 

Power sta. equip. (See under Illinois 
Trac. System, Peoria.) 

Power sta. at So. West St ; repair shop 
at No. Park St. 

Reaches Houghton Lake and MUle 

88 miles; 4-8^ g; 38 can. (Company 
does Itg. A pwr. business in Gridley, El 
Paso, Chenoa, Morton, Tremont and 
Lexington.) 50 

CAIBO. 15.794 (1916). 

166— Cairo By. A lit. System.— (In- 
cluding Cairo Blec. A Trac. Co., Cairo 
City Gas Co., and Cairo A St Louis 
R. R. Co.) (Connects Cairo, Mound 
City and Mounds.) (Part of Illinois 
Traction System.) 

Pres. W. B. McKinley Champaign 

V. Pres. A Gen. Mgr. 
H. E Chubbuck. Peoria 

Sec. Edw. Woodman Portland, Me. 

Asst Treas. G. R. McComb *' 

Audr. B. B Bram ble, (Champaign 

Gen. Supt. E. A. Roehry Cairo 

Pur. Agt. H. J. Vance Peoria 

Supt. Transp. J. M. Davidge Cairo 

H. B. Whipple Peoria 

M. M.. A Bngr. F. T. Bagan « ..Cairo 

Roadmaster, O. Smothen ^* 

Power sta. equip. 8 d. c. W. B., S. A H. 

tot 1000 kw. 600 v.; 8 a. c. G. E. West. 

tot 8800 kw. 8800 v. 8 ph. 60 cys: 2860 hp. 

e. Brie, Ham: 1940 hp. b. Stir, Bab. A W; 

750 hp. turb. (stm.) Gf. B; trans, volt. 2800- 

16,600 v; trolley volt 500 v. 
Power sta. and repair shops at 88th A 

Sycamore Sts. 
82 miles ; 4-^ g ; 87 motor and 5 other 

cars. Company doee lighting and pwr. 

basiness. ^ISO 

CANTON, isfiea (1BIG) 

1ST — UUnola Ceatnl EIm. Rt— 

Omce, Canlon. (Connects Tsirvlpw, 

NoTTlB, BrcreloD, C&ntoD. St. DaTld, 

Bryant. LewlBtonn. and FiTmlneloD.) 

Prw. a. A, Drake Cmlon 

V. Prad. M. W. Kafferly " 

sa V. Pree. J, V. Broltaw " 

Bee. W. D. PlalUDbarg '■ 

Traai. B. A. He«ld " 

Oen. Met. & Pur. An. 

T. W, Shallon " 

€li. Knirr. Q. W. Chandler " 

M. M. John Slawr " 

Soergy pnrchased from Canttm Oaa A 
BIbc. Co.; trana, mil. 13,aoDv: Irollej toU. 


samllei; 4-8M k; Bmntorpaai., 1 nork 
and a m. cars. f 

(Sea No. »ai,) 

OBNTRALIA. ll.Gsa (IBlfl). 

168— CentnllB « Central City Trat 

Co — OlBcc. 108 80. WalnntSl. (CTof 

necia Cantral CIt; and CsntraUa.) 

PreB.MBiFrlll CenlraJl 

V. Pre», A Gen. Mgi. 

Hu H. Prill 

Bee. & Treai, John l*ng«nfeld. . " 

SlneriiT pnrchaaed Croia Ceutnills One 
A Slee. Co. 

BeptlTBtanpe itGll N. BItq. SI. 

OwM White City Park l4S acrea). 

8.&mllea: 4-^ g; 4 molar and 3 

Ore. 118 

ie9— C«ntrBliiiTraotl(in Co Office 

108 Soath WalnntSl. (A eiihurbftn lln< 
exteudlne rrom Centralis to the VII] 
atieorWamac. Connecta wttbCenCralli 
A Centtal CItj Trac. Oo.) 

Prea. John LanESnMd Cenlralli 

See. ft Trsaa. Max Prili! .' ! i .' ! ! ! .' 
Gen. MgT. MaxH.Prtll 

Enerev piirchaeed from Centralia Gm 
ft Elec. Co. 

3.7BmllB>; *-«« g; 8 motor and 1 
othei eai. SO 

CHAMPAIGN. 14.508 (1916). 

ITO- Drbann ft ChUAiP^Bn R]'., 
Om ft Bleo. Oo. (Part oT llllool! 
Trac. SjBiem.) 

Praa. Wm. B. McKlnlBy ChMnwUKn 

V. Pree. E\ee. H. E Chubbnek.. ..Peoria 

Sec. ChBB. Zlll; Chsmpalgii 

Treaa. Geo. M. Mallls •' 

Gen. Andr. C. 8. Hamhut. . . '• 

Aaet, Bnpt.' ft Andr.'ju. AlWood " 

CI. ARt. O. R. WbltmoTB Peoria 

Pnr. Agt H. J. Vance. ■■ 

Klec. BngT. J. D. HnKee Champaign 

Cb. Bngr. Pwr. 8ta. 

FredrHelmlleker " 

B.M., JobnKey 

BoadmaBlFi. Wm. Caaey " 

Power Bta. eqnip. 2 d. c. Ball., Q. B. 
tot. lOODkw; 8a. e. West. AtliB-C, G. B. 
tot. 30(0 kv. aaoo y. 8 ph. 80 eyi; teOO hp. 
e. FnlMn, Rns.. Allle-Ct 4000 bp. b. B&b. 
ft W. Oil Cily; 1B7B kw. tntb, (itm.) O. 
B, Waal; iTftnB.TOlt. 15,000 »;UoIlfly volt. 

Pirr. Eta. and repatr iboiH at N, Blcdi. 

1B,5 miles; 4-8Mg: lSmotorand4otber 
cars. Co. does general Itg. ft pivr, 
bnelnesB. *50 


1. III. 

Reaches Fair OronndB and Chautanqoa 
1.7Bmlles; 4-^g; amotorMra. 00 

CHICAGO. M97,73a. (1016.) 

(Hee also Nos. 194, 307, 317. 2S7. £48. 

asa. 5fie, and I062.) 

l-a-CBlnmet ft Sonlh Chlcux" 

By. Co.- Offlcs, Boriand BUg. , 106 t!o, 
La Salle St. (OperHled by Chicago Siir- 
race Lines.) (Connects ChicaEo. 111., 
with Uammond, Wbiting and Cut Chi- 
cago. iDd.. via the H. W. ftE. C. Ry.) 

Pres. Leonard A. Bneby Chicago 

V.Pree. W. W, Crawfotd " 

8ee.ftTrca». P. D. Hoffmann... 

Andr. Jno. J. Dock " 

Energy purchased rrom Commonwealth 
Edison i:o; tram. volt. 8000 v; trolley toil 

Bub-stsa. St TTth St. S. So. Chgo. Ave. 
(2-1000 kv. roUrlee); I>Sd St. ft So. CbRO. 
Ave.lS-lOOO k-«. rotsrlee) >nd 109lh Si.& 
Michigan Ave. 12-1000 kw. rotailes); tot. 
cap. 7000 kw. 

Reacbee ilackaon and Calumet Parks. 
So. Oilcago Ball Park, Chicago and 
Doiiglae Parks In Hammond. Manhattan 
Beach on Lake Michigan and Wbita 

13i,78 miles: 4.8M i.: 68 motor care. 
(Compnnj nells enerej to Hammond, 
WMlIngft S. Chicago Ry.) A-Hl 

ITS- Chlo>g» City Rr. Co.— Ofliee, 
Borland Blilg,, IDE So. U Salle St. 
(System covers Hontb Side lines. Oper- 
ated br Cblcago Snrfane Lines.) 

Cbmn. Et. Comm. A Pree. 
Leonard A. Bneby..., ,,.,...... Chicago 

,Pret. A Ch. Eon. U. B. Flemina " 

Sec. ft Treae. F. 1>. Hoffmann . . 

■ ■ ■. Jno, J, DiicX 

ergy purchased tromCommonwesltb 

9-eta. at EOth Si Dearborn Sla. 18.1000 
ind 8-2000 ko. rolsries); 8Srd Ht. & 
[worth Ave. (S-1000 kw. and 4.2000 

.. ..jotsries): «!nd St. ft Wabash Ave. 

(B-BOOOkw. rocarlesl: 4Hth & Howote 81a. 

(4-2OO0 kw. rotarles). 82nd ft Halsted Sis. 

(2 4000 kw. rotarles); 44Dd Si. ft Eedaie 

■ ve. (1-4DO0 kw. rolaiT) and Plymonth 
t. & Van Buren St. (E-IBOO k» fotarleH); 

Repair shoprat 78th St. ft Vinconnes 

Heaobes .laokson. Waahington. Mar. 
,iielte, McKlnlev. Hherrasn, ORden ft 
lismillon CltyPflrki-, While Cily. EApI- 
welsB Gardens lamosements); American 
league and other base ball rsrksaod ta- 
Moaa beachee Blnng Lake Michigan. 

848.87 miles (including SonlTiem St. 
ny.Co.):4gW«:1907motorearB. *B0 

74— Chleasn ft Internrban Trnc. 

Co.— Office. 8Sth St. and Vlncennea 
ATe. (Counsels Cblcsgo at eSrd Ht, 
with Blue laiand, Barvey, Franklin, 
nipnwond. Chlcaeo Hgts., Steer, 
Cretfl. Mnnee, Peotone, Manleno, Tn^ k- 
er. Bradley nn<l Kankakee.) 
Pres. Britton I Budd. 

7i W. Adams St., Chicago 

LSit.loPreB Edw.J.Blait •■ 

■PC, ft Tress, W W. Crawford 

1CB 8. La Ball* St., •' 

,ndr! T.'ll.MscPse 

72 W. Adams Bt„ " 

ten. Sapt. Jnbn Whitssll >' 

'nr. Alt. B. E. Kretaehmec 

TIW. AdamaBt., " 


Clsini A Qsn, Pgt. Agt. 

Choi, Oldenburg ChlcEgo 

M.M..E.P. Doylp '• 

Sua. M.of W., B. Cwfoll " 

EDergT purchaeed fniiii Fabllr Btnict 
Co. or SorllierDimnoin:trtn«. Toll, 83,000 
t; trailer Tolt, »0 '. 


Repair shops at B6lh 31. wd Vlncan- 

Reacbea Calnmot GroTs and Pukaat 
BlQB Islaod and Kaakakes, Oakde" ' 
Blecttlc Park». 

M.m miiiu; 4-^ g: IX motur and 3 
othercari. (CompauydoesliglitlnB.' ' "" 

ITS — OhlcsRo, Mllnnakse S 
PitnlKr>Do. (Rockj Uountsln. 
soaU A Cnael Dlv1al0D>.)-0i 
B^lwaj Eichunge Bldg.. Chfi .. 
43 Broadnar. Hon Yorb, N.T., and 
Wbltr BJdg,. Seattle, Waah, fBlectrlc 
tone Inclnaeg two oiwrBllni; dM ' 
In lloDUna abd liluba aa ro]._ ._. 
Harloninb to Peer Lodge. Deer Lodge 
to ATcry, Idaho, a total ronte mtleage 

Prea, E, E, Byram CblCBEO 

(B.B, Greer 

T.Preels. -i H,B,EarliiiI,flll WblteBlda., 
I Seattle, Wash, 

Sec. E. W. Adams, Majeatlc Bldg., 

MllBsiikee, Wis. 

Treu. A, 6. Lnomla Chicago 

Compt, G, J. Banting '• 

Oen. Ugr. M, Nicbolsna. 

S3C WbiteBida., Seattle. Wwb. 
Snnta i J- P- Phelan.. Deer Lodge. Mont, 

HnpM,j p. c, Don TaconiB, Wash. 

A»sl. Pur, Act, H. P, Wilder, 

IVhIle Bldn., aeatlle, Waah. 
Aast. Traf, Mgr.J. R. Vellch •' 
Aeit.Ch. Mer. R. HlddletoD ■' 
Elec, Ebgr, R. Beeuwkes. 
iweo. W. PaidSta., 
Slgaal Bogc. J.C, Mm..M1l»anke<, Wis. 

CI. Agt, P. R. Sbong Seattle, Wash. 

Qen.SQpt, Mot,Pwr. 

H. H. Warnofk Chicago 

f F. P, Walsh, Depr Lodge, Mont, 
Geo, Nick, Three Fork*. " 

Road- lA.W.Crlia Avery, Idaho 

nuatera ) A.F.Hanley, Hllenabnrg. Wash. 
1 S.O.Wllaob, Cedar Falls. '■ 
If.M. Webb....TacomB. '■ 
Energy purchaeed for Bocky HI. Dlv, 
from the Hteat Falln Power Co; (for 
HlBMDla DIv.) from tbe Thompson Falls 
Power Co; and (tor Coast DIv.) from 
tba Intonnoantafn Poner Co; trans, 
■yolt. ino,000 \: trolley voli. BOOOv. d. e. 
Si sob-KUs; 48 d. c. motor-gen. bgIi. 
Q. B,. Weat. (nt. ST.EOO kw, 

Sob-staa. at T»o Dot, Lnoetb, Jneeph- 
ine, Eostla, Piedmont, Januey, Morel, 
Ooldcreek, Karen na, Primrose, Trakto, 
Dreiel, Eaat Porlal. A»ury, Tanoloo, 
DoTlB,Klttl-u,Cle Eluio, Hyak. Cedar 
Fb,11(, Reoton and TJKoma Junction, 
Ren^r stiopK at Deer Lodge, Mont. 
. Knd Taeoma, Wash. 

e«G miles; ^-SMg: « rrelght, IB pass 
and 4 electric switch locos. *T0 

lie—Cliliiasu * Oak Fmrk Etevkted 
R, R. Oo.-01!lce. 1M4 Edison Bldg. 
(ConlTolled by the Northwestern Ble- 

trolled by the Chlnwo ElevatuI Rys.) 

RacdTBr. &>mnel Inenll Chlcaeo 

Ch, BxeculivB for RecelTer. 

BrtltoB I. Bqdd " 

Agt, for Receiver, W.V.Orlffln,, '■ 

OetL Atty. A. L, Gardner '• 

Andr, A, G. Nelson •■ 

Gen.Mgr, E.C.Noe " 

ABK.GcD.Mgr, Bernard J. Fallon ' 
' Oreaci latl on En icr. 

fl.A. John™ ■■ 

Oen.Siipl ofTranBpl.M. J. Peron " 

8npt, ot Tnmept. H. 0. Hardin.. " 


Par. Agt. E. E. Krelacbmer CbloaBO 

Ch Ener. C. M. Mock " 

Elect. Bngr. O, H. Jones " 

Engr. M. of W., R, N.Wade.,.. " 
Bupt. of Sbope & Eqalp. 
A. H.Daua " 

Repair shops at SS80 W, Lkke 81. 
«.E, _n... ,.!.„ 4 aurtace); 4-BM if 

trait ai 

t other 01 

. *M 

17T-ChleAgoIullwKyB Co.— Office, 
Borland SIdg.. lOfi So. !a Salle 8t. 
(System covers North and West Bide 
llneg. Operatod by Cblcago BnrfacD 

Chran. Bd. * Pr«8. 

Henry A. Blair Cbleago 

V p™(» JJolin E. Wllkle 

1 Seymour Morrla •' 

See. Frank L. Hupp - 

Treas, M. B, Ordo 

Andr. Arthnr Yonng A Co " 

Enefgy pnrchaPBdfrom Commonwealtli 
Edison Tio. BOOO V. 3 ph, la era, 

Scb-alas. at VanBarsD & Jefferson St( 
(S-aoDO kw. ratarlea); Ullwankee Ave, & 
Clea»or St. (»«10O kw. rotarlee^; LIU & 
n'righlwnod Avta, (B-SOOO few. and l-«Xn 
kw. roCarieel ; Bine Island Are. & Leivltt 
St. [S-WOOkw. rotariea): Grand « Craw- 
ford Aves. (MOOOkw. rotariea): llllnoU 
& La Salle Sta. (S^StJOa kw. & I-gDOO kw. 
rotarles): B'wbt & Ardmore Ave. (B-MXO 
kw.rotaiies); Campbell Ave. A Homer St. 
1^4000 kw. rotariea); Western Ave. & 
Waahlngton Blvd. (8-4000 kw. rotarles) 
and Crawford A UUwankee Avo. (»40a0 
kw, mtarlcB); tot. cap. SD.OOOkw, 

Bepalr shopi at 401b A West End ' 

BBBchea Itlvervlew, Ubooln, Douglas, 
Gnrllrld. Humboldt and CTnlon Parks, 


178 — Chloaso Snrfnee Lines. — 

Office. BorkTid BIdg,, lOfi Ho, La Salle 

6t- (CDlfled organization operating ths 

Chicago Bys. Co., CUIraao l5ily By. Co.. 

Calnmct & South Chicago Ry, and 

Sjuihern Si reel Ry, Co.) 
Cbmn. Bd. of Operation 

Hanry A. Bl sir Chicago 

CbmE-Bicc, Comm. & Pres. 

Leonard A. Bnsby '■ 

Aaais, lot John E. Wllkle. '■ 

pros- 1 J. V, SullWan ■' 

8ec- & Asal. Treae, F.D.Hoffmann . •■ 

Asat, Sec, Frank L. Hupp " 

Treas. M. B. Orde •■ 

w'. W. Gorlet..Marqnette Bldg, " 
Sen Attv F' ^- Oullllams '■ 

a.i&3'<^e.)] ZSTT ■■ 

Oen.Mgr, Wllllatoo Flah '■ 

Qon! Clm, Agt. Frank J- oiitrel'l!' " 

Pur. Agt. P. C. Evane '■ 

Ch, Engr. H. B. Flomlng ■■ 

ttlei, EngT- J. 7,. Murphy " 

Elec. Engr, of Dlstrbn. A. J.KIatta " 
Snpl. Transp. W. M. WRalberwai " 
Snpt. of Lines & Tranamn- 

R, M, Paltereon " 

Snpl, Shops Si Kqnlpl.H.H-Adania " 
?npt-TrackftRdwy.HavonC.Kelly ■■ 

118— Chlcuo Tnonel Co.— Ohlauo 
Wanlsniu* A Tarmlnal Co, (op- 
erated jointly]- Office. 7&4 W.Jackson 
Blvd. iTransrerafrelgbtrroni tbedir- 
ferent railroad t*nnlnals In Chicago.) 
(Owned by Chicago UUIIUaa Co.) 

fres- ATreaa. 8. w.Tracy Chicago 

Sec. * Audr, L, J. Gnndlach " 

9npt. Transp. H. Cranta ' 

Snpt, W. B, Worth " 

Pnr. Agt- n. Bonnv " 

Cb. Engr. A. Blade " 

ILlimois 3 

Hid. Bncr. S. S. Stolp Chicago 

Bnerejr pnrchsacdfromConinioDweBltb 
Edlion^o.; Uant. vult. SSO v. 

Rep^tbapiaCTJEW. JackeonBlvd. 

01 mlltw; narrow gBuge (« Inobee); 13a 
mo'oi and a.OOO other cars. * SO 

l«0-CbleBC« * TFSBt Tonna Bt-. 

Co.— Office, Lake St. ft Cnjiar Ai-a., 
Oak Park. (Hncr«eeor to Oonntj' Trac. 
Co, The Evinalon llnea o[ the Uonnly 
Trau. Co, werepurohaeedbytbeEraDa- 
ton Ry, Ca,| (Contcoh the SaborbaD 
B. R. Co.) CouDBFlit Oak Park, River 
Fonat, Majwood, Melrose, Cioero, 
Berwyn, RlvcrBtde, Lyon*. La GraDge, 
Holleywood and Forest Park.) 

Pre*. Wlllard UcBwen 

Tribune Bldg,, Chicago 

Sec, & Troaii. O. N. Hebner Oak Park 

Oen. Supl., Par. Be Claim Agl. 
B. OBlIella 

Snpt, B. B. Dawni " 

Cb. Kngi.Pwr. ata. J. OlBOn.... " 

lt,M.,3. A.Scbolen 

Engr, Ovhd. Const. 
O. B. M. Tompkins 

tot. BESO kw'; ateo hp, a. 'Ami-C; J300 bp'. 
b. Stir, C. & Z : trolley volt. 5110 v. 

Power iia. at Oak Park, PrOTlao Town- 
ship; repair shops at Oak Park. 

RcadiM Foreet Park. 

70 ml)e«; 4-SJS g; BO motor and 80 
other nare, AGO 

lSl-Bl«ln A Balvldere Elec. Oo. 

—BiecutlTeotHce, 105 South La Salle St. 

<ConniTCtB EIeIq, Ollberla. HontleT, 
Union. Hareoeo, Oarden Prairie and 

Ptm, B. J.Amold Chicago 

T. Pr«, Hamilton Brown 

Bae.., Tr«Ba, A CI, A^t. 

Aodr. iPor, Agt,'w,p.'cianibia " 

Kborgy purchased from Aurora. Elgin 
AOblcaEoR, R. Co,:l^ane.volt.lH.40av: 
trollej TOlt. un T, fi mb.^Iaa. (8 with 
■nto eontrol) lot. cap. IIGO kw; 7 rot. 

Repair ahops it Marengo. 

W.n milea owned (U.ltml, lit. m. t. & 
l.« ml. aid,)! *-BU g; g motor pa.e., 8 
trail frelthl. 1 motor lervloe and 9 trail 

...J., Bnaceaaor to ih« Bainmond.Wbll. 
Ing & E, ChlcaKo Eleo. Ry. (Connects 
HammaDd WbltlDg, B. Chtcaso and 
IndlanaBart>or,Ind. and enter* Cblcaio 

Chicago Rt, Co.) 
Pres. O. fl, Talniadgfl. ...Hammoud, Ind. 
T. Pre-, A Oen. Mgr. 

C, B, Lawrmica. 

8«c, ATrui. F. D. Hoflmau .,.. Chicago 

Park, Hammnnd and Lake Front Park 

14. IS miles owned («t.H ml. laL m t., 
B,«6ml. !nd. m. t,.4,TJ ml. ald.l; alaoa,gl 
rnllH iraek rliibt Total mllea operated 
ai.W; *-8^ e: S8 mn --' " 


Tialonal agreement bj the Chicago, 
Lake Shore A Bealh Bend Ry.) 

Pree. C, H. Markham Chicago 

V.Proa.A. S. Baldwin 

Sec, Burt A. Beck 

Trees. L.A.Harkneas 

IS.UOmllee; 4-B^ g. K 

184— MetropnlltsD West Side Ble- 
vsted By. Ca.— Office, IMT Bdlsoi 
Bldg. IContfala Union Conaolldaled 
Eleyated Ry. Co,, and In tnm la ooa. 
trolled byChlcagoBlevated Rye.) (Cod- 
pecU CbicaKo, Aaalln, Poreet Part 

Ohmn, Samuel fnanll Chlcaro 

Prea, Brlllon L Budd " 

Aest, to Pres, Edward J Blair,.., ■■ 

Boc. * Treas, W. V, Griffin ■' 

Aadr. T. B, MaoRao " 

Qen. Atty. A. L, Gaidner " 

Gen. Mgr. E. C. Nob ■■ 

AbbL Gen. Mgr. Bernard J. Fallon ■* 

Orgnnlzatlnn Bngr. H. A, Johnaon " 

Gen. Snpt.Transpl, H.J, FeVdn!'. " 

8upt. Tranap. J. A. Jarvla " 

Supl, of Shope Sl Eqnlp. 

A.H. Dans - 

Ch. Engr. C. U. Mock " 

Elec. ffiigr C. B. Jones " 

Ener. M. ot W., R N. Wade " 

Enerejr pnrchaaed from Commonwaallli 
Edlaon Co. ; trolley volt, 600 y. 

Repair ahops at 4IT Throop St. 

fll. IS mllea (elev.); 4-8^ e; SM motor 
cars, ess coaches and 17 mHo. cara, *M 

183— North western Elerated K. B. 

Co.— Office, 11147 Bdiaon Bids, (Owns 
Union Elevated R,R.:cantrDle Chi cage 
A Oak Park Eler, R. R. Cn. and is In 
tnrn controlled by Chleaeo Elevated 
Chmn. Samuel Inanll Chicago 

Asst toPrei, Edward J. Blair. .. . " 

Sec iTreas-W. V. Griffin ■■ 

Aodr. T, B, MacRae " 

Gen. Mgr. E. C. Noe " 

Aaet. Gen. Ugr. Bernard J, Fallon '< 

Organliatlon Engr, H. A. Johnion " 

Pnr. Agt, E. E. Kretschmer " 

Gen. Snpt. Transpt. H, J. Foron. . " 

Supt. Tianepi, E, F. Schaaf " 

So pi. Shopa A Equipment 

Ch-'KoET, C. M.Mocli!!.!!! " 

Klec, Engr. C. H. Jones 

Engr. H, of W„ R, N. Wade " 

£iBriry rarchseed from Commonxeallb 

Ediaon Co. 
Repair abope at I03« Montrose Ave, 
SI.M miles (eley,1; 2S0 motor car*. aM 

coaches and 4 misc. cars. .||E0 

ISe— Soulhem St. By. Co.- Olllc*, 
Borland Bldg.. IOC So. La Satte Bt. 
(Operated by Chleaeo Surface Unea.) 

Prea. I.eonatd A. BoatiT OblBaKo 

V. Pies. W, W. Crawford 

aer *Tresa,F.D.eoirniano,,. •■ 

Aodr. Jno. J. Duok 

Mlleaee aidegnipmentlDClndad in re- 
port of Chicago City Ry, Ca. 10 

1ST— Boath Side ElsTktad B.B,C«.- 

OBce. 1W7 Edison Bnlldine, (Can- 
(rolled by Cbicago Eleyaled Rys.t 

Chain. Samuel Insnll Chicago 

Pre*. Brltton 1. Bndd " 

Aaat. to Prea. Edward J. Blair " 

Rec. ATreaa. W. V. Qriflln " 

Aiidr. T. B.MaeRae " 

Oen. Mer. B.C. Noe " 

Assi.SGen.Mgr.BernardJ.FiUon " 
OrEaciistlon Engr. 

H. A.Johnson " 

Par, Agl. B, B, Krelechmar " 

Storekeeper P. F. McCall " 

Gen Supt. Traoapt. M. J. Foron.. '• 
Snpt TranapL J, U.Feldbak*.... *■ 


183-KanalnBt«n * Baetori. K. R. 
Co.-0fflc*,T3» K. nth Place. Chicago. 
(Connecu 111. Central R. R. at KenainK- 
(on, 111., with Ohloagr), Lake Shore & 
Sonth Band Ry. at Hammnnd. Tnd.i 
(Slock owsad by the Rllnota Central 
R. R. Co. and mad a*ad anaflr pro- 

BapL of Shop* 8i Bqnip. 

A. H Dmt 

Ch. Eur, 0. U. Hook 

EI«c.ffiiBr. C.H. JonM 

Eiup. H. of W., R. N. Wad«.. 

Smgj purebaied ftamCom 

mliD.CU'); KB coichee. 


IBS— Calon CoiiKilldKled EluTBtcd 
By. Co.— (CoduksU MalropoUUti Wat 
MU* Saritwl II;. e]nt«m vitb UdIub 
Loop intem^ (Controlled bj the 
HMnfiatui Vert Side Sler. Ry. Co.) 

ft««.a»mB«l Itunll ChlGuo 

7. Ptm. QObat S. Porlsc 

S«. * Tim*. T. V. OrlOn " 

D.n maM [InelidM In mll*»g« ot Hel- 

roroliton W. B. Slar. R; ). . U 

1 88a— AmarlcBn Pat 

St.' (Ci 


Ics Co.. Aba»n« WIr. Co., i,i>ca 
Gu A ElM. Ca.,OlH:a let Co.,Uanhtill 
KIk. Co., Iluthall Trie. Co., Msnhill 
I» Co., LoDKTlew Ice A Uiht Co., 
BaJrd Light ft lea Co. JeSsnon Ice ± 
Lt. Co., Stunrord GiB A BIi " 
and Huutln LC, Pwr. A Ice Cc 
Tou: Hugo lea « LI. Co.. He 
Blactrlo Lt. Co., HennetUIc* ■ 
HtonseCo. and Okmnlsee Ice A 


- imnel In " 

"«ll of 

ISA— BTllHbr Bnslneering A Huk- 
M[*m*iit Corp. (rormerlr H, H. 
BjlletbT A Co.t— OlHea, Ma So. Lb 
Salle St., ChloBgo. OpetallDg and 
nUDtgiDg anelnaera. (All ntnck owned 
b; Stawftrd Qaa * Elec, Co.| BrlleBbf 
KDKTy. A Mnirmeat. Corpn. oper, a 
mngM and StBndacd Oaa & Blec. Co. 
cratrala the rallonlnK: Oklahoma 
Oaa * Eko. Co. (wblch operate! Id 
Oklahoma Cltr, El Reno, Enid. Ei- 
polpa, Norman, Tnkon, UonnBlser- 
WaBkomli, Rlefir and DranuiKht. 
aodcontrola throaeb atoek ewnersbip 
Hoi-kagse (Okla.) Qaa JS Blec. Co,. 
operatlua In Knokogee. Fort Glbaon 
and Sapnlpa (nkltt.>. Ft. Smith (Ark.J. 
Lt. A Trac. Co.. Mobile (Ala.) Blee. 
Co.. Oltnmwa Oa.) Hj. k Lt. Co., 
8u DtcKO (Cal.) ConKolldaled Oas * 
Klae. Co., Paget Sonnd Oaa Co. (Brer. 
ett, Vaah.) Sonthwaatem Oennal Oaa 
Co.. Fr. Smith, Ark.. Tacoma (Waah.) 
Oaa A Pnel Co., (operating in T.cnma. 
olTniptaaDdpDjailnp Wai 

Standard 0«> A Elec. Co.. the LoTiig. 
TllleOaa A Elec. Co, nf Del,, which 
IntamrontrotaLoDlBTillenaaA Rlec. 
Co. of Ky,. Kentneky Coke Co. and 
Kentnokj Pip* Line Co.) Haie large 
bnt notcontraltlnglntrreatln the fol- 
lowing companlea: Honntain State 
Power Co. operallDa Iba follDwlng 
propartlea—Blg Fork. Killapell. Polion. 
Wnat.Sandpolnl. Ida. Newport. Wg>b: 
Oregon Pwr. Co. operating In Harnh 
fleld. Spilngfleld, Ba gene, Albany an<l 
Dallh*. Ore., Nonhem Stales Powpr 
Oo. of Delaware, holdlnn company for 
following propertlH — HlnneapoUp 
(Hinn.) Qimni Blectric Co.. and 

1 Pwr. Co. of Uln- 

Rapldan, CoanRapldi,St. Paul. Pipe- 

Minn.', HInot, N. D.. and Sloui Filla) 
a. D., Union Lt, HI. A Pwr. Co.. 
Fargo, N. D., InteraUte Lt. A Pwr. 
Co., Oslens, HI. , and Platterllle. Hndaon 
and Somlraet, Wli., and Red River 
FowerCo., Red Lake Falli, Vino., and 

tei.H. H. BylleebT Chicago 

fArthnrS, Ha»T 

I (Treis.) J. J. O'Srlen " 
'. Pregta.-KCb.Bngr.jOtloB.OathoH- 
O.H.Hirrlw " 

l(8ec.lR J.Qraf " 

B. W.Ljncb... 
I. A.MarHion.. 


I. L. Clark. 



).. and the N 

Innteeej willlam G, Besle!.'.' 

Sovernlng I '">'*" ^- ^"^ 

Commltwel j^^^ jj' q",];^^ 

iBrlttont. Bndd. 

Eiecntlve jS'moel Inenll .. 
CommlttBel ^Jj" J' p"j 

JecW. V. Qrlffln'...' '.'.'.'. 

Compt, B. A. Brlon. 

191— I 

titg;o r 

'a Co. — Offlee, 

754W.JackaonBlTd. I 

eago Subway Co.) 'Own^ tne ^'Dlc 

Terminal Co. and Mnole TelepboD 
TelOBrapb Co.) 
•fee. S. W. Tracy Chic 

sa— Union rUlltleeCo. (Owned by 

El)ton ft Co.y-OHice. sg So, La Salle St. 
gd operalee the following prop- 

da.) Eleclrrr 

boldtla,!; LenaweeConntjOaaA Klec. 
Co. {Adrian. Mich,): St. rliarlee (Mo.) 
Ltg. Co, and Indiana Oaa Light Co. 
{KobleaTMle, Tnd.) 

hrmn, L C. Blaton, Jr Chicago 

rea.TrraB. & (Jen. Mgr. 

McCallnra " 

L.C. Allyn " 

C. G. Johnaoo " 

. Prr», A. C 

Mi^H-nry Connty lUht A Power Co.. 
Interataie Pnhllc S rrlre Cc... lentral 
IncllBni Ltg. Co.. Indlanapnlli A Lnnle- 
rlUeTiBC, Rj. Co., United Oi>ii« Elec. 
Tllle A Nnilhem Ry. A Ltit. ro..Loiil«- 
Co..Loiiln1ile A Sonlhem Indiana Trac. 
Co,. New »lh«ny wit, Wk> . «"nihem 
Indiana Pwr Co.,K«itiickyUtllitleeCo.. 




Pablic Service Co. of Oklahoma, Chic- 
kaaha Om A Blec. Co., Missoarl Oae & 
Elee. Service Co., Michigan Gas& Blec. 
Co., Kentucky Lt. & Pwr. Co., Central 
Pwr. Co., Citizens Gas Lt. Co., Nebraska 
City UtUities Co., Twin State Gas A 
Blec. Co., Berwick & Salmon Falls 
Blee. Co., Blectric Transmission Co. of 
Ya., Southern Wise. Blec. Co., North- 
west Utllitiee Co. and American Public 
Service Co.) 

Free. Samuel Insull Chicago 

V T>*^»a j Martin J. Insull " 

V. rreets. -j j^j^^ p Gilchrist, . . . " 

Sec. Bdward J. Doyle ** 

Aast. Sect. A Asst. Trtas. 

B. J.Knight " 

Treat. Oliver B. McCormick ... . " 


CHICAGO HEIGHTS. 81,698 (1916) 
(See also Nos. 174 and 818.) 

194— Chloagro Helgrbta St. Ry. Co.— 

Office, Rm. 817, 184 So. La Salle St., 

Pres. C. H. Wacker Chicago 

Sec. Bdward D. Adams ** 

Sunt. Claim A Pur. A^t. 

J. T. Murphy Chicago Heights 

M. M., Robert Johnson 

llthStAWentworthAve. »* " 

Trolley volt. 690-660 v. 

Repair shops at 11th St. & Wentworth 

6.6 miles; 4-BH g: 6 motor and 4 other 
cars. 60 

CIOERO. 19.974 (1916). 
(See No. 180.) 

DANVILLE. 82,861 (1916). 

195— Danville St. Ry. A Lt. Co.— 

Office, Danville. (Controlled by Dan- 
ville, Champaign & Decatur Ry. & Lt. 
Co. and Is part of Illinois Traction 

Prea. W. B. McKinley Champaign 

y. Pres. Bzec. H. B. Chnbbuck. . .Peoria 

y. Pres. Geo. M. Mattis (Thampaign 

See. T. B. Macanlay Montreal, Can. 

Pur. Agt. H. J. Vance Peoria 

Gen. Supt. J. B. Johnson Danville 

Supt. M. Connor '* 

Ch. Bngr. Pwr. Sta. 

Theo. Tilloteon " 

M. M., A. J. Mayham ** 

Power sta. equipt. 1 turbo-gen. G. B. 
6000 kva. 8800 v. 60 oys; 1 d. c. G. B. 800 
kw; 8 a. e. G. B., Allis-C, tot. 8800 kw. 
8800A 6600 v. 8 ph. 86 & 60 cys; 8 rot. conv. 
tot. 1600 kw; 1 freq. chgr. 1000 kw; 
8500 hp. e. Ham. Allis-C; 6800 hp. b. Stir; 
trans, volt. 88,000 v; trolley volt. §00 v. 
Power sta. and r^Mdr shops at Danville. 
18 milee; 4-8H g; 84 motor cars. (Ck>. 
does general Itg. and power business.) 


DECATUR. 89,681 (1916) 

190— Decatur Ry. A Lt. Co.— Office 
194 S. Water St. (Controlled by Dan- 
ville, Champaign A Decatur Ry. & Lt. 
Co.and is part of Illinois Trac.System. ) 

Pres. Wm. B. McKinley Champaiflrn 

V. Pres. H. B. Chubbuck Peoria 

Treas. Geo. M. Mattis (champaign 

Andr. C. Brwin Decatur 

Gen. Supt. M. L. Harry " 

Supt. Transp. P. J. Brilley " 

Pur. Agt. H. J. Vance Peoria 

Claim Agt. H. C. White Deeatur 

Ch. Bngr. G. W. Doerr »* 

M. M. O. H. Woods " 

Bngr. Ovhd. Constr. 

D.J.White " 

Pwr. sta. equip. 8 d. c. Allis-C, G. B. 
tot 1800 kw; 8 a. c. Allis-C, West., G. B. 
tot 8600 kw. 8800 v. 8 ph. 60 cys; 6760 hp. 

e. H. O. & R., Allis-C; 4700 hp. b. Bab. A 
W. Stirling. 

Pwr. sta. at Bdward & Cerro Gordo Sts ; 
repair shops at 400 B. Wood St. 

16.64 miles (14.89 mi. let m. t., 0.75 
mi. 8nd m. c); also 8.76 miles leased. 
Total miles operated 19.37; 4-8^ g; 89 
motor pass, and 8 motor service cars. 
(Company does general Itg. and pwr. 
business.) -kOO 

DEKALB. 8,108. 

197— DeKalb-Sycamore.ft Internr- 

ban Trac. Co.— Office, 8o. Third St. 

(Operating the De Kalb-Sycamore Blec. 

Co.) (Controlled by the Union Ry., 

Gas A Blec. Co.) (Connects DeRalb 

and Sycamore.) 
Pres. B. C. Cobb, 

14 Wall St., New York, N. Y. 
V. Pres. ^ Treas. 

W. C. Sparks Rockford 

Sec. W. H. Lemcms '' 

Asst. Sec. A Asst. Treas. 

S. B. Wolff New York, N. Y. 

Gen. Audr. H. G. Kessler. " " 

Supt. 8t Ch. Bngr. Frank Conley.DeEalb 

8 d. c. West. tot. 400 kw. 1400 kva; a. c. 
West. G. B., 4000 v. 8 ph. 60 cys; 8000 
hp.e.Ham: 1600 hp. b. Stir., Wickes; 500 
kw. stm. turb. West; trans, volt. 4000 v; 
trolley volt, 550 600 v. 

Power sta. and repair shops at DeKalb. 

7.4 miles; 4-8Hg; 4 mo. pass, and 2 
trail pass, and 2 other cars. (Co. does 
general Itg. and pwr. business.) 60 

DIXON. 7,216. 
(See also No. 208.) 

198 —Sterling;, Dixon A Eastern 
Eleo. Ry. Co.— Office, 481 W. 1st St., 
Dixon. (Operates In Sterling and Dixon 
and connects these towns.) (Controlled 
by the Illinois Northern Utilities Co., 
which in turn is controlled by the Middle 
West Utflities Co.) 

Pres. Samuel Insull 

78 W. Adams St., Chicago 

v. Pres. & Gen. Mgr. 
B. D. Alexander Dixon 

Sec. ft Treas. John H. GuHck 

78 W. Adams St., Chicago 

Audr. L. B. Jacobson Dixon 

Sunt. A Gen. Fgt. A Pass. Agt. 
A. W. Coumyer " 

Claim Agt. R. H. Howell ** 

Pur. AgC W. L. Campbell »' 

Bnergy from Illinois Northern Utilities 

Co. at Dixon and Sterling: 2 d. c. G. B. 

tot. 560 kw; trolley volt. 600 v. 
Repair shops at Dixon. 
18.86 owned (18.51 mi. 1st m. t. A 0.84 

mi. sid.); 4-8M g: motor pass., 8 trail 

pass, and 1 motor service car. -A^SO 

EAST MOLINE. 2,666. 
(See No. 226.) 

EAST ST. LOUIS. 85,00 (10918). 

(See also No. 158.) 

100— East St. Lonls, Coiambla A 
Waterloo By.— Office. 19tb and Baker 
Sts. (Connects St. Louis. Mo., B. St. 
Louis, Cahokia. Prairie du Pont, Dupo, 
Colnmbia and Waterloo, III.) 
Pres. E. H. C|<mr«des 

314 No. 4th St., St. Louis, Mo. 
V.Pres.. S^'c. A Treas. 

Wm. F.Gould " 

Supt. C. B. Finch, 

19th A Baker Sts.. 

Bast St. Louis 
Gen. Fgt. A Pass. Agt. A Pur. Agt. 
W.C. Johnston, 814 No. 4th St., 

St Louis, Mo. 
Ch. Bngr. Baxter L. Brown *' " 

M. M., wm. J. Harper Bast St. Loalt 




ftoadmaster, J. T. McMahon... .Columbia 
Snergy purchased from B. St. Louis & 
9iibarban By.; trans, volt. 18,300 v. 8 ph. 
15 cys; trolley volt. 600 v. 
i 2 sub stas: 1 at Dupo, 1 at Lulz; 4 
Lrot. conT. 

I Repair shops at 19th & Baker Sts., E. 
iBt. Louis. 

It Beaches Bumett^s Park at Dupo, God- 
iln*s Park at Prairie du Pont. Turner Park 

at Columbia and Falling Springs Park 

(all private). 
82.98 miles owned (22.18 mi. 1 st. 

m. t., 0.75 mi. sid.); also 8.11 miles 
Jvtrackage rights; 4-8Vi g; 5 mo. pass.. 1 
"^mo. freight, 1 trail freight and 2 mo. 
^ survice cars. 

^ too— East St. lioals By. Co.— Office, 

7 Collinsville Ave. (Operates in E. St. 
r Louis.) (Controlled by The East St. 

Louis A Suburban Co.) 
- Pres. W. H. Sawyer 

° Huntington Bk. Bldg. Columbus. Ohio 
V. Pres.. L. C. Haynes....Bast St. Louis 
Sec. A Treas. O. L. Estabrook 

821 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Asst. Sec. & Asst. Treas. 

T. W. Gregory East St. Louis 

Gen. Mgr. I>. E. Parsons * 

Gen. Supt. W. C. Myers •* 

Supt.W . H. Gujton ♦• 

Claim Agt. Trevor C. Neilson " 

Gen. Pass Agt. C. S. Darrach " 

Pur. Agt. B. G. Goss " 

Ch. Engr. G. W. Welsh »' 

Supt. Eloc. Distrbn. 

T. H. Ness ** 

Engr. if. of W.* 8.* Clay Baker " 
Boadmaster, John A. Boach. '* 

Energy purchased from E. St. Louis A 
Suburban Bv. Co. ; trolley volt 600 v. 

Beaches Lansdowne Park and Jones 

86.05 miles; 4-8^ g; 84 motor and 
10 other cars. irfiO 

201- East St. liOals A Sabnrban By. 

Co.— Office, 7 Collinsville Ave. (Oper. 

ates in Belleville and the interuroan 

lines from Bast St. Louis to Belleville 

and internrban lines connecting Ed- 

wardsville, Collinsville, Casevville, 

Lebanon and O'Fallon with Bast St. 

Louis.) (Controlled by The East St. 

Louis & Suburban Co.) 
Pres. W. H. Sawyer 

Huntington Bk. Bldg., Columbus, O. 
Sec. A Treaii. G. L. Estabrook. 

821 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Asst. See. A Asst. Treas. 

T. W. Gregory East St. Louie 

Gen. Mgr. n. E. Parsons " »* 

Gen. Supt. W. C. Myers " " 

Claim Agt. Trevor C. Neilson " " 
Gen. Pans. Agt. & Sunt. 

Pgt. Traffic, C. H. Darrach *' " 

Pur. Agt. B. G. Gos« " »* 

Supt. Pwr. G. W. Welsh ** •» 

Asst. Snpt. Pwr. T. H. Ness. *» " 
Supt Citv Lines. WH.Guyton " ♦♦ 
8npt. Irt'cr-Llnes. J.A.Peterson '* '• 
Ch. Engr. Pwr. Sta. 

L.B. Pai>e BastSt. Lonit 

Engr. M.ofW., S.Clay Baker *' *' 

M.M.,L. W.Jacques »• '» 

Hoadmaster, Job n A. Boach . * * ' * 

Power sta. equip. 8 d. c. O. B. tot. 8600 
kw: 5 a. e. G. E. tot. 7000 kw. 18,200- 
2300 V. 8 ph. 26-60 cys; 6100 hp. e. FnltAn, 
St. Louis Cor: 7000 hp. b. Heine: 5600 
kw turb. G. E.; trans, volt 18,200 v; 
trot lev volt. 600 v. Interchange of energy 
with fe. St. Louis Lt A Pwr. Co. 

Power sta. and repair shops at Bast St. 

Beaches Aliens Park and Monks 

72.089 miles; 4-8H g: 4 fgt. mo; 
.319 coal and 9 service cars: 2 stm. loooe. 
(Co. also sells energy to East St Louis, 
rolumbia A Waterloo By., Bast 8t Louis 
Ry. Co., St. Louis A B. St Loois Blee. 

By. Co.,St Louis A Belleville Eleo. By., 
Alton, Granite A St. Louis Trac. Co. and 
East St Louis Lt. A Pwr. Co.) 'Ar50 

a02— St. liOals A Bell0Tllle Blee. 
By. Co.— Office, 7 Collinsville Ave. 
(Operates an electric railway line be- 
tween E. St.Lomis and Belleville hand- 
ling freight, principally coal.) (The 
East St. Louis A Suburban Co. owns 
entire bond issue of this company.) 

Pres. L. C. Haynes East St Louis 

V. Pres. W. H. Sawyer 

Huntington Bk. Bldg., Colnmbns, O. 

Sec. A Treas. G. L. Estabrook 

821 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Asst. Sec. A Asst. Treas. 
T. W. Gregory East St Louis 

Gkm. Mgr. D. B. Parsons " 

Gen. Supt. W. C. Myers »* 

Claim Agt. Trevor C. Neilson " 

Snpt Fsrt. Traffic 
C.S. Darrach »• 

Pur. Agt. B. G. Goss " 

Engr. M.ofW., S. Clay Baker " 

Boadmaster, John A. Roach. ** 

Energy purchased from East St. Leuis 

A Suburban Ry. Co. 
17.629 miles; 610 coal and 14 work 

oars; 2 elec. locos. 00 

903— St. lA>als * East St. liOois 
Elec. By. Co.— Office, 7 Collinsville 
Ave. (Operates an electric railway be- 
tween St. Louis, Mo., and B. St. Louis, 
111., via Bads Bridge, under agreement 
with Terminal R. R. Association of St 
Louis.) (Controlled by The East St. 
Louis A Suburban Co.) 

Pres. L. C. Haynes East St Louis 

XT Pr<^««« j W. H Sawyer. . .Columbus, O. 
V. rresis. ^ g j oostigan.St. Louis, Mo. 
Sec. A Treas. G. L. Estabrook 

821 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Asst. Sec. A Asst. Treas. 

. T. W. Gregory East St. Louis 

Gen. Mgr. D. K. Parsons ** 

Gen. Supt W. C. Myers ** 

2.48 miles. The Bast St. Louis Ry. Co., 
East St Loufs A Suburban Ry. Co., 
E. St Louis, Columbia A Waterloo, and 
Alton Granite and St. Louis Trao. Co. 
operate their cars over this line into St 
Louis. 60 

904— St* liOalfl A Ohio Blver B.B. 
( Formerly Southern Traction Co. 
of IllinolA.) Office. 618 Murphy Bldg. 
(Operation of road between B. St. LouTs 
anH Belleville will begin immediately; 
will connect Christopher, Duquoln, 
Benton and Frankfort.) (Acquired 
the Illinois A Indiana Elec. Rt. 
Co.) (Contract has been made with 
East St. Louis Intemroan Electric Ry. 
Co., recently organized, to lease to said 
company about 10 blocks of track in 
city of B. St. Louis, so that this com- 
pany can make connection with the 
Municipal Bridge and operate its cars 
into city of E. St Loais.j^ 
Sold at public auction to H. D. Mepham, 

St. Louis, Mo., for!t400,000. Mr. Mepham 

transferrt^d his rights to C. B. Coz, Pres., 

Alton A Southern R. R. 
16 miles. (Under construction.) iAr50 

S05— The East St I^onls A Sabnrbao 

Co — General Office, Wilmington, Del. 
(Snooeesor to East St. Louis A Sub- 
urban Co.) (Controls through stock 
ownership the East St. Louis "Rj. 
Co., the Bast St. Louis A Suburban 
By. Ca, the St. Lonis A Bast St 
Louis Blee. Ry. Co.. the Bast St. Lonis 
Lt. A Pwr. Co., the Alton. Granite A St 
Louis Traction Co., and the Alton Gas 
A Blee. Co: owns entire bond l«sue of 
the St Lonis A Belleville Elec. Ry. Co. 
Under management of B. W. Clark A 
Co. Management Corpn., Philadelphia, 
Pa., and Columbus, O.) 


831 Chedaiit St., FhlladtlpbU, P>. 
T. Pki. H. L. ClHt 
Sk. G. L. BsUbrook 
AMt. a»c, C. \. PeuBon, Jr, 

Tnu. T. W , OrcRor; But St. Loau 

Companlee controDed operate 196 mllei 
of track; 1,090 c»r«i a else. »nd a atm. 
lOCOL «S0 

ELGIN. »l,ms (1916) 
(See Noa. Ida and 181.) 

*0A— ETBiiMon Rr. Co. 0(B«, Cen- 

ttsl St. Cn SUtfon. (SncceHOr to 

Connty Tiac. Co'i, Lines id Kvauaton.) 

(CoDoecU w)tfa ChlcaEO Surface Lloes). 
Pree. Clement CSmtth.-MLlwankse, WW. 

( J, P. pDlllaln. . •■ 
T. PreBtB.-)a*n.Mgr, 

Cbae.F. Speed.. BvBDilon 
Sec. A Treae. 

H. (J. MackaT Mllwanke^ Wig. 

Ch.BnBr. Chae.A. Ewtng " 

Energy parcliaecd from Pnblio Service 
Co. of T^rthem niDolsi Iralley volt. 

Rapatnhopii at Central Si. Car Station. 

10 mllee; i-SVi g: la motor pa's an. 
(Sella energy to MortbShorciWealern 
H)-. Co.) lie 

•lOT— North Shore A Weitern Ry. 

Co. -OfBoB, IS S. Deeplalnes St., Chi- 

EvanetoQ Tlj. Co, in Byaneton, west, 
to Qlen View Clnb at Qolf . ) 
Pr». Geo. P. Merrick 

flg W. WaBUBEtaaBt.,C1iicaEo 
V. Prea. C. H. Poppenhnaen 

Lumber Bich. BldR., ■' 

Sec. A Ttoaa. H. R. HiiBoa " 

Enerjrj pdrcbaaed from Evanston Ry. 

SStmllo; 1 car. tX> 

(Bee No. 187.) 

FBEEPORT. I>,fi68 <101«). 
»0* — lUlnota Northern TTtllltlei 

Co Gen. office. 121 W. Firat Street, 

Dlion. (Consoltdstlon of Free port Ry. 
& LL Co., Trl-County Lt. A Pwr. Co. 
andoldmlnolaNotlbem Ulllitiea Co.l 
(Owna Pec&tonlca River Pwr. Co. and 
operataa nnder lease tbe Stopbrnson 
ConntyHyd, AMfK. Co.,tol.cap, B.SfiO 
bp.) (ControlaSlerliDK.niion AEal•^ 
ern F.lec. Ry. Co, and Is Itself a enbeld- 
iaryof the Middle We«t militlea Co.) 
Prea. Samuel loaall, 

n W. Adama St., Cblcago 
V. Prea. * Qen. Mgr, 

B. D. Alexander DIxoo 

See. & Treas. John H. Qnllck. 

Ti W. Adama St., Cbleaeo 

Audr. L, E. JacobaoD DiTon 

Local Supt. George B. Fluehr. ..Freeport 

Claim AEt. R. H. Howell Dlion 

Pnr. AEt. W. L. Campbell " 

Oprtg. Snpt. A, N. RIchardsDD " 

Ch. Bner, Q.W. Doiid " 

M. H.. John Grave Freeport 

Bngr.Ualat.or Way, Henry Gala. '■ 
Cb. Bngi. Pwr. Sta. 

Victor Harehmaa " 

Power sta. equip. Id. c. Wentg. 3&0kw; 

pb. w'cra; 600 bn. B.'Vnlt, Iron Wk», 
laOOhp. b. Bab. A^; 300 hp. torb. (wtr.) 
Lef; 7W kw, A111b-C. tnrb. (»lm.): trana 
volt. lO.MO-Sa.OOOv; trolley Tolt. Bad T.i 1 
rot. conv.;800kw. 

Power sU. at Arlame St. A Clark Ave. 
repair ahopa at Liberty * SprineSta. 

Controls HldWand Amnaemenl Park. 

e.4K milei owned (B-Bl ml. Ist m. t., 0.41 
ml. Sod m. t. ajid 0,1s mi aid.); i«is: 


-_ motor pae*., 2 trail paea. and 1 motorl 
aeivicecar. Company fn nil ahea anei — 
for llgbtlni and power. i 

GAi.B9BiiRa. z4,iiTe (loid). 

100 — Oaleabnrs Ry., Ltc. * Fi 
Co.-LocalofGcc,TMalDBt. (Coiiii(„ 
Galeabure, Kdo^itUs and B. Gal» 
bnr«J(Part of IlllnoiiTpactlon System.) 

'rea.Wm.B. HcKinley Chamiitdp 

.', Fres. Exec. E. B. CbubbDck Peinti 

Sec. T, B, Haoanlaj Uontna), Cao, 

Treaa. Edward Woodmaii..Port1aBil, Ma. 
'iet.Traas.O. R, McComb...CbaBnaifi 
ID. Andt. B. E. Brambl*..., ■' 

_jdr. W. J. AchelpobI Paotla 

Pur. Agt. H. J, Vance " 

"pD.Supt. R. F.Carley Oaleabnn 

ipc. Ry,, C, C, Weat " 


C. F.Obermlet " 

Power aia, eonip. 4 d. c. Bail. Q. B. tot. 
HIkw; aa.c. Bull. Allis-C. tot. «X»kw. 
00 y. S pb, eo cya; BSEO bp. e. Ham. 
ir. Allls-O: 3016 kw. stm. tnrb. West, 
Q. E; 6400 hp.H. Stir,; trana, volt.aBOOr; 
-oUey volt, SOOv. 
Power ela. at Ferrle t Weat 8t»; repair 
lopsatMBE. MalnSt. 
Owna HIgbland Park. 
a0.7Gmllea: 4-BH«: 30 motor and S ball 
tra; 1 work car; 1 anow eweeper. (Com- 
nny does aenerai lielltlDg and power 
nalneas.) *» 

10— People's Traotlon Co — Offlea, 

7 B. Hein St. (Conoecta Galeabarf 
and Abingdon, III.) Part of IlltDOli 

les. W. B. McKinley CbampKln 

'. Prea. Eiec. H. B. Cbnbbuek... Peoria 

„ec. B.A.MacnuK Hontrenl. Can. 

Treae. E. Woodman Portland, Me. 

' .B.B.Bramble Cbampalga 

Snpt. R. F, Carley Galeabnrt 

anptC. C.Wert •' 

Pup, Agt. H. J, Vance Peoria 

Energy pnrchaaed from Gaiaaborg Rr. 
LW. *Pwr. Co, 
Reacbea amnsement park, leaaad by 

Ifl.emflea; i-Kig: 4 motor and S other 

GALVA. 3,488. 

(See No, Sil.) 


(See No. KI7,) 

«1>— BoDtfaern IlUnola Kt. A Pwr. 

Co.-OfflCE, Harrisbuw. (ConnoetaBl- 

Dorrisiille, Ledfir-f and Carrier M Ilia.) 

Prea, Marehall E. Sampaell Cblcan 

V. Prea. J. Paul Clayton SprloBfleld 

TreaB.'c. E Crlpe ■' 

Gen.Mgr.W F Oilman 

Andr. R.A.Crewe Uattoon 

Gen. Snpt. D. A, Roberta HarriahnrK 

Pnr, AkI. D. R. Trnai Hattooo 

Gen. Fgt, &, Paaa. Agent 

K. N. Wellaw Eatrlabnra 

M.M Je"eDp»e. 

Power ata". eqnlp. 4 a.c.' G.' B. Allia-a 
Inrbo goo. tot. Ifi.OOO kw. SSOO ». S ph, 
60 cys; S ene: STlSbp. h. 8pgf. WIckea: 
stm. tnrb. Allla-C. G. E., trana. Toll. 
33.000 »; trolley volt, 1900 t. 

t snb-Bla. cap. 900 kw; 2 mo. gen aeta. 

Power ata. and repair ahopa *t Unddy. 

IGGmllea; 4«4 S: 4 motorpaia.Strmtl 
paat, oare and 1 fgt, motor car; IB tft, 
sara wltbont motora. 90 < 

HIGH WOOD, l.tlt. 

aia-Ohlnago ITorth BIiot* A Mll- 
witDk** K. R. (BacceBBOT to The Obl- 
cuo A UlliT&nkee Else. R.R Co.)— Also 
it/.. B local line In Milwsukee. WH.) 
(ConiifcU Chlcigo, WUmette. Kenll- 
wonh, WiDnetliK. Qlancoe. BlKhland 
FtilE, Hlghwood, Laka Focdt, Ijikc 
BlnD, NO. ChliuKo. ^Bnksgan, ZLon 
City. LlbertTTllle and Aero 1q IHIdoIb; 
Kcnoahs, RaclDe and MUwanfeet in 

Pres. BrltConT. Bndd 

n W. Adams 81.. Chicago 

Aeat. to Free. C. E. TbompBOn. . Hlgbwood 

V. PreB.R.Floia Clinch 

Rookerr BIdg., Chicago 

Sea. ± Treaa. W. V. Grtirin 

TSW.AdamaSt. " 

Oen. Coansel, Halpb H. Bradler 

Rookery Bids, " 

Glen.Atlj. A. L. Gardner 

73 W. AdauiB St. " 

Andr. T.B. MscBae Htgbwood 

Oen. Sopt. H. J. Feron 

re W. Adama 3l . Chlcajo 

Ch.Knir.B. J. Fallon ■• 

Local Sapt. 
George Uerrlman Mllnankee, Wis. 

Claim Agt. O. T. Hellmnlh ....Hlgbwood 

Supt. Ttanapt. J, w. Simon*... 

811 Dt. Harcb. Dlsp. 8erv. 
K.J. Bock Mllwankee, WIb. 

Bngr. M. of W. J. S. Hjatt.... Hlghwood 

Elec. Eagt. C. Hnttlealon 

Ka<n;y parcbaaed from Tbe HUwaukee 

Elec. RT. A Lt. Co, and Public 8«rtlce 

Co. of Northern UllnoH; trana. volt. 

18.800 * Sa.OOO v; trolley volt, 600 t. 
IS Bnb-BU. (i with anto. cont.) tot. cap. 

Repair Bhopi al Hlgbwood. 

Reaches Great Lakea Naral Training 
8latloo. Ravlnta Park, near Highland 
Fark,ni.. FI.SberidanandElectrlcPark. 

180 mllai; 44% K: 1IG motor, IBS (gt. 
and HO aerilc* can; 1 work car; 4 
locoa. *«) 

■ ll-Sonthern IllluoU Lt. A Pnr. 

Co. — Offlce. goG Central Nat'l Bank 
Bldg., St. Loali, Mo. (Connect* BUli- 
boro, Taylor SprlDga and Schram City.) 

Free. Wm. A. Basbr. 

Peoples G>B Bldg.. Chlcaso 

T. Prea. J. J. JTrej 8t. LonlB, ifc. 

PeaplcB Gaa Bldg., ChlCBKo 
Treaa. BcottUrowD 

lOeSo. LaaalleSt.. " 

Andr. H. R Noack St. Louis. Wo. 

een.MgT. BirtH.Peck HUleboro 

aupt.C: P. Hamlin 

Pur. Agt, W. W. Borton..,8t.Lonle,Mo. 

E. tot. 3TG0 kva. S»Mt. 3 pb. BO cyB:'soa 
bp. e, Cboae; 1800 bp. b. Sllr. (1000 bp. 
b. Heine being Inatallad) ; 87K) kw. >lm, 
tarb. Caitle; trana. roll. I»,II00 and ai,00a 
»; trolley lolt.WlO I. 
Power ita. at B. Seward St.. Hlllehoro; 

St.HUliboro. '" 
Reachaa Bill Park (owned.) 

0.12 ml. rid.); 4-^ g; 4 motor pa>a. can 
and 1 fgt. motor car. (Company doea 
general lighting and power Daalneaa.) 


aiB— JaokaanTllle Rj. * T.t. Co — 

OSIce, aS4 80, UalD 8t. (Incladln^ 
JackeoDTlllg Gaa & Elec. Co. and 
Jacknonvllle St. Ry, Co.) (PartofTlU- 

Prei, Wm, B. McHlnley Champaign 

V. Free. Eiec. H. B. Chnbbnck.. ..Peoria 
Sac, E. A, Hacuutt Uootrea), C»n. 

Treaa. Geo. H. HattiB Cbamp^in 

Andr. W. D. Cole Jackwrnyflle 

Pnr. Agt. H. J. Vance Peoria 

Gen.Supt. E, n. Gray JackBonyllla 

Ch. Engr. L. O. Williams. . . 

Pwr. lU. enntp. Sa. c. G. K. tot. 1160 
kw.aaoOT.Spb 60 eye; Bd.e.Weet, tol, 
400 kw. G50 v; 1S15 bp. e. Mc.I k S. St. L 
Cor. Ball: 1400 bp. b. Bab. & W.Stlr. 

Pwi. su. at jBckBonvllle. 

SmUeai4-aMg; 14 motor and S other 
c*rB, (Co. does general Itg.and pwr. bnal- 

(8e* also No. £39.) 

ate— Aurora, PlslnOeld A Jvltet 

Bt— Offlce. Jollet. (Connecla Anrora, 

PlalaOeld and Jollet.) 

PraB. F. K.Sbrader Chicago 

V.FccB.Jas. Winaton 

Sec. ATreia.,C, T. MacMelU... 

Audr. Cheater 0, Moore Jollet 

Gen. Mgr. & Pur. Agl.. R. A. Moore ■' 
M. M. A Ch. Engr. Pnr. 8Ca. 

E. KeyB ." FlalnBeld 

Energy porcbaBed from Public Service 

Co. or Northern IlllnolB and Aurora, 
Elgin ft Chicago R. R. Co. ; trolley volt. 

1 Bub. ata. cap. WO kw; 2 rot. codv. 

Sub-sta. at Jollet : repair ehopa at 

Reacbee Electric Faik. Flalofleld 

SaSB mllee; iShiS; l» motor rara and 

air— dHoagoA Jollet Elsctrlo Kj. 
Co.— Offlce, Ottawa * Cltuton 81a. {In- 
clndea Jollet R.R.Cc. Chicago A Jollet 
Rapid Tranalt Co., and controla Chica- 
go and De> Plaluei Valley Elec. Ry. 
Atgo, Willow SpclDgs, Lemonl. Lock- 
port and Jollet.) (Controlled by 
American Hyi. Co., PbUadelpbla, Pa.) 

Free. VanHnrnEly..,.Fhllad^phla,Pa. 

^' ''"''"■ IC.'LiB.TIngley.'.V " 
Beo.ftTreaa, WalcarW. PerklnB " 

Compt. F.J. Prior, Jr 

Gan.Hgr. J. R. Blackball J<dl*t 

Pot.Agt.' G. C Wal'rickV.piilUdeiiiiila, Fa. 

Engr, IS. of W., J. B. Tlnnon JolIM 

Bnrr. Ovbd. Conatr. C.W. Daltarick " 

mT^., A. P. BlBCbmann " 

Truffle Mi- A Park Mgr. 

Co. of" orthem Illloola; 9 a, c. G. E. 
motor gen. Beta. tot. 3000 kw. S ph. 00 cyii 
trane. volt. 16,000 v; troll*? volt. HOO v. 

Power Bta. at Jollet on Dtslnag* Canal 
(water power): repair ibopa at Jollet. 

Controla Dellnood Park, en ronW to 

e6.T6 mllea; 4-^ g; TO motor and 8 
other cars, (CotnpaDy fumlebeBpower for 
llgbUnf.), • *60 

flIS— Jollet * Rnatarn Trao. Co. 

-Office, Jollet. (Connects Chicago 

Heights. Matteeon. Frankfort, New 

Lenox and Jollet.) 
Prei.JoT Morton. Ry.Ei. BIdg, CblcUB 

V. Frea.Robl. Kelly Jolfal 

Sec. E. H. S'eamB. Ry. Et, Bldg. .Chicago 
Tr«as.UadlelFeterkln ■• 
Gen. Mgr. A Pnr. Agt. 

F. C.Kckmann.... Joliel 

Car Fmn. Ed. Catchfal " 

Knetgy from Public Service Co. of 
northern lUinols. 

Repair abops at Frankfort. 

KmlleB: 4.8^ g; S motor pan., 1 motor 
freight and B motor lervtce can. *t>0 


(See Ho. Ml.) 




KANKAKEIB. 14,880 (1916). 

919 — Kankakee Elee. Ry. Co.— 

Office, 8 Coart St 

Pres. R. A. McCracken Paxton 

y . Prtt. B. B. Rollins Kankakee 

Sec. A Treas. B. D. RUser ** 

Qen. Mgr. APur. Agt. 

FredA.Clark " 

Boergy parchaaed from Pablio Service 
Co. of Northern Illinois at Blae Island; 
trolley volt BOO v. 

Power sta. and repair shops at Oreen- 
wood Ave. A Big Four Tracks. 

Reaches and owns Blectric Park. 

12 miles: 4-8Hg; 10 motor pass., and 4 
motor service cars. -^50 

t90— No. Kankakee Elee. Ll|rht ft 
Ry. Co.— Office, 01. Bastem Trust A 
Savings Bank Bldg. (Connects Kanka- 
kee, Bradlev and BonrDonnaisO 

Pres. Louis Beckman Kankakee 

Treas. Henry Beckman *' 

V. Pres. Fred. Mann •• 

Sec. W. F. Beckman " 

G#n. Mgr C. G. Windal Bradley 

M. M. & Bnarr. Ovhd. Constr. 

Chas. Moorbouse »» 

Roadmaster, Oscar Levasure »» 

Bnergy purchased from Chicago A 
Southern Trac. Co. 
Repair shops at Bradley. 
Reaches Fair Grounds. 
4.5 miles; 4-8^ g ; 7 motor pass, and 4 
trail pass cars; 1 work car. ifdO 

KB WANES. 18,661 (1916) 

ttt— Galesbnrig A Kewanee Elee. 
Ry. Co. — Office, 800 N. MhIu St . Ke- 
wanee. (Connects Kewanee, Wethers- 
fleldand Galva.) 

Pres. W. H. Lyman Kewanee 

V. Pres F. M. Lav •• 

Sec. A Supt. W. t. Lamb »» 

Treas. J. H. Baethke »» 

Gen. Mgr^ A Pur. Agt. 

R.H. Hayward •» 

Bngr. Pwr. Sta. Harry Pine »• 

M.M., Frank Desens ** 

Power sta. equip. 8 d. c. G. B., West, 
tot 800 kw; 1000 hp. e. Bckye; 600 hp. b. 
Kew; trolley volt. 800 v. 

Power sta. and repair shops at Wethers- 

Reaches Windmont Park, Wethersfleld, 

14 miles (18 mi. 1st m. t. 41 mi. sid.) 
4-8Hg: 11 motor pass., 8 trail pass., 8 trail 
freight and 1 motor service car. -A'BO 

KNOXVlIiliE. 1,818. 
(See No. 909.) 

I«A SAIiLE. 19,i»81 (1916) 

I.INCOI.N, 11,888 (1916) 

tSla— lilncoln Mnotc* St. Ry.— (In 

June 1917, city acquired the |>roperty of 

the Lincoln Ry. A Htg. Co. and Lincoln 

Blec. Ry. Co.) 
Mayor, W. D. Gayle, (Gen. Mgr. 

A Pur. Agt.) City Hall . Lincoln 

City Clerk,A.R. Thomas •» 

City Treas. 

Frank Bollin, Lincoln NatU Bank " 
Blee. Bngr., AM. M. 

James T. Price. . . .410 Clinton St ** 
Bngr. M. of W. 

Wm. Cole " •• •* 

Bngr. Ovhd. Constr. 

Bldwell Storer " " •• 

Bnergy purchased from LincolnWster, 
Llflrht A Power Co; trans, volt. 8800 v; 
trolley volt. 660 v. 

Repair shops at 410 (Tlinton St 

Reaches Chautauqua Park. 

Rmiles; 4-8H g; 8 motor cars. (One 
mile of new track contemplated.) 119 

MARION. 7,098. 

9SS— Coal Belt Elee. By.Co.— Office, 

Mo. Pac. R. R., Ry. Bxch. Bldg., St. 

Louis, Mo. (Connects Marion, Herrtn, 

Carterville and Bnergy.) 

J. G. Drew, 611 Olive St, Ut. Louis, Mo. 

V. Pre*. A. Robertson *» '* 

Sec. F. W. Irland ♦• •• 

Treaa. F. M Hickman •' •» 

Gen. Mgr. J. F. Murphy .... » • " 

Audr. C. B. Moore »• •• 

Supt H. H. Berry " " 

Claim Agt. A. H. Mansfield *' 

Pur. Agt. C. A. How »♦ ♦* 

Cb. Bngr. B. O. Hadley * ' " 

Blec. Bngr. L. D. Moore. ... *' *• 
Signal Bug. B. H. Mann .... ** '* 

Asst. Supt O. L. Glass Marion 

Ch. Bngr. Pwr. Sta. A. W. Steele, Bnergy 

M. M., F. W.Gratiot Illmo 

Bngr. M. ef W. 

A. F. Dorley St. Louis, Mo. 

Bngr. Ovhd. Constr. 

J. C . Morrison Marion 

Power sta. equip. 8 d. c. West. tot. 600 
kw;1020 hp. e. Weft: 927 hp. b. Heine; 
trans, and trolley volt. 600 v. 

Power sta. and repair shops at Energy. 

14 miles: 4-8H g; 6 motor pass, cars 
and 1 motor freight car. -^^60 

MATTOON. 18,688 (1916). 

9S 3— Central Illinois Pnblie Ser- 
▼ice Co. — Office, Farmers Bk. Bldg. , 
Springfield. (Operates local railway 
systems at Mattoon, Charleston, Taylor- 
ville and Anna.) (Also controls and 
operates Central Illinois Traction Co., 
wnich operates an intemrban electric 
railway between Mattoon and Charlea- 
tnn and a local street railway line in 
Paris, and the Southern Illinois Rail- 
way & Power Co. which operates 
between Bldorado. Harrisburs and 
Carrier Mills.) (Subsidiary of the Mid- 
dle West Utilities Co.) 
Pres. Marshall B. Sampsell 

Bdison Bldg., Chicago 

V. Pres. J. Paul Clayton Springfield 

Sec. P. A. Brlaeh *' 

Treas. C. B. Cripe »* 

Audr. R. A. Crews Mattoon 

Qtu. Supt W. F. Oilman Springfield 

Supt. Ry. W. C. Herring ♦• 

Pur. Agt. D. R. Truax Mattoon 

Claim Agt. F. S. Armstrong. .Springfield 

Ch. Bngr. J.D.Roberts Mattdon 

M. M.. Morris W. Storm 

Roadmaster, M. Jones " 

Bngr. Overbd. Constr. Geo. W. Cook » • 

Bnergy from Blectric Utility Division 
of Central Illinois Public Service Co; trol- 
ley volt. 660 V. 
Repair shops at Mattoon. 
Reaches Lytle Park and Peterson Park 
owned by city. 

16.6 miles; 4-8H g; 18 motor and 4 
other oars. -^^60 

S94— Central Illinois Trao. Co.— 

Offioe.Msttoon. (Operates an Internrban 
line between Mattoon.Loza and Charles- 
ton, and a local line in Paris.) (Controlled 
and operated hy Central Illinois Public 
Service Co., which see for officers ) 
Bnergy purchased from Central Illinois 

Public Service Co.; trolley volt. 676 v. 
Repair i»hops at Mattoon. 
Owns Urban Park. 
11.06 miles; 4-8H g; 7 motor and 9 other 

cars. 60 

MOLIKE. 87,461 (1916). 
(See also No. 948.) 

195— Mollne, Rock Island A East- 
em Trac. Co.— (Operates over leased 
tracks of Tri-City Rv. Co. and connects 
Watertown, B. Moilne, Silvia, Camp- 
beirs Island and Moilne.) (Controlled 
by the Tri-Clty Ry. A Lt. Co,) 

Pni. B. J.Deanun. D 

Y. Free. A Gen. Msr. 


Sec.H. B. LHUk 

For, An q'bo, Q. Kuhn,',; 
Claim A)!t. M. Marcnuen.. 
H. M. JohnSucbrrluid.... 

Ko«Bj jmrchuaed from Pi 
Trl-Cltj' Hy, A Lt. Co; Ira; 
t; troltervoU.SGOT. 

OpBrHtea OamuheirB T«li 
iMlnpl (Riftr IKh Ktr* »b 
by tVI-Clty Kj- Co. of [llino 

BT Depl. of 
>ok. MOO 

on Mlii- 

r pau. and 

RS8-Guleii'burB « We.tcrn R. R. 

Co. tFonD€TlT Itock liland SoDtbern 
K. R. CoJ Hecelver appointed SopC IG 
1B19.— OfflCB, CeoualTroiit BldB.,Bcick 
iBlBDd. (Counecta Houdjai^lh ftnd 
QalEahnrE.) (Conlrolled bi Rook Jalaiid 
Southern Rt.J 

P™>. E. C. Walili CMqiou, la. 

V. PnMt. M. A. WaJah ■' ■' 

AUL (o Piea. E. C. Walih, Jt. " " 

Sec. AOeo. Mgr. 

ABEt. (icD. Mer.'(iaGtiargcof OprratloD. 
. Traffic; Bt^rplli-a.) 

Oeo. W. qaacktDbaab Rockleluid 

TreaB. C. H. Waleb BurUnglqu, Is. 

t A. B. Walah 
Atal.TreBBra.J DavMport.Ia 

IW.O. TDbbi..MoniDaBlb 

Aodr JohnJ.Hyan 

Sdpt. C. O. Qrlffln Rocklaland 

Claim Ael. T. D. Mobnre 

Cb. Tarfir Bm^BnF.B.C«r(b«y 

Power bUl eqalp. > d. c. O. B. tot. BOO 
kw: 1800 bp. fl. S! F. * «; 600 hp. b. 
FroBt; trolley volt. fiOO v. 

Power •u.andrspalrebgpa at CamBTon 

ii milea: 4-Sl^ i: 4 motor, fl other 
kDdTrgl. can lEVt 

noimiB. 4.U6 

(Sec No. 1U.) 
MOUND OITV. il.gS7. 


. loa.) 



HUiti-ll¥SUOBO. T.48E 

tS— Uurpbfalioro Else. Bj., Lt., 

nac St, (OuGiBleB In Unrpbyaboro.) 

raa. A. B. Hlnlon Hurphyibors 

. Piea. Par. Agt- ft Sopt. 

W.C. Aleiaoder 

«.* Trea«. John G. Hardy 

l». BnRr. B. A. Qolll 

■rgy purchaMd from Morpbjaboro 
... Wka. Klec. & Qtt Lt. Co. 

inlrolledi. 100 

l.a mile. ; 4 SM g: « ""■ 
nam — Harphyatiaro A Hoatheni 

Illlnula lUIIWBy.— 1418 WalnatSt. 

(Will GoniuKt Mnrpbyaboro bb<] Car- 

iHindsle. lload nndtr codalrDctlon.) 

rua. A. 8. Mluuin Hurpbyabon) 

'. Pn-e Gen. Mgr. & SupL 


ec.&TreM.JohnO, Hardy '■ 

■ndr.W. C.AJetander 

:tec. Batir. B. A. Quill 

erjEy - purcbaacd from UarpbTaboro 
Wta.. EClec. AOuLLCo. 
illeail.H^g-.flcara. lOB 

OAK PABK. B6,6M (Itl«. 
(Sm Mo. ISO.) 


a«a — Chlcagio, Ottkwit A Peorlk 

Br-— Ofllce, eis Van Burea St.. Joll- 
et. (Conuesta Ptrn. CtiM, Ottawa, Uar- 
B'lllea.LaSalle, Seneca. Hortla, Grand 
RldES,St»atDr.nnrlnE Valley, VIII agl 
of llarqaette, Ladd, Rockdale, Da Pus. 
BDraaq.Mlnooka,Joliat(nd PrlnwMn.} 
(Part or llliDDlB Tiaelloa Syatem.) 

Fna. W.B. McKlnley Champaign 

fEtOB. A Gen. Her. 
V. J H. E. Cbubbuolt Peoria 

) GeorRfl H. Mattia .CbampBlgD 
B«.T.B. MB<-aDley..,Hotilreal,Qne..CaD. 
Ah>I, TreaH.Gen.R,McComb..,Cb(mp>lf[D 

Qen. Supi'f. B. Fliiiii'. '.',','.'.' Jollet 

Supl, 'I'rauBpt. J, H, Comyna Ottawa 

Claim Airt. H F,Hanley '- 

PorAift. H.J.Vanre FhtU 

Cta. Clerk (Tratnc Dept.) 

A,M.FflrMn JolUt 

Klee, St SIkmI En|tT. 

W.M.Irwin Ollawa 

Roadmaa'ter, John Moort .'.'.'.'.' .'.'.' " 

Energy pDrehaai-d from Nortbem llll- 
noli I.t, i 1'nc. Co.. at La Salli and 
Maraelllea; tranii. toU. 18,000 v; trolley 
volt. E60 V. 

Repair abopa al Ottawa. 

ReacbGB Hlarved Rai-V State Park and 

lOT milea: 4-SH g; 8P motor and 44 other 
can. *B0 

(30— NorthsPB UUDOIa I.t. * Tme. 

Oa.— oaw, Ottawa. (Part of Illiooli 

Tr««lon Syatem.l 

Pre*. W. B. HcKlnley Champaifm 

V. Prea, «0e n,Ugr. H. B. Cbnhbnck , Peorl a 

Bee, B.A. Hacniitt Uonlnal, Qua. 

Treaa Bdward Wocdmsa. .ParllsDa.U*. 
Asat-Treaa Ges.R.MeContb.Cbampalsn 

Andr, W. J. Acbelpohl Peoria 

Qeo, Supt. L, W. Heea Ottawa 

Pur Art. H. J. Vaooe Peoria 

Snpt. Rye, Enoch Tentier OtUwa 

Elec, Bner. A Ch. Engr, Pwr. Sta. 

Chan.Hahn '■ 

Power Bta. eqnip. IB a. e. 0, B, West, 
Allle-C tot. n.SMhp; 2010 hp. e. West. 
AlllaCHani.Cor: sfisBbp.b. Heine. SUn 
ll.aH hp. tarb. (atn.) O, E: 4I4S hp. wtr. 
wb.Leffel.S.&B; trana. volt. 33.<no t; 
trolley Tolt. 000 V. 

Power atai. at UarKllles. Olwwa and 
La Salle, 

8 milea ; 4-8^ g ; B motor snd « trail car*. 
(Company does general lighting aud 
power boelDeee.) W 

PARIS. T,e04. 

(S*o alBo No. »8,) 

931— Oantnil Illlnola Traotlon Oa. 

—For general ofdceri. aeeHattoon. 

Loral 8upt. J. T. Henry PaHi 

M. M.. W. V. Dritkell " 

Eneray purthaaed from Central III. 
Pnbllc Service Co., troileyiolt UO v. 

Rearhea ReKFYOlr Park. 

9 oillcf ; 4-8Jt E ; fl motor car*. *M 


(8m N 
PEKIN. loss 

. 14B.) 

Eneriiy purcbaaed from Ci 
Light Co, 

Repair ahopa at Roardile. 

Reache* Mlnetsl Spring Park 
trolled by Park Board). 

l.ltmnea44M ■; B motor taia. 


,121 (IBM). 

DutiTllla ft EseterD 111. Ry. 
mt» t mllei In Did villa. 
DiDTllle t SoDlbeutern Rt- Co. 

Dtnvllk, UrbmiACliiinpilenRj.Co 
opuatil «I mll» iDtarorlun I1d«i cob- 
DMtlni Din<nla, Wiatilll*. Rldgefarm, 
Oitlln, HomcT. Urbui Bod ChimpalKD. 

llllBOlt Cenlnl TruHon CD. operatM 
4B mllH, coDtifleClD)f Dec&tur imd BprlDg. 

si. I.oula, SprlDiflsId A Pea Ha R R. 
which on Not, 1, 1111, ■arcbued pniperti 
of Sprlnglleld A) NortiiuiUro Tric.Co.. 
operatH ft>3 iDllei (S.M operated nndei 
Irukige lighu), BiModiag from Vanlci 
oppoille St. Louli uorlbwird to Bloom- 
InEUn unci Peoria rU SpringllHld. nitb i 

■DCh Hi 


;lll.) Rt. a : 
Tmc. Co. ai 

Chicago, OlUwa A Peoria Ry. Co. 

LUt.Treai. Geo. R. HaComb.ChsmpaleD 

nc.T.B MacauliJ Montreal, Cap. 

Ian. Audr. B. B. Bniabla. . . .CbunpalfD 

Jompl. J.M.C.Honi 

-" ■ laAttT. O. R. WhUlemore..,. " 
Claim Agt, 
B. Hirdswaj Hprlngfleld 


„, R. E. Sonlea... " 

Pnr, Agt, a. J. Vance " 

Ch. Opor. Kner. EuBePfl Hight..,.. " 
iDdDtlHil Agt. W. a. Biiani Unoola 

Gen. anpt. lot, Llnei 

Y. S. BJ'K»chn.^ider, , 
Knii. UalDt, of Wej 

jT I. Callierman 

Blgnal Bn^. JobP LelH 

Dlv. Ll/HMorriaV.'.* 


ClDieoi' Ug. Co., La aalle, III. 
DBDTllla (Iff.) St. Rj. t Lt. Co. 
Qaleibarg (nl.) Rv., Ltg. A Pwr. Oo. 
Oalva (nl) Blec. h'. Co. 
JaDarHn City (Ho.) Ll..Ht. Apwr.Ci 
Jallanaa City {Mo. IBrldgeATraniliCi 
Monltcello (til,) BUc. Lt A Pm. Co. 

North Hl» 

Hound CIC]> <1U.) Lt. * Wtr. Co. 
Uonteinma (U.) Blec. l.t.. F»r. A Htg. 

. a, Trai 

PrilrleCliT (Ii 

Coirat (la.) klec. Lt. Co. 

Clinton (It/.) Gaa « — 


DecatnrRy. Sr'Lt, Co. 

JaekBonvlIledll.) Ry. ALt.Co. (Int^lod- 
log Jackaonrllle Baa St Blec Co. and 
JackaonTllle St. Rt. Co.) 

o nine J (111.1 Ry. Co. 

Topeka (Kan.)^, Co. 

OikaloDia (la.) TVac. ft Lt, Co. 

Oakaloow (la.) ft Buiton Blec Rf. Co. 

Oakaloon fla ) Lt. ft rnel Co. 

P»ople'a Trac, Co., flalMbufg. IH. 

WIchlU (Kuu.) R. R. a Lt. Co. 

nt. Lonla (Mo.) BIm. T«na. Ry. Co. 

Urbaoa Lt„ Ht. A Pwr. Co., electric 
IlKht and ateam heat In Urttana. 

Dei Holne* Elee, Co.. electric lighting 

.. .). HeKlDliy ._. 

I. Biec.. R. K. Cbnbback.. .Peotli 
T . rru. ft Treaa, 
O, U. HaUli Cbsmptlgu 

- r. W. fi. Wj 
Ic Hgr. E. i 

.Uicklnaw Jet. 



.Bat. aen. Ugr. Kiuiu OtlUUn 

A. U. Patten Topekk, 

fen, BnpC, BloomlDlttoD LlDel 

en. BnpI,St.LonliLlneB, 

E D Hell St. Loula, If a. 

en. SupL aalaibnrg Rjr. Lt. ft Pwr. 

Co, R, F.Carley Oaleiburf 

a«B. Bnpt. emncy Llnea 

W. A. Martin yulncf 

Oeo. Supl. Norlham Tlllnols Lt. ft 

r..Co L,W. H'it OtUwa 

iopt. Chinwo, 01t«wa ft PeotiB 

„, F,B.Pi-. 

en. Hunt, DanrlUe SI. Ry. ft Lt. Co. 
J, K, .lobnwn. 


R F, I 

",' w',''B«d™.''. !'.','! ." '.". r.",',' XriMUB 
0«D, i>apt. UrbanLCharapBlgnRy, Oh 
A Blec, Co, P, W, Bed*rd,,ChBn]paleii 
en, 8qpt, JackaODillla Ry. ft 

Lt. Oo, K, H. Gray JackeoBTllH 

en, Sapt. Clinton Om A llec, Co,, 

C, A.CIIne Clinton 

en Snpt, Gain Elee. LL Co., 

AieWioii Ry. LI.' * Pwr, Co,, 



Ita R, R ft 

'f,'H,Ro>fell. .'..,,;, 
,.Mgr,- " 

J, W,l( 
San. flnp 

, Topeka 

M, Q, Linn Del Molnea 

Sen. Bnpt, OakaloouTno. ft Lt Co, 

H, J, Porter Oakalooaa. •■ 

Gen. Bnpt. Cairo Ry, A Lt. Bjitem. 

B, k Roahry ^ Cair 

tittt Gen Hnpt, JelTeraon City Lt„ Ht, 

If Pwr. Co, and JelTeraan City Bridge 

b Tranill Co,, H. 8. Kllby, 

JeffcraonClty. M. 
Geo Supt- No, HIaaonrI Ll. A Pwr, Cf 

R. D. Ball SI, LonH, M. 

PBOHIA PLANT-Ch. Bnir, J. 1 
Rahlllf, » a. c. a E. toi. 4(KM kw. 
ph. M eyi; S»W hp b, Sllr; 8000 lip, Inr 
O, B,; frana volt, «3,000 •; trolley »ol 



O. B; BOOOkw. rraq. cbni.'G, K: tntis. 
volt. sa.DOO V. SB cja. £ 00 cri: troJJoT 
*olt. AM T. 

Pawar acu. st ChtnipaigD. DbdvUIb, 
BloomiQKtoD, Peorlm, TllrBrttin, Dmh 
(or, Urbinn. Jickaoiiillle. Edwirdirllle. 
VmiIo. AtcUiKn. Cairo, La Salic. Oslaa- 
burg, JafleraoD Cllj, Hanellln, Oltaoa. 
CUntDD, Dea Uolnaa, Qnlpcj, Topeka. 
OikalDOiB. Repair abapa at DUTilla. 
VtDicf. JaekHiDTllIc, Bloom IdcIiid. 
SprlngBald, Pmria, Granlla Clly. Slaun. 

II s'nd P*ik and Ball Park. 
" McKtnlei Park, OHawa; 
'Ida Park. Tllton, 111,: 

Danittk, Paoda. Hoinpr and Blpamlni! 

BH nllBa: 4-8K b: 1» P"'- and 910 
TkI. cara: tt Icxioa. and work can. -kW 

a34-PEoHii Br- Co.— onM. tu s. 

Adama SC, IConnecta PsDiia, ATarr- 

Tllle. B. Peoria and Proria BelEbti. 

Pari at Illlnnis Trac Sfatan.) 

Praa. W. B. McKlnley Champaign 

V. Praa. BiM. * 

H. B. Chnbboek Peoria 

&w B. A. HacDDtt Hontreal.Qne 

Troai. Gao. M. Matll* Champalin 

Qen, Andr B. K, Brambla.... 

Andr. Howard Johnaon Peoria 

Oan. -lopl. R. F. Palmblade " 

Claim Adjr. E. C. Cannadaj " 

Bnpt, PalarBradT " 

Fnr.Agt. H. J. Vanoe ■■ 

M. M., A. T. Leeeh '■ 

Boadmaatar, JohnTraey •■ 

Bnargr pnrobaMd; trollar toH, BBO '. 

Rapair ahopi at MOO N. Adama SL 
Baachta Al Fraico Park, Uks View 

SB.Sl milea owned- (M ml. lat m. t.. 
IS mi. 2d ID. I. and IBI mi. eld.) Total 

trail UrvloecarB. " ' " '^ 

{or the Peoria * Pekln Vtalon 

Railroad)— Offlce, Room 3!1, Onion 
Dapol, Peoria. (Onanaota Peoria, So. 
BartooTlllaand Pekln.) 
Free. W.O. Bierd. Tranap. Btdg..CbicaEo 

V. Free. A. C. Rldiiwaj 

Sfc. Geo. S. Croabj 

Treaa. E. T. nibbona. Peoria 

Andr, R. S. Hardin 

Qen. Mgr. R. W. Johnaon 

Claim F«." A Paaa.' Agl! 

B. F.Smik " 

Ch, Eoer. K H. Thorn harrj " 

Blac, Bnrr. O, J". Ptlot " 

If. H., Snpt. Mot. Pwr. A Elec. 

B. A. Park 

Rnadmaaler, O. Thajet " 

Pnner ata. equip. S d. r. O. I. lot. B18 
kw;TOOhp.«,Bekfa; BOOhp.b.Bah. AW; 
trolUr loll. BM •. 

Power aia. and rapair ahopa al Ro. 

Mmllea; iB^g: t motor paa*. and 2 
trail paaa. cara and SB tgl. rut nltbont 
molora; 1 sprinkler and 1 anow plow, 

aSB-Waatern Rja. M Lt. Cn.- 

Offlc*. Peoria. (Bnbaidlarr of Rllnola 

Tracllon Sj'tem.) 
Pr«i. W. B. McKlnlej CbanpalgB 

V. Free. Eier.H.E.ChnbbDck. ...Peoria 
Sec. E. A. Macnntt Montreal. Can. 


1iS7 — RIoomtnttoD, Pontlaa * 
Jollet Bj. Co.— Ofllca, 7S W, Adama 
St.,Cblraeo, (CoDnecla PooUao, Odell 

Prea, Frank J. Baker Cblcaeo 

8bc. Paiil D, Seilon .'.'.'.., ■' 

Trees, John H, Onllck " 

Sup[. (Mra.lA, B. Sella PonUae 

Local Mgr, V, V. Parahall " 

Claim Agt. B. F, Harme Chicago 

SUtlallclan, S, B. Cnihing " 

M, M., E.W.Clark Pontifto 

Power ata. aqnip. I a. e. O . B. ItBO kw . 

BnergT pu'rotaaeed from Pnblle Sarrlee 
Co. or Northern Illinois, 
Repair eboua at PonUae, 111. 
Seacha* Intcrarhao i'lrk. 
ia.70 nilea: 4-SH g: ^ motor pasa.. 3 

QUINCY. 36.798 (IB 19). 

aflS— Qnlnoy By. Co. - Offlce, ISM 

Maine ft. (Fart of lilmols Traction 


Prea. W. B, McKlnlej CbampaU" 

V.PreB,Eifc,n,E,Chobbnck..., Peoria 

Sec, E, A, Macnntt. Montreal. Can. 

Treaa, Geo. M. Mai tie Champaign 

Boprr, Oplg. Bxpendilnrea 

W, J, Achelpohl Peoria 

Oan, Andr, B, E, Bramble Cbampalgii 

PnrAgt.H J.Vance Peoria 

Gan. Snpl. W. A. Martin QaincT 

Paaa. * Oaim Agl. 

J. G. Forslbova " 

Cb. Bngr. i, Bngl. Pwr. Sta, 

RH. Gentry " 

Qiao. Bngr. & U. H. 

L. HecEaiecfc - 

Itncr. MatnL of WaJ A 

Orerhead Conslt. J. C.Wtlliama •' 

Power aU. eqnli.. 9 d. e. B. B. lot. IWO 
kw:Brol, conv. Lot. 900 kw:l«IO hp. e,T, 
C. Ham mo bp. b. Haint: Uan*. toll. 
SS,OOatro11aTTolt.MOi. Spergr alao pnr- 
rbaaed from Hiaei»alppl lUver Power Co. 

Power «la. al Front * State Sta.; ra- 
nair abopa stWih A Hampahlre Rta. 

Reachea Eoldlara* and Sallora' Some, 
He. Park. Indian Honnda. Highland and 
Baldwin Parka. 

... i^j gg ^ji^p 




Isg-Rooktord ritT Traetlon Co., 

omre, IJi-IM Slate Street (CoDtrollw) 
b; IheBockfnrd A IntemrbanRj. Co.. 

Bnargj pn re baaed from RockfordBlae. 

Repair abt.p» at Bochfoid, 
Reactaet Rarlem Park. 
8T.1B Diiiea 4 KU f. M motor paaa. IB 
trail p»n. and 7 aerrlre cara. *M 

a*0— Bookford A Interarban Kj. 

Co.— OIHCB. ia4-lS« Weat BiaK Street, 
(Conltola tbaRockford Cilj Trac. Co.) 
Winn«l»eo, Rocklord, Ctaerrr Talle/, 
Relildare, jloacoe. 111. and Belolt and 
JinasTUie, Wla.) (Controlled bj the 
L'nlDii ItT- Oaa & Elee. Co.) 

Ptaa, B.C. Cobb J 14 Wall St. 

V. Prea. B.J. BecWel.l New Tork.N.T. 

Sd V. Prea. T. M. Rlila RoeMord 

V, Prea , Oen, M«r,. i, Treaa. 

Andr. H. 4 KaaalerV.'.'. '.New York. N. Y. 
Snpl, Tnnipt.C. R. Slmcoi,...Rockford 


Pot. Aft. H. D. Eollenbrak . . . .Bockford ' 

BafttT As*nC, 8. B, Smltb " 

On. FgC. * fm. Ap. 

O. C^booklej 

Oh. Knp. Edwin MKln '■ 

Xlecl, BDgr. S. A Ralgton 

flnargy pmrctuued fram Rockford Blec. 
Oo. ana: lolt, IfcSOO <; troHny rait 


g lub-ilu. tot. <wp. SaOO kw; II rot. 

Bcpalr BhopB Kt Bockford. 

Control* Hulsm P»k. 

sa.ia Dtllei; 4- BMk; M motor l»u..S 
tull pui., 4 fgl, motor, 3 fgt. wltboat 
molon and 8 lerTlce cub, CondncM 
tMlaiptcsotriica, *N) 

S«l— cnlon Ry.. Oai * Blsii. Co.— 

0«n. Offloe, U Wall St., Mew Tork, 
N. T. (Owni 111 the stock of the Spring- 
Held Qu&Slec. Co., Sprlalilsld Con- 
■o1. RwT.Co„Oentr»l IlllnolB Lt. Co., 
Public IrillllleB Co. (Brinirllls. Ind.) 
Rookford * Int«tiirb*D Ry, CcJunei 
ni1<(WiB.ITrmGtIon Co. and the DeKalb. 
8/camor* A lalsrarbsn Tmc. Co, Klao 
owni and operate* coal mine near 
SprlDEfleld.) rControlled thraagb etock 
ownerahip by CommoaireBltb P«r., &j. 
A Lt. Co^ 

Free. Oso. K. HardT New York, N.Y. 

V. Pm. C. If. Clark.... Philadelphia. Pa. 

V. Free. B. C. Cobb Hew York. N. Y. 

Sec. * Treae. 
JusobHekma >- 

AmLSmi. aJ ' Pbllad'elpiila, Pa. 

Aaat.Treatra. I Oeo, Spruue, 

L New York, N. Y 

UO— Ito«kI>lB>id9oath»rnBr.Ca. 

— Offlce, Centra] Trnet Bldg, (Tempo 
rarlly operated by eteam 1 (Connectt 
DaTenpnrt and Mollns, Rook Tiland, 
Aledo, Aleili and Honmoolh. IIIIdoIb; 
operaUaAledo Terminal Rt.) (ControU 
Rock laland Southern Railroad, >nd 
le In Inm controlled bjr HlMlillppL 
VallBT By. * Pwr. Co.) 
Prse. B. C.WaHh Cllnlo 


8m. a Geo. Hgr. 

J. W. Walib 

AMt. Oea, Mkt. an Cbarfe Operatic 

Traffic A Snoplla) 

George W.QiiaokeabuBh.. Rock Iilai 

Treae. C, B, Walih Burlington, I_. 

Aut. Treaa. W.C^. Tubba Moamontb 

Ch. Amt. T. D, UabeIE.'.....RockIiland 

flnpt. O. 0. GrIlBn " 

Fit. Claim Age » Ch. TarlS 

Bnrean, B. O.Andaraon " 

H. U.H.J. CaaETOTa 

Blmllea: 4-8Mg. ami 

ai-S — Trl-01t7 RbIIwkt Oo. of 
lUlnota— Office. IRW Third Are.. 
Rock bland. (Conoeota Rock Island. 
Hollne.Seara and Milan.) (Controllad 
bT the Trl Cllj By. A Lt. Co.) For 
omcera. see Trtrfty Railway Co. of 

RW«lr abopaat Rock iBland. 
Own* Watoh Tower Park. Rock lal 
and Campbell'a Inland, Watartown. 

S44 — HUalssippl Volley By. t 
Pwr. Co .— (Conlrola Rock Ial(n< 

J. A. Htnlar Davenport, I>. 

Asa, K. A. Walsb Clinton. Is. 

'Tiea*. 0. W. (jaaokenbuah 

Central TrnetBldg., Bock laland 

d ihrongh * 

the Union Ky., Ou A V.ltc. 
In tarn Is oontroUed by Com- 
monwealth Pwr., By. A U. Co.) 

' ' ' U Wall St., New York, N. T. 
(B. J. Beobtel '• 

»,,_,. J Oeo. MjT. & Pur. Agt. 
■ "•"*•< A. DlTllackle. . .Sprinifleld 
[Blntord Wilson [^ 

aat. Sec. R.K.Bddj.... '..!.. " 

real. B. L. Stnrtevanl " 

ait, Treaa. H.B, Wolff. New Yorli, N. Y. 

_Ddr. Tboa, P, Horrla Sprln^eld 

Oen, 8apt, Joseph O'Hara..,. " 

01. Ant F. F. Whipp ■■ 

M. M. Pranlr P. McHell 

Ftoadm. A Engr. Ovbd. Const. 
O.A Bengal, So. Oth St.. " 

Bnergj purcnMsd from HnrlnirOeld Gas 
A Blec. Co,;trelley 

- ■ ■ 11 

C . 

atke and llUnol* Stat* 

IG iiillea:'4-»i g; W motor pa 
paaa. and « other car*. 


<Se« No. IVS.) 
STKBATOB. 14,S04. 

[ward* Rlrei Power Ci 

sn.OOO t; trolley volt. bSO r. 

Repair shops at Traction Bldg. 

ReachH Fair Qroanda. diantanqaa 
Park and Base Bal) Park (owned). 

«.lmtlaa;4-^g; 14 cars. AGO 


(See Ko. 914.) 


fltT— Centn 
Ice Co.— F 

Snpt. Kelly WlgEln TaylorTlll* 

Trolley volt. WO y. 

a.70» mllea; 4-8^ g; S motor cara and 1 
other car. BO 


«4S — Ksnkiiikee A Drbons Tr»e, 

Co.— omee, IDS Market St.. tJrbana. 
(Connecta Urbana, Champaign, Ttaomta- 
lioro. Rantnnl, Lndlow and Pailon.) 

Prea, Dr. C. L. Van Doren T'rbana 

V.Prea.APor. Agt. U, O. Fowlar Rantonl 


M. H.. Cbas, Blaks TJrbana 

Bnergy pnrchaaed from Illinois Trae. 
System and Cent 111. Ulllltlve Co; tran*. 
Tolt. 88.000 V. g ph. % cya; S rot. conT. 
West. tot. WO kw; trolley volt. «00 r. 

Aviation Field kt Ritiilonl >nd WeBrlatid 
ri P«rt. Piiton, 
g SSmllin: 4-s^ g: 9 motor pwa., I troll 

5UI., I fgt. son 11 aihei cs«. (Co. 
oa gsaeril llgbtlng and power bnfl- 

TOBKVILI^. 431. 



(8h No. ISO] 


OfficcUnlanUldE!, An'dcraon. [Le 

Co., iDdlBnipolli, New Castia A Eut- 
«rn Tricllon Co. (ynd The Mnncie 8. 
PonliDd Tr«c. Co.; opariito Elly !looi 
In AnderiOD, HoDcla. Marlcin, Klwood 
and inlcrurbeii llnei betoeen Isdlan- 
apolli lad Mnncls; Mnncle (nd Blall 
ion; Muncie and UdIod City; Unnele 
and Portland; Aaderaon and Marlon; 
L> Fontaine and Wabaib; AcdanoB 
and Ulddletonn ; Alexandria and Tlp- 
Iod: Indlanapall> and LoginipDrl; 
Kokoma >Dd Pern; Indlinapglli and 
Newcaille. Cnntroli [he Traclion LI. 
& Pwr. Co.) 

Pre*. Arcbnt W. Bradr Andarion 

V. Prei. Phillip Matter 

Sco. A Treaa. W. H. Forie, Jr. . . 

Aael.SM, *Tr»M. 
Manball S. Morgan. . .Pblladelphla. Pa. 

Aodr, W, Sbrojer Anderson 

Qea.Ugr. H. A. Nlcboll 

Bopl.Tranipt. C. B. SecTcr.. 

Pur. Aet. H. R. Blory 

SBpl.Pwr. Pita. PredertekL. Raj " 

finpl. Pwr. Dl8ti.,J.O. Penlnten >■ 

H«al B*i. A Tax Agt. 

GeD.AttT. J.A.VaoOidol 

Claim Adjr. Blmec B. Slick 

Qen. Pall. A TgL AlFt. 
F.D. NorrlBl ■• 

F((l. Claim Ant. 
H. B. Grsalon Indianapolis 

Snpt. MollTB Pwr. 

H. F. Skonden AnderKm 

Bner. H. nrw., L. A. Mllchell. 
AKDBR80tf STA. BQUIP. S a. c. 

WeaU. Krt. SOOO kw. » pb. EG cj«; 7600 

bp. a. R. A B; UOO bp, b. Bab. ft W; 

1 low preunra Paraon'ii tnrbinc lAOO kw: 

hana. volt. Ifi.OOOW.OOO and M,0(» v; Itol- 

ler ">lt. BOO V. 
BATON STA, KQiriP, Sa.e. O. B Inl 

1080 kw. a ph. 2e cji; IBOO bp. e. Cpr; 

too bp. b. Sllr; tniie. volt. 1^00a v; trol- 

lej roll BSO t. 

WeilK. tot. 1000 kw, g pb. IB cji; IMO 

bp. a. Bckje; 1800 bp. b. Stir; tnne. Tolt. 

IB.OUO t; trolle; volt. 060 >. d. c. 

Knncie, Marlon. Blwoe)d. Tiplou, Wlti- 
oiMUtand Portland, 

Owna Monndi Park. Anderson; WtM 
Side Park, Uuncie: Broad Ripple Pklk, 
Indianapolis; Riverside Park, Baton. 

4B6 mhrs: 4-niK; 380 cars, of wMcb 
ISII are elH'trlrally eqnlpped. (Inclnde* 
mlleaEP and eqolpmrot nf luaeed lines.) 

a«Q>_lDdUi>Hpoll>. Mew Gaatla a 
Baatorn Trao. Co* — (Leased U 

Union Tiac, Co, ot Indiana, wblch sea 

M miles; 4.gH K: 8 motor and 1 other 
Dlrs. lOB 


Pros. Wm. Garstang 

Sec. A Trees, C. F. Schmidt " 

Siipi. ft Pur. Agl. 

uny Rntl'dga Beacb OroTa 

Sdc. F. M.*Co.; tol. i trans, volt, 

1100 v; trolley Tolt. (160 v. 
Power Blatlon and repair shops at Seecb 

uirton Trao. Co. 
hnson St., BlnfftoD. 
H anil eld. Lnndess- 
, Warren, LIberlj 

!en. F^. ft Pan. Ael. I. BIlntOD " 

Bnerffyparehased from Indiana General 
lerf Ice Co.. Marlon ; trans, volt. a.OOO T. ; 
rollsyvolt. «D0 ». 

Repair shops at Bluffton. 

Park, Harlon 

Ssub. B _ . . 

Reachea Qoldtbwajt 

33.14 miles (31.M ml. 1 st. m. t. and 1.10 

fre'lKht. R trail 'elebl snd 1 motor service 

(Co. daes IlKbilnic and power 

a. *M) 

COLCMBDH. 9,U1 (1916). 
Af—ContTBl Indiana MRhtlns Co' 

Office, BIO Board dt Trade, Indian 
apolls. (Controlled lijInierfiBfePnblle 
Sarvlee Co. snd Is a BUbsldlary o[ 
Middle West UlllUles Co.) 

les, Harry Reld Irfinlsvllle. Ey. 

. Free. B. Van A rsde] Indlanapolii 

_K. ft Treae. Ira B. Guthrie. " 

SupL, L. «. Brown 

Inrln'n Bk. Bldg. Colnmhu 

Agt.O. H. Dallo* IndUnapoIla 

BatetyUer.James Harmon. .New Albany 

M.J|:.h:H. Bnekmsn '■ 

Bngi. M. or W.. R. J. (TiuMr. . .Colambui 
Bngt. fiYhd. Const. 

W.n. Jennings GreeEnwood 

BnvrBytrom Intsrstate Pnbllc Serflee 
Co. ; trolley volt. tM r. 

S.Dmllea; 44Hk: Gmotorcare. (Com- 
pany rnmlsbes enerBy (or llgbtlne and 
power.) 10 




$155 — Indianapolis, Colun&bas M 
Sonthem Trao. Co.— Office, Colam- 
bas. (Gonnectii IndiaDapoIii, South- 
port, Greenwood, Whiteiaad, Franklin, 
Amity, Edinbarg, Taylorsville, Colum- 
bat, Asalia, Redaineton and Seymour, 
with direct connectTonn for Loaitville, 
Ky.) (Operated tinder lease bv the In- 
terstate Public Service Co. which owns 
all eanipment.) For operating officers 
see No. 275. 

Pres. Wm. G. Irwin Columbus 

V. Pres. Linnie Irwin Sweeney •* 
Sec. A Treas. Hugh T. Miller .. . " 

Bnergy purchased from Merchants 
Heat. A Light. Co., Indianapolis. 

Sub-etas, at Southport. Franklin, 

Columbus and Reddington. 

Repair shops at Greenwood. 

62 miles: 4-8V^ g; 15 motor pass.. 4 fgt. 

motor, 4 fgt. without motors and Sother 

cars. ^ 50 

CRAWFORDSYILLE. 11,164 (1918) 
(See No. 276.) 

CROWN POINT. 8,526. 

956— Gary A Southern Trao* Co.— 

Office, Crown Point. (Connects Gary 

and Crown Pt.) 

Pres. O. L. Wildermuth Gary 

V. Pre«». John Brown Crown Point 

Sec. A Treas. Albert Maack.. ♦* 

Audr. H, A. Dayls Cleveland, O. 

Oper Mgrs. 

The Warren-Bicknell Co., Cleveland, O. 
Snpt., C?1aim A Pur. Agt., 

C. J. FIfer Crown Point 

Energv parchased from. Northern Ind. 
Gas A EJec. Co: trolley volt. 7(X) v. 

1 sub. sta. 600 kw. cap. 

Repair shops at Lottaville. 

15 miles; 4-8V^ g; 4 motor cars. 60 

DECATUR. 4.471. 

%S7— Fort Wayne A Decatnr Trac. 

Co. — Office, Int«rurban Sta. (Suc- 
cessor to the Ft. Wayne & Springfield 
Ry. Co.) (Connects Ft. Wayne and 

Pres. Jas. H. Haberly Ft. Wayne 

Sec. L. F. Kberbach •• 

Trea». H. J. Bowerflnd *• 

Audr. Homer Ruhl Decatur 

Gen. Mer. & Pur. Agt. 

Sam W. Greenland Ft. Wayne 

Gen. Fgt. A Pass. Agt. 

.T.A.Greenland "• 

Roadmatter, A. M. Henry Decatnr 

Energy purchased; trans, volt. 88,000 v; 
trolley volt. 1200 v. d. c. 
1 suD-sta. cap; 400 kw. 2 rot. conv. 
Repair shops at Ft. Wayne. 
21.7 miles; 4-8V^ g; 4 motor and 8 
other cars. itbO 

DUNKIRK. 8,031. 
(See No. 289.) 

EATON. 1428 
(See No. 284) 

EL WOOD. 11.028. 
(See No. 249.) 

EVAN8VII.I.E. 76,078 (1916). 

969 — BvansTiUeAOhlo Valley Ry. 
Co.— Offloe BvanivlUe. (Owns and 
operate! the Bvanf ville Rys. Co: Evani- 
ville, Henderson and Owensboro Ry. 
Co.; Bvansville A Mt. Vernon Elec. 
Ry., Bvansville A Baatam Elec. Ry. 
and Bvansville Terminal Ry., operating 
through cars from Mt. Vernon through 
Bvansville to Newburgh, Rockport and 
Grandview and branch line to Richland. 
Connects with Crescent Navigation Co. 

at Rockport for Owensboro. Ky. Also 

10.98 mlfefl of track between Eyansville 

A Henderson, Ky., owned by the Illinois 

Central R. R.,now electrifled and leased. 

Also controls Henderson (Ky.. Trac. Co. 

and Owensboro (Ky.)CityR)R. Co.) 

Pres. Wm. H. McCurdy Bvansville 

V. Pres. Wm. A. Koch " 

V. Pres. A Gen. Mf r. 

Wm. A. Carson ** 

Sec. A Treas. C. H. Battin *' 

Audr. Geo. W. Wilson •• 

Gen. Supt. A Pur. Agt. 

G.R. Millican 

M. M. Geo. W. Burke " 

Supt. Transpt., E. L. Moore.. . ** 
Ch. W. A. Parker. .Hatfield 

1 portable sub-sta. 

Reaches Cypress Beach and Atkinson 
and Buentes Grove Parks. 

Total mileage and rolling stock: 78.48 
miles; 4-6^ g; 13 pass.. 8 motor fgt., 1 
motor work and 97 stm. fgt. cars; 1 derrick 
and 1 gas. steel ferry boat. ^50 

963— Evanaville, Suburban A New- 
bnrfcb Ry. Co.— Gen. Office. 817 Upp. 

5th St., Bvansville, Ind. (Operating 

elec. pass, service and stm. and elec. 

fgt. service between Bvansville and 

Newburgh and Bvansville and Boon- 

ville, Stephenson and Chandler.) 
Pres., A Gen. Mgr. 

Gus Muhlhausen Bvansville 

V. Rres. A Treas., Chas.W. Cook " 

Sec. Jas. B. Cox ** 

Audr. C. H. Hendricks •• 

Supt Alex. Clinard " 

Roadmaster, J. G. Castleraan. . ** 

Bnergy purchased from Public Utilitiefl 
Co., Bvansville; trans, volt. 18,000 v; 1^400 
kw. rot, conv; trolley volt. 600 v. 

Repair shops at Bvansville. 

Reaches Bamett*s Park and Knebbler*s 

24.25 milea; 4-8^ g; 5 motor paaa., 12 
trail pass., 1 fgt. motor and 169 fgt. 
without motors and 1 service car; 8 steam 
locos. 109 

266— Pablio Utilities Co.— Office, Sec- 
ond and Sycamore Sts., Bvansville. 
(Controlled through stock ownership by 
Union Ry., Gas A Elec Co., whicn in 
turn is controlled by Commonwealth 
Pwr., Ry. A Lt. Co.) (Connects Byans- 
ville, Haubstadt, Ft. Branch, Kings, 
Princeton and Patoka.) 
Pres. B. C. Cobb, 

14 Wall St., New York, N. Y. 

V. j W.H.BarthoId...New York, N.Y. 

Prests. j Gen. Mgr. F. J. Haas, Bvansville 

Sec. C. E. Oswald " 

Treas. C. F. Froellch •* 

Gen. Sunt. J. J. Gei inger ** 

Claim, Fgt. A Pass. Agt. 

James Rollins ** 

Pur. Agt. J. W. Alvey " 

Ch. Engr. Pwr. Sta. 

George E. Sloats " 

M. M., Alex. Newhouse *• 

Power sta. equip. 8 a.c. turbo-gen. O.B, 
^est, Allis C. tot 14.600 kw. 4000 v. 8 ph. 
60 cys; 4200 hp. b. Bab. A W ; trans, volt. 
18 500-20,000 v; trolley volt. 600 v. 

Power stas. and repair shops at Bvans- 

Reaches Oak Summit, Cook's Park, 
Garvin Park. Cook's Grove and Mesker 

68.87 miles; 4^H^ g: 89 motor pass, 
and 11 other motor cars; 1 elec. loco. 
(Company does general Itg. and pwr. bos- 
iness in Bvansville and sells energy to 
Bvansville, Suburban and Newburgh Ry. 
Co.) itW 

FT. WAYNE. 95.000. (1919). 
(See also No. 257.) 

966— Indiana Service Corpora- 
tion. (Formerly Ft. Wayne A North- 
em Indiana Trac. Co.) — Office, 810 

I W. HatD SI. Oinil KDd opereteg cl' 
llDM at Ft. Wayne, Wsb»>h, Tera hi 
LogsntpurC; conneoti Ft. WijD 

Loguuport, LaFn^etlc nod BlaSton 

FtBi. Robert M. Femtel Ft, Wajne 

V. Plea. A Qen. Ugr. 

8. W. GrBenlsnf. 

Sea. A Treae. 

B.E. VordermarlE 

Aaal. Sec. A Ami. TreM. 

W.J. Wooda 

Aodr. F. H. Schmidt Pt. Wayne 

Snpt. TMnsp. R. N, Hemailoe ■■ 
Local Snota i*^- ^ Bcamer. .Ft. Wajne 

„. . (H.HowOT Logansport 

Claim Agt.F.R.FihHIng Pt-WaTue 

Geyi.Paaa.AFgt, Agt. 

Por. A'ltt. F. C. Cnar.'.'. '.'.'.'.'.'.'. 
Klec. Bngi. W. 8. RIcEliMt.... 
Ch.Kngr. Pwr. 8t». 

W. jTHaiwell Spy Bub " 

Sopt. M. of W., n. V. Norford 
Sunt, ot Motive Pwr. 

Arthur W. Kedderaon 

Sapl. Oyerhead Conslr. 

H. O'Brien •' 

— Bd.o. O.K. tot. 2000 kw; »a.c. We«l«. 
G. E. lot. SS,OOD kw. 4000 A STB t. S pG. 
SB 4Moya;*900hp. b. Bab. & W. Stir; 
IB.OOO kw. turb. («m.) O. B.WeaCs: tram, 
Tolt. »S,0(*M00O T ; trolley Tolt. BK t. 

18 anb.-ataa. tot. c»p. 4Wllkw.; Iflrot. 

Power st«>. at Spy Ran and Ft, 
Warne: repair ihopi at Ft. Wayne. 
Boyd Park, HnntLDglon and Logana- 

Beachea RobloeoD Park at Ft Warne 
and Spencer Park at Loganaport. 

mmilea(1891iit*r. ftSlcltJ): t-aUtt; 

»0a motor and M ntber can. (Company 

■ eenaral lighting and power bnal- 


noBABT. 1,71IS, 
aas— OarTABobartTriw.Oa. OlBce 

(Part of Gary Btreel Ry. Co. 

Ptm., Tre'aa. ft Gen. Mgi.'^ *° " "''' 

AdlaiT. Kwing Hobart 

'. Prea. William Earie Gary 

leo. A. J. 8mltli Hobart 

J. m!, OrvilleL. Fr'aiee '.'.". " 

Energy pnicliaaed from Calnmel Blec.' 
rlc Co., Gary. Ind.: tiolliy rolt MOt. 

Repair Bbope at Hobart. 

Raachai Lake Geotge Park. 

G.6 milea (all let m. t.); alas 0.7B mllea 
--ukrtghta; 4.6Hg;am 


I ttg. 

r wltfaoo 



FBBNCH UCK. 1,808. 
aST^French Lick S, Weat Badeo 

I.T8 mlle*^ *-BH g; g motor cart aad 1 
other car. [Operation diacontinned Jnlj 

GABY. l<l,80e. 
(See aiao Ho. £W.) 
ses— Gmry Street Rsllwkv Co. 
0«CB, 667 Broadway. Gary. IFormeriy 
Gary ft Intarurban R.B, CoJ (Con- 
nects Gary, Hammond and Saat Chi- 

Prea, Cha«, W. Cbaae Garv 

Bee. R.M.Scheldl " 

Treae. L. K. Woodward " 

Snpt. ft Pur. AM. T. G. Hamilton... " 

ClalmAgUP. T. Hoilidoy ■■ 

Blec. Ener. tSnpt. Pwr. ft LIn««) 

J.A.Norman '■ 

H. M,. J. P. Gannon ■■ 

Bngr. M. of W. , Fred Kluunel " 

Energy pnrchaaed from Cainmet Else. 

1 aab-ata, cap. EDCDkw.: Irol coot. 

Repair abops at SSd Are. ft Jefferaon 
St., Qary, 

81 milee; 4.8^ g; CS motor paai., 9 
trail paei , 1 fiit. motor. 1 work and 4 
natcarB;2aaowaweep«i, *60 

HABIMONJD, M,171 (1918). 


INDIANAPOLIS. 271,708 (IBlfl) 
(Sea aiao Noa. 2M, KG, 880 and ISO.) 
an— Indluiapolla ft OlnelnnaU 

Xr«o. Co. — Gen. Offlee, RnehTlUa; 
eiccntlTe offloe. Room 310, Trao. Tar- 
njlual Bldg .Indianapoiia. (The Bhelbj- 
Tllle DiTlalon waa formerly owd«] and 
operated by the Indfanapoiis, Bhalby- 
TltleftSontheaatemTrac.Co.) (Om- 
necla lodlanapolU, JnlletU, New Pal- 
•atlne, Headvllle, Fountalntown, Mor: 
rlatown, Qienwood, ConaeraTllle, 
Owrnnvilie, Arlington and Rnahvllleli 
(Th. 8helbyrllle DIt. [onneeto Plre 
Polnla. Now Bethel. Aeton, LoudoD. 
Falrland Hbelbinile, Pre.cott, Wall 

p™ "o™ «S ' ■*??,'°"?l^"»"»*">nt J 

Prea., Ben. Kgr. ft Pnf. Agt. 

„*'.?"■ ^^■"ff Indianapoiia 

V. Pre*. W. T. Dnrbln Anderefln 

Treaa. J. F. Wild IndUnapolla 

Andr. Amoa Bailer " "^ 

Claim Adj., Bnpt. ft Ch. CieTk 

Chaa.Zoiler.. . 

•at. Pnr. Agt, 

Hlaa Theresa Beardon.... " 

b. Engr. Pwr, 8ta. 

Sam'l WagHoner Bnahyllta 

I.M., Geo. W.Sklpton " 

Power ata. equip, 4 a. c, tot. 8000 

w. a. ph. BGcyai SOOOkw. b. Bab, ft W; 
KM kw. etm. tnrb, G.E: Crana, lolt. 88,000 
J trolley Toll. 8800 t. i. ph. SC cya. a. c. 
ft 676 T. d. c. *^ ■' 

PowerBta.and repair ahopi itRuih- 

107 miiea; 4-^ |g; 80 paia. and S 

ipreaacan, *to 

V •— Indluapall* Btreat Ballwar 
Co. (Formerlr IndlanapolU Traction 
ftTenainalCo.—Offloo, •fraction Term- 
inal Bldg.) ( Coneolldal ion or Indian a- 
poliaTrac. ft Term, Co. and leaeed llnee 
of Indianapoiia St. Rwy. Co.) 
Prea, ft Geo. Met. 

Robert I, Todd Indianapoiia 

V Pmati 1 Henf/f^ThomBaon... " 
'■"^"•"■i Charfea 8. Becker.... " 
ec. ft Treaa. Joa. A, McGowan., " 

w!f. Mllhoilaod....' 

udr. L.J, B. Foley " 

Bnpt. Jaa, P. Tretton ■' 

Pnr, Agt. Hairy H.Lloyd " 

Bnpt. Orbd. Canat, Edward Heydon " 
Claim Agt Joaeph G. Brace ., ■• 

Ch, Engt. Thoa. B. McMath " 

Blec. EngT, ft Ch. Kngr. 

Pwr.Sta. Charlea Hogate " 

:.H..J.F. Biward ■• 

Power aU. and repair ahopaalllMW. 
Waihlngtoc St, 
"-TchBi and confeoli Falrrlew Park. 
--. mllea: 4-«U g: S8S motor pa«„ 84 
Dtbet motor and 84 other cara. 4(0 

IS — mteratate PnbUo BervlM 
Co.— Geo. OfBoe, CIO Board of Trade. 
Indianapoiia. (A anbitdlary of tba 
Middle Weat Dtilltlea Co.) (Coctrolf 
Indianapoiia ft Lonlairllle Traction By. 


id CeotisJ iDdlsna LlffttlDg Co, of 
tptnttB DDOar 1«ua tha 
ColBDibiu A Boalbarn 
TnoUan Co.) CooBtct* IndUaapolis 
', Frar"-"- "-"-'■ — "- 

gu. brat uid watei 
file, Kj. 

Prai. HuTj Held 

V. Pm. i Oca. Mgr. 

B. Vu Artdil lodlMupolla 

ScfS. A Trrai. IrB " "■■"—■- 
Pnr. Agt. C. H. I 

8npt. L. M. BroH- 

Clttm Agt. Jime«BuinDii...MewAlbiiiii| 
Gen. Fgt. & Psm. Agt. 

Bert Weedon Indltnapolll 

8npt Pwr. H. C. Bouilog Kdlnbnrg 

K.V., H. H.BDokmBD Scolleburg 

BlM..Eiigr. C. C. Argnbrita, .IndlaoKpolie 
Bngi. K. of W. R. J.CuiteT.....CoJiinibni 

W. H, J«miliigB aremwDod 


ALlg .^ 

lD| Co., trui. TOIL 11.000 

8>abitu. toLcip.IEOkWiflrot.aoDT; 

I mo. gsn. KM. 

Be piir ibon tt GrMnwood . 

81 mllm 44M g. IB motoT pm. 4 fgt. 

motor, i lai. wlthoat moton and G otPtr 

un. i^i" 

-16— Tarro H»«U, Indlumpoll* * 

Sut«ni Truitlan Co.— OOlce, TrM. 

Terminal Bldg.ilndlanapoll*. 

Acqalrsd by purcban the follairlng; 

Indlanapolla Coal Ttutlan Oo.,eoD- 

nectlnglDdlaiispolla, Bee Dsrli.Bildia- 

port and Plalofleld. 10 ml1«; <zt>^nd«d 

Ihli IId* tkrongb CatMribntf, Clap«n, 

Amo, CoataTHft. FUlmors, l!r»iiraitle 

and HarmoiiT to Brazil, total GK mllea. 

IndlaiuHwIu a Wwtern Rj. Co., con- 

naetliig iDdlanapolli. Ho]t. Huron. 

1. Badlar and Danville, I7mUa>. 

- Ili k Baateni By. Co., oon- 

■■ - iraherland.Phll- 

bnnch line from DnnTalth throngb 
Bplcaland to Kew Caetle. H mllei. 

Rlcbmoad Bt. A InterarhanRy. Co., 
GonneetlnR wllb the Indlanapolli & 
Eailern Ky, Co., at Doblln and eilend- 
Ing IbroDRb the town) of Cambridge 
oily sad Centerrllle to Richmond, wllb 

Indlanapolii * Nortbweitern Trac- 
tion Co., conneetlnglndlanapolie, Ad- 
gnria, ZloniTllle, WWteatown. Leba- 
non. ITtmDkfortb.Malberry. Dayton and 
LafayatU, with branch"--"— ' '- 

nilt Co.. < 



J Kllel. MooreiTl 

Brooklyi. Bethan] 
18 ml lea. 

Indlanapplti. Crawfordiillle ft Dan. 
oUi, Clermont. Biawnibari. Plttaboro, 
Liiton. Jamaitonn, TTew RoH. LIdbi. 
bnrg and Crawford tyll I e. U mllei. 

Terre Hiut« Traction and Light Co. 
<Baa Terra Haate.) 
Prai. A Oen. Mgr. 

Robt. L Todd Infllanapollt 

I Manhall 8. Morgan 
V. Preela. i Philadelphia, Pa. 

I Jno. J. Appel...IndlBnapaIli 

Jo«, A. KcQowan •' 

AMt. Bee. A Aaat Traaa. 

W. P. Mllholland. 

Andr. L.T.HUion '■ 

Qan. Snpl. O. E. Jeflrlea Indlanapolla 

Claim Agt. Wm. Tlchenor . . 

Pur. Agt, Harry H, Lloyd. , " 

Qan. Paaa. * Fgt. Agt. 

. Kasr. T. R. H. Danleli. 

ft. Dletbm. a, Bub. Sta 

„h r Charlea H 

pS^N v. Caldw( 
r.*!^' Chae. Oat 

Caldwell.. CiawfOrdaTUla 

. . Indlanapoll* 

Oatsly...... Pbltadelphla 

., Hatch«Der Blohmond 


JobQ O'LaoghllD. . , _ 


Haat. Ueobi. .( J. W. Oeboma. . . Labanoo 

tew. Dnncan..areenfle]d 

TM, 1 O.P.aplllnun Lebanon 

Bi?nl: i F.H.*amBr Oreenflald 

"P"- JA.Qorton Richmond 

Aetg. ( J. E. Hoffner, 
D[> I Brazil A DanTlUa 
Id. CiawfordaTllla 
laid Lebanon 

anpta. < 
Ch. Llnei 

i; ^h] 

Weit Ball. tot. ISO kw; 1 a. e. Bnll. 1000 
kv. g?D T, 1 ph. SB oyi; MOO hp. a. Ham. 
Cor; IHO hp. b. eterllng; IGOOkw. tnrb. 
(itm.l^Weit: trani. toU. 18,800 v; trolley 

800 kwi 1000 hp. a. Bekye: UK bu. b. 
Edge, Sterling; trana. TolL lt,«» t; ttal- 
lay Tolt. 800 T. 

LXBANOH PLANT-I a. o. Q. I. tot. 
MOO kw. 870 T. S ph. n en; 8800 bB. a. 
HaoL Cor: (OOO hp. b. Blerllag; trana. 
TOlt, W,tOO t; trolley volt. «fiO v. 

Allli-C tot. 1400 kw, tl» T. I ph. W rye; 
AUK-C; 1400 hp. b. Starling; 

and Crawford avl lie . 
Repair abopa at Indlanapolii, Green- 


<, KandallTllle. (Com- 

AOen. N 

. M.. Homer Held. . . 

Engr. M, of W., Philip Rolmun " 

Power ila. eqolp. i a. c. 0. E. lot. lOO* 
k>a, 8 ph. W cyi: ItOO hp. b. 8tlr;IMID kw. 
■Im. torb. G.B,{Cnrlli):CTaai. rolt. (8.000 
rollay roll. (00 t. 
4 *ab-itaa. total cap. 1900 kw; 4 r«t. 

Power ila. and rapair ihopt at KMdall- 




41 milti; 4-8^ c; 5 motor pass., 1 trail 
pasa., 2 fgt. motor, 4 fgt. witnoat motori, 
S service and 8 other cara. (Company 
does limited general lighting and power 
buaineaa.) irSO 

KOKOMO. 80,007 (1020). 

978— Indlfuia Rya. A lit. Oo.—Offleea 
1 12-1 1 4 E. Sycamore St. (Operates prop- 
erties formerly known aa Kokomo, 
Marion A Weetem Trao. Co., Kokomo 
Public Utilitiea Co. and Kokomo, 
Frankfort A Western Trac. Co. conslst- 
ine of railway linea between Frankfort 
tLMM Kokomo; Kokomo and Marion, 
also city lines in Kokomo.) 

Prea. Geo. J. Maratt Indianapolis 

v. Pres. L. J. Kirkpatrick Kokomo 

Seo. L. B. Hodgin ** 

Treaa. A. R. Holliday Indianapolia 

Andr.&ABSt.8ec Karl A.(jeoivo. Kokomo 
Aflst Treas., Oen. Mgr. A Ch. Bngr. 

P.H. Palmer 

Aas't Oen. Mgr. & Pnr. Agt. 

C. F. Richardson 

Snpt.of Tranapt.S. R. Humbert 
Gfn. Fgt. A Pass. & Claim Agt. 

C. P. Ryan 

Blec. & Signal Bngr. A. Mellratk 
Ch. Bngr. Pwr, Sta. 

L. C. Fitzeimmons 

M. M., M. S. Ferguson ** 

Bngr. M.ofW., C.S. Head 

Bngr. Ovhd Constr. L. W.Tumer 

Powersta. equip. 4 a. c. turbo^n. Allis- 

C, Westg, G. E. tot. 10,200 kw.SMO v. Sph. 

10 cys; 4070 hp. b. 8Ur; trana.Tolt. 22,000 

v; trolley volt. 8B0 ▼. 

Power sta.and repair shops at Kokomo. 

Reaches Athletic Park (owned). 

82 miles ; 4-8Vi k; 84 motor pass.. 2 trail 

pass., 4 other motor and 16 other cars; 

2 elec. locos. Company does general 

lighting and power business. if^ 

LA FATBTTB. 21,288 (1016) 

(See also No. 260) 

979— lia Fayette Serrioe Co. (Haa 

taken over the La Fayette section of 

Ft. Wayne A Northern Indiana Trac. 


Qen. Mgr. R. W. Ley«ring. . . .La Fayette 

Ch. Bngr. Pwr. Sta. V. H. Cox. . ** 

M. M. H. Creasey ** 

Power sta. equip. 2 d. c. G.B. tot. 100 
kw: 4 a. c. tot. 2000 kw. 875-2200 v. 2 






&8ph. 26 & 60 cys; 1600 hp. e. Ham. 
Cor; 2400 hp. b. Stir; 1000 kw. Westg, 
turb. (stm.); trans, volt. 83,000-6600-2200 
t; trolley volt. 660 v. 

Power sta. at foot of South St. Repair 
shops at 10th A Ferry Sts. 

Reaches Tecumseh Trail Park. 

25 miles; 4 8^ g; 20 motor and 8 other 
cars. *50 


(See No. 240.) * 

LA PORTE. 18,202 (1016). 
(See No. 291.) 

LEBANON. 5,474. 
(See also No. 276.) 

980 — Lobanon-Thorntown Trao. 

Co.— Office, 106 Market St., Thorn- 
town. (Connects Lebanon and Thorn- 
Pres. A Gen. Mgr. Robt. P. Woods 

1600 Grand Ave., Kansas City. Mo. 
Vice-Pres. Frank M. Reed...I]idlanapoliB 
Sec., Treas., Supt. A Pur. Agt.. 

Geo. S. Hill Lebanon 

Bnergy purchased from Terre Haute, 
Indianapolis A Eastern Traction Co. ; trol- 
ley volt. 680 ▼. d. c. 
Repair shops at Lebanon. 
10 miles: 4-6Hg; 2 pass. ears. ^70 

LOOANIPORT. 21,046 (1916). 
(Bee also No. 249.) 

981— Indiana SerTioe Corporation 

For executive officers, see Ft. Wayne. 
Local Supt. 

R. Howey 81 48d St.. Logansport 

Sub-sta. equip. 1 rot. con v. BulTeOOKw. 
600 V. 

18 miles; 4-8^ g; 8 motor and 6 trail 
ears. -kbO 

MARION. 19,884. 

(See Nos. 249 and 27&) 

(See No. 276.) 

BCIOiiiaAN CITY. 21,612 (1916). 

Ji88— The Chloago, Lake Shore -A 
8k>ath Bend Bjr. Co. — Offlee, 

Michigan City. (Controls The Indiana 
Harbor Line and Kensington 4( Baatern 
R. R. Co. (leased.) (Connects Chicago. 
Pullman and Kensington (HU and 
Hammond, B. Chicago, Indiana Harbor, 
Gktry, Michigan City, New Carlisle and 
South Bend, Ind.) 
Chmn. of B., F. H. Gtoff.... Cleveland, O. 
Pres. A Gen. Mgr. 

C. N. WUcozon Michigan City 

y. Pres. S. H. Toiles Cleveland, O. 

Sec. A Treas. R. R. Alexander ** 
Audr. Frederick Pantel . . . .Michigan City 

Supt Jas. K. Gray *^ 

Claim Agt. F. J. Lewis Meyer.. South Bend 
Traffic Mgr. L. P. Forbes. . Michigan City 

Pur. Agt. H. F. Kirk " 

Roadmaster, J. A. F<Mrsyth. . ** 

Power sta. equip.4 a.c. turbo-gen. Weitg. 
tot. 10.000 kw. 6600 v. s. A 8 ph. 60 A^ 
cys; 4000 hp. b. Stirling ; trans, volt. 88,000 
v; trolley volt. 6600 v. s. ph. a. o. 

Power station and repair shops at 
Michigan Cit/. 
Reaches Lake Park. 
100 miles (single ph. catenary) ; 4-8Hg; 
20 motor and 72 other cars; 2 elec. locos. 
(Company sells energy for lighting and 
power.) *W 

(See No. 262.) 

MUNCIB. 86,624 (1920). 

(Bee also No. 249.) 

384— Mancie* Hartford A Ft. Wayne 
By.Co.— (Leased to the Union Traction 
Co. of Indiana, which see for officers 
and power plant equipment.) 
Power sta. at Baton. 
Owns Riverside Park, Baton. 
a miles; 4-8H g ; 12 cars. 60 

NEW ALBANY. 28,629. (1916) 

385— Lonlsvllle A Northern By. A 
Ltg. Co.— Office, 188 E. Spring St. 
(Connects Louisville,Ky., JeffersonviUe. 
New Albany, Watson and Sellersburg, 
Ind.. and branch to ChaHestown, Ind. 
Operates over Kentucky A Indiana 
Bridge A Ry. Co. between Louisville, 
and Mew Albany, and connects with In- 
dianapolis A Louisville Trac. Co. at 
Sellersburg, Ind., giving through service 
to Indianapolis. Subsidiary of the 
Middle West Utilities Co.) 

Pres. Harry Reid Louisville, Ky. 

y. Pres. A Gen. Mgr. 
L. D. Spragle New Albany 

Seo. Jl Treas. Ira B. Guthrie, IndiaaapoliB 

Supt. L. M. Brown (Tolnmbus 

Claim Agt Jas. Harmon . . . Louisville. Ky. 

Gen. Fsl. A Pass. Agt 
Bert Weedon IndlanapoUs 

pnr. Agt C. R. Bohannaa . .New Aloany 


V.PniB. ftOeu.Hgi. 
B. T>D Andal tndiAuapolii 

Bm. ATreu. Itb 8. antbrle 

Andi. H. F. MeColiln " 

o„„,, J Rf. L. M. Browo Colnmbai 

oopw. -j p^j g p Boii»loB.,.8colt«burg 

Pot. Agt. C. H. Dallow IndlAnapolla 

Olatm Agl. Jal. HBimon.,.. " 

0«n. Fgt. A Pm). Af-I. 


Blec. BiiEr. C. C. Argkbrite., " 

Ch.Enp. WeileiH«rtlej....8cott«bnrg 

Roodnuet'T, Ju, B, aii'tua'. ,'. ■■ 

Popm lU. sqnlp. S d, c. G. B. (oL 1200 
kwj ISODbp.e.Aint-C; ISOOtap.b. Bab. A 
Wj. trSQB. A trollej Toll, lau t. d. c. 
Pover «ta, and rep^r ibopi «t BcotM- 

4-^ g; g motoT paai.. S otbec motor And 
7 otbec Dan, (Co. lelli eD»itrv In HcAIU- 
burg Haulcipallty tor llgbUDg BcotM- 

sHRLBxviLu. la.svsims) 

(Bea No. £71.) 

aouTH BBiTD. ea.Mfl (iDia). 

(Bas Alaa No. «^.) 

asI—ChlOBKo, SoDtkBend AVarttt- 
em Indluw Rj. Co.— Offlee. 10* K. 

HlcblguSL, aofltb Bend. (SQOcaaMT to 
tb* Noitbarn iDdiuu Rt. Ca.,«hlcb In- 
oludea tba Indlua B;. Co., Sonlh Band, 
La PorH A Hlcblgia Cllr Kt. Oo„ 
Michigan CltT Tiac. Co.. and lb< rall- 
waT of MIob. City Elec. Co.) (Coo- 
Dacta South Baod irlita Qoihan, Elk- 
hart, LaPDrteandMicbtganClCT.) 
Prea. Ohaa. P Dlaterlcb 

a Rector St.. Naw York, N. T. 
V. Free. Chu.M. Murdock ... .La Parotla 

aen. Mgr. R. R Smith South Band 

Sac. Bam'l T. HardDCk Indlaoapolla 

Trsu. A. B. Diaertcb 

i Hector Stntl. Hav York, N. Y. 

Aodr. n. A. Small Soalh Beod 

Snpt, Trampl. W.W.Wateraon " 

Pur. Agt. R. E. Comwell " 

Claim A«|t. F. H.Warren 

Gen. Fgt. A. Paaa. Agt. 

8npt. of Sub-ata*.' B.'cl'itwer " 

SnpC Equip. A M. U, 


Roadmaster B. B. Wolfe " 

Bool. Ovbd CoD«tr. 

D. C. Bonlbworth ■' 

DiT.Sopt.(Eaat) Wm. Habn Blkbart 

DW. 8npt. (W»it> 

W. B. Ksmba Uicblgao City 

EnergT purcbaied; Iran.. toiT. 86,** 
t; trolTej volt. eOO t: baa lab-alan. at 
Hlctalgan Cltr.La Porte. Rolltng Prairie, 
LjdtcG, Sooth Bend, Twin Bnnch. Elk- 
barl and Dnnlap; repair ihapa at Boutli 

lUachea parka Id Bptlngbnwk, (oWDsd) 
South Bend. Pine Laka aod La Porte, 

189 milea; 4-8H gi 1 1« motor and » other 

aB4— BoDtheni Hlohlrptn Rj, Co>— 
Ganeral oSca. 109 N. Mlcblgao 81., 
Sontb Bend. <Contolldallon of lb* 
SoDth Bend A Boatbero Ulchlgan Ry. 
and the Rlieg A Buchanan Rt. Co.) 
(Connecia Booth Band, Ind. and MIlea, 
Barrlan Nprlnei. Scoltdala and Bl. 
Joeapb, Hl,^b.) 

Praa. Chaa. F. DIateiicli 

a Rector St., Nan York, N. T. 

V. Prea.Cbaa. U. Ituidock La FafatU 

Sec. S.T, Hardock Iiidtaoap<4la 

Treaa. A. B. DIetarlch 

t Rector St. . New York, N. Y. 

Aodr. O. A, email BoDth Band 

Oan. Hgr. R. a Smith 

H. 1I.,H. H.BuckMUi New Alban; 

Bngr.M. of W., R, J.Caiter. ■> 

Bngr. Ovbd. Conitr. 

W. N. Jennlngi Oieanwood 

Energy pnrcbued from United Oaa A 

Elec. Co.;tnna. lolt. 11,«)0t, mllei; iSit e; IS motor paaa. 

and 21 otbai oari. (Company fnr- 

Dlahaa eneiey tor llgbHag Charlailown.) 

■8«— Iau lavlllo A SoBtkern IndlBiia 

Tra«. Co.— OIDae, ISa Baat Spring 
etreat. New Albany. (Owna and 
opaiataa Inlarorban llnaa belwaan New 
Albany and JaSeiaontilla, JeSenoo- 
Tllle and Lonlarllla. and Highland R. R. 
Co. Bntsn LanUTllla OTat the C. C. C. 
A St L. bttdga. Leaaea Nc» Albany 
St.Ry.lOnillea.) (SubaldlaryotMlddlt 
Watt truiitlea Co.) 

Prea. Harry Reld LoniaTlUa, Ky. 

T. Praa. A Gan. Mgr. 
L. D. Bpragla Naw Albany 

aeo.*Treaa. InB. aulhrla. Indlanapolli 

Snpt. L. H. Brown ColambuB 

Qeu. FBI. A Paaa. Agt. 
Bert Waodon IndlanapoUa 

Pur Agl. C, R. Bobanpan., .New Albany 

Claim A«l, Jaa. Harmon 

Ener-'a. "of W., B, J. Cnatn 
BngT.OTbd. Conatr.J.O BndHa " 

Baergy purchttaed fram Dnlted Oaa A 
Blec. Co. st New Albany; Irana. TOlt. 

Reaehea Qleuwood Park. 

£106 mllaa; 4-^< g; " motor naaa. 
and ID otber ura. 


PERU. 1S,*10 Cl««). 

aST— IndlkUk Beivle« Corp — Sea Ft 

S.G*miin; *-BH S! a motor cara. *BD 

Innola A PortUnd Trmo. 

>.-Offlce, Portland. {Conoectr Mnn- 
9, DeSoto, Albany, Dunkirk. Radkey, 

gee No, Its. 


V.Prai. Wm. C. Ball ■' 

Sac. O. A. Ball •' 

Tresa. P. C. Ball " 

Aaat. Saoy. A ABa^ Treaa. 

W. H, Forsa, Jr Andanoi 

Oeo, Hgr. H. A. NIobolI " 

Snb-aU. at Albwiy. 

t> mllaa; 4«4i: T motor and 4 otbai 

rBlMOBTON. B.448. 
(SeaNo. tS«.) 

BIOHMOND. 84,UT ilOlB). 

(Sea No. STfl.) 

Bi;aHTii.iJt. t.ns. 

(Sea No. mi.) 

800TT8BURO. 1,M». 

•VO-Indlanapalla A LaDla*lll< 
Trac. Rv. Co, — onca, ElO Board 
of Trade, IndlanapoUa. (Controlled by 

Sinpaeta with IntaralatePobUcSeiTlee 
. at Ssymoor and Lonlarllla A Nortb- 
em Ry. A Ltg. Co. si Sallnabnrg: con- 
neeta Seymour. CrothenTllla, Bcotta- 
borgand Sellerabntg.' 
Fni.a>rry Bald 

IT AS ASH. S,7S0. 

Oeo. Fgt. A Faas. Agt 


Bust. BgDlp. C. B, Atklwou. . " 
Snpt. DrSotHltu. B. C. Eager " 

RDSdiDMetai 8. E. Wolfe. Elkl 

Snpt. Ovid. Con«tr. 

Euergr pnrcbBBed from Indlanm £ M 
Igan Erec, Ca; tnuii. voll. 25,000 v; 1 

WARSAW. 4,480. 

AWsrsawRy. Conn_ ._ 
burr, Ulirord, Hllford Jtu 
PsrOl, Gtoshen, M«nU)ne, Wi 
Gllead, Akron, Chill and Pe 

, (LflSKB WtnuDS 

.(3. Iciisde.... 

„.. 4FBM. Agt. 

JobnO. Motto 


CbM. Slglsr 

RpidmsBter, Cbaa. Knae... 
?Din. Overhead ConitT. 

"" "1"\P^* '- "^ 


TE Bante & Wstlera 
Lending from Pula, 
la Slate Line, lO.SS 

Brazil, at «blch point it Jolna wltli 
Brull DlT. or the Terre Hante. lod 
opoliB & GustBTn TnLC. Co., tiuliiDea 
tbrongh lino from Teire Haute to In- 
diaoBpolle,) (Leased In Terre H 

IndluiKpolle, which see for ge 


Qen. Mgr, E. M.Walker Terrel 

Bnpt. Rt. •» U. M. 


Clilm Agt., Jeiie McComb... 

Pnr. Agt. D. F. React 

BlBo. Kngr. J, A. Norman.... 
Ch. auar.Pwr.8t».P.D.ffhip 
Eqgr. M. of W. 

Wm. D. Wallace 

EnET. Ovhd. Conetr. 


Power Bta. eqnlp. 6 a, c. Q. E. tat, 
kn. StDO*. «pb. SOctb; 64fl) bp, b. 
T. Olimai ; 2U.O0O kw. turb. (stm.) 
tram. YOlt. 2.S.S00 r: trollBT voll. 60 

Paner slal 
Terre Haoti 
Ave., Terre L 

RBMliei Lake Vie" FHk.Cht 

j.b.Bn'b. *W; .i.u.. .-... ™, — ■. 
ollej voll. 660 Y. 

Power BU. and repair abopBal Wlnon« 


ml »ll.,i. in Inrnr motor pSBB., 4 citf 

ir,li other motor, 

' TFornTaheriiehting for Leeaburg, 
L, rientone, Akrin anS Gllead.) ft 

■ SBn-WlnDDB t IVuHvrRf. Co.— 

Le^d'to The Winona Inlemrban Rj. 

Co. whlib eee for olDcerB.) 

a.S miles: t-S<4 g; 5 motor pasB. and 

I city trail pi 

at Wsbe 

<a Park 

te Troltina Park. 
B7.W milu* (including It 
Terre Hante Be Western R. __ ,. . ,. 

motor °Sd''froi\ie? can.'^PnAl'S" 
energy for UehUne aod motor if— '- 
In Terre Haute. SeelevvUle, Stan 
■■ RnlghtBville. Vermillion 




TINCKNNEa, 17,646 (Iflie) 
»*4 — Tlnosnnei Traction Co— 

once, 10<n Falrgronnda Ave. 

BecalTer,E. C. cWbnId Vlncennen 

Cbmn. Bd. 

8. A. OulbertBO 
Prw. APur.Agt, 
V. Pre* JobnT. 
Bet.Ti - ■ 

r. Bojd. . 


BnargT purcbasei] from The Indiana 

Refwliahopeat lOarPBlrgrouudBA.-. 

BeacblB Lakeivood Park (ownedl and 
Bsrmonle.IlBiTlBonHiidColnmbla Parke 

g.llmlleaowDed <4.4&ml, letm.t., I.e. 
ml. Ssdm. 1. and O.ST ml. eld.) Total mllea 
wuMed a.lB: 4-8U g; IS motor pais., S 
MO put. and 1 trail •errle* car. AW 

aBT-AlbU UBht *Rr. Co,— OtB<* 
ION. Main at, (Mnccesnor to SonUum 
la. Rj.ALl. Co.) (Con necuAlbla with 
Hocking and Hitemui.) 

Frea. Albert L. 

Free. Herl 



TtDadmaatO'. JOBeph hDiuiurui . . . . . - 

nh. BnRr. D D. Plnmb " 

Engr.UThd.Conatr. p. K. JeHeri... " 

Power ata. equip. 4 d. c. Weatg, Ft. W, 
tot, HO kw; e a. c. AlUe-C tot. SOO kw. 
moOT. Sub. to cvsi 1000 bp, e. Allla-Ci 
TBOhp. b. Mur; traua, vott,IS,a»v; trol- 
ley voll. 800 V. 

RepalrftbopB at Albla. 

Beaches Urban Park (owned). 

ID mllea; <-8W e : S motor care and lotbar 
car. (Co. doealtg.) *i<l 

aes — Fort UodKe, Uei MdIuui Jt 
Suntliern U. R. Vo.-Offlce, Booae. 
(OperalsB Btrael ratlwBys Id Ft. DodRB 
KDd Amea, and conDrcu Fori Dodge, 
HooDa, Amei, Rockwell Cltf, WebiUr 
Cllj, Lablgh Bud Das Molnea.) 
Pcea ^ Sell. Mk'- C. H. Crooli»...iloune 
Sec.Tceat.AAudr.F.M.Jiihnaloii " 

BbpLC. M.KellHy " 

Pnc.Ag[.Q.E.MnIa " 

TraBliMgt. Chu. ataclteU " 

Oen. FKt. « PiH, Ag[. F. M. Stesle " 
6apt. M.orW,.L. E.aKguon... . " 

Bopt. P«r. B. T. MotlluBar ■' 

Ch. Kngr. K.L.Cooper " 

Bleo. Eugr. D. K, L«wLa " 

Blgul BDgr. tf . Funsdobl " 

Bngr. Pwr. SCb. B, S. BryMD Frai 

Bngr.'Ovh'd. Conitr.'D.'k.'Lewle. " 
Power BU. eqqlpt: E s.-e. tnrbo-ge 

Pwt. ata. Ql FrBBcr: rep^r ebopa ai 


]8S,;4milBB owned (149.81 ml. lat m. t., 
aa.M ml. Bid): alao 4.H mllea liaiwd, 
ToMl mllea oparated 163,0»; 4-aW M: 34 
■iiou>r paal., 8 trail piaa , 9105 trail freight. 

II elec. locoB. (CompaDj doea general 
llgbtlDg ImBlDCaa.) *<0 

_ jpLTrauap, Job B. KlHtl. ... " 

Claim Agfa, 
tarii(«,ChBml>iirl*UAHaDzllk " 

. Engr. r, M. Ford '■ 

■owor ita. equip. 3 I.e. AHlB-O, tot. ISSO 

_.-: 8000 hp. e. illig-C; 1800 hp. b. KrU 

City; trolley volt. B00». 

■hopa It D Ave.' £ iod SI. 

sa.m rollcB; iSyig: 40 motor paae., 9 
lr«ll pa««., I fgt. motor and t olher cart. 

308— Iowa Br- A Lt. Co.— Qbd. oOlce, 

Oedar Haplda. (Coniolldatloa of ib* 
Cedar Ripida A lona Cltv Rt. A Lt. 
Co., MarloD Lt., Ht. S Pwi. Co., Mar- 
ihalliown Lt.. Pwr, A Ry, Co.. TaiM 
& Toledo Elec. Ry. ± Lt. Co.. Cbelaes 
Eloc. Lt.Co., Boone Else. Co. and Part 
Eloo, Lt,, Pwr. * Htg. Co.) (Operatea 
an iDterorbaD electric rkllwiy con- 
necUng Cedu Rapid), Switbai, North 
Liberty, Coralvllle and loire C19; 
' ..--..-- - inneeting Cedar Baplde 

Mt. "V 

□ aud Llab 
a UnrBhaHlonD i 

cal a 

Local Mgr. P. W. Lloebaugb Booi 

Oh. Bngr. PHf. ata. 

William Rhlenbart " 

U.H.M. E. Kemmerer " 

Power (ta, eqnip. 1 d. c. Allla-C, 81 
1n>; a a. c. a. E. tot, SIXH kw. 1900 < 


oil. aoo *. 

8th R(. 

ea lighting. (IhsUIIIti 

m *at^a''o 
lOm'ltw'. G. E. lui 

SOO-UarllnKtan Rj. ii I.t. Co. 

-UarllnKton B 

Bee. BIS Jeff traon ; 

Chaa. S, Woodward " 

3npt. E. F. W)n«low " 

Gen. Mgr. i, Pur. Agt, 

Bontharland C Dowa 

Oh. Engr. J. D. Wardle " 

Sapt. »ale« Dept., J. B. Blake " 
Mecb. &E]ec.BDgr. 

■ ihn M. Drabeira 

, Eleo, Engr.. J. W. Bowa " 
ie\\\DK Evig. 

ihnW. Mw HarahBlltowB 

Elson. E. F. Wreaaell. .Cedar Raplda 
Ch, Engr. Pwr. Stna. 

M. M., John MunioD.' .'.',".'.'.' 

lalp. (Cedar Baplda) 1 d. E. 

S00v;Ba.c, Weatf, Alll*- 

ao.wm irw. eaoo t. 5 ph. to 

1. 1 W; 19,000 

C. G. K. t 
cyai^SOM h 

>. Allla-( 

V, Prea. M. A. Walab Bnrltngton 

8ao. *Traaa J. W. WalBh..,.DaT6npotl 
Qbd, Mw. A Par. Agt. 

Bnpt.'D. b.'Sentdnger 

Sopt. Tfwapt. PraBliH.Wan 

Ba.OOOv; tt 

equip. coiiBlelB ofB-BOO kw. AIHe- 

C. SSOO-i. 2-pb, 60-CTcIe Terllcal ma- 
jtaloea; oltlmste eap. EOOO lew. (1 ad- 
.... ., ._, ^^g, J 

aiTM^Pwr. Co.; 4 d, c. a. E,, WMtg. 
tot. IIBO kw; 3 a. e. Q. B. tot. lEOO kw. 
SJOOv.Sph. (ncTa:Saoa bp. b. Hmp. Cnr.. 
St. L. Cor., Ttai; MOO hp. b. Belue, Bab. 
* W ; 1400 kw. mrb. (aim.) Weilg; tr»lil. 
Krtt. «aaO t; trolley »oU. 6B0 t. 

Power BtA. at 4tb A Valley Bla.; rapilr 
ahopi at LoCDil A HkIp SK. 

BaacbatCnpoiuidUadleDn Aic. Parka. 

Sa.B mllea; 4-«U g; SS motor and M 
other eara. Fninlthea energy for llgbl- 


ar liapldB, Kawood Park 

%tA UarloB.) (Controlled byjtb* Unit*] 
Lt. A By*. *- ' 

Power eta. ai Cedn Rapid ainptlrBbopi 
t Cedar Raplda,Boone and Haraballtowo. 
tl.iKmllaa: 4-8Mr;T molar paai., Slrall 

..laaa., 1 fgi. moior. and 1A other care; 

3 dec. locnB, Company rnrelahn Ufbt, 
iwer and (team hpat and doaa general 
debt hnilneaa. handling atiDdird can 
I lt« fr..-!ebt llnea. *M 


a Co. 

Csnterville Lt. & T.„. _- 

acquired the Centerville, AJbIa g[ 
Sonihorn Ry. Co. (OperitM UiUH rron 
CentenlUa to Hyttlc and tr*ni CenUr- 

Darld G. Fltber DiTenport 

V. Prea. 
John C. M 


e, Wti. 


Gen. M(r. A Pnr. Agt. 

H. W. Deinlnger ContoruUlf 

Bnpt. J. H. Bsim 

Cb. Engr, X. Jaoobeon " 

Claim Agt ft Tn&c Her. 


Bnp. Orhd. Conatr. 

H. K. L«pg«D«akar " 


RosdmasMr B. C. SIlMa " 

Powar sts. equip. 4 >. c. Q. E„ Weit., 
Allli-C. tot, Wg> kvn. SaOO r. t ph. flO cjb; 
tB >tm. e Allli-C., Mnr.; SiOO lip, b. Bab. 
A W., Edge; Saati kw. etni-tnrb. Weet; 
tram. t»1u 38,000 & 18,200 v; troilej toIi. 

Power Bla. and mpalr aliuos at Cenler- 
silli; ■Qlj-ilBs.alMl.Ayrandl.Bnn. 

Heaohes aiea Haean Fack (nwimd). 

Bt miles (83 ml. let m. I.. S ml. aid,): 
i.8K g; B io»lor pBsa. 1 trail paae, , fl motor 
freigbt and 3 IraU eerdog art; 3 eler;. 
Kkob. (Traffic agreemenla witb Chgo. 
B. & Q, CbEo,. M. & 81, P., Chgo, H, I, & 
P.. Wabash and Mpla, ft at. L. Kallroada.l 
(DiMageaenil lij^btlDgandpowErbUBlnees 

SOB.-Cbarlea Clt} Wsatern Ry.Co. 

— Oflica, Cbarlaa Cliy. (Comiecu 

Obarlaa City, Colwall. Oakwood and 

Marble Rock.) 

Pr»i. B, M. Sherman Charloa City 

latT. Piei. Kt Gen, Mgr, 

B. R. EraabertBr " 

faid V. Prea. P. E. Qatei . . . Marble Rock 

Sec. C. B. Parr ObarlraOty 

Traaa. M, W. Bllla 

Andr. J. F. CbrlatlaDBen..,. 

Bnpt, L. J. Smith " 



Energy pqrcbaaad from Cedar Valley 
Blec. Co. law r. d. c. 

Rep^r ebopa at Charles City. 

tamUaa; 4-SKg; Bmotor pajta.,SS trail 
tnlgbt and l motor eerrlce car; S else. 
loco*. (Company bandies freight,) 

CLINTON, M,0»1(19IB). 
(See also No. 30B) 
SOB— Clinton St. ttj. Co. — ODc). 

Ollntan. (Oontrols Sixth Arenue and 

Eagle Point Llnea. OODBecla Cllnian 

and Lyons. I 

Praa. C. H. Tanng Clinton 

V. P«», H. C. Largan " 

TruB.C, C.Cot,B..'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.y.'.'.'.y. " 
Sapt APnr. Agt. B. Bohneon.... " 
' Bneigy purcbagsd Irom Clinton Gaa ± 

Repair abopa at Randolph & «th Bta. 

Bsachu Eagle Point Park (owned). 

18 mflaa; «SM g: St cara. (Company 

hirniabaa energy for atatlonaiy motor",) 

COLFAX. 2,B07. 

(8h aleoNo. 3ia.) 

*07-Col(>i Sprlnsa B^.-ORlce. Col- 

fkl. (Bilenda from Depot Id Colfu lo 

Hotel Colrai.) 
Fret ftTreaa. Jaa. P. Donahii^...,Col(Bi 
V. Praa, A Sec. K, S. H. Domihue. . '■ 

Power ata. and repair ahopa at Hotel 
Colfii; trolley volt. BOO v. 

1 niUai tSiie: 3 cars. 70 


•D8— Ommha A CooddII BlufTs Ry. 
m Bndce Ca.-(Leai>d to the Orna- 
kaAOonneUBlnlhBt. R]r.CD.,Omaba. 


Prea.Qeo.B. Wright Oonnell Blniti 

V. p«a. G. W. Wattles. ...Omaha, Bab. 

Sec. Cbaa, T. Stawatt CoQncil Bloffa 

TrsM. J. P. areensblelda... 

PowersnppUed from Omaha by leaaes. 

Reaches Lake Uanawa Park. 

M mllu; 4-8U g; M motor and IS other 
cara. eo 

(See alio Nob. Mi and 40!.) 
SOB— Clinton, DHvenport * Hna- 
ctstine Ry. Co.— Office. I36-T W, 8d St. 
(Cnnnecia Cllolon, Shafflon, Prtnoeion. 
LeClalra, Plaaaant Vallaj. Bettendort, 
Da veo port, Bine Grses. Pie aaantPralri& 

o»oa Ibe local lines In Muscatine.) 
(Controlled by tba Tri-Clty Ry. A Lt 

Proa.B. J. Denman Dayanpofl 

V. Pres. A Gen. Mgr. 

J Q. Hunloon 

Treaa. H. E, Weeks 

9eo H.E.Uttlg 

Asat, Gen. lilgr. A Traffic Ugr, 

Gen. 9upt. C. P. Dege.'"!!!" " 
^lalmAgl.Hartln UarcDBaen . > ' 

Par. Aet. Geo. Q.Knhn. " 

Supt, (Hnacatlae Local Linea] 

W. D. Sohnyler. MuaciHne 

M. M. ,InD, Sutbarland DaTenpoit 

Boadmaater, W. W. Prater.... " 

Energy purchaaed from power dapt. of 
the Trl-Clty Ry. & Ll, Co. 

Ri'pairahopB at Clinton, 

Trane. 'Dlt. 13.000 i; Irollej Tolt. BODv. 

SnbH<tas, at BettenJorf, pUaaant Val- 
ley. Princeton and Clinton. 

36mllEa (Inlemrbao); f-SW g ;* motor 
pass.. S fgt. molorand 1 1 fgt. trail eara. 

Trana. volt. 33,000 v. trolley volt. 600- 
1200 V. 

Bnb-ilaa. Front and Oak Sta., Ifuaca- 
tine, with aleani reterve, and Cairollton 


y line 

1 tgt. c 

m Clin I' 

■, 1 tgt. 
e bnal- 

illlug energy forltghtBt 

310— Trl-CItT Bj. Co. of Iowa.- 

once, las-ier Weet ard St.. Davenporl. 


llattendorf.) (Controlled by the Trl- 

Cily Hy. A Lt. Co.) 

Praa. B. J. Uanman DaTenporl 

V. Prea. A Geo. Mgr. 

J. Q. Hantoon 

Sec. H. E. Littlg , . . ".'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.' 
ASBt. Gen, Hgr.T. C. Roderick 

Pur. Agt. Geo. G. Kulin " 

H. M. Jobu Sutbarland " 

Energy pnrohased from Tri-Clty By. A 

Repair abopa at OaTenport, 

40.08 mllPB: t-BH g: Mi motor paaa., 8 

trail puis, and 4 other carB GO 

311— Trl-Clty By. A Lt. Co.— Offleea, 

Hartfi.Hl.Conu..audDaTBnport. IBBWK 

uf common Ftnck la ownrd by tTnilea 

A R Rapids, Ulcb.) 

to ds of Trl-Cltj 

R Tr Ity Ity. Co. of 

U R k sland A Eut- 

Pwr. Co. (Mo- 

R<j la Molins-Rock 

H eople'a Lt. Co. 

p ui D TfnportAHna- 

r U ac e Lie. Co. (Hn>- 

y Sc ^™ Rkilwajll"eB 
connect DaTenpOTt, RoeklDgham, Bet- 

Itaiorl, Clinton, Sharton, Filncslon, 
LeCUii*, PlMSUt Taller, Bettsnaorr. 
SwMtlind CenMi ind UaiuUne. 

SilYli, Cuop- 
<DC, ILJIhoIb; 
L iddltluD u 

aleolrkltf 1: 

Ion, DD»nl, BlDi Qrui. Iowa Cilj sud 
CoralTllle, la.: Cubon C119, Himplon, 
Baplda City and Fort Byion, HI.) 

Prea. B, J. Denman Davenport 

R. Sokaddelea, 

Grand Rapid), Hich. 
q. R. Tobar. 

,0 Wall St.. Naw YorH, N.T. 
Tnas. Frank T. Hnlairlt, 

Orand Rapida, Uich, 

V. Praiti. 


omaa. rii 

Hurl! Truit & Bvg». Bank, Chlcaso, HI. 
--a. & Qan-Vgr. 

?ur. Aat. P. 

,t.E. W, Mfller... 

Claim Ap. D. H. Finch " 

SIM. Bngr, D. B. Fiahar " 

K. M., <ril. HcMahon " 

Xdei. H. orw., 

W.L. Wilson 

EoKr, Ovhd. Cositr. 

K.J.Keith " 

Powar (U. iqolp, I d. t. O. E. 1000 
kW! t ». c. tnrSo-gen. O K. tot, Ifl.WI 
kva, 4100 V, S pb. M CTi; IfiOO bp. e. 
Folton: 4000 hp. b, B, i W; Ifi.wJicw. 
•tn.tnrb.Q.Bitrana. volt, moot; trailer 
Tolt. MO. 

a ■nb-itai,. (B with aoto, control.) 
tot. cap. 4750 kwj 9 rot. coht. 

Power Eaat4th 

.Reachea RlTerrlij* Park. 

fa milea; 4-^ f, IBT motor pau. 
and IT otber motor care. irSO 

ward, PerrT, Qardlnar, Herrold. Moran. 

Orancer, Ft. Dea Uolnei and Camp 

Free. 8. O. BarriB, 

Harrit Tin>t * Srgi, Bank, 

Cblclgo, 111. 
lit V. Ptai. A GSD. ]f(t. 

W. Clapper Dea Uolnea 

tnd T. Pret. & Ota, Coonael 

W. B. UcRanry •■ 

Sec. i Andr. O. B. Barad " 

Traaa. A Par Agt. P.II.ButIb " 
OoD. Snpt. C, T. Baker 

W. EdAOrandAvea. 

Claim A||t. D.U. Finch 

Gaa. Fgt. * Paai. Agt. 

H.«. Batea 

Cb. Kngr. A Sagt. U. of W. 


Elae, Engr. A Bngr. Pwr. Sta. 

P. C. Obambera ■' 

BIsnal Rnar. ft Bncr. Orhd. Cogatr. 

K.J.Kalth. '■ 

H. H. C.R. HcMaban 

InarET pnrchaaed from Dee Uolnea Clt; 
^. Co.; trana. lolt. Ilt.a»1: trolleT TOlt. 

U inb-ataa. (S with aula, oontrol) tot. 

Repair (hopi at E. 4th & Kapla Sta., 
Daa Uolnea. 

Reach e) one park. 

8B.94 mlle» iBO.M ml. lit m. U 8.01 
ml. Sod m.t.. £1.18 ml. ild.): 4-8M Ki 1> 
motor pase,, * trail paaa., 4 Int. motor, 
lefi trail trvlehl. 18 boi, ISD coal and 
811ato,emotorBerTli:eandI7 trail aetr- 
Icacara; e alec, locoa. Company doai 
RGDeral Uehtlni; and poRer boiineu. 

DDBCQITE. 4],TMi (lfilli|. 
3i«— Dnbnqoa Bleo. Co. — Oen. or- 

flce. Fifth and Iowa Sti. (Bncceiaor to 
Unlno Blac. Co.) (Owned and operated 
bT Onion Utllltlea Co., whluh la owned 
by Elilon ± Co., Chloaca, III.) 

Prai. I. C. Klaton, Jr Chicago, HI. 

V p™i. ) °- 1- A7II1K ■ ■ BoaloiiTMaaa. 

Aec. n. B. nurd ChIi»go. Ul, 

Ttea., A.C. AllTD... 

Andr. UlH U. S Crsbtree Dnbuqne 

wn. Kp. & Pur. Agl, 

O. H.BlmoiitH '■ 

HpM. Kj. dl Claim Agt. 

KIcc. Bngr. Sc Eagt. Ov'hd. 


U,M.,0. Thill 

Roadmaaler, Geo. Targer " 

Power ata. eqolp, I >. c. tnrbo-gea. 
O.E.tot.D6O0 ihr. mOT.S ph. tOoTi; 
»4l)0bp. b. Bab. A W; trana. yolt. !«»■ 
400D4Ma.|S,aaO t ; trollST roll. MO t. 

Power ttatlon at Slh St.; repair ehop* 
■t Coaler Ava. 

ReacheBlTnion Park, SI aciea. and Nat- 
wood Park, TSaeree (owaed). 

IO.T nllaa: *ni g: M motor and tS 
other care. (Company farDlibaa enaigy 
roT lighting and pawsr.) M 

FORT DUDOB. l(,ITg (ItlU. 
(See No. SVS.) 

SIB— Fort BlBdlaon Bt. By. Co.— 

Office. ianlaFeATe. (Owned and op- 
erated by Ultalial Dpi Valley Elee.Co.) 

Prei.* Gen.Hgr., JO. Sohnlia, Iowa City 

V. Pree. A Traaa,. J. H. BohrtI " 

Sec. P. S. auippel 

enpt. Joaeph Negni PI. Uadlaon 

M. M. Harold D. Emdia 

Power ranted from Ft. Madlion Elec 

LLCo.: trolley TOlt. OEO T. 
tml]a;*4i4s: lOeara. TO 


(See No. SIS.) 

HITEHAN. 1.1100. 

(See No, 987.) 

IOWA ciTi. la.oaj. 

(See So. sot.) 
SIS — MlatlaaippI Valley Electric 

Co.-Office, Commercial Bavlnee Bank 
BIdg., Iowa City. (Operatea In Iowa 
City: alao owna and operates Hankalo 

Slao.) Rice, Ttac. Co. (B.t milea) aiKl 
. Madlion (Iowa) St.Ry. Co.(4mllea}. 
Prea., Gen. Hgr. A Put. Agt, 

J. 6. flchulae Iowa City 

V. Prea. A Treae. J. H, Bohret. 

Sec. F. N. an»ppel 

M. M. .P.K.Potter 

Energy purehaaed from Iowa Ry, A L(. 
Co.: trollay volt. BSOy. 

IS mllea; 48M E; " motor pau. and 
« motor terrlcacara. *70 

311— Oantral KlaalaalppI Taller 

El*o. Fropertlaa.— (FonMd In III. 

"■- - "■ — - ■- — nndai wUeb 

rimd el 

■nitre gu, elec. rT.,ltE.& pwi. 1 

In KeoTink, Ib., the eDtlre elK 


y. snd 

k. "aVm 





o. Hlggln 

on. Jf.,,,CliiMgo,lll 
Bdgnr ..Bo>loB,M»» 

ne,* Chiaio.lll 


318-KcDknk Blt<o.Ca.'Omu, BOO 

Bl" Rv, APwr. Co.,Keokuk AWsst 
era n.'Elefi. Co. and K«okuk Ou A 
Eloo. Co.) (Thia compiiny doe> the pn- 
tire eli-o. Itg pwr. and gat boai- 

bnsineBB inHsmiltonandHTwaaw; V^.'. 

M™troBO, la^' A?M nprmW a' bJwrur- 

Prei. Harry T.BiIgar, 

14T£llk St., BoKon, Muui. 

BM FireCNst'IBk. BIdE.. ChlPHgo. III. 

Sec. VlclctD. Vli-kory Boston, Maan. 

Tre«»„ Henry B. Sswyet. , , . 

Aai>t. Trasa. A. L. Berrymna Kenknk 

Oen, Ugre. 

Stone A Wgbater, Idc Bmton.Maaa. 

Kite. John P. Ingle Keokuk 

'Eaertsj piiro baaed rrom M{ifl]B.>4lpDi 
RtTerPower Co.:10a. c.transfonoara O. 
E. WMlg. tot, BllBkw. UOMv. B ph, l» 
CTB;a d. e. rotHryconv. Weatg. tot.HOO 

a anb-na'p. tot. cap. 3044 kw. 
Benilr abopc at IHb A Bank Sle. 
H.i8 rnUea; 4-W K: H motor paw. and 
3 trail pus. ears: 1 othgr car. li^Oi 

UARBI.e ROCK. 480, 
(Seo No. 306.) 


Sl»— Iowa By. ft tt. Co.-Offlca, tie 
Bait Ualn St. Bee Ceaar Raplda for 

L^ Mgr" 

CkarleaMnnaon MarahaJltown 

8npt, Tranap. Roy Cnmmlnge 
Ch . Eogr, Pwr. Sla. , W. A . P I Ire 

EnBrey tromCedarRaplda. 

RepiTr ibopa at 3W B. Bd Aye, 

BeathM City Park. 

tnil paw. "in. (Company rornlahea kg.) 
MASON OITT. ll.l&a flBlB). 

»0-Hs*OD Vlty A Cleu Laks R.R. 

Co^onice, H First St., N. W. ICon- 
trotled by tbe DnItedLt. ± Rys. Co., 
Grand Raplda, Ulcb.) tConnectaMuon 
City, Clear Lake ,Jct., Emery, and Clear 

0. H. Burd Grand Raplda, Uli 

S«o. AOeo. Wgr.r..J. Banloa, Maaon City 
Tnu. A Aaat. Bee. 

UH.HBlnke Gruid Raplda, Hleb. 

Andr. F, B, W-lti. Haaon Cltjr 

'apt. J. H. Bleaager " 

. M., F. M. Gr»h«IO " " 

nadmaatar, B^anlt Johnaon. ■■ " 
Enersy porebaied from PwplE'l Oai A 
Ian. Co. ; 1 a, c. G. B, 1000 kw. BSOO t. 
ph. m cya; trana. volt. IS,300 v. trolley 
Jll, 600 1. 
S sub-alaa. tol. cap. 1000 kw; 1 rol. COBT. 

Reichaa Cimr Lake Park. 

ai.G mllea; 4-BK v: IK nin. nan.. 14 

■il paBe.,4 tgi. mo., I I 




(See Ko. SOS.) 

>1 — Oakalooak ft Bniton Elca' 

Ry. Co — OfB-.e. 191-123 Flrat Are.; 
W«t., Oakalooaa, (Owned and op 
erated by Oakalooaa Trac. A Lt. Co' 
whlcli >ee tor ndlrera.) (Conneeta 
Oakalooaa and Buiton.) (Part oF tbe 
EUnols True. Systfm.) 
Enerey Crnm Oakalooaa Trac. A Lt.Co,; 
■ollevTolt. 660y. 
a.SmllM; i-me< ■ aara. BO 

3I{ a— Oakalooaa Trso. A Lt. Co.— 

oaice, IEI-IS8 Flrat Aip,. Weet, Oaka- 
looaa. {Owna and oiwralae OakaloOM 
A Bniton Blec. Ry. Co.) (Conneeta 
Oakalooaa and Beacon.) (Part of 1111- 
nota Trac. Syalam.J 
Prea. Win. B. McKinley..Ctlu>liAlgD.Ill, 
V. Praa.Eiec,, H.E.Cbabbuck, Peorti,Ill. 
V. Prea. A Traaa. 

Geo. H. Mattla Champaign, IIL 

Andr.B.E. Bramble 

Gan.Snpl. J, H. Porter,, , 
Mgr., Claim, Gen. FRt., Paal. A 

Pur. Aet. J. H. Porter Oafcalooa* 

Ch. Eogr. Pwr. Sta.A, W. Bpanca " 

M. M,, C. L.Stoler " 

Power eW. equip. S d. c, Q. E. tot, 460 
iw; 8 a. c. O.K. Weat. tot. flIO kR. 2300 
v. J ph. M cjb; 19B0 hp, e, Bckye. Allla-C. 
Mar; ttOO hp. h. Bab. A W., Sl.lrllngi 

Po'Er Bla.and repair ahope at Sth £ A 
8U,. Oakslsnaa. 
» mllea; J-BH^gJ »_ motor paea, » trail 





OTTDMWA. M,000 (1»17). 
393— Ottumwa Ry. ft UKht Co — 

nmce. £0G E. Second St, (Controlled 

throDgh alock own^rahip by Standard 

Oae A> Blec. Co,, and aperaled by H. H. 

Bjlleaby A Co,, Chicago, HI.) 

Pr«e. A. B. Bney Chicago. 111. 

litV, Prea. H. M. Bylleaby.,, 

M V. Pros. F, C. Gordon 

Bee, R.J, Graf 

Treaa. J. ,T. O'Brien 

Andr. J. F. Winn Olluaiwa 

Gen.Mgr.Chae.E.Fahmey... . " 

BuptRy, O.K. Sterner 

Blec. Bngr. W. D, Farrell '" 

Ch. Engr. Pwr. SU„ H. T. Tnal " 

M,M.,F.Welr>mlth " 

Roadmaeter, H, II, Jtamaej " 

Power sta, aqnip. 1 d. c. W. B. tot, TOO 
kw; E a. c. W. E. lot. SS60 kw. 1 ph. «0 
cya; WOO hp. e, Folton, G. E. Bklnnsr, 
AJlla-C. Ham, Ball ; 18S0 bp. b. Stir: trana. 
rell. 33,000 v; trolley Tolt. UO t. 

Power aia. and repair ihopt UOttamwa. 

18 mllea; 1-8H g; " motor paaa.. 11 
trail paie. and 1 work cara; 1 ■vcaper. 
(Company docallKhllng.powtra—' -■ 



SIOUX CITY. fll,T74 (IftlG). 

4H-41B FLnu 8 
Pr«. R. J, Dan' 

4. L* Hille St., Chlcngo. III. 


Pot. jLgi 
Ch. Kntrr 

irkMp.B. L.KlTk... 

Lt. A Pwr. 

l.r, Jno. W»rd 



BSmllei: 4-BMu: 7lmo 

luin. (Co. doM llRhtlDg . 


Powar lU. r 

~ v. S ph, ( 

1 ; 400 hp. f 



(ConnecU Watirloo. C»d*r Raplria 
Cndar F»lli. WiTerly, Center Point 
ha Parte CII.T. Dsnver, OllbertTtUe. 
Brandon, rrbui*. ranner, LaFnjetle. 

V.Ptm. J. P.Chs.... 

Sat F. K. Fumell 

Trtu. A Andr. W. H. I 

Gcn.UiR. C D.Cksi 

BnpLM. A,WBl8h 

Om. Vgt, A Pun. ArI. 

O. M, CheneT 

Par. Ap.F.Mcl>onsld. 

If. M.,T5. O. Umb 

SnptOrbd. LlnMA, I. Woodiinf 

t. 8 ph. 
»"'volt"J4'00CI v; Cmlle; 

Ssnb-itu.tatcBp.7%0kw; iSrot.coiit. 
Pownr )tii. md repulr itiopi «l WiWrloo 
R«cb«i Electric P«rk. 
13E mflei: 4-SM e: Z^^ mni; g eIcc. 
1mm. (Fomlshe* energy for llghIinE«nd 


X98-AtahlBoa Hj^ Lt. * Pwr. Ca. 
— Onioa. I3f! ComiDenl*] SI. (Pmrt of 

IlllnoK Trartlnn ST««n.) 
FrM.Wm.B. HoKlole;. . .Cli>inpB§gii, HI. 
V.Prei.Bi.H.B. Chnbbuik. P8orl».ni. 
\. FtM. Qeo. U. MnlUa. .ChimpklKn. 111. 

8«c.T.B. M«c«nUt Mootrral, Can. 

Tnu. OaoR. McC<inib...Cluiinp4lEn.IlI. 

Aodr. W. A. Cole Top»k« 

i**l. Sen. Mkt. A. H. Patten.... '> 
„._. , ™ ™. ..At«lilioo 

::b. Bngr. For. Bta. 

H. F.^rynnt AtcWioD 

Power lU. enolp. 4 d. c. O, B.. WmC 
Ol. 800 kw; 4 «. e. O. B., West. tot. HOD 
iw. a ph. «0 eye; 1800 hp. e. Wme., 8. C, 
SHniilllOO tap. b, Frran., SpeF.. Beln*; 
WO kw. (tin. iurb. O, H; IrollajTolt. BTO t, 

PoirarBla.ind repalribopast Atcblson. 

Beacbee Jackson Park una Relenar Park 
indcontToli Forest Park, S6 acmi. 

a.St milfli; 4-8M e; >K mo, psH. and t 
ither car: 1 enow aweeper. (Omnpanr 
loea Ksneral llKhllng A power bniluaH. 



City, Bd' 

. Kaneiu City, Ma. 

h, Bngr- 

. L. Hma, 


n Eaneaa CIt;. Kani'. 

Repair thoiii at Banner Hprlngs. 

TO miles prnjeolsfl; 40 miles In opera. 
lDn:4-^e: V motor paii., G other tDOtor 
LndlDoihercarB:Selec. locos. 400 


Offlce. ColTefyllle. (Oppratea In Cof- 
fevvllle and Indepcnrtpnce. aod Inter. 

pcndencr. Cherryiale and Pirenna, and 

CoBeyvllle and ijonsu, Okla.) 
■rn. ft Gen. URr. 

D. a. Sinelne ColIeTTUIa 

/. Prea. 

Wlllla B. PriestlsT. . .Bartle-TlUe. Okla. 

ler. H. A.Sleelna Warren, Fa. 

rreaa. 8. e. Smith •■ 

tnpL Tranap. J W. AndEnoa..Catr*TTina 
Clec.Bner, L, L. FrBncla..Iiidepend«ne* 

Power ata. equip. 4 a. c. West, lot, ITOO 
kw. 380 V. i ph. la cyg; tnoo hp, e. (gat), 
Wi-stE; trans, volt. £2.000 ii troller mil. 
BGO T. Will pnrcbase I'DcrgT rrom Kanaaa 
lAm & Elec. Co. for operation of ayatam 
rrom P>r<onB. KanB., lo NowalB, Okla. 

at Indepupdence; repair 


<i Slliirl 


and Fon 

eO.W m[W. 44^ g: W motor and 
nclawareandLcnapah.Okla.) ' 10 

EMPORIA. tD,<w (lein, 

3.11— ThB Knnnita BlxctriP rillltt** 

Co.rEraDOrlaDlv.)— ForMleenllve ofll- 

Local Mgr. T. 1 
Ch. Knar. Pwr. f 

;. Hen 

0, eqnip. H a. c. a. B. Allla-C. tot. 
1010 kv.aanOT.S pb.Mcya; IIOD hp. a. 
Rrle CItT. Allli-C, Bekya: IflOO bp. b. 
Bab A W, R. A F; SOO hp. atm. turb. 
AlllB-C: Imlley volt, too T. 

Reachea ainiiaflnent'^piirk. 

S miles; 4.11^ g; S motor and 4 trail 




FOBT BLLBY. 2300. 
(See Not. 886 and 889.) 

HUTCHINSON. 28,000 (1918). 
(See also No. 846.) 

833— Tli« Hutolilnaon Inter-urban 

By. Co. — Office, 808 N. Main St., 


Pres. Bmenon Carey Hntchlnson 

V. Pres. L. A. Banker " 

Sec. J.LeeDlck '* 

Treas. Howard J. Carey •* 

Qea. Mgr. A Par. Agt. 

James E. Hambert ** 

-Snpt. A M. M., 

James J. Marray ** 

Engr. Ovhd. Constr. 

D.T.Taylor " 

Bnergy parchased from Carey Salt Co; 
trolley roft. 676 ▼. 

Bepalr shops Fourth Ave. A Washing- 
ton Sts. 

Beaches Riverside Park, Carey Lake, 
State Fair Qrounds and Stevens Ponds. 

18.88 miles (10.88 mi. 1st. m. t., 8 mi. 
Snd m. t.); 4-8^ g; 21 motor pass., 6 
trail pass., 1 motor service and 2 trail 
senriee cars. 'Ar60 

(See No. 830.) 


S80— Union Idght A Power Co.— 
Offlee, Junction City. (Connects Junc- 
tion CiW and Ft. Riley.) 

Pres. F. B. Tyler 

Mutual Bldg., Kansas City, Mo. 

y. Pres. & Sec. 
B O. Thoman Junction City 

Treas. A Gen. Snpt. 
W. A. Scothorn »» " 

Bngr. Pwr. Sta. 

C. W. Byster '» 

Power sta. equip. 1 d. c. West. 200 kw; 8 

a. c. Westg. Allls-C. tot. 2450 kw. 2800 v. 

tph. 60 cys; 1500 hp.e. Strait; 12S0 hp. b. 

Kew Bpgf. Bonus-Kenn; 750 kw. turb. 

(ptm.) AlTis-C; trans, volt. 83,000 v; trolley 

volt. 600 V. 
1 sub-sta. cap. 800 kw. 
Power sta. and repair shops at Junction 

6.6 miles; 4-^ g; 11 motor cars and 1 

other ear. (Company does general light- 

Inc business.) ^60 

KANSAS CITY. 90,437. 
(See also No. 829.) 

tST^The Kansas City-Western By. 
Oo. — Office, 402 Minneapolis Ave., 
Kansas City, Mo. (Operates suburban 
and Leavenworth city lines. (Connects 
Kansas City, Kan., Kansas City, Mo., 
Walcott, Lansing and Leavenworth.) 

Pres. & Gen. Mgr. 
C. F. Holmes Kansas City, Mo. 

lit V.Pres.W.H. Holmes " ♦* '* 

2nd V. Pres. 
H. Langworthy " •' •* 

See. A Andr. 
B. y. Henderson. . . .Kansas City, Kans. 

Trsas. McCabe Moore... Kansas City, Mo. 

Chae. D. Bell Kansas City, Kans. 

Sapt Jno. Martin '* 

Claim Agt, A Pur. Agt. 
J. M.Sheahan 

Bee. Bngr. John Hull •* 

Xm. M. of W. 

AlC.Carteman *' 

Ba c ggy purchased from The Kansas 

Cl|y nSk* Co., Kansas City, Mo.; trans. 

V0& 88,000 v; trolley volt. 600 v. 

I. tot cap. 1500 kw ; rot. conv. 

Sub-stas. at Chelsea, Wolcott and 
Leavenworth; repair shops at Wolcott. 

46 miles; 4-8^ g; 42 mo. pass, 2 fgt. 
mo., 10 fgt., without mo. and 6 service 
cars. "ArSO, 

LAWBBNCB. 12,884. 
(See also No. 820.) 

338— The Kansas Bleotrio Utilities 

Co.— (Lawrence IMv.) Home office, 
61 Broadway, New York, N. Y. (Suc- 
cessor to Paritons By. A Lt. Co., Bm- 
poria Ry. A Lt. Co. and Lawrence Ry. 
A lit Co.) (Owns all capital stock of 
Miami Valley Blec. Co. (Sidney, Ohio), 
Union City (Ind.) Blec. Co. and CTnlted 
Ltg. Co. of Albion, Pa. Operated by 
the Albert Bmannel Co., New York, 
Pres. A Gen. Mgr. 

Albert Emanuel New York, N. Y. 

V. Pres. Irving Hill Lawrence 

Sec. R. P. Rice ** 

Treas. A Pur. Agt. 

C. B. Zeigler New York, N. Y. 

vrt^^ J J- T. Skinner Lawrence 

Mgrs. -j Y T.Parker Bmporia 

Bnergy purchased from Bowersock 

Mills A Fwr. Co.; trolleyvolt. 600 v. 

Reaches and controls woodland Park. 

10 miles; 4-^g; 14 motor, 8 trail, and 

1 work car. (Company does general 

lighting and power business.) 'ArOO 

(See No. 837.) 

BIANHATTAN. 7,800 (1919). 

339— Manhattan City A Intemr- 

ban By. Co. — Office, 216 Yuma St 

(Connects Manhattan and Fort Riley.) 
Pres. A Gen. Mgr. 

Joseph T. West Manhattan 

V. Pres. I.H. Hershey Olathe 

Sec. & Treas. 

Chas. R. West Manhsttan 

Ch. Bngr. A Bngr. Pwr. Sta. 

T. S. WaUer " 

M. M., J. J. Lamont " 

Power sta. equip. 1 d. c. Blec. Mchy. 200 
kw: 8 rot. conv. West, tot 600 kw; 260 
hp. e. Minpl; 260 hp. b. Bros; trolley volt. 
600 V. 

Power sta. and repair shops at Man- 

Reaches Eureka Electric Park. 

20 miles; 4-8^ g; 8 interurban motor 
pass., 4 city motor pass, and 2 other cars. 


OAKLAND. 1,661. 

(See No. 344.) 

PITTSBUBG. 17,686. (1916). 

841— Joplln A Pittshnrg By. Co.-> 

Office, First Nat. Bank Bldg., Kansas 
City, Mo. and Pittoburg. Kan. (Ac- 
quired and consolidated the Pittsburg 
A Kansas City Ry., the Girard Coal 
Belt Blec. Ry. Co. and the Pittsburg . 
Ry. ALt. Co.) (Connects Frontenac, 
Pittsburg, Chicopee, Fleming, Weir 
City, Scammon, Columbus, W. Mineral, 
Knivetown, Radley, Dunkirk, Frank- 
lin, Girard, Croweburg, Arm a, Mul- 
berry and Cherokee in Kansas, and Jop- 
lin, Chitwood, Carl Jet., Waco and 
Asbury In Missouri.) 
Pres. J. J. Heim Kansas City, Mo. 

\r T>.o.fa j J- W. Ground 
V. Prests. -j Q c Snider 

Sec. A Treas. 

Jno. A. Prcscott 

Audr. E. S. Bigelow. . . . 
Traffic Mgr. J. D. Cornell ♦• 
Gen. Mgr. A Pur. Agt. 

Wm. A' Satterlee Pittsburg 





Hapl. A CliLm Agt. 

Jno, Fennlmore Pillabor| 

RosdniMWr, JobnCoHor. ■■ 

EnerKi pnrchMeii from apflng Rivei 
Pwr. Co. ; trans, volt, sa.000 Jb Sl.OOO y; 
trollay tdH, tOQ v, 

SiDb-Btae. (S wltli snto control) lot. 
cap. a.SODkw; 8 rot. conv. 

Soh-itu. B( PlttBbnrE. BcammoD nod 
Fr«nklln, Kshb., snrl Asbary. Mo., tai 
Tarfcoy Creek {No P. (>.»; 

Repur ihopi it Plttabarc, 

Ruches Riienlde Pirk inJ Electric 

-Sallnn Slraet By. Co.— Offlci 

V. PrBB. Joieph Dunc»n " 

B«., Trcu,, Gen. Hgi., Claim 
A Por.Agrt.W. E. Smltber.Valatta Plali 

Bngr. OTbd. Conatr. ft M. M. 
Obcst Laraan, Saatb Clilcago St. " 
Eaerey porchaeefl froai Tbo Salina LI, 

Pwr. a Gas Co. : Oollsj folt. BTB-SBO t. 

7ii mllafl; iSU^; S mo™ cms and 

SCAHMON. £233. 

TOFEKA. 46,74 


ai^-The Topeka Ry. Co.— O (Bee, 
Hlb and JacbBnn 8tB, (Part Df Tha 
llllnole Traction System.) (Connects 
Topeka and Oakland.) 

Pras. W. B. McKlnlej. . ..Chamnaisn, D\. H.E.Chubbnck...PeoriiLri 

T. Ptm. STreas. 
a«o. H. HatUs. Champaign, HI. 

Sao. E.A.UlcaDtl Hontrtiif. ^ua. 

Aoflr. W, D.Cole Topeka 

AuL Oan. Mgr. A. H. Patten. ... 

Supt. ft Claim Agt. E. H. Rowell.. >' 

Operalln(EnBt-W.G. Miller '■ 

Pot. Agt. H. J. Vance Peoria. Rl. 

u u » » =. V .Topika 


i. Frtmch , . 



, J. a. McCshan.. 
.rcbased from Th< 


Renalr abops at ISth k .rackton SI 

K.i milea (aCi.S ml. Ut m. t., «.» m: 

m. t„ a.S ml. aid.); 4-SMk: « motor] 

SO trail pus.. 1 motor FreiibC and T i 

WICHITA. 80.000, 

Free, Oeo.Tbals.Jr. 

Schweit,. _., 
V. Pro, & Oea. Hgr. Cbas. 

al 8la,. Wichita 

Audr. Chaa. Baesa 
Bupt.APur. Agl. 

i. R. Lawla 

TraBc Mgr. 

Ch. Rogr. H, E. Wnrden 

M. M., B. R-Vsllance ' " ' 

Kleo, Co.i Irans. voll. M.OOO t; trolley 

3i;ub.BliB; Smo^en. sets. 

Repair shops al Wichita, 

SI.I mllBH 158 ml. 1st m. (. 1.4 m. £ 
t. 1.4 mi. Bid.) i}i k: is motor paga.. 1 
trail passes motor freight, ID trail freiKhl 
cars: amolorBarriceoarB. *1II 

34«a— WiDhlta B. R. * Lt. CD. 

flee, 111 So. Main St. (P»rt ot HI 

Trad ion SyaWm.) 
Prea.W. B. McKlDloy,...ChanipaigQ, III 
V. Pree. Ei. H.E,Ctanbbnck..Peona. Ill, 
V. Prea. & TraaB. 

Oeo. M. Hattis... Champaign, Dl. 

Sec. B. A. Macnutt .Montreal, Qua., Can. 

Asst. Can. Mgr. A.M. Patten Topeki 

Snpt. n. W. PaltBt WIehiU 

Audr. W. D.Cole Topeki 

Piir. Agt. H, J. VsLce Peorlt. HI. 

Claim An. John Bswell Wiobila 

Operating Ed gr. W 6. Miller Topaks 

EnargT porchaael ttom Kanaaa Oai A 
Blec. Co. 

Repair shopi at lOth A WIcblU St>. 

41.19 mllea (2».(K)mi. lal. m. t„ 8.19 ml. 
Snd m. t., S.St ml. Bid.) ; 4-8K C: 80 bMw 

from the Capital li 

Towanda, El Dorado, Oordon, Dong 

WINFIELD. 1700, 

R, R. Co.) Offlce, WInBeld, (CDRnecU 
VinHeld. Hnckney and Arkansas City.) 
!^i. Homer M, Preston Tnlea, Okla, 

Ch. Engr. A. C. Bigbee. 
Gen. Mgr, Cbas. HORBK 
Eng. Pwr. SU. 

Pass, Agt. 

r «la. eqnlp. S d. c 
. Mor. Cnr;3b. Mo 
r Eta. at Hackacy: 


rb« CInBlonaii. Newport H Co*. 
1 Ry. Co., which in turn nwna 
ock of The Sd. Coilhgton » Clu- 
tl 8L Ry. and other nlMidtuy 

liDM. All itocki are I'&sed la ColombI 

Qu A Elec. Co.) 
Prei. JimwM. BattoD....ClDdnaitl, ( 

SBO — The CInotniiKII, Hawpol 
dt OoTlneUiD By. Co. kdiI Tb 
Bouth CoTlnEtan * OlDulnnatl SI 

Ry. Co.— (TbK Cincionatl. NeH-porl , 
COTlDgloD LI. A True. Cu. dwtw tt 
jlocS pf The CloclDMtt, Kewport , 

Btoek of Tbe'boQlh CnrlDetou"^ CIl 
clanitl St. Rv. Co. >tjd ottier snbgldliry 
lIsBi operated Id conJDncUonlbeHwItb ) 
CConntoUClnclnniti.OoTinglon, ■"— 

Oinolnmt!, Ludlow, Ft. Mllchell, 

port, DdTton. BelleToe, Ft. TbomH and 

Ptm.W. W, FreemaD...rJiJ!i:liLiiatl, Ohio 

V. Pth). W. Y. Cartwrighl 

8«j, * Treas. Polk L»aonD....Cotli 

0«D. Ugc, W. H. Ilirtoti 

CUim J A. M. Bower 

A«t*. 1 W. J. RanihBW 

Pnr.Agl..C. J. Bsaer 

_ 4tb A Plnm Sta., CinclDD all, Ohio 

Bee. Eoer. C. W. DoFntest .... 

Omi. Snpl. Win. n. Harton, Jr. 

Bopt. Tramp. P.P. Llllard,... 

ILH. FrantW. WamplM Nb' 

iDKr. M. of W., W. T. RoaaBll. 

Boadmaatar. Hartl u FoIst 

KncT. OTbd, Oonatr. W, W. Tripp ' 
Rnrar ata. equip. I d. c. Weati: 

Wffi kw:S a. 0. G.E. tot. BSM krt. i 

a ph. eDcji'iS^Oa bp. a. E, &Q., WHt.. 

Opr, BakTe,HW)lip. b. Stir: 8250 kw.atm. 

torb. G, K., traot. lolt. IS,aOO t; troUeT 

ToltBBDT.Energi alaopurcbaasd at New. 

port, from The tlDloa Gaa& Elas. Co., 

ClaElniwtl, o. 
I aab-ata. eap. 440D kw; ti rot codv. 
Power ita, and npalrabopaal Newpon. 
Seachei Lndlnw LaeoaD, Latonla Race 

Tnck. QBcen CItv Bathing Beach and 

FttrtThomaaAmiT Poet. 
•■.OST mllaa ou-ned (gS.TT5iiil. iBi.m. L, 

M.TOBinL tad m. t., li.gOSml. ml, aid,); 

BtMM.aiTnllwtraoknlgbU. Total ml lea 

D>BntedSB,9BT:9-£;« g: IDS motor paaa., 

IS motor Mrrlceaad 4 trail tenice cari, 


rKANKFOST. 11.080 lltPlB). 

(B« No. as3,| 

OBOReETOWN, 1,5a», 

(See No. SOX.) 


Ml — BflDdarion Trao. Co.-OBl™ 
nt LoCMl St. Evana villa. In d. (Con- 
trailed bj BrauBiille & Oblo Vallev 
Bj, Co.) 

Ptot. J. H. Ltdb Benderaon 

T.Praa. C.C.Tonota Plltabare. Pa 

T. Ptm. a Gen. Hrt. 

Wm. A. CaraOD EranlrHIa, IsU 

■m. a Treaa. C. H, Batlln . . " '■ 

ADdr. O«o. W. Wllaon ■' " 

Ooi. Bnpt. G. B. MHIican " " 

3iipt. ofTnnap, B,I„ Moors.. ■' 

Local 8npt. O, B. OrabaiD Bendertou 

M. M. Oeo. W. Borke. . . . Binn.illle. Ind. 
Snanj pDrcbaaed from municipal plant 

Bvalilhapaat 4S9 9. Uiin St. 
BoachM Atkinaon and Biu Ball Parki 
na Fair OrDunda. 
tmllaai 4-»(i[; la can. 6i> 


MS— KentnckT Traatlon A Tarml- 
■■1 tJo.— once, 15S.eoWaatMjdDSt., 
Xfitlmgton. lOoned b; KeutuckjSe- 
ihlllH Corporation of Plilla., Pa.) 

Cap. Btk. fS.oeS.lOO; hdi. |3,M7.0D() 
(OparalealDterurbanliEBB between Lai- 
Inaion, VeraalllM, Friakfort. Oeoree- 
town, NIcliolaaville and Paria, and 
operatea citj llni-a In Paria. Fruikfort, 
Wlncbetter and Qeorgetoivn.) 
Prea. Percy U. Chandler 
Fnnklla Bank BIdg,, Phlladslpbla, Pa, 

Sec. T.b. Murray .'.'.'.' Leilngton 

Ami. See. 4 Audr, L. P, Rye. . '■ 

Traa*. J. Will Stoll... " 

Gen. Mur., J. P, Pop* " 

Snpt, Transpl. Henry B nab •■ 

Claim Agt. Wallace IlDlr 

Gen. Fgt. Agt. J. J. Bonfleld. . . 
Cb. Boer. A^ark Ugr. 

SeoifiaiLeod " 

I ProduoUon, 
SaptB.-J A. A. Robertton " 

M. M.. W. Q. Stock. . . . ,'.'.'.'.'.'.".' 
Roadmuter, J. H. EeameT " 

Pwr Bta. equip: I a. c. G. K, Allle-C. 
lot. 8000 kw. 1800-40001. Spb. BOcyiiSOOO 
hp, b. Edge AB. AW. :eoi)Okw,atiD. tnib.G. 
dOO I., II Iraoif. tot. S.OOO kw.. 4000. 
SS.DOOv; Jmo, gea. ■etttot.lBOOkw, 

7BBb-alaa tot.uap.saOOkw; B rot, cony., 
tot. 1S0O kw.. a mo. len. aeu, tot. IIDO 

Pwr. atas.and repair ahopa at LaxIngton , 
Owne Blue Gran Park. 

■SW g; 70 n 

13 Dthi 


LODisTiLLK. tsa.gio (lois). 

(9ee alBD Nog. tSC. SSe. 3M. SU. 

sag- LonlBTlUe A latscnrbaii K.B. 

Ca.— Office, SIS W. JeSeraon St. (Con- 
necls Proapect, JefferKiitoin], Taller 
Sta. Fera Creek and OklonaiLnalaTllle, 
Anchoian Pswn, Cieetwood, lA 
Orenee, Kiddletown. lAkeland, Eift- 
KDoiC Long Rim, SlmpeoDTUle, Seolt'a 
Sta. and ShelbTrllle.) (Controlled bi 
LonlartlleRy. Co.) 

Prei.AGen.Mp, T.J. Mlnary Lonlavllle 

Ul T. Prea. A^eo. Coanael 
A.P. Bnmphrer 

InterSouthern Bldg. 

Aatt. to Prea. A Oen. Hgr. 

Sec. A Treaa, , Sam'l 0. Boyle. . . . •;_ 

]pt.'. Tran'tp. Satn'l' Riddle"!! 


R.HlWyait .Brook A Liberty Bta." 

or. Agt. C. B. Karhr 

lilmSgt., N. W. FBnk 

tec. BijLT.. AEDg.Oihd. 

ConBtr,, Frank H. Millar..., 
U. U., John Zail 

egtb& Garland Sta. 

ipl. M.of W.,H. 0, DeVoe.,, 

BnargT from Campbell St. Plant of the 

inlBvllfe Hy. Co.; (raaa. volt. IS.SOO t; 


Sub-etAa, at Marcia, Bucknar. Xaat- 

)od, 8cotta and Jafferaonlown. 

iai.Smllaa;4.8Hg, (la.Sml,) Afic; 41 

motor paaa.. 7 trail paaa.. 18 fgt motor, 

• rgl. without motora and 3 aerilce eari. 


l54~LaiilaTllle Br. Co.— OIBc*, IIS 

~V.Je(rereun St. (Control* LoqUtII Is 
I Inlerarban R, H,) (Cooueete Sbelby- 
llle and La Onnga.) 

II. Jamea P. Barnei Loulalllle 

l", (RamnetRiddlB 

.■■IB.lFrank H. yiller 

Bee. * Treae. 

Sam'lQ Boila 

Pur, Agt, C, H. Karlj " 

Bualp. A Roadway, 









Maint. of Way, 
C. L. Chriitopher, 
18th A Walnut Sta.,LoaiBviIIe 
i Power Stae, 
■^ H. W. Wiachmeyer 

Campbell AJacobSts. " 
Orhd. Cfonetr. 
CO. fleaton 

Aast Sapt. Maint. of Way 

N.C. DeVoe 

M. M., John Zoll. 

29th & Garland Aves. 

Power Bta. equip. 5 d. c. O. B. tot. 4800 
kw; 6 a. c. WeBtg. tot. 21,800 kw. 18,800 v. 
8ph.96cyB; 11,^ hp. e. Allia-C; 18.000 
hp. b. Bab. A W; 18«600 kw. stm. tnrb. 
west; trans, yolt. 18,200 v; trolley volt. 
600 T. d. c. 

Poww Btas. at Campbell A Jacob Sta. 
and 2006 High St.; repair ahopa at 29tb 
A Broadway. 

Reaches Fontaine Ferry. 

160 miles; 6 g; 698 cars, 15 snow plows 
and sweepers. ifbO 

1IIA¥SYIIXi:. 6,141. 

856 — MaysTllle Street B. R. A 
Transfer Co.— Office, 211 Court St. 
(Controlled, through ownership of en- 
tire capital stock, by Maysville Public 
Service Co.) 

Pres. A Oen. Mgr. 
Horace J. Cochran Maysville 

Sec. A Treas. R. A. Cochran ... ** 
Energy from Maysville Power Co.; 

trolley volt. 676 v. 
Owns Beechwood Park. 
4.6 miles; 4-8^ g; 9 motor and 8 other 

cars. 60 

OWENSBOBO. 17,784 (1916). 

857— Owensboro City B. B. Oo.~ 

Office, 214 Locust St., Bvansville, Ind. 

(Controlled by Evansville A Ohio Valley 

Ry. Co.) 

Pres. Wm. A. Koch Bvansville, Ind. 

V. Pres. A. W. Fnnkhouser. " 

Sec. C. H. Battln " 

Treas. A Gton. Mgr. 

Wm. A. Carson " 

Audr. Qeo, W. Wilson " 

Oen. Snpt. A Pur. Agt. 

G. R.Millican *• 

Local Supt., Wm. A. Tower. . .Owensboro 
Asst- Snpt., H. Carrico ** 

Power sta. equip. 2 d. c. O. E. tot. 600 
kw; 700 hp. e. L. A B; 600 hp. b. Atlas; 
trolley volt. 650 v. 

Power sta. and repair shop at Hathaway 
A 0th Sts. 

Reaches Hickman Park, owned by city, 
and Seven Hills, Chautauqua Park, Fair 
Grounds, Baseball and Shooting Grounds 
and Fern Hills Coal Mine. 

12.5 miles; 4-8H g; 29 motor, 7 trail 
and 21 coal cars. 70 

PADUCAH. 24,842 (1916). 

859»— PadaoahElectrio Co.— (Form- 
erly Padncah Trac A Lt. Co.) Office, 
406 Broadway. (Co. does entire gas 
and commercial electric light and 
power business in Paducah and oper- 
ates steam heating plant, serving busi- 
ness section.) (Owns the securities, 
except qualifying Directors* shares 
of the Paducah Railway Co., which 
company does the entire electric rail- 
way business in Paducah.) 

Pres. Harry T. Edgar 

147 Milk St., Boston, Mass. 

V. Pres. Paniel Daly 

c/o Keokuk Blec. Co., Keokuk, la. 

Treas. Henry B. Sawyer. 

147 Milk St., Boston, Mats. 

Qtn. Mgrs. Stone A Webster, Inc., 

147 Milk St., Boston, Mass. 

Local Mgr. A. S. Nichols Padvoah 

Snpt. Fred. Cloen ^* 

Claim Agt. , J. W. McNcely Padncik 

Ch. Engr. A. N. Davis " 

M. M., C. F. Purlow 

Power sta. equip., 8 d. c. G. E., total 
680 kw. 500 v., 8 a. c. G. B. tot. 1160 kw. 
2800 V. 8 ph. 60 cys., 2850 hp. •. Rqi. 
Ham. Cor.; 1989 hp. b. Stir; trolley volt 
526 V. 

Power sta. at 2nd & Monroe Sta., 

Car bam and repair shops at Wallsci 
St., Paducah. 

Reaches Wallace Park (owned). 

18.251 mUes (1&694 mi. 1st m. t., 0.98 
mi. 2nd m. t., 0.727 mi. sid.); 4-8H g.; » 
motor pass., 8 trail pass, and 2 motor 
service cars. *W 

PABIS. 6,850. 
(See No. 852.) 

(See No. 868.) 

SOMBBSET. 4.491. 

860— Kentucky Utilities Co.— Office, 
Paul Jones Bldg., Louisville. (Subsid- 
iary' of the Middle West Utilities Co.) 
Connects Somerset, Whlt^ dty and 

Pres. Harry Reid Louisville 

V. Pres. A Gten. Mgr. 
L. B. Herrington 

Asst. to Pres. R. H. Moran.... 

Sec. A Treas. Arthur Tuttle. . . 

Pur. Agt. C. C. Dickens 

Ch. Engr. G. T. Bogard 

Engr. Pwr. Sta. J. P. Hicks — Somenet 

M. M. A Engr. Ovhd. Constr. 

W.M.Flora " 

Power sta. equip. 2 a. c. G. B. tot 800 

kw.2800v. 8ph.60cys;800hp.e. Harrfsbg; 

700 hp. b. Heine; 600 kw. stm. tnrb. G. B; 

1 mo. gen. set; trans, volt. 6600 v; trolley 

volt. 650 V. 
Power sta. and repair shops at 8omer« 

Reaches White City Park. 
8.8 miles: 4-8H g; 4 motor pass. cars. 
Co. does lighting and power business. 


(See No. 862.) 


AXEXANDBIA. 15,888 (1916). 

861— Municipal Street Bail way. 

(City purchased property of Southern 

Trac. A Pwr. Co.)— Office, Alexandria. 
Commr. of Streets A Parks 

Irving McGinnis Alexandria 

Supt. J. C. Rorsdale ** 

Ch. Engr. Ira W. Sylvester '* 

Elec. Engr. 0. E. Brister ** 

Power sta. equip. 8 d. e. G. B. West 
tot. 510 kw; 600 hp. e. H. F. A M; 400 hp. 

b. Bab. A W; 160 hp. tnrb. (wtr.) ; 

trans, and trolley volt. 660 v. 

Power sta. at So. Alexandria; repair 
shops at Winn A Thome Sts. 

Reaches Kent Park (controlled.) 

7 miles; 4-8^ g; 6 motor and 8 other 
cars. OS 


361a— South Nevr Orleans I.t. A 
Trac. Co.— Office 222 Blmira Ave 
Sta. A, New Orleans. (Successor tc 
Algiers Ry. & Ltg. Co.) (Connectt 
Algiers, Gretna, Harvey, Marrero anc 
McDonoughville.) (Controls the Wes 
New Orleans Lt. a Trac. Co.) 

Pree. A Gen. Mgr. E. W. Burgis...Algier 

V. Pres. B. Howard McCaleb 
1081 Maison Blanche Bid g. , NewOrlean 

Sec. A Treas. R. M. Salvant Alglei 

Elec. Bngr. J. H. Seaman *' 




Bnem purchased from New Orleans 
Ry. A lit. Co. trans, volt. 6600— S800 v; 
trolley volt. 600 y; 

1 sab-sta. cap. 1660 kw.; 2 rot. cony., 
1 mo. Ken. set. 

Repair shops at 838 Elmlra Ave. 

Reaches Sabnrban and Crescent Parks. 

0.6 miles: 4-8Ug; 16 motor pass, 2 
trail pass, and 1 flat car. (Company fur- 
nishes energy for lighting.) *60 

861b ->- West New Orleans Lt. A 
Trao. Co. — Office, 2SS5i Blmira Ave., 
Sta. A, New Orleans. (Controlled by 
So. New Orleans Lt A Trac. Co.) 

Pret. ft Oen. Mgr. E. W. Bargis, Algiers 

V. Pres. B. Howard McCaleb 
1081 liaison BlancheBldg., New Orleans 

Sec A Treas. R. M. Salyant Algiers 

Energy purchased from Sonth x^ew 

OrleansLt. A Trac. Co. 
9.0 miles; 4-8)^ g; 3 pass, cars and 

8 fgt. cars. 60 

BATON BOUGB. 17.600 (1916). 

,S6«— Baton Bougie Klee. Co.— Office, 
401 Lafayette St. (Does the entire elec- 
tric- railway, electric lighting, power 
and gas bnsinftss in Baton Roage.) 
Prei. Harry H. Hunt 

147 Milk St., Boston, Mass 
XT 1*,...*- j Bdw. Oodchanx. New Orleans 
V. rrests. ^j g^mnel W. Wels 

Aist. Sec. Ernest I. Doe Boston, Mass. 

Tnu. Hennr B. Sawyer. ... " 

€l«n. Mgn. Stone A Webster ' ' 

Power sta. equip. 8 d. c. G. B. tot. 900 
kw; 8 a. c. turbo-gen. G. B. tot. 1600 kw. 
ISOOt. 8 ph. 60 cys; 960 hp. e. H. F. A M. 
F. * 8; 1740 hp. b. Bab. & W, W. & W; 
trolley Tolt. 600 v. 

Power sta. and repair shops at Gtoyem- 

0.98 miles; 4-8^ g; 9 motor pass. cars. 

COVINGTON. 2,601. 

(See No. 864.) 

OBBTNA. 8,600. 
(See No. 861a.) 

KENNBB. 1,268. 
(See No. 369.) 

ULKM CHABLBS. 14,447 (1916). 

868 Take Charles By. Lt. A Wtr. 

Wka. Co.-Office, 704 Ryan St. 

Pras. J. A. Landry Lake Charles 

▼. PrM. Arsene Pujo " 

Bee. Pan] O. Moss •' 

Ttcm. D. J. Landry *• 

▲mdr. P. S. Shattuck 

Por. Act. L. A. Swann '* 

Oh. Bngr. Pwr. Sta. 


Sapt Const. W. B. Collins. *' 

Fmn. Oar Bam T. Stein ^' 

Power sta. equip. 1 d. c. West. 150 kw; 
4 a. c West. G. B. tot. 2300 kw. 2300 t; 
8 nil. 00 cys: 600 hp. e. F. A S: 1600 hp. 
b. C. * H: B. A W., Stir.; 1400 kw. turb. 
Wert; trolley yolt. 660 y. 

Bqwir shops at Lake Charles. 

Beaebes amusement and base ball park. 

10 miles; 4-^g; 10 motor and 2 other 
ean. 69 


»6 4 St . Tammany A New Orleans 
VLT, A Ferrr Co.— Office, Mandeyille. 
(Connects Mandeville, Covington and 
AUta Springs) 

Prat. Joseph Bin; Franklin 

y. Pros. A Gen. Mgr. 

« P.Barllleanz Mandeville 

Boe. A Treas., Gen. Fgt, Pebb. 
A Pot. Agl j Covington 

T.iSarlaad Molse i Mandeville 

Harold Raymond 
Interstate Bldg., New Orleans 
G. Lewis Mandeville 


Pwr. sta. equip.: 8 d. c. Allis-C.; 1 a. c. 
Allis-C— kw. 6600 v. 8 ph. 60 cys; Diesel 
crude oil engines. 

Pwr. sta. at Helinberg: repair shops at 
Helinberg and Mandeville. 

18.60 miles; 4-8^ g; 8 motor pais. 4 trail 
pass, and 4 other motor cars. (Company 
furnishes energy for lighting.) lift 

MONBOB. 18,814 (1916). 

365~Moitroe St. By. (Munic.) 

Sec. P. A. Poag Monroe 

Sunt. St Ry. Joe Mangham ^' 

Power sta. equip: 1 a. c. West. 900 kw. 
8900-104 V. 8 ph. ffO cys; 800 hp. e. H. F. A 
M; 1000 hp. b. Stir, Brie; 100 kw. rot. 
conv. West: trolley volt. 600 v. 

Reaches Forsythe Park, owned by City. 

10 miles: 4•8^ g: 14 oars. (City also 
operates elec. Itg. and wtr. system.) 118 

NEW OBLBANS. 871,747 (1916). 
(See also Nos. 861a and 091.) 

368— New Orleans Bailway 4k U^t 

Co.— Office, 201 Baronne St (Leases 
the N. O. Cfity R. R. Co^ and controls 
the N. O.ACarroilton R.R. L. AP. Co., 
St Charles St R. R. Co., Orleans R.R. 
Co., and N. O. A Pontchartrain R.R. 
Co.) (Controlled by American Cities 

Recvr. J. D. O'Eeefe New Orleans 

Pres. D. D. Curran 

V. Pres. R. M. Walmsley.... 

Sec. Jos. H. DeGrange 

Treas. H. A. Ferrandon 

Audr. O. B. McCoard. 

Gen. Mgr.. A. L. Kempster. . 
Claim Agt. Wm.H.Renand. . 
Pur. Agt J. R. McGtvney.. . 
Pwr. Frank G. Frost 
Track, M. V. Houlard 
Distrb. V. L. Willoi 
Transp. A Rys. 

N. H. Brown 

Bquip.RobtM. O'Brien 
ComM. W. E. Clement 
Magazine A Pleasant Sts.*' 

7 Jno. M. Dahmer,Magazine A 
Master j Pleasant Sts., New Orleans 
Meohanics ] W. Dickerson, Oak A Jean 

(. nette Sts New Orleans 

Power sta. equip. 14 d. c. West G. B., 
tot 18,700 kw; 8 a. c. G. B..tot 46,600 kw 
8800-6600 V. 8 ph. 60 cys; 88.876 hp. e. F. 
A S., Wms. McI. A S. Allis-C: 19,100 
hp. b. Heine. Bab. A W, Bdge: 40,600 kw. 
turb. (stm.) G. B; trans, volt 6600; trolley 
f olt 670 V. 

7 sub-sta.tot. cap. 1760 kw; 7 rot conv., 
14 mo. gen. sets. 

Power sta. at Market A Water Sts; 
repair shops at Magazine A Pleasant 
Sts.. and at Oak A Jeanette Sts. 

Reaches City. Audubon and West Bnd 
Parks: Spanish Fort, summer resort 
downed ^ 

918.15 miles; 4-8^ A 6-9^ g; 648 motor 
pass.. 49 trail pass., 8 fgt motor, 1 fgt. 
without motor and 109 service cars (Com- 
pany does general lighting and power 
business in New Orleans.) 60 

869— Orleans-Kenner Traction Co., 
Inc. (Forqnerly Orleans-Kenner Blec. 
Ry. Co. > —Office, 197 S. Rampart St 
(Connects W. Carrolton, Sonthport, 
Suburban Acres, Harahan City, Kenner 
and Hanson City with New Orleans.) 

Pres. T. G. Bash New Orleans 

Sec. A Treas. O. B. McCoard, 

c/o New Orleans Ry. A Lt. Co., 

New Orleans 

Audr. & Pur. Agt. 
W.H. Broad 

Supt. B. F. Greenleaf 

Ch. Bngr.Wm. Gardner, Jr Harahan 

Bngr. M. of W. 

Jules Meibaum ** 

Bnergy purchased from New Orleans 

Ry. A Lt Co; 8 transf. 6600 v. 8 ph. 60 cys. 

^roUey volt. 1900 v. d. c. catenary. 










1 BQb-Bto;. S rot conr. 

Snb-Bta. and rapair ehopi at Harahan 

Reachee and owne Felix Park, Kenner. 

16.98 mileB*, 4-8U g; 7 motor pats., 8 
trail pasB. and 8 motor freight cart. *60 

ST. TAMMANT. 908. 
(Sea No. a04.) 

SHRKTBPOBT. 48,874 (1090) 

ITO — SlireT«port BAllnraya Co. — 

Office, 610 Manhall St. (Successor to 
ShreveportTracCo.) (ConnectaSbreTe- 

Sort and Jewella A Shreveport and 
edar Grove.) 
Prea., Qen. Mgr. A Pur. Agt 

H. B. Hearn Shreveport 

V. Pree. W. T. Crawford " 

Sec.. Treai. A Claim Agt. 

Bd. Jacobs '* 

Andr., H. C. Kibneman '* 

Sapt. C. C. Bollock " 

Blec. Bncr. & Ch. Engr. Pwr. Sta. 

B.W.Denham ** 

M. M.,Oo8 D. Bashing ** 

Roadmaster, I A. Newsome.. ** 
Bni^r. Ovhd. Oonstr. W. E. Pike *'. 

Power sta. equip. 2 d. e. O. B. tot. 1600 
kw; 8460 hp. e. Ham, H. A T; 1660 hp. b. 
trolley volt. 600 ▼. 

Power sta. and repair shops at 900 Mar- 
ket St. 

Reaches Baseball Park^nd FairGrounds. 

88.60 miles; 4-8^ g; 80 motor and 8 ser- 
vice can. 110 


AUBURN. 16,808 (1916). 
(See No. 876.) 

AUGUSTA. 14,170 (1016). 
(See No. 877.) 

BAN€K>R. 96.660 (1016). 

871— Bang^or By. A Bleotrle Co.— 

Office, 84 Harlow St. (Graham Bldg.) 
(Consolidation of Ban«>r, Orono A G\d 
Town Bj,Co.t Bangor, Hampden A Win- 
terport Rr., Old Town Bleetric Co., 
Public Works Co., Penobscot Water 
A Power Co., Brewer Water Co. 
and Bangor A Northern R. R. Co.) 
(Controls through stock ownership the 
Bangor Power Co., the Bar Harbor A 
Union River Pwr. Co. and the Orono 
Water Co. ) (Connects Bangor, Brewer, 
Old Town, Orono. Yeaaie, Milford, 
Hampden, Kenduskeag, Corinth and 

Pree., B. C. Ryder Bangor 

f Qen.Mgr. 

Edward M. Grahsm '' 
V. Prests. : Frank Silliman, Jr. 

881 Chestnut St.. 
[ Philadelphia, Pa. 

Sec. A Treas. Howard Coming. . . .Bangor 
Audr. C. A. Pearson, Jr.. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Snpt. Ry. C. H. Johnson Bangor 

Sapt Wtr. , H. T. Sparks •» 

Asst. Mgr. . Robert A. Hadden ... '• 

Pur. Agt., Fred. H. LIbby »» 

Claim Agt t Gen. Fgt. A Pass. Agt. 
H.W.Daggett " 

Ch. Bng.. Signal A BlecM Engr. 
Phifer Smith " 


M.M.,H B.Baldwin G. A.Hathom. ..Veazie 
Roadmaster, D. J. Cullinan Bangor 

Power sta. equip. 8 d. c. G. B. tot. 460 
kw; 6 a. c. G. E., Elec. Mch. tot. 8610 
kva. 6600 t. 8 ph. 60 cys; 860 hp. b. Stir. 
8700 hp.wtr. tnrb. Lcf . Smith. McC, Hunt; 
trans, volt. 6600 ▼; trolley volt 600 v. 

Bnergr purchased from Bangor Pwr. A 
Bar Harbor A Union River Pwr. Co. 

8 sub^taa. tot. cap. 4606 kw ; 8 rot. conr; 
8 mo. gen. sets. 

Power sta. at Veasle (no P. O.); repair 
shops at Bangor. 

6n.ll miles (66.07 mi. let m. t., 8.47 mi. 
8nd m. t., 6.67 mi. sid.); 4-8^ g; 68 motor 
pass., 4 motor freight, 94 trail freight and 
14 motor service cars. (Company does 
general lighting business in Bangor snd 
vicinity.) •SO 

BATH. 9,896. 

(See No. 877.) 

BIDDEFOBD. 17,666. 
(See also No. 884.) 

8T9— Blddaford A Saco B. B. Co. 

—Office, 11 City Squsre. (Connects at 

Saco with CumDerland Pwr. A Lt. Co. 

for Portland and Blddeford with the 

Atlantic Shore Ry.) 
Pres. A Gen. Mgr. 

C. H. Prescotf. Blddeford 

Sec. A Treas. B. F. Lord ** 

Supt. 8c Pur. Agt. B. O. Hill Saco 

Roadmatter, Benj. Green wood. Blddeford 
Engr. Ovhd. Constr. Wm. Dunn Saco 

Energy purchased from York Pwr. Co; 
trolley volt. 600 v. 

1 sub. sta. cap. 600 kw; 8 rot. conv. 

Snb. sta. ana repair shops at Saco. 

8.86 miles: 4-8V4g: SOmotor pass, and 
8 other cars; 8 safety cars. ifdO* 

CAI.AIS. 6,616. 

878— Calais Str««t By.— Office. 19 N. 
St (Line extends into Canada (8 miles) 
under the name of the St. Stephen 
Blec. Ry.) (Connects Calaia, Me., and 
St Stephen and Mllltown, N. B.) 

Pres. Geo. A. Curran Calais 

Sec., Treas. A Gen. Mgr. 
Ben. Y. Curran •' 

Supt. A Ch. Engr. C. P. Pray " 

rower sta. equip. 8 d. c. G. B. tot 800 

kw; 8 a. c. G. E. tot 800 kw. 8800 ▼. 8 ph. 

60 cys; 800 hp. e. Ball: 800 hp. b. 

Cungh; 800 hp. turb. (wtr.) Smith; trolley 

volt. 660 V. 
Power sta. and repair shops at Calais. 
6.69 miles; i-BH Kl 8 meter and 8 other 

cars. (Co. sellfl energy for meter load In 

Calais and St Stephen.) 60 

CAMDBN. 8,016. 
(See No. 888.) 

CABIBOU. 6,877. 
(See No. 881.) 

FAIBFIBIJ>. 4,486. 
(See also No. 886.) 

874— Benton A Fairfield By. Cow-* 

Office, Fairfield. (Connects Fairfield 

and Benton Falls.) 
Pres. Sidney Mitchell, 

171 Madison Ave., New York, N. Y. 
Seo. C. E. Daniels, 

171 Madison Ave., New York, N. Y. 

Mgr. H.J. Madigan Fairfield 

Supt W. A. McAuley *• 

Power sta. at Fairfield; repair sbopa 
at Benton Falls. 

4.8 miles; 4-4)Vi g; 8 motor and 6 other 
cars; 1 snow plow. 100 

874a— Fairfield A Shawmnt By.— 

Office. Fairfield. (Connects Fairfield 

and Snawmut) 
Pres.A(^n.MKr. Geo. G. Weeks.. Fslrfield 

Sec. H. D. Baton Watervllle 

Treas. A Pur. Agt. 

H. E.We4>ks Fftlrfleld 

SuptEdw. Prue •' 

Energy purchased from Central Maine 
Pwr. Co. 

8.8 miles; 6-6 g; 8 motor pawa., 1 motor 
freight and 1 motor service car. ifbO 

(See No. 877.) 




KENNEBUNK. 8,099. 
(See No. 884.) 

(See No. 884.) 

LEWISTON. 81,707 (1920) 

376— Aiiclroscoi:i:ln Klectrlo Co. — 

OiBce, 100 Main St., Lewiston. (Pnr- 
chased by Central Maine Power Co.) 
(Consolidation of Lewiston A Anbnm 
Elec Lt. Co. and Portland-Lewiston In- 
temrban B.R.) (organized as Portland, 
Gray A Lewiston R. R.) (Connects 
Ftetland, Falmouth, Gray, New Gloo- 
cester, Aubnm and Lewiston.) 

Prea. Harvey B. £aton WateryUle 

Treas.W. S. Wyman Auffnata 

Andr.J. 8. Everett " 

Gton. Mgr. Fred D. Gtordon Lewiston 

( R. R. Div. 

Snpta. i P. E. Weymouth •* 

(Blec.IMv.O.D.Madgett *' 
Power sta. equip. 7 a.c. G. B. tot. 6800 

kw. 10,000 A 2800 v. 3 A S ph. 00 cys; 

1.600 kw. turb. (stm.) 6. E; 1088 hp. b. 

Heine; trans, volt. 10,000 v; trolley volt. 

560 V. 
Pwr. atas. at D^r Rips, Barker's Mills, 

Littleflelds and Lewiston. 
80.78 miles; 4-8H g; 8 motor pass., 

8 other motors and 8 other cars; 1 elec. 

loco. (Co. does general Itg. A pwr. 

baiiiiets.) ^70 

S77 — ^The Androacoi^i^ln A Keane- 
bee Railway Co.^Formerly Lewis- 
ton^ Aninista A Waterville St. Ry.) 
Ofliea, No. 1 Lisbon St., (Owns and 
operates city and intemrban lines 
flKlMiding from Waterville through 
Augusta (at which point lines branch 
feo ^nthrop and Togus), Gardiner, Sa- 
taattoa and Lewiston: from Lewiston 
extends to Lisbon Falls and Topsham 
to Brunswick, at which point lines ex- 
tend to Bath on the east and on the 
west to Tarmonth, where connection is 
made with the Portland R. R. Co.) 

Praa. Wm.B.Skelton — Lewiston 

y. 'Pttm. A Counsel, 
Wna.H. Newell •• 

Treaa. Miss Grace E. Fits " 

GmL Mgr. A Clerk 
Alfred Swaeney " 

Aaat. to Gen. Mgr. 
Claude C. Cole " 

Fur. AgL H. B. Rose *' 

M. AgL R. B. Halliday *' 

BtaeTmer. F. W. Emery 


SopC Track, Wm. Blake '* 

{(Lewiston Div.) Wm. Tourigny 
(AugusUDiv.)6. W. Bowie 
(Bath Div.) Parker Lewis 
(Preeport Div.) B. L. Vamey 
Power sta. eqnip. 1 d. c. G. E. 
tot. no kw: 1 a. c. WesL 300 kva. 400 v. 
I ph. B cys: ItOO hp. e. Cor. Rns. 
8Hhp. b. Hobb. Eng. Co.: trans, volt. 
1Oj00O-19,100-2S,000 v.: trolley Tolt.«00 v. 
10 aabetaa. tot. cap. 4000 kw: 11 rot. 
it; t mo. gen. sets. 

BMnor porchaaed from Central Maine 
Du Waterville: and Androscoggin 
Bee. Cou. Lewiston. 

FMrcr sta. at Hallowell: repair shops 

aftLewMoB, Augnsta, Freeport and Bata. 

OwaeLaln Grove Park. Aubom. and 

Iflaad Piaik. Augupta. 

1S7.615 mllca: 4'8H e: 108 motor pass. 

BftOtor. 48 tet. without motors. 88 

■d 58 other cars. (Co. does lieht- 

powerbnsinees in Freeport. J -*50 

DI80N. 3979. 
(See No. 385.) 


(See No. 878.) 


NOBWAT, 8,002. 

878— Oxford SSleo. Co. — Office, Nor- 
way. (Purchased by Central Maine 
Power Co. ) (Formerly Norway A Paris 
St. Ry. Co.) (Connects Norway and 
So. Paris.) 

Pres. Harrey D. Eaton Waterville 

Treas.W. S. Wyman Augusta 

Andr. J. S. Everett *' 

Gen. Mgr. Fred D. Gordon '* 

Supt. A Pur. Agt. H. B. Toung. . Norway 
Power sta. equip. S d. c. T.-H. tot. 184 
kw. 500 v; 6 a.c. G. E, Westg. tot. 410 kw. 
2800 V. Sph. 00 cys. and 2800 A 660 t. 8 ph. 
60 cys; 860 hp. e. West, Cor., A. A 8; 760 
hp. b. Erie, Portland; 886 hp. wtr. wb. 
Hunt; trolley volt 660 v. 

Power stas. at Norway, Mechanic Falls 
and So. Paris; repair shops at Norway 
and Mechanic Falls. 

2.18 miles; 44A^ g: 6 motor pass., 
1 other motor and 1 other car. (Co. does 
lighting and power business.) 
(Operation of railway discontinued.) 


OJjU town. 8,817. 
(See No. 871.) 

PORTLAND. 68,867 (1018). 

870— Cnmberland County Pwr. A 
Jjt. Co.— Office, 463 Congress St. (()P- 
erates under lease the Portland B. R. 
Co.) (Controls, through stock owner* 
ship, York County Pwr. Co.) (Owns 
Consolidated Electric Lt Co., West- 
brook Elcc. Co., Portland Lgt. A 
Pwr. Co. and Portland Electric Co.) 
(Does the entire dec. Itfr. and pwr. biisi' 
ness in the city of Portland and ad ja- 
omt communities. Its controlled com- 
panies operate the street railway sys- 
tems of Portland and So. Poriland witti 
suburban lines to Westbrook, Gorham. 
So. Windham, Cape Elizabeth, Old 
Orchard. Saco and Yarmouth, where 
connection is made with the lines of 
the Androeoogffin A Kennebec Ry. 
Co., extending to Brunswick, Bath, Skr 
bnttua. Lewiiton. (Gardiner, Augusta 
and Waterville; also the elec It and 
pwr. business of Biddeford. Saco. Old 
Orchard. Kennebunkport, York Har- 
bor, Alfred. Saaford. Spriagvale and 
Freeport. and the gaa bnslneasof Bidde- 
ford and Saco 3 

Pies. H. M. Yerrfll Portland 

V. Pres. Frank D. True '• 

• Trees. A Clerk, Chaa F. Berry. . " 

; Asst Gen Mgr. 

Alfred Sweeney Lewiston 





Pwr. A Lt Dept 

Enprs-J „'-Jt7**'''*' Portland 

1 Ry. Dept. 

. M. A Williams. 

Ch. Engr. C^eo. E. Hacrgas 

a^^tm » Track F. H. Knirht 

*"P"' 'i Traasp. Geo. M. Todd. . 

Pur. Agt Barton W. Shaw 

Claim Agt. F. 8 Briras 

Gen. F^ Agt &. E. HalUday. . . 

Power sta. equip. 19 d. c G. E. tot 8810 
kw: IT a. e. AlSaC Went tot 15.485 kw. 
2800 A 10.000 V. 8 ph. 80 eys: 808 hpu e. 
Al&s^. Prov; 5070 hp. b. Biia>. AW; 1000 
kw. stm. tub. G. E: 19.400 fap. wtr. Xmb. 
Smith. AHia^: trans, volt 8MQ0 ▼: mi- 
ley volt. 560 V. 

Power staa. (stm.) at Forcet Ave. A 
P]umSt.. Portland and South Portland: 
hydro-atas. at Bnimy Bag^ West Bux- 
ton, North Gcirham and Hiram FaUs; 
repair shops at St Joba St. PorHaad. 

Owns and operates Eirtavam Parkax^d 


lOa.SOe mllM: i-ea g-. aas motorpiue 
8 tr»i] pau., 8 (gt. motoi. 10 fgt, wltboi 
motora nod 39 letriie cm. *I 

3H0-Miiln« B7a.,I,t. A Pwr, Co.- 

Omci [TDlna ^uluil Bldg. (Contro' 

Praa.Wm. T.Cobb..'. RockLin 

Clerk, ,In>[shHDrammc>nd. . PdiUid 

Ti«i. Frank H. Bridrord 

Aadr. Frank B. Fl»h 

ISO EichsngE St. ■• 

S81~AroDstoob Vnllej B. R. Co.- 

Offlcc, Prttqoe lak. iCannecle PrciqD 

Iile, CraaaeviUe, Wubburn. Swede 

uid Caribou.) 
Fra.A^Oan, Hgr.A. I{.ODuld,PrenDeliil 
V. Fret. A Par. AeI.L.E. Ooald 

8«c. C. F, DagKBtt ■• 

Treu,, Claim^Kgt. & Qaa. Fgt, 

A Pua. Aetl. N. Cranditn 
Gan. HDpt. A Cb. Kogr. 

H. 8. W. Dlnnrall 

M.M., D.W.mider 

Euetcr pnrcbMed from Gonid Blectric 
Co.; Iruu. Tolt. 11.000 v. ■. ci Uollev volt. 
]»» f . d. c. 

3 sab slBS. lot, cup. 800 kn; 1 rot. coov. 

.Siib-ataa. st Hnnaoa Bill and Oriboa; 

K.ltmaaTt-m"e\ * motor ^9.^ E 
tnit p»H. and laerifcsur; 1 el<^. U't^o. 

BOCKI.AND. t.186. 

ass ~ Knox ConntT Eleotrlc Cn. 

(FormerlT Rockland, TbomUBton 
& Camdiin St. Rwy. Co.) — DOlce, 
44B Haln Slrset, ICounrcm Kncklaiid. 
TliomaatDU, Camden and Wamn.) 

Prea. BBrvey D. Eoton Watervlllc 

Treu. W. fj. W/mto AnRnala 

Andr. J. 8. Sy«rett 

DIitBiipl. H. P. Blodgett Rockland 

For. Adl. Bl.lnelmnn Angnita 

Claim Ap. W. B. Getchell 

Gen. Fut- Afl. B. Trlto Camden 

Chaa. E. Gt.^gory man Chip 

M. M.. RUpb Wentworth ■' 

Hj, eupt. v! Chlaholm RochUnd 

Boadmaiter, l^ed Orafforr..... '' 

PowerG).,AuBint»; Irann volUMOOand 
atOO v; trolley volt. 5.^D v; S mo. gen. 

Rnb. ata. and rspilr abops at 0)en Cot*. 
Rsaebc* Oakland Park (owned). 
Sa.MmtiM; *fH f- S3 motor paaa., 7 

Doea gcnEml llgktlnt and power bual- 

8ACO. B.ESa. 


0. STS.) 

SANFORD. ICfllO (IB181. 
SS4 — Atlantle Shore BmllwaT,- 

Offlce. Kennebnnk. (Fornnrlr tbe At- 
lantic Sbore Line Ry., wblcb naa a 
conaolldatioti or Sanford £ Cape Por- 
polae Ry., Uoniam Rlrer Ry. and 
ton-mnotii, DOTet & York St. Kr.) 
(On May 1. IBIT, control of llnawesl of 
York Beanh retorted to Portamnutli, 
Dover A York Bt.RyJ [Connect. Voik 
B'-BCh. Oeonqnit. Veils, SprlnifTale. 
Suiford. Eennebnnk. W. Kcnnebnnk, 
Kennebnnkport, Cape PnrpoEaB and 
Biddeforrt. where conncrti'in la made 
with Blddefnrd ii Saco R. R, Co.) 
(Frelglit ■nd iwuienirrr lerrloe.^ 
Eeeelvet. i El".?"."""':; ■■-■.''''".'"'' 

Bias. Bnir. A Pnr. Agl. 

T. U. Rlcluudi 

Wna. Bhopa W. A. Lorejoy.. 

iVMorga'nSmltfi"; tranV. TOlt.lO.OOO'v. 

KHTKS PWR. 8TA. EQUIP. (Sanford) 
-i s. c. \Vcs[«. tot. 000 kw. taoa-T.S ph. 
tya; 1300 hp tarb. (wir.) Plait IroD 
Vkt: irrns. voU. lO.OUO T. 

Kennabimk)— 1 d. c. G, E. Soff kw; 
BO tip. B. Hcl. ft B; 4TK bp. b. Hodga; 

Sub-Ftaa. at Sanford, Reimebnnkporl 

(1 pQCttbli); repair abopa at Kenn»- 

taCape Porpolas. Y 

~ bri'miiat-.i-im t : Sa motor paas.. 4 other 

' ■ ■ « 


SHfi—SomerKi TracOoD Co.— (Con. 

neots Skowhegui ind MidiMn.) 

Pree. F. W. BriiRa BkowtasRaB 

Scc..Trfliu.,MKr. A Pnr.Agt. 

H. L.Bwett 

Elect. Bngr. L. D. Marpby, . . 

Bern' puicbaMd from Central Main* 
Power Co. at Aognala; 1 rot. coo". West. 
30(1 kw; tnne. volt. 33.000 t; Irolley Tolt 

OwD> LakBwnod Park. 

11.H milea; 4.8!^ g; 11 cara BO 


(SeeNo. HliS.) 

WATEBVILLB. 11,702 (1911)' 

SSa ~ Wkterrllle, Falrfleld A 4>Bk- 
iBDd Ry.-OBcc. WHBln 61.. Watw- 
Tllle. (Cortrolled by ('entral Walna 
Pwr.Co.) (Connccle WBterTi]le.FalrSeld 
and Oakland.) 

Pree. Harvey D. Eatnn Walerrtlla 

Bee. E. A, Ballantyne AogData 

Trcaa W. S. Wyman " 

Aadr. Jotin 8. fiyoret' " 

Gen. Mgr. N, R, Longfellow, .WaterrlU* 
Claim A^I. W. B. Oetcbell .... AbguaU 

Pnr. igt, Blalua Owen 

Cb. EnET. P. E. Uaaan Watanrllla 

"T H.,W.M. Power* Benton 

ner. H. of W.P. A. Wentworth. PattfleM 
Enerey pnrchaeed from Centnl HatM 
»r, Co.; Irollay volt-BSflT. 
Repair abnp« Bt Fairfield. 

other mo-nr cars! ' ATO 



387- The Hsryland Elee. Btb. Co. 

~fflu. AnnBpolla. (ConoactB Bal- 
DreandAonapollB.) [Undermuiuo- 

itof Feck.GbannabBn, ChOTT, Isc] 

Pr«i. J. N. Bbannaban Hampton . Tk. 

■■. T, C. Cherry SyncDH, K.T. 

I TrpBB. An'tin HcI.uiabiD 

4 Bo. Calvert Bl., Baltlaora 

(1, H.KinrrB Annipolli 

Mirr. (;, D. Purter 

Gen. Fgt APaii, AgL 

J, COllft 


CIlBiiSt. J". W.Howard AniuuUa 

3f.HrrV.A.Knin "f^ 

B^. H. of W., A. Oakimlth. . 

SneTKT parcliaBed frnm Consol. Qu, 
Mite. Lt. * Fwr. Co.; trins. volt, ia,aOQ 
▼.m.c; trolIeTTolt.laOOr.d.c. (CBleDBTT)! 
C d. c. rol. coav. Weet Cot. 1800 kw, 

Snb-iUtion at Unlhlcam and JoDet 
etmUon; repsli ahop* si Auoapoli*. 

8T.4mll». (gS.Bml. iBlm. t„no. Snd. 

TlKh'tV Total miles opiTitod se.l; 4-^ 

tgt. car uid S elec. locoi. Company don 
saneisl Ughtlng and power bnsliieu. 


BALTIMORE:. (8»,«£1 (IQiS). 

[S« alio Not. 391 and T63a.) 

3 SB— Baltimore * Ohio B. R. Co.— 

Offloe, B. A O. Bldt., cor, Baltimora A 

CturiwSti. (QpentM Baltlmor* Belt 

B. B., a «eam road uiinic elm. loeoi, 
to operate BTitem laaldeof citr.) 

Prea. Daniel WU lard Baltimore 

aenlor V. Prsa. Oao. H. ShriTer 
Openting V. Pma. 

C. W. GallowiT " 

TnlBc T. Frea. Archibald Frle* " 

Sec. C. W. WoolfDid " 

Traaa. B, M. Devereoi " 

Compt. J. J. Bkln 

Qan, Mgr. S. Bnnea " 

Snpt. F. O. HOBkins 

Pur. Aft. W. 8. Gillawaj ■' 

Claim Agt. C, W. Egan " 

Ch. Engr. B. A. Lane " 

Keel. BiHT. J. H, Bavta " 

Signal Bnttr. P. P. Patenall . . . . " 
Ch. KDgr. U. of W. 


Enenr potchaaed from the Conaoll- 
dated l&g.^lecb'lc Lt, * pwr. Co. ; trans. 
TOll. lS,S>My; troller TOlt WO '. 

1 tDb^ta. cap. 5000 kw : 4 rot. cony. 

Repair aboM at Balleye Bt. and at Ht 

T.Mmll'ea (S.B ml. lat m, t., >,SmI, tnd 
m. t.): (Srd r^l); 4-^ a< > Blae. locoi. 

SB8a— Idlewjlde Rj. Co. — Office, 
S BaetL»ingioDSt. (OoeraleB frDtD 
Vork Road to Idlewilde Park and con- 
necta with Tdwsdd k CatonavUle Line 
of The Ignited Rj: & Elec Co, of Bal- 

Fiea. li GleD. Mgr. 

Harry R, Gilbert BsUimore 

Sec. Franks. Gilbert 

Treaa. JohnC. Patenon " 

throagh agreomeat bj Ths UnltedKjs. 
& ElK, Co. B9 

S8S— ZJirralne Rleo. Ry. Co,— Office, 
Bia Union TmatBldg. (Connecta with 
branch of United Bnllwaya at HlUadale 
and eitenda (o Lorraine Cemetar]', J 

V. Prea. 1 Gen. Kgi. 

F. P. Bennett Baltimore 

Enargr paichaaed from United Rall- 

"l^mtlearMjig; Scare. TO 

390— Cnlted RallwsraARIeo. Co.-- 
OlBce, lOoe Continental Bldg. (Owna 
all Unee formerly operated hylbeBal- 
Umore Cons. Ry. Co., Bslllmore City 
Pase. Ry. Co,, Baltimore A Sorthem 
Elec. Ry. Co. and controls and operalea 
the Biltlrnore. Sparrowa Point A 
Cheaapeake Ry. and the Baltimore. 
Halethorpe & Blkrldge Ry. Connecla 
Blllcott city. Bparrowi Point. Tdwidd. 
Catoneillle, OardenTille. Emory GioTe 
aod HalethoTpe.) 

Chm. of Bd.. Thoe. A. Croaa... Baltimore 

Proa. CD. Emmona •' 

lai V. Piea. A Gen. Atty, 
J.Pembroke Thoan •' 

«Dd T. Prea. A Gen. Hgr, 

Qer. Coanaol, J. C. France, , " 

ClatmArt. E. J. Paige 

AHt. Claim Agt. H. C. Walla, 
Pnr.Agt, Wm. H, fltanb.... 
Publicity Agt. ft Librarian 

w nwlght Burrows 

Tramp. W, C. Lodwig " 
Acts.d^[ipt. Motor Pwr. 
Adrian Hnama, Jr. 
Roll SCk, A Shopa, 
A. T. Clark 
, Welfare, Jaa.H.RIdgaley " 

Caahlar, A. J. Dleli. '■ 

Ch. Bngr. W. W. Wyaor. " 

ColnmblaATe, opp. CanoUPk, " 

TrafflclIgr.J.A.Sloll " 

Sapt-Scbednlea, J. K Morrla. " 

PRATT ST. STA. EQUIP.-^d. e. O. 
" ■ ■ MOOkw; 8 a.c. Westg. G. B. tof 

B, WMUt; I 

i. M,87B kw; SS rot. 

;t Bt., Owlntfa IflUa 


:, Baelem Aye.. Harford 
B A™„ ^ ~ ■ - - 

„ ■j^^^l*^"'"'"'"^"""""" 

Owna Gwynn Oak Park, and Bar 
Bhoro Park and reachea Rlverylaw Park 

nramid hy M .1 IT 1 1 r aim m nn Hi . 

sella ec 


AddbpoHb Elee. B.R. (ki.— Office, 
lOe North Liberty St. (Owna the 
ADnapolle Pnbllc Ulllltlea Co., wbicb 
tnralaluB gae and electric lighting In 
Annapolla.) (Connecta WaihlDglon, 
Baltimora and Annapolle.) 

rea. Geo. T. Biahop Baltlinore 

St V. Prea, Frank H. GInn, 

1200 Willlamaoa Bldg.. Clerelaiid, O. 
nd V. Frea. A Gen. Mgr , 

J.J. Doyle Baltimore 

ec. George WeemaWUIIama.. 

'reaa.Wm.H Garrett 

ABdr. W. H. Wright " 

r;ialm Agt. C, M.Tjke 

'or. Agt D. Zarhnsen " 

Inpt, oT Tranap. Caraon Schamacber, 

KaTal Aiwji-niy Jet 

Ilec. Bngr. H. T. Connelly Balilmore 

if. H., A. B. Oabelt. .Hayail Academy Jct. 

tngr. M, of W. 
B.W. Welnlind,,.. " " 

Energy parchaeed from Potomac Blac. 

•wr.Co.; trana.ToU.W.OOOy; trolley Toll. 

Repair shopa at Naval Academy Janc- 

aBiltl mile.: 4-BMg; OS motor paaa., 

A trail paai, l4other motor and tS other 

ara. N> 

BBL-AIR. 1,000. 

- Air. JCam- 

il with raited 

Ivaya A Electric Co. to enter Baltl- 

e with both paaaengsra and freight 

ta Hamilton, Pari 

11 tend ayate_ .. 

. . ml. In Spring, IMO.) 

Prea, 8. A. wnliama Bt 

a*c. A Treaa. H. B. O'Neill 

Gen.llgr. J. AlaxtaShriTW 

Foiw ind cui ranled rrom UnlMd 
HsUwija A Bliclrlc Co. of Billimore. 
Own! Oanpowdet RW«r P»rk, 
firfi mllea oparAted; [S.r>ml. projecte^l; 
tAii s; S cmn. 100 

CUHBEBLANI). aO.OOO (1020.) 

393-0 nmbBTland Blco. Rt. Co.— 
Omcs. N. CsDLre St. (Counecti irlCb 
Ihn Cnmbcrlmnd « WeatBtnport Bl«<. 
Rj. at Narrow Park. tH ■°"" "•'' "' 

T. Pi.a'. Jame. A, MoSrVorj ;' 

Snpt. APnrAgt. 

W. H. RobBrta, Jt 

Cli. ElfDU. Jobn HamilloD. . 

BnfrgT purcbaBMl rrom Edlaon Blgc. 
rig Oo, 

Reacbsa and controle Narrowa Park. 

H.traflBi: 4-8Hgi IV motor piiai. and 

3B4— CaiuberUnd * WcitempoTt 
Else. Bf. Co. — one*. FrnBlbarE. 
(CoDBEcU CuinberUnd. Bckharl. 
Froatbnri. Shaft, Carloi JonclLon, 
OceiD. Hldland, ailmore, Loniconlna, 
Fekln, Uoicow. Barton, Fnoklln and 
Weatmnporl.) (Controlled bylbeCltlPB 
Bf nica CoJ 

Prea. BenrrL. DohErlj..New Tork,N.T. 
fFrank W. Fmeanff, 
I Now York, N,T. 

V.Prcata..' A Oen. Mjir, 

1 D. D. Prlco, 

L FtoMbntB 

■id.. Tnia. A Pnr. Agl. 

SnptAdam Orr 

H.H., Joa BtoreT 

Power bU. aqnip.: S d. c. O. B. Waal, 

lot. laGQkw; ITMbp. E. Clark Broa.Rne: 

IITfl hp. b Keelcr, Srte City: MO k.w 

Powar aWa.MCIarjs villa and Raynolda; 

ReacbeaRejnoldi Psrkiniinad.) 

US mil..; i-mx: t4 motor paai. aod 

FREDERICK. 18,000 (lOte). 

SBS-Tha Hueratann £ Fiwlerlok 

Bj. Co.— Offlco, cot. Patrick A Car- 
roll Sla. (ControU Potomac LI. A 
Pwr. Co.. Martimbnrg, W. Vs. and 
Wayneaboro, Pa. Blcc, Co.; conlrola 

oaatle & Wiyneiboro St. Hy. Co.. 
Wayeiboro, Pa.: aparatai Nortbem 
VlTBlnls Pwr. Co.) Coonecla Prefla- 
rlck, Thnrmoot. Mlddlelown, Jeffer- 
aon. Boonaboro, Hsecratown and Will- 
. laraaport, Md,, snfl ShadygrovB, Pa.) 

Pra>. Emorr L. Coblenti Frederick 

V D I HeDryHolupreUr.HaBenttoim 

V.Praa.J p Howard War(leld..Bnllimor. 

Sac. M. P. Holler Haeeratoicn 

Treas. T. H. H allot Ftedarick 

Aatl. Tteaa. Alex. Armatjong. . 

Andt. H, H. Town.,.. •• 

Q«n. Hur. M. A. Pooler Haeen<town 

8opt. E.Paul Smith FtedBrlek 

Claim Agt. Patk Loy 

Can, Fgt. i, Paaa. Agt. 

C.C. WaWirB 

Por. Aet E. V, Mltcbell " 

Blec. Bngri., G.T.Twyfor<l..Bagarstown 
einnal Bner. 

V. 8t, C. Montleth '■ 

Conitr, Comnmera, 

O. H.Leatham " 

Power gta. tqolp. 3 a. c, a, B. A Weet. 
Cot. lO.eWkw. 3300 T.S ph. Mcya: 37SD 
hp. b. Bab. * W; 10,380 kw. Km. tnrb. 

Tolt. ffior. BnerftyalBo'pDrchaaedttom 
■nbaldlary companiea. 
8 snb-etjw. tot cap. 34D0 kw; 8 rot. codt. 

ReacboF and owna Btaddotk Hel|lili 

Bl.5 mllai: *-8M K; * 
^all paae. a fgt. motor 

(Co. does gBtiernl lighlliij and powu 

(Sea No. 3W.) 

BAGKRSTO^N, IB.87B (1918). 
{SaeNo. J96.) 


SOa-KBnaltiKton By. Co. — OfflM, 
Overhead Bridge. W. KaoiiDBtan. 
(Operatea Sandy aprlng Ry. Co. 'a tratk 

lofll of Capital Traction Co. 'a Syatan 
In Wiiphinpton and beyond fianalngtOD, 

ProB. ClUB F. Brooke Sandy Spring 

Sec.TreaB.. Qen^gr. APar. Art. 
R. H. Phlllipe Kensington 

J. A. P. Fatnham.,,.Washlngto[i,D. O. 

Sopt. HnrbortClande CbeTi CiMU 

Elec, Kogt. & M, M. 

Fayette Johnaon " 

Trolley volt. 1100 y. 

Repair ghopi at ObeyyChoaa Lake. 

3.C mill's (Btandard track on private 
riRbt of way); 4-8^ £; S motorandDothai 
eara. « 

TOWS UN. S.ftOO. (10 IB). 

(See Also Nc. SOB.) 

39T-TowaaD A CockerarlUe Eleo- 

trlc Ry. Co.— Office, Bel Air. (Oon- 

nacta TowaoE, Luihorvllle, Tlmonfam.) 
(Win slBo connaat Taxaa and Cockayi- 

Prea. C. C. Fawcett 

care of Robt. Garrett A 8.1 
V. Prea. Henry F. Baket •' 
G«n.MEt. J.AlpiiBSbriyer. 

RencKae Mflrjland Stile 

a. as miles; Edison storage battery 



A.:ilESBURT. 0.894. 

398 — Northern Muuobuielta Bt. 

Ry, Co.- Oen. offlae, Greonaold. (For- 
m^rly the Athol * Orange St. Ky.Oo., 
which piirohafed theTempleton St.^. 
Co.,aQrt with which tbeQardn«t,Wtit- 
mtiistflf & FltchbntB 81. Ky. Co. ww 
merged.) (Controlled hy HusubllMttl 
Consolidated Ry«.; (6)nnseta Athd, 
OranEO. Templeton, BaldwIniUie, Win. 

Chendon, Bsrrtni.r WBitmlnaUn. ••>,« 

V. Prea. &'Oen 

. . If ontagne City 

. . Eaat TMnpMoD 

Qen. Fgt. * Eip. Agt, 





aa»— AttlflbuFo Branch B.R. 

Co- — UfflL-«, MUBBcbneells UutDsl 
BIdB., Sprinsfleld. (ConnecU Atlle- 
boro and NorDl Attleboro,) 

Free. ClMk v. Wood SprlngaEld 

Bpec. ABBt. to Prei. 

V. P^ FranclB^,'bewey'.''.WoreB«ler 

Olerk, F. F. Uolntjce Gprluglleld 

Tr«BB. LerarBtt CmidflQ ^' 

Audi, J. W. jBmlBBon 

Oen.Hci. Hanfj C. Pajre Woreeater 

Fur.Agt. J,>. McCahe 

BIbc. Bogr. W. L. Hirwood,. " 
Energy pambsBed from The Ubade 

e.Umil«(S.7SiDi. iBtm. I. 1. 48 mi. 
std.) ; ♦*« g; 1 elKC. louo. *M 

SQSa— IntsratBte ConsuUilated St. 

B7. Co.— Office, MsBBHebuaeUnMutaiil 
Bid;.. SprlngflcJd, (ConBolidBtion o( 
Attleboro. N. AttleboKi & WceatbBm 
St Ry. BDd lulsrsUte St Ry. of Ptovl- 
denes, R. 1.) (Opentea In Attleboro. 
North Attlaboro. Pliltiville ud See- 

Pth. ciBrk V. Wood SprlngllBid 

Spec. Aeet. to Pru. 

Howard Wbltocy " 

v. PreB. Fr«nct»E[. Dewey. ,..Worce»ter 

Clerk.F. P. McInUre Sprinrield 

TraBB. Leverett Cnndee '■ 

Andr. J. W. Jamieeon " 

Qon. Mgr. Henij' O. Pag* Worcester 

SupC. P. S. Hnnnowell Attleboro 

Pnr. Agl. J. F. McCabe 

Fgt. *Paas, Agl. R.E. CoeETOve " 
meo. Bngr, W.L, Harwood.. " 

Energy porchasad from The Hhode 
aland Co.: troIlcT volt BOO y. 

Sfl.ST miles (!«.14 ml, lal m. t., l.M ml. 
and m, 1., 1.87m]. aid.) 4-SM g: tar. 
leased rrotu The Bbode leland Co. 



400— The Lowell a Fltcliburc St. 

By. Uo,- Office, Ayer. IControlB 
Wwtford Branch Une.l (ConneciB 
Lowell City llnu. Fonts Village. Gran- 
itciille, and Ihe Fttcbbarg ayatein al 

PtcB, W. W, Sargent Fltohbnri! 

TreaH. R. N. Wallle 

Qev. Sapt. A Par. AKl. 
Loole H. ruBblng Ajer 

M, M.,A. Caron '' 

Eo*dma«ier. JohnDeTaney " 

Bnerey parchaeedfrom Lowell Elec. Lt. 

Corpn., Lowetl.Maw,; traun.wjll.lS.OOOT; 

ttoller Toll. 800 I.; repair ahop at Ayer, 
IR mile*: 4.8^ g; S pm., 1 ITal and t 

dump cart; [ plow. TO 


by tbe Qofemor of the State of Maaai- 
chnaetts.) (Leases Botiton & Chelsea B. 
R. Co., BoeloQ & Retern Elec. Bl. Rt. 
Co., Ea£t Hiddleeei SI. By. Co., and tbe 


) lOperai 

1 in the 

fol lowing cltica: Bererly, BoBton, Brock- 
ton, ChBlaea, ETBIBlt. Fall River, Glon- 
cester, HdTerhlli, Lawrence, Lowell, 
Lyon, Halden, Hedford, Melroae, New- 
boryport, Quincy, Hayere, Taantoo, 
BBlem.Wobtim. and the tonus of Abloc- 
._„ ...J '-'■—- -.Avon.BUlerioa, 




— , — .■llngton, 
I. DedhaiD, Dlcrh- 
East Brldgcwaiur, 
3roveland, Eamll- 
Bham, Hfllbrook, 

ead, McTbueo, Middletr 

Blonehani, SwampBCOtl, Tawkihury, 
TjTjgBboro. Woltflfleld, Walpolu, Won- 
ham, WeelBrldgewaler, WefitNewbory, 
Wiffltwood, Weymontb, Whitman, Wfi- 
■ land Winchester.) 

hur WedklEb 
d. J. Crowley 
ic Spraane 

.Wei. R. B, !<tearna .Bo 
[..Howard F, Friteh 


Pnbllcity Agt. Fr 
Sen. dalmAst.L 
N. O. 

Fred- A. CamnUn^ 

Hgr. FEi. ni 

rfwi. A Elec. Llbei 
J J.H. Libber... 
TMaint otWay 

I. F.B. Walker... 

rHolLBlk. JbSbopi 

I F. D. Ward 

■^QuIncyPwr. 8U. 

L H. 1. amiHan.. 

A. Jny Boardman Fan lOver 

Job, Phelan QloDeeBtar 

R. H. Chane BaTarhiil 

J. T.Conway Hyde Park 

H. Gray... 



rank I. Hardy Salem 

. H. Murphy Tannton 

itpmenl ofpwr.Biaa. nr reporli 
lelaea, Haverhill. Hyde Park, 
', Lowell. Lytm. Qolncj, Salem 

Main repair ibapa at Cam 1 
Fall RiTer and lioweil; < 

LtCampello. Chsli 
r booaea 

Marblahead. K'ha 

. Wenham, Weil 

I. and ISB aeryire 

. Uedrord, Hen 

(Phraii, J. F. Jackaon. 
I I Wlolhrop Coffln 
i Sec. Stanley B, Miller 

t JobB F. Sttren* 

aiLAOOAy^asjoiitt. ».%* 






TreAS. H. L. Wileon Boston 

Gen. Aadr. J. H. Moran ** 

Gen. Mgr. Edward Dana 

AB§t. Gen. Mgr. H. B. Potter 

Gen. Goaneel, H. Ware Barnnm. . *' 
Gen.Claims Atty. Russell A. Sean '* 

Attorney, C. B. Gleason " 

Claim j J. J. Reynolds •* 

AttTB.lM. P. Spillane »» 

Real Bst. Agt. D. L. Prendergast . . '' 

Pnr. Agt. Edward Mahler " 

RecV Cashier, L. J. Dickey 

Arcnitect, F. F. Low 

Sapt. Roll. Stk. & Shops 

John Lindall, 489 Albany St., 
fNo. 1. 

Chas. J. Leonard Rozbury 

No. 2. 
E. A. Kelley Forest Hills 

No. 8. J. H. Harrington, 

Bennett St., Cambridge 

No. 4. Arthur W. Senter 
^ Sullivan Sa.,CharIestown 

^Car Shops, H. G. Noble 

Bartlett St., Rozbury 

Clarence E. Learned, . .Boston 
Maint. H. M. Steward .... ** 
Pwr. F. S. Freeman 

439 Albany St., " 
Pwr. Di8trbn.,Wm. Masters, 

489 Albany St., 
Rap. Trans. Lines, H. A. Paeho, 

Transp. James Smith .... * * 
Asst Transp., J.A.Smith. ** 
Wires, J. P. Boyden, 

586 Harrison Ave. " 
' Empl. Alfred J. Guyon, 

Dudley St. Term., Roxbury 

Sntivra - ^^^^' ^' ^- Morgan, 
oupvrs. ^ Bartlett St. 

Time Table, 

Timothy Connell Boston 

f Ch., C. T. Pemald 

Blec, J. Walter Allen, 

Pnar. J 439 Albany St 

iiiUgrs. -j Maint., James Dickie. . . 
Signal, (R. T. lines) 
[ W. C. Smith Charlestown 

f Ch. Opr. Engr., 

J. J. Donohue Boston 

Central, R. S.' B. O'Brien, 

439 Albany St.,Boston 

R. H. Dixon " 


O. A. Jackson, . Cambridge 

M. W. Eastman... Bos ton 
South Boston 

Gen. Frmn. Rap. Trans. Lines & Shops, 

Glark Doty Charlestown 

Gen. Storekeeper, A. A. Ord way.. Boston 
f Surface Lines, 




Ch. Engrs. ^ 
Pwr. Stas. 


Road I J. M. Ryan, 

masters ' Rap. Trans. Lines H. L. Butler, 

Sullivan Sq., Charlestown 

Ch. Engr. 

R.S.B. O'Brien, 439 Albany St., Boston. 

9 d. c. G. E. Walker, tot. 12,900 kw; 
17,800 hp. e. Intentl, AUis-C; 11,808 hp. 
b. Bab. & W., Stir. 


Ch. Engr. M. W. Eastman Boston 

4 d. c. G. E., Westg., AUis-C. tot. 10,800 

kw; 1 a. c. Westg. 25,000 kw. 18,200 v. 3 

ph. 26 cys. 16,800 hp. e. R. A S., Tod; 

10,160 hp. b. Bab. & W., 38,512 hp. stm. 

tnrb. Westg. 


Ch. Engr. Ralph H. Dixon Boston 

4d. c. G. E., Westg. tot. 7000 kw; 

10,400 hp. e. Wait., McI. A S., Allis-C; 

6,900 hp. b. Bab. <ft W., A. A. T. 


Ch. Engr. A. O. Jackson, Cambridge. 

4 d.c. G. E. tot. 6800 kw; 9600 hp.e. McL 
A S.. AUit-O: 6400 hp. b. Bab. A W. 


4 a. c. G. B. tot 80,000 kw. 6600-18.200 v. 
3 ph. 25cys;106,667hp. stm. turb. G. E., 
Curtis; 9600 hp. b. Bab. A W. 


2 d. c. & 1 a.c. G.E. tot. 6600 kw; 7600 hp. 
e,R.8cS,G. E; 8808 hp. b. Bab. &W, Stir. 

Power stas. at Boston, Charlestown, 
Cambridge, So. Boston, Dorchester; sub- 
stas. at Dorchester, West Roxbury, Brook- 
line, Cambridge, East Boston, Arlington, 
Somerville, Maiden, Roslindale, Brighton 
Boston, Roxbury and Charlestown. 

Repair shops at 439 Albany St., Boston, 
Charlestown and Roxbury. 

Total miles, 635,326; surface, 491,961; 
rapid transit 43,376, (includes 26.248 miles 
of subway and tunnel tracks, of which 
12.198 are used by surface and 13.691 by 
rapid transit cars, includes mileage in IS 
municipalities besides Boston) ; 4-8^ g ; 
2,623 surface pass., 423 rapid transit pass. 
1 newspaper, surface work and 24 rapid 
transit work cars ; 218 snow plows and 11 
sweepers; 2 elec. locos, (rapid transit.) 


403— Boston A Maine B. B.— Office, 
North Station, Boston. (This steam rail- 
road corporation owns and operates two 
electric street railway branches, the 
Portsmouth (N. H.) Blec. Ry. with 19.08 
miles of track, and the Concord (N. H.) 
Elec. Rys. with 88.56 miles of track. Bos- 
ton A Maine trains are operated by elec- 
tricity through the Hoosac Tnnnd, 
about 22 miles, single track, having 
been electrified, 9^ of which are within 
the portals of uie tunnel, the re- 
mainaer covering approaches and 

Pres. J. H. Hust is Boston 

Clerk A. B. Nichols " 

Treas. H. R. Wheeler ** 

Compt. W. S. Trowbridge " 

404— Boston A Worcester St. By. 

Co.->Offlce. Framingham. (Controlled 
by the Boston A Worcester Elec. Cos.) 
(Connects Boston, Brookline, Newton, 
wellesley, Natick, Framingham, South- 
boro, Westboro, Northboro, Shrevrs- 
bury, Marlboro, Hudson and Worcest^.) 
Pres. William M. Butler 

77 Franklin St., Boston 
V. Pres., Arthur E. dillds 

77 Franklin St., Boston 
Clerk, James F. Bacon '• " *» 

Treas., A. W. Clapp Framingham 

Gen. Mgr., Arthur E. Stone " 

Supt. Transp., G. H. McFee "' 

Claim Agt., J. J. Hourin. . . ♦* 

(3en. Fgt. Agt. F. C. Lewis Worcester 

Ch. Engr. Pwr. Sta. 

C. B. Smith Framingham 

M. M., John C. Horgan " 

Engr. M. of W., L. J. MUler " 

Engr. Ovhd. Constr., 

H.F. Sears " 

Power sta. equip. 3 a. c. G. E. tot. 8600 
kva. 18,200 v. 8 ph. 25 cys; 2000 hp. e. 
Prov: 2800 hp. b. A. & T; 2000 kw. turb. 
(stm.) G. E; trans, volt. 18,200 v; trolley 
volt. 600 V. 
4 sub-stas. tot. cap. 3800 kw ; 11 rot. conv. 
Power sta. at Framingham; repair 
shops at Framingham Centre. 
Reaches Lincoln Park, Worcester. 
83.15 miles; 4-8^ g; 74 motor pass., 
14 fgt. motor, 6 fgt. and 4 other cars. 60 

405— Boston A Worcester Blec. Cos. 

— (Controls through stock ownership the 
Boston A Worcester St. Ry. Co.) 

Wm. M. Butler, 77 Franklin St., Boston 
V.Pre8.A.E.Child8. " tt .* 

Sec. James F. Bacon " " " 

Treas. Arthur B. Stone Framingham 




& Wfbiter-) 


ODdJ. B.Hn 

■"^o" '^50 

A LICht 



> of tran 



ntlon*. Under chuter, Ic niBJIsB'ia itt 
two CallHBial TroBt Bondi, Mcnred bj 
bondaof oltaercninpiinI». >ie cnllaMral; 
owQi bond^ »DiS BtockB of furty-thne 
indtp-ndsnt compsnlei, (nenty of 
which »re under manageniBat at atone 
» Webtwr.) 

I Henry U. Bradlea Boston 

Sicdouo Butniek '' 

I T. T.' WliH;o«r,"jr .'.'.'.' " 

KrtvrloS.WHhBter...,. " 

Directors J Robt. F. Herrlck " 

Thof. N. P«rklnH " 

I Riteiall Robb... 
■ J, Stom 

idJ. B. B 

«10— BtoneAWabitsr, Inc — Oenersl 
office. 14T Mllli St., BcMtoa, (The 
folloirluit com ran lei are managed: 
Baton Bonge Blec. Ro,, Blackatone 

Cky Coal Qae Co.. Central Hieala 

In.. Santera Teia* 

Blen. Co.. El PaaaBlec. Rv. Co.. Bl Paio 
and Janrcy Pwr, Co.. Fall River Gaa 
Wka.Co..Pl. MadHon(Ia.| Blm. Co.. 




t Blec. Co.. The Lowe 



. Padouh Bl«. Co., The, 
irtnclrt Oai Co. of N. J.. The Paw- 
iket Gai Co. (R.I.I. Peaucola B1ec. 
., Ponoe Blec. Co., Public Berrlee 
reelmenl Co.. Pngc' Sound Bloc. Ry. 
i[ol aonnd Internaitonai Ry. ft Fwr. 
.. Paget aonnd Pwr. and LI, Co.. Rj. 
1 Lt. Secnrttle* Co.. Renn Pnr. Lt. 
a Wtr. Co., Rto Grande Valley Pwr. 
.. Sannnah Blec. Co.. Saiannah 
rr. Cn., .Sierra PaeiBc BJec, Co.. 8yd- 
r and alace Bay Ry. Co., Ltd.. Ta- 
na Rr. and Por, Co.. Tampa E!i 

c. Co. a 

411a— Clurlea H. Tm 


in, (RaoreaeBl* following 
'■■-- "■-—■- "o..Ma1d«B 


4 Melrose aaaLt . „. 

Co., Haiarhllt B]ec.Co,.PItehbiusGu 


M Elec. LI. Co., Sohnrban Gaa A Klac. 
Co. (Revere and Wlnthrop), Springfield 
Haatt. Co.. Springfield Navigation Co.. 

Boaton EleclTDljire'oiyH'O Co., North 
Boeton Ltg. Propertlei. Saetem HiMa- 
r.hnaette Elec. Co. and Worreatcr Gie 
ton Blec, Co. Eieter. Hampton A Amea- 
bnry St. Hy.. Bietcr Ry. A Llg. Co. and 
Concord Elec. Co.. New Hamp^re; 
and Montpeller 4 Rarre Lt. & Pwr. Co. 
Vermont: Peopla'a flan & Elec. Co. 
ofOiwego and Rockland Lu* Pwr. Co. 
(NyaGk).NawTork; Rockland Blactri'; 
Co,, New JorSFj and The BriaLoi * 
PlalayillDTramwny Co.. Connectlcnt. 

Charlea H. Tanney Sprlngflald 

Pren-PalmorTork BoBloB 

V. Prep, (in charge of PnrchaBlDgl 

V. Prai. (In charge of Bni[!naerlni[) 

F.C.Sareent " 

Sec, H.P.Wood ■• 

freaa, K.A. Bradley ■' 

AaBt.Tresf. R. C. Ten nay " 

Clerk. Al 'en HolilV. 

SB Capitol St., Concord. N, B. 
Eogrg. Mgr, C. R. Hayea BoatoD 


(HeeNo. 101.1 
BBOOKTON. 62,238. 

Ry. Co. For 

Local Met,, P.P. 

BROOKLINR. 33.190 <1«16). 

41H'The KIne Hill St. Ry. Co.— 

Operation dlacontlnned : roid wlllproli- 
■bly be junked. OOlre. ST WaBhington 
St,. Canton, (Operated from Uattapsa 
throngh Canton to fllon)thlon: at 
Hatupao connected with the Boaton 
Blfvai"d Ry .■ndntstonghtonconnee- 
tefl wllh tbe NoTfolk & BrlBlol and 
Gaatern MaBaachaipttn Street Rallnaj 
Co. for ton Sonlhem HftiaaehUBatti 

Receiver, Ceo rge Spanlding Canton 

Power eta., cap. 487 kw; enerp alio 

pnrchaeed tran Butetn Ha'aachaeftl* 

Power Bta and repair nhopa at Canton. 
Ruchad Hongblon'a Pond. 


cnBLBEA, it ASS. 

■aiaeliaaetu St. 

By. Co.— For eiocotliB 

Local lf^...T. O. Ellla Chelaea 

Powar ita. aqnip. T d, c. O. E, tot. JMO 
kw: taOO hn, e. Cpr. Cor,. W.-O.. T. C, 
H.-C. : Simp. b. Bab. ftW:lranayTolt. 




CHICOPKE. 30,188 
(See No. 457.) 

CLINTON. 18,192. 
(See No. 471.) 

COLERAIN. 1829. 
(See No. 456.) 

CONWAY. 1,280. 

410— Conway Klec. 8t. Ry. Co.— 

Office, Canton. (Connects Conway 
with Deerfield and Conway Village 
wiih Conwav station on N. Y.. N. H. & 
H. R. R. and South River Station on B. 
&M. R. R.) 

Free P W. Oonant Conway 

V. Pres. Arthur P. Delabarre *' 

Treas. & Clerk 
Chas. P. De Wolfe *' 

Audr. E. T. Cook 

Power 8ta. equip: 1 d. c. West. -iOO kw; 

100 hp. e. A & S; 150 hp. b. Big: 300 hp. 

turb. (wtr.) J. & W. Jolly; tiolley volt. 

(JOO V. 
Power sta. and repair shops at Ccnway. 
6.6 mileB; 4-8^ ?; 5 motor pass, and 

17 other cars, 1 snow plow. *50 

DANVKRS. 11,177 (1915). 
(See No. 401.) 

DRACUT. 4,022. 
(See Nos. 401 and 427.) 

•(See No. 446.) 

EVERETT. 87,718 (1915). 
(See No. 402.) 

FALL RIVER. 124,791. 
(See Nos. 401 and 442.) 

490b— Eastern Massachusetts St. 

Ry. Co.— For executive officers, see 

Local M^r., A.Jay Boardman, Fall River 

Snb-sta. equip, rot. conv. G. E. tot. 
8000 kw. 8 ph. 25 cys; trans, volt. 18 200 v; 
trolley volt. 600 v. 50 

FITCHBURG. 89,656 (1915\ 
(See also Nos. 398 and 471.) 

491— Fitohbarg & Leominster St. 
Ry. Co.— Office, 280 Main St. (Con- 
nects Pitchburg, Leominster, Lunen- 
burg, Shirley, Ayer, Lowell and Wor- 

Pres. AGen.Mgr. W. W. Sargent, Fitchbure 

V. Pres. H. I. Wallace '• 

Treas. R. N. Wallis 

Roadmaster, C. N. Glynn " 

Power sta. equip. 6 d. c. tot. 1675 kw; 1 

a. c. 60 kw. «400 v. 2 ph. 188 cys; 1990 hp. 

b. Dillon; 90 hp. turb. (wtr.); trolley volt. 
600 V. 

Reaches and controls Whalom Park. 
41.68 miles; 4-8^ g; 60 cars. -^50 

FOXBORO. 3,863. 

49X— Norfolk & Bristol St. Ry. Co. 

—Office, Foxboro. (Connectp Norwood, 
Walpole, Foxboro, Mansfield and 

Pres. L. A. Ford.. Boston 

Treas. R. Townsend " 

Audr. Geo. S. Davis. . 49 Federal St., " 
Gen. Mgr. M.A.Cavanaugh, 

162 Harrishof St., Roxbury 

(Haim Agt. 

Jas. T. Connolly. . . ,94 Milk St., Boston 
Supt. & Pur. Agt. F. M. Perrv. . .Foxboro 
Ch. Enpr. Pwr. Sta. 

E. E. King South Walpole 

M. M., Wm. J. Sheehan " 

Engr. M. of W., Wm. Cady. . . " 

Bngr. Ovhd. Constr. 

E L. Barrows " 

Power sta. equip. 8 d.c. Westg. tot. 825 
kw: 1100 hp. e. Slater; 860 hp. b. Stir.: 
trolley volt. 576 v. 

Power sta. and repair shops at South 

Reaches Lake View Park. 

21.739 milen:" 4-HH g: 22 motor cars 
)»nd 1 ottier car; 3 plows. 109 

FKAMINGHAM. 15,880 (1916). 
(See Nos. 404 and 489.) 

FRANKLIN. 6,440. 
(See No. 467.) 

GARDNER. 16,376 (1915). 
(See No. 898.) 


4^3— Eastern Massacbusetts St. Ry . 

Co.— For executive officers, see Boston. 
Local Mgr. J. A. Phelan GloiiceUer 

Power sta. equip. 3 d. c. G. E., Westg. 
tot. 1500 kw; 2300 hp e. Penn, Ham- 
Harris; 1272 hp. b. B. & W; trolley volt. 

600 V. •eo 

GREENFIELD. 12,618 (1915). 
(See also No. 487) 

4!84— Connecticut Valley St. Ry. Co. 

-Office, Greenfield. (Controlled by 
Massachusetts Consolidated Rys.) (Con- 
nects Greenfield, Deerfield, Wnately, 
Hatfield, Turners Falls, Montague City, 
Hadley, Amherst and Northampton.) 

Pres. Chas, W. HazeUon..Monti^giieCity 

V. Pres. & Gen. Mgr. 
D. P. Abercrombie, Jr Greenfield 

Sec. «fc Treas. F. A. Persons... 

Audr. J.E.Donovan 

Gen. Supt. John A. Taggart 

Asst. Supt. E. W. Whalen.. Northampton 

Claim Agt. Wm. S. Clark Greenfield 

Gen. Frt. & Pass. Agt. ' 
Leon Bolster ** 

Ch. Engr. & Supt. of Way, 
Chai*. W. Clapp 

M.M., Frank La pe " 

Energy purchased from the Gre^^nfield 

Elec. Lt. Sc Pwr. Co; trolley volt. 600 v. 
Repair Phops at Greenfield, 
47 miles: 4-8^ e; 42 motor and 3 work 

cars ; 4 snow plows; 3 auto pass, buses. 


425— MasMachusetts Consolidated 
Rys. — Office, Greenfield. (Controls 
through stock ownership the Con- 
necticut Valley St. Ry., the Northern 
Massachusetts St. Ry. Co. and the Con- 
cord, Maynard & Hudson St. Ry. Co.) 

C. D, Parker Boston 

R. L. Warner " 

R. M. Saltonstall »* 

J. W. Stevens Greenfield 

F. E, Pierce " 

C. W, Hazelton. .Turners Falls 

Trustees ■{ F, H. Pay tie Greenfield 

R, F, Tucker Boston 

Bowen TuftH '' 

E. C. Crosby. Brattleboro, Vt. 
Treas, & Clerk, 
D. P. Abercrombie, 

HADLET, 2,666. 

(See No. 424.) 




leu— Eaitem MKHuBchnscttnSt. Ry. 

Cu.— ForeiBcuOveoffluBrs.BEflBDeton. 
Locai Mgr. G. S. CUme HsverMll 

Power Bta. equip, a d. c. U. B. tol. ISDO 
kw; 1800 hp, e. Cpr„ Cor.. Green C. C; 
122a bp. b. Bab. & W; trolley lolt. goO v. 

Si. By, Co — Olllce.G0Merrtiniclt ^t., 
HaTerblil (Controlied br UiB N«w 
Usmpiblrt Blec. Rvb.) (Formed by 
mtrger of Ihe following street rallwar 
ca'.iAmBBljurT&IIamptonSt, Ry. Co.. 
Ciiliifiie' Kite. SU Ry. Co., Hayerhill A 
.iDiaBbnrr St. »y, Co., HaTerttll A 
flHlBtott Ht. Ky. Co., llBverhlJl A 
HoutbTIi Nen Bampibire Kl, Ry. Co., 
LunreDce A Mi.-lbaBn St. By. Co, and 
[be Lowell Ji pplbnin St. By. Co.. 
Ill MsBBHcDUH.Li, Hiiertalll. Plala- 
t >H A TJetMou tn. By. Co., HndBon, 
Pi'lham & SaleTo Ht. Ry. Co.. nod Sm- 
brook £ Hampton BL'Bob St, By. Co. in 
Neiv Hanipslilte.) (OperateaiDBnilcoD- 

LHwrence, Lowell. MinlinBc. Methueo 
Noirbnry, Newbiiryport, PMlier Elver 
jOia Town), Plam lalaod. SBllBbnry and 
SallBbDry Beach, Miai., atid Oampton 
BeacH, Qudsan.UudionCentre.NashDa. 
Naviion, Pel bam, Plali-Ujff, aalam.Ses 
brook nod SEabrook Buacb. N. H.l 

Pre*. DBTid A. Belden Havarhlll 

V. PfuB. * Gen. Mgr. 
Ralph D.nood 

V. Frea. A Treaa. Fred'k E.Webeter " 
rweiti-ni Rlv. 

Sup"- H &u.i«m DiT. 

{ Gi'orveR.Lelgbtoo . Ameebury 
Snpt, Lines ic BnnillnK 

W.S. Moll-n 

Caabler A PnymaKter 

Gn» H. LBHner 

Pnr. AkI. Clifton I.. Bartlett " 

Claim Aet. Harry B.WtaltehoDae. ■' 
Gen, Pa««. Apt, Ronrra R. Frenoh '■ 
RiEC. A Rlirnal Bniir.ft' 8. Mellon.. " 
H. H.. Hnrry A. OBROod.eali-m Depot, N.H. 

Bnerey rmni R och Ingram CniintyLt. dt 
Pirr. Co.. PortsmonCh. N. M: trana. volt. 
JS.aWv'trolluy volt. BOO*. 

7 B'lb-ctaa. lot, ciin.MIWkw. 

RcpBirBhopBHt.lalBmDepot.N, H, 

Reaebea Oinoble Like anil [lamiilnn, 
Ballnhnrv and PInm lalnad Beichea. 

1S7.E9g mllee: 1 8^ suia- UO mo, can?.. 

HiisPHeliaBeUB Xnr(hi«atem Ht Ry. 
Co., Dover. SniniT»>rorlh Jc l(a<:hr>ler 
HI. Hy, Cn., RodtliilbBm Connly Lt ft 


Sherrle D. Ncvin HoWoke 

Andr, Q. F. Dinneeo ■' 

ABit. Gen. Ugr. ft Ob. lEngr. 

Geo. 8. PeniBSler " 

Siipt, Geo. B, Hnntcr. " 

d L.'Sheldon'j.BBrkshlreBt... -' 

RoBdmBstir. Tboe. Smith 

Engr. Ovhd, Conalr, 

Gan. Chaplo " 

W:' (.TftT, Rnewj »W 
chBWd IroiD TomerB FbIIb INit. C 

Hab, ft 

3. {MOO 
kphiro St.; rFpaii 

t eleu. loco. *S0 

lO — euatern MuBBnchanBttB Bt. 

Ry. tn,— For eieonilvt offlcera. vsr 

iiHlMEr. J.T.Conway , .Hyde Park 
?wi. «o. equip, 3 d. c, G B. tot, 1876 
r: Snr^Ohp.cPcon, Greene: ISK hp. b, 

{Sea alao No. 4X.i 
t«rii MuBoohni 

eon live offleers, see 

"■■ -a 

Power aU. nqolp. S d. c. O.B.. Weat, 
ML HM kw; 71fl bp. Inrb. (wtr.) Hnnt 
Holy: Iran", roll. 15.BX1 *; rmlley voli. 

UNTTUtlU. l,ll». 

Cbl.opco. i'hlen|«o F»tl% We-iaeld. 

Allla: SmO bp. b. V A T, Rab. 


LYNN. 11S.803 (IttlS). 

•SS— Nahaat A Lynn Stnat Rj. 

Co — Office, luot of WiuliLDgton Si. 

(ConnecU Nsbiini sua Lnn.) 

' ThM.A.KeUy.,.B8BSninmerSt.,Ljnii 
V. Free. & Ttena 

Cliftfln Colburn, SS EtthanEe St. " 
8k. W. H. Southwlck.SIRUnlonBt. " 

Hm. Mgr. G. H. Crilcbercon " 

H. U..B. L. Campbell Nthint 

Power nnteil from St,iKn Hub. 81. 
Bj. Co.: tma. A troilej volt BM i. 

Itepsir ihopi at NlhuDt. 

S.TJ mills; 4-BM k; II »r>. 1 Ifl 

tsa — EKitem MitHmclinHtti St. 

By. Cu — For cinmtlve offlceri, lee 
tncslMtrr.G.H. GruT 

Power »U. eqalp. T d. c, O. G. tot. SdSU 
kw; 5460 hp. B. W.-C, H.-C WMlg, Cpr; 
MHO hp. b. Bab, * W,. A. *T; troDej volt. 
000 •. *60 

HALDEN. 4S.IKI7 (ItllS). 
(SeeNDH. 401 and 401.1 


(Bee No. 44S.) 


(SeaNo). 4MaDd4TI.) 

MATNARD. e,7T0. 

43T-Cou«arit, Bliiyiiitrd * Uad- 

aan Bt. By. Co.— Gcd. oIHce. Oraen- 
fleld; local oBcB.Majuard. (CunnacU 

Wait Acton 41 dBud'ioD.) ICoDlroIled 
brtbeHaMachniatUCuuiolldaled Rall- 

V."pMi. 4 0«D. Mgr. 

D. P, AbBraromble, Jr GreeDfleld 

8«. F. A.pBtHODB 

Andr. John K. Donoyan 

am. Bupt. Jobn A.Tagiiart. .. 

Aael. Bnpl. R. 8. Worden Mayuard 

Clalni ARt.Wni. 3. Clark nreenlleld 

Oh. Engr, Chas. W. Clapp " 

Cb. Bntn' Pwi.8l>>.W.L BtoaB..HiiriiBrd 
U. M.,Edw. WhllnBj '■ 

kw; TOO bpe Plater; «JOhp, b Bah, & W: 

Power Ma. and repair ibop si Hajnud. 
18,lfimllH: 4-8Ug: lit cui. *tO 

(Bee No. 101.) 

HELBosK. 16,880 mm. 

(Bee No. 401.) 



METHDEir. 14,007 riHlSl. 

(Sua No. 4117.) 


(B« Nob. 141ai]d4flS.I 

HILTORD. 13.aS4, 

laa— Htlford, AUlEboro & Wodd- 
aockat 8t'. By. Co. - Omee, Ma-«a- 
chQietti Mutual BLdg.. HprlDgfleld 
(OontioUsd by the Naw Knflud 



InyoBlraoiit and Security Co.) (Con- 
lactB WooDBocket.R. l..UiirDrd.FrBiik- 
jlD, PlidnvHlE. BclliDghBm. BlKkBtona. 



& Fp. Agt. R. 1 




Power atB. eqnip: S d. t Weals, tot ffI6 
kw; TEO bp. e. F. &S; SDO hp. b. Bab. A 
W; trolley volt. SCO v. KnirRT also por- 
rhHBfd from Mllford « Uibrldgo Bt 
Ry, Co. 

Power atBa. at Unlonvllle A Franklin; 
ri^air BbupB at Market ± Main StB.. 


It9.;s iDllea owned (tt.Ct ml. lat m. I.. 
»,81 ml. 2nd m. I.. I.BS ml. sld.l; >1bo O.W 
mllpa track rlghu. Tola) mllea operated 

«3»— HlUord A Cib 

1 part ol Gratinn A Upton R. B. 
md Hedwa; .« Dudbam 81. Rr. Oo.. 
Connect! Pramlnebaoi. Holllaton) 
Hlltord. Mendon. Hopedalo, 
[Ti<>rldEe,Medway. HopklDton, rptod 
F-nnklin, Mllba; Vedfleld, Weatwond, 
Dedham and North Orarion). 
ea. D. B. ManEon 

aOI Devon iblre St„ ROBlon 
Prea. A C.\erk 
nrendell Wniiama HUford 

Supl.. Park Met. A Pnr, Agl. 

WallerL. Adams 

Blec. Engr. A M , M . P. Bxlhal , . . 
Cb. Hngr. Pwr. fita ?, M. Danlela. 

Repair abi 
Owna Lak 

MlLtBrRT. S.S9B. 

(40 — Worreater ConaoIldBted St> 

Br- Co.— See Worecaler. 
PowBrota. rqnlp, Ss.r.O.G.Iot ll.OOt 
kw. IB.aoOv.Sph. 9ncjB;lWenhp,h, Kdgei 

Torwra O. 'B'l'tot, 800 kw; ttBoa. toU. 
ll.OUOand Il.anOv; troI.ejvoll.WWv. 





NBW BEDFORD. 115,000. (1917.) 

441 -> New Bedford & Onset St. 

Ky. Co. — Office, 814 Purchase St. 

(Connects New Bedford, Fairhaven. 

Mattapolsett, Marion, Wareham, Onset, 

Boorue, Bazsard^s Bay, Cape Cod Mon, 

ament Beach, So. Wareham, Tremont, 

Rock Canal and Middleboro.) 

Pres. H. H. Crapo New Bedford 

V. Pres. Elton S. Wilde 

Sec. Bdward T. Pierce " 

Treas. Bdward P. Ntcbolson " 

Audr. James P. Francis . . ** 

Qen. Supt. & Pur. Agt. 

Geo. P. Dole Wareham 

Claim Ati^t. 

Chester P. Rexford New Bedford 

Oen. Fgt. & Pass. Agt. 

Chas. T. Battey New Bedford 

M. M., W. E. Parker Wareham 

Roadmaster, F. R. F. Harrison. " 

Bner^ parchased from New Bedford 
Gas & Edison Lt. Co. 2 rot. cony. G. E. 
tot 900 kw. 8 ph. 60 cys; trans, volt. 
22,000 v; trolley volt. 600 v. 

Repair shops at Wareham. 

44 miles (36.98 mi. 1st m. t., 4.03 ml. 
2nd m. t., 2.99 mi. sid.); 4 8^ g: 23 motor 
pass., 4 trail pass., 1 motor freight, 2 
motor service and 6 trail service car?. 
Company sells energy. -^50 

449— Union St. Ry. Co.— Office, 814 
Purchase St. (Consolidation of New 
Bedford & Fairhaven St. Ry., Acash- 
net St. Ry. and Dartmouth & West- 
port St. Ry.) (Connects New Bedford, 
Fairhaven, Acushnet, Dartmouth, West- 
port and Fall River.) 

Pres. Henry H. Crapo New Bedford 

V. Pres. Gen, Mgr.& Pur. Agt. 

Elton 8. Wilde 

Sec. Edward T. Pierce '• 

Treas. Edward F. Nicholson *' 

Audr. James P. Francis " 

Supt. Transpt. C. B. Pierce ... " 
Snpt.Bqnip. Arthur B. Fuller " 
Clm. Agt. Chester P. Rexford " 
Gen. Fgt. A, Pass. Agt. 

Chas. T. Battey " 

Ch. Engr. Pwr. Sta. 

Manuel Luiz '^ 

M. M.. James A. Webber. . . " 
Engr. M. of W. & Ovhd. Constr. 

Thoi. W. Williams *' 

Power sta. equip. 6 d. c. G. E.,West. 
tot. 6400 kw; 1 a. c. G. E. 8125 kva. 
445 v. 6 pb. 60 cys: 2036 hp. e. F. A 
S., West. G. E.; 2036 hp. b. Bab. & W; 
4000 kw. stm. turb. G. E., Weft; 600 kw. 
mo. gen. set. G. E.: trans. & trolley 
volt. 560 V. 

Power sta. and repair shops at New 

Reaches & owns Fort Phoenix Park and 
Lincoln Park. 

67.197 miles owned (42.161 mi. 1st m. t. 
19.771 mi. 2nd m. t., 5.365 mi. sid.); also 
5. On m^ track rights. Total miles oper- 
ated 66.982; 4-8 V4 g; 164 motor pass.. 48 
trail pass., 4 motor fgt. A exp., 2 trail 
fgt. & exp., 23 motor service and 3t^1 
service care. *^50 

NBWBUBT. 1,500. 
(See No. 427.) 

(See Nos. 401 and 427.) 

NEWTON. 48,118. 
(See No. 444.) 


443 -Boston Sabarlmn Bl«e. Com* 

panies.— Office. 707 Washington St., 
Newtonville. (A voluntary aMociatlon 







and controls Nommbega Park Co. and 

Middlesex & Boston St Ry.) 

Pres. Adams D. Claflin Boston 

V. Pres. Sydney Harwood Newton 

Sec. JohnP. Carr Boston 

Treas. Chas. Whipple Smith " 

Asst. Treas. G. M. Cox Newtonville 


444— Middlesex A Boston St. Ry. 

—Office, 797 Washington Street., 
Newtonville. (Controlled by Boston 
Suburban Elec. Cos.) (Connects 
Arlington, Ashland, Bedford, 
Billerica, Concord, Westboro, Hopkin- 
ton, Lexington, So. Framingham, Na- 
tick, Wayland, Wellesley, Needham, 
Newton, Waltham, Wobum, Belmont, 
Sherburne and Watertown. Also oper- 
ates over the Newtonville A Water- 
town St. Ry. > 

Chrran. Bd. of Dir. 
J. L. Richards Newtonville 

Pres. Pitt F. Drew " 

A. A. Ballantine . . .84 State St., Boston 

Treas. G. M. Cox Newtonville 

Asst.Treas. F.E. Fry strand.... 

Gen. Ifgr. & Snpt. 
Harry H. Hansen 

Claim Agt. Pitt F. Drew 

Pur. Agt. F. G .L. Henderson 
fNo. 1 

S. E. Walker Waltham 

No. 2 
J as. W.Sullivan Aubnmdale 

No. 3 

F. P. Quackenbush Natick 

No. 4 

W.S.Scamman Lexington 

Energy purchased from Edison Elec. 
Illg. Co. of Boston. 

Repair shops at Waltham, Natick and 

Reaches Norumbega Park, Anbamdale, 
and Lexington Park, Lexington. 

180.823 miles; 4-8^ e: 264 motor and 14 
other oars; 26 snow plows. *50 

NORTH A1>AMS. 22.019. 
(See also No. 450.) 

446— Boston A Maine B. B.— General 
office, Boston; Div. offices. North 
Adams, Mass. (Operates by electricity 
its trains through the Hoosac Tunnel.) 
For general officers see Boston. 

Div. Snpt. J. D. Bourne No. Adams 

Elec. Supt. L. C. Winship. ... " 

Power sta. equip. 2 a. c. Westg. tot. 
6000 kw. 11,000 V. 25 cys: 500 hp. e. Bab. 
& W; — kw. stm. turb. Westg.: 6500 hp. 
wtr. turb. Wester: trans, volt. 11,000 v; 
trolley volt. 11.000 v. Energy also pur- 
chased from Berkshire Street Ry. Co., 
Zylonite, and New flnglaud Power Co. 
Repair shops at North Adams. 
22 miles (elec.) 4-8^ g; 7 elec. locos. 


(See also No. 424.) 

446— Nortlianipton St. By. Co. — 

Office, Locust (Connects Northampton, 

Easthampton and Williamsburg.) 

Pres. Henry M. Tyler Northampton 

Treas., Snpt. A Claim Agt. 

Harold J. Campbell ** 

Gen. Mgr. A Pur. Agt. 

Louis D. Pellissier " 

Ch. Engr. 

Chas. A. Winterbottom... " 

Power sta. equip. 5 d. c. tot. 810 kw; 
1200 hp. e. H. O. & R; 800 hp. b. Hoi; 
trolley volt. 550 v. 

Power sta. and repair shops at Locnst A 
Hatfield Sts. 

S7.608 miles; 4-8^ g; 52 motor and 18 
other can. ^60 




(See No. 899a.) 

NOKTHBOBO. 1,797. 
(See No. 471.) 

(See No. 468.) 

NOBTON. 2,544. 

448— Norton, Taunton & Attleboro 

St. By.— Office Norton. — To be pnr- 
chABed by four manicipalities connect- 
ed. (Connects Norton, Attleboro, Mans- 
field and Taunton.) 
Treas. & Gen. Mg:r. 

Robert W. Hewlns Norton 

Qh. Engr. Pwr. Sta. 

F.J.Armstrong " 

Power Pta. eqnip. 2 d. c. Walker, tot. 
500 kw; 800 hp. e. McI. & S; 800 hp. b. 
Bab. & W, Heit e; trolley volt. 550 v. 
Power 8ta. and repair shops at Norton. 
Controls Woodward Spring Park. 
21.2 miles; 4 8^ g; cars leased. Com- 
pany does freight and express business. 


NOB WOOD. 10,977 (1915). 

(See No. 422.) 

PALMEB. 9,468. 
(See No. 457.) 


iSee No. 427.) 

PITTSFIBLD. 39,607 (1915). 

450— Berkshire St. By. Co. — Gen. 
Office, 129 Church St., New Haven, 
Conn. (Controlled byN. Y., N. H. AH. 
R. R.) (Connects Williarastown, No. 
Adama, Clarksburg, Adams, Cheshire, 
Dalton, Hinsdale, Pittsf.eJd, Lanes- 
boro, Lenox, Lee, Stockbridge, Great 
Barrington, So. Egremont and Shef- 
field.) (Leases the Vermont Co., which 
leases the Hoosick Falls R. R. Co. Oper- 
ates the latter company by agreement 
with the Vermont Co.) 

Pres. Howard Elliott.. New Haven, Conn. 

V. Pres. L. S. Storrs... '' " 

Clerk & Gen. Mgr. 
C. Q. Richmond Pittsfield 

Treas. & Asst. Clerk 
A. E. Clark New Haven, Conn. 

Audr. L A. May " 

I Geo. E.Green.. Hoosick FallB,N.Y. 

Supt8.-( Alex. Shaw Pittsfield 

f W. T.Nary No. Adams 

Pur. Agt. 
J. H. Sanford New Haven, Conn. 

Claim Agt. A. M. Robinson Pittsfield 

Supt. Pwr. StaB. 
H. K. Webber Zylonite & Adams 

Ch. Engr. Pwr. & Eqnip. 
P. W. Ripple New Haven, Conn. 

Ch.Engr.Pwr.Sta.C.H.Bastow... Pittsfield 

M. M., A. Blanchard 

Power sta. equip. 9 d. c. G. E., Westg. 

tot. 8300 kw; 4 a. c. Westg. toi. 9000 kw. 

370-11,000 v. 3 ph. 25 cys; 7500 kw. stm. 

turb. We»t; 2250 hp. e. R. & S; 5280 hp. b. 

Bab. AW., Big; trans, volt. 11,000 and 

33,000 v; trolley volt. 600 v. Energy also 

purchas^^d from New England Power Co. 
9 sub-stas. tot. cap. 7250 kw; 19 rot. 

Power stas. at East St., Pittsfield, 

Zylonite and Adams. 
Repair Hhops at East St., Pittsfield. 
Owns BerkJshire Park, Berkshire, and 

Hoosick Valley Park, North Adams. 
145.32 miles; 4-8^ g; 173 motor and 5 

other cars. 50 


(See No. 427.) 

PLYMOUTH. 12.926. 

451— Brockton A Plymouth St. By. 

Co. — Office, 109 Sandwich St., Ply- 
month. (Inclndes Pembroke St. Ry. Co. 
and Plymouth A Kingston St. Ry. 
Co., of Plymouth.) (Connects Ply- 
mouth, Kingston, Pembroke, Hanson, 
Whitman and Brockton.) 

Receiver, Holli* T. Gleason Boston 

Pres. Philip S. Dalton, 60 State St., •* 

V. Pres. Ed. L. Belcher Plymouth 

Sec. Ellis L. Brewster " 

Treas. Geo. Howland •• 

Gen. Mgr. & Pur. Agt. 

C. W. Gifford ** 

Claim Aet. 

James T. ConoUy 24 Milk St. Boston 

M. M. , Warren Given Plymouth 


Edward Bnrchette Pembroke 

Engr. Ovhd. Constr. 

John L. Pitts Pljrmonth 

Energy purchased from Edison Blec. 
nig. Co., Brocton, 
8 sub-stas. tot. cap. 600 kw; 2 rot. conv. 
Repair shops at Plymouth. 
Reaches & owns Mayflower Grove. 
24.27 miles; 4-8>^ g; 94 motor pass: 7 
motor service and 1 trail service car. 

452— Plymonth A Sandwich St. 

Ry. Co.— Office, 406 Exchange Bldg., 
Boston. (Connects Pl3rmouth and Man- 
omet. Operates branch line from Saga- 
more to Sagamore Beach, 1^ ml.) 


Pres. John O'Day Boston 

V. Pres. M. J. Cashman " 

Treas. & Gen. Mgr. 

Arthur Lovering ** 

Actg. Supt. E. G. Petersen. ...Plymouth 
Energy purchased from Brockton A Ply- 
mouth St. Ry. Co. 

6.4 miles: 4-8^ g: 6 motor cars. (Con- 
templates using one-man cars.) 19t 

QUINCY. 40,674. 

Massachnsettfl 8t. 

executive officers, see 

453— Eastern 
Ry. Co.— For 


Supt. H. I. Sullivan Qnlncy. 

Power sta. equip. 4 rot. conv. O. E. tot. 
3250 kw: 5 a. c. G. E. tot. 10,000 kw. Sob. 
26 cys; 6875 hp.b. B. & W., A. & T; 12JBIO0 
kw. turb. G. E; trans, volt. 18,200 v; trol- 
ley volt. 600 V. <^H)0 

RANDOLPH. 4,784. 

4r54a— Bristol & Norfolk St. Ry. 

Co.— Office, Randolph. (Conne<;^ Hol- 

brook Sta., Randolph and Stongliton 

Square."* • 

Pres. N. Thomson. 165 Second St., Cbelseft 
Sec. & Treas. 

M.C.R Rosenthal " ** " 

Energy purchased from Bastern Mas- 
sachusets Street Railway Co.; trolley 
volt. 550 V. 

Repair shops at West St., Randolph. 

Reaches Glen Echo Park. Stonghton 

6.44 miles; 4-8^ g; 7 motor and 2 othex 
cars. 89j 

READING. 6,805. 
(See No. 401.) 

• RKVERE. 25,178 (1915). 

(See No. 401.) 




ROCKLAND. 7,074. 
(See alto 401.) 

454b — Eastern Massachusetts St* 
Ry. Co.— For execatlve officers, see 

8ub-8ta. equip. G. B. rot. con v. tot. 900 

kw. 8 ph. 25 oys ; trans, volt. 18,200 ; trolley 

volt. 600 V. 50 

ROCKPORT. 4,861. 
(See No. 401.) 

SALEM. 48,697. 

455— SSastern Massachasetts St. 

Ry. Co.— For ezecntive officers, see 
Local Mgr. F. G. Hardy Salem 

Power 8ta. eqaip. 5d. c. G. B., S. & H. 
tot. 2860 kw; 1500 kw. G. B. rot., coo v. 
600 y; 4000 hp. e. Ham., Cpr; 1900 hp. 
b. Natl., A. AT., Bab. & W. Edge; 
1 tarbo-gen. G. B. 2500 kw. 430 v. 6 ph. 60 
cys; trolley volt. 600 v. *50 

SALISBURY. 1,622. 
(See No 427.) 


(See No. 427.) 

SHARON. 2,468. 

455a— Norwood, Canton & Sharon 
Street Ry.— Office, Sharon. (Oonnects 
Canton and Stoughton.) 

Prps. V. M. Hawkins Sharon 

Sec. Joseph McGrath " 

Treas. Samuel G. Spear " 

Audr. Nathaniel Wheeler " 

Gen. Mgr. F. A. Prince " 

Snpt. George Spaulding. Stoughton 

Energy and equipment rented from the 
Blue Hill Street Ry. Co. §1 19 


456— Shelborne Falls A Colerain St. 

Ry. Co.— Office, 20 Water St. Shelburne 

Falls. (Connect« Shelburne Falls, 

Shattuckville. Griswoldville, Lyons- 

yllle and Colerain.) 

Freeman L. Davenport, Shelburne Falls 
V. Pres. Chas. W. Hawks " '* 

Clerk.Treas., Gen. Mgr. & Claim Agt. 

Deane R. Ainsworth... Shelburne Falls 
Audr. Frank. L. Reeil ... " " 

Cb. Engr. Pwr. Sta. & M. M. 

G.W.Smead '* " 

Power sta. equip. 3 d. c. G. E., Westg., 
tot. 250 kw. .WO v; 150 bp. e. Fitch: 160 
hp. b. Dillon; 200 hp. turb. (wtr.) Hoi; 
trans. & trolley volt. 660 v. 

Power sta. and repair shops at Frank- 

7.48 miles: 4-8H g; 14 cars. (Freight 
buKiness.) (>'ompany sells energy. ^60 

SOMERVILLE. 86,854. 
(See No 402.) 

SPRINGFIELD. 102.971 (1916). 

45 7— Springfield St. Ry. Co.— Office, 
Mass. Mutual Bldg. (Controlled by 
Springfield Railway Companies, which 
is in turn controlled by New England 
Investment & Security Co.) (Connects 
Springfield. West Springfield, Ludlow, 
Westfleld, Huntington, Chicopee.Chico- 
pee Falls, Longmeadow, East Long- 
meadow, Agawam, Palmer, Monson, 
Ware, No. Wilbrabam, Russell and 

Pres. Clark V. Wood Springfield 

Special A set. to Pres. 

Howard R. Whitney 

V. Pres. A. Willard Damon... *• 

Clerk, F. P. Mclntyre " 

Treas. Leverett Candce " 

Audr. J. W. Jarnieson " 

Gen. Mgr. Herbert M.Flanders " 

Pur. Agt. J. F. McCabe 

Claim Agt. H. L. Osgood " 

Fgt.&Pa88.Agt. R.E.Cosgroye *• 

Elec. Engr. W. L. Harwood. . . " 

■ni_ ( 1. L. Putnam " 

Qnr.To -( Roy Chambers Westfleld 

snpts. I g ^ g^yjgg Palmer 

M. M., Geo. S. Webb Springfield 

anr.*B J Lii»«> William Loft. ... " 
oupiB. ^ Tr^cj^ H J Sullivan 

Energy purchased from Turners Falls 
Pwr. & Elec. Co. and New England Power 

Repair shops at Bond, Carew and Main 


Reaches and controls Pequot Park at 
Westfield; 101.46 miles owned (141.42 mi. 
let. m.t., J5.8mi. 9nd m. t, 14.73 ml. sid); 
also 0.88 miles track rights. Total miles 
operated 177.1; 4-8Hg; 428 motor pass., 
1 12 motor freight and express, 68 motor 
service and 2 trail service cars. -^60 

459 — SpriuKfleld Railway Com* 
panles — Office, Springfield. (Controls 
the Springfield St. Ry. Co., and is in 
turn controlled by the New England 
Investment & Security Co.) 
Pres. Clark V. Wood... Springfield 

V. Pres A. Willard Damon... '* 

Sec. F. P. Mclntyre " 

Treas. Leverett Candee " 


459a — New England Investment A 
Security Co. — Offices Massachusetts 
Mutual Bldg. (Controls Springfield 
Railway Cos., Springfield St. Ry. Co., 
Worcester Consol. St. Ry. Co.,^ilford, 
Attleboro & Woonsocket St. Ry. Co., 
Worcester & Webster St. Ry. Co. and 
Web«t«T & Dudley St. Ry. Co. 

Pres., Clark V. Wood Springfield 

V. Pres.; Chas. E. Ware Fitchburg 

Sec. F. P. Mclntyre Springfield 

Treas. Leverett Candee ' * 

Audr. J. W. Jamie* on '' 


STOUGHTON. 6,982. 

(See No. 464a.) 

TAUNTON. 84,769. 

463— East Taunton St. Ry. Co.— 

Office, 38 Summer St. (Connects Taun- 
ton, East Taunton, Lakcville and Mid- 
Pres. & Pur. Agt. M. A. Cavanaugh 

162 Harrishof St., Roxbury 

V. Pres. T. F. (Javanaugh Taunton 

Treas. Jos. B. Murphy *' 

Supt. J. P. Dunn " 

Energy furnished by Eastern Massa- 
chusets Street Railway Co. 

10.711 miles: 4-8H g; 1^ motor, 1 fgt. 
and 6 other cars; 2 snow plows. 129 

463 — Rastern Massachusetts St. 

Ry. Co.— For executive officers, see 

Local Mgr. J. H. Murphy Taunton 

Sub-eta. equip. G. K. rot. con v. tot. 1600 
kw. 8 ph. 25 cys; trans, volt. 18,200 y 
trolley volt. 600 v. 50 

TEPMLETON. 4,081. 
(See No. 898.) 

WAKEFIELD. 12,781. 
(See No. 401.) 

WALPOI^. 6,490. 
(See No. 422.) 




WAXTHAM. 80,154. 
(See No. 444.) 

WATBRTOWN. 14,867. 
(See No. 444.) 

WEBSTBR. 12,566. 

464— Webster A Dudley St. By. 

Co.— (Leased to Worcester Consoli- 
dated St. Ry. Co. and controlled by the 
New England Investnient & Security 
Pres. Clark V. Wood 

Mass. Mutual Bldg., Springfield 

V. Pres. Charles M. Rogerson Boston 

Clerk, F. P. Mclntyre 

Mass. Mutual Bldg. Springfield 
Trsas. Leverett Candee 

Mass. Mutual Bldg. '' 
Aadr. J. W. Jamieson 

Mass. Mutual Bldg. '' 
5.M miles. lArOO 

465— Worcester A Webster St. 
Ry. Co.— (Leased to Worcester Con- 
solidated St. Ry. Co. and controlled 
by the New England Investment & Se- 
curity Co.) (Connects Auburn, Oxford, 
Webster and Worcester.) 
Pres. Clark V.Wood 

Mass. Mutual Bldg., Springfield 
V. Pres. Charles M. Rogerson.... Boston 
Clerk, P. P. Mclntyre 

Mass. Mutual Bldg. Springfield 
Treas. Leverett Candee 

Mass. Mutual Bldg. '' 
Andr. J. W. Jamieson 

Mass. Mutual Bldg. '* 
16.55 miles. 60 

WBSTFIBI.D. 18,411. 
, (See No. 457.) 

WBSTWOOD. 1,448. 

467- Medway A Dedham St. Ry. 

Co.— Office, 76 E. Main St., Milford. 

(Leased and operated by Milford A 

Uzbridge Street Ry. Co.) (Connects 

Dedbam, Medfield and Franklin.) 

Pres. W. W. Ollendorff Med way 

V. Pres. E. Worthington Dedham 

Treas. P. A. Woodward Franklin 

Clerk, Geo. P. Holbrook Millis 

Supt. W. L. Adams Milford 

Baergy purchased from The Edison 
Elec. Illg. Co. of Boston. 

Repair shops at Westwood. 

90.80 miles; 4-8^ g; 12 cars. 50 


468— Unwood St. Ry. Co.— Office, 
Whitlnsville. (Operates in North bridge 
and connects Linwood and Whitlnsyllle.) 

Pres. Geo. B. Hamblin Whitlnsville 

V. Pres. G. M. Whitln 

Sec. A Treas. A.. S. Noyes " 

Sapt. Geo.Wilmot " 

Energy purchased. 

2.885 miles: (.705 miles owned, 1.40 

miles leased), 4-81^ g; 7 cars. 50 

WINTHROP. 12,758. 

469— Point Shirley St. Ry. Co.— 

Office, 350 Atlantic Ave., Boston 
(Owned by the Boston, Revere Beach A 
Ljrnn R. R. (steam.) (Operates in Win- 
throp, between Beach Station and Point 

Pres. Melvin O. Adams Boston 

Treas. Henry L. Hoyt " 

Supt. John A. Fenno " 

1.2 miles; 4-^g; 2 storage bat. cars 
fMid 1 auto has. 70 



WOBURN. 16.410. 

470 — Bastern Massacliasetts St. 

Ry. Co.— For officers, see Boston. 

Power sta. equip. 4 d. c. G. B. tot. 8750 
kw: 6800 hp. e. Penn, Cpr, Cor.; 8400 hp. 
b. Bab. A W; trolley volt. 600 v. 119 

WORC£:STBR. 162,607 (1915). 
(See also Nos. 40^, 464 and 466.) 

471— Worcester Cousolldated St. 

Ry. Co.— Office, Massachusetts Mut- 
ual Bldg., Springfield. (Controlled by 
theNew England Investment A Secarity 
Co.) (Leases North End St. Ry., Wor- 
cester A Shrewsbury St. Railroad, 
Webster A Dudley St. Ry. and Wor- 
cester A Webster St. Ry.) Owns and 
operates railways in Worcester, Lei- 
cester, Spencer, West Boylston, Ster- 
ling, Leominster, Fitchburg, Lancas- 
ter, Clinton, Berlin, Hudson, Boylston, 
Northboro, Marlborough. West- 
borough, Shrewsbury, Grafton, Mill- 
bury. Sturbridge, South bridjre, Charl- 
ton, Oxford, Anbnm, Holden, Sutton, 
Northbridge, Uzbridge, Hopedale, 
Mendon, Milford, Blackstone, Millvllle, 
Southborough and Webster. 
Pres. Clark V. Wood 

Mass Mutual Bldg. , Springfield 
Spec. Asst. to Pres. Howard Whitney 


V. Pres. A. G. Bullock " 

Clerk, F. P. Mclntyre 

Mass. Mutual Bldg. Springfield 
Treas. Leverett Candee 

Maes. Mutual Bldg. 
Andr. J. W. Jamieson 

Mass. Mutual Bldg., 

Gen. Mgr. H. C. Page Worcerter 

Pur. Agt. J. F. McCabe 

7 N. Main St., Springfield 

Claim Agt. H. E. Buswell Worcester 

Fgt. A Pass. Agt. R. E. Cosgrove 

7 N. Main St., Springfield 
fLine, C. H. Briggs Worcester 

supts. i p, 3j Finlayson " 

t Track, F. A. Wilkinson " 

f Sonthbridge Div. 

Charles E. 0*DonneU, 

Charlton City 
Fitchburg- Leominster Sirs. 
Div. Supts. -^ G.H.Burgess.Leomlaster 
Blackstone Valley DW. 

F. R. Burns.... Uzbridge 
Worcester Div. 
. J. L. Tully Worcester 

Elec. Engr. W. L. Harwood 

7 N. Main St., Springfield 
M. M.. Alez J. McPherson Worcester 

Power sta. equip. 8 d. c. G.B. West. tot. 
550 kw; 2 a. c. G. E. tot. 11,000 kw. 18,900 
V. 8 ph. 25 eye; .S280hp.b. Edge; 10,000 kw. 
stm. turb. G. E; 71fl hp. (wtr. ) turb. Hunt, 
Hoi; trans, volt. 13.200 v; trolley volt. fOQ 
v; energy also purchased from New 8ng- 
land Pwr. Co. 

18 snb-stas. tot. ca)). 13,000 kw; 28 rot. 

Powei stas. atMillbury (stm.^ and Leo- 
minster; (hydro-elec.) 

Repair Khops at Market and Main Sts., 

Reaches and controls Lincoln Park,Lake 
Quinsigamoud, Worcester; also reached 
Chauncey Lake Park, Westborough. 

259.96 miles owned (2 9 99 mi. let m. t, 
38.16 mi. 2nd mt., 16.81 mi. sid); also 81.06 
miles leased and 18.48 miles track rights. 
Total miles operated 285.25; 4-8H g. 546 
motor pass., 22 motor fgt. A exp., 8 trail 
fgt. A exp. and 95 motor service csrs; 
8 elec. locos. (Company sells energy.) 

WRENTHAM. 2,414. 
(See Nos, 422 and 488.) 





ADRIAN. 11,458 (1916). 

473— Adrian St. By. Co.— Office, 889 
Superior St.. Toledo, O. (Controlled bv 
the Toledo Trac., Lt. A Pwr. Co., which 
ie controlled by the Cities Service Co.) 

Pres. & Gen. Mgr. 
Frank R. Coatee Toledo, O. 

V. Pres. (Ch. of Operation) 
A.Swart2 " 

Sec. & Treae. A. C. Van Driesen " 

Claim Agt. V. J. Walta 

Traffic Mfrr. W.J. Chlsholm. ... " 
Energy from Toledo & Western H. 

R. Co. ; trolley volt. 600 v; repair shops 

at Adrian, Mich, and Sylvania, O. 
8.89 miles : 4-8H R ; 3 cars. 109 

AliliBOAN. 8,700. 
(See No. 498a.) 

AliMONT. 726. 
(See No. 475.) 

ANN ARBOR. 15.010. 
(See No. 477.) 

BATTIiB ORBBK. 99,480. 
(See Nos. 492a and 498.) 

BAT CITT. 47,942. 
(See Nos. 492a and 600.) 

BENTON HARBOR 10,888 (1916) 

474 — Benton Harbor-4t. Jo« Ry. 

A lit. Co.— Office, Benton Harbor. 

(Controls St. Joe River Route, Paw 

Paw Lake extensioiv) (Connects Benton 

Harbor, St. Joseph, Meadowbrook, 

Kings Landing, Sebago, Tabor, Ban 

Claire, Dowagiac, Coloma, Paw Paw 

Lake and Watenrliet.) 
Pres.. Treas. & Gen. Mgr. 

C K. Minary Benton Harbor 

V. Pres. 

Henning Chambers Louisyille, Ky. 

Sec. L. W. Bottn ♦* 

Gen. Fgt. & Pais. Agt. 

J. H. Poand Benton Harbor 

Andr .loi». S. Minary.. *' 

Snpt.Tranrot. W.E.Welcher " 
Ch. Bngr. Pwr. Sta. 

Geo. J. Spanlding * ' 

M. M. Jae. F. Logan ** 

Clril Bngr. & Roadmaster, 

Ray Kenoyer ** 

Energy purchased from Indiana 8c 
Michigan Blec. Co; 8 ran-gen. sets G. B. 
tot. 1676 kw; trans, volt. 26 000 ▼; trolley 
Tolt. 660 V 

Repair shops at Benton Harbor. 

Reaches House of David Park. 

64 miles: 4-8Vi g: 85 city motor pais. 
10 Inter, motor pass.. 21 trail and 6 other 
motor cars. (Company rnmlshes energy 
for lighting and power.) iAr60 

(See No. 480 ) 

DETROIT 671,784 (1916). 

ft 7 6— Detroit, Almoot * Northern. 

R. R.— Office, Internrban Bldg. (Con- 
nects Romeo, Almont and Imlay City.) 
(Controlled by Detroit United By.) 

Chmn. Bd. J. C. Hntchine .Detroit 

Pres. 8c Gen. Mgr. P. W. Brooke. . *' 
V. Pres. & Audr. Irwin Fullerton '' 

Sec. A. E. Peters " 

Asst. Sec. Emma Heise *^ 

Treas. Allen F. Edwards ** 

/iiat. toPrei.W,K.C?iwi..,, ♦* 

Asst. Gten. Mgr. E. J. Bnrdick.... Detroit 

Gten. Snpt. Harry Bnllen '* 

Supt. Pwr. M. F. Maury Werth. . . •• 
Gen. Claim Attorney 

W. G. Fitzpatrick " 

Asst. Gen. Claim Attorney 

Geo. A. Chapman '* 

Gen. Traffic Mgr. W. S. Bodger. . . ** 
Gen. Pass. Ajgt. Jno. F. Keys.... '* 
Gen. Fgt. 9t Jbqp. Agt. 

Nathan Rnmney ** 

M. M., SylvesterPotter.. . . Highland Pk. 
Bner. M. of W., John Kerwin 

Harper & Mt. Elliott Aves., Detroit 

Bnergv from Detroit United Ry. and 
Detroit Edison Co.: trolley volt. 560 v. 

Repair shops at Detroit and Rochester. 

Mileage and equipment included in re- 
port of Detroit united Ry. (Co. does ex- 
press 8b freight business.) 'A60 

476— Detroit A Hlifhlftnd Pftrk 

R. R. Co.~-Offlce, Litemrban Bldg. 

(Connects Detroit and Highland Park.) 

(Controlled by Detroit United Ry.) 

(?hmn. Bd. J. Q. Hutchins Detroit 

Pres. 8c Gen. Mgr. F. W. Brooks. . '' 

Asflt. to Pres. W. B. Cann ** 

A sat. Gen. Mgr. B. J. Burdick .... *' 
V. Pres. 8c Andr. Irwin Fnllerton. " 

Sec. A. B. Peters '^ 

Asst. Sec. Emma Heise ** 

Treas. A. F. Edwards *' 

Gten. Supt. Harry Bnllen '' 

Snpt. Pwr. M. F. Maury Werth ... ** 
Gen. Claim Attorney 

W. O. Fitepatrick ** 

Asst. Gen. Claim Attorney 

Geo. A. Chapman ** 

Gen. Traffic Mgr. W. S. Rodger. . . " 
Glen. Fgt. & Bxp. Agt. 

Nathan Runm^y '* 

Gen. Pass. Agt. Jno. F. Keys " 

Ch. Bngr. A Bngr. M of W. 

John Kerwin 

Harper A Mt. Blliott Avea. *' 
Signal Bngr. James Brennan 

Harper & Mt. Blliott Aves., '* 
M. M. Svlvpsier Potter. . . .Highland Park 

Bnergr from Detroit United Railway; 
trolley volt 660 v. 

Repair shops at High1an<1 Park. 

Mileage and at equipment Included In 
report of Detroit United Ry. 60 

477— Detroit, Jackson A Cblcai^o 

Ry.— Office, Internrban Bldg. (Owns 
and operates a city system in Ann Arbor, 
also branch line fromTpellanti to Saline) 
(Connects Jackson and Detroit, via A nn 
Arbor. Ypsilanti and Wayne; also 
North ville and Detroit via Plymouth 
and Wayne.) (Controlled by Detroit 
United Ry.) 

Jhmn . Bd. J. C. Hutchins Detroit 

Pres. 8c Gen. Mgr. F. W. Brooks. . " 

\sst. to Pre*. W. E. Cann " 

%BSt. Gen. Mffr. E. J. Burdick. . . . ** 
IT Free. & Audr. Irwin Fnllerton. ** 

.^er. A. B. Peters " 

Treas. Allen F. Bdwar -Is *' 

Sen. Supt. Harry Bullen *' 

Jnpt. A. H. Cady " 

Supt. Pwr. 

M. F. Maury Werth " 

,]ten. Claim Attorney 

W. G. Fitzpatrick •' 

isst. Gen. Claim Attorney 

Geo. A. Chapman ** 

Jen. Traffic Mgrt W. 8. Rodger . . " 
3en. Fgt. & Ezr. Agt. 

Nathan Rnmney " 

Jlen. Pass. Agt. Jno. F. Keys ** 

Jnpt. Tracks, Job n Kerwin " 

«[. M.. Sylvester Potter .... Hifl^land Park 

Bnergv purchased from Consumers 

?ower Co.. 1500 kw. and Detroit Bdison 

Co., 4460 kw. 

Repair shops at Tpsllanti. 

111.86 miles: 4-8^ g: 80 closed pass. 

8 open pass., 6 express i^d freight and 

99 Other QMi, ^60 


418 — IMtrolt. MonriM) A ToledD 
Short Line Rj. Co,-»lllc«. Iijler- 
urbiiDBid|[.|Caulroli,\tniiroeTrac Co 
mnd IncLadBB Tolado A Jlooroe Rt, 
Co.) (UonnaclK Ilnlroil. Toledo, Mi inroc. 
Brio, Newport, Wj»ndDite. TrKotoumnd 
Bockwood.) (ConCralled by Detroit 

Ohmii, Bd. J.C. HulcblnB Datrolt 

Prea. SiUen Mirr.P, W, Broolu 

AsW, lo Prea. W. E C»nii •■ 

AaBt. Osn. Hgi. B J. Bordtcli " 

V. Pre*. TroM. Allen F. Kdwurdg. '• 

Bee. A. E. PelBM 

Andr, Irwin Fulltrton ■' 

Oen.Snpl. Harrf Batlen " 

SapL.J.C. HiMtlon Monroe 

Snpt. Pwr, H. p. Mmnry Worth . . . UMroil 
den. Claim Attamei 

W.G. Filzpalrlck •' 

Ant. Uen, cfUai Attorney 

Geo. A. Chepnmo " 

Oen. Trame Mar. W. S, Hodjfef .. " 
Oen. Fgl. A Bip, AgL, 

Nathan Rumney ■■ 

Gen.PaM.Agl Jno. F. Kere " ' 

Ch. Bnjtr. Pwr Sta. T. B. Llnyd ..Monroe 

Bnpl. of Track John Kerwin Detroit 

M. M., Sylveat-rPnliar, .Highland Park 

Power it«.-6qn1p. B B, c. Weaig, AlUi-O, 
tot 4400 kw. 400 V, 3 pb. SO cya; IBOO 
hp. e. Ham. Cor; SOOO hp. b. A. Jb T, Bab, 
AW;8300hp.turh WOBtc. AIIIb-C; trana. 
volt lfl,500i: trolleTVoft.OBOt. 

M.187 m 

: » cloR 


Prea. *Oen. Hp- ¥.V. . ^.,„,„^., 
T. Prei.ft Andr.IrwlQFnllerlon. " 

Sec. A.K,Pet8ni •' 

Treai Altnn P. Edwanla " 

AsW to Pnai. W. E. Cann " 

Aiat. Qen. Mgr- E J Burdlck.... " 

On. Bapl. TIarry BnTlen ■' 

Snpt. W M Qnackenhnah..Mt. ClHmrnH 
Snpt.Pwr. M. F.Manry WBrtn.,.Dttroit 

w', O. FlUsoairlek '■ 

Aacl. On. <^alm ACtomc-j 

■Oen. Trafflc Mgr. W, S. Hi^o'tnr'.V. " 
Gen. Fei, Act Nalban Ramney. . . " 

n«n. PMia. Agt, .Tuo F. Kaj» " 


Din. IJno.Mcratthy 

BnpM, ) .'no, n-ed Port nnmn 

Biipt. of Track ,rnhn Ttorwln. . 
PowBrata. winlp.fla o. Westi;.. AUia-C 

tot. 4700 kw, MO V, s ph. as cTs: SBon hp, 

e. Wei-le: »700hp. b. Rah, A W.. Stir; 
4800 hp. ttirb. Weat, Allla-r; Irane vnlt. 
I8.B00 r; trolley vnll. (US v. 

Power Bta. al. Ne-v BFilt'more; -nh Btnii 
St RoMvlllr. ML nli'inena and .VIeonar 

Rrpnafr >hnn> at Ro.etllle and Port 


HS.SOSmlipn ''Iff. * •tmml: 4 RU a: 
tfj cloaed naaa.. IK "pen ptwa., T elpr'aa 
»nd freight amt 4G other rara. HM 

: Llni- Ry. rRapId Ri. 

Detroit A Highland Park S. R. Co. 

and Sandwich. Wlndaor AAmhernburr 
Ry.. Wliidacr. nnt..CBn. Inclndee all 

following luturutban Dliiaiuns; Wyar- 
dotte, Orchard Lake. Ponliac, Flint 
andGroBBoPotnle.) iCoiineoH UetroJl, 
Royal Oak, Rocbfater, Oxford. Flint; 
DelrolE. Birmlngbam. Pontlac; UeCroii. 
Redford. Farmrneton and Nortlivllle.i 

hmn. Rd. .1 c. Hnlrhlns Detroit 

Mar. F,W. Brooks. . " 
. W.Moorv....Cleyeland.O. 
__.J. Ferguaon,Montfe«l,Can. 
Treaa. 4 Pnr Agt. 

■ llan F. Ed ivarda... Detroit 

jaHeVi-'.'.V.'.'.'.';."! " 

en, Andr, Irwin Full ertoa - 

aat. Oen, Mgr.E.-T. Rurditk 

aM. (oOer. Mgr. W. E. Cann.... " 

en. Sopl. narry Bullen ■■ 

Frank W. Brooke Jr ■■ 

Edward n. Ives...' " 

8upu.r^'»i^^j'id>.. .......... :; 

,1'' j Loon Snyder " 

i.ioB J pgjpj L, Hadcllffe (nlghl) ■■ 

w'. 0, Pitapalrlck " 

Gaoree A. Chapman '■ 

Sopt Pwr.M.F.Manry Werlh... - 
Qeo.TrafflcMgr.W. 8. Rodger... " 
□ en. Fgt. Aet.J^athan Rnmney... " 

Obo Pa.a Agt -Ino. F.KwB " 

M. M.Hy]v..erer Potter... .Highland Purk 
"— -;. orTrSGk«.JnhnKarwln....D«rolt 
trolt ,'!t», (Atwatarand Riopelle) II 
O B. Wee'E, tot. lO.KO kw; U a. c. 
, We.te. tot, lO.ROO kw. Mnoi, S ph. 
%; IH.aBOhp.e.AlllB-R.F.AS^Il.SOO 
h. Bab A W. Stir; 1 i.SOO kw. atm. 

WmI. n. K.: trflna. lolt (UUO i; 

tioilay loll. 5ra v. Enf™y»lao fromD*- 
-Trft Bdiann Co, I4,IM0 kw. 
Snh-Stna. (Wtmidaham, Panning. 
m Jnnd and Roahealerl lot. d. f. Een. 
UIO kw. Weet. AlMa-r; tot. a. 0. gan. Bt!W 

HTS hp. B. — ^: 44M hp. b. ■ 

.•lono kir. aim, tnrh. Went. Allis.C: tma. 
Toll. IDiGOOt: trolleyTolt AWT. Knervy 
alao fmm EaatiTn Mloh. BdlMin Co., 4000 

Totnl milefljla of -y-tem (Including aide 
and rani tr.Lrk*! DSfl.ilflB; 4-81^ a: Detndt 
United Ry, M4 728 milea flnelnaing D^ 
ro!( A No, Waal-pn n|y., Detroit A Pon- 
lli.r BiT riBlrolt.FllntAWyandom'DlT. 
nitro'i. Mmnnl & Norfli'^m R. R. Bud 
Hetrnlt * llielilmid Park R. H. Co.): 
Rapid Rt. Hr'tem 142.I»S mllen. DBtnlt 
M^'oroe & Tnl- do Shore l.ln- Rt. 84.4m 
mllaa. Delrnlt .Tackann and Ohiearo Rt. 
in..TBl miles «Tid Pandwlph. Windsor * 
Arnhfr-hnrgRf 4VSST mtlea.! 

1BH paai.. IM 
le. 104 eipnu 

4 Idco>'., 

4tl1-nflnlilKiin rp-f.Bl R. R. (De- 

irnit mvpr Tunnel (!".*— oBlce. M. C 
R. R. Deiflt. n.rtrr.11. fOuemtoaliy elet- 

Ddrnit RlTi^r. between Delmlt, Wek. 

BodWIud-nr. ilnt.l 

fhmn. H. H. t^rtyard Detroit 

Pre.. * n. Smith, 

■ 0-andC™tnilBt»llon.M..»Tork-N.Y. 
V.Preita. \ -p J, ■B^^oer.".'.'.'!...Dottoit 
Oen. Met, H. Shears 

Ph. EncT. Cij. (icf>. H. Webb!;.'.'.'. " 

Elw. Fnlr. -T. C. Mnek " 

Aaat.Eli«. Rnj-T. t'.G, Wlnalow... " 

Sopt, Moi. Pwr, W. H. Flynn " 

Rd. Toreman or Eninnes, 

W.M.Apted " 




Energy purchased from Detroit Edison 
Co.; 2 mo.-gen. G. B. tot. 2000 kw; trans. 
volt. 4600 V. 3 ph. 60 cys; trolley volt. 
650 V. d. c. 

Repair shops at Detroit. 

26.4 miles; 4-8^ g; 10 Oen. Elec. locos. 


BSCANABA. 15,485 (1916). 


483 -fiscanaba Trao. Co.— (Connects 

Bscanaba, Gladstone, Wells and Groos.) 

Pres. J. K. Stack Escanaba 

V. Pres. J. C. Kirkpatrick 

Sec, €ten. Mgr. & Par. Agt. 

P. L.Utley 

Trea». M. N. Smith " 

Audr H. W. Reade " 

Supt. & Elec. Bngr. 

Edwin F. Zuehlke 

M. M., Edw. Anderson " 

Roadmaster, J. Burke *' 

Power sta. equip:; 8 d. c. G. B. West, 
tot. 620 k w. 560 v: 8 a. c. G. B. Allis-C. 
tot. 8*-J60 kva. 6t*00 v. 3 ph. 60 cys; 200 hp. 
e. P. & S : 300 hp. b. Feustrom Meno- 
minee; 4700 hp. turb. (wtr.) Leffel, 
Allis-C; trans, volt. 6600 v; trolley volt. 
550 V. 

1 sub-sta. cap. 170 kw; 1 mo. gen. set. 

Power stas. at Flat Rook, Chandler 
Falls and Escanaba; repair shops at 

Reaches South Park (owned) and 
Moose Park. 

16.5 miles (14 mi. 1st m. t., 1.5 ml. 2nd 
m. t., 1 mi. sid.) Total miles operated 
18; 4-8^ g: 11 motor pass., 4 trail pass., 
2 trail freight and 3 motor service cars; 
1 auto pass. bus. Co.* furnishes energy 
for lighting and power. % ^60 

(See No. 480.) 

(See No. 496.) 

FLINT. 64,77a (1916). 
(See Nob. 480 and 492a.) 

GLADSTONE. 4,211. 
(See No. 482.) 

4;RAND rapids. 138,291 (1916). 
(See also Nos. 488 and 492a.) 

483— Grand Rapids, Grand Haven 
A MuHkef^on Ry. Co.— Office. 162 Ot- 
tawa Ave.. N. E. (Owns Grand Haven 
St. Rv. (-0 ) (Connects Grand Haven, 
Mupkegoii and Grand Rapids.) (Con- 
trolled by United Lt. & Rys. Co.) 
Pres. A Gen. Mgr. 

W. K. Morley Grand Rapids 

IstV Pres. R. Schaddelee.. " 

8nd V. Pros. Frank Hulswit 

Sec L. U. Heinke " 

Audr. L. E. Jones " 

Trainmaster, V. A. Martin Fruitport 

M. M , C. A. Sibert " 

Road master. B. Rickard '* 

Traffic Mirr. & Claim Agt. 

S. L. Vaughnn Grand Rapid 

En*Tgy purf^hased fromConsumersPwr. 
To. : trans volt 17.500 v; trolley volt. 660v. 
4 Knb-i*tas. (1 with auto, cont.) tot. cap. 
2H()0 kw; 9 rot. ronv. 

R«'pair shopn at Fruitport: sub-stas. 
at Coo persv tile. Walker, Fruitport and 
Spring Lake. 

Own^ and operates Pomona Pleasure 
I*ark »it Fruit po't. 

48 milen ftroMey & 3d rail): 4-8^^ g; 
41 mctor and 6 other can. (Handles 
Thronirh frt>iirtit to Chicago in connection 
with Goodrich Transp. Co. and to Mil- 

waukee in connection with the Crosby 
Transp. Co. from Grand Haven. Also 
does local freight business. ) iAr50 

484— Grand Kaptds By. Co.— Office, 
42 No. Ionia St. (Controlled through 
stock ownership by Commonwealth 
Pwr.,Ry. ALt. Co.) 

Pres. A Gen. Mgr. 

Benj. S. Hanchett Grand Rapids 

V IB. C.Cobb NewYork, N.Y. 

T»i.o»f^ \ Gen. Mgr. L. J. DeLamarter, 

*^'®''**' I Grand Rapids 

Sec, Treas. A Pur. Agt. 
U.E.Livingston " 

A^st Treasra \ ^«^ '^^'^^ ^'Y- 

Asst. ireasrs. | ^ ^ Bourne, " 

Audr. H. G. Kessler *' *♦ 

Supt. J. C. Madigan Grand Rapids 

Claim Agt. F. M. Webster.. 

Energy purchased from Consnmen 
Pwr. Co. 

Reaches Ramona Park at Reeds Lake 
(owned), North Park and Comstock Park. 

66.60 miles (84.50 mi. 1st m. t., 28.80 
mi. 2ndm. t.. 2.71 m. sid.) Total miles 
operated 67.96; 4 8^ g: 143 motor pass.. 
12 trail pass., 9 trail freight and 19 trail 
service cars; (19 motor pass, cars on 
order.) ^50 

485 — American Public Utilities 

Co. — Office, G. R. Savings Bldg., 
Grand Rapids. (Controls, through stock 
ownership, the following properties 
operated under the management of Kel- 
sey. Brewer A Co.: Albion (Mich.) Gas 
Lt. Co , Boise (Idaho) Gas Lt. A Coke 
Co., Elkhart (Ind.) Gas A Fuel Co., 
Holland (Mich.) Gas Works, Jackson 
(Miss.) Pnblic Service Co., Merchants* 
Public Utilities Co., Indianapolis, Ind., 
Merchants Ht. A Lt. Co., Inaianapolis, 
Ind., Utah Gas A Coke Co., Salt Lake 
City, Utah, Valparaiso (Ind.) Ltg. Co., 
and Wisconsin-Minnesota Lt. A Pwr. 
Co.— operating in Eau Claire, La Crosse, 
Chippewa Falls and Menomonie, Wise, 
and Winona and Red Wing, Minn.) 

Chmn. of Bd 
Chas. B. Kelrey Grand Rapids 

Pres. A Gen. Mgr. 
Joseph H. Brewer " 

V. Pres. A Asst. Gen. Mgr. 

Geo. H. Waring " 

Sec. Blaine Gavett " 

Treas. Willis J. Ripley 

Ch. Engr. L. B. Andrus. ... ** 


486 — Commonwealth Pwr.» Rt* A 

I.t. Co.— Office, 14 Wall St., New York, 
N. Y., (Controls through stock owner- 
ship the Union Ry. Gas A Elec. Co., 
Springfield (Ohio) Lt.. Ht. A Pwr. Co., 
Grard Rapids, Holland A Chicago Ry., 
Grand Rapids Ry. Co.. Saginaw-Bay 
City R>. Co., Michigan Lt. Co., Consu- 
mers Pwr. Co. Manistee Ry. Co., 
Michigan Ry. Co., and Michigan United 
Rwys; also owns and operates coal 
mines in W. Va. and 111.) 
Pres. Geo. E Hardy. . . . New York, N. Y. 
( C. M. Clark. .Philadelphla.Pn. 
V. Prests. \ B. C. Cobb. . .New York,N,Y. 

/ J.C.Weadock '* »• 

Sec.ATieas.JacobHekma '* '* 

fC. A. Pearson, Jr. 
Asst. Sees. A J Philadelphia, Pa. 

Asst. Treasrs. I Geo. Spragne. . New York 
LG. H. Bourne.. ** 


487— United Lit. A Bys. Co.— Offices, 
701 Michigan Trust Bldg., Grand Rap- 
ids; Davenport, la., ana 896 Common- 
wealth Rdison Bldg., Chicago. 111. (Con- 
trols through ownership of all or a large 
majority of the stock the following com- 
panies: Chattanooga (Tenn.) Gas Co.; 
Cedar Rapids (la.) Gas Co. ; Cedar Rap- 

Ida (la.) Jk lI*rlon City Br-i OlCaiDi» 
lli.)aeaCo.; Ft, Dodgeav)OuABlei:. 
Co.: Li Ports ilnd.) Om k Elcc. Co.; 
Ondlllic (Hlcb.l Osb Li, Cn.; araod 
Baplda. Grand Haveti A Uuakeuoo Rj. 
Co; «(«OT,CitJ (la.) *Cle«r LaSa K ft. 
C<i. ; Peopla'l Ob> A Elec. Co. (UaBon 
Cltir, la.) and Trl-Cily Hr, t: U. Co. 
Piea. Frank T. Hulswll....draud Raplda 

K. Scbidde 
Previa. ■< " J- »• 


SccATtch. L. H.F 

For, Aal.Oen.O. Kulin. . Dfl'onioit, Iuwe 

HANCOCK. I3.0IR (lOlfl). 

(Sea No. 18fl.) 

UOU^MD. 1>!.SSD (laiSl. 

(8m alio No. iOSa.) 

«Ba— Onud Uaplda. Uoll>ud * Cbl 
SBBO Bt>— (Conneoti tirand Rapidi 
aoTlaod, IMicaiaua. Otuwi Ueacl 
anil Saattaiuck.i (Leued lo UlchlKBi 
Kailroad Co. (wlilcb e«a tor npcrallDK 
olBolaH.) (ConlioliWl by the Com- 
monweallh Pwr. »y. A Lt. Co ) 

Prea. J. P. Cotllni Jntkion 

V.Ptea. B.C. Cobb. ...New Koik. N. Y. 

aaa.J. W.OIendanlnK Jaduon 

Tr«u. A. J. Bray 

Aait. fleca. t 8. B. Wol«, 

« ■? New Totk, N.Y. 

A»t.Tiaain. f Q.B.Bourna " 

Basnty unrcliased from Coneumera 

Pwt. C". 
Bspalnbopiai llollmd. 
Reacbea MacaWwa Pitk and Oiuwa 

Beach. Owne and uparalea Jaolion Rlet- 

»rle Park, an amnMmepl ranort. 
70W mllei (4S.« mi. lit m.t..88.8J 

ml. and to. t, --- " ■ -"' "— ■ 

Bile) oparatr 

tnll'Jralebt, a 

HOCGHTOK. 8.(X)0 <1B14). ' 

(Oounecta Hone: 
Jackal. Laarlnn 

, Hancock. Red 

Ion Cod 

d Hoban 

) (OWOB I 


""' "ii7Milk8t., Boston. Maia, 
WP«M« iF^eder1cJ,Bowden,Hon(!hton 

*■"•••*- i David Dalj Kuoknk, la. 

Sac. Edward T. Clark 

UTMIIIiSt.. BOBton. Maaa. 

Traa.. Henry B, aawyer. 

Oan. HRra. BtoDe A Web«er, Inc. 

UT Illlk 81 . BoBtoo, V*BB. 

11(1. Bamul B. Tnell BnualilDn 

Supl. John Ralpb, Jr Hancock 

Claim Ast' Bb"TK' I'*thew( ..Lanrinv 
„^ *. ,..._.. HooBhton 

te. MO k>: 

06kw. 8M»,8ph. Wryji 

. St. Lonli 

Power ata. eqnli 
I «. 0. WeBl«. •"* 
moo bP. a. 

kp. b. Kendall; uana. voii. ii.iiuu t: 
tRdlnvolt. 000 >; enerir alau purcbaaed 
framHoDghlon County Elec Lt. Co. 
1 mb^M. lot. ei«p. liOOkw; trot,, con*. 

FomrBta andrapalrBbDiiBatfraticook. 
RMChMand nwna KleelrlnPark. 
M.IRmlle> (M.H ml. tiim t.. S.SAial 
tadm. t.lOSml.Bid) 4-ftM([:!S motor 

IKON RITKB. 1,150. 

190 - Iron RUer. Stambaush « 
Orvatnl Palia Bt. Br. C«.— Office. 
FInt Nst'l Bank Bldg. (tlyBtem will 
coUflltt of roar dIDorent lluei radlltlnft 
from Iron River: divlilan Id operation 
Goiiiiecte Iron lilver. SlambaoEb, PalBI- 

llnlahKi lu Sew Cafpian. and a tblrd 

Ad dr. Fred Pi 

Gen. Fgt Si'pbbb. Agi', 

Ch. Kngr. C. A. Huiobineou.,. " 

ChBB B'rBiiMii...' " 

Kngr.M.Df W..DanleiFlnncaD " 

Pw""?o: fd^c'a. E, 'so kwTl"a" " 
WcBt. IW kw. KBOO V. t pb. SO cya. 

Repair abop and car bam at !<» B. 
GeoBBCe SI.. iVon RWrr. 

About e mtl'-B in operalioni 4-aMi; B 
motor and I other car. 67 

IRON WOOD- U,;T0 (1810). 

t»l-lroiiwond * BUBBOmer B^. * 
Lt. Co.-Offlc«. »■ W. ad Bt., Aah- 
land Wia. (^baorbed tbe Gogebic A 
Iron ConnilM Ry. A Lt, Co.. Ironwood.) 
(Connecla Ironwood and Beaaemer. 
Mich, and Hurley and r3llB.Wtaa,) 

Prea, L, E Myera 

1117 Mnnadnock Bldg.. ChlcagD, III. 

uh Monadnock BldR.. " " 
Bee. A Treaa. W. H. P. Wnalon 
HIT HonaHnock B 


nd, Wlec 

W. J. Hodtrklna Aabland. WIeo. 

Supt. atreot Ry., R. L, Bolieo. . " 
Kni!!. Pwr, 8U. 

R, 8, WilliBlm Ashland, WIeo. 

Engl. 0<tad.Con>tr.P. F Keere 

Power ata. egoip. 2 a. c. O. R tot. 00 
k»: R «.c. G, ft, toi. son kw. S«» v. 
ph. DC cya: BOO hp. e. Allla, W. C, Lane 
HO bp. b. HIIw. h! 8. A O: ' " ~ 

mllo«;*8tigt la motor paaa.lfgt. 
' and 8 ret. can, (Company doei 
ai liabtlDi! and power buBlacBB, 


nock Bldg,. Chicago. Ill, mDoceaaorlo 
Marqaette Cnnnty Gas & BJec, Co.) 
(A anbaldlarj of th» Middle Weat tHill- 
tlaiCo.) (CnntiBCta"' ' "" 

71 W. Adams Bt,. 
8ac, Roas HeO*«, 

7) W. Aduna Bt, 




TroM. O. B. McCormick 

72 W. Adams St., Chicago, 111. 
Audr. A Diet. Mgr. J. D. McDougall 

215 So. Main St., Ishpeming 
Ch. Bngr. Joseph DeLucae .... * ' 

M. M. Robt. Strangberg 

216 So. Main St., '* 
Power Bta. eqaip. 2 a. c. turbo gen. O.B. 

tot. 1500 kw; ^5 hp. e. Ide; 1250 hp. b. 
Bab. & W; trans, volt. 2300-11,600-18,200 
▼; trolley volt. 600 ▼. 

Power Bta. and repair shops at Ne- 

Reaches Cleveland Park (leased). 

5 miles; 4-^^ g; 6 motor and 6 other 
cars. Famishes energy for lighting and 
power. *50 

JACKSON. 86,868 (1916). 
(See also Nos. 488 and 494.) 

499a.— Mloblg^an Railroad Co.— 

OMce, 819-S28 So. Mechanic St. Jack- 
son. (Leases Qrand Rapids, Holland 

6 Chicago Ry. (76 miles.) Also operates 
high speed line between Kalamazoo 
and Grand Rapids (58.01 miles); between 
AllegaTi A Battle Creek (52.06 miles); 
Flint, Saginaw and Bay City with a 
branch to Frankenmuth (48.96 miles.) 
(Controlled by Commonwealth Power, 
Railway & Light Co. 

Pres. B. C. Cobb 

14 Wan St., New York, N. Y. 
r Gen. Mgr. 

__ „ ^ J J.F.Collins Jackson 

V.Prests.S G^o. Sprague 

L 14WallSt.,NewYork,N.Y. 
Asst. Gen. Mgr. 

H. P. Harrnen Grand Rapids 

Sec. J. W. Glendening Jackson 

Treas. & Audr. A. J. Bray " 

Gen. Andr. H. G. Kessler 

c/o Hodenpvl, Hardy & Co. 

14 Wall St., New York, N. Y. 
Traffic Mgr. F. W. Brown, Grand Rapids 
Gen. Pass. & Fgt. Agt. 

G. B. Hant Jackson 

Audr. Fgt. Accts. J. B. King '* 

Pur. Agt. H. K. Sherman " 

Ch. Bngr. H. D. Sanderson *' 

Supt. Equip. R. C. Taylor Albion 

Blec. Supt. L. B. Curry Jackson 

Gen. Roadmafiter, F M. Farley. . ** 
Supt. Northeastern Div. 

R. H. Harris Saginaw 

Energy purchased from Consumers 
Power Co. 

Repair shops at Saginaw, for the North- 
eastern Division. 

159 miles (overhead & third rail) 4 8^ g; 
62 motor pass., 1 1 trail pass, and 115 other 
cars. (Includes equipment of Grand 
Rapids, Holland & Chicago Ry.) iAr60 

493 — Mlohiffan United Railways 

Co,— Office, Jackson. (Owns city sys- 
tems of Lansing, £[alamazoo. Battle 
Creek aud Jackson and interurban 
roads between Lansing and St. Johns, 
Jackson and Battle Creek, Kalamazoo 
and Battle Creek, Jackson and Lansing 
and Lansmg and Owosso.) Controlled 
by the Commonwealth Pwr. Ry. & Lt. 

Pres. Myron W. Mills Marysvllle 

V. Pres. B. C. Cobb 

14 Wall St., New York. N. Y. 

V. Pres. ft Gen. Mgr. 
J. F. Collins Jackion 

Sec., J. W. Glendening " 

Treas. & Audr. , A. J. Bray •• 

Asst. Sees. ( S. E. Wolff, 

& ■{ New York, N.Y. 

Asst. Treasrs. ( G.H.Bonrne " " 

Energy purchased from Consumers 

Power Co. : trolley volt. 600 ▼. 
Repair shops at Albion. 
Reaches Pine Lake and Waverly Parks, 

Lansing; Oakwood Park, Kalamasoo; 

Gocuac Park, Battle Creek; Wolf Lake 

aad Vandercook Park, Jackaon. 

Sec. J. W. Glendening. Jackson 

Treas. & Audr. A. J. Bray. 


258.25 miles (226.S5 mi. let m. t., 18.60 
mi. 2nd m. t. and 13.40 mi. eid.) Total 
miles operated 260.98; 4-8H g troUey; 182 
motor pass., 10 trail pass. 8 motor freight, 
26 trail freight and 86 motor service cars. 
(20 motor pass, cars on order.) ifBO 

KAIiAMAZOO. 48,886 (1916). 
(See alio Nos. 492a and 498.) 

494— Mlohig^an Bailroad Co. -Office, 

219-228 So. Mechanic St.. Jackson. 
(Part of Michigan Ry. Go's system) 
(Leases Grand Rapids Holland and 
Chicago Ry. (76.48 miles} (Controlled by 
Commonwealth Pwr. Ry. & Lt. Co.) 
Connects Allegan, Battle Creek, Bay 
City, Flint, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, 
Saginaw and intermediate towns. 
Pres. B. C. Cobb 

14 Wall St., New York, N. Y. 
V. Pres. A Gen. Mgr. 

J. F. Collins Jackson 

. J. Bi 
Asst. Sees. ( S. E. Wolff, 

A < New York, N.Y. 

Asst. Treasrs. f G.H.Bonrne " *' 
Gen. Audr. H. G. Kessler 
c/o Hodenpyl, Hardy & Co., Inc. 

14 Wall St., New York, N. Y. 
Asst. Gen. Mgr. 

H. P. Harrsen Grand Rapids 

Supt., D. McLaughlin Jackson 

Traffic Mgr. F. W. Brown. .Grand Rapids 
Gen. Pass. A Fgt. Agt. 

G.B.Hunt Jackson 

Audr. F^. Accts. J. B. King . . . 

Pur. Agt. H. K. Sherman 

Ch. Engr. H. D. Sanderson 

Supt. Equipt. R. C. Taylor Albion 

Elecl. Supt. L. B. Curry Jackson 

Gen. Roadmaster F. M. Farley. . . " 

r A. E. Green Kalamazoo 

C. L. Custer Jackson 

J. J. Mahoney Battle Creek 

R. R. Amey Lansing 

R. L. Knott. Owosso A Corunna 
Energy purchased from Consnmers 
Pwr Co 

167.58* miles (185.48 ml. 1st m. t., 2.66 
mi. 2nd m. t. and 19.40 mi. sid.) trolley 
and third rail; 86 motor pass., 6 trail pass., 
6 trail pass., 10 motor freight, 40 trail 
freight and 3 motor service cart. (20 trail 
freight cars on order. irfiO 

I.ANSINO. 40,498 (1916). 
(See No. 498.) 

MANI8TB£. 12,881. 

495— Manistee By. Co.— Office, 85a 
River St. (ConnecU Filer City, Oak 
Hill and Manistee.) (Controlled by 
Commonwealth Pwr., Ry. A Lt. Co.) 

Pres. Clyde J. Holmes JackacHi 

V Pres 
W. H.' Barthold New York, N. Y. 

Sec. J. W. Glendening Jackson 

Treas. A. J. Bray " 

Asst. Sec. & Asst. Treas. 
S. B. Wolff New York, N. Y. 

Gen . Mgr. C. S. Kressler Manistee 

Supt. W. A. Scott '* 

M. M.,Tonis01k 

Energv purchased from Consnmers 

Power Co. ; trolley volt. 550 v. 
Repair shops at Manistee. 
Owns Orcnard Beach Park on Lake 

7.64 miles: 4-8H g; 5 motor pass., 8 

trail pass, and 6 other cars. 50 

MABQUKTTIE. 15,000 (1918).. 

496— MTarqnette City A Presque 
Isle Ry. Co. 


Ree*rBS Edwin S. Bice Marquette 

(H. 8. Gallup. ^* 








V. PreB. N. M. Eanf man Marquette 

Mgr. ehae. Retallic 

8upt. C. E. Doidge 

Ch.Bngr.Pwr.Sta. West Paqnette, 

Power 8ta. and repair Bhops at Presqne 
Isle Ave., Marquette. 

Reaches Presqne Isle Park. 

% miles; 4-8|^ g; 18 cars. 60 

MBNOMINBS:. 10.607. 

497— Menominee A Marinette L<t. 

* Trao.Oo.— Offlce^Menominee. (Con- 
nects Menominee, Mich, and Marin 
ette, Wis.) 

Pres. Frank A. Spies Menominee 

V. Pres. G. A. Bleach »' 

Sec. & Qen. Mgr. Bdward Daniell '' 
Treas. Harry J. Brown. ..Marinette, Wis. 

Audr. J. A Faller Menominee 

Pur. Agt. Bdward A. Golden . . *' 

Claim Agt. P.J. Trudell Minominee 

M. M. & Engr. M. of W. 

Wilfred Bellmere " 

Power sta. equip. 3a. c. Westg. G. B. tot. 
3700 kw.3ph. 60 cys; ClOO hp. turb. (wtr.) 
Globe Dayton; trans, volt. 33,000 and 2200 
t; trolley volt. 550 v. 

Power sta. on Menomioee River 20 
miles from Menominee; repair shops at 
Menominee. Mich, and Marinette, Wis.; 
sub-sta. at Menominee. 
Owns Lakeside Park, Marinette, Wis. 

19.4 miles: 4-81^ si 23 motor nnd 25 
other cars. (Company does general light- 
ing (gas and elec.) and power business.) 


MONROB. 6,808.' 
(See No. 478.) 

MUSKBGON. 86,100 (1916). 
(See also No. 488.) 

498— Muskegron Traction A Llgrht- 

ing Co.— Office, 86 Morris St. (Con- 
nects Muskegon & Muskegon Hts.) 
(Controlled by the American Lt. & 
Trac. Co.) 

Preg. & Gen. Mgr. 
Geo. Steinwedell Muskegon 

V. Pres. John T. Young. ...Grand Rapids 

Sec. A Treas. B. J. Hammer. ..Muskegon 

Gen. Supt., Ch. & Blec. Bngr. 
Walter Byke 

Pur. Agt. Wm. Gage 

Claim Agt. H. S. Nelson 

M. M., Chris. Dahl 

Roadmaster, Chas. Warner 

Bnergy purchaf>ed from Consumers Pwr. 

Co; 2 rot. conv. West. tot. 1250 kw. 
Sub-sta. and repair shops at Franklin 

St. and Michigan Ave. 
Reaches & owns Lake Michigan Park. 

14.5 miles; 4-8^ g; 50 cars. Company 
furnishes gas lighting. if 60 

NEGAUNEE. 9,416. 
(See No. 492.) 

OWOSSO. 10,280 (1916). 
(See No. 498.) 

PONTIAC. 17,524 (1916). 
(See No. 480.) 

PORT HURON. 18.868. 

(See also No. 479.) 

490 — Grand Trunk Ry. Co. (St. 
Clair Tunnel Co.) — Office, Port 
Huron; General office, McGill St., Mon- 
treal, Can. 
Pres. Howard G. Kelley. . .Montreal, Can. 
A'sBt. to Pres. D. E. Galloway. . " 

V. Pres. W. D. Robb 

V. Pres. & Treas., Frank Scott. " 

Comptroller, W.H. Ardley " 

Supt. W. D. Hall Port Huron 

Qen.Pur. Agt,Geo. W. Caye. ,Montreal,Oan. 




1 St Bngr. Geo. Mellon Port Huron 

Blecn. A. M. Green Samia, Ont. 

Power sta. equip. 2 a. c. tnrbo-gei. 
Weetg. tot. 2500 kw. 8800 v. 8 ph. 25 cys; 
350 hp. e. A. B. C; IflOOhp. b. Bab. & W; 
3350 hp. turb. Westg; trans, volt. 8800 v; 
trolley volt. 8800 v. s. ph. 

Power sta. at Military St., Port Hnron; 
repair shops at Port Huron, Mich, and 
Samia, Ont. 

IS miles ^approx.) s. ph. catenary elec.; 
^8H g; 6 (66-ton) elec. locos. 50 

ROCHESTER. 1,618. 
(See No. 480.) 

ROMEO. 1,787. 
(See No. 475.) 

SAGINAW. 55,642 (1910). 
(See also No. 492a.) 

500— Safflnaw - Bay City Ry. Co. — 

Office, 134 S.WashinetonAve., Saginaw. 

(Owns and operates all street railway 

lines in Saginaw and Bay C?ity and the 

interurban railway between the two 

cities.) (Controlled by Commonwealth 

Pwr., Ry. & Lt. Co.) 
Pres. B. C. Cobb, 

14 Wall St., New York, N. Y. 

V Preata J H. T. Wickes Saginaw 

V . rrests. ^ J g Davidson Bay City 

Sec. J. W. Glendening Jackson 

Treas. A. J. Bray " 

Audr. H. G. Eessler 

14 Wall St., New York, N. Y. 

Gen. Mgr. J. A. Cleveland Saginaw 

Gen. Supt. , Horace B. Allen •* 

Claim Agt. P.J. Cunningham. ... " 

Pur. Agt. H. E. Sherman Jackion 

M. M.,W.W. Cook Saginaw 

Ch. Bngr. R. B. Palmer »» 

Bnergy purchased from Consumers 
Pwr. Co.; trolley volt. 660 v. 

Repair shops at Saginaw. 

Owns Riverside Park on Saginaw Wver 
in Saginaw and Wenona Beach Park on 
Saginaw Bay near Bay City. 

68.96 miles (47.56 mi. 1st m. t., and 88 
mi. sid.^ Total miles operated 67.48; 4-8U 
g; 90 motor pass., 2 motor freight and 18 
motor service cars. (18 motor pass, cars 
on order.) <Ar60 

ST. JOSBPH. 5,086. 

(See Nos. 292 and 474.) 

(See No. 488.) 

SAULT STE. MARIE. 18,019 (1916) 

501— Sault Ste. Marie Traction Co. 

(Formerly Trans-St. Mary's Trac- 
tion Co.)— Gen. office, Sault Ste. Marie. 
(Has traffic arrangements with Inter- 
national Transit Company's car and 
ferry line, Soo, Ont. Connects Sanlt 
Ste. Marie, Mich., and Algonquin.) 
(Controlled by The Lake Snpcorior 

Pres. W. C. Franz. .Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. 

V. Pres. Jas. Hawson ** " 

Sec. Alex. Taylor 

Traders Bk. Bldg., Toronto, '* 

Treas. B. W. Shell . . Sault Ste. Marie, •• 

Audr. F. M. Turnbull 

Pur. Agt. L. L. Jacobs 

Gen. Mgr. & Supt. 
Robert H. Taylor, Jr., 

M. M.Alex. McCready " " 

Bnergy purchased from Michigan North- 
ern Power Co. ; trolley volt. 550 v. 
Repair shops at Sanlt Ste. Marie, Mich. 
7.52 miles; 4-8Hg; 8 motor pass., 8 trail 

pass, and 2 other cars. 79 

(See No. 400.) 








AMOKA. 8,972. 
(See No. 508.) 

BBECKfiNRIDGK. 1«840. 
(See alio No, 1165.) 

5058— Virahpeton-Breokenrldg^e 8t. 

Ry. Co.— Offlcef Breckenridge, P. O. 

Box 251. (Connects Wahpeton, N. D., 

and Breckenridge, Minn.) 

Pres. Math. Brann Wahpeton, N. B. 

V. Pres. Frank Mikache. . . .Breckenridge 

Sec. E. H. Elwin ** 

Treas. R. T. Barber Wahpeton, N. D. 

Gen. Mgr., A Pur. Agt. 

Peter Schmltt Breckenridge 

M. M., Henry Achter.. Wahpeton, N.D. 

Energy purchased from Otter Tail Pwr 
Co., Wahpeton, N. D.; 2 d. c. G. B. tot. 
150 kw; trans volt. 2200; trolley volt. 550 y. 

Repair shops at Breckenridge. 

Reaches Island Park. 

t.l44 miles; 4-8H g: > motor cars. ^70 

DUIiUTH. 94.495. (1916.) 

503~The Duluth St. Ry. Co.— Office, 
2631 W. Superior St. (Operates all 
street railway lines in Duluth, Minn., 
and Superior, Wis. and reaches the fol- 
lowing gubarbs: Riverside, Smithvllle, 
Morgan Park, Gary and New Duluth.) 
(On Sept. 1, 1917, acquired the property 
of the Park Point Traction Co.) (Owned 
by Duluth-Superior Trac. Co.) 

Pres. A. M. Robertson Minneapolis 

V. Pres. & Gen. Mgr. 
Herbert Warren Duluth 

Sec. & Treas. S. L. Reichert 

Audr. W. Dwyer 

DiT. J H. H. Brown " 

Supts. 1 Alfred Williams Superior 

Pur. AKt. Otis Birdsall • • Duluth 

CI Mm Agt. R. H. Wellington 

Ch.Engr. & Blec'l Engr. J.Carson. 

M. M., R. J. Crawford 

Roadmaster, Thos. A. Armstrong 
Energy purchased from Great Northern 

Power Co.; trans, volt. 80,000 v; trolley 

volt. 600 V. 
Repair shops at 26 Ave. W. <fe Superior 

St., Duluth, Park Point and 4th St. & 

Ofirden Ave., Superior, Wis. 

Reaches Lester, Chester, Congdon, Lin- 
coln and Fairmount Parks and Park Point 

In Duluth, and Billings City Park In 

104.09 milss; 4-81^ g: 159 motor pass. 

and 19 other motor cars. *50 

505 — The Dulnth-Snperior Trac- 
tion Co— Office, 2631 W. Superior St. 
(ThI- is a holding company, and owns 
and controls the Duluth St. Ry. Co., 
Superior Rapid Transit Co., Lakeside 
Ry. Co. and Motor Line Co.) 

Chmn. of Bd. 
A. E. Ames Toronto, Ont. Can. 

PreiK. A.M. Robertson Minneapolis 

V. Pres. & Gen. Mgr. 
Herbert Warren Dnlnth 

Sec. A Treas. S. L. Reichert " 




HASTINGS. 8,988. 
(See No. 618.) 

HIBBING. 16,412 (1916) 
(See No. 515.) 

MANKATO. 10,866. 

507— Mankato Elec. Trac. Co.— 

Office, 1101 No, Broad St (Owned and 
operated by Mlasistlppi Valley Blee. 
Co., Iowa (;ity, la.) 

Pres. J. O. Schnlze Iowa City, Iowa 

V.Pres. A Treas, J.H. Rohret '* 

Sec. F. N . Sueppel ** " 

Supt. & Pur. Agt. A. Mueller.... Mankato 
M. M., R. S. Williamson 

Energy purchased from Northern States 
Power Co; trolley volt. 660 v. 

Repair shops at 1101 No. Broad St. 

5.8 miles; 4-8^ g; 7 motor cars. -:^50 


(See No. 614.) 

MINNBAPOUS. 863,454 (1916). 

508— Minneapolis, Anoka A Cnj- 
ona Banye By. Co. — Office. 4200 
Washington Ave., No. Gen. Office 
Anoka. (Connects Minneapolis and 

Pras. C. P. Bratnober St. Paul 

1st V. Pres. 

2d Y. Pres. H. L. Bratnober 

Sec. H. H. Stevens Minneapolis 

Treas. P. H. Stevens " 

Compt. H. J. Draheim 

Pills and Terr Rd., St. Paul 

Audr., Gus Peterson Anoka 

Gen. Mgr. A. E. Appleyard. . .Minneapolis 
Supt. & Pur. Agt. A. A. Kronhold.. Anoka 
Gen. Fgt. & Pass. Agt. L. J. Ebert.St.Paul 
Elec.Eogr. M.M. A Engr. Pwr. Sta. 

Edward Marander Anoka 

Energy purchased from Minneapolis 

Gen. Elec. Co. 

2 snb-stas. tot. cap. 600 kw; 2 rot. con v. 

Car bams and repair shops at Anoka. 

19.21 miles (3.77 miles leased) ;4-8Hg; 

7 motor pass., 1 other motor and 4 other 

cars; 1 elec. loco. ^50 

509— Minneapolis, Nortbfield A 
Southern Ry.— Office, 7th St. A 8rd 
Ave., No. Minneapolis. (Formerly Min- 
neapolis, St. Paul, Rochester&Dubuqne 
Elec. Trac. Co.) (ConnectsMinneapoIis, 
St. Louis Park. Savage, Lakeville, 
Eureka Center, Northfleld and inter- 
mediate points.) 

Pres. Jas. H. Ellison Minneapolis 

V. Pres. H. A. Whittier Northfleld 

Sec. R. H. Benham Minneapolis 

Treas. W. O. Winston 

Andr. E. Graham " 

Gen. Mgr. M. J. Dooley " 

M. M., 

W. H. Erumplemann ^* 

E. L. Norton Northfleld 

Repair shops at 60th St. & Nicollet Ave. 

60 miles: 4-8Vii g; 4 mo. pass., 2 trail 

pass., and 16 other cars. iAr60 

510— Twin City Rapid Transit Co. 

—Gen. office, 11th Street and Hennenio 
Ave., Minneapolis. (Controls the Min- 
neapolis Street Ry. Co., The St. Paul 
City Ry. Co. and The Minneapolis A St. 
Paul Suburban R.R.Co). (Connects Min- 
neapolis, St. Paul, Stillwater, Excelsior 
and Lake Minnetonka.) (The Transit 
Supply Co., Minnetonka A White Bear 
Navigation Co., and The Rapid Transit 
Real Estate Corp. are identifled with 
same interests.) 

Pres. Horace Lowry Minneapolis 

Sec. to Pres. J. F. Murray. ... " 

1st V. Pres. B. W. Decker. ... •» 

2d V. Prei. J. R. Mitchell St. Paul 

8d V. Pres. & Sec. 

A. M. Robertson Minneapolis 

Gen. Mgr. Foster Hannaford. . ^* 
Sec. to Qen. Mgr. 

G.W.Martin " 

Gen. Counsel W. D. Dwyer .... * • 

Treat. B. A. Crosby. ♦• 

Aadr. D. J. Strouse ** 

Actg. Gen. Snpt. 
Donald (Goodrich *' 




• Sec. to Actg. Gen. Snpt. 

W. A. Wit^gins Minneapolis 

Div. Supt. C. B. Goodsell St. Paul 

Actg. Div. Snpt. 

F. R. B jorck Minneapolis 

^Claim J Minneapolis. Div. B.F.Winders 

Agin. "I St.Paul Div. C. E. Corbett 
«Gen. Pass. Agt. 

W. O. Clare Minneapolis 

Pur. Agt. Wm. Whiteford St. Paul 

Engr. Pwr. & Equip. 

B. H. Scofield Minneapolis 

Engr. of Pwr. Sta. 

Geo. Caywood " 

M. M., W. J. Smith St. Paul 

Bngr. M. W., Geo.L. WilBon..MinneapoliB 
Sched. Supt. H. W. Ralph .... " 

Park Snpt. P. J Metzdorf St. Paul 

Power sta. equip. 6 a. c. turbo-gen. G. 
E. tot. 76,000 kva. 13,200 v. 8 ph. 86 cys: 
15,400 hp. b. Bab. & W; trans. Tolt 18,200 
V. troUeV volt. 600 v. 

16 sub-stas. (1 with auto control) tot. 
cap. 61 900 kw. 89 rot. conv. 

Power sta. at 6th Ave. S. E. & Missis- 
sippi River, Minneapolis; repair shops 
at Snelling & University Aves., St. Panl. 

Owns Wildwood Park on White Bear 
Lake. Reaches all principal lakes and 
parks of the Twin Cities, also Lake Min- 
netonka. White Bear Lake and the St. 
Croix River. 

462.6 miles; 4-8^ g; 1047 motor and 
66 other cars. (9 steamboats on Lake 
Minne tonka). iAr60 

510»— Water Works: Filtration By. 

rAfunlo.)— Office, City Hall. (Extends 

from 86th Ave. N. E. and Central Ave. 

to City Filtration Plant; connects with 

*'Soo'*Ry. outside of city limits. Carries 

employees and supplies of the City 

Waterworks Dept. to Filtration Plant.) 

City Engr. F. W.Cappelen.. Minneapolis 

Engr. in Charge W. N. Jones " 

Pur. Agt. A. S. Alexander. ... *^ 

Energy purchased from Twin City 
Rapid Transit Co; trolley volt. 660 v. 
Repair shops at Filtration Plant. 
1.588 miles; 4-8^g; 1 comb. pass, and 
freight motor car. 50 

ST. CI.OUD. 11,817 (1916). 

611 — St. Cloud Pablio Service Co. 

—Office, 507 St. Germain St. (Purchased 
and consolidated the following compan* 
ies: Union Power Co., Tlie Public Serv- 
ice Co. and Granite City Ry. Co.) (Leases 
St. Cloud Wtr. Pwr. Co.) (Connects 
Bast St. Cloud, Waite Park and Sauk 
Rapids with St. Cloud.) 

Pres. A. G. Whitney St. Cloud 

V. Pres. Sec & Audr. C. A. Slaney ** 

Treas. Wheelock Whitney *' 

Supt. Ry . W. N. Bethel " 

Elec. Supt. A. L. Brownell " 

Blec. Bn^r. George Marvin. ... ** 

Power sta. equip. 3 d. c. Tri. Spragne, 
tot. 460 kw; 9 a. c. G. E, Allis-C. tot. 8860 
kw. 2400 V. 8 ph. 60 cys; 1000 hp. b. Heine; 
1760 kw. turb. (stm.) Allis-C ; 2100 hp. wtr. 
turb. Smlth,Lef. Allis-C; trans, volt. 16,600 
v; trolley volt. 650 v. 

Power stas. and repair shops at St. 

Reaches Athletic Park, and Waite Park 
dancing and Bwimmine pavilion. 

10 railes: 4-8V^ (e: 20 mo. pass, and 6 
trail pass. cars. (Hells energy for lighting 
and power.) 60 

ST. PAUL. 247,282 (1916). 
(Sec also No. 510) 

519— Great Nortliern Ry. Co. (Cas- 
cade Tunnel.)— Office,176 EaBt4th St., 
St. Paul. (Company has electrified 
road (2.7 mileni through Cascade Mts. 
in Washington.) 

Pres. Ralph Budd St. Paul 

. f Traffic. W. P. Eenney, St Paul 
\r T>..oo*a J Operation.C.O.JenkB •* 
^•*^'^^^^-i Gen. Counsel, 

[ E. C. Lindley 

Sec. & Treas., F. S. Pretzold " 

Compt. G. H. Hess, Jr " 

Ofln Mar- J *'• BeJl 

«en. Mgrs. ^ j ^ O'Neill. Seattle, Wash. 

Pur. Agt. F. A. Bushnell St. Paul 

Claim Agt. J. A. Nelson •* 

Fgt. Traf . Mgr. G. H. Smitten. . . " 
Pass. Traf. Mgr. C. B. Stone. ... " 

Ch. Engr. A. H. Hogeland " 

Signal Engr. C. B. Dnnham *' 

Engr. M. of W., J. R. W.Davis. . " 

Power sta. equip. 8 d. o. G. B. tot. 960 
kw; 8 a. c. G. E. tot. 6000 kw. 6000 t. 8 
ph. 26 cjrs; 12,000 hp. wtr. tnrb. Piatt; 
trans, volt. 88,000 v; trolley volt. 0600 v. 
8 ph. 

Power sta. on Wenatchie River 2.6 miles 
west of Leavenworth, Wash; repair shope 
at Cascade Tnnnel. 

6.5 miles elec. ; 4-100 ton 8 ph. a. c. elec. 
locos. ifbO 

513 — St. Paul Sontliem Eleotrie 

Ry. Co.— Receiver appointed Feb. 28, 

1918.— Office, Hasting. (Connects St. 

Paul, South St. Paul, Inver Grove 

and Hastings.) 

Receiver, E. E. Tattle Hastings 

Pres. Irving Todd, Jr " 

V. Pres. Otto Aokerman ** 

Sec, Treas., Supt. A Pnr. Agt 

R.M. LaBelle " 

Audr. Con. P. Euckler " 

Gen. Mgr. 

Elec. Engr. & M. M. 

Louis Hoffman St. Paul 

Ch. Engr. Pwr. Sta. 

P. B. Sievert Pine Bend 

Eng. M. of W. Gust Johnson.... Hastingi 

Energy purchased from River Falls Pwr. 
Co. ; 1 d. c. West. 800 kw. 1 rot conv. 
West. 800 kw; trans, volt. 88,000v; trolley 
volt. 600 V. 

Sub-sta. at Pine Bend; repair shops at 
Inver Grove. 

125 miles projected ; 17*64 milei Ineper- 
ation; 4-8^ jg:; 4 motor pass, cars and 1 
other car. (Extension from Hastingi to 
White Rock, 28 miles, under eonslrac- 
tion.) 70 


(See No. 514.) 


ftl4 — Minnesota Northvreetoni 
Eleo. By. Co.— Office, Cor. Second 
A Labree Aves., Thief River Falla. 
(Operates from Thitf River Falls 
through Silverton and Mavie to Good- 

Pres. & Treas. 
Daniel Shaw Thief River Falls 

V. Pres. D. N. Winton, 
954 Security Bldg^, Minneapolit, MfaiB. 

Sec., Gen. Mgr. Jk Pnr. Agt. 
H. W. Protzeller Thief River Ftdte 

Audr. E. M. Schutt " " 

Supt. of Mot. Pwr. 

W.R.Patterson " . »» 

Repair shops at Thief River Falls. 
19.87 miles: 4-8Vi g; 1 gas-elee. ear. 

(Does freight business.) 60 

VIRGINIA. 16,198 (1910). 

51B— Mesaba Ry. Co. — Office. Vlr- 
irinia. (Connects Virginia, HIdUbc, 
Eveleth, Chinholm, Mountain Iron, QU- 
bert, Kinney, Buhl and G«Doa.) 

Oscar Mitchell. Atwerth Bldg., Dsfatth 

V. Pres. Robert W. Watson 

66 Liberty St., New York, IT. T- 




Sec. Agnes Oannody 

1200 AtworthBldg., Dalath 
TreM. Lester B. Flint 

68 State St., Boston, Mass. 
Audr. & Pur. Agt. 

Jay O. Bergeson Virginia 

Snpt. L. W. Hayes 

Claim Agts. 

Washbam, Bailey & Mitchell 

1200 Atworth Bldg., Dulath 
Car Honse Foreman 

P. N.Skjerve Virginia 

Rosdmaster, Charles B. hahli. . . "■ 
Bngr. Ovhd. Constr. 

OttoJ. Vagts " 

Energy purchafed from Great Northern 
Pwr. Co; trans. 22,000 v; trolley volt. 726 v. 
Power sta. at Virginia, leased to Great 
Northern Power Co. 

1 snb-sta.; 2 mo. gen. 

Repair shops at Virginia. 

86.6 miles (86 mi. Istm t, 1.6 mi.sid.); 
^^M S: 10 motor paes., 6 trail pass., 2 
motor freight, 1 motor service and 14 
trail service cars. lArSO 

WINONA. 18,588 (1916). 


516~WUconsln Ry., lit. * Pwr. Co. 

—1408 First National Bank Bldg., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. (Successor to the Winona 
Ry. & Lt. Co., and owns and operates 
the former property of the La Crosse 
City (Wis.) Ry. Co. and the La Crosse 
Wtr. Pwr. Co.) 
Pres. Clement C. Smith.. Milwaukee, Wis. 
V. Pres. & Gen. Mgr. 

J. P. Piilliam " " 

V. Pres. R. M. Howard Winona 

Sec. Howard Greene Milwankee,Wis. 

Treas.H.C. Mackay '* " 

Aspt. Sec. W. M Chester. •» " 

Aest. Treas. S. M. Rothermel Winona 

Snpt. Ry.; C. Hedges 

Snpt. Blec.Dept. Geo Benton. Winona *^ 
Ch. Bngr. Pwr. Sta. 

E. H. Kirshner... " " 

Pwr. sta. equip: 2 d. c. G. B. tot. 400 
kw; 6260 kva. stm. tnrh. Allis-C, 1600 
kw. stm. turh. G. B. : tot. 4800 kw. wtr. 
turb. G. B. -Allis-C; di-«tribn. volt. 4000- 
2300 v: trans. 44,000 v. 8 ph. 60cys; trolley 
volt. 575 V 

Hydro-Blec. sta. at Hatfield; steam 
reserve sta. at Winona; transmission 
lines to La Crosse, Wis. and Winona, 
Repair shops' at Winona. 
7.6 miles; 4-8^ g; 15 motor cars. Com- 
pany does lighting and power business in 
Winona and Onalaska. 'A^60 


BIT^OXI. 9,670. 
(See No. 519.) 

COI.r»IBU8. 10,561 0916). 

ftl7 — Colimbus Ry., Ijt* it Pwr. 

Co.— Office, 612 Main St. 

(Railroad service diiicontinned.) 

Pres. R. T. Fant Memphis, Tenn. 

V. Pres. L. K. Ralsburv '»- ** 

Sec. A Trea^. R. B. Claggett, Greenville 

Gen. Mgr. D. T. Gaston Colambns 

Ch. Engr.Pwr.Sta. R. K. And^^rson 
16th St., South *• 

Power sta. equip. 1 d. c. G. B. 250 kw; 
8 a. c. turbo-gen. G. E. tot. 750 kw. 2800 v. 
8 ph. 60 cys: 1460 hp. e. H. F. & M, G. B; 
1500 hp. b. Keeler, Bab. A W; trans, volt 
2800 v; trolley volt. 6«0v. 

Power sta. at 15th St. So. 

Repair shops at 2d Ave., So. 'Ar70 

ORRRNVILI^K. 10.846 0916). 

518— Delta lii^ht A Traction Co.— 

(Successor to Delta Elec. Lt., Pwr. & 

Mfg. Co.) Office, Greenville. 

Pres. F. N. Robertshaw Greenville 

V. Pres. L. K. Salsbury. 

1209 Central Bk. Bldg. Memphis, Tenn. 
Sec. & Treas. R. B. Claggett. . .Greenville 

Andr. H. H. Harris Memphis, Tenn. 

Supt. & Pur. Agt. E. J. Lenz. . . Greenville 

Ch. Bngr. B. M. Foster " 

Elec. Bngr. Paul Aurswald. ... ** 
M. M. John Fisher " 

Power sta. equip. 1 d. c. G. B., 
100 kw. 650 V. 2 a. c. G. B, West. tot. 
550 kw. 2300 v.s. & 8 ph.60 cys; 1 turbo-gen. 
West 470 kva; 1 rot. conv. kw; 200 hp. e. 
Rus.; 1200 hp. b. Vogt; 1470 kw. stm. 
turb. Westg- G. E.; trans, volt. 2800 v; 
trolley volt. 600 v. 

Power sta. and repair shops at Green- 

Reaches park. 

7.76 miles; 4-8^ g; 11 motor cars. (Co. 
does general lighting and power bosiness.) 


GULF PORT. 6.386. 

519— Gnlfport * Mississippi Coast 
Traction Co.— (Purchased street rail- 
way and lighting plant of the Gnlfport 
Development Co. and Biloxi Blec. Ry. 
& Pwr. Co.) (Connects Bilozit Bean> 
voir, De Buys, Mississippi City, Gnlf- 
port, Long Beach, Harborview and Pass 

Pres. W. T. Stewart Gnlfport 

V. Pres. J. A. Van Cloostre *• 

Sec. & Treas. J. C. Simpson " 

Audr. J. H. Beeman *• 

Gen. Mgr. & Pur. Agt. 

William A. Sullivan »* 

Supt. Transp. A. C. Scott " 

Claim. Afit. W. A. White '* 

Blec. Bngr. W. H. Pelaez •» 

Ch. Bngr. Pwr. Sta. B. W. Crispen ^'^ 

M. M, P. A. Engelhardt "- 

Power sta. equip. 2 a. c. G. B., Westg. 
tot. 4000 kw. 2800 V. 8 ph. 60 cy*; 2000 hp. b. 
Bab. & W; 4500 hp turb. G. B, W(est; 
trans, volt. 18,200 v; trolley volt. 600v. 

Power sta. at Gulf port; repair shops 
at Galfport and Biloxi. 

80 miles: 4-8Vi e: 18 motor pass and 2 
trail pass, cars; 2 elec. locos. (Co. furnishes 
energy for lighting.) 79 

HATTIBSBUR'O. 16.482 (1916). 

590 — Hattiesburg Traction Co.—. 

Office, 112 Pine St. (Controlled by the 

Meridian Lt. «fc Ry. Co., which in turn 

is controlled by the Cities Service Co., 

60 Wall St., New York City.) 
Pres.Frank W. Prueauflf.. New York, N. Y, 

(H.H.Scott „ „ 

V. Prests.-{ Gen. Mgr. & Pur. Agt. 

( H. F. Wheeler . . Hattlesburg 
Sec. Treas. & Andr.H. McDavid, " 
Ch. Bngr. Pwr. Station 

C. E. Wain Wright 

M. M., F. R.Hansen 

Power sta. equip. 8 a. c. West.. Allis-C. 
total 2076 kva. 2200 v. 8 ph. 60 cys.; 1025. 
hp. b. Heine. A. & T.; 1000 kw. turb^ 
(steam) West. 

1 rot. conv. and 1 mot. gen. 

Power sta. and repair shops at Hattfes-- 

R.6 miles; 4-8^ g; 18 passenger and & 
other cars. -A^60< 

JACKSON. 29,787 (1916). 

5tl — Jackson lit. A Trao. Co. — 

Office, 504 B. Capitol St. (Controlled^ 
by the American Public Utilities Co.) 

Pres. Joseph H. Brewer, 

Svg. Bk. Bldg,. Grand Rapids, Mich,, 

Sec. Blaine Gavett ^* 





Tre«a. Willis J. Ripley. 

Orand RapidB,Mich. 
Gen. Andr. R. L. Aage.. '' 

Oen. Mgr. A Par. Agt. 

Albert Clabaugh Jacksoo 

Supt. J.W.Browne ** 

Ch. Bngr. 

L. B. Andms Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Bngr. Charge of Operation 

C. W. Beck Jackson 

Ch. Engr. Pwr. Plant 

J. Ross Sharp ^^ 

Power sta. equip: 8 d. c. G. B. tot. 750 
kw; 8 a. c. turbo-gen. G. B. tot. 8000 kw. 
8800 y. 8 ph. 60 cys; 1660 hp. b. Stirling, 
Bab. A; W; trans, volt. 2800 ▼; trolley 
▼olt. 600 ▼. 

Power sta. and repair shops at Tom- 
bigbee & Commerce Sts. 

18.6 miles; 4-8^ g ; 20 motor cars. Com- 
pany famishes electric and gas lighting. 


liAUREI.. 11,770 (1016). 

5a» — lAurel lit. A Ry. Co.— Office, 

Laurel. (Connects Laurel and Bills- 

Pree. Guy M. Walker 

60 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 
Ass't to Pres. Ray M. Walker " 
Sec. Treas. & Hgr. S.M.Jones.... Laurel 
▲udr.J. J. Mundell ** 

Power Bta. equip. 2 d. c. G. B., Allis-C 
tot. 500 kw; 3 a. c. G. B, Allis-C, tot. 1500 
kw. 2800 ▼. 8 ph. 60cy8: 800 hp. e. F. & 
S: 1200 hp. b. Stirling; 1300 kw. totm.turb. 
Allis-C; trans, volt. 13,000 v; trolley volt. 
650 V. 

Power sta. and repair shops at Laurel. 

Reaches park half way between Laurel 
and Bllisville. 

14 miles- 4-8^ g; 11 motor and 8 
other cars. (Company does general light- 
ing and power busineis.) 78 

MERIDIAN. 28,285. 

6)13— Meridian L.t. A Ry. Co. - 

Office,8th St. &, 22nd Ave. (Controls the 
Hattiesburg Trac. Co. and is itself con- 
trolled by the Cities Service Co., 60 Wall 
St., New York City.) 

Pres. Henry L. Doherty, 

60 Wall St, New York, N. Y. 

V. Pres. F.W.Frueauflf 

2d V. Pres. A Gen. Mgr. 
Wm. B. Malone Meridan 

Sec. 9t Treas. L. H. Archer '' 

•««♦- S Ry- I'» H. McArthur.. *' 

»^P"- I Ltg. H. K. Bakei 

Claim Agt. C. M. Wright 

Ch. Bngr. Pwr. Sta., 

M. M., J. F. Fullenwider 

Roadmaster, J. T. Merrill " 

Power sta. equip. 1 d. c. C.-W. 500 kw. 

660 v; 8 a. c. G. B. tot. 4720 kw. 2800 v. 3 

ph. 60 cys; 1 rot. G. E. 600 kw; 1775 hp. e. 

Heine Stirling; 2260 hp. b. Heine, Bab & 

W; 4000 hp. turb. (stm.) G. E; trans, volt. 

2800 v; trolley volt. 560 v. 
Power 2nd St.A 27th Ave.; repair 

shops at 84th Ave. & 9th St. 
Reaches Highland Park. 
18.12 miles; 4-8H g; 28 motor and 15 

other cars. (Company furnishes Ughtine 

and power.) *70 

SCRANTON. 2,025. 

VICKSBURG. 22.816 (1916). 

596— Vleksbargr L.t. * Tmc. Co. — 

Office, Vicksburg. (Connects Vicks- 
burgand Walters.) (Owned and oper- 
ated by Union Utilities Co., which is 
owned by ElPton 8t Co., Chicago, 111.) 
Pres. I. C. Elston, Jr. 

1412 N. Y. Life Bldg.. Chicago 

V. Pres. and Treas. Joseph N. McCallom 
New York Life Bldg., Chicago, HI. 
Sec. C. S. Johnson. *' 

Gen. Mgr. B. S. Myers Vicksburg 

Supt. of Ry. J. D. Dugan " 

Sup. New Bus. Dept. A. C. Jones " 

Pur. Agt. T. J. Head " 

Ch. Bngr. Pwr. Sta. P. C. Rice.. '* 

M. M. J. I. Anderson ^* 

Bngr. Ovhd. Constr. 

R H. Countryman *' 

Power sta. equip. 2 d. c. G. B. tot. 500 
kw; 8 a. c. turbo-gen. G. B. tot. 2750 kw. 
2800 V. 8 ph. 60 cys ; 1500 hp. b. Stir, Heine; 
trans, volt. 2800 v; trolley volt. 550 v. 

Power sta. and repair shops ai Pine St. 

Reaches Baseball and Suburban Parks. 

11 miles; 4-^ g; 20 motor pass, and 
2 other motor cars. (Co. furnishes energy 
for lighting.) ^50 



(See No. 588). 



(See No. 581.) 

CAPE GIRARDEAU. 10,776 (1916) 

53 K — Cape Girardeau- Jackson In- 
terurban Ry. Co.— Office, 400 B*way, 
Cape Girardeau. (T/eaeed to and oper- 
ated by the Light & Development Co. 
of St. Louis.) 

Pur. Agt. H. M. Patton...Cape Girardeau 

Gen. Mgr. E. A. Hart " ** 

M. M. & Roadmaster 

M.M. McLaln *' " 

Power sta. equip. : 2 d. c. Westg. tot. 200 

kw; 300 hp. e. Fultun, Cor, Chase; 800 

hp. b. O'Br; trolley volt. 600 v. Bnersry 

alfo purchased from Missouri Pnbuo 

Utilities ro. 
Power sta. and repair shops at 606 

Main St. 
Reaches amusement park. 
5 miles; 4-8H g; 9 motor and 8 otli«r 

cars. 70 


5»e— Water Light A Transit Go.— 

Office, Folger & Ist Sts., Carrollton. 

Pros. S. J. .Jones Carrollton 

V. Pres. T. L. West ** 

Sec. Geo. J. Allen... *• 

Treas. O. J. Shinn " 

Gen. Mgr. & Pur. Agt. 

H. A. Spradling 

Ch. Bner. F. Me Donald *• 

Power sta. equip. 2 d. c. AlUs-C. Nord. 
tot. 1350 kw; 3 a. c. Allis-C, Burke Tot. 
1350 kva. 2300 v .3 ph. 60 cys: 800 hp. b. 
Mur.. Bab. & W; stm. turb. Allis-C 06 
amp. per terminal; tranp. volt. 18,600 v; 
trolley volt. 550 v. 

Power sta. at South Weft Carrollton; 
repair shops at Carrollton oar barn. 

Amusement park, owned by company, 
under construction. 

1.6 miles; 4-8^ g; 3 motor pass, and 8 
motor freight cars. (Company dot^s gen- 
eral llghtinp and power buBlness.) 



530 — Cassville A TTastem R. R. Co. 

—Office, Cassville. (Connects Cassville 

and Exeter.) 

Pres. S. M. Mitchell Cassville 

V. Pres. 

O. H. Orendorflf,.Enrrka Springs. Ark. 

Sec. W. T. Ayres Cassville 

Treas. CM. Robe^-on Neoeho 

Audr. S. C. Mitchell Cassville 




<3en. Mgr., Par. Agt. & Ch. 

Bnffr. L. B. Mitchell CaBBville 

Oen. Fgt. & Pass. Agt. W. T. Priest " 

Power sta. eqnip. 1 d. c. Ideal 300 kw; 
aOO hp. fe. Ideal; 260 hp. b. U. I. W; trolley 

YOlt. 600 T. 

Power Bta. and repair shops at CasBville. 
Controls Electric Park. 
5 miles; 4-8^ g; 2 motor and 2 other 
cars. 67 

EXETER. 876. 

(See 580.) 


581— St. Francois County R. R. Co. 

Office, Bonne Terre. (Connects Flat 

River on the north with De Lassus on 

the sonth, passing through Esther and 


Pres. M. P. Cayce Farmington 

V. Pres. & On. Mgr. 

F. J. Thomnre Bonne Terre 

Sec. & Treas. F. H. Dearing. . " 

Audr. G. A. Nees " 

Gen. Atty. Edw. A. Rozier. . .Farmington 
Asf t. Gen. Atty. 

Polttte Elvlns Bonne Terre 

Rupt. Richard DoyJe " 

Gton. Fgt. & Pass. Agt. 

C.M.Swan •* 

Asst. Pur. Agt. 

R. C. Deggendorf ** 

Power sta. equip. 9 d. c. W. E. tot. 800 
kw: 450 hp. e. Chase; 460 hp. b. Brnl. 
0*Br; trolley volt 650 v. 

Power sta. and repair shops at Farming- 

10 miles; 4-8^ g: 4 motor cars and 1 
other car. (Has freight traffic arrange- 
ment with Missouri- Pacific, Illinois 
Southern Ry. and Mississippi River Ik 
Bonne Terre Ry.) 60 

HAXNIBAL. 21,886 (1916). 

53S^Hannibal Ry. A Elee. Co.— 

Office, W. Market St. (Successor to 

Hannibal Traction Co.) (Operates in 


Pres.Wra. Mainland Oshkosh. Wis. 

V. Pren. A Treas. 

Sinclair Mainland " 

Sec, Gen. Mprr. A Pur. Agt. 

S. Mainland Hannibal 

Sunt. Eleo. Engr. & M. M. 

Peter Swartz Hannibal 

Roadraaeter J. R. Williams " 

Energy purchased from Hannibal 
Mnnic. Plant; rotary converter, G. E. 
200 kw. 675 V. 3 ph: trans, volt. 650 v; 
trolley volt. 575 v. 

Repair shops at Oakwood. 

R«ache«» Baseball Park in Oakwood. 

6.^ miles (6 mi. I^t m. t., 0.5 mi. sid.); 
4-8Vi g; 13 motor pass, and 2 trail service 
cars. *60 

INDEPENDENCE. 11,672 (1916). 
(See No. 586.) 

JEFFERSON CITY. 18,494 (1916). 

533 — Jefferson City Brldg^e St 
Transit Co.— Office, 101 E. High St., 
Jefferinn City. (Connects Jefferson City, 
South Cedar City and North Jefferson.) 
(Part of Illinois Traction System.) 

Prep. Gfo. M. Mattis Peoria, HI. 

V. Pres Thos. L. Price .... Jefferson City 

Sec. & Treas. 
George R. McComb Champaign. HI. 

Audr. B. E. Bramble. ... " ♦• 

Actg. Gen. Snpt. 
H. S. Kilby Jefferson City 

Snpt. H. J. HallerortU " " 

Pur. Ajrt. H. J. Vance Peoria, HI. 

Energy purchased from Jefferson City 
Lt., Ht. & Pwr. Co.; trans, volt 560 v. 

Reaches Honchins Driving Park and 
State Park. 

7 miles; 4-8^ g; 12 motor cars and 1 
other car. ^60 

J OP LIN. 82,216. 
(See Nos. 841 and 662.) 

KANSAS CITT. 297,847 (1916). 
(See also Nos. 280, 887 and 841.) 

534— Bine Valley Ry. — Office, 620 
Railway Exchange BIdg. (Will con- 
nect Kansas City, Leeds and Swope 
Pres. Alex Massey 

614 Bryant Bldg., Kansas City 
V. Pres. P. G. Walton 

New England Natl. Bank, ^^ 
Sec. & Treas. B. J. Uickman 

Scarrett Bldg., *' 
Elec. Engr. 

F. W. Wallenhaupt Independence 

Ch. Engr. D. W. Pike Kansas City 

Energy purchased from The Kansas 
City Rys. Co. 
Reaches Blue River Park (controlled). 
1.25 miles in operation; 4-8Hg; 2 cars. 


SS5— Kansas City, Clay County * 
St. Josepli Ry. Co. (The Mo. Shore 
Line)— pffice, 680 Railway Exchange. 
(Controls St. Joseph Elec. Co., 58 miles 
in St. Joseph, Mo.) (Connects Kansas 
City, Liberty, Excelsior Springs and 
St. Joseph.) 

Pres. Allen G. Hoyt New York, N. Y. 

V. Pres. & (^n. Marr. 
Robert P. Woods Kansas City 

Sec. , Treas. & Audr. 
W.S.Tuley " 

Gen. Supt . Chas. W. Ford... •* 

Pur. Aet. E. T. Rowland '* 

Cl»im & Gen. Pass. Agt. 
R. S. Mahan 

Gen. Fgt. Agt., J. F. Holman '* 

Signal Engr. 
L. U . Krunner No. Kansas City 

M.M., C.W.Day 

Roadmaster. Geo. Wagner. . . " 

Supt. Ovhd.Constr..] OS. Watts. " 

Enerey purchased from Kansas City 

Rys. Co. : West, transf ; trans, volt 88,000 

V. a. c; trolley volt. 1200 v. d. c. 
8 sub-stas. tot. cap. 8000 kw; 6 rot. con v.. 
Repair shops at North Kansas City, Mo. 
68 64 miles; 4-8H g; (operates 80 miles 

including terminals of City Cos.) 20 motor 

pass. 5 exp. motor. 9 box fgt. and 11 other 

cars. 1 Amer. Hoist & Derrick Co. elec. 

ditcher; 1 elec. loco. <A^50 

636— The Kansas City Rys. Co.— 

Office, 1500 Grand Ave. (On Feb. 15, 
1916 assumed operation of all properties 
heretofore owned by the Metropolitan 
St. Ry. Co.. The Kansas City Blev. Ry. 
Co., (Jentral Elec. Ry. Co. and Kansas 
City & Westport Belt Ry. Co. Controls 
all lines of street railway in Kansas 
City and Rosedale, Ksnsas, Independ- 
ence and Kansas City, Missouri and 

Pres. Philip J. Kealy Kansas City 

Gen. Counsel, Richard J. Higgins ** 
Sec. & Treas. J. A. Harder. ... ** 

Andr. Neal S. Doran " 

Asst. Andr. 

Walter B. Anderson ** 

Gen. Mgr. F. G. Buffe " 

Asst. Gen. Mgr. Kansas Prop. 

R. W.Bailey " 

Claims Atty. W. C. Swisher " 

Pur. Agt. B. E. Stigall " 

I Empl. W. W. Stephens. . . " 

Supte. { Pwr. W. B. Rolston " 

r Transp. D. L. Fennel '^ 






Xh. of Way «fc Struct. 

A. E. Harvey EanBap City 

Way & Struct. 

Engre.-^ H.W. Smith '' 

Elec. S. H. Grauten 

Equip. Henry S. Day . . . . 
Distrbn. C. A. Kincade... 
Supvr. Insp. & Malnt. . 

W. C. Harrington " 

Pwr. 8ta. equip; 7 a. c. G. E., West. tot. 
69,000 kw. 6600 v. 8 ph. 25 cys; 9000 hp. 
e. AlliB-C; 27,620 hp. b. Bab. & W; 
60,000 kw. Btm. tnrb. G. B., West; trans, 
volt. 6600 v; trollev volt. 600 v. 

14 sub-stas. (4 with auto, cont.) tot. cap. 
84,000 kw: 26 rot. conv. 

Power Btas. at 2nd & Grrfnd Sts., Kan- 
Ba» City. 

Repair shops at 9th & Brighton Sts., 
Eani^aB City. 

Reaches Fairmonnt Park, Electric Park 
and Swope Park. 

311.585 miles (186.46 mi. (double track) 
1st m. t., 22 674 mi. (single track) 2 nd 
m. t., 16.019 mi. sid.); 4-8^ g; 755 motor 
pass., 28 trail pass, and 09 service cars; 
2 elec. locoB. (Sells energy for lighting ) 


(See also No. 586.) 

636a — Kansas City, Lawrence & To- 
pe ka Elec* R. B. Co.— General office, 
808 Victor Bldg., Kanpas City. (Con- 
nects Eansas City, Rosedale, South 
Park. Merriam, Hockere Grove, Shaw- 
nee Monravia, Alden?, Golf Links, 
Zarah and E. Zarah.) 

Receiver P. W. Gobel, Kansas City, Kans. 

Pres. & Pur. Agt. 
F. P. Dickson .Kansas City, Mo. 

V. Pres. D. B. Johnson .Merriam, Kans. 

Sec. & Treap. 
W. S. Hocker Kansas City. Mo. 

Supt. W. K. Paul ... Merriam, Kans. 

Power sta equip. 2 d. c. Bnrke. tot. 400 

kw; 500 hp. e. <ga8) Weber; trolley volt. 

560 V. 
Enerey purchased from Kansas City 

Railways Co. 
Power sta. and repair shops at Merriam. 
Reaches Hockers Grove (controlled) 

Shawnee, and East Zarah Park. 
12.76 miles; 4-8^ g; 10 motor pass.. 1 

exp. motor. 3 fet. cars and 1 other car. 

(Contemplates building 52 sinsrle track 

miles nf interurban line between Zarah 

and Topeka during 1919). 50 

587— The Mlsaourl A Kansas Inter- 
urban Ry« Co.— Office, Overland Park, 
Kans. (Connects Kansas City, Mo. 
Overland Park, Rosedale, Lenexa, and 
Olathe, Kan.) 

Pres. W. B.Strang. Overland Park, Kans. 
( Lester W. Hall. .Kansas City 

V. Prests.-( & Gen. Mgr. 

f Thoa. Riley.. .Ovrrland Park 

Audr. E. H. Stair Kansas City 

Elec. Engr. 
H. P. Enykert... Overland Park, Kans. 
Energy purchased from Kansas City 

Pwr. & Lt. Co; trans, volt. 38,000 v; 

trolley volt. 685 v. 
2 sub stas. (with auto control tot. cap. 

60'^ kw. 2 rot. conv. 
Repair shops at Overland Park. 

22 mi. 4-8^g; 6 motor pasp., 2 trail 

pass., 1 motor freight, 1 trail freight, 

1 motor service and 2 trail service cars. 


.13 7a— Union Depot Bridse A Ter- 
minal Co.— Office, 780 Railway Exch. 
(Connects Kansas City and North Kan- 
sas City.) 

Pres. G. H. Gray Kansas City 

( Geo. B. Robbins.. Chicago, 111 

V. Prcsts. < A. R. Pay 

B. A. Howard... " 

Sec., Treap. & Pur. Agt. 

Hugh J. Cnrran Kansas City 

Indus. Agt. H. J. Perkins. ... " " 
Snpt. E. R. Gordon. . .North Kansas City 
Ch. Engr. N. M. Fitch Kansas City 

Energy purchased from Kansas City. 

Repair shops at No. Kansas City. 


KIRKWOOD. 4,171. 

538— Grand View B. R. Co.— Office, 
8901 S. Broadway, St. Louis. (Con- 
nects Luxemburg, Bobring, Meblville 
and Continental.) 

Pres. Wm. A. Miller St. Louis 

Sec. G. W. Baumhoff Kirkwood 

Tress. Fred. Herkert, Jr St. Louis 

Supt. & M M. Geo. W. Klrwin. . " 

Energy purchased from Keokok Pwr. 

Repair shops at 1088 LeMay Ferry Rd., 
6 milfs; 4-8^ g; 5 motor ears. iAr60 

NEVADA. 7,176. 

540— The Fort Scott * Nevada I«t., 
Ht.. Wtr. A Pwr. Co.— Offices, 807 

E. Cherry St , Nevada and Fort Scott. 
Kans. (Operates local line.) (Sncceeded 
the Gnnn Pipe Line Co., which bought 
outright The Central Gas Co., and also 
purchased the Nevada Lt., Ht.. Wtr. & 
Pwr. Co., which was foYmeriy Nevada 
Wtr., Lt. & Trac. Co.) (Controlled by 
the Ohio A Western UtilitieB Co., and 
operated by the National Utilities Co., 
New York, N.Y.) 

Pres W. C. Gunn Ft. Scott, Kans. 

V. Pres. W. R. Gunn. . . . *• " 

Sec. HarryL. Wood " " 

Treas. A. W. Brooks 

61 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 

Audr.A. G. Smith Nevada 

Gen. Mgr. J. B. Rogers " 

Ch. Engr O. F. Cook .*• 

Road master, C. F. McWherter . . *• 

Power sta. equip.: 2 d. c. West O. E. 
tot. 200 kw. 550 v; 3 a. c. G.B. Allis-C, 
tot. 550 kw. 2300 v. 3 ph. 60 cys; 776 hp. e. 
H. O. & R., Ideal; 600 hp. b. Brnl., Erie: 
trolley volt. 550 v. 

Power sta. at Cherry & Tower Sts. ; re- 
pair shops at College Ave. 
Reaches Radio Springs Park. 
6 miles : 4-8^ g: 5 mo. and 2 other cars. 
Company furnishes energy for lightinff. 

ST.JOSBPH. 86,288 1916). 

541— St. Joseph Ry., Lt.r Ht. M 

Power Co.— Office. 6th & Francis Sts. 
(Controls St. Joseph &, Savannah Inti r- 
urban R R. which operates in St Joseph 
and a 12-mile line between St. Joseph 
and Savannah, Mo.) (Controlled by l£e 
Cities Service Co., 60 Wall St., New 
York City.) 

Pres. F. W. Fnieanff . . .New York N. Y. 

V. Pres. & Gen. Mgr. 
B. C. Adams St. Josetih 

Sec. ATreas. J. R. Abercrombie •* 

Supt. A. V. Wynne " 

Supt. of Transp. O. F. Koss .... •* 

Claim Agt. E. E Smith " 

Pur. Agt. Fred. E. Henderson. . ♦* 

Ch. Engr. Ed.Holley ♦• 

M. M. Fred. Steffens 
St. Joseph & Highland Ave. '' 

Engr. M. of W. Wm. Miller. ... " 
Power sta. equip. 2 d. c. G. B. tot. 8600 

kw; 5 a. c. G. £. tot. 22,600 kva.JSSOO y. 

3 ph. 60 cys; 3100 kw.e. Fulton: 8930 hp.b. 

Bab. & W, A. A T. Big; 19,600 kw. stm. 

tnrb. G. E; trans, volt. 11,000 v; trolley 

volt. 650 v. 
8 sub-stas. (2 with auto control) tot cap. 

800 kw; 8 pno. gen, sets, 

power lU. Bt MHln & FeVi Sta. ; repi 

Bhopa at St. Joteph A HlKblind Avh. 

Reschei und own* Lake Cantrsry Pu-I 

tOM miJei: <-W g; 8BR pa,M,, gfri^igl 

n«.,) *B0 

ST. Loma. 707.900 (taifl). 

(Su mlao Hoi. sa, IBS, 803 and 214. J 

»ta~MI»oOTl Blco. B. B.— OfflCB. 

IBW Pirk Atb. (Cmlrolled bj CTolWd 

K;l. Co. or St. Lou».) (CaDD«cta SI. 

LodIi and 8(, Chirlea.) 

Reoelvsr Rail! Wpll) St. Loul* 

Pre*. A Oen. Mri. 

RLCtakrd UcCalJoch 

Sac. A^Tnu. Jm. Adktni!!!!!! •• 

Andr. H. P. Taylor 

Bupt. L. HlBHrlck " 

EnergT porcbaacd rrom United Rfi.Co. 
of Bt. Loali. 

Repair (hop. 9 inllne rrom cltr )>mlt». 

RcaehFH Dolvtoail Eiposltlon GtonndB, 
two lolf cDnriei and Valhalla Cemewry. 

IRMmllcw: »-lOg; Ifl cars. US 

O<i.-0IBca,STS9NortbBT0Bdwai. (L'nii- 

neoU St. Loali. Mil. and Venice, Hadt. 

Mm and Oranlie ClCr, 111.] (Part of 

rilnotaTrac. Hystao.) 
PrM.W. B. UcKfoloT 
T.Pres.KXBC. n.K.Chnbbnck.Peorla " 
V Prea. A Tieaa. 

G.U, MattU ChampalBn '< 

SetChM, ZUlj ■■ " 

OaD.aont. B.D.Bell St. Lonle 

Snpt Ed. JobnaaD " 

Par. AkI. H. J. VanoB Puoria, ni, 

1I.II.,R.H. Dotle Granitadty " 

Boadmaeter. L. B. Marti n..SprlagBBld " 

■nerej' purctmed; trolley volt. OBfl v. 

Repair ahopa at Oranlte Cltj and Dua- 
tnr, fil. 

l4.Am!1ee; i-SHg; 30 motor and «) other 

and Pina L>i»ii.; 

S««— St. Lwnli WMer Worka Rj 

IHunlo.l— OfflFe, Bia CitT Hall, iji 
tenia. (OpfralealnCllyof SI. I*ui., 
Walet Comr. Bdward E. Wall., .SI. Lonl 
Aaat. Water Comr, F. T. Cntl., ■■ 

8bc. Chae, A.t^hijney. 

Power eU. eqnlp. i d. c. Ridg,, W. B.. 
tot. lOMkw m V. dtrfot connected ti; 
Ham.Cor, Pnlton and RldgnajengloeaT S 
d.o. Hide. tot. 30 kw.ilOv.dlrect coo- 

teen, aetn Pt. W^Allla-C, RIdg,' tot. SK 

Rearhsa Chain of Rnrka Park Inwi 
bj CllyV 

IB milea: 4-BH e; l> nioic.r and Boll 
Mre; 3 ateam locoa, (Uiibla all na 

SIT— United 

.— Dfflce. 3WB Pari 

York.) (pontrole the MHioari Eleo. 
R. R. Bad oper^.tBB all ilnea In the citj 
or St. LoniB eicepl MrRinley SyttOD, 
(CooneclJ Maplewood, Webaler ()— — 

:n. Holla Wella 

a. Mgr. for Recrr. 

(ieu. Att'T. T. B. Franoia 

Sec.* Treat. Jaa. Adklna 

Aael. 1 Frank A. Gannon 

Treaara.'i Waiter R. MOTnlhan. 

Aodr. .T.D. F-vane 


Aeet. Sant.Tranepl. 


B- Bryan 

', C,L,UawkiDa 

CiThd". Cqn*tr..r', K. Burgeae 

rciVJ Linre, 

GPiietal J Wm. Finn.. 

Eoadmaatersl Cnunlr)- 1 Inee. 

L J.Y.JohDBon 

Wneraj al»o pn 
LI. iPwr. Co, 

.,„.,. .. -. -. S.K,Westg. 
k; 3 a. c. a. B. tot. SBOa kw. 
b. SB eya; (apptoi.) SWOO 
: H,W»lip. b, O'Br; traoa.. 

34»~i:.lBl>t A DeTetDpmaiil Co. of 
St. I.oiila-()fflr*:.9)S9 Ry. Birh. BIrtg. 
(Control* Uo. Pobllc Ulllltlea Co.. OapB 
Gitardeaa: CnnpIeeSlatlon Lt.. Ht. A 
Pwr. Co.. St. Lonla; Wo.t«to Power t 
Lt. Co.. Wrlletoo; Bt. Charlei (Mn.) 
Bloo.Lt. APwr.Co; DanylllKKy.) Lt. 
Pwr. A Trac. Coj Mitchpll (So. Dak.) 
Pwr. Co; Uoumouth (III.) Pahlio Serr- 
Icp Co: Oberlln (0,)0u & EIfd, Co; 
Parls(Ky.)Ga> & Rlec Co: RSTenna 
(O.) Oaa & Riec. Lt. Co; Teini Fllllilea 
Co.. PlafDvlew; Tablsqaah (Okli.) Lt. 
A Pwr. Co.) 

Pre* «Oen. Mgr. H. WordBck..St.Lo^i 



t. He 



S«9-Cltr URht « Tracllon Co. 

— OmcB. 404 Sontfa Ohio St. (CootroIlBd 

by Clila Sarrlce Co.. nod operated by 

Henry L. Doherty A Co., SO WallSt., 

MewTork.N T.l 
V. Ptm.. Trsa-. 4Ker. 

H. C.Fenera Sedalla 

Sec. Allen O'Bannon •■ 

Oen. -np[, E. K. Arnutrong " 

Supt.pwr.P. A.Clark ■■ 

Claim A;:'. A Snpt. Tranap. 

A. w. Richanlunn 

Ch, Bngr. Pwr. Sta.N.G. Heal ... '• 

Ffiwar aU. •qnlp. t d.c. Alll»-C. lOOkw. 
4 a. c. Wen., a. S., AllU-C. tat IHO kn;, 



8800 y. S ph. 80 eyi; 700 hp. e. AIUs-0; 
1667 tap. b. Stir. Mar; 600 kw. stm.tarb. 
O. B., West; irtns. volt. 8800 ▼; trolley 

YOlt. 600 T. 

1 Bub-ita. cap. 800 kw; 1 rot. coiit. 

Power sift, and repair shope at Sedalia. 

Beachee Liberty Park and SUte Fair 

9 milee (8.5 mi. let m. t., 0.6 mi. eld.) 
4-^ Kl 81 motor pass., 6 trail paee. and 8 
trail freight cars. (Company does Ren- 
eral lighting and power bauness.) <A^50 

SPBINOFIBU>. 10.841 (1916). 

550— Sprlnyfleld Ry. A Lit. Co.— 

Office, 60 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 
(Controls the Springfield Trac. Co. and 
Springfield Oai A Elec. Co., and 
is in tnrn controlled by Federal Lt. A 
Pree. E. N. Sanderson. . .New York, N.Y. 
1st V. Pres. C. H. Nichols 
V. Pres. A Treat. J. Dnnhlll, »' 

See. B. K. H. D*Aeth " »* 


5A1 — Sprlngrfleld Traction Co. — 

Home Office, 60 Broadway, New York, 
N. Y. General office. Landers Bldg. 
Springfield. (Controlled by the Spring- 
field Ry. A Lt. Co., which is controlled 
by the Federal Lt. A Trac. Co.) 

Pret. B. N. Sanderson, New York, N. Y. 

V. Pree. C. H. Nichols 

Sec. ATreas.J.Dnnhill '' 

Asst. Sec. W. W. Nielsen Springfield 

Asat. Trees. C.N.Garrifon.N«wYork,N.Y. 

Gen. Mgr B. C. Deal Springfield 

Snpt. C. H. Copley 

Bnergy purchased from Springfield Gas 

and Eleo. Co. 
Repair shops at Boon ville and Division 

Reaches Doling Park, White City and 

88.8 miles; 4-8^ g: 44 motor pass. 

(inclndee 18 one-man cars), R trail pass., 

8 motor serrioe and other cars. 


WBBB CITY. 18,821 (1016). 

65SI -The Southwent iHUHonrl R. R. 

Co.— Main offlc**, 118 No. Madison St. 

Bastem ofllce, Harrisburg, Pa. (Con- 
nects Carthage, Carterville, Pros- 
SBrity, Dnenweg. Webb City, Neck 
ItT, Pnrcell, Alba and Joplin. Mo.. 

Galena and Baxter Springs. Kansas, 

and Pitcher, Okla.) 

Pres. WebbClty 

V Pres. E. Z. Wallower, Harrisburg. Pa. 

Sec. Geo. W. Roily ♦' 

Troas. W. E. McMechan Webb City 

Gen. Mirr. A Pnr. Agt. 


Claim A£t. D. C. M orris *' 

Snpt.of Transp. T. A. Harbaugh ** 
Ener Pwr. Sta. W. C. Duvnll. '* 
Roadmaster, Geo. Mayflcld... " 
Engr, Ovhd. Conntr. John Hill ** 

Power sta. equip. 8 a. c. G. E, tot. 
17S0 kw. 11,000 V, 8 ph. 25 cys; 3000 hp. e. 
Cpr. Allis-C: trans. Tolt. 11,000 Jk%),0O0v; 
trolley rolt 750 r. 

7 sub-stae. tot. cap. 4760 kw : 12 rot. conv. 

Power sta. and repair shops at Webb 

Owns and operates Lakeside Park. 

98 miles; 4-^ e: 68 motor and 6 other 
cars. •80t 


AI^BRBTON. 300. 
(See No. 175) 

ANACONDA. 10.568. 

3/fS — Buttm, Anmctunim A I'ac^illo 
Mij^* Co.— Office, AnacoDda. (Cunnecta 
Baite mnd AoMCondM.) 

Pret. C. F. Kellor 

48 Broadway, New Yoik, K. Y. 
V. Pret. B. B. Thayer, 

48 Broadway, " 

See., Treat. A Andr. 

P.M. Halloran Anaooads 

Gen. Mgr. 11. A. Gallwty 

Snpt. C. F. Murphy ♦* 

Gen. Fgt A Pass. Agt. 


Pur. Agt D. A. Welch Botu 

Ch. Engr. J. II. Schnch Anacondi 

Rlec. Supt. F. W. Bellinger.. ... 

M. M. C. H. Speagler *' 

Supt M . W. A S., T. J. McCarrel. 

Energy purchased from Montana Power 
Co. ; trans, volt 100.000 t; 6 motor gta. 
sets (8 sets at Butte and 8 teta at Ana- 
conda), each contistinir of tynchronom 
motor 1450 kva. 8 ph. 00 eya. direct oob> 
nected to 8-500 kw. G. B. gen. 1800 volt 

S ub-stas. at Butte and Anaconda ; repair 
ihops at Anaconda. 

Reaches Gregson Springa. 

148.79 miles (00.5 milet electrified, over- 
head trolley catenary, 8400 t. d. c).; 
4-8H g; 28 elec. and 81 ttm. looot; 1,488 
other car>i . •flO 

564— Anaconda Copper MInlnif Co. 

(Elec. Lt. A Ry. Dept)— P.O. Box 648. 

Anaconda (Co. operatjet cart over 

Butte, Anaconda A Pacific Ry. Co.*s 

tracks (5.6 miles) to Opportnni^.) 

Supt. Harry M. Johnson Anaoonda 

Pnr. Agt. D. A.Welch Botte 

(Maim Agt J. M. Madden ** 

Ch. Engr. P.B. Van Dyne Anaconda 

Gen, Forman St. Ry. Dept 

W.C.Baker " 

Bam Foreman. M. Doyle ** 

Foremnn, M. of W. 

Wm.Mulvlhlll *♦ 

Foreman Ovhd. Conttr. 

ThoB. Burke " 

E«ergyfrom Great Falls Water Power 
A Townsite Co. : trolley volt 650 ▼. 

Repair shops at Anaconda. 

Reachen Washoe Park (owned) Zoo, 
Dancing Pavilion end Picnic Grounds. 

6.88 miles owned (6.48 mi. Ittm. 1. 1.45 
mi. sId ): also d.i miles leased. Total 
miles operated 11.78: i-«M g: 8 motor 
pnfis., in trail p^ss., 5 trail flats, 8 motor 
Hervlce and 1 trail service car. Com- 
pany furnishes energy for lighting. 

• 80 

BONNIER. 100. 
(Sec No. 660.) 

BOZKMAN. 6,107. 
(See also No. 176.) 

556- Gallatin Valley Ry.— Office. 1880 
Ry. Exchange, Chicago. Dl. (Sold to 
Chicago, Milwaukee A 8t. Panl Ry. 
Co.. Dec. 81. 1918.) 119 

BUTTE. 43,488 (1916). 
(See also No. 668.) 

557 — Butte Kleotrlo Ry. Co.^ 

Office. Daly Bank BIdg., Butte. (Con- 
nects Waikervllle to Butte and anbnrba.) 

Pree. W. A.Clark BntU 

V. Pres. W. .\. Clark, Jr •» 

Sec. A Treas., J. II. Anderson, 

90 Exchange PI. New York, N.Y. 
Audr. .I.e. Philllps...MlnerBldg.,Batte 

Gen. Mgr. J. R. Wharton " 

Supt. A Pnr. Agt. J. 8. Wathev.... •» 
Claim .\gt rhas. A. Blackburn... ** 

Elec. Kngr. E. .I.Nash " 

Suh-sta. equip: 6aub-sta. (1 anto. coat) 
tot rap. 28.'t0 kw ; R rot. conv. & 1 mo. Kcn. 
pet owned by Co; 2 rot. conv. owned by 
Montana Pwr. Co. trotn 'wYvom fi&Atff u 

Car bam aiw\ T«va\t a'bo^ aX vronX I 
Bmma Blreeta. 

DBBR lAiOtiK. S,MU. 
(Sec No. ITS.) 


ana-Orent Fails St. By .—(Owned ind 
opBrated by tbe UoDIana Pwr. Co.) 
(tioimects Ureal Fullii mud Bubarbi ■Dit 
B. A H. Smeller.) 

Pre>. JDbn D. Rtm, 

48 Brcad«»y, New York. N. T, 

V. PfBi. A Gen. Mgr. F. U. Kerr. . . Motto 

ilgi. J. R. HobbluB Qnmt Fslli 

Sopt. S. a. Hatrke 

Par. Alt, W. T, Jscksoii Butte 

Bee. Bngr.J. C. Dow. .GreatFalli 

Bleoiitc power from Greit FilL* Pwi. 

Co; trans. Toll. aeODT; trolls; volt. ISfiOt. 
Power no. and repair ibope at Hlack 

lUacbeg and eaotrali Bliek Eagle Park, 
IB miles: 4-BMe; ai car". *7D 

HELENA. I9.«12 (IRIS). 

aaB-UelsDn LIeM* R;.Co.-OfflG( 

Helena. (Coonecle Eelena and Eai 
PrM, Philip O. Ooeal 

Sec. A Treai, T. W 

jeP).. New York. N. Y. 

ABU.8eo. &A>st.Trcae. 

A.B.8lblej HelsDH 

Oprrstine Mbtb., 

The J. O. WkKe tSgt. TorpiL. 

18 Kicbnoge PI.. Nrw York, N! T. 
Bngi. Pwr. Stn C. A. Biimier Helena 

tosrej parohaseil frnni Montuno Pwr. 
Co: tians. roll. 13.01X1 v; Irolley volt. (100 v. 

Bub-IM. eor. Breckinridge A Jaekaon 
8U; repair ibopi at So, HbId SI. 

3I.TE miles; 4.8^ K 

SH <19]S). 

Ussonlc Temple Bliig., Hlaionla. (I.'onl 

Prei. W, A.CTiirk 

80 Eielianeo PL, New Ynik, N. Y. 
V. Pres. A Claim Agt. 

W. M. Bloktotd MlBsonis 

aec.Treai.A Audr..T.C. PlinMpa...Bn(te 
Qta. Hgr. * Pur, Agl. 

C. H. Chrlsteuten. . . . MiMunla 

BBpL, CIslm.Gen.Fgt.APSKH.Agt. 

i Cb.Bner. B. L.Sickenbsch. . 
Cb.Bngr. Pwr. Hts. K. H. Dollar. , 
». M„Oeo. Whitcnmh " 

SneraiF parnbaeed from Miaaoula LI. A 
Wtr. Co; i: i d. c. West, tnt, TOO kw. 
trolley Tolt BBO r. 

Hepslr ■faopa St H laaoel a. 

Reaehei RIveri'Me Puk (ownid). 



(SoeNo. S6.t,) 

BETHANY. »48. 

I9ee No SliB.) 

lilNOOLM. Ge,!)00 (itns). 

061— Llneolu, UmpltDl Beiach * 
Hlirord B. R. Co.—OUee. Terminal 
BIdg., Lincoln. (Conutcta LlncDlD Kod 
Capluil Beucli.) (operated under lease 
By Lincoln TrSDlJon Co.) 

Pres. W. B, Bbarp Unoolt 

Sec. A Traaa. a. H.Bnmham.... ". 

lion. Mgr. O, J. Shaw 

Reschea Cspllol Bescb. 

I miles; 4-Siei IBcsn. H 

SBl! — The Uneolu TTaotlon Co.— 

Ueueml onice. sat Tennlnal Bids. 
(Leneee and operates Lincoln. Capitol 
B(«!)i A Mlirord H. R. Co.: Bleo own! 
and operates Betliaay TracUon Co. (t 
mllee). (Connecu Hsielock, College 
View. Onivcrell; Flaw. Nornial, BeQ- 

Prea. W . B. Sharp Unfoln 

V.Pre«,W.O. Ferguson 

Sec. A Qen. Hi^r. O. J. »taaw 

Treai". S. H. Bnrnhflm ;■ 

Pnr. Agt.A.Q. McMuter. ■' 

Snpi, Tranap. K, R. HsInT 

rh. Knur. Pwr.Sla J. M. Pawllna " 

M.M„ Cha.-. Deaomhenj 

Engr. M, of W., I. M. ThomBB.... 

Power Ma eqnlp 4d. c G. E. tot. IB* 
kw; 4a. c. G, B. tot. SI87 kta. MOO ». 1 

El. SOcvsiZHOOhp.e.Alilg.BoBGh, Dleari, 
nr; 98110 bp. b. Hah. A W. Stir. Edee- 

r; snsOki 

lorb. Q. E 




sea— Omaha. Lincoln A Baatrtoe 
By. Co. — Office. Oliyer The*, 
tre Bide.. Llneoln, (Oonnecla ^J^lYB^ 
Bltr Plaei. Bethany and Llneoln and win 

So. Omaha, Papllllon, Bprlnefleld, Aali- 
land, Greenwood and Warer^ District.) 

Pres. HarrerMDeser AkrDD. D. 

Sec.f. r.MuMsr 

Gen. Mgr. 
J. M Brsmlette Lincoln 

Audr. Carl Well [| 

Roiidiiiiiater L.S.vaneon"!!'.!'.!!'. ■■ 
Energy purchnaed From Llneoln Trao. 

'RepBlrBbopastSOlh and YSts., Llneoln 
Peschee Central and Brosdwalsr Park p. 
98 ml1e> projerled (7.E mile* eompieted 

and a other cart; 1 elec. loco. (Companf 
does Ugbtiiig and power hualnesa.) *7i> 

OMAHA. ien,4Ta iisis). 

(9ee also Noi. KM.Mfland 10SS.) 

fl«t— Omaha* Council BlaSs St. 
Rj. Co.— Ofllce. Merchants' NU. Bank 
BIdg.. Omaha. (Owni all the atraet 
laitwaji la Omaha and leaiei Omaba, 

Omaha A Connell BInffs By, A Brldn* 
Co., and Bast Omaha dt. B.T. Co.) 
(ConneclB Omsba. BeoaoD aod Floi- 
■noe. Neb., and CooddU Blnll*, la.) 





Pres. W. A. Smith Omaha 

lit V. Pres. J. A. Munroe " 

8nd V. PreB. & Gen. Mgr. 

R. A. LeusBler " 

Sec. «fc Audr. W. G. NicholBon. ... " 

Treai. A. 8. Widenor 

AiSt^Gen. Mgr. F. 8. Welty 

Claim Agt. W. P. ThomaB 

Pwr. 8 las. D. W. Gilbert. 
Transpt. P. B. HadBon. . . . 
Track & Roadway 

R. HiFindley 

Blec. Lines, 

V W. O. Jacoby.. 

M. M., T. E.Wood 

Power sta. equip. 4 d. c. G. B. tot. 8860 
kw; 3 a. c. G. E. Allis-C. tot. 22,000 kw.3 

Eh, aScys^SSOO hp. e. Fulton; 11,000 hp. 
. Bab. & W; 12,000 kw. stm. tnrb. G. B. 
Alli«-C; trans, volt. 18,200 v; trolley volt. 
800 V. 

2 snb-Btas; (1 auto, cont.) tot. cap. 6500 
kw ; 7 rot. conv. 

Power 8ta. at 6th & Jackion StB. ; repair 
Bhopi at 26th & Lake Sts. 

ReacheB Lake Manawa (owned.) 

162.66 miles; 4-8^ g; 482 pass., 10 trail 
and 48 other can. :Ar60 

56ft — Om»h» A Southern Tnter- 
urban Ry. Co. — Office, Merchants' 
Nat. Bank BIdg., Omaha. (Connects 
So. Omaha, Bellevue and Fort Cook.) 

Pres. W. A. Smith Omaha 

iBtV. Pres. J. A. Munroe *' 

2nd V. Pres. & Gen. Mgr. 

R. A. Lenssler " 

Sec. & Audr. W. G. Nicholson " 

Treas. A. 8. Widenor '* 

Energy purchased. 

7.6 miles; 4-8^ g; 8 cars. ^70 

RALSTON. 400. 

566— Omaha A Lincoln Ry. A lit. 

Co.— Ralston. (Part of the Illinois, 

Traction System.) (Connects Omaha 

So. Omaha. Ralston and Papillion.) 

Pres. H. E. Chubbuck . Peoria, 111. 

V. Pres. Arthur Bnglish Omaha 

Secy. W. J. Achelpohl Peoria, 111. 

Treas. G. M. M-ittfs Champaign, " 

Gen. Siipt. W. C. Edmiston Ralston 

Pur. Agt A. J. Vance Peoria, 111. 

Energy purchased from Omaha Blec.Lt. 
3d Pwr. Co.; trans, volt. 88,000 v. a. c; 
trolley volt. 660 v. 

Repair shops at Raliton. 

Reaches Hillside Park and Seymour 
Lake Park. 

18.8 miles (s. phase, catenary system); 
^-^H ?: 6 motor pass. cars. (Company 
does lighting and power business.) 60 

SOUTH OMAHA. 26,260. 
(See Nos. 666 and 566.) 

(See Nos. 662 and 668.) 


FALLON. 741. 

A67— Fallon Bleo. R. R. Co.— Office, 
Fallon. (WIU extend from Fallon east 
14 miles to Stillwater and from Fallon 
south 7 milea, then east to Sand Springs, 
24 miles.) 

Pres. C. A. Ha»eall Fallon 

V. Pres. ACh. Bngr. 
HerbertC. Lattln •♦ 

Sec.A. B. WU— " •* 

Treas. &Oen r. B.S.Bemey... *' 

Energy will be secured from Govern- 
ment Irrigation Project In Fallon. 

88 miles projected; will use Edison 
storage battery cars. 60 

RKNO. 14,869 (1916). 

ft6S— Reno Trac. Co.— General Office, 
687 HolbrookBldg.,San Francisco, Cal. 
(Operates local line in Reno and con- 
nects Reno and Sparks.) 

Pres. H. Fleishhacker. .8anFranciBC0,Cal. 

V. Pres. Jno. A. Buck. . 

Sec. Jas. A. Martin 

Treas. M. Fleishhacker. 

Audr. A. N. Baldwin . . 

Gen. Mgr. R. C. Leeper Reno 

Pur.Agt. F.W.Smith,.. San Francisco, Cal 
Energy purchased from Reno Pwr.,Lt. A 

Wtr. Co. ; trolley volt. 600 v. 
Repair shop at 4th St., Reno. 
7.6 miles; 4-8^ g; 6 motor pass. cars. 





560— Nevada Interurban Ry. Co.— 

Office, 218 N. Virginia St., Reno. 

(Connects Reno ana Moana Springs.) 
Pres. & Gen. Mgr. L. W. Berrum. . .Reno 

V. Pres. J. M. Short " 

Sec, Treas. & Pur. Agt. 

S. H. Rosenthal " 

Energy purchased from Reno Pwr.,Lt. & 
Wtr. Co. 

Repair shops at Reno. 

Reaches Moana Springs. 

8.8 miles; 4-8H g ; 4 cars. 119 

SPARKS. 610. 
(See No. 668.) 


BBRLIN. 13.699 (1916). 

570— Berlin St. Ry. Co. — Office, 

Berlin. (Connects Berlin and Gorham.) 

Pres. Frank L. Castner Berlin 

See. N.G. Noyes Gorham 

Treas. Gen. Mgr. A Pur. Agt. 

E. W. Gross Berlin 

Roadmaster, J. Caffoy *^ 

Power sta. equip. 1 d. c. Westg. tot. 800 
kw; 800 hp. tnrb. wtr; trans, volt. 660 v. 
Power (water) rented. 

Power sta. at Gorham ; repair shops at 

Owns and controls park in Gorham, 40 

7.76 miles; 4-8^ g; 10 motor pass, cars 
and 1 other car. 109 


571— Spr Iny field Bleo. Ry. Co. 
of New Hampshire. — Office, 
Charlestown. (Leased to Springfield 
Elec. Rv. Co., Springfield, Vt.) 

V. Pres. A Gen. Mgr. 
Bdward C. Crosby Springfield, Vt. 

V. Pres. 
*M. A. Coolidge, Fitch burg, Mass. 

Sec. A Treas. 

Frank W. Hamlin Charlestown 

S miles; 4-8^ g. ^60 

CHESTBR. 818. 

579— Cheater A Derry R. R.— Office, 
Derry. (Connecto Chester and Derry.) 
Pres. A Gen. Counsel, 

O. K. Bartlett, Boston. Mass. 

V. Pres. Chas. Bartlett Derry 

Sec. ft Audr. A. H. Wllcomb Chester 

Treas. A Gen. Mgr. F. J. Shepard.. Derry 

Snpt. F. J. Shepard, Jr *' 

A8st.SuptABlec.Bngr. F.I.Coraon '' 




Bnergy pnrchased from Derry Elec. 
Lt. Co; trolley volt. (500 v. 

Repair ehops at Derry. 

ReacheH Beaver Lake. 

8 miles: 4-8^ k; 10 motor and 3 other 
cars; 1 snow plow 70 

CLARKMONT. 7,529. 

573— Clareniont Railway Co. (For- 
merly Claremont Ry. A Ltg. Co.i— 
Office, 7 Sullivan St., Claremont. (Ex- 
tends from Claremont Jet. to West 
Claremont through town of Clare- 

Free. C. E. McDuffee Claremont 

Sec. P. E. Coy •• 

Treas. Geo. E. Tenney " 

Gen. Mgr. A Par. Agt. 

A. C.Ralph " 

M. M., C. H. Foster '' 

Roadmaster, James B. Sweet. **■ 

Bnergfr purchased from Claremont 
Pwr. Co. 
Repair shops at Claremont. 
Reaches Pine Grove Park, (privately 

10.5 miles: 4-8H g; 5 motor pass., ! 
'8t. without motor and 1 work car; 1 
elec. loco. •BO 

CONCORD. 9-4,669 (1918). 
(See also No. 403) 

574— Concord Electric Railways 

(Concord & Manchester Elec. Branch.) 
(Owned and operated by Boston & 
Maine R. R.)— Office, 20 Pleaeant St., 
Concord. Connects Manchester, Con- 
cord, Penacook, Uooksett, Suncook 
and Contoocook. 

Pres. J. H. Hastis Boston, Mass. 

V. Pres. 
Woodward Hudson ** " 

Treas. F. 8. Heath Concord 

Andr. W. 8. Trowbridge '' 

Snpt. A Pur. Agt. 
John B. Crawford »* ' 

En«r. Pwr. Sta. 
P. J. Southwayd Franklin 

M. M., Fred M. Weld Concord 

Roadmaster, Whittier Lndlow. . *■' 

Engr. Ovhd. Constr. 

^win Hussey " 

Power sta. equip. S d.c. Westg. G. E; 

tot. 636 kw; 2 a. c. G. E. tot. 1200 

kw. 8800 V. 8 ph. 60 cys; 460 hp. e. 

Rollins; 405 hp. b. Dobbins. Dillon : 2190 

hp. turbine (water) Lef., Rodney Hunt. 

trans, volt. 22,000 v; trolley volt. 6.'>0 v. 
2 8ub-«tas; tot. cap. 900 kw; 2 rot. con v. 

tot 600 kw; 1 mo. gen. 300 kw. 
Power sta. at Franklin. 
Repair Hhops at Concord. 
Reaches and owns Coutoocook Hiver 

81 61 miles owned (1st m. t.); also 

2.6 miles track rights. Total miies 

operated as. 56: 4-8H g; 37 motor p%H». 

and 6 motor service cars. <^60 

DERRY. 5,123. 
(See No. 579.) 

DOVER. 18.274. 
(See also No. 584a.) 

5.75~Dover, Somers worth A Roch- 

•ater Street Ry. Co (Controlled by 

the New Hampshire Elec. Rys.) rCon- 
neots Dover, SomerHworth, Rochester 
and East Rochester.) 

Prei. David A.Belden. . . .Haverhill, Mass. 

V. Pres. A Gen. Mgr. 
R. D.Hood " »' 

Sec. Treas. A Audr. 
Fred'k. E. Webster *• *♦ 

Claim Agt.H.B.Whitehou8e '' '« 

Supt. L. E. Lynde Dover 

M. M., II. Osgood Salem 

Engr Ovhd, Constr. 

W.S. Mellon " " 

Energy purchased Trom Rockingham 
County Lt. & Pwr. Co. 

Owns Central Park, Somersworth. 

21 milei?; 4-8^ g: 86 motor and 2 other 
cars; 8 snow plows. ifdO 

EXBTER. 5.876. 

576— Exeter, Hampton JkAmeshory 

8t. Ry. — Office, Hampton, N. H. 
(Controlled by Exeter Ry. A Ltg. Co.) 

g Connects Exeter, Hamilton, Hampton 
each, Hampton Falls, Seabrooke and 


Pres. Allen Hollis Concord 

V. Pres. Chas. H. Tenney. .Boston, Mats. 

Treas E. A. Bradley " " 

Afst. Treas. A Supt. 

Walter A. Scott Hanpton 

Gen. Mgr. H. T. Sands 

201 Devonshire St.. Boston, Mass. 

Audr. T. S. Hall 

Mgr. Gteo. D. Baxter Exeter 

Supt. Lines A Shop Foreman, 

(5.B Edgerly '* 

Park Mgr. W. J. Drew " 

Energy purchased from Rockingham 
County Lt. A Pwr. Co., Portsmouth; 
trans, volt. 18,200 v; trolley volt. 600 v. 

Repair shops at Hampton. 

Owns The Casino. Hampton Beach. 

22 miles: 4-814 KJ 17 motor*pass.,5 other 
motor and 5 other cars. '^50 

(See No. 588.) 

GORHAn. 2,155. 
(See No. 570.) 

HAMPTON. 1,216. 
(See No. 576.) 


(See Nos. 427 and 576.) 

HUDSON. 1,344. 
(See No. 427.) 

KEENS. 10,638. 

577— Keeiie Elec. Ry. Co. —Office 

Eeene. (Connects Keene, Marlboro and 

Swanzey.) * 

Pres. Lewis P. Howe 

235 Pleasant St. Marlboro, Mass. 

Sec. A Supt. C. L. Wjvman Eeene 

Treas. Gen. Mgr. & Pur. Agt. 

T. Russell Robinson ....Boston, Mass. 

Energy purchased from Keene Gas A 
Elec. Co.: 2 d. c. Tri., G. E. tot. 225 
kw; G. E. motors tot. 175 kw; trolley 
volt. 550 V. 

Repair shops at So. Eeene. 

Reaches Wilson Recreation Grounds 

10 miles; 4-8^ g; 9 motor cars and 1 
other car. 70 

LACONIA. 11,528 (1016). 

578— Laconla St. Ry. Co*— Gen. office, 
Laconia. (Connects LaconiaandWeirt.) 
l^es. H . L. Pierce 53 State St. Boston,Mass. 
V. Pres., Mgr. A Pur. Agt. 
Treas.H.G. Lowe 87 Milk St. Boston. Mass. 

Snpt. A Pur. Agt. Fred Huff Laconia 

Shop Foreman, F. Lavallee ^* 

BBS — tJnotuioouno Incline Bj. A 
Develop. Co. — ORIce. OrtnDere, 
ICouueoti ManchCBtec and GaSnoHii.) 

Pkb.&Gpd. Mer. 
Henry A. Lu son Grumtre 

V.PtM.J, W. LoTeriDg Sundown 

Sec. J. B, Pstlee. MBDcheeter 

T»»B, Jno. U. Boyd 

Energy purchitwd from MBneheeter 

Trtc, Lt, *Pwr. Co. 
Reache* Sammit Park (owned) and 

R.7BmlLe9(electrlc. trolley and cable); 1 

motor and e incLtne cars. *70 

NEWTON. 96a. 

EnarK7 paicbaaed. 

Repair ahopi at L^coDla. 

8.87nilli9i; 4-B^g; 11 motor and 1 fgl. 

B7»— Hancheater 

Derrr.) (Owned by Hancheatei 
Lt i Fwr. Co. 

lerry St. Rj. 

. .ConneitaMan 
LoDdODdarry and 

on, Mgr. J. BrodleSmlttt.,.]t[aacbH>ter 
npt.ACIilra Agt T, H. Kendrlifaii -' 

B8U — MKooheater « Naahuit Ht. 

Kr— Offloe,«[lanoTerSt. (Cnnnecli 
Uancbssrer, GoUn Fglls, LitchHeld, 
Hudion anii Nailina.l (Owoed by Man- 
cbeilerTtacLl. A Pwr Co.) 

Pt^a. Chan. M. Ployd Manchester 

V. Pres. B. CT, Po-ter 

Clerk AllanM. Wilton 

Gen. Kgt. J. Hrudle Bmllb..Uanehe>ter 

8upl.4 Claim Agt.T.H.KBndrliisn ■• 
Kapalr ibopi at Traction St., Man- 

U.83E mllea': 4-gH g: B motor 



ftSl-MnnobeateT St. Rj.— Offlc. 
HanoTcrSt. (Extendi from Manchf 
to Goffstown, where connexion la n 
wlm the Uncanoonnc Incline Ry. 
Mt. Lltcbfleld ) <Owaed by Maochc 
Tra,c., LI. & Pwr. Co.l 

Pre". E. C. Foeler M«n..h. 

Clerk Allan M. Wlleon.. 

Gen. Mgr. J. Brodle Sml 

Sunt. £clalm Agt. 

T. H. Kendrigan 

Repair ahopa al Manchester, 

Owni pavDIon and aunimer theatre 

Lake Maaaabeelc and Pine laland Pork. 

Co.— Office*, 46 Hanover St. Hanchea 

ter and M Stale St., boilnii, Masa. 

(Owna Manohenter St. Ry,. Manchester 

St Naahua Ht. Ry.. MancheMsr ± Derry 

Bl.Hy.,MancheaterEl«c. Ll.Co.,Naihua 

H. Ht. A Pwr. Co., Union Elec. Co.. 

HBrrlmack Elec Lt., Ht. A Pwr, Co. and 

Qarvlni Falls Power Co.) 

Prea. B.C. Poster Manchester 


J. BrodleSmilh 

Treas. Geo. B. West Boston, Man. 

C[ark,AllanM. Wllaon... 

Trea>.»eD.S. Weat 

Aaet.Treaa.L.B. Flint..,. 

Audr. Wm. F, Harmon Manchester 

Ch. Bngr„L. J. Farrell 

Power aU. aqiiip. £1 a. c. G. E, Allla-C, 
Btin. tot. in.eeo kva. •aOO-WOO-U. KK\ t. 
t « Bph, TO cya; 8 rot. cony, tot 8400 
kw. West. a. B: S mo. gen. srta tot.afiOO 
kw; lOOO hp. e. pTov;-b. Kendall Bab. & 
W; 110,000 hp. elm.tiirb. I3.TSnhn. turb 
(wtr.l llnni. llnl . Allla-C, ; trans, toll 
M.OOOll.OOOv; trolley tolt.SWT, 

Power aiH, at Manchetler. Garvlna 
Falls, Eelleya Falls. Hookaett. Deny, 
Qrsgn Falls. Lltcbfleld and Nashua: re- 
pair shops at Mancbrster. 

Bucbea HHaabeslo Lake and Pine 
laland Park. 

OompanlM owned operate Slt.40 mile* 
•t track. Doaa gansral lighting and 

1.) (Owned and 
by Boston & Maine R. B.) 

iPortamouth, Rye and North 

Hampton.) For eiecullTe officers, see 
Boston. Maes. 

Enprgv purrbased (rom Hockirahan 
Jonnty Lt. & Pwr. Co.. Sd. cWeatg. tnt 
00 kw; »00 hp. e, AlHa-C ; 600 bp, b. Bah 
t W; trolley volt, 600 V, 

Rerelver A Ren, Mgr. 

W.G.Meloon Porlamontl 

Aodr, A, D.Fosler 

M. M.. C. H, NoltBKe 

Pwr. ati. eqnip, S rt.c. G,B. tot. 680 kw 
8R0 hp, e, B, A W, Erie; 7TO hp. b, Man 
Hon; irollpj volt. MOT, 

Energy purchased from Twin fltatcOai 








AIXBNHUBST. 203. (1915) 
'.See 1^0. 585) 

A8BUKY PARK. 10»150. 
UOO.OOO iii sammer.) 

5»5— Atlautlo Coattt Electric Ry. 

Co.— omce, 523 Main St., Allenhurst. 
(Owns Atlantic Coaet Elec. Lt. Co. and 
controlH Asbury Park & Sea Girt Elec. 
Ry. Co., Seashore Elec. Ry., Weet End 
A Long Branch Ry. and Seacoast Trac. 
Co.) JOonnects Long Branch, West 
End, Blberon, Deal, Allenhurst, Avon, 
Asbury Park, Bradley Beach, Belmar, 
Spring Lake, Sea Oirt and Manasqaan.) 
Chmn. of Bd. C. W. Huntington, 

60 Wall St., New York, N. Y. 
Pres. & Gen. Mgr. 

S. P. Hazelrigg Asbury Park 

V. Pres. W. E. Benjamin 

60 Wall St., New York, N. Y. 
Sec. & Treas. G. B. Cade.... Asbury Park 

Andr. A. R. Asay " 

Pur. Agt. J. P. Fitzgerald 

St. George, S. I., N. Y. 
Ch. Engr. Pwr. Sta. 

J. H. Moor Asbury Park 

M. M., Sam'l Kutzler Allenhurst 

Roadmaster, Chas. E. Heieth " 

Power sta. equip. 2 d. c. West. S. & H. 
tot. 800 kw; 5 a. c. turbo-gens. West. G. E. 
tot. 6600 kw. 2800 v. 8 ph. 60 cys : 1500 hp. 
e. Ham. Allis-C; 2440 hp.b. Badenhausen, 
B. & W: 2 rot. conv; trans, volt. 2300 v; 
trolley volt. 550 600 v. 

Power sta. and repair shops at Allen- 

86.06 miles (20.84 mi. 1st m. t., 18.89 mi. 
2nd m. t., 1.83 mi. sid.) 
4-SMi e ; 74 open and 20 closed motor pass, 
1 fgt. motor, 4 motor service and 3 trail 
service cars. Supplies energy to Atlantic 
Coast Blec. Lt. Co. ^50 

ATI. ANTIC CITY. 51,667 (1915). 

(800,000 in summer.) 

(See also No. 607.) 

58«— Atlantic City & Shore R. R. 

Co. (Shore Past Line.)— Office, 605 Land 
Title Bldg., Phila., Pa. (Controls Atlan- 
tic City & Ocean City R. R. Co.) (Con- 
nects Atlantic City, Pleasantville, Lin- 
wood, Somers Point and Ocean City. 
The Atlantic Ave* & Longport Div. 
which is owned by the West Jersey A 
Seashore R. R. Co., operates in Atlantic 
City and connects Atlantic City, Chel 
sea, Ventnor City, Margate City and 

A. .1. Purinton Atlantic City, N. J. 

Pres.Isaac H.Silverman Philadelphia.Pa. 

V. Pres. Chas. Evans Atlantic City 

Sec. A Andr. 

John M. Campbell. . . . " 

Treas. Irvin L. Stone . .Philadelphia, Pa. 
Ass't Snpt. D. M. Bunn ....Atlantic City 
Elecl. Engrs. 

Stern A Silverman,... Philadelphia, Pa. 

M. M. Frank J. Stevens Atlantic City 

Supvr. John C Smith ** 

Energy purchased from West Jersey & 
Sea Shore R. R. ; trans, volt. 33,000 v. a. c; 
trolley volt. 650 v. d. c. 

Repair shops at Maine & Caspain Aves. 
Atlantic Citv. 

30 05 miles (third rail & ovhd.); 4-8^ 
e; 20 motor carp. 

DIV. -16. 12 miles (ovhd. trolley): 4-8^ g; 
70 motor and 2 other cars; trolley volt. 
575 ▼. d. c. 50 

5S7 — Central Paaseneer Ry. Co.— 

Gen. office, 605 Land Title Bldg., Phila- 

delphia, Pa. (Connects with Atlantic 
City A Shore R. R. Co.) 
Pres. Is»acH.Silverman,Phlladelphia,Pa. 

Sec. A Audr. 

John M. Campbell Atlantic City 

Treas. Irvin L. Stone. . .Philadelphia, Pa. 
Gen. Supt. \. J. Purinton. . .Atlantic City 

Asst. Supt. D. M. Bunn ** 

M . M. Frank J. Stevens " 

Energy purchased from Atlantic City A 
Shore R. R. Co.; trans. A trolley volt. 
660 V. 

Repair shops at Maine A Caspain Aves., 
Atlantic City. 

3.01 miles ; 4-8H g ; 5 motor cars. 60 

BAYONNB. 64,461 (1915) 
(See No. 602.) 

BRID6BTON. 14,209. 

ftSS— Bridgreton A Mlllvllle Trac. 

Co.— Office, CohanseySt., Bridgeton. 
(Owns and operates the Bridgeton 
Rapid Transit Co., and is itself owned 
bv the American Rys. Co., Philadel- 
phia. Pa.) 

Pres. Vian Horn Ely Philadelphia, Pa. 

xr TJ-^a+a J H.J.Crowley *♦ 

V. Prests. -j Q L. S. Tlngley . . 

Sec. & Treas. Walter W. Perkins " 
Asst.Sec.,Asst.Treas. A Compt. 

P. J. Pryor, Jr " 

Gen. Mgr. Julius Theobald. . . •' 
Sunt, of Transp. Gen. Fgt. A Pass. Agt. 

Leon Lore Bridgeton 

Elec. Engr. ACh. Engr. Pwr Sta. 

W.H.Meyers " 

M. M., A. M.Sharp 

Park Mgr. Howard Tyler " 

Energy purchased from Electric Co. of 
New Jersey; trans, volt. 88,000v; trolley 
volt. 600 V. 

Repair shops at Bridgeton. 

Owns and reaches Tumbling Dam Park. 

87.87 miles; 4-8^ g; 29 motor and 
1 other car. 118 

CAMDEN. 102,215 (1915) 
(See also No. 602.) 

589— West Jersey A Seashore R.R. 
(Steam A Elec. Branch of Penn- 
sylvania R. R.)— (Connects Camden, 
Millville, Atlantic City, Pleasantville, 
Somers Point and Ocean City.) (Owns 
Atlantic Ave. A Longport Div. and that 
portion of the Atlantic City & Shore 
R.R. between Pleasantville and Somers 
Point.) For general officers, see Penn- 
sylvania Railroad, Philadelphia Pa. 

Snpt. A. G. Mitchell Camden 

M. M. L M. Willson " 

Power sta. equip.: 4 a. c. G. E. tot. 
8000 kw. 7003 v. 3 ph. 27 cys; 5728 hp. b. 
Stir; 8000 kw. turb. G. E; trans, volt. 
35,400 v; 3rd rail volt. 675 v. d. c. 

8 sub-stas. tot. cap. 18,000 kw; 23 rot. 

Power sta. at Westville; repair shops at 

Sub-stas. at Newfleld, So. Camden, 
Westville, Glassboro, Mizpah, Reega, At- 
lantic City and Clayville. 

165.03 miles (third rail) ; 4-8V^ g; 90 pass. 
4 combination pass., 7 baggage and 6 
baggage and mail cars. (Company sells 
energy.) *60 

590— Interstate Railways Co.^Of- 

flee, 411 Market St., Camden, N. J. 
(Through the United Pwr. A Transp. 
Co. it controls Lebanon (Pa.) Valley 
St. Ry. Co. : Delaware County A Phila. 
Blec. Ry. Co. (Clifton Heights. Pa.) ; 
Media (Pa.), Glen Riddle A Rockdale 
Elec. St. Ry. Co.; Wilkes-Barre (Pa.) 
A Wyoming Valley Trac. Co.; Tren- 
ton (N. J.) it. Ry. Co. (which controls 

Uarcei Conny Tr«c, Co.,Tr8iilon(N,J.). 
PnmlDgton £ Uopewsll 8t, R;. Co. and 
Tcantou (N. J.). HBuiUtan A Swine 
Tr«c. Co.l; Sehujlklll VuDbj Trie. 
Co. (N»fri«otvti. Fn.); Wllm1pgio!i 
A Ofafit«r True. Co. (wljich con. 
<!■ dlrecll)! or IndlfKU)' ChoKtor (P»,) 

--.j.Wlimlngton City (Del.) Rj, Ci.. 
WllmiDglon A Edgemoor E)ec R;.. 
FroW i trrion St. Ht. »nd Gordon 
Heights Rj.) mil Wllminglor ritj 

SJoUEIur.Co. The propertlwhavB boon 
iTlded iDIo foor groape und uu teascil 
lo nnd operilad hy the Raiding Tran- 
bII & Lt. Oo.. Wnkm-BBrre Hy. Co.. 
TrsDlon Ji MmcwCouoIv Tibc, Corpn. 
Southera Penn. ITac. Co. and Wil. ft 
Pbllii, Tnc. Co., tbe two latter 

k. RIgK... 

B»l— WllmlnirtDii A CliBMcr Trao- 
tl»ii Co.-Onlor, <1l MarkBt St., Cilin- 
den.K. J. (Control! Wilmington City 
Rr., (whicli controlii Wilmington A 
EdBemoar Bleo, RyJ, Front t Union 
St.lty. BndOordonBi!iBlitgRr.Co..Wil- 
mlniclon.Oel. ; alio Ibe cheoterTrac, Co. 
knd Ch«ler A Delsirnre St. Ry .Co..Clle(- 
la^,Pa. .Ihroii ah ow netih in ofeDtlre i-«pl- 
tal BtODk: hIbo onns ontfre lains of the 
Gordon Height! — " ■- - - 
entire lisneof tli 

Ry. Co. bond! &D . 

tie*.) (Controlled by United Pwr. A 

it.TrraB., J.W.niwdnln 



,6M (IBlli) 
(Sex Mo. Mil.) 
(fee No, SOS.) 


B9« — BnrllnBton County TrandT 

Co. — Office, Hslnotport. (Connecta 
Hooreitoirn. Rirtford. Muod«III«, 
HBlOBBpon.BnrltnilonBnd Ml. Holly.) 

Pre*. Albert HBlnea Maaonvllle 

V. Free, John D, .lohnaan.Jc. .HBloenpan 

Sec *Tr«p,W.I. mil " 

Gen, Hgr. ClBlrn A Por. Agl. 

Ch, Eur. * Elec. Bdkt' 

JohoTi, Smith 

Bngr.M. o( W. Joseph AlberlBOn " 
Map. or 0«bd. CoUBlr. 

UiarenM Bo jdn " 

IBS— Hsbuken HanDtnctnran' B. 
K. Co., Ltmieo of Huboken Shore 
Road— Offlor, [>-ooi Mh 01.. Habok- n. 
(Bandlea frelEhi only.) (Operated by 


• Hobo 

Gen, FraokT.FIInoe. Waablnetcn.D.C. 
V. net. a- Grn. H|r. 

n. Hnuher Hahoken 

See. ATre«».GMi.H.Hobb«.... " 

Anrfr. R. D. 0>nnnn 

Siipt. MotMn W. O'Brien 

M. M. Comellua Ferdon 

Energy purchased rroiD Pcblle Servles 

R.Tgml1ei(eleetr«-<indotBBni): 4-BMf: 

Irnnatrnr-iJoi.; / r»(" '^"' 



S««— North Jersey Rapid Trvnall 

Co.— Orn. Offlee. Hobokne. (Conneets 
PBterBon.Filrlswn. Olen Rock. Bldn. 
wood, Bobokn». Waldwirk, AIloiitiilB, 
Ramsey and Mahwah.N.J.. andBnffen, 
N. T.) 

Rec>l"r, Henry H.Fanaelet Palenon 

Met., Ch. RngT.. Claim Agt. A Audr. 

George Jaokaoti BoholcBa 

Bnenty purchased from PnbUc Ssniea 
Bloc. Co.: Irane. <iall.IS.oaDT; trolleyTnll. 

(See also Noi.eO«.SS6.««a.0THandBei.) 
n«ea — Dntled Ratlwaya : 

fany controlUns ihe Pblladelpbli Co.. 
Ittabiirg, Pa. through ownetalilp of 
BT.IT p. c. of Its onuTandIng common 
stock); II Blsn controls Ihroneh stock 
ownership the CallfnmU Ry. * Pwr. 
Co . the Unliad Ratlroada of Sao 
Franrlaro. the Slum A San rtancleeo 
Pnr.Co..Coa>' Vsllrva Gbi & Klec Co. 
and San Frsnclx-n Rfcr. Ryi; alao r>irns 
all the Mock (eicept dlrariora' ahsret) 
of The HallmS'la A Powsr Dereloik 

id St.. Ne* York. N. T. 


«7~Janoy Central Tnaetlon tn. 

— Offlee, 90* Wltherspooo BIdg.. Pblla- 
delpbla. Pa, IControllsd by AnaH- 




Port Monmontli, KeansborK, Keyport, 

Matawan, Morsan, Bonth Amboy, Perth 

Amboy, Atlantic HighlandP and High- 

lands. Connects with New York & Long 

Branch R. R. at So. Amboy, Matawan 

and Red Bank, and with Central R. R. 

of New Jersey at Lorillards, Bel ford. 

Atlantic Highlands, Highlands and 

Highland Beach.) 
Pres. Van Horn Ely 

Witherspoon Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa. 
V. Pres. 

C. L. 8. Tingley " " 

Sec. ft Treas. W. W. Perkins 

Witherspoon Bldg., *' " 
Andr. F. J. Pryor, Jr. 

Witherspoon Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Asst. Aadr. 

H. D. Anderson " " " 

Gen. Mgr. 

H.J.Crowley.. " " 
Local Mgr. Wm. H. Hitchock. . . .Eeyport 

Supt. Transp. Wm. Haley. *' 

Claim Agt. H. D. Brinley Red Bank 

Pur. Agt. G. C. Welrick 

Witherspoon Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Elec. Engr., A. W. Way Keyport 

Ch. Bngr. Pwr. 8ta. 

A.C.Huston " 

M. M., A. A. Churchill 

Engr. M. of W. H. O. Todd . . .Highlands 
Bngr. Ovhd. Conslr. 

L. J. YanDesen ** 

Power Bta. equip. 1 d. c. G'. E. 400 kw; 

a. c. Sj650 kya; 800 hp. e. Harrisbg; 

1760 hp.b. Erie, Stir: 2660 kw.turb (sUn) 
Westg H. B. & M. trans, volt. 6600 y; 
trolley volt. 696 v. 

Power sta. f owned by Monmouth Ltg. 
Co.) and repair shops at Keyport. 

Sub-stas. at Red Bank (S-900 kw. rot. 
cony.). South Amboy (1-300 kw.. rot. 
coBT.), Stone Church (1-200 kw. rot. 

Reaches Beach Park at Keyport, Andi- 
torium and Beach in Keansburg and 
Sandlass Beach, Highlands. 

44 miles; 4-8H g; 38 motor and t4 other 
:ars. :Ar60 

LAKE WOOD. 6,141. 

508— Trenton, Ijak«^rood A Sea- 
coast Ry. Co.— Office, 300 Main St. 
(Operated by Point Pleasant Trac. Co.) 
(Will connect Point Pleasant and 

Pres. George G. Smith Lakewood 

Sec. A. O. S. Havens Point Pleasant 

Ch. Engr. Roy T. Havens . . " 

Actg. Asst. Mgr. 

Roy T. Havens ** '* 

1 mile operated (ovhd. catenary); 4- 
8H (r; 9 motor cars. (10 miles under 
construction.) -A-SO 

LONG BRANCH. 14,666. 
(See No. 609.) 

(See No. 602.) 

MILIiTOVirBI. 1,902. 
(See No. 609.) 

BniiLVJIiLlS. 18,907. 

59tf_MlUTlUe Traction Co.~(Con- 

necU Millville and Yineland.) 
Pres. Geo. Wood, 

626 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
V. Pres. R. D.Wood " " 

Sec. G. H. Thomas Millville 

Treas.. A Por. Agt.D. C. Lewis '* 

Gen. Mgr. W. B. Ranch Millville 

Oh. Mech. Bnsr. Ohas.H.Bigelow " 
Ch.Bngr.Pwr.Sta. Qeo.B.Seiirider. " 

Power sta. and repair shops at Millville. 
Controls Union Lake Park. 
12.54 miles; 4-8H g; 16 motor and 2 
trail cars. 60 

MORRISTOWN. 18.006. 

600 — Morris County Traction Co. 

— Office, Morristown. (Eastern Div. 
connects Elizabeth, Union, Spring- 
field, Maplewood, MiUburn, Summit, 
Chatham, Madison, Convent and Mor-* 
ristown; Western Div. connects Mor- 
ristown, Morris Plains, Mt Tabor, 
Denville, Rockaway, Dover, Wharton, 
Mine Hill, Eenville, Succaeunna, Ledge- 
wood and Landing, Union to Elisabeth 
St. Hospital Brank and Boontors 
Pres. Joseph E. Choate 

925 Park Ave., New York. N. T. 
1st V. Pres. C. I. Shannon 

1810 Arrott Bldg., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
2nd V. Pres. Henry O. Rea 

Oliver Bldg., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Sec. A Treat., O. G. Schults. .Morristown 

Audr. H. C. Bobbins ** 

Gen. Mgr. Claude O.Weidman. " 
Supt. Eastern Div. H. CunuDing8,MilIbnm 
Claim Agt. A. S. Richards... .Morristown 
Ch. Engr. H. O. Peckham. ... " 
Traffic Mgr. Wm. R. Schultz. 
M. M. Marvin J. Bogardus. . . 
Roadmaster, H. O. Beckham. 

Energy purchased from Morris A Som- 
erset Elec. Co. and New Jersey Pwr. A 
Lt. Co; trolley volt. 576 v. 

4 sub stas. tot. cap. 2800 kw; 8 rot. 
conv. Repair shops at Dover. 

66.38 miles owned (60.67 mi. 1st m. t., 
15.81 mi. 2nd m. t.); also 1.62 miles leased. 
Total miles operated 48.54; 4-8H g; 49 
motor pass and 7 service cars. ifW 



001 — Morris B. R. Co — Office, Mor- 
rictown. (Connects eastern and western 
divs. of Morris County Trac. Co. ; ex- 
tends from Danforth Rd., Madison to 
Washington Headquarters, Morris- 

Pres. — — — 

V. Pres. Joseph K. Choate 

48 Exchange PI., New York. N. Y. 

Sec. & Treas. O. G. Schults.. Morristown 
2.6 miles. 60 

MOUNT HOIiliT. 6,000. 
(See No. 694.) 

NIEWARK. 366,721 (1916) 
(See also No. 849) 

OOt— Public S«rTice By. Go.-- Office 
80 Park Place. Newark, N. J. (A 
consolidation of the North Jersey 
St. Ry. Co. (lessee of all the prop- 
erty of the Consolidated Trac. Co, 
of New Jersey, Jersey City; Hoboken 
A Paterson St. Ry. Co., and the United 
St. Ry. Co. of Central Jersey, the latter 
formed by merger of Eliaab^ A Rari- 
tan River St. Ry. Co. and Elizabeth, 
Plalnfleld A Central Jersey Ry. Co.) 
(Absorbed the Newark A South Orange 
Ry. Co.. the North Hudson Turnpike 
Co. and Pavonia Horse R. R. Co.) 
OLeases Consolidated Traction Co., 
Rapid Transit St. Ry. Co. of the dty 
of Newark, Camden Horse Bailroad 
Co., South Orange A Maplewood 
Trac. Co., the Bergen TumpUce Co - 
Orange & Passaic Valley Ry. Co.. New 
Jersey A Hudson RiT«r Ry. A Ferry 
Co. (whioh connects Bdgewater, Cllli- 
sidePark, Orantwood, Foil Lee, Leonia, 
Bnglewood, Teaneck, Bogota, Haekto- 
sack, Maywood, Midland, Saddle RiTtr 


udPiUnOD.uidaitsiidi from Hucksii- 
uck to WoodTldRe, CulsUdt. Bncbtr- 
(ord, LjodhDral mnd AiJlugton. irllb b 
bnncb lo Lodl), CamdBn i Snbaiban 

■ Bj Co.. Cmnden, Oloucfrir* Wwd- 
burr Rj. Co. iDd Rlierilde Trsc. Co. 
(wbUh oouDeoU CaindvD, RLierton, 
RiTCnideJMTnlej.BurLi nitoD , Florence 
Bordealowa, and TrentoD.) Conoecta 
PaWnan. PhuIc, Nevuk, Jene; Olt^, 
Hukeouck, Buoane, Hoboksn, Weal 
HobokiD, WratNiiir York, eilEBbstb, 
MoDtclalr, tbeOnD|iM,W«Ke](l. Rab- 
way. Plalnflald, Cranford, Naw Brnna- 
wIck.lIetiicben.H111towii . Parth Amba j , 
Tranlon.Ca inden and Qlonceeter.) (Con- 
trolled br Public SaTTtce Corpontlon 
of Nev JanaT.) 

Pre.. Tho*. N. HcCartar Nswark 

f Pare J 8. Yonnj " 

I Richard K. Daofotlh " 

8eo. Perojingalla '• 

i»t ICliHi. H. Bredec " 

a„. < William B. Felln... . 
saca. j William T. Crodgo 

T.' Wllaoo Vao Mlddleaworth. . . " 

Aaat. JRobeTLH.Tomklne..,, " 


Oompt. WlUlun S, Barker 

0«D. Andr. Matthew R.BotUd.. " 

Aaat, Gan. Kgt. BarryC. Doneckar " 

Cb. Edet, Martin Sc^relber " 

iopt. Dfttabn. M'. B. RoieVear.'.'.' 
Sojit, (CcDinU Dli.) 

Philip P. Magnlra 

Par. A^._J. A^earwm^.^.^^..... ;; 

Hecb. Engl. EI. A. Benedict 

Aaat. Koirr. Howard H. George.. |; 

Real Eataia AKt., Qeo, Harker. . . " 

8upt. Bidga, _ 

D. G. Knliht. Faaaalc Wharf, 
EuarET abUlned From Pabllc Serriee 

Amnaement Tarka reacbad. — Hlllalda, 
(Ballerina), Olympic, (IrrinKton). Colum- 
bia. (Town lit Union) and Fallaade, (Port 

S«0.T4 mltea; i-Siif:-- '>.*0^ motor paea. 
and SW aanlce cara. *N 

•08— Pabllo Service Corporattoii 

or New Jerae^.-OISivi, 80 Park 
Place, Newark, N. J. Inc. In New 
Jeraej Hay 8, 1908. Owni all atock 
(Mcpling directors' aharea) of Public 
SarrlcB Blec. Co., which npcrataa, 
under leaae, all the electric propertleg 
controllfd by the corporation; alaoowni 

Public Service Qai Co., which operatea, 
under leaae. all the gm propertlea con. 
trolled by the corporallon. Contmla, 
throuih Btock oirnerahlp, the Pnbllc 
HerTica Hy. Co. and Public Servic* 
R. R. Co., which operate directly or 
under leaae all the einrt rallwaye con- 
trolled by the corporation. The corpora- 
tion alao conirola, throagh atock owner. 
ahlp, the MiddlMBi Klec. H. * Pwr. 
Co., The NIcbola Kler. LI, & Pwr. Co. 
of Nutley, N. J., ClUaena- Else, LI., 
Ht. t Pwr, Co.. Burlington Klec. LI, 
A Pwr. Co., Weehawkan Contractina 
Co.. Uorrlntown Rai Lt. Co., United 
Blec. Co, of New Jersey, the New Jaraey 
A Hudaon Rlier Railway & Perry Co., 
(he Princelnn LI., Ht, * Pwr. Co.. Ih< 
Oranee & Pa»iilc ViDey Ry. Co, and 
Uie Hhore Lig, Co, 
Prat. Thoa. N. McCartar Newark 

IRandalHornn " 
Edmund W.Wakelae " 
iirtlay Farrand " 

MPrM.) William L.OTooIe.,.. ■' 

See. Percy logalla Mawaik 

Sf."' -{ William H. Feller 

aeca. f willlamT, Cmdge,. " 

T.WilaonVanMlddleawlortb.. " 
Aaat, jKoberta,Tomklna.... 

Treaara.l Frederick A, M«» 

Com pi. William B, Barker " 

Qeo. Cuunael, Frank Bergen, ... " 
Aeat, Gen, Counael 

Gen. Solid to" " ™ ™ "" 
L, D. Howard Gilmonl 

Gen, Audr, B, J, Allegaert " 

Pur, Agt, 
J A, IiearaoD PblladelphJa, Pa. 

Gan. Claim Agt. 
H,V. Drown Newark 

Real Eitate Agi. George Barker.. " 

701 Dreie] BMg„ Phlladaliibla, Pa. 

Sac. Win, D. Sherrerd 
Real Eaiat* Tr. Bldg. " " 

Snerey pnrchaaed rram Ocean CIQ 
Blec, Lt. Co. 1 d, c. O. B. lot. VTS kw; 
trolley lolt. 650 Y. 

Repair ahope at lOtb & HSTea Avca. 

FENNB OROTK. 4,411. (ISIE.) 
e«a— S^em » renna Grove TrM. 

Pcnnsvllle, Salem ACamey-aPt, N.J.. 
pasalngdn PoDt'a plan ta and ililageai 

Penns Grove N, J., and mimlDgton, 


Slock Bicbange llldg,PbUade1phla,P». 
V. Prea, A. F, Porter. 

c/o B, I, Dn Pont de Nemonre A Co., 

Penna Grove 
Bee, A Treaa, 

Carl N, Martin Philadelphia. Pa. 

Supt, JtPnr.Agt.H.C. Berry Penna Gmn 

Biieriiy pnrchaaed fr 


(Sea Noa, Sin, OOt and (14,) 




PHILIilPSBURO. 16,480. 

e06 — PblUlpttburff Transit Co. - 

Office, 14th and Gordon Sts., Allentown, 
Pa. (SnccesBor to Phillipsbarg Horse 
Car ]R.R. Co.) (Controlled by the Baston 
Consolidated Elec. Co., which Is In 
turn controlled by the Lehigh Valley 
Transit Co.) 

Pres. Jno. A. Bachman Phillipsbarg 

Sec. & Treas. 

E. B. Wagner Allen town, Pa. 

Asst. Sec. & A«Bt. Treas. 

S. H. Sargent Philadelphia, ** 

Gen. Mgr.H. H. Patterson. Allentown,Pa. 

Snpt W. E. Titus Baston, •* 

Claim Agt. W. J. Trythall, Allentown, " 
Bn^rr. M. of Way, A. F. Smith " 
Snpt. of Equip., W. C. Klein.. " '• 

M. M., O.H. Doud. Baston, '* 

Energy purchased from Penna. Utilities 
Co. ; trolley volt. 660 v. 
Repair shops at Baston, Pa. 
7 miles; iSH g; 16 closed and 2 work 
cars. 60 

PLAINFIEIiD. 24,616 (1916) 
(See No. 602.) 

PliEASANTVILIiE. 4,890. 

607— Atlantic A Suburban Ry. Co. 

— (Connects Atlantic City, Absecon. 

PleasantTille, Linwood and Somers 

Pres. Harry E. Kohn. . .Philadelphia, Pa. 
Sec. A Andr. J. M. Campbell. Atlantic City 
Treas. Iryin L. Stone... Philadelphia, Pa. 
Sopt., Claim & Pur. Agt. 

K. A. Cale Pleasantvllle 

Ch. Bngr. W. Marshall 

M.M., Howard Channels.. . . 
Bngr. M. of W., Gideon Adams 

Power sta. equip. 2 d. c. Westg. tot. 800 
kw; 1060 hp. e. Weth; 900 hp. b. Weth; 
trolley volt. 575 v. 

Power sta. and repair shops at Pleasant- 

18 miles; 4-8^ g ; 20 motor and 2 other 
cars. 50 


POINT PLEASANT. 1,284 (1917.) 
(Summer 6,500.) 

608— Pt. Pleasant Trac. Co.— Gen. 
Office Summit. (Road abandoned.) 
(Connected Brick Twsp., Point Pleas- 
ant and Bay Head.) 

Supt. & Pur. Agt. 

A. 8. Phelps Pt. Pleasant 

Power tta. equip. 1 d. c. C— W. 75 kw; 

1 mo. gen. set a. c. 2200 v. 3 ph. 100 hp; 

d. c. 660 V. 

Energy purchased from Lakewood A 

Coast Elec. Co.; trolley volt. 650 v. 
Repdr shops at Atlantic Ave., Points 

Reaches Clark's Landing (R. A. Clark, 

owner) . 
8.79 miles; 4-8H g; 16 motor cars. 

(Operated only in summer.) *60 

PRINCETON. 5.678. 
(See Nos. 613, 616 and 616.) 

BAHWAT. 9,337. 
(See No. 602.) 

BED BANK. 8.631. 

609 — MoMmouth County Eleo. Co. 

—Gen. office. Red Bank. (Connects 
Bamion,OeeAnic, Fair HaTeB,Ked Bank, 
Batontown, Shrewsbury and Long 

f Chas. F. Sexton . Long Branch 
r»«-^- J Treas.. Gen. Mgr. Claim 
Receivers i ^ p„ Agt.,W. G. Boteler, 

I Red Bank 

M. M., 8. T. Knight 

Energy purchased from Atlantic Coast 
Elec: Ry. Co. 

Repair shops at Shrewsbury. 

17.7 miles; 4-8H g; 16 motor and 6 other 
oars. 60 

BIVEBSIBE. 8,800 (1016). 
(See No. 602.) 

SEA OIBT. 1,600. 
(See No. 686.) 

(See No. 602.) 

STONE HABBOB. 469 (1916). 

611— Stone Harbor Tarmtnal B. B. 

Co.— Offices, 96th Street and Sunset 
Drive, Stone Harbor. Steam road 
(partly electrified) extends from Cape 
May (Jourt House to Stone Harbor. 

Pres., R. P. Risley Stone Harbor 

V.Pres., W. J. Warrington. " 


Treas. , D. B. Newton ♦» 

4.5 miles; 4-8^g. 69 



SUMMIT. 9,186. 
(See No. 608.) 

TBBNTON. 108,190 (1916) 

612— Penna. -Neiv Jersey Bjr.Co.— 

Office, Warren & Hanover Sts. (Suc- 
cessor to Bucks County Intemrban Ry. 
Co.) (Extends from end of Trenton City 
Bridge in Morrisville through Yardley, 
Pa., to New Hope, Pa. and Lambertville, 
N. J. and to Newtown, Pa. ; also from 
Bristol through Hulmeville, LauKhome 
and Newtown to Doylestown, and has 
trackage rights and use of terminals 
in city of Trenton by agreement with 
New Jersey A Penna. Trac. Co.) 
(The Public Service Commission of the 
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania ahg 
authorized this company to purchise 
the stock of the Trenton City Bpsrea 
Co. and the Bucks County Elec. Co.) 

Pres. Sydney L. Wright 

133 So. 6th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

V. Pres. & Gen. Mgr. 
Gaylord Thompson Trenton 

Sec. & Treas. Jehn M. Morrissey 

133 So. 6th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Gen. Fgt. Agt. H. R. Cox Trenton 

Supt W. P. Tshudy " 

Ch. Bngr. Pwr. Sta. 
Geo. Ettinger Newtown, Pa. 

M. M., Wm. Mohr Trenton 

Pwr. sta. equip.— Yardley: 8a.c. Westg, 

Allis-C, G. B. tot. 2100 kw. 8 ph. 26 cys; 

2 rot. conv. G. B. tot. 800 kw: 4-226 hp. 

b. and 2-254 hp. b. Bab. & W. A. * T; 

trans, volt. 13,900 v; trolley volt. 600 v. 
Sub-sta. equip.- Newtown: 1 rot. conv. 

G. B. 300 kw; trolley volt. 600 v.; Browns- 

burg: 800 kw. rot. conv.; Bushiiu^on: 

150 kw. rot. oonv.; Hulmeville: 16 kw. 

rot. conv. 

Car bams at Trenton and Newtown, 
Pa. ; repair shops at Newtown, Pa. 

48.16 miles: 5-2H g; 16 double truck, 
18 single truck pass., 8freight,and 4 work 
cars; 2 snow plows. (Co. tells energy to 
New Jersey A Pennaylvania Trac. Co.) 





•18— New Jersey A Pemntylvania 
Tr»e. Co.— Offlc«, Hanover ana Warren 
Bta. (Controls and operates Trenton, 
LawrenceTille & Princeton R. K., Co. 
and Princeton St. Ry. Co.) (Connects 
Princeton, Lawrencerille, Trenton, and 
grants trackage and terminal facili- 
ties in the city of Trenton to Penna.- 
New Jersey Ry. Co., reaching Mor- 
risville, Yardlev, New Hope, Pa., and 
Lambertyille, N. J., Newtown, Bristol, 
and Doylestown, Pa.) 
Pres. Sydney L.Wright, 

183 So. 5th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
y.Pres. AMgr. GaylordThompson Trenton 
Bee. A Treas. 
JohnM. Morrissey, 

188 So. 6th St., 

Philadelphia, Pa. 

Qen. Fgt. Agt. H. R. Cox Trenton 

Supt. W. P. Tshndy " 

AsBt. Snpt. Samuel A. Miller. ... ** 

Ch. Bngr. Gteo. Bttinger '' 

M. M., Wm. Mohr *• 

Enersn^ purchased from Penna.-New 
Jersey Ky. Co. 
Sub-sta. at Lawrenceville (800 kw.) 
Repair shops at Hanover and Chancery 

18.26 miles; 4-8^ g; 6 passenger, 8 
freight and 2 work cars. :Ar50 

614 — Pabllo Service R. B. Co.— 

Oifice, 80 Park Place, Newark. (Mer- 
ger, in June, 1018. of Trenton Terminal 
R.R.CO. and Elizabeth. New Brunswick 
& Ttenton R.R.Co. Holds lease of Elisa- 
beth A Trenton R. R. Co. for 090 years 
from April 1, 1912, as successor to Tren- 
ton Terminal R.R.Co.) (Connects Tren- 
ton, New Brunswick. Perth Amboy, 
Roosevelt, Sewaren, Elizabeth and New- 
ark via tracks of the Public Service Ry. 
Co.) (Controlled through stock owner- 
ship by Public Service Corporation of 
New Jersey.) 

Prts. Thos. N. McCarter Newark 

fPercyS. Young " 

I Richard E. Danforth '' 

Sso. Percy Ingalls " 

Am* ( Chas. M. Breder '• 

5f?;* { WUlIam H. Feller. " 

**•**• ( William T. Crudge " 


T. Wilson Van Middlesworth. . ** 

Asst j Robert S . Tomkins .... * * 

Treasrs. i Frederick A. Neis .... " 

Compt. William S. Barker " 

Glen. Audr. Matthew R. Boylan. '* 

AsstGton. Mgr. Harry C. Donecker '' 

Oh. Bngr. Martin Schreiber *' 

Cten. Supt. N. W. Bolen " 

'Snpt. Distrbn. M. B. Rosevear. .. *^ 

Claim Agt. H. V. Drown " 

Asst. Claim Agt. H. D. Briggs . . '' 

Real Estate Agt. Geo. Barker. . . " 

Snpt Bldgs. D. G. Knight ' * 

Pur. Agt. J. A. Pearson •• 

Mech. Engr. H. A. Benedict " 

Snpt M. of W. Martin White .... '*• 

Power sta. atPIainsboro (plant oper- 
ated by Public Service Blec. Co.) 

40.866 miles; 4-8H g. ; 20 motor cars. 


615— Trenton. liawrenoeville A 
Princeton R.B.Co.— (Controlled and 
operated by N. J. and Penna. Trac. Co.) 
(Connects Trenton, Lawrenceville and 

Pres. Sydney L. Wright, 

183 So. 5th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

y. Pres. Frank Battles 

188 So. 5th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Seo. A Treas. John M. Morrissey, 

188 So. 6th St, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Gen. Mgr. Gktylord Thompson . . .Trenton 
Repair shops at Hanover and Chancery 

St., Trenton. 
11 miles; 4-8^ g. ^60 

016 — Trenton A Mercer County 
Trac. Corpn. 148 Broad St. Bank 
Bldg., Trenton. (Leases the Trenton St 
Ry. Co., Mercer Connty Trac. Co., Tren- 
ton, Pennington & Hopewell StRy. and 
the Trenton, Hamilton A Swing Trac. 
Co.) (These roads form the Trentoi 
gronp of the Interstate Rys. properties.) 
(Connects Pennington, Hopewell, Law- 
renceville, Princeton ana HaniUton 

Pres. Rankin Johnson Princeton 

Sec. & Treas. Bdw. M. Hunt Trenton 

Audr. Miss Sarah R. Harvey *^ 

Gen. Mgr. A (Tlalm Agt. 

Edw. J. Peartree ** 

Pur. Agt.M.Gilden " 

M. M., Herbert Krouse ** 

Snpt. Overhead Constr. 

Harry J. Mauley " 

Power sta. equip; 6d. e. G. B., Bnll., 
C.-W. tot. 4100 kw: 1600 hp. e. W.-C, 
Weth; 8600 hp. b. Edge., Bab. A W; »80 
kw. stm. turb. De Laval ; trolley volt. 000 v. 
Power sta. at Lincoln Ave; repair shops 
at Lalor St., Trenton. 
Reaches White City Park (owned). 
70.76 miles; 6-2 g: 140 motor cars, 6 • 
sweepers and plows, 6 other cars. <Ar60 

617— Trenton St. By. Co.— Offiee,716, 
Broad St. Bank Bldg. (Controls Mer- i 
oer Connty Traction Co., Trenton. 
Pennington A Hopewell St Ry. Co. 
and Trenton, Hamilton &BwingTrac. 
Co.) (Controlled by the United Tower 
A Transportation Co., which in tarn is 
controlled by the Interstate Rys. Co.) 
(Leased to Trenton A Mercer Connty 
Trac. Corpn.) 

Pres. J. A. Rigg Camden 

V. Pres. Walter A. Rigg " 

Sec. A Treas. T. W. Grookttt Jr. •• 

Power sta. at Lincoln Ave.; repair 
shopsat Lalor St. 
Controls Spring Lake Park. "AreO 

VINBLANB. 6882. 
(See No. 699.) 

(See No. 021.) 


(See No. 608.) 

WILD WOOD. 6,000 (Winter) 
40,000 (Summer) 1010. 

618 — Five Mile Beach Blee* Rgr. 

Co.— Office, 8806 Pacific Ave. (Connects 

North Wild wood, Wildwood and WHd- 

wood Crest.) 

Pres. Henry D . Moore HaddonJield 

Sec. Wm. Q. Moore •• 

Treas. A Gen. Mgr. 

J. Fithian Tatem •• 

Supt E.T.Nye Wildwood 

Pwr. sta. equip; 8d. c. C.W. tot. 400 kw; 
270 bp. e. Bckye; purchases steam fron 
West Jersey Blec. Co. 

4.6 miles; 4-8H g; 22 motor pass. ears. 



AliBUQUBRQUB. 14,026 (1016). 

6 1 9— City Blectrie Co. (Successor to 
Albnquerque Trac. Co.)— Office, Occi- 
dental Life Bldg., Albnquerqne. (Con- 
nects Old Albnquerqne, Albnqnerqna 
and Barelas.) 

Pres. Gtoo. Rosllngton Albnquerqne 

V. Pres. W. L. Noneman .... ^* 
Sec. & Treas. J. R. Hagy ... ** 

rchaaed Irom ALbL 



SSO-Lua VegBB Tnii«ll Co. — LwDl 
office, DougLsB Ave. Kaet Lse Vegie; 
B«™tl»e Dfflee. SO Broadway, Sew 
Tnrfe, N. T. (Controllid b* Lm Vegss 
Light £ Power Co., whllh in turn le 
controlled by Fedaral LI. A Trac. Co.) 
(CoDueeta Laa VegiB with EbbI Lat 

BO Broidmj, New York, N.Y. 

I. YolL ESOO t; ttollrj roll. 
Repair Bhop« at 18th St. £ 8»n Frsn- 
8.T miles; t-BM g; 4 motor rare. *MI 


ALBAinr. 107.B79 (191B), 

SSI— AlbHay Santhem O. K. Cu.- 

HllUns addresi. AlbBnr. Offlce, Heoi 
eelaer^ (Co_anecls Albioi. ReaiBelaeT. 

m. UllwM 
.. Kindcib . _._, __. 
». Sluckporl CentBr, Stnl 

m Bron 
„ [ Richard 8mro 
pj,;. J 0-D, Mur. 

i JaniBsE. HBwe Albuir 

Irvio W. Day .100 Broadway, New York 

Audr, Jame»i. l^onuell P 

SDDt. & Ul. Ast. J. E. Newmiui 

Pur. Aet C. », Mnllaoey 

aen, Fgt, APflis.Agl. 

CETlolroei Albany 

39 Nataan St., New York 
(W. H. Wllllann" ■■ 
J H, B.Weatherwii Albany 

i ■ aa NBBBaQ8t.,NewYork 


A. Baag Albany 

AllJVjohoMacLean.'.!!'.!!!!!!;!! " 

Compl.W E.Bppler Mew York 

Gen. Hgr. A. B. HeyooldB AlbBny 

Aaat. Uei>. Mgr, T.J, Ljnch Trot 

UlaimAel. J.a. Ca,rtep ■■ 

Gen J Albany Dlv. C. A. Cooni.-Alhanr 
SnpW.lTroyB!'. B. E, P4te>nBn...Troy 

rF.riairn Albany 

Dlv. Jt. P. BiiwB " 

Supta.l A. Crabla TJOJ 

1 Equip. EraeBtUnrphT.. .Albany 
Supti i Pwr, 81a. Hngb Q-Ntili... " 

r Othd.CooB. M, Leahy " 

Bngr P.vr *IJneii,C.B.FBBoiai..Albany 
Gngr.M of W., Oibb. Brernati... '■ 

Power Btrif. equip. 12d.G G. K..WB«tt., 

Walker tot. 4^6 kw; lip, e. K. « K., 

Cpr, Green: S4!0 hp. b. Bab. ft W.. Bllri 

— -rgyalBi! from Adlrondiwfc Bier. Pwr. 

irpn.i trans. Toll. 11,000 t; trollBy Tolt. 

Power Kl.Ba. at Albany and Troy; repair 
Albany (mair Bhopi) and Tray 

Ch, Engr, Pwr. 81a. 

T. H.Geperley BtuyrBaant Falli 

Powereta. ggnlp. lOa. c. G. E. tot. Bax 
kw. 12.000 & eJOOv, 3 ph. S5 & DO eye: 
eaOQ hp, b. Bab, A W; 4000 kw. Curb. 
Iftai.) (i. E: OTBS hp. tnrb. (*tr,) 8, B: 
trans. loU. IE.OOOt; trolley toU. BOO t; 1 
mol, gen, BOr) kw. 40-M tys, 11.00O.2SO0*, 
♦ Indoor and Bonldoor snb-Bta; S rot 

Power Btaa. at Renaeelner and Btnyvea- 
anl Falla; repair (bopB at Renar-'— - 

PorchaaeF at Renuplaer BOO kw, 
Municipal Oaa Co., Albany, 

Reaches and owns Electric Park at 
KlnilerhuDk Lake, 

BO.flmllasitblrd-rall); 4-BWg: Mm 



(BeealBoNo. 749.) 

093— AQbHrn A ariwiiue Bias. B 

B. Co.- .Uffk-e.BSOen«ceSl..Anbnm. 

arban d IvIhIou between Anbnrn.Bkaij*- 
atele*, Mueallus. Split Rock and Syra' 
EUH.I (ITnder management at Pack, 
SbBRnaban & Cherry, Inc. 

PrfB. T. C. Chi-rry ByraonaB 

1 n. G. MetcBlf Aobiuii 

V.PresM.-j Gen, Mer. ± Pnr. AbI. 

I W. J. Harvle Byracnie 

Sec. H. C. Beatw " 

Treaa, & Andr. L. E. LIppltl Aubaro 

CI, Aft. ftGen. Fgt'.'gc'PaiB.'Agt. 

Sop't. Equip.' R.' W.' Rockweii !" " 

Koadmaater, John BerglQ " 

Encrjry purcliBfied from Niagara, Lock- 
Dort ArhlarlnPvr. Co: trans. Tolt,lS,eaO 

'Repair ihaps al Aabnm, 

ReBcbeB and owaa Lakeside Park. 
OwsBi-oLate, Anbam. 

04.70 mllci': i'Sa e- ns pass.. S fKt. 
mo^ r, gl, w 1 on mo or an ^CT 

AVON. 9,4W. 



ABVLON, S.10( 

SlW Broadway, (Opor»<«s The Capllol 
Ry., Lanelnghnre ^ Cohoes R R. Co.. 

■s R. B. Co.. Watertoi 
.. [. and Ooboes Ry. 

I Albany, RenaBelae- " 

Cohoes, WstN^lM, Green lala'nd and 

68*— Bnliylon R. R. Co.— OKIc* 

40Plne8t..'Newyork, N.Y. CBxtenda 
and operates from Lenjr Island B. R., 
Amltyllle. loBiMimboaidockBtfDiitaf 
"-'-'-' Unbylon.) 

;^.Humo New York 


fnol.. ClaliD AtFl. & Gen. Fgl, A 
Pasa.Agt. Gilbert a.Darland. Babylon 




Repair shops at West Babylon. 

8 miles; 4-8V4 g; catenary overhead; 
6 motor and 2 other cars. (Plans to install 
electric generating plant.) 80J 

BALLSTON. 4,844. 

6115— Kaydeross Railroad Corpo- 
ration—Office 809 Milton Ave. (Fur- 
chased the property of Eastern New 
York R. R. Co.) (Operates between 
Ballston and Middle Grove.) 

Pres. B. M. Brown Rock City Falls 

V. Pres. D. W. Mabee Saratoga 

Rec. W. U. Betes Ballston 

Treas. H. M. Brown Rock City Falls 

Siipt. 8. A. Egan Ballston 

Ch. Bnjrr. Fred. Sherman *• 

Energy ptirfha»ed from Adirondack 
Elec. Pwr. Corp; 1-800 kw. rot. conv. G. 
B; trans, volt. a800 v; trolley volt. 600 v. 
Power t*ta. and repair shops at Factory 
Village (no P. O.) 

15 miles; 4-8^ g; 2 motor and 4 other 
car*. *50 

BAT A VI A. 18,278. 

696— Batavia Traction Co., Inc.— 

Office, 400 W. Main St., Batavia. 
Pres. & Gen. Mgr. 

8. W. Brown Batavia 

V. Pres. W. F. Haltz •* 

Sec. N.K. Cone " 

Treas. G. W. Watson " 

Energy purchased from Genesee Lt. A 
Pwr. Co., 1 d. c. West; 1 mo. gen. set. 

Repair shops at Clinton St. 

2.25 miles; 4-8Hg; 5 motor pass, cars 
and 1 snow plow. -A-SO 

BEACON, 10,825 (1915). 

6117 — FIshklll Bieotric Ry. Co.— 

Oifice, Beacon. (Operates under lease 

the Citizens R. R. Light A Power Co. 

— S.68 miles.) (Connects Newburgh by 

ftrrywith City of Beacon and Fishkill.) 

Pres. Wm. J. Conklin Fishkill 

Sec. Harry K. Tompkins Beacon 

Treas. George F. Patterson '^ 

Andr. John R. Farmer " 

Oen. Mgr. W. E. Conklin " 

Supt. A Elec. Engr.Wm. G. Duntz *• 

Energy purchased from Central Hndson 
Gktt A Elec. Oo. ; trans, volt. 13,000-2800 
v; trolley volt. 600 v. 

1 sub-sta.; 1 rot. conv. Westg. 500 kw. 
2800 V. 2 ph. 00 cys; 600 v. d. c. 

Power sta. and repair shops at Beacon. 

Reaches Mt. Beacon. 

4.32 miles owned (4.26 mi. Ist m. t. 0.06 
mi. Sid.) ; also 2.01 miles lesHed. Total 
miles operated 7.23; 4-8U g; 20 motor 
pass., 1 motor service ana 2 trail service 
cars. (Installing 1 West. rot. conv. 300 
kw. 1800 V. 2 Jk 3 ph. 60 cys- 600 v. d. c. 
850 hp. wtr. turb; 1 a. c. 200 kw. 2800 v. 
60 cys.) •TO 

698— Hit. Beaooii-on-Hudson Asso- 

oiation.— Office, Beaconcrest, Beacon. 

(Operates cable Incline railway to sum- 
mit of Mount Beacon.) 
Pres. & Treas. 

Jesse B. Pattee Manchester, N. H. 

V.Pres. & Gen. Mgr. 

John B. Lodge Manchester, N. H. 

Ch. Engr. Robert Barrett Beacon 

Energy purchased from Southern 
Dntohess Gas & Elec. Co.; trans, and 
trolley volt. 500 v. 

2900 ft. cable incline; 2 cars. 119 

BINGHAMTON. 65,000 (1918.) 

690— Bingham ton Railway Oo.-^ 
Office, 876 State St. (Connects Bingham- 
ton, Port Dickinson, Johnson City, En- 

dicott and Union.) (Owned by Soranton 

A Binghamton R. R. Co.) 

Receiver W. G. Phelps Binghamton 

Pres. F. L, Fuller 

1st V. Pres. R. W. Day Scranton, Pa. 

2nd V. Prf>s. A. J. Parsons.. Binghamton 

Sec. W. H. Hecox " 

Treas. Elmer M. White " 

Asst. Sec. & Asst. Treas. 

H.T.Jackson ** 

Claim Agt. H. A. Smack 

875 State St. 
Supt. Transpt. V. W. Bnrley • " 
Ch.Engr Pwr. Sta. 

B.C. Skinner 

M. M., H. M. Rhoda 

Power sta. equip. 6 d. c. G. E. tot. 1600 
kw; 1 a. c. G. E. 1500 kw. 870 v. 8 ph. 
25 oyp; 500 hp. e. B. A W., McT. A St 
2000 hp. b. Bab. A W., A. 8^ T.; 2000 kw* 
ctm. turb. G. E.; trans volt. 18,200 v; 
trolley volt. 600 v. 

Power station and repair shops at 875 
State St., Binghamton. 

Reaches Ideal Park and Ross Park. 

49.74 miles: 4 8^4 g: 141 motor and 21 
other cars. (Company does general light- 
ing and power Dusfness in Endlcott.) 


BROOKLTN. 1,028,482 (1915). 

(See No. 666. 667, 668, 669, 670, 671, 
672 and 678) 

BUFFALO. 461,887 (1916). 
(See also No. 760.) 

630-Bvffalo A Depew By. Co.- 

Local office, Depew : general office, 618 
Ellicott Square, Buffalo, N. T. (Con- 
nects Buffalo, Depew and Lancaater.) 

Receiver, Wm. B. Cutter BaffaJo 

Sec. Pprcy Baton . *• 

Supt. Pur. Agt. A Engr. M. of W., 
U. L. Upson Depew 

Ch. Engr. Pwr. Sta. 
C.L.Hendryx ** { 

Elec. Engr. A M: M., F. S. Rues. . ** 
Energy purchased from Niagara A Brie 

Pwr. Co. : 2 d. c. G. E. tot. 700 kw; trolley 

volt. 550 V. 
Power sia. and repslr shops at Depew. 
Reaches Smith*s Grove and Ganglolf 

Park (private). 
14 miles; 4-8^ g; 12 motor, 4 trailers 

and 2 other cars. 119 

•31— Buffalo A Lackawaniui Trar. 

Receiver, Harry Evers, 

Ellicott 8q. Bldg. Bnffalo 
Pres. M. D. Evans 61 Broadway. New York 
V. Pres. P. C. Schntrum 

48 Exchange PI. ** 
Sec. & Treas. F. G. Robin- on 

61 Broadway. •* 
Energy from International Ry. Co. and 
Buffalo A Lake Erie Trsc. Co. 
8.8 miles; 4.8Hg. 60 

689- Buffalo A Lako Brio Trao. 

Co.— Office, Exchange Bldg., Rrto, Fi. 
(Connects Buffalo, Laokawsniia, Ham 
burg, Angola, Silver Creek, Ihmkirk, 
Fredonia, Brocton, Wettlleld and Rfp- 
ley. N. Y.; North East and Brie, Pia.) 
Receiver, Geo. Bullock, 

61 Broadway, New Totk 
Treas. A Pur. Agt. 

AF.Tideswell BH«. Pa. 

Andr. M. J. Binkley •• 

Gen. Mgr. A , R. Myers •• 

Asst. Gen. Mgr. Geo. Baker Ftedoala 

r P. .1 . Gallagher »• 

«»«♦. iR- T.Nolan BH«,Pliu 

oupts. i John Mills -^- " 

tLonis Pease 

8apt.0verhead, Wm.JeffertOB..! 

M.M.,P.J. Wood JBrKH. 




Roadmaster, C . M. Harrison .... Fredonia 

Energy purchased from Niagara, Lock- 
port & Ontario Pwr. Co. and Erie Ltg. 
Co. ; trolley volt. 650 v. catenary. 

Repair stiops at Buffalo and Fredonia, 
N.Y.,andSri«, Pa. 

Reaciies Waldameer Parte, Erie, Pa.; 
Central Park, between Dunkirk and Fre- 
donia, N. T.; and Pt. Gratiot on Lake 

191.15 miles; 4-8^ g; 353 motor pass., 20 
trail pass., 10 motor fgt., 15trailerfgt. and 
19 service cars. •SO 

63d— Brie Oounty Trac. Co.— (For- 
merly The Buffalo Southern Ry. Co.) 
omce. 2455 Seneca St., Buffalo. (Con- 
nects Buffalo, Hamburg, Orchard Park, 
Gardenville and Ubenezer.) 

Pres. Wm. M. Griffith Jamaica 

See. liichard S. Persons Baet Aurora 

Oen. Mgr. &. Treas. 
Nathan A. Bundy Buffalo 

Supt. Line & Mot. Pwr. 
.rohn Holstein . Bbenezer 

f ;h. Kngr Pwr Sta. G.A.Wahle 

Track Foreman, Fred. Slade. Gardenville. 
Power sta. equip. 2d.c. Keystone, G.E. ; 

325 hp. e. (gas). 
1 snb-8ta. cap. 600 kw; 2 rot. conv. 
Piiwer sta. at Ebenezer; repair shops 

at Gardenville and Orchard Park. 
Rt^acbes Erie County Fair Grounds at 

Hamburg, Lein*s Park (Buffalo), owned 

by H. C. Lein and Gardenville Park. 
-25.35 miles: 4-8H g; 12 motor and 16 

other cars; 2 snow plows, 1 sweeper. (8 

miles to E. Aurora under construction.) 


6:{ i— luteruatiunal Railway Co—. 

General Office, Littell Bldg.,cor Huron 
and Franklin Streets, Buffalo. (A con- 
solidation into one operative company, 
of all the street railways in Buffalo, 
Niagara Falls, Lock port, Tonawanda, 
North Tonawanda and vicinity. The 
constituent companies merged, eon- 
solidated or purchased are as follows: 
Buffalo Railway Co., Buffalo Traction 
Co., Buffalo &. Niagara Falls Elec. Ry., 
Buffalo, Bellevue & Lancaster Ry. Co., 
Buffalo & Lockport Ry., Buffalo. Tona- 
wanda A Niai2:sra Falls Rlectric Rail- 
road Co., Elm wood Ave. & Tonawanda 
Rlec. Ry. Co., Lockport A OlcottRy., 
Niagara Falld & Suspension Bridge Ry. 
Co., Niagara Fallf> Whirlpool A Northern 
Ry., Niagara Falls Park h River Rv. 
Co., Niagara Falls. Ont, Niagara Falls 
Suspension Bridge Co , Clifton Suspen- 
•Ion Bridge Co., Lewiston Connecting 
Bridee Co. Queenstown Helghtii Bridge 
r!o.,nros8town St.Rv.Co of Bnffaloand 
The Elec. City Ry. Ho.. Niagara Falls.) 
(Purchased right of way, property and 
holdings of the Frontier Elec. Ry., 
which was organized to construct an 
elec. ry, over private right-of-way 
from Niagara Falls to Buffalo.) (Con- 
nects with the aerial cable wav operated 
by The Niagara Spaniph ^erocar Co., 
Ltd,> (Owned and controlled hv the In- 
ternational Trac. Co. ) ^Conner'tn North 
Tonawandi, Tonawanda. La Salle, 
Niagara Falls, N. Y., NIsgara Falls. 
Out., Lockport, Ol^ott, Lancaoter and 
Depew, N. Y.> 

Pres. H. G. Tulley Buffalo 

r Gen. Counsel. Thos. Penney 

V. Pres.-{ 858ElllcottSq. 
(Edgar J. Dickson 

Sec. C. A. Weber 

Compt. W. C. Dunbar 

Treas P. C Relnhardt ♦« 

Andr. C. A. Cbavel 

Gen. Claim Agt. M. R. Kline 

Pur. Agt. H. C.Yonng *» 

213 Lfttell Bldg., 

Gen. Sup. Transp. W. M. Casey. . . 
Supts ( Niag Falls Dfv 

of < E. H. Henning " 

Divt. r Lockport Dlv. A S.Henry 

• 4 










Eqoip. J. W. Hnlme 
Main & Michigan Sts., Buffalo 

Niagara & School Sts. " 
Track, Line, Bridge and 
Bldg. Depts. H. L, Mack 
Main & Virginia Sts. 
Engr. H. E. Riexinger 

Main A Virginia Sts., 

Traffic Agt., W. J. Whiteside '* 

Gen. Agt. George Chambers. " 

Power sta. equip. 9 d. c. G. E. tot. 
6900 kw; 8 a. c. G. E. West. tot. 8600 kva. 
11,000 v. 3 ph. 25 cys; 720u hp. e. Allis-C, 
Lake Erie; 8000 hp. b. Bab. & W; 6600 
kw. turb. (stm ) West; 8000 hp. turb. 
Jenckes, Kennedy, trans, volt. 11,000 v; 
trolley volt., 600 v. 

12 substas. tot. cap. 39,000 kw; 47 rot. 
conv., (2000 kw. 23-10()0 kw. 20-400 kw.) 
Power stag, at Niagara St., Bnffalo and 
Queen Victoria Park, Canada. 

Repair shops at Main St. and Michigan 
Ave., Buffalo. 

Company owns hotel and amnsement 
resort at Olcott Beach ; reaches Delaware, 
Cazenovia, South. Humboldt City Parks 
and B. L. & O. Dlv. (owned.) 

899.08 miles owned (222.21 mi. 1st m. t., 
148 80 mi. 2nd m. t., 88.07 mi. sid.): also 
30.87 miles leased and 8 miles track rights 
Total miles operated 438.71; 4-8H ST. 915 
motor pass., 26 trail pass., 11 motor ezp. 
& fgt., 11 trail ezp. & fgt, 97 motor ser- 
vice and 68 trail service cars; 3elec. locos. 


635— International Traotlon Co.— 

Gen. Office, Littell Bldg., Comer Hnron 
and Franklin Sts. Registered office, 
with Corporation Trust Co., 15 Ex- 
change Place, Jersey City, N .J . (Hold- 
ing company, owning entire stock of 
International Ry. Co.) 
Chmn. Ex Com.. Rodman E. Grlscom, 

40 Wall St., New York 

Pres. E. G. Connette Boflalo 

Sec. Norman Oille " 

Treas. P. C. Reinhardt '* 

Audr. C. A. Chavel " 



686~Ontario Light A Trao. Oo. 

— OfBce, 267 State St., Rochester. 
(The lighting interests of this company 
have been merged into the Rochester 
Gas & Elec. Corpn.) (Leased to and 
controlled through stock ownership by 
New York State Rye.) 

Pres. Jas. F. Hamilton Rochester 

Sec. &. Asst. Treas. 

Treas. M. S. Barger 

466 Lexington Ave., New York 

Asst. Sec. Howard L. Relchart Rochester 

Gen. Andr. Joseph M. Joel .... Rochester 
8 miles ; 4-8)^ g. 50 

COUOES. 24,709. 

638 — Cohoes Ky. Co. — Office, 598 
Broadway, Albany. (Connects Cohoes, 
Watervliet, Green Island and Troy.} 
(Leased and operated by the United 
Trac. Co.) 
L. F. Loree. . .32 Nassau St., New York 
f W. H. Williams 
I 32 Nassau St., '' 
V. Prests. V H. B.Weatherwaz.... Albany 
I W. B Schofleld 
i. 32 Nassau St., New York 

Trea*. C. A. Hoag Albany 

Andr. D. L. Waters •• 

Atty. John MacLean •* 

Compt. W. E. Bppler " 

Gen. Mgr. A. S. Reynolds " 

6.688 miles; 4-8^ g; 9 motor cars. 50 




COOPEBSTOWN. 2,684 (1915). 

639— Southern New York Pwr. & 
Ky. Corpn. — Office, CooperBtown. 
(Successor to Otsego & Herkimer R. R. 
Co.) (ConnectK Oneonta. Coopers- 
town, Richfleld SpRs.. Jord anvil le. 
Schuyler Lake, Ply Creek, Index, Hart- 
wick. Laurens, Mohawk and Herkimer.) 
Free. Jos. B. Mayer, 

48 flxchange P.., New York 
V. Pres., Gen. Mgr. «fc 

Pur. Agt. C. L. Stone CooperBtown 

Sec. J.L. DeRosset 87 Wall St., New York 
Treas. AAudr. H.R.SkirvIng Cooperstown 

Gen. Supt. G. C. Killcen Hartwick 

Snpt. Transp. W. G Andrus " 

Claim, Gen. Fet. & Pass. Apt. 

E. D. Conklin Richfleld Springs 

Klec. Engr. C. S. Stanton.... Cooperstown 
Power stft. pqoip. 5 a. c G. E., WePtg. 
tot. 4500 kw. 18 200 V. 8 ph. 25 cys; 1600 
hp e. Bass: 1060 hp. b. Bah. ife W; 4000 
hp. turb. (wtr.) Hnlyoke; trans, volt. 
18.200 V; trolley volt. 600 v. 

Steam plant and repair bhops at Hart- 
wick; hyaro-electrlcplnnt at CoUiersvllle. 
Reaches Canadarago and Lake Honse 

65.66 miles: 4-8V^fir: 82 motor and 26 
other cars. (Co. sells energy to Southern 
New York Power Co.) 50 

CORNfNG. 13.780. 

640— Cominic & Painted Post Ht, 

Ry — Gen. Olflce, 50 Church St , New 
York City. (Connects Corning and 
Painted Post.) 

Pres. F. D. Underwood New York 

V Prttflf a i Treas. David Bosman " 
V . i-resis. -J Q p Rrownell • • 

Sec. APnr. Afft.. J.E. Packer.... " 

Compt. A. L. Sorensen '* 

Ch. Bngr. R C. Falconer " 

Gen. Supt. J. R. Empey Elmira 

Gen. Agt. C. B. Hammond •* 

Energy purchased from Corning Lt & 
Pwr. Corp.; trolley volt. 570 v. 

Repair shops at Mosey Glen. 

5.fl miles: 4^H^ e; 13 motor pass, and 3 
other cars. 50 

CORTLAND. 12,.S67. 

641— The Cortland CoantyTraction 

Co.— Omce. 129S. Main Sr. CConnects 

Cortland, Homer, McGraw. Preble and 

Little York.) 
Pres. Edwin Du flfe v Cortland 

V. STi W. VanHoesen ' " 

Preste. ■) E. H. Brewer »' 

Sec, Treas., Gen. Mer. A Pur. Agt. 

G.H. Garrison 

Power sta. equip. 1 d. c. G. E. 200 kw; 
a. c. G. E. tot. 400 kw. 2200 v. 2 ph. 602 
cys; 750 hp. e. B. & W: 1330 hp. b. A. & T.. 
Heine, Edge: 2000 kw. turb. (stm.) O. E; 
trolley volt. 600 v. 

Power sta. and repair shopp «t Cortland. 

Reaches and owns Little York Park. 

17.4 miles; 4-fi^ e; 14 motor pass., 6 
trail pa«s.. and 2 other cars. (TJompany 
does lighting and power business ) 50 

DUNKIRK. 17,870 
(See No. 682. > 

(See No 750h.) 

KLMIRA. 40.073 (1915). 

642- Elmira, Cornlnflr A Waverly 
R. R.— Office, 400 Rant Water St., El- 
mira. (Operates between Wellsburgh, 
Chemung, Waverly, Elmira, Coming, 
T . Coming and Big Flats.) 

Treas. W. J. Moody New York 

Compt. A. L. Sorenson ** 

Pur. Agt W. R. Collins " 

Gen. Supt. J. R. Empey Elmira 

Gen. Agt. C. B. Hammond ' * 

Supt. Equip. J. A.Wilcox 

Energy from Elmira Wtr. Lt. & R. R. 
Co.; trans, volt. 11,000 v; trolley volt. 
600 V. 

Repair shops at Coming. 

86 miles; 4-8H g; 13 motor cars and 
1 other car. -Ar50 

643— Elmira Wtr. Lt. A R. R. Co. 

— OfBce, HnlettBldg.,cor. Lake & Water 
Sts. (In 1914, absorbed West Side R. R* 
Co., and in 1916, absorbed Elmira & 
Seneca LakeTrac. Co. and Elmira Trans- 
mission Co.) (Controlled by United Gas 
& Rlec. Co.. which in turn is controlled 
by The United Gas & Elec. Corpn., 61 
Broadway. New York,N. Y.) (Connects 
Elmira, Elmira Heights, Center Mills, 
Horseheads, Pine Valley, Millport. Cro- 
ton, Montour Falls, Watkins, South port 
Corner, and West Elmira.) 

Pres. E. G. Connette New York 

V. Pres. Geo. Bullock, '* 

V.Pres. &Gen. Mgr., P. H. Hill... Elmira 

Sec. A Treas. C. A Kolstad " 

Aspt. Sec. J. A. McKenna New York 

Pur. Agts. United Gas A Elec. 

Bngrg. Corpn New York 

Supt. Transp. A Claim Agt. 

Francis G. Maloney Elmira 

Gen. Fet. Act. C. J. Manany " 

Ch. & Klec. Engr.. H. E.Gough ... •* 

Engr. Pwr. Sta. G. A. Donson ** 

M. M.. J. R.Cochran ** 

Roadmaster. Paul Mantell « *' 

Sunt. Eqnipt. A Ovhd.Constr. 

A. C. Jordan '* 

Powei sta. equip. 4 a. c. turbo -gen. 
Allis-C, G. E. tot. 18,000 kva. 2800 v. 8 ph . 
60 cys; 4716 hn. b. Bab. * W: trans, volt 
11,000 and 22,000 v; trolley volt. 600 v. 

2 sub-stas. tot. cap. 2850 kw. (ry.) 5 rot. 

Power sta. at E. Water A Snlllvsn 8ts; 
rspair shops at E. 5th St., Elmira. 

Reaches and own* Ror1ck*s Glen Psrk 
and Maple Ave HrivingrPark; reaches the 
Chemung and Schnvler Connty Fair 
arronndu, Havann Glen Watkins Glen. 
Seneca Lake and Eldridge Park. 

48.08 miles (41.91 mi. 1st m. t. 4.06 ml. 
2nd m. t., 2.09 mi. sid.V, 4-8Hg; 76 motor 
pasfl., <\ trail pass., 1 mot or freight and 17 
motor service car^. (Company' does gas 
and electric lighting and power bnsiness. 


FAIRPORT. 3,.'S58 
(See No. 750a.) 

rAL.0ONER. 2,842. 
(See No. 656.) 

FI8HKII.L.. 516. 
(See No. 627.) 


(See No. 743.) 

FKEDONIA. ."5.285 
(See No. 682.) 

FREKPORT. 7,468 (1915). 
(See also No. 649.) 

644— Great South Bay Ferry Co.— 

Office, 1-7 Railroad Ave. (Absorbed 
theSeaSboreMunlcipalR.R.Co.) (Part 




of line which oonaeotfl Freeport and 

Point Lookout with Long Beach, 6 

Pres.. Treat. A Oen. Mgr. 

JnliQB Bindrim, 

479 S. Grove St., Freeport 

Sec. Madeline Kober Merrick 

Atty. Elvin N. Edwards, Freeport 

Snpt. Qrover Stevens ** 

Enetgj purchased from New York A 
Long Island Trac. Co., trans, volt. 660 v. 

Reaches Point Lookout and Nassau By 

2.92 miles; 1.6 miles (owned), 1.42 miles 
track rights; 4-8^ g; 8 motor pass, and 
1 motor freight car. ^60 

FUIiTON. 11,188. 
(See No. 740.) 

(See No. 688.) 

OEXBYA. 18,S82. 
(See Nos. 741 and 747.) 

OliBN COVB. 8,760. 
(See also Nos. 716, 717, 720, 726 and 746.) 

645— The Olen Cove R. B. Co.— Office, 
Penn. SU., New York. (Controlled 
by The Long Island R. R. Co.) (Con- 
nects Sea Cliff, Glen Cove, Glen Cove 
Dock and Hempstead Harbor.) 

Pres. Ralph Peters New York 

V. Pres. C: L. Addison 

Sec. Frank E. Hoff ♦* 

J. F. Fahnestock Philadelphia, Pa. 

Compt. B. A. Stockton. " *' 

Supt. Alvah Seaman Far Rockaway 

Real BsUte Agt. 

H. A. Howarth New York 

Energy from The Long Island R. R. Co. ; 

trolley volt 2200 v. 
8.27 miles (catenary); 4-6H g; 4 motor 

cars and 1 other car. -A-60 

OLBNS FALLS. 16,823. 

646— Hudson Valley By. Co.— (A 
consolidation of the Stillwater A Me- 
ohaniosville St. Ry. Co., the Greenwich 
* Schuylerville Eleo. R. R., the Sara- 
toga Trac. Co., the Saratoga Northern 
Ry., the Glens Falls. Sandy Hill A Fort 
Edward St. R. R. Co., and the Warrea 
County Ry. Leases The North River 
Ry.) (Connects Troy. Mechanicsville, 
Saratoga, Glens Falls and Warrens- 
L. F. Loree. . .82 Nassau St., New York 
f W.H.Williams 
VPreati J 82 Nassau St., 

^•"•■"•T Pur. Agt. 

[ H.B. Weatherwaz. Albany 

Sec. F. M. Olyphant New York 

Treas. C. A. Hoag Albany 

Audr. D. L. Waters *• 

Compt. W. E. Eppler 

82 Nassau St., New York 

Atty. Jas. McPhillips Glens Falls 

Gen. Mgr. A. E. Reynolds Albany 

Asat. Gen. Mgr. A. V. Louer. . . " 
Div, Supt. Edw. D. Preston. ... •• 

Dlv. Supt. John Mahoney Stillwater 

Gen. Pass. Agt. F. J. Keenan Glens Falls 
Gen.Fgt. Agt F.F.Newberry ♦* 
Supt. of Equip. Jamea Watt. . . " 

Res. Engr. N. E. Davis " 

Supt. Pwr A Lines G. W.Davison " 

Pwr. sta. equip. 2 d. c. West, tot 600 
kw; 2 a c. G. E., C. W.tot. 680 kva. 440 ▼. 
8 ph. 40 cys. 

6 sub-sta. tot. 8076 kw; 6 rot. conv; 
trans, volt. 82,000 v; trolley 600 t. 

Pwr.stas. at Stillwater and Middle Falls; 
repair shops at Queensbury, Stillwater 
and Saratoga. 

Reaches Saydeross Park, Saratoga Lake 
and Ondawa Park, Greenwich. 

126.18 miles; 4.8Mg; 114 motor and 8 
other cars. '^60 

648 — Fond», Johnstown A GIot- 
•rsville B.B.(BIeotrlo DIt.)— Office, 
Gloversville. (Connects Glovenvllle, 
Johnstown, Fonda, Amsterdam and 

Pres. J. Ledlie Hees Oloversville 

Sec. Frank Burton ** 

Treas. A Audr. Geo. A. Harris " 

Asst. Treas. E. J. Beach ** 

Asst. Audr. Joseph Peasley.. ** 

Gen. Mgr. W. H. Collins. ... •* 

f Amsterdam Div. 

fl„«*a J C.B. Nellie Amsterdam 

Supts. i cayadutta Dlv. 

LA.E. Cummings..Gloversvill« 
Claim Agt. Wm. H. Hyland... *' 

Gen. Pass. Agt. F. A. Moore.. ** 

Pur. Agt. A. E. Venner " 

Ch. Engr. Judson Zimmer... Tribes Hill 
Ch.Eng Pwr.Sta. C. L. Gates . " 

Roadmaster, Thos. Ryan Gloversville 

Summer Resort Mgr. 

F. W. Wilson Sacandaga 

Power sta. equip. 8 d. c. exc. G. B. tot. 
226 kw; 8 a. c. O. E. tot. 8000 kw. 8 ph. 86 
cys; 4600 hp. e. Allls-C: 4000 hp. b.Spgf; 
trans, volt. 18,200 v; trolley volt. 676 ▼; 
energy also purchased from East Creek 
Elec. Lt. A Pwr. Co. 
8 sub-sta. tot. cap. 8600 kw; 10 rot. conv. 
Power sta. at Tribes Hill ; repair shops, 
at Amsterdam and Gloversville. Sub-stas. 
at Amsterdam. Glenville & Johnstown. 

Owns and operates Sacandaga (Sum- 
mer Resort.) 

82 miles; 4-8^ g; 65 motor pass., 
26 other motor and 80 other cars. 


HAMBUBO. 8,744. 
(See No. 682.) 

HBMPBTBAD. 6,078. 

649— The New York * Long IslAnd 
Trac. Co. — Office, Hempstead, L. I. 
(Connects Mineola, Garden City, Free- 
port, Rockville Centre, Hempstead, 
Siueens.Lynbrook, Valley Stream.Rose- 
ale, Springfield, Oxone Park, Wood- 
haven Junction, Mnnson, Franklin 
Square, Queens and Jamaica.) (Con- 
trolled by The Long Island Consol. 
Eiecl. Cos. and Interborough Rapid 
Transit Co.) 


C. L. Addison... Penn. Sta., New York 
y. Pres. Gen. Mgr. ft Pur. Agt. 

W. O. Wood Long Island Ciij 

Seo. A Treas. 

W. F. Brown Penn. Sta., New York 

Audr. Wm. Hartz. Long Island City 

Snpt. John M. Stoddard Hempstead 

Claim Agt. A. J. Eaton . . Long Island City 
Engr. Pwr. Sta. 

D. W. MoFaul Rockville Centre 

Power sta. equip. 2a.o. West, tot 1000 

kw. 2 ph. 60 cys; 1000 hp. e. Cor. Ger; 
1000 hp. b. Nat'l; trans, volt. 6600 v; 
trolley volt. 676 v. 

1 sub-sta. cap. 400 kw: 2 rot. conv. 

Power sta. at Rockville Centre; repair 
shops at Hempstead. 

Reaches Belmont Park. 

41.99 miles: 4-8H sr: 86 motor pass, 
and 7 other motor cars; 1 other car. itW 

HOMBB. 2,696. 
(See No. 641.) 





660— Hooiick Fall! R.R. Co.— Oen 
Office, 129 Church St., New Haven, 
Conn. (LeMed to the Vermont Co., 
and by agreement with said company 
the Berkshire 8t. By. Co. operates the 
property.) (Connects Hoosick Falls, 
N. Y. and Bennington, Vt.) 

E>res. Howard Blliott. .New Haven, Conn. 
fL.S.Storrs »' »* " 

V. Prests. ] Gen. Mgr. C. Q. Richmond, 
( Pittsfleld, Mass. 

Sec. & Treat. 
A. B. Clark New Haven, Conn. 

Audr.I. A. May 

Sapt. Geo. E. Greene Hoosick Falls 

Boat. Fwr. Sta. 

T. H. Carran Walloomsac 

Power sta. equip. 2 d. c. West. G. B. 

tot. 400 kw; lOOhp. e. Ham. Cor. Fishkl; 

800 hp. b. Heine, St. L : trans volt. 675- 

650 V. 

Power sta. at Walloomsac, N. Y; re- 
pair shops at No. Bennington, Vt. 
Reaches Battle Field Park. 
7.55 miles: 4-8^ s; 16 motor and 13 

other cars; 1 snow plow. . 60 

HORNELL. 14,852. 

661 — Hornell Trac. Co. — Office, 

Adsit St., Hornell. (Connects Hornell 

and Canisteo.) 
Recvr.<kGen.Mgr. Robt. W.Bull, Hornell 
Asst. Recvr , Raymond B. Page, " 

Audr. E. Leavenworth , *' 

M. M. W. Whitaker " 

Energy purchased from Hornell Elec. 
Co; trolley volt. 660 v. 

Repair shops at Adsit St., Hornell. 

Owns and reaches Glenwood Park, 33 

10.0 miles; 4-8^: 17 mo. pass., 6 trail- 
pass, cars and 1 other car. 50 

(See No. 648.) 

HUDSON. 11,417. 
(See No. 621.) 

SUNTINGTON. 6.000 (1916) 

6S9— Hnntingrton R. R. Co.— Office, 
Penn. Sta, New York. (Ceased opera- 
tion 12 m., Sept. 23. 1010.) 
Wallace B. J. Collins. Hantinsrton, L. T. 
Franchi«e granted to W. A. Demptey, 
Dec. 11. 1919 by HuntinRton Town Coun- 
cil. Opi;ration to be resumed immedi- 

Franchise grante'l Joseph G. Robin, by 
town of Babylon, to operate In Babylon 
over Huntington-Amityvllle route. 


ITHACA. 15,848. 

664t — Ithaoa Tract Ion Corpn.— Office, 

148 B. Stote St. (Controlled by Cen- 
tral NewYorkSontnem Railroad Corpn.) 

Pres. Roger B.Williams, Sr Ithaca 

V. Pre*. A Gen. Mgr. 
J. C. Nelson Syracuse 

Sec. & Treas. 
S. C. Stivers. .115 Broadway, New York 

Audr. B. J. Austin Ithaca 

Gen. Supt. Donald Stewart 

Rupt. Pwr. Sta. J. S. Murphy 

M. M., Wm. H. Brooks 

Power sta. equip. 3 a.c. Weetg. tot. 1200 

kw. 2800 T. 8 ph. 60 cys; 1800 hp. e. Rubs; 

2560 hp. b. Wickes, Bdge; 760 kw. tnrb. 



(stm.) G. E; trans, volt. 8800 t; trolley 
volt. 675 V. 

2 sub-stas.; 3 rot. conv. 

Power sta. and repair shops at Ithaca. 

11.47 miles; 4-8H Ki W ™o^' *"J * 
other oar. (Sells energy to Ithaca Gas 
& Elec. Corp.) IW 

JAMESTOWN. 87,760 (1015) 

666 — Chaatauqua Traction Co.— 

Office, West Broad St., Jamestown. 
(Connects Lakewood, Ashville, Chau- 
tauqua, Mayvilleand Westfleld.) 

Pres. A. N. Broadhead Jamestown 

V. Pres. A Asst. to Pres. 

Wm. A. Broadhead " 

V. Pres. & Treas. 

8. B. Broadhead 

Sec. W. R. Reynolds " 

Audr. F.H. Kiblinp 

Gen. Mgr. & Claim Agt. 


Gen. Supt. * Pur. Agt. 

Geo. L. Maltby ' 

TrafflcMgr. W. H. Pickard.... */ 
Blec. Bngr . M. T. Seymour. ... 

Ch. Engr. A. Olson \* 

Signal. Engr. F. B. Larson. . . . '* 

M. M., FrankMiller '' 

Roadmaster, Axel Westereren 
Bng. Ovhd. Const.. R B. Holmes *' 

Energy purchased from Tamestown St. 
Ry. Co.'; trans, volt. 16,600 v; trolley 
volt. 535 V. _^, ^ ^ 

2 sub-stas. tot. cap. 1800 kw: 5 rot. conv. 

Repair shops at Jamestown. 

Reaches and controls Sylvan Park on 
Chautauqua Lake. 

28.78 miles: 4-8V4 g: 19 motor pass., 
8 exp. motor, 1 fgt. and 2 other cars. .*60 

666 — Jamestown St. Ry. Co.— (Con- 
nects Lakewood, Celoron, Jameatown 
and Falconer.) 

Pres. A. N. Broadhead 

V. Pres. A Aast. to Pres. 
Wm. A. Broadhead 

V.Pres. & Treas. 
8. B. Broadhead 

Sec. W. R. Reynolds 

Audr. F. H. Kibling 

Gen. Mgr. A Claim Agt. 
Geo. E. Maltby 

Gen. Snpt. A Pur. Agt. 
Qto. L. Maltby 

Asst. Supt. A. A. Harvey 

Traffic Mgr. W. H. Pickard. . . 

Gen. F^t. A Pass. Agt. 
A. Haecker 

Ch. Engr, A.Olson 

Blec. Engr. Frank Ball 

Signal F.ntf., F. B. Larson .... 

M. M.. Frank H. Miller 

Track Foreman. 
Axel Westereren 

Bngr.Ovhd Con^trR.B.Holmes •* 

Power *ta. equip. 1 mo. gen. set G. E. 
2600 kw. 26 to 60 cys; 1600 hp.b. Baden; 
trans, volt. 16 600 v: trolley volt. 686 v. 

Power sta. and repair shops at James- 

Reaches Celoron Park (controlled) on 

Chautanqua Lake. 

«8.694 miles: 4-8U g; 78 motor and 8 

other cars. (Co. sells energy.) *60 

667 — Jamestown, Westf leld M 
Northwestern R. R. Co.— Office, 
Jamestown. (Formerly the Jamestown. 
Chautauqua A Lake Brie Ry. Co., a 
steam road which was converted to 8 ph. 
overhead trollev.) (Connects Berons 
Point, Dewittville, Hartfleld, Mayville. 
Westfleld and Jamestown; also operates 
boat line.) 

Pres A. N. Broadhead Jamestown 

let V. Pres. A Treas. 
S. B. Brosdhead 

2d V. Prei.Wm. A. Broadhead 

Sec. Wm. R. Reynolda 









Aadr.&Trafflc Mgr. 

W. H. Pickard Jamestown 

Qen. Supt. & Par. Agt. 

Geo. L. Maltby 

Qen. Fgt. & Pais. Agt. 

A. J. Haecker 

Blec. Bngr. M. T. Seymoar. . . 
Signal Engr. F. B. Lareon. . . . 

M. M., F. Miller 

Roadmaiter, John Oeran 

Bnergy purchased from Jamestown St. 
Ry. Co. ; trolley v. 636 T. 

40 miles; 4 8^ g: 13 motor and 10 other 
cars; 1 sweeper; 1 Russell snow plow. 


667a -Panama Traotion Co.— Office, 
818 Wellman Bldg. (Will extend from 
Warren, Pa., to Youngsville and Sugar- 
grove through Bnsti to Jamestown and 
From Busti west to Ashville, Panama, 
Clymer, Wattabnrg, Loweville and into 
Brie, Pa. In operation between Youngs- 
ville and Sugar Grove, Pa.) 

Pres. M. M.. Sanderson Buffalo 

V. Pres. & Gen. Mgr. 

D. L. Davis Jamestown 

Bngr 8. Chapman & Graham. . ^^ 

11 miles; 2 gasoline cars. (Grading un- 
der way between Sugar Grove, Pa., and 
Bnsti, and between Ashville and Panama.) 


JOHNSTOWN. 10,447. 
(See No. 648.) 


658— Kingston Consolidated R. R. 

Co.— Office, 820 Broadway. (Consoli- 
dation of Colonial City Traction Co- 
and Kingston City R. R. Co.) (Con- 
nects Kineston and Rondout.) 

Pres. Fred. T. Ley Springfield, Mass. 

Ist V. Pres. 

Henry C. Page Worcester, Mass 

Sec.& Gen. Mgr. G. B. te Bow. .Kingston 

Treas. A. Hasbronck " 

Ch. Bngr. M. J. Sullivan " 

M. M., William Klein " 

Power sta. equip. 4 d. c. West. tot. 676 
kw; 900 hp. e. B. dk W; 012 hp. b. Bab. A 
W: trolley volt. 650 v. 

Power sta. at Rondout, near Hudson 
River : repair shops at 820 Broadway, King- 
Owns and controls Kingston PohitPark. 
8.831 miles; 4-8^g; 30 motor pass, and 
2 other motor cars. 50 

LANCASTER. 6,094. 
(See No. 630.) 

liEWISTON. 713. 
(See No. 724.) 

(See Nos. 634 and 739.) 


(See Nob. 716, 717, 718, 719 and 720.) 

LYONS. 4,768. 
(See No. 760a.) 

MIDDLKTOWN. 17,381 (1916) 

06O— The IVallkiU Transit Co.— 

Office, 8 North St. (Connects Goshen, 

Mer.hanicstown and Middletown.) 
Se-i. Bondholders Comm. 

Joli II P. Weiss Harrisbnrg, Pa. 

Treag, Bondholders Comm. 

W. M. Ogelby " •* 

Andr. Miss M. L, Robioaon.. Middletown 

Gen. Mgr. & Pur. Agt. 

Willard M. Gould Middletown 

Engr. Pwr. Sta. • 

W. D. Vanlnwegen " 

M. M., Fred Francisco •. *' 

Road master, E. Hughes ' ^ 

Power sta. equip. 2 d. c. Bull. tot. 676 
kw; 836 hp. e. Harrisbg; 760 hp. b. Frank- 
lin; trans, volt. 550 v; trolley volt. 660- 
575 V. 

Power sta. and repair shops at Mechan- 

Reaches and owns Midway Park. 

12.84 miles; 4-8V«g: 19 motor pass., 8 
motor express and 3 motor service cars. 


MIN£OIiA. 2,881. 
(See Nos. 649 and 748.) 

MT. VERNON. 87.683. 

461— Westchester Rice. R. R. Co. 

—Office, 2396 Third Ave., New York. 

(Connects New York, Mt. Vernon, 

New Rochelle, Bronxville, Tnckahoe, 

Larchmont,Pelham and PelhamManor). 

(Controlled by Third Ave. Ry. Co., New 


Pres. Slaughter W. Huff New York 

V. PrcH. Leslie Sutherland *' 

Sec. Walter C. Burrows •* 

Treas. Alfred D. Sage " 

Audr. B. G. Steinetz *» 

Snpt. Tranpp. 

William K. Thompson ** 

Pur. Agt. Chas. Witzel " 

Claim Agt. John W. Yenson. . . " 
Elecl. Bngr. Walter J. Quinn. . ** 
M. M., J. S. Mc Whirter 

1119 Third Avenue " 
Roadmaster, B. M. T. Ryder. . . " 

Bnergy purchased from Third Ave. 
Ry. Co. trans, volt. 6600 v; trolley volt. 
576 V. 

1 sub-sta. cap. 3000 kw: 4 rot. conv. 

Repair shops at East Chester. 

Transfers to Hudson Park and Glen 
Island. . ^^ ^^^ 

Mileage included in report of No. 689; 
72 motor pass, and 7 motor service cars. 

NBWARK. 6,227. 
(See No. 750a.) 

NBWBUROH. 27,806. 

f 99 — Orange County Traction Co.— 

Office, 244 Broadway, Newburgh. (Op- 
erating New burgh City Line. New- 
burgh & Orange Lake Line and Wal- 
den A Orange Lake Line.) (Connects 
Newburgh. Orange Lake and Walden.) 

Pres. B. B. Odell, Jr Newburgh 

Asst to Pres., Sec, Audr. & 
Pur. Agt. , B. Bryant Odell .... " 

V. Pres. A. L.. I.Miller " 

Treas. H. B. Odell, 14 Water St. " 

Gen.Supt. F.S.Berry ** 

Ch. Bngr. Pwr. Sta. 
Nicholas Treshmian ** 

M. M., Thomas Coots " 

Roadmaeters ] ?; gi;*^;/;.;: " 

Power ata. equip. 8 d. c. West. tot. 460 
kw; 8 rot. conv. G. B., West. tot. 800 k w. 
60 cys; 800 hp. o. Dixon, Cor; 700 hp. 
b. Delaney, A. & R; trans, volt. 18,600 v; 
trolley volt. 660 v. 

Bnergy also purchased from Central 
Hudson Gas & Blec. Co. 

Power sta. and repair shops at New- 

Biaches Orange Lake Park (owned). 

28 miles; 4-8^ g; 58 motor and 11 
other cart, ifW 

T PAI.TZ. 1.310. 

SI kiching* PI "JersBy "Cil7.'N.~J. 
(CounecUNaw PaltE, UliluvLlle, LdtiI, 
and HIghiBpd Lindlni -'"■ ■ — 


rrf-Bi. G)*urge W. JooM Brookljn 

iBit.GBD. Met. c'.K'.'siorBinV. " 

jDpt. WlllittinSlelutt 

3<n. Pi9>. Agt. H. A. Crons.... 
Uecb. A Bleu. Edrf. L. J. DaTU " 

BiierKy pure hued from BrooklraBtlild 
CraDBll Co. 

1H1.S1H mllea; 4-B^ E; (IDfi.OOl mi1» oX 
Ud}; 1St4 motor put., 54 trail paai. Bnd 

^B No>. BSl ai 


NRWYORK. 6.80a,a*l (1016). 

Baroagh of Tlie Uruni. 

BTB.Sn (1B16), 

eas-Unlan By. Co. ot New York 

Cltr— Dfflna, aSBB Third Ave. Opersttn 

Bronx Trac. Co.. sod So. Blvd. R. R. 

(Coucecis Yonken and Hi. Vernon.) 

(Control I Bd bj Ttlnl Ave. By. Co.) 

Proe. Slanghter W. BaS New York 

V. Pre*. r.BillBSatUerUad.... 

Sac. Walffr C. Bntrowa 

Treaa. Alfred D. Sago 

Andr. B, Q. atelnelz 

8npl. Tfanip. 

William £ Thumpson 

Pnr.Alrt. Cbai.Wltael 

Claim Agt, JoUn W. Yeneon,. 
Blee. Bngr. Waller J. QnlDn.. 
K. M„J. a. McWhlrter 

me Third A»8.. 
Bng r, M. ot W,. B. M. T. Bvdsr '■ 

EnersT purchased from Third Ave, Rj. 

Co.; trans, volt. WKM v; trolloy Tolt. 


a aub-etas. tot. cap. 10,00(1 hw; % rot. 

Repair thnps atSEtli_St. Is Third in 

:, Van C 


*W t 

661— Uiooklya Bkpid Tranilt Co,- 

Omce,B5 Clinton St. (Controla Brook- 
lyn Eeighta R. R. Co.. Brooklyn, 
(Jneena Co. A Snbnrban E. B., ^g.. 
aaa Elec. R. R. Co.. New York Con- 
■olldaied R. R. Co. (wbkti leMei and 
controli the New York Mnniclpal S.j. 
laland ft Oravoend Ry. Co.. Hhlrb 
controla The Coney laiBcd A Brookljn 
B, B. Co.) 

RecvT. L. M. Garrlaon Brooklyn 

Gen. Mkt, for Recyr. 
W.S.Menden " 

Treae. C. D. Menwly ■' 

In CharEB of Tain & Real BaUte 
J.H. BonniDston " 

Compl. Howara.^hel '■ 

0*D. Connael, 
G«o. U. Yeonuina ■■ 

9opl.8nrr.Tranap,W,8lBhert " 

Sunt. Tranap. Rap. Trana. LlBM 
jiF.Eagan " 

Blec. Bngr. C.B. Hoeti'l'.'.'. '.'.!"!!!! ■' 

Claim Ai;t. I. laaacaen " 

Gen. Fgt. Agl. A. R. Plptr ■' 

Pur.Aei-LlncolnVanCoM ■• 

Snpt. Pwr. n. A. BobbiM ■' 

8npt. Eqnlp. W. a. Gov*... '■ 

Cb. Bnirr.. Way A Strnclnre, 

CL.Crabba - 

Enur. Sarf, R'dway, B. C, Cram, •' 

Power ataa. equip. 4 d, a. Welt. WalkK 
tot. 9.700 kw; 17 *. 0. Wett. G. B.. 
Bull. lot. \iajQO kw. BSOD-II.OOO v. 
S pb. «. cya; 38.000 hp. e, AIU|.C, 
WsBt; 71.6M bp. b. Bab. £ W. A. A Tl 
117.G0akw.turb.(atm.)W«ct.n. B.itiana. 
volt.efloa-1I.OaO v: trollayyolt. SS&SOO v. 

Power lUa. at Kent ft Diviajoa Aye*., 
Srd Ave, ft lid St, and Smith * Sib Sta. 
Repair ibopa: Surlacedlv. at cor. 9*181. 
ft Sacond Ave.; Elevated div. at M Oll- 
lea Place. E. Dew Vork: Mth St. • 
Second Ave.: SIth St. ft Mb At*.. 8d. 
Brooklyn; flOI Freali Fond Road. Glan 

les: 4-BHe; S8SD motor and 

BoroDBh of Brooklyn. 

1,B38,439 (1(16). 

fl«0~BrldKe Operating Co.— Offlca 
K Clinton fli.. Brooklyn, and Its Brosi 
way. New York. (Slock control hel 
Jointly by Brooklyn IlelghH B. R. Co 
and New York Rj«. Co. TheBroolily 
Heiglitl H, B. Co.. acta aa operatlne 

(Oparalea local irrvlce over Wlluanii- 

hnrB Bridie.} 

Prea.T.a Wllllaioe Broi , 

V.Prea, W, Leon Pepperman... New York 

Bee, ftTreae, C. D,lcenealy Brooklyn 

Andr, E, F, J, Qaynor New York 

Energy from Brooklyn Helghta R.R. Co. 

I.Mmllea; t-B^gi EO motornara, 60 

«a«>— The Brooklyn City R. K. Co 

— Omcs, 1«8 MonUgiio Si,. Brooklyn 

N. Y. 

Prea, Prank Lyman Drooklyr 

V.Prea, Henry F, Noyea 

V. Prea, ft Oen. Mgr. 

e. Hobart Porter " 

See. SfiounieyB. Olney " 

1, Office, 100 Broad 

1 St. 1 



Prlnripally freight bnalneia.l 

Prea.IrvlnB T, Biiab Hew Tort 

V.Pres. R, O. Slmondu 

See, R, Will la ma 

Treaa. ft Andr, John A. Helnrleh " 
Actg, Traffic Mnr. 

P. L, flerhardt New Tork 

Pnr. Agt. Geo, Klolln " 

Conitr, RiiBf, 

B. M, EliswDrth, . .S7'«lh BI„Brookl]ra 
Slec, BnxT. ft Snpt. Overhd, Conet. 

W, L.SlnrBee 

M. M.. W. R, MaHen,Ft.<8d8l. 

Energy pnrcbaBcd from Bro«klym 

Pwr. eta at Brooklyn; repair aboptit 

6 mllea; «-eii e; a paaa. cue ud 4 

{Controlled by Brooklyn S 








Co. throngh Conej Island & Oravesend 

Ry. Co.) 

Pres. T. 8. WiiUams Brooklyn 

V. Pres. & Treaa. C D. Meneely 

Sec. J. H. Bennington ** 

Compt. Howard Abel " 

Supt. Wm. Siebert »* 

Pur. Agt. Lincoln Van Cott.... *• 

Reacnes Coney Island. 

53.124 mllfs: 4-8^ g; 482 motor, 458 
pass, and 17 service cart, 8 snow plows, 
6 sweepers. 50 

670 — Manhattan Biidee Three- 
Cent Line.— Offlr«,3S3 Gold 8t,Brpok- 
lyn. (Connects Flatbnth Ave. & Fnl- 
ton St., Brooklyn, with Canal St. & 
Bowery, New York.) 

Pres. F. W.Rowe. ..383 Gold St., Brooklyn 
V.Pres. F.D.MacKay •• 

Sec. Walter Hammitt 

489 Fulton St., 
Treas. Ed. T. Horwill 

215 Montague St., 
Audr. C. E. Qrau. .388 Gold St., 
Gen. Supt., Claim & Pur. Agt. 

Arthur Porter.... 888 Gold St., 
M.M., A. G.Norton.. " 

Energy purchased from Brooklyn 
Bdison Co.; trolley volt. 600 v. 

Repair shops at 838 Gold St. 

4 miles: 4-8^ g; 16 motor pass, cars 
and 1 sweeper. if 50 

671 — The Marine Ry. Co.— Gen. 
office. 81 Nassau St., New York. (Road 
extends from Manhattan Beach to 
Sheepshead Bay.) 

Pres. Joseph P. Day N. Y. City 

V. Pres. H. N. Armstrong " 

Sec. William L. Sayers .... " 

Treas. H. Scbieffelln Sayers. . . " 

Audr. Thomas Horton ** 

Snpt. AustinWrieht, Manhattan Beach 

Pwr. plant equip. 2 d. c. West. tot. 360 
kw. ; S mo. gen. sets. 

Repair shops at 120 West End Ave., 
Manhattan, Beach. 

1.74 miles; 4-8^ g: 4 storage battery 
cars. 60 

6 7 3— Van iirnnt St. Jk Krie Banin 
R. R. Co.- Office, 964 Van Brunt 8t. 

Pre«. John F. Murphy Brooklvn 

V. Pres. A Pur. Agt. 
D. W. Sullivan " 

Ser. & Trea* , WyllvsTerry,. . . . " 
En«rey purchased from Brooklyn 

Heights R R Co. 

5 miles: 4 sue: 14 motor cars. 129 

Boroui^h of Manhattan. 

2,684,t28 (1916). 

(See alBO Nos. 27, 67, 69. 91, 106, 149. 175, 

241, 486, 550, 551, 624, 640, 725, 1042, 

1329, lasi and 1836.) 

674— Belt Line Ry. Corpn.— Office, 

2.396 Third Ave. (Controlled by the 

Third Ave. Rv. Co.) 

Pren. Slanghtpr W. Huff New York 

V. Pres. Leslie Sutherland ** 

.^'ec. Walter 0. Burrows ** 

Treas. Alfred D. Saee '• 

KndT. B. a. 8tein«^tz ** 

Snpt. Trnnsp 

William E. Thompson ** 

Pur. Agt. Chas. WItzel •* 

Claim Agt. John W. Yenson.. •' 
Elec. Enffr. Wwlter .1. Quinn.. " 
M. M., J. S. McWhIrtpr 

1119 Third Ave. " 
Engr. M. of W.,B. M.T.Ryder *» 

Repair whops at 65th St. A Third Ave. 

Mileage Included in report of No. 689; 
65 motor pass, and 6 motor service cart. 

• 50 

676— Dry Dock, East Broadnraj Jk 
Batterj R. B. Co. Office, 2896 Third 



Ave. (Controlled by the Third Ave. 

Ry. Co.) 

Pres. Slaughter W. Huff, New York 

V. Pres. Leslie Sutherland ** 

Sec. Walter C. Burrows " 

Treas. Alfred D. Sage »» 

Andr. B. G. Sieinetz " 

Supt. Transp. 

William B. Thompson ** 

Pur. Agt. Charles Witeel " 

Claim Agt. John W. Yenson.. . . ** 
Bloc Bngr. Walter J. Quinn. . . *' 
M. M., J. S. McWhirter 

1119 Third Ave. 
Bngr. M. of W., B. M. T. Ryder •• 

Energy purchased from Third Ave. Ry. 

Repair shops at 65th St. & Third Ave. 

Mileage included in report of No. 689; 
100 motor pass, and 8 motor service cars. 

• 60 

676a— Blghth Arenae R. R. Co.— 

Office. 825 Eighth Ave., New York. 

Joseph Tate, 71 Broadway, New York 
Vice- Free. 

Wm. H. Hayi " »» 

Sef. & Treas. 

J. G. Affleck. 1 Madison Ave. ** 
Asst. Sec. A A set. Tteaa. 

Wm. Affleck, 1 Madison Ave. ** 
Gen. Mgr. 

W. B. Yereance. 825 Eighth Ave. •* 

Pur. Agt. Ralph Newman 

Spec. Agt. W.G. Wheeler " 

f Transp. 
Super- J H. S. McGinness *' 
visors I Wav A Struct. 

[ James D. Kent " *♦ 

Asst. Supv. Way * Struct. 

William J. Boucher '* 

Ener y purchased from various com- 

Repair shops nt 825 Eighth Ave., New 

20.01 miles; 4 8^ g; underground; 85 
motor pass, and 10 other can. '!^60t 

677— The Forty-Second St., Man- 
hattanvllle A Ht. Nieholaa Are. 

Ky. Co.— Office. 2396 Third Ave. (Con- 
trolled bv the Third Ave. Ry Co. 

Preii. Slaughter W. Huff New York 

V. Pres. Leslie Sutherland *' 

Sec. Walter C. Burrows ** 

Treas. Alfred D. Sage " 

Audr. B. G. Steinetz 

Supt. Transp. 

William E.Thompf-on *' 

CI. Agt. John W Yenson ** 

Pur. Agt. Chas. WUzel " 

M. M.. J. S.WcWhirter 

1119 Third Ave. 
Engr.M.ofW. E.M T.Ryder. ... ** 

Energy purchased from Third Ave. Ry. 
Repair shops at 65th St. & Third Ave. 
Mileage included in report of No. 689; 
162 motor pass, and 14 mot or service cars. 


678— Hmlson A Manhattan R. R* 

Co.— Office 80 Church St., New York, 
(Connects Boro. of Manhattan, New 
York City, and Jersey City. Harrison. 
Newark and Hoboken, N. J., (oper- 
ating joint service with Pennsylvania 
R. R. Co. from Cortlandt St., New 
York to Newark. !N. J.>; Cortlandt St. 
and Exchsnge Place, Grove St. and 
Summit Ave.: Cortlandt St. and Ex- 
change Place ErieR R. Sta., Hoboken; 
Cortlandt St. and «8d St., New York; 
Summit Ave. and 83d St., New York; 
Hoboken and tiM St., New York.) 

Pre*. Oren Root New York 

Sec. & Asst. Tress. 

Treaa. J. 8. O'^Neale 

Compt. F. H. Sillick 




Gen. Coonsels 
BtotMm. JvnniDge & RasMll.New York 

Gen. Sopt C. 8. Klompp ** 

Pnr. Afrt. H. W. Webber " 

Cb. En^r. J. Vipond Dariee. . . '* 
Awt Bnpt. W. k 8. Dept. 

Afl0t. 8apt. Tramp. Dept 

J. C. YanGieMD 

Sopt. Pwr. B. 8. Mnrpby 

WMbtngton & Bay SU-^ersey City.N. J. 
Real BaUto Agi. P. C. Miller.. 

Power tta. eqnip. 4 a. c turbo-gen. G. 
S., Cnrtia tot. 18.000 kw. 8 ph. 45 cvs; 
8100 bp.b. Bab. & W; trans, rolt. 11,000 
t; trolley toIL 860 y. 

Power tta. at Waahlneton A Bay Sts. ; 
repair diope at Railroad Are. A warren 
St, Jersey C^ty, N. J. * 

18.757 milee; 3d raU; 4-8^ g; 886 motor 
aad other care. i^SO 

•7*— Interboroni^h Rapid Tramalt 

Co.— Offleei, 165 Broadway, New York. 

(Leaaea Manhattan Rt- Co. and owns 

one-half interest in the Long Island 

Slec. Rt. Co. and New York A Lone 

Island Trac Co.) (Controlled by In- 

terborongh-Conmlidated Corpn.) 
Cbmn. of Board. Aaeoitt Belmont, 

43 Exchange PI. New York 
Ohmn. Exec. Committee. 

Bdwin J.Berwind " 

Prss. A Gen. Mgr. 

Frank Hedleir " 

AaBta.toPre0. » w. L. Pepperman 

Jk Gen. Mgr. '« Geo. Keegan 

Gen. Connsel, 

James L.Qnackenbaah ** 

Bee. H. M. Fisher 

Asst Sec. A. C. Wigren »» 

Trees. J. H. Campbell '' 

AnAr. V. F. J. Gaynor *• 

Asst. Pnr. Agt. J. F. Sloan.... 
Snpt Snbway Dtr. 

A.L.Merritt,96thSt*BroadwaT *' 
Snpt. EtoT. TMt. 


Snpt. of MotlT* Power 

H.A. Kidder. 50th St A llth Ave. ** 
Snpt. Car Equipment. 

J. 8. Doyle.. .98tL 8t*8rd Ar« •* 
Claim Agt 

Thomas Gerehart. 13-81 Park Row '' 
Sljnial Ener. 

J. M. Waldron 

Ch. Snrr. Geo. H. Pe^ram Xew York 

Bner.M. W.. C. E. Carpenter. 

nee. Bnsr. G. C. Hnll 

R!^Mlmast«r. Fred Hels.Soath Ft^rrr*' 

Power sta. eqnip. (Manhattan Div.)S«.f. 
ti:rbogen. Westc. tot. 67.Min kw. 11,(W0 

New York. Extends from 50th St A 
Second Ave., Manhattan Boro, ovct 
Qaeensboro Bridge, through Woodaide, 
Winflela, Elmhnnt Foreat Hills, Kew 
Gardens to Jamaica, QoeensBoro. Also 
operates local serrice OTer Qneensboro 
l&idire, connecting Manhattan Boro. 
with Long Island City.) 
^Arthur C. Hume 

547 Fifth Ave., New York 


William R. Begg 

84 BroaTSt, 
Andr. Fred. H. Adier. 

Queens Plaza Court. Long Island City 
Gen. Mgr. A Pur. Agt. for Recvrs. 

B.* Waller Duncan . . . .Long Island City 
SuptTrantp. W.M.TilUlson. ** 
Claim Agt.. Henry Schomber '' ^' 
M. M.. A.M Ballon Lome Island City 

Enerey purchased from New York and 
Queens Elec. Lt. & Pwr. Co.; trolley volt 
675 v. 

Repair shops at Bnckley St A Thomp- 
son are.. Lone Island City. 

Reaches Celtic and Washington Parks. 

82 miles: 4-8^: 48 motor pass, cars 
and 9 othsr motor cars. 60 

688 — New York Central R. R. 
(Elee. DlT.)- Office. Grand Central 
Terminal. (The Harlem div. extends 
from New York City north to North 
White Plains; the Hudson div. extends 
from New York City north to 
Croton ) 
Pres. P. E. Crowley New York 




V. 3 nh. 8K cys: 6i.00"» hp. e. AHis-C; 38,W0 i ^ " * ^ J 
hp. b. Bab. A W. | ^l^^J^ 

(Subwav Dir.) 14 a. c. turho-«n. West. ! -lITV„t"' *' '^i 
G E. tot. 105.000 kw. ll.Ortn v. 3 ph. « ■ ^?^ rhSJI hij, 
j.^67.B00hp.e. Allis-C:86.(Whp.b.B.b. IS^lC. ^f.'Scsl G 

Power sta.. Manhattan DW.. Hetween 
74th A 75th Sta. A Bast River: reiv«ir 
shops. Tth Ave. between 1«^h A i.VHh 
Sta.; «ftth St A %\ %vr : l.i»t^ Qt * !»th 
Ave.: ITtth St. &3d \Te.. and S4'>th St. 
A B'way. 

Power sU. SnHwav Div.. 11th & 18th 
Ave., between .Vth A ^<)th Sis. 

Snbwav Div.. 194.8A miles: Manhattan 
Div., 185.89 mlWHi: 4-^t4 g: 2.6S7 motor 
pas*.. I.lfift trail pass.. ^4 ot^t-r motor 
■ad 101 other cars. 

Dnal system : •ubwar and elevated 
Unas for consrmction jointly hv city and 

Asst V. Pres. R. B. Starbnck.. 

Treas. E. L. Rossiter 

Audr. G. M. GIsrier 

(3en. Mgr. W. J. Fripo 

Asst Gen. Mgr. T. W. Evana. . 

Gen. Supt Pass. Transpt 
C.F.Smith ?f aw York 

(Jen. Snpt. A Term. Mgr 

Mile!* Bronson 

Snpt O.H.Wilson.... 

CJen. Pur. Act. W. C. Bower.... 

Gen. Pass. Agt Hstv Parry . . 

Ch. Engr. G. W. Kittredge . . . . 

Ch.Engr ElecTrsr. E. B. Katte 

SuptofPwT. W G. Carlton.... 
1 Supt. Elec Equip. C.H.Qnerean 

I Div. EnsT. F. Boardman 

' Asst. Term. Mgr. A Signal Engr. 
, H S.Balliet.. 

SupvT of Transm. E'lw. Riehter, 

Ch. Train Dispr. E. L. Golden 

Dist Claim AgtT. W. Dill ... 
Two power «taa. equipped with 9 a. c. 

turbo-een. G. E. tot. 60 000 kw. 11.000 v. 

3 ph. » cvs; »,«i4 hp. b. Bab. ft W, T, 

A R; trans, rolt. ll.n(JO v: trolley volt 

666 v: 9 sub-t'tAS. tot. cap. 45,600 kw; 88 





company. 9*^.12 miles, elerateii railroad ex- 
tSDsfons' to be constructed hv ct^m)wmv, 
5.S1 miles. ifSO 

680 — Man hat t« II A v^iieriiit Timc. 
Corpa.— <lfflce. tK» \V;iil Smvi, New 
York, N. Y. (Purchaiwd the franchise 
and phvsical pn>perty of the Soath , 
Shore Trac. Co. lying within the city of j 

l^ower stas. at Port Morris and Glen- 

50th St.. Mott Haven, 

nwood. Irvington, Os- 

sfnine. Botanical Gardens. Tnckaboe and 

White Plains. Repair shops at Harmon 

and No. White Plains. 

»1.f« miles, 4 «H A 4-9 k; i third mil): 
tSSmotor pa««.. 4 mail bairgage,8ba8rraire 
and 18 luis*. * baef^age cars; 78elcc.l€»cos. 


6HS -New York City Interboro«irli 

Ry.Co.— Office. 3896 Thiid Ave. (Coa* 
nectn B<^«T»uchs of Manhattan and 
Bn^n T . ^ \ Control led by the Third A^re. 
Ry ro.> 

Pr^*. ^>•lv^ter W. Huff New York 

V. r*re« l,e*lie Sntherland 

SecT Walter C Borrows 

Trt'ss .\lfred D. Saure 

.Audr B li Ste:netf 

•snpt. of Tran*. 
W*V:iani K. Thumpfc^n 

**UT V::t I' ar\*Wi!r.»l 

flaim \«'. .t.^hn W.Yenson.... 

Kle-* Kncr. Wa'ter.l. t^ulnn... 

M M. J. S. McWhirter. 

1119 Third Ave 



Bngt M. of W. 

S^M,T.Br.ter New Yort 

Energy piirchBied from Third Ave. Ry. 

«B<— The New Vork OoDneotInK 
A. R. Co — Omct, PenDiylVBDla SU., 
New Vork Citj. (Bo»d eiunili from 
cflDDectlanwltuN.V.N.U. AH. B.B.St 
Port Uarrie, Boroagb of Brotii, (□ rou- 
necllan wiLb bDngfiljiiid B. R. at Frab 
Pond Jcl., Boroagli of Uueaai, New 
YortClly, B,M tolle«,wlllil)r»ncli from 
nal llDfi of f. R. R. ■! Bnnnyalda Turd. 
BoioDiiti of qunoi, O.lll of & mils: total 
mllBiKi BM inlleB. Pntgroger lervlce 
to Wnt and aoalb tIk Penun. Bib. lod 
freight Forrire OTOt L. 1. R. B. trac» 
fresh Pand ID Bbt Rldan. 
'-'-'-'•- - " R. Co. and N. _. _ _. 
and to be operated b; 

t. CJwk New H«™; 

Audr. C. T,. NMle Ni 

Sopt. P. W. J . l^itb 

Par.ARt. aeo. U Bpldell, Jr.. 

Claim ARt. F.a. LjoDi 

(Ian. Pgt. ft Pu«, Agt 

optof Equip., It. R. Poller, 
Unlonport ltd. * Morfla Park A' 

Ch. Diapatcber, W S. Conklln, ' 

Preg. B.O.BackUnd..Net> Haven. Conn. 
V. Pree. Saaiuel Rea Pbllad.'lpliia, Pa 

Sao. A. K Clark Now Haven, Conn 

Treaa. A. 8. Mar 

Compt. W. S, Palmer 
rb. Bngr. Bd. Oagel.. " " 

- " nMoachzlakB " ~ ■ 



traja Co.— OOle* 

gnlldated Corpi 

. Bedgea 


ikHedlBj NewTi 

illed bj tatat- 
Ne* York 

Gen. Conn.. WInthrop 

Oen.Attr.Jamra L.QuBuke 

Prank B< . 
laat Andr. 

Oeo. T. Onan 

UM. to OcD. Hp. 

I, II, VrHland 

„ [Danl.W. Patten™ 
"■ 3 SI Park Row ■ 

Snirt, Tr»n«pi. 

T. A. Delaner.Tra-Ttb ATa.. 
Aclg. Aaft, Siiut. Tranapi. 

HDKb F. O-Relllj 

Cb. Engr. O. R. Pwram 

Bngr. M.or W.cril. Jewalt 


Bupl, Uot. Pwr. W. 8. riDUT.Jr. 

Both Bt. i, tlth Are. 


ill. eoo T. 

indgrd. » 


Boatun Ry. Go.-New York CIIt. 
Offlse,4SIMorda Park Ave. (Conaol. 
af the Weaicbeiter Northern K. R, Co. 
andtheN. Y-.WeetFhesler S Boalon 
Ky. Co.) (Cnnnecu IMd Bt. (Harlem 
Blver), and Baat IKOlb St.. Broni, 
New York Ultj, and Mt. Vernon. Pel- 
ham. New Rocbelle and Wblta Plain*. > 
(Controlled bv N. Y., N. H. & H. R. 
R. Co) 
'rea. Laverett S. Miller New York 

ASSa-Tke Ninth Avenne B. B. 

Co. — Ofllce, BM-Bth Ave., New York. 
Proa. JoiepbTBto.ri Broadwaj.NewTork 
V. IToi, Wm. H. Hayi " 

J.' G. Affleck. IMadleonAie. 
ABBt.aec. A *«si.Tn'M. 

Wm Affleck 1 Mndiaon Ave. 
Geo. Mgr. * Pnr. A«l. 

W. B Yereance,8K-HtbAve.NewTark 
Special Agt. 

a (Trsnau.H.S. McGlnneea " 
"'[*'( W.ftri^tr.JamaaD.P 
""" I Hoiiln. Ralph H. Wl 
. .._, AStroc. 

lea: 4.8Wg:"nudirgron«a; « 

Ralph B. Waldn 

SSI — PanaaTlnnls Tannel • 
Tsrinliial R. K. Ca — Ofllca. Broad 
St. Bta.. Phlla.. Pa. (Eler. Dlv. of 
Penna. R. R. between New Janar andi 
Long Island CItj via tunnel nndal- 
Nori^ River. Kew York Cfly and KaM: 
River In a point near Harold At*.^ 
Loot- I'l^oa tltj. 

Prea. sam'l Re* Philadelphia, Pi. 

V. Pre* A. .7. Connty '■ 

9ec. bawla Nellaon " 

fH.T. Wllklna |; 

Seca.* 1 J.'w'. Marahall 

SB Cedar St.. New Toik 

Treaa. J. P Pahneatock.Pbiladalpbla. Pi. 

Aaat. J J. B. Vanaandt '■ 

Tteaara. 1 Geo. A. Walker 

Oompt. E. A, Biocfcton " 

Aeat. IJ.B. Donaidaon 

Compla.lF.J. Foll.Jr " 

OeD.Coaoael.Franclal. OoweD " 
Gen. Mitr. C. 8. Krlrk 

C.'l. Leiper....P*nn.8ta., NawYoik 
Real Ret. Agt. 

T. W. Hulma PhUadelpbia, Fa. 

Sopt. N. Y Dlv. 

P. L. arovB Jeraaj City. N.J. 

Power eta. ennlp. 10 a. c.Vr, E lal. 

Ts.O(nkw. ii,«n.4«)T. 1 ph. w Aeo en; 

18.000 kp. b. Bab. M V\ 70,(100 kw. Roiw 




turb. West-Par; trans, volt. 11,000 v; 
trolley volt. 676 v. d. c. 

4 sub stas; 12 rot. con v. tot. cap. 24,000 

Power Bta. at 4th & Frout Sts., Long 
Island City; repair shops at Suunyside 

98.65 miles (third rail); 4-8Hg; 8 motor 
cars; 67 elec. locos. (Co. furnishes 11,000 
V. 25 cycle energy to Long Island R. R.) 


688— Secoud Ave. B. B. Co Office 

1874 2d Ave. 

Receiver, A. E. Kalbach New York 

Pres. Geo. S. Coe.5 Nassau St., " 
Sec. & Treas. F. M. Patchen 
5 Nassau St., 

Audr. Wm. J. Bradley, 

Att'y. C. E. Chalmers, 

Supt. A. Syndstrup 

Pur. Ajjt. Jacob Uenahaw 

Bngr. M. of W., J. Wynnt.... 

Energy purchased from New York Rys. 
Co., Inter borough Rapid Transit Co. and 
Third Ave. Ry Co. 

Repair shops at 1874 2d Ave. 

23.912 miles (operated) 4-8^ g; 286 
(revenue) motor and 12 other (non- 
revenue) motor cars. 109 

689 — Third Are. By. Co. — Office, 
2896 Third Ave. (Controls Drydock, 
B. Broadway & Battery R. R. Co., 
The 42ud St., Manhattanville A St. 
Nicholas Ave. Ry. Co., Union Ry. Co., 
Southern Boulevard R. R. Co., Yonkers 
R. R. Co., Westchester Elec. R. H.,Co., 
New York City InterborouKh Rr. Co., 
Mid-Cro»stown Ry. Co., Belt Lino Rv. 
Corpn., Kingsbiidge R. R., Bronx 
Traction Co., Third Ave. Bridge Co., 
New York, Westchester & Connecticut 
Trac. Co. and HastingM Ry. Co., Inc.) 

Pres. Slaughter W. Huff New York 

V. Pres. Leslie Sutherland •' 

Sec. Walter C. Burrows New York 

Treas. Alfred D. Sage 

Audr. B. G. Steinetz " 

8u pt. of Tranpp. 
William E. Thompson •* 

Pur. Agt. Charles Witzel " 

Claim Agt. John W. Yenson ... ^' 

Elec. Engr. Walter J . Quinn . . " 

M. M., J. S. McWhirter, 

1119 Third Ave., " 

Bngr. M. of W. E. M. T. Ryder 
Power sta. equip; 4 d. c. West. tot. 640 

kw; 8 a. c. West. tot. 24.000 kw. 3 ph 25 

cys; 40,000 hp. e. West: 16,n00 hp b. 

Bab. & W; trans, volt. 6600 v; trolley 

volt. 676 V. 
6 Bub-stas. tot. cap. 21,500 kw; 18 rot. 

Power sta. at 216th St. & Harlem 

Repair shops at 1119 Third Ave. 
866.78 miles: 4-8^g; 1508 motor pass. 

and 161 motor service cars. (Co. sells 

energy.) ^50 

690 — Alabama Trac, L.t. A Pwr. 
Co., Ltd.— Offices, 120 St. James St., 
Montreal, Canada and 120 Broadway, 
New York. (Controls Alabama Power 

Pres. James Mitchell. . .London, England 

V. Pres. Lawrence Macfarlane 
Royal Trust Bldg., Montreal, Qu(\, Can. 

Sec. & Treas. 
W.J.Henderson... " *' " 


691— American Cities Co. — Offices, 
604 Liverpool. London & Globe Bldg., 
New Orleans, La, (Controls the New 
Orleans (La.) Ry. & Lt. Co., Birralnu- 
ham (Ala.) Ry., Lt. & Pwr. Co., Mem- 
phis (Tenn.) St. Rv. Co., Little Rock 
(Ark.) Rj. A Blec. Co., Enoxville 

(Tenn.) Ry. & Lt. Co. and the Hous- 
ton (Tex.) Ltg. A Pwr. Co. 1905.) an 
1914, The United Gas A Elec. Corpn. 
acquired a little over 96 p. c. of the com- 
mon stock.) 

Pres. Francis T. Homer New York 

V. j Percy Warner, Nashville, Tenn. 

Prests. } D. D. Curran. .New Orleans. La. 

Sec. & Treas. 
Miss Madge McGrath.. New Orleani,La. 


699— American L.t. A Trac. Co.— Of- 
fice, 120 Broadway, New York. (Holding 
company and owns practically all of 
the capital stock of Detroit (Mich) 
City Oas Co. St. Paul (Minn.) Gas 
Lt. Co., So. St. Paul (Minn.) OasA 
Elec. Co., Grand Rapids (Mich.)Qa8 Lt. 
Co., St. Joseph (Mo.) Gas Co., Binghsm- 
ton (N. Y.) Gas Wks., Madison (Wis.) 
Gas & Elec. Co., Milwaukee (Wis.) Gas 
Lt. Co., St. Croix (Wis.) Pwr. Co., 
Wauwatosa (Wis.) Gas Co., W. All is 
(Wis.) Gas Co.,Con8ol. Gas Co. of N. 
J. (Long Branch), Muskegon (Mich.) 
Trac. & Ltg. Co., San Antonio, (Tex.) 
Public Service Co., Consolidated Bnild- 
ing Co., Gae Office Co. and White Star 
Coal Co. 


Pres. Alan son P. Lathrop »• 

rM. McMillln •• 

I Sec. & Treas. 

V. Prests..^ C. N. Jelliffe " 

Ch. Engr. 

I H. C. Abell *• 

Asst. Sec. & Asst. Treas. 

W. G. de Berg " 

Audr. Jas. Lawrence •*^ 

Counsel, Chas. W. Young ♦*• 


694 — Araerican Water Works M 
Electric Co., Inc. — Gen. Office, 60 
Broad St. Owns either directly or 
through its subsidiaries— all or a con- 
trolling interest of the following com- 
panies : Arkansaw Water Co., Birming- 
ham Water Works Co., Batler Water 
Co., E. St. Louis & Internrban Wtr. Co., 
City Water Co. of Chattanooga, Ci^ 
of New Castle Water Co., City Water 
Co. of Marinette, City Water Works 
Co. of Merrill, Clinton Water Works 
Co., Connellsville Water Co., Hunting- 
ton Water Corpn., Joplln Water Works 
Co., Keokuk Water Works Co., Kokomo 
Water Works Co., Louisiana Water 
Co., Mirgo Junction Water Co., Mis- 
souri Sewerage Co., Monongahela Val- 
ley Water Co., Mt Vernon Elec. Lts 
A Pwr. Co.. Mt. Vernon Waterworks. 
Co., Muncie Water Works Co , St. 
Joseph Water Co.. South Pittsbnnn. 
Water Co., Middle States Wtr. Wks. 
Co.. Warren Wtr. Co.. Wichita Water 
Co., West Penn Railways Co., and 
Penn Tmction & Water Power Co. 

Pres. H. Hobart Porter New York 

fJ. H. Purdy " 

V Prpstn \ ^ Treas. 

v.f rests. ^ Cecil S. Ashdown •♦ 

I Walter 8.F. Finlay, Jr. " 

Pres. Subsidiary Water Cos. *' 

G. E. Hoff master " 

Pnr. Agt. H. F. Barnard " 

Gen. Counsel, 

Sullivan & Cromwell " 


691a — W. S> Barstow^ Management 
Assn., Inc. -Office, 50 Pine Street. 
Operating Managers of public utility 

f>roperties. Principal companies under 
ts supervision an;: Binghamton Light 
Heat & Power Co., Eastern Pennsyl- 
vania Power Co., Kastprn Utilities Coal 
Co.. Easton Gas Works, Internrban 
Gas Co., Metropolitan Edison Co.. The 
Jersey Corpn.. The New Jersey Power 
A Light Co., The Northwestern Ohio 

Riiliwli k Power Co., PennsylTuiia 
UtilillBi Co., PittstOfd Po"or Co.. The 
PottCIiuton KlectHc Llgbt & Power 
Co.. RcadlDC Tranett A Llgbt Co., 
RatUad EilTwa;, Light A Powet Co., 
ThsSindnikj Gib& Electric Co., Bttjn 

- Electric Co, Ind Vermont HTdro- 
Kieclric Corpn. 

Fres. AOtn. Mgr. B. L. West.. New York 

V. Prei. Thonm Cheyne 

Sec. Si TriiDH. 
O. ClemoDt BweoBon 

AHt. Sbc. W. J. Relit 

Pnt. All. F. C. Roie 

Ch. Eoitr, E. M. Gilbert. 

Bioadww. (Conlrole HdIdbI Lt. « 
Wtt. Co, and City * 8oburb»n Ky. Co. 
of Bronewlok, Q«.) 
Pre*, eimnel C. 8t«liiliudt. . . .New Tork 

*■ """1 Qeorg« Raatsr Naw York 

Seo. Henrr J. Lowenbaupt " 


«M— Cities SerrlcB Co.— <^1£«, AO 
Wall St. (Controb AdnBn (Mich.) 8t. 
By. Co . AllUnce. (O.) Gaa & Pwr. Co.; 
.^rkansaa Vallmr Gae Co.. Arksnaae 
City. Rddb: .Aehland. (Ohio) Gaa & 
ElM, Lt. Co.; AthEDa (Ga.) Hy. & Elee. 
Co.; Atlse Chem. Co.. Toledo (Ohio); 
The Bartles Oil Co., 3t. Paul, Minn.; 
DDitlavinc (Okla.> Gu & Elec. Co.: 
Berea JO,> Pipe Line Co.; Briatol, 
(Va.-TeanJ Gaa & Elec. Co., Btuah 
Elec, Co., GaltntoD, Teias; Central 
Ohio Gu K Elec. Co. (which controla 
Buckeye Stale Ga» & Fuel Co.. Colum- 
biii NstuTsl Gaa Co., CoehoctoD Gaa 
Co, and Medina Gu and Fuel Co.); 
Cilia Fuel & Pwr. Co. {which oontrolB 
Aaier,PipelinkCo..KanBaa& Oklahoma, 

Ltd. Ontano, ManufacturerB Nat. Gaa 

(which oontrale Compsola Coiombiana 
Del Petrqleo, Colombia, B. A.); Com- 
pania Einnip. de Petroleo y r.e 
fMoiioo); CfEW Lovipk Co.. Philu 

County dai 




Cart ha 


, -Febb City & Carter- 

vIHp Gaa Cj.) ; Empir* Gaa A Fuel Co 
(Colo.) ; Emmre Gaa & Fuel Companj 
of Del. (whioh oootrols Empire Gai 
Fu»l Co, (Calil.): Empire Gaa & Fue 
Co. (Mo.); KmpireGM and Pipelin. 
Co. (Me.) ; Empire Gasolioe Co. IM.) 
Kmpire Petroleum Co. IDcl); anc 
KiimirB Refining Co. (Del,); Kmpir. 
KcGneriea Idc; Produeen Itefinin, 
Co., Btandud Asphalt &. ReGnioB Co 
(whiab oontrole EmiMrc Pipeline Co. 
Emuire KeOneriea ' "" ■" 

lUfininii Co., and Standard Asphalt ii 
Refining Co.); S9 (Jsage till Co.. 
J Ddisn Territory, III. Oil Co., (whioh 
oonlrob Uelmar Oil Co., Oaage Pro- 
duoera Gaa Co. and WestsrlyOil Co.) 
KecsaiB Oil Co., Midland Oil Co., 

8UBpaw Gas Co., (which cootrola 
onaumers Gaa Co.); Steyner OU Co., 
Wichita Natural Gag Co. (which con- 
trals Sedgwick Oil Co, and WinfieU 
Natural Gaa Co.); Wichita Pipe Lino 
Co.); Empire Gaa * Fuel Co. (Ky,>; 
Empire Ga> & fuel Co. (Ohio); 
Empire Oil ft Gas Co. (Del.); Fremont 
(Ncbr.) Gaa, Elec. Lt. * Pwi. Co.; 
Knoivilie (Tenn.) Gu Co.; Lebanon 
(Pa.) Gaa & Fuel Co,; Lincoln (Nebr.) 
Oae A Elec, Lt. Co.; {which oontroh 
Havelook (NebJ Elec. Lt. Co.); 
T.orain County El«. Co., EWria. O.; 
MaauUon (O^. Elec. & Ga. Co.; 
Maumce (Ohio) Valley Rya. A Lt. Co, 
Meridian (Miea.) l.t. . & Ry. Co. 

Co.); MoDlEomery (Ata.) Lt. A 
Wtr. Pwr. Co.; Pueblo (Colo.) Gaa ± 
Foel Co.; Richland Co., Richland 
PubUo Service Co., ManaGeld (Ohio); 
St. Joseph {Mo.) Ry. Lt. Ht. & Pwr. 
Co.; Ssiina (Kana.) Lt. Pwr, & Gaa 
Co.; Southern Out. Gai Co.. Ltd.; 
Soutbwcatorn Okla. Gas & Fuel Co.; 
Spokane {Wash.) Gaa A Fuel Co.; 
Teias Distributing Co., Mineral WeU; 
and Bann, Texas; Toledo Besch Co., 
Toledo Caaino Co.; Toledo Ottawa 
Beach * Northern Ry, Co.; Toledo * 
Weatem Hy. Co.; Toledo Tcao. Lt. & 
Pwr. Co. (which conlrola Acme Pwr. 
Co. and Toledo Rya. A Lt. Co.). 
Trumbull Public ScrvioB Co., Wamn, 
O.; United Water, Gaa & Elon. Co_ 
Hutohin)H>n, Kaiia.; Utilities Cooatr. 
Co., Lorain, Ohio; Washita (Okla.) 
Goa & Fuel Co_j Watauga Pwr. Co., 
{Eli.abethton, Tenn,); Western Dia- 
tributing Co. Kaneas, Wesleni U. i 
Pwr. Co. (which cohtn^ Cbxyvaim, 
Lt., Fuwl & Pwr. Co,) and Weetem. 
Okla. Gaa A Fuel Co.) 

'res. Henry L, Doherty Naw York 

fE. MacKsyEdEU- 

London, Ens. 
'. Preets. i Frank W.Fruoauff. New York 
I E.H.Johnalon,... " 

I ThoB.I.Carlflr - 

lee. Paul H. JonCB " 

Tress. LouiaF.Mnai! " 

fE. E. McWhinoy 
la, G, BrowneU.. "1 

Asat. Sbcb..^ T.W .Bonnet. London. Eni- 

L G. C. Blankner.New York 
, , IT. A. Wallace 
t«^ 1 ^ "" ""™ 
^"""' I Dale B. Caraoo 
Geo. Counsel, 

Frueauff , Robinaon A Sloan . . 


OBT — DDherly Opentlog Co 

Offlct, 90 Wall Hi. (Opetataa Orark Pwi. 
* Wit. Cto, and the propartlw con- 
trailed bj the ClUee Service Co.) 

Prtfc Henry L. Doherty New York 

V.Pree. Frank W.Pineanff.... ■' 

V.Free.AOen.Hn. H. H. Scott, ■' 

8*c,&TreH. Loola F.Uniil " 

Andr. Paul R. Jonea " 

Ch, Engr. Milan R. finmp " 

Par. Agl. Fnmk J. Petura " 


flVB — KleotFlo Bond A Shan Co,— 
once il Uroadwa]'. (Flecal igaDt for 

CarollnaPwr. 4Lt, Co„B«lBlih,N.C. 

(which coDtroliVadldn River Pwr.Co., 

PalowCto Pwr. A Lt. Co. and (be A*h»- 


Utah SeoDrlUei Corpn. (which controla 

Utab Fwi. A L(. Co. and UUh Lt. A 


Annrican Pwr. A LI. Co. (wbieh 
iToii KiDus Uii A Elec. Co.; Pi 
Fwr. * Lt. Co.. PortUod Ons A < 

Elec. Oo. of CouDcij BlnlTi, eoathi 
ern Pwr. « Lt. Co., Tsiai Pwr. I _.. 
Co. iDd Ft. Worth Pwr. *. LI. Co.) 
pDirerSeciirltla<Oorpn.(wblcb control* 
Idabo PwT. Co. ■Dd Bolie ToIIbt Tnc. 
Co t Nortbern Control Ou Co., Colnio- 
bill Huwood Blec. Co., SchDylkEII Obb 
A Elec. Co.. Lcfalgh Pover Secnritlep 
Cotpn. (wblch eonlrola Penn«jlvanl« 
Pwr. & Ll. Co. and Lehigb Vall-i Tran- 
■It Co ) Panamn Pwr, * Li. Corpn.. 
Dallai Fwr. A Lt. Co. and Datlaa Itall- 
*>y Co. (Sobsldlarj of tbe Qen.Elae. 

Pre*. 8. Z. MltcheU Raw York 

fF. A. Parrar '■ 


T Piviii I C. E. Groaabmk... ' 

E. W. Hilt 

)l. H. Parkh'iret... 
Sec. H. M. Fraacle 

1^- io:i\HomM6r"?!'.'.'.'SobBDOctadT 

Traaa. Wm. Reliar " 

Aaat. I A. C. Ray ' 

Treaa. } G. J. Hldtman ' 

Aut. Compt. W. G. Lang 

Gan, Audr. A.H. AnnlllE ' 

Btatlellolau, B. B. L<e 

7O0 — Fadei-ml 1.1. A Tno. Co.— 

Omca, 60 Broadway, New York. (Floldi 
controlllae Interest In Ornra Harbor 
By. A Lt.Co.,<Aberdeen.Waih.): 8Lr-' 
dan Cunnly Klec Co. (Sheridan, Wyo 
Rawllna (Wyo.l Elac. Ll. A Foal C 
HobDri (Okla) Blen. Co.: Alboqorrq.. 
(N. K.) Oai k Eleo. Co; Las Vegaa 
(N M.) Lt. A Pwr. Co., (which con- 
Irola Laa Vegai TmneltOo..); Tueson 
(Aril. I GlB^ec. Lt. & Pwr. Co., 
and TncMin iUpId Tranalt Co.; 
BprlDgfiald Ry. Jl Lt. Co. Iwblob 
eoniroli Sprfni-Held Traoilon Cn. «iid 
Sprlngflal^dfo.) Oaa A Elec. Co.^ Trl- 
urdad (Colo.) Bleic. TraoKin. Ry. £ Qae 
Co; Deiiila['(N'. U.)Ice i Rise, Oo.and 
Central ArkansM Ry. A Lt, Corpn.. 
wblch controla the Hot SprloKi St Ry. 
Co. and Ceniaman Oaa Co., all of Hot 
Sprlnga, Ark.) 

Pree. E. N. Snndaraon New York 

let V, Prsa. Praocli Bloaaom.. •' 

tndV. Prai. Craig Colsale 

T. Praa. AGan. Mgr. 
O.B. Nloholi 

See. A Trraa. J, Dnnblll >' 

Aaat. San. A AaiL Treai. 
Rlebmond Talbot " 

Aaat. Sec. E.K.H.D'Aetb 

lOI — Tl>« Oeneral Gsa * Elen. Ca. 

—Office, BO Ploa m, (OoDtfoli the 
following proparllBS operated nodKr 
Itiao«e«nioal of W. 8. Ban-tow M«n»g«- 
ment Ann. Inc: Rutland (Tt.) Ry.. 
Ll. A Pwr, Co., Pltteford (Vt.J Pwr. 
Co., NortbwaatariJ Ohio Ry, A Pwr. 
Co.. Toledo, O,. Port Clinton (O.) Elac, 
Lt » Pwr, Co.. Sandusky (O.) Oai A 
Elec. Co.. Weateni Vermont Pwr. A 
Lt. Co,. Falrha'en. Vt„ Int^mrban Ou 
Co., Naiaratb, Pa.. Kew Jsriey Pwr. A 
Lt. 0«., Dorar, N. J.. Sajro (Pa). Blac. 
Wo Co., Waverly (N. Y:) Eleo. Light 
Co. and Blnghamton (N. 7.) Lt., Ht, A 
Pwr. Co.) 

Praa. W. B. Barilow New York 

V. Pr«». Joiepb B.Taylor •' 

Saa.ATreai.O.OItmantSweniOD " 
A*il. See. W.J. Reael 

tola — Georgik Lt., Pwr. A Ryi. 

-Gen oBICB. tK Codsr St.. New York, 
NY. (VoinnUryoTOinlaatlon and con- 
trols Uncon Ry. Ji Lt, Co.. Macon Oa» 
Co.. Central Georgia Pwr. Co.andOn- 
tralGeorglH Traaam. Co.) 

Prea. M, J. Bnrphy New YoA, H.Y.' 

V. Pres. .loiiii iJ, Everitt " 

Sec. A Trtsa. 
,T, J. Thrunee, Jr 

AK>t. Soc. A AXBt. Treaf. 

Lloyd Robinson 


^0»~- Interboronsb Conaoll dated 

TrDaloe'elccKd April aB,l9IS. (Incorpo- 
rated ae aneorHeor to Intrrbotoneh- 
Meiropolltan Co. and Financial ABold- 
log GorporHtlon ) (ContTola tbe Inter- 
barBDEb Rapid Transit Co, and New 
York Bya. Co. 

TruitCE, Jamrt R Shefflild. 

IBS Broadway. New York 

Cbmn. fld. & E<BC. Comm. 
Aiignat Belmont 

4il Eichange Place. " 

V. Prea, H. H. Vret land, 

lOS Bioadwiy, 

Bee. U. H. rlBhat 

Aaal. Sec. A. 0. Wlgrea '" 

Treaa. J. H. Campbell " 

Audr. E. F. i7, Qaynor " 


TOaa ~ Lehteh Power Srsorltle* 
OorpD.— onice. 71 Broadway, (C(in- 
Irole L*blgh Valley Transit Co. and 
la mereer of Lobinh Valley Lt. A Pwr. 
Co., NortbtlinberUnd County Qaa A 
Elec. Co., Northern Central Qaa Co. 
Cotunibla A Uontour Elec. Co., Har- 
wood Elec. Co.. Schuylkill Gas A Elec. 
Co., and Penniylvaola Usr, Co.) and 
HagantORD Lt. A Rt. Co. nt WaehlDg- 
ton Connty, (Flacll AgoDt, Elec^c 
Bond A Share Co.) 

Cbrmn Bd. S, /,. Mltobril New York 

-rae.E.E. flail 


'.pre8i«.J^'^''^f,^ ;; 

(pIb. 'sawyer.'.*.'.".*,' 

.ec. E, P. Hummeraun 

Treat. Wm Relaer. '■ 

Ohio A W^etam Htllitlea C-. 

ooDlrola The ChllllcotbeiOblo) Elec. R. 
a Lt A Pwr. Co, and tx. Soott k Nevada 
(Mo.) Lt., nt.. Wtr. A Pwi. Co: Ohio 
UtlKIlea Co. which controla H 11 Isbblro 
lea A OoBl Co: Tha Ohio milltles Co. 
ofOhlo.Bunptylng DeUware. CI rclerli He, 
ChlllVcnibe A Camp Sbarman Bite, Ry. 
Co.. Baatem Blalei Pnbilc Serilca Co. 
whloli control! Niw Jaraay Gaa A Btao. 
Co._ (po™r)^ewtm W'C.^A Oat Co. 

and Flen 
tr. Co.) 

ir (Teiat) Oaa 
Ington (N. J.) 

id V. Proa. A. F. Berlngpr,. , Kbw York 

tc. Ralph Nidlton Colnmbea Oht* 

-eaa.R Bncbanao, Jr New York 

-it Kj.Cofll Co. 

(SlnrKli, Hj.) and The TfliFoailn Edi- 
son Co., Inc. n™ Xork. N. V., (which 
..... r-u. u., w^ Elec. Ky. & Lt. 

'res. Edwin Orabl... 
. ! C. 8. Rnffner 

lRobl. RaDdall.. 

ina-Oblo * Weitero UtUltlei ._. 

— OKm. IIB HfoBdmr, New Turk, 

Wtr. * Pwr'. Co. (Nevidii. Mo.i'm 
ChUlleolhe (O.) Blee. H. H. LI. ic P» 
Co. and In tnin ii controliett and m» 
aged bj NiUonil Utllltiea Co., Ne 

Pr*9, A. ?. Bsrlogor Ken York 

IstV.PrBS. J.C.IIictiD Colo mtiDB. Ohio 
Sod V, Pro*. I^M. Symmes.... New York 
Srd V. Prei. ± Sec. 

H. BTichwiimJr.. 

Troas, K. B, VanWyck 


70e-P«nusyl»nli Bleotrln Co.— 

Otricea. 3»4DuPoDtBldg.,Wilmlui!toD, 
Dpi. and 14 Wall 8t. New York 
{Oonirnie ihronBb awnerelilp of 
.-cnriiie. ttaa fblJowlnj- Peun Public 
Service Corpn., (Jobnalown); Jobna- 
town(P«.lFnal Supply Co: andCcotre 
* niearfleld TI7. Co. (FbilipebnTS, Pa.) 

Frea.H. D. Walblldge NenYork 

V. JJ.K.Aadum 

Praais. 1 P. T. Hepburn 

See, L.A.Wood 

Treaa. P. K, Hmi« ;■ 

AMt, Treiu. A. E. WalbrYdge'. ! ! 

Co.— Nb* York olSce, 1*> Broadway. 
(Tbla corporaltoo waa oreanlud ander 
th« lawa or New Jenei to bold etocka, 
bonds and other Mcarltles. and la 

■loetHc and lan ilghtloK oropettlaa.) 
(Pra'^tioally entire capital alack owned 
br Ih<t American LI. A Trac. Co.) 

Prea. BriienonMcHllllD.......TVaiv York 

V. Pnui. PhUlp Lehman >' 

Bee. C. N. .IbIIHTb 

TreM. A. P. Ijtbrop " 

Cn,— Sew York ofttot, 71 Broadwaj. 
IControla Teiaa Pwr. A Lt. Co., 
Ft. Worth Pwr. A LI. Co., El Paao Oaa 
Co.. Qalienon Gas Co., Parla Tianall 
Co., Wlehlta Palla Elee. Co., Wichita 
Palis Wtr. Co., Weat Teiaa RIec. Co., 
awaelwalsr lee & Cold Hioraua Co.. 
Internitlonil Blec Co.. EiwrlePaea Wtr, 
Co., IIutublDaoii Ota & Fael Co. and 
Newton Gn« and Fnel Co.) (ConirQlled 
b; the American Pwr. A Lt. Co.) 

PrB..FO. Sykea New York 

V. IE, W. Hill 

Preata.jA. B. Onnler 

Ib.H Klnitman 

Bee. E. P. ^ammenon ■' 

AsK. .lac.H. L. Hartln 

Tiwa, Wm, Retaer '■ 

Aaat. jA.C.Ra> 

Treatra. 1 G. J.aieknun " 

Dtllittea Oil A Ref. Coruu. (»l 

coiitroli' the romoion alock of Uniled 
Okla, Oil*(ia*Corpn. (New York, N.Y.) 
and the common atock ot BooaUin 
lT*i.) Gaa A E^iel Co. add Honalon 
Heigtata Wtr. & Lt. Aaan, (Hoaalon, 
Texaa): Conaamtn' Elec. Lt. a, Pwr. 
Co. (New Orliana, La.), Harrlahnre, 
(Pa.) Lt. A Pwr, Co., Gretna (La.t Lt. 
* Pwr. Co., Inc., preferral stock of 
RIChmoDd. (lod I Lt., Ht. ± Pwr. Co., 
common and prtretred clock of Cnlon 
Oaa A Elec. Co. | Bloom] iigtos. III.). 
[Btcrdlj Terminal Rj. Co. (North 
Little Rock, Ark,); United Gaa ft Blec. 

. . . (Colorado Sprlnn, 
Wilkee-Barre (Pa.) Co., 
toe common eCork of Richmond (Ind.) 
Lt., Ht. A Pwr. Co., Empire Wtr. 
A Pwr. Co., (Colorado SprlniB. Colo.), 
and LcKkport (N.y,)Ll.. Ht. A Pwr. Co. 

foal A 


Fur. Agl. 

'ID — United Urn* A Bias. Basrg. 

Cnrpn— Offlce, 61 Broadway. N»w 
York. (Acu at cooaoltinFr, contractlnir 
and operatlug FOgiDEen for all claaara 
of public ntllltfpropcrUee. Now actiDg 
In tbla capacllj for the following 
companlea: dtlxena' Gaa A Fnel Co. 
(Torre Haute. lEd.), Colambla (Pa.) 
i4a«Co..BDuaton(TaiBi)aaa A FdbI 
Co.. Lancaster Pa.) Oaa Lt. A Fnel(>i., 
Ooupeioiia Trae. ( o, (Laueaater, Pa.), 
Rlebmond (tnd.) LI., Ht. A Pwr. Co., 
Consnmera Klei, Lt. 4 Pwr. (^o. (New 
Orleaai. La.). Edison Elec. Co. (L«D- 
caeter. Ps.) Oretoa (La.) LL A Pwr. 
Cn.. loc . Lancaater, (Pa.) Elec. LI., 
HI. b Pwr. Co , LeSTeaworth (Kan.) 
Lt„ HI. A Pwr, Co., Union Oaa » Bloc. 
Co. (Bloomlngton, lll.j. HarrtaiiiTg, 
(Pa.) Lt. A Pwr. Co., Blmlra, (N. T.) 
Wtr. Lt. A R R. Co.. Colorado Bprlngi 
(Colo.) Lt., HI. A Pwr. Co.. Lockport 
(N, Y ) LI. Bt. A Pwr, Co.. The W11k«B- 
Barre (Pu.) Co.. Central RItct Coal A 
Water A Lt. Aaaoo.) (diDttolted bf 
The ITnlted Oae A Elec. Corps.) 
PrsB. Edward G, CoonEllc New York 

'JohnF. Weaisl.... 

, FrBDcls T. Homer. 
V. PreaU. -i 10 Wall 81. 

I W, B. Emmart '■ 

3ac. & Aaat. Tteas. 

John A.Mi:Bioba " 

Treaa.Sr Comut. AnburL. Llnn.Jr. " 
Asd. TreSB. b! T. Van Ideiatlne 

Pnt.Agt. F.'Qeo, Robbmn..'.. " 

Notthern Propectisi 

iDEr. notthero 

TH~ J. G. 

(OrlctiiiRtora tad disttibiitDCii of taunt. 
clpaL TitJroHd, IndiutrUI AQd pQblic 
ulilltj invaslmooM.) lOontroli The J. 
G. White MinHgement Corpornllon «nd 
Ths J. O. Wbflle BnglnesrlDg Cotpo- 

718 — The J. G. Wtalto BaKlnaar- 
InX Corpn.— Offioe. 43 EicbaDp PI. 

trlHT pIbdM, bntldlD^s, eteaiD^ power 

■jBUmi.} (Controlled b; J. (I. WbUe 
Ohrmn. Ex. Com. J.O. Wbltfl.Nsw Torlc 

Ptei. QinaDinin " 


T. PrelU.-i A, 8. CrSDO " 


Bac. AABBt. TreKB. C. F. Conn 

C. S. Pii ■ ■■ 

B. R. N V 


Tl« — The J. G. wmt« HansKS- 
UBnt Corpn.— Office, iS Bichmee 
PI. IMinsflea ind iiapervlSBB the nrg«n- 

■II clu'sei of pDbllc atillty propertlea. 
Tboie DOW under coutTBOt Include tlic 

■ bant nfty ■DbBldlHrr Fompanlea: At 
eoGlited One A Klectflc Co. ** — ■ 
Kflntnoky - ■ ■■ - 

KMtBTn PBnngjl»«nl 

.- ,j..B<™ll 

*- Ga.; 
.ilwiyii <,'u., 

— eclric 

: Ferroc»rrilDel"Piiclflco DeNlo«- 

raeuB, MunagnB. NlcaragDB; Pblllp- 
plne Rj. On., flollK. P. 1. ; snd Southern 
DtillOBI Co.. Palstki, Pl«. Aleo 
DiUBges tbe PonKtalieeprle A W»- 
plngeri Fulle RilIwaT Co., Fongb- 
ttitepsle. N.T.; St.JnbuK Elec. Co., St. 
Auguitlne, Fla,; Mala nuu- American 
Sngar Co., Hatanue. Cuba; Central 

Bowling Graen;' Brewster gi Co., Long 
iBlBQd CItT. N. Y; BDd Philippine Ry. 
Co., Hollo, P. I.) 

Chtmo. Bi. Com. J, O. WhUe, New Yorlt 

Prea, I.H.Pardee 

' ' iiepli K. Chaste. 

See. A Treai 

A. L. MatI 
John I. U 

Wlaconein Out * S 

WlnooMilu Edlaon Co., 

Ufl. BO Broad St, {CoDtrola Th< 
B Elec. Rj. & Lt. Co.. lh> 

Treaa.) Ferdinand Sber 
- It. Her.Robl. RsDdall 

laronxh of Qnaena. 3M.4J8 (tBIG) 

16 — The IxiDB lalKBd Ooiuol. 

Elecl. Oo..— (Ifflce. Ppona, au.. New 
Yorit. {Owns one-half Int.reat in ths 
Hew York & Lone Island Tnc. Co. and 
tbe Long Jelacd BIec, R;, Co.) 

res. HalpL Petari Now York 

. Free, C. L. AddlBon 

ec. Frank B, Hoff " 

J. F. Fahneatock Philadelphia, Pa. 

ompt, t. A. Stockton, ^^ 

17-Lddc lalBDd BlBO. Hy. Co.- 

Offioe. T Borden At*., Long lelBnd 
City. (Connecli Brooklyn, ftueeni, 
Jataaioa and Far Rockaway.) (Con- 
Irollut by The Long IilandConeoI. Elecl, 
Cob. and laterboroDgh Rapid Tracalt 

Prea, G. L. Addleon 

Penna. Sta., New York 

y. Pre«.aen.HKr,& Par,AgI. 
W. O.Wood LnnglalandCltr 

"bo. a Treaa. 
Frank E. Hoff.. Penna. 8ta„ New York 

Ddr. Win. Uirtz LoDglaland Cltf 

opt. J. M. Stoddard Jamalra 

iBlRi Agt. A. J. Baton. . . .Long teland Cltr 
upt. Equip. J.W.Gerke 
Bnergy pnrcbaied from The L. 1. R. R. 
o-.trBM. volt, ll.noOT; trollej volt. SfiOT. 
Power Bta. and repair ehopent Jamaica. 
Heaebes Far Rocfcawav, Eelmonl Park, 
nd Jamaica Race Track. 
16.MmlleB;4-8Me: 30 motor paaa. and 
other motor carB. *M 


Penna. Sta.. 8tb Ave. « 8Sd Si 
York, (Operates ■ malD line 1 
Irlclty from HaDhattan. at th> 

Kon?rl»Bola* Tnnnel A T 

n City to Meadow 


nrheB i 

and Tlaia] 

Prie. 3. D. Hortlmei 

Bdwtn Ornbl 

..u« I'uu. o~.,.mv~ ..'.-J .^a Flatbacb 
ATenne Terminal, Brooklyn^ in addi- 
tion ta the aforementioned lines, whlok 
are all operated b; the third -rail Byalein, 
there are two pieces of trBckorarwIileb 
■torage battery rare Bm remilarlT opn- 
ated— the branahea from Bnibwlek M 
Buehwiek Junction and from Vallay 
Stream toMlneolaTlaBempateadCriM- 
»!ng.l (Cnntrole Ocean El«. Hi, Co., 
Tbe Glen Cotb R. R. Co., The Noith- 
partTrao. Co. and The Naatan Canntr 
Rt. Co. (Cobtrollad by Iha Long blana 




Prei. Ralph Potere New York 

V. J Henry Tatnall, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Preets. 1 A. J. County. . *' '» 

Sec. &A8st. Treas. 

Frank E. Haff New York 

AsBt. Sec. & AsBt. to Prei. 

C. L. Addison , .New York 

Treas. J. F. Fahnestook .... Philadelphia 
Aest. Treas. John M. Wood ** 

Compt. E. A. Stockton.. . " 

Gen. Counsel, F. T. Gowen. *' 

Andr. T. J. Ludlam New York 

Gen. Snpt. J. R. Savage.... " 

Asst. Gen. Supt. C. D. Baker Jamaica 

rFgt. W. E. Canning '' 

Pass.. Ralph Peters. Jr.. '* 
Supts.-{ Mot. Pwr. 

G. C. Bishop, . . .Richmond Hill 
LTel.&Elec. L.S. Wells.. New York 

Pur. Agt. H. B. Hodf es Jamaica 

Claim Agt. W. H. Mahler New York 

Gen. PaM.Agt. P.H.Woodward *• 
Gen. Fgt. Agt.. Donald Wilson •* 
Asst. Gen. Fgt. Agt. G. F. Stump '* 
Gen. Storekeeper Eugene Wright. ** 

Ch. Engr. L. V. Morris " 

Ch.Engr.Elec.Trac.Geo.Gibbs New York 
Real Estate Agent 

H. A. Howarth ♦* 

Engr. M. of W., E. M. Weaver . .Jamaica 

Energy purchased from the Pennsyl- 
vania Railroad; trans, volt. 11,000 v. 26 
cys; trolley volt. 675 v. 

15 sub. Btas. tot. cap. 56,000 kw. 41 rot. 

Repair shops at Richmond Hill. 

747.13 miles owned, stm. & elec. 
(824.88 mi. Ist m. t., 182.48 mi. 2nd m. t., 
289.77 mi. Sid.); also 180.48 miles leased 
and 7 64 miles track rights. Total miles 
operated 191.9; 5-6^g. Srdrail; 462 motor 
pass., 527 trail pass , 15 motor fgt.'& exp. 
2809 trail fgt. & exp., 1 motor service and 
301 trail service cars : 2 elec. locos. *60 

719— New York & Queens Coantj 

Ry. Co.— Office, 7 Borden Ave., Long 

Island City. 
Pres., Gen. Mgr. & Pur. Agt. 

W. O. Wood Long Island City 

V. Pres. W. L. Pepperman 

. 165 Broadway, New York 

Sec. H.M Fisher '* 

Treas. J.H.Campbell.. " 

Andr. E. F. J.Gaynor. . " 

Asst. Audr. Wm. Hartz.Long Island City 

Claim Agt. A. J. Eaton. . " ♦* 

Supt. Transpt. 

S.H.Serena *' »' 

Roadmaster, J.J. Hogan ** *• 

Energy purchased from Interborongh 
Rapid Transit Co; trans, volt. 11,000 v; 
trolley volt. 575 v. 

2 sub-sta. (1 with auto, cont.) tot. cap. 
9000 kw; 9 rot. conv. 

Repsir shops at Woodside. 

Reaches North Beach. 

77.15 miles: 4-8V^ e: 202 motor pass. 
•^0 other motor and 8 other cars. i(60 

720— Ocean Elec. Ry". Co. — Ofllce, 
Penna. Sta. , New York. (Controlled by 
The Long Island R. R. Co.) (Connects 
Far Rockaway with Rockaway Beaoh. 
via trackage rights over TheLopglslana 
R. R. Co: to Hammels. and from Ham- 
melfl to Rockaway Park and Belle Har- 
bor by its own line.) 

Pres Ralph Peters New York 

V. Pres. C. L. Addison 

Sec. Frank E. Hoff '* 

Treas. J.F.Fahnestock, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Comptroller E A. Stockton ** 

Snpt. Alvah Seaman Far Rockaway 

Real Rstate Agt. 

n. A. Howarth New York 

Energy frora'L I. R. R. Co.; trolley 

volt. 675 V. 

Repair shops at Morris Park. 

8.54 miles owned and leased; 4-8^ g; 95 

motor pass, and 8 other cars. ^60 

Borough of Riohn&ond. 97,888 (1916). 

7S1— Bichn&ond "Light A R. R. Co. 

-Office, Terminal Bldg.^New Brighton, 
N. Y. (Formariy SUten Iiland Blec. 
R. R. Co. Connects Elizabethport, St. 
George and Bergin Point Ftrries and 
the following towns: Marinen Harbor, 
Port Richmond, New Brighton, Weit 
New Brighton, Tompkiniville, Staple- 
ton, Clifton and South Beach.) 
Receiver, John J. Knlm 

lis Broadway, New York 
Pres. Clarence W. Huntington 

60 Wall St., New York 
V.Prei.&Mgr. R.L. Rand, New Brighton 
Sec. & Treas. J. E. Phillips.. . •• 
Supt. of Rys. H. J. Blackham »» 
Claim Agt. John J. Carlin .... " 
Pur. Agt. J. F. Fitzgerald, Jr. »• 

Ch. Engr. W. H. Rudisill " 

Supt.Di8thm., Paul Van Wagner ** 

Ch.Engr.Pwr.8ta. •• 

M. M. , Otto Qotticalk " 

Engr. of Ovhd. Const. 

Stephen McCormiok * * 

Roadmaster, Joseph McPhee " 

Power sta. equip. 1 d. c. AJlls-C 800 
kw; 5 a.c. turbo-gen. G. B.. West tot. 14,000 
kw. 2800 V. 8 ph. 60 cys; 1800 hp. a. Allis-C; 
6060 hp. b. Bab. A W; trans. voU. 6800 t; 
trolley volt. 600 v. 

2 snb-stas. tot. cap. 8500 kw; 6 rot. conv., 
(8-500 kw. and 2-1000 kw.) 

Power sta. at Livingston, S. I. ; repair 
shops at Brook St. car house. New 

82 miles: 4-8^ g: 128 motor pass., 10 
other motor and 4 other cars. (Com- 
pany does general lighting and power 
business.) -^50 

739- Sonthfield Beaoh R. R. Co- 
Office, Terminal Bldg., New Brighton, 
N. Y. (Connects South Beach and Mid- 
land Beach.) 

Pres. Clarence W. Huntingtcm ' 


V. Pres. & Gen. Mgr. 
R. L. Rand New Brighton 

Sec., Treas. A Audr. 
J. E. Phillips •• 

Supt. of Rys. H. J. Blackham ** 

Pur. Agt. J. F. Fitzgerald, Jr. " 

Ch. Engr. W. H. Rudislll... ** 
Energy purchased from Richmond Lt. 

A R. R. Co; trans, volt. 6600 v; trolley 

volt. 600 V. 
Reaches several beaches. 
4 miles: 4-8^ g: Richmond Lt. & R.R. 

Co. 'scars. 50 

723— Staten Island Midland Ry.— 

Office, Terminal Bldg., New Brighton, 
N. Y. (Connects St. George, Tompkins- 
ville, Stapleton, Concord, New Dorp, 
Midland Beach and Richmond; at St. 
George connects with ferry for New 
Receiver, Jacob Brenner 

26 Court St., Brooklyn 
Pres. Clarence W. Huntington 

60 Wall St., New York 
V. Pres. & Gen. Mgr 

R. L. Rand New Brighton 

Sec. A.M. Stillwell 

Treas. A. Watson •' 

Audr. J. E. Phillips »• 

Supt. of Rys. H. J. Blackham •• 
Claim A gt. John J. Carlin . . * * 

Pur. Agt. J, F. Fitzgerald, Jr. '» 
Ch. Engr. W. H. Rudislll. . »* 

Energy purchased from Richmond Lt. 
& H. R. Co; trans, volt. 6600; trolley volt. 
800 V. 
98 miles; 4-8^ g; 71 motor cars. iffSO 

NIAGARA FALLS. 42.267 (1916). 
(See also No. 1272) 

794— Nlairara Gorge R. R. Co.— Of- 

flee, Niagara Falls. (Leases the Lew- 

[■ton A Taangiloirn Prontler Rt. Co. 
ICoDneou Nragara FslJi. SuepeniloL 
flridite, Lflwliton Fori Nl»K»ri. Port 
NlagBri Beach and VoDDEBtowD. Con- 
Deeti wltb thu tertal cablewa; openUd 
by Tba Niagara Spanleh Aerooar Co., 

Pru, iHra.) Jot. T. Jocea BoffalD 

V. Piw. 4 Oen. Ugi. 
BprlL.Joner, «a4ELILco(t Sg., ■' 

Sao, GroBVCDOr L. CocUas 

Traaa. KendJll B. Hawatd 

Audi. A. B. Kimer Niagara F*lli 

Snpl. E.K.NlckUs " 

Gen.Paae.Aet. Jnbn Bdbauet, " 

Cb. Bdet.F. RParadla Baffilo 

M.M,.Cha>, Hnlo..,. " 


Joseph MoDdla NtM-araFalle 

Rnarry pDTchaacd from Niagara. Locli- 
port A Ontario Pwr. Co. 11,000 t. to anb- 

Snb-Bla. eqolp.: 800 kw. rot. oopt. 
a. B. Woatg; trolley lolt. flOO T. 

Repair ahopa at Niagara Falla. 

BucliBB Fort Nitean Beacb, (con- 

sg.19 rnlleB: i-SM K: M motor paaa. 
■nd«otbercarB, (Oftblaeqalp.amotnr 
kPd 8 other eara are ownad bv the Lewls- 
[00 A YoiingBtoHn FronUer Ht. Co. ) 


It4a— NlnKKTit JanolloD Bj, Co — 


Oh. Engr. John L. HariJer " ■' 

Bperg; purchaied fram Niagara Falla 
P«r.Co.,aW«Bt Iranif. tot. fOO kw; I 
rot. COOT. W«t. 7B0 kw, tran*. »oU, S800 
Yllrollaj'T'*". 800 V. 

(Secalio Noi. MS, TIS, 711, TSO aod 74«.) 

1»a— The NortlipoTtTruittoDCa.— 

umce, PanoBu Sto., N«w York. (Cnn- 
Irollsd br Tha LoDg laland R. R. Co ) 
(Connacla Korthpoil and NortbpoTt 

PrsB. Ralph Petars New York 

V. Fr«. 6. L. Addlaon 

Sec. Frank K. Holt 

Treaa. J.F. Fahneatook Fblladelphls 

ABBt.'j j.a, DonaliiBon!!!! 

Comps, 1 F, J. Felt. Jr 

Sapt. Alvah Hwiuan Far Rock aWBT 

6cn.Pa«B.Agi. P.H. Woodward, NawYork 

Pur. AKt. H. B. Hodeea 

Clllm A_gt. W, e Habler 

Bapt.ofTel«.*Blect. L. S. Well*. 
Ch.Bagr.orBlecTnic., GeorgeOlbba, " 
Bng. H. or W. 

fH. Weaver... Jamaica, N. Y. 

Real Batata Agt. 

H. A.Bowarth New York 

Bnergy piirctaaied from Long laland 
Ltg. Co., trolley volt. KB t. 

Repair abopa at Morrla Park. L. I. 

R.S9 mElea: 4-8)4 S\ emotor paaa. 1 frt^ 


Ry. Co.- Ofllce. 

Btoniibtou Potedam 

aec. a Treaa. Paul B. Mnrphy,,. " 

Mar. J. M. Daly OgdenabDrg 

Energy pnrcbaaed tram Ogdeuabnrg 
Pwr. *Lt. Co. 

;.ga.mll0B(7.3fliiil. lalm. l..O.ETnll.Bld)i 
4 8!4 g: in iDotor psBt. cait. S motor aer- 

OLBAM. 18,000 (IBIS). 
TS7— Weatern New Vork A Pennk. 

Trao. Co.— Office, HI N. Unlou Bt, 
the following: Clean, Portvllle. Carea, 
Little Oeneeee, Bolivar and Alleguy. 
NY, andBradrord, Lenia Run, Ciarka- 
dale. Derrick City and Olllmor, Pa. and 
Knappa Creek, Bock City, Clean, Ven- 
dalli. Canollton, Balamanea and IJttIa 
Villi ev. N. Y.) 

Recvr, Wm. A. DnBeobnry Olein 

Prea, Gordon CampbEll 

c/o Day & Zimmerman, Philadelphia 
V. Prea. A TreBB . J M.B . M aye r. . . Ne wYork 

Sac. J. P.Qulelei Salamanca 

Andr. B. D. Nobles 01e«n 

Gen. Mgr, I, W. Miller ■• 

Qan, Fet. * T'aae. Aet, A 

ParkMgr. W. P. Bailey " 

IN. W. Mctimdleaa 
Dly. Sspta. ■< Btadrord, Fa. 

|a.C. Sloan Salamanca 

Slcc. Bngr, W. K. Page Clean 

Bngr. Pwr, Bta. L, L. Kfnip '■ 

M. M., W. J. Benman ■■ 

Pwr. lU. eqalp. B d. c. O. B. total. IBOO 
kw: Ba. e. G. K. tot, U.tOO kw. J70 t. 
« ph. SR cyB; IKO bp. e. (gaal Wextg, 
Snow; trans, volt. 19.100 y; Wolley volt, 

Clean and at's» Coogr'eii St.. Brad™rd. 

Cwns RWerbunt Park. ConlrolaRock 
City Park and raaclieii Edgewood, Hamll- 
■on and Country ClnhB. 

M.S mllea; 44^ R: G.1 motor, SO rgt., 

(Bee also Nob. 741, TU aodTW.) 

«S— N«o York State Rya. (Oneida 

I.lnea) Office, ntMSIS Main Street, 

Utlca, H. T. (Operatea by leaaa 
tha Blec. Dlt. of the We>t Bhoce 
Ry. between Utlca and Syracua*. 
44 mllea.) (Ccnneeu Syracnae. Klrka. 
tllle, Oanaatota. Oneida, Clark Ullla. 
VemoD. Staerrlll New York Ullla and 
Uilea ) 

Prei. J. F. Hamilton Rocheaier 

AaaLtoPrea. W. F. Stanton . . " 

Bee. J. C. Coltina 

iVaBt.8ec.H.L. Relcbart " 

V.Prea, B. B.TIIton Dtlca 

Tceaa. M.S.Barger 

Grand Central Terminal, New York 

Qan. Sapt. J. B. Dq9t " 

I.kMcBwen ■■ 

Agt. J, S. Kobii •■ 

Qen. Fasa Agl. F. V. PnlUm " 

Gen, Eip. Agt. F. W. Watla 

LaFayette St. A Broadway, " 

I. Andi, J. H. Joel R«cb**tar 

Ir, W. H, Daokerly Otlca 

. Aitt. P.J, Hooold Rocheatar 

t. Piir-Agt, A.OgllTle " 

Intra, of 1 H.B. Bean Bynriiaa 

y&Strocl. IE. P. Roiindy CUca 

Bngr. C. L. Cidla , . Rocboater 

c. Bngr, B. E. Davia Utlca 

u. ) J- F. Uclneniay Byraenaa 

■'■18,8. Sweet DUn 




Sapt. of Bqaip., J. F. Uflert. . .Rochester 
Cashier, T. P. Whelly Utica 

KntTKj purchased from Adirondack 
Blec. Pwr. Corp; trans, volt 60,000 v; 
trolley volt. 820 v. 

Repair shope at Utica Park, Utica and 
at Wolf St., Syracuse. 

117.081 miles operated (12.38 owned), 
(overhead and 8rd ralH; 4-8^ g; 22 past., 
2 trail., 4 service and 2 ezp. cars; 3 snow 
plows. ^50 

ONBONTA. 10,474 (1014). 
(See No. 630.) 

OSSINING. 11,480. 

799 — Hndson RiTer M Eastern 

Trae. Co.— Office, 167C?roton Ave. (Op- 
erates in Ossining.) 

Pres. O. O. Bennett Ossining 

V. Pres. Winifield Post • ' 

Sec. H. D. Swain " 

Treas. & Gen. Mgr. 

Wilder L. Stratton Mt. Vernon 

Avst. Treas. C. Edw. Hallet ....Ossining 
Energy parchased from Northern West- 
chester Ltg. Co. 
2.81 miles; 5 motor and 1 other car. :Ar60 

OSWBOO. !tti,426. 

730 — Bmpire State B. R. Corpn. 

(Oswego City Div.)— For officers see 


Snertry purchased from Niagara, Look- 
port & Ontario Pwr. Co; trolley volt. 600 v. 

Repair shops at Oswego. 

Reaches an amusement park at Oswego 

Mileage and equipment included in re- 
in report of No. 740. •BO 

PATCHOGUE. 4,506. 

781— Suffolk Trao. Co.^Offlce, 230 
W. Main St., Patchogne. (Connects 
Patchogne, Holtsville, Blue Point, Bay- 

Sort and SayviUe: will extend to Port 
efferson and Brookhaven.) 
Pres. Thos. L. Hufrhes, 

120 Broadway, New York 
Sec. A Treas. J. H. Bennington, 

8S Clinton St., Brooklyn 

Gen. Mgr. A Ch. Engr., J. C.Bracken ridge, 

05 Liberty St., New York 

Supt. R. A. Newton Patchorne 

Energy purchased from Patchogue Elec. 
Lt. Co. 
Repair shops at Patchogne. 
2^. 97 miles projected ; 4 1 .61 mile^ in oper- 
ation : 4-RV< g; 4 oars (storage battery). 
(Operation suspended Oct. 10, 1910.) 

^ 109 
PKKKSKILL. 15.502. 

78«— Peekskill Li^rhtlni^ St B. R. 

Co. — Office, 125 Main St., Ossining, 
(Operates Putnam A Westchester Trac. 
Co's. road, Peekskill to Oregon.) (Con- 
nects Peekskill with Lake Mohegan, 
Verplanck Point and Buchanan.) 

Pres .FA. Stratton Mt. Vernon 

Sec. B. W. Stillwell . »• 

R. A. Carter.. 180 E. 15th St., New York 


Aswt. Gen. Mgr. L M. Beatty... »♦ 

Supt. Charles Le Clair Peekskill 

Ch. Elec. Engr. W. C. Fisher. . . ** 
Engr. Pwr. SU. C. L. Woods... " 
Rnadmaster. B. Lockwood ** 

Power sta. equip. 2 d. c. Westg. tot. 800 
kw: 5 a. c. Westg. tot. 525 kw. 2 ph. 60- 
169^ cys; 1100 hp. e. Westg; 600 hp. b. 
Big: trolley volt. 560 v. *60 

Power sta. at Water St. ; repair ahopt 
At B. MaiQ 8t„ Peel(Bki)l. 

Beaches Electrio and Shady Lake Parks. 

10.64 miles; 4-8Vi v: 23 motor and 4 
other cars, 2 snow plows. (Company far- 
nishes lighting and power for stationary 
motors ; also owns gas plant.) ifW 

788— Pntnam A Westchester Trac. 

Co.— Office. 1020 Main St., Peekskill. 
(Connects Peekskill & Oregon.) (Oper- 
ated by Peekskill Ltg. & R. R. Co.) 

Pres. Geo. E. M cCoy Peekskill 

V Pres. Prank M. Dain 

Sec. H. D. Swain Ossinine 

Treas. Alfred J. Mason Peekskill 

A pet. Treas. Charles Le Clair. . . " 
Asst. Gen. Mgr. L M. Beatty. . . *' 

Car service furnished under agree- 
ment with Peekskill Ltg. A R. R.Co. 
4.354 miles; 4 8^g. iffiO 

PENN YAN. 4,507. 

734— Penn Tan A Lake Sliore Ry.— 

Office, Hi) Elm St. (Succeseor to Penn 
Yan, Keuka Park & Branch port Ry. Co.) 
(Connects Branchport, Bluff Point and 
Keuka Park with Penn Yan.) 

Receiver William J. Tylee....Penn Yan 

Pres. Geo. E. Tylee, 

Summer St., Boston, Mass. 

y. Pres. Clinton Hnrlbutt Branchport 

Treas. W. H. Tylee 

48 Hanover St., Boston, Mass. 

Ch. Engr. Pwr. SU., 

Jacob Darmsleadt Keuka Park 

Power sta. equip. 2 d. c. Walker, tot. 800 

kw; 500 hp. e. Slater; 500 hp. b. Dillon; 

trolley volt. 526 v. 
Power sta. and repair shops at Park 

Landing, N. Y. 
Owns and controls Electric Park. 
10 miles: 4-8^ g; 6 motor pass, and 1 

other car; 2 elec. locos. -^60 


785 — Plattsburgrh Traction Co.— 

Office, 8 Bridge St. (Connects Platts- 

burgh and Hlnff Point, Cliff Haven and 

Plattsburgh Barracks.) 
Pres. L P. Loree, 3*2NasFan St, New York 
r W. H. Williams, 
32 Nassau St., 

V. Prests.- H. B.Weatherwax Albany 

W. B. Schofield. 

32 Nassau St., New York 
Sec. F. M. Ol^phant *• " 

Treas. & Gen. Mgr. 

H. L. Barber Plattsburgh 


D. L. Waters, . . .598 Broadway, Albany 

Atty. W. L. PatllsBon Plattsburgh 


W. B. Eppler 32 Nassau St., New York 

Supt. P. F. Geary Plattsburgh 

Pur. Agt. (Asst. to V. Pres.) 

Crannell Spronjr. D & H Bldg.. Albany 

Ch. Ener. .Jamef MacMartin *• 

Roadmaster, Jas. Bresette. . ..Plattsburgh 

Energy purchased from Platthburgl Gas 
& Elec. Co; trolley volt. 550 v. 

Repair shops at Plattsburgh. 

7.53 miles; 4-8^ g; 13 motor and 2 
other cars. "A^SO 

PORT BTRON. 1,128. 
(See Nos. 740 and 760a.) 

PORT OHESTBR. 16,120. 

736— New York Jk Stamford Rj. 

Co.— Offices, 481 Morris Park Ave. , New 
York, N. Y., and New Haven, Conn. 
(Owned by the New York, New Haven 
& Hartford R. R.) (Connects New 
Rochelle, Larchyiont, Mamaroneck, 
Harrison, Rye, Port Chester, Greepwicb 
and Stamford.) 

Pth, Lereietl a. MDIsr New York 

V. Prei. How.rii BllloK 

Bee. ft Tnu. 

A. E. CJcck NewHiYBD.Ooan. 

Andr. O. L. Nagie New York 

Qsn.Hnpt. P. W.J. Suilth 

Pnr. Atl. O. M. Spldell, Jr. . , . 

Claim Set, F.E. Ljone 

-On. Fgt. * Page. An. 

F.H. Blciilinjer 

Snpl. of Bpuip. R. B. PoLler... 
Roadmulor.8, M. Bacrlun. " 

Snprr. Oihd. Coneii. 

Wm. DDnblra 

Bnorgr pDccbued from N, T.. N. H. i, 
H.R. R; trniK.TolI.ll.OOOT. Spb. eacya: 
a-BMkw. WMt. rol. con». t ph. Me?*; 
troUej roll. BOO T. 

8ob-"«.»nd repair Bbopeaf Port Chea tar. 

Reaches ftira Beach. 

■7 .ass mllea c»cned (16.783 ml. lit m. L, 
8.038 ml. Ind m. 1,, B.Mfl mt. atrt.t; bIso 
7.US mtlea lea'ed aud B.BSS mllKS Irack- 
■ge rtghu. Total mltea operaiert 40,B4; 
*^ g: 78 motor pa*.. andB niaU)r asrv- 



Ill -Port JUTit Tmotlan Va. 

Offlta. laa Pike St. |BDC«ea<ortoPo 
JaTTlaBlac. Lt., Pirr.Oii AR.R.Oo. 
TalliXT bDaloeea.) IConne cti Purl Jc 
' and i^porrow Bnah.) 

Prea.Qeo.E ^ 

Land Title Bidg., Phlladelplila. Pa. 

aee.M.F.MaurT - 

Treaa. A Aoilr. C. C. CarwIn.Mlddlotowii 

SDpl. Otia*. C, Waeaer Port Jsrvll 

Soern parcha^ed riom Oranie Caanl; 
Public FarrlceCorpn., Fori JeiYl»;trolleT 

TDll. DM T. 

Raprir ihopa at Port Jervla, 
^Baacbaian ownaTraeeiPark.Sparrow 


4-8H b; 


(!fea alio No. aU.) 

ISa— raaKhkaepala A WspplnBori 

F»Ua Uj. CD.— once, tK Mala St. 

(SncceaioT to Paaghkettpile ritf ft 

(LMw'HMplta'hJanch^f Cen&ll New 
BnglaDdR. K. CnnnNle Poii|{bkeapfle 
and Wappintera Falla.) 

Hti. UarjM. Hlllkler-..PoulIkkaaT^alr 
V.Prel, HraaUarj HlaklfJ 

See. T. W. MolTatt New Tork 

AMt. 8eo. ft Tiea*. B. Brown.. 

Andt. J.A. Hllan Poagtakaepale 

Opar. Hgn. J.O.WblU Maoagement 

Oorpn ISBichangePi.. HrwTork 

Local Har. nhu. A. BrookaPanglikeaprlQ 
H. H., A. Uathir 

BBtrgrpnicbaaedCroia Central Hndaon 
Oae ft Ilae. Co.: 1-300 kw. rnt. conr; 
tnoa. Toll. MO t: trolley TOU. eoo V. 

Repair ihopa at 4M Hatn Rl. 

BKNSHGLAER. 11,110. 
(»ee Noe. Oil and ^29. 1 

BO0HB8TKR. MS.4BG tlBltl). 

TSV— Boeh«ttor,LuQkpDrtABHir«lD 
B. B. Oarpn.~4Hi>c[?e«Mt to Baltalo. 
Lockpoit ft Boctaeatar Ry. Co.) Ad- 

BmId, Srockporl. HalleT, Balberton, 
Albion. Knowliwtltll'. Medina. Middle- 
Dorl. OuiKirt aod Lockpori. and mskea 

RT. for Nla^ui Fall; and BbObId.) 
PrBB K. R. Wood 

IB King St., E.. Toronto, Ont. 
V. Pre*. 

A. 8. Molrhead '■ 
Bee, Treaa. ft Ilea. Mgr. 

W. W. FoFter Rocbraler 

Aodr. A. E. Bonn 

Snpt.. Oen. Fgl. ft Pan. Agl. 

f. D.Nillor " 

Snpt. Power. A J. Spragee Albion 

Roadmaatpr Hclmarenow " 

H.1I..B. A. Ferry Roebealrr 

Bnergy parchaaed from Niagara, Lock- 
port ft OnUrio Pwr. Oo. trana. 00.000 t 
trolley (Oil, BSUv. 

5 eub ataii. tot. cap. SSOO kvr; rot. 

Repair abopa at Flold Road. RoclieBler. 
S8.«) Billia: *-m g: sa motor paH.,1 


ViO-ErlB R. R. Co. (Kochoatcr 

Klec.Dlv.l-nperaleahBiBeeD RoPhea- 

ter, Atdh. Oine-fo aud ML Morrla.l 

Bnpt. A. B.Caldwell RocheataT 

Par. Agt. 

W. R. Collins. BO Chiitch St., New Tork 
SBOTr, E1«c. SecT. 

Sur. Tbaraton Atod 

O.RlHHlhaaBr Jeraey City. N. J. 

M. M-, F. Tama Ann 

Energy from Niagara Falla OTer Ibl 
liana of tbe Niagara, Lockporl ft Ontario 

Siib-aU. at th«"r"ln Avon with a-7l» 
Rejialr shape at Aton. 

T4I— New York State Rya IRooh- 
B-tar l.ln«a>.-Omce. W7 Stale 8t. 

HiKbi-Bler Elxc. Ry. Co. and OD^rlo 
I.t. ft Toic. Cn.) iCoiiBwt. PIrwfnnl. 
BiiBhnellB Baain. Fisbpra. Tlctnr, Mfr- 
l«ia)a. Haltaawaip. Padelrorda. Cnn- 
andatgua. Ro^cnetl. Seneca Caatle and 
r.Bne»a, W. Webaler, Webstar. Wiiion 
nill. Fmltlsnd.Ontuia Centre. OnUrlo, 
Willlaniaon. B.WIIIIaininn. Sodoe, Wei- 
llDgUio. 8adna Pt., Sea Brr«e, Snmmer- 
Tille, WIndaar Beacb and CbarTntle.i 

Pru. J. F. Hamilton RocbcaU-r 

..... .«»«. JWm.F. Stanton. - 

*""'£""lJ.W. niokl .... ■■ 

Gen. Ciionael, 
Harris. Beach.Hairia ft Maloon " 

Sec. ft Asat. Treaa. J. C. (.-ollln'. 

AaaLBec, H. L. Ralobart 

Traaa. K. 8. Barger 

')rand Ceoital Terminal. 

_ jdr.J.M.JnsI 

Supt. TraoapL City Lines 


,ial. Sup( or rliy I.lnu* 

DpI.Tianipl Inti'MirliaD Lln», 
M, D. Kilbride 

npt.Eqalp.J.F rffert 

■laim Agt.J.J. aharliey 

len. Pass, ft Bin. Agt. 

oprr. Schedolea 

lisnnsn R. Blek. 

■nr. Agt P.J. ITooald 

..ast Pnr. Ap. A. Oifllvle ■' 

tni. Klip. CL. Cadle 

Bnltr. Waysft Mlmr 1. II. A. Ahsll •■ 
l)mcia«Flcldi:n«i-, I..R, Itrown 

Elec. Engr. F. MeViltle " 

U.M., B:c. Kasrcber 

AUIa-O; SOQO hp. b. 

11,000-18,(00 t; tro 
Enotgj ftlao purtDi 

By. *U. Co, 

■porlflblellot. c«p.B' 

SB (Mil pa»., 10 eiprcBB motor, S tgl., BO 
otber motor and Ba other Cln. *BD 

C» Ofllce. Gnnlte Building. 

Ptes. S. W. WedBl 

lit V.Prea. D. HTmna.Hailson'st., BaSlIo 
MV.Pree. i.J. Townaon 

%0 UsId si. E., Rochener 

8m. *TrBM. K. B. CmUb 

Sopl. Pnr. A(l. £ Eagt. Waj 

ft Kqo'p. Geo, M. WBgin»n...01imioll* 

Energy purchaied from RoobeilflT B j. * 
Lt, Co; troller toll, 660 », d, o, 

Ropalr Bbopa at ChurloKc. 

B«aeb»l«uliouBi!ub Park. 

T,3BmiloB; 4-8Ml''^ motor aud 9 other 
ctra, (Operate! onlj dnrlog loniiner,) 

(Be*Mo. HV,) 

(in No, TM,> 

BOSLTN. 1,800, 

Kl-The Mew Torh * North §haro 
TriMj. Oo.-OBICB, Boiljn. (Connecti 
HiotBvlUe, Westbury, MioeolB, E»t 
Wlllliton, Roalin, Port W«Bhlneton, 
M»ohBHK«t. Griat Neck, Little iTkH, 
DonitlHlon, Bsjiide, and 

Prea, Geo, A. Slinlej RoBlyn 

T.Prei.ElmerG, Story Biiy»ido 

Bee. Gen, Hgr, A Pur. Agt, 
JobnG. MoTBo Roalyn 

Trea«, Geo. F. Scboflelcl, 

Sehofield Bldg., Clenltuid. O. 

Bnpt, BtOBrtW,WDlf Roslyn 

Claim Ael. BenjamloR, Duff 

Ch. Engr, Pwr. St>. 
GeorieOay Doaglaalon 

11, H„ Chester A, KiDuy. Ttoelyn 

Power It*, eqaip. t d.r. ■Westg. tot, l«0O 

kvr; B a, c. W>!Mg, tot, WOO krt, . ««» », 

8 ph. X rj«;SiioBbp. e, Weitg; IMOhp, 

b.Bab, A W; tOOOkiT, tnrb, {Btm,) WeiW; 

trans, volt. flflOO v; troIHy volt, WO v, 
Pnwarau.DtLlttle Keck Bay <Ho P.O.); 

repair ataop* at Roilyn and Flnihlng. 
Sg.13 milea; tSH g; 19 motor and S 

other MTi. lOe 


T«t— Pknl Bmlth-e Kloo. Lt. * Pwr. 

M R. B. Co.— omce. *4 Main St.. 

Ssranac Liko. (Conuocti Clear Lake 

Jnncllon on N. Y. C. R. R. lo Paul 

9mltb'« Hotel.) 

Ptm. « Bac. Paal Smitb PinlSmltb'* 

V. Prea. .1. M. Cantwell... Malono 

TrMa. Pbelp* Smith ,Paal Bmllh'a 

Acct. W.J. Bicbardnon SkrtnicLak* 

Oen.Mgr. P. A. GoQia 

Power BU, equip. 1 a. e. G, E. Stan. 
lot. SnOO kw, nob v. ■ ph, eo cya; 46DA bp. 
larb. (wtr.) H. ft B. Smith: trant. Tnlt. 
«I,BO0-4S.000t. 8ph; trolley Tolt.S,000». 

tinlon Fatla Plant-l a, t Q. E. laoo kw. 
noo T. 3 ph: SaOO hp. Htt. vb. Bled.- 

FrankUn Falte FJaot— I a. c. G. E. IIU 
kw. 2800 T. S ph; ITBO Lp. wtr. wb. LeIIelL 

SsnoaaLake.ttoFiiyc.S— .itaaenlale 
BBO kw. BBOO t; 460 hp. wtt. torh. Victor. 

Eeeaa Mill Plant- 1 a. c. G, E. 130 kw. 

r.Os'mUea (s. ph. catenarj-,;' *-8M 81 1 
motor paBB. car and 3otbsr chtb. (Fd7 

Lake, Paai Smlth'a. Bloomlngdale, Lake 
Clear. Gabrlela, Rainbow, Lake Placid, 
An Sable Fork and Lyon MooDtaln,) 

(Bee No. MB.) 

8CHENBCTAUI. 100,000 (IBIB). 

m— SaheneatiidyRy.Co Offlae.MI 

State at., Seheaeclady. (Co n nee la War- 
ren abuTH, Lake OBorBe,GlenB FallB, Sara- 
toia. Balliion Spa, Bsllaton Lake, Troy, 
Albany, Waterrilet, NlBkaynna.Kamer, 
Weat Albsoy and Schenectady.) 

Pree.J.P, Hamilton Rocbeatar 

V.PfBB. e. B. Weatharwax Albany 

Sec. Treaa, A Pnr. Agt. 

J. H. Allklu Sctaeniotady 

Qfiu. Audr. J. C. Colllna Rocheater 

Gen.Mgr.JatneaP. BBrneB...ScbeDectadT 

E.F. Kslley...' 

A od r, F. K. Belleville 

Sopl. Tranap. W. S HamUton 
CIslin Agt, b. F Linnshftn.. " 

Gen. Fgt.ft Paa.. Agl. 

C. J. Vitherwai ;_■ 

M.M".,F, J.Doyle '.'.'.'.'. 

Engr. M. of W.. B, Pmoyer.. " 

Bapt, Oviid. Cooatr. L.TmdeiD 
Boadmieter. A. J. Crano ... " 

Energy pnrcbaaed from General Blectrio 
Co.itrine.Talt.IO.ODOT; trolley rolt. flOO T. 

Repair abopi- at Cbarch & Fnller Su. 

Own> Brsndywtde Park. Hchenectady, 
and ForenI Park on Ballaton Lake. 

199.ST milea; 4SH g: Wl moUir and SS 
other nira. *lia 

SBA OLIPF, L. 1. l.BSl. 
[See alio Nne. MB, TIfl, 717. 790 and 7S5} 

T4S— Thd Nbmbii OniintT By. Va. 

— Office, Penna. Sta., Now Tork <E»- 
tiQda from Sea Cliff R. R, Bta, to 
Pronpect Ave., Sea Cltff.) (Controlled 
by TSe Long laland B. B. Co.) 

Prea. Ralph Peten New Tork 

V. Prea. C. L. Addiaon 

Sec. Frank E. Hoff 

Treaa. J. F. FabneBtock, Philadelphia. Pa. 

Compi, E. A. Stockton 

Snpt AlTib Seaman FarRockawa) 

a, A, Howartb New York 

Rnergy from The L. I.R, B. Co. ; trolley 
volt. 3*00 T. 
l.ramllex; 4-R!«e; S motor ear*. ABO 

T«T-Gan«Tii, BNeca Falla * An- 
buru K. B, Co., loB.— OIBce, Water- 
loo. (Connecta daneia, Waterloo and 

Pree..^ R. Qiiiiy, 

1433 Farmers Bk. Bldg, PlltibDrf, Fa. 
V.Prea. MurrarGlbaon.,Phlladelphla. Pa. 

Sec L. a. Hoaklns. Genaia 

Treaa,. Snpt. Claim & Par. Agt 

W.A. Bhirley Watecloo 

Andra.. Wllaon ft Heye Rocheater 

U. H.,JohnJeiiaen 

Roftdmaalet, H. Dolan " 

AbbI. Snpt.. Kl>c. Bncr. Ai BngT, 

Ovbd. Cone. C. D. Skuae Waterloo 

Eneriy pnrchoBed from Empire Oaa & 
RIec.Cn., Waterloo; trolley folt. BOO I. 

Owiii uid oiwratea Cayn^ Lake Park. 

IT.WD mllN.: *-«H ai H 


{Hh alio No. em.) 

TtU--KinplTa Htnts H. R. CorvD. - 
OfflM, Uk«l.ud nr. STrmcuie. (In 
orirpamtHl to UkB u*«r |»rl of ihe Vm- 
Kin UulM ttsllwBfn, Inc.. aoLd aiiil«i 
(orMliMuia. «.'umprln<* tnr HjrMUBe, 
Idko Hhot* ft Nurlburn and Auburn A 
■(ortliMii lloM. UnmMa u Inlarurbin 

■■ .;.'-'-^- -■•■ 


i Purl 

PrMftOaii.Mvr.J <-. Nt^l».>u...Syriicu>..' 

V, l-f«, T. W, Uiiuhcni ■• 

8«J. A (Mni|.lr. 

M, I.'. Stl»«M. .US Br.i»dw»y, New YujH 
Ttmh. a Ami. Uau. Itgi. 

I.. L. Odxll ViracuH 

AqUr.J.H. HtIuhI ■' 

SuptJ. K. M.^MIT. ■• 

Claim Act. N. Abaltuu " 

Gail. Kitl. ft I'a-a. AtfL 

Hlwl-.J.Kcllav -' 

»Ikmii) Knjtr. H.K. V.*** •' 

•». M., FnuikWdiia - 

Ttnarjiy Durchswl f nun N1«i(«rH, Lotk- 

l»Oa)v;trollBT»olt.'«JU*'. """"■ 

»ni»Aj Uia yiiraca-*i>iitir«i:ii. Kullmi luni 
Otwiwu Ully [Hvlatuiia : Aiiliurn P<>rl 
BTmu Dl*. 1* «ii>|.lla<l tliroutth v>H. 
aUiliiD tir M.. ].. A I) VWT Ci. 
IhTalt i<hi>i<a ul Idluiltiii] iiii-u- tyn- 

Iteachao Luail Uraiirh, Mrmrnar. 
HS.W mllif (nvarhnvl lanidu ir<>ll<'« .uiil 
1; )■«»«! « muh>rpw*.. 7iniU 

EnergT pnrcbued from Ibe Mligan, 
[rfKknort k Onurlo Pwr. Co: tran*. TOIL 
•",000-11,000 t; trolley Tolt. tS& T. 

I Bub-ita. tot, oup. 0000 kw ; Irot.conT. 

9nb-ita. at Tracj ft TownHad VXt; n- 
pair ahopi at Wolf ft Sth North 81a. 

OG.fla mllra: l-IU f. 38t motor pan. 
1 aipr«u motor. 29 otber motor aod ( 
atbsr can: t el«c. loco. «U 

TOO*— Booheatar ft Sjrftoius R. B. 
Co., Iiio — P. O. BoiBI,8yT<Mjnae. (In- 
corporated ai BuccaaBOT to Rochaafr. 
SjratB!* ft Baiiem B. R,. fonnarlTpirt 
ol the Bvalcm of Iha Empira United 
KailwBiB. Ino. gold nodar fiirecloanra. 
ConnKli aoah«ter. B. Kochefter, Falr- 

S)rt, Egjpt, Marfdon, Pulmrra. Port 
ibaun, 5(^ffark, Ltoub. Lock Berlin, 
Clyile, Savannah. UonteEnma. Port 
Biran, Weertiport, Jordan, Memphis. 
Warner. Ambnf. Belle lale and Sjra- 
cuae.) [Under maaagHnieiit of Feck, 

tea. X. I[. CowlB SjTBonia 

- I'n.. 4 U*n. Msr. 


•c. M,. V.Wtilt« " 

.iiilr.-'l'rTHa. W. K. ZlnamelBtfr.. " 

Sopt. A. ['. Nortls. Newark 

'■lalmAjjI. K. S. MeB»engar....3jt»cnM 
l«D, Fi^, A Pus. Agt. 

II. C. Stanton " 

•ur. AKt,JobnH. Hffkav ■' 

'h. Buer. 1>. B. (.'rouw Kewaik 

l™. Shop Frmrt. C, Fleck - 

Buerg; purcliawd Fiom Niaiiara, Lork- 

S.iWJv. «i-)ia; 17roi ci)ii». W«»>. tot! 


«<iH Vitrk StitiB Kya. L !«rntv«i*i 

ITw.,!. V. Hatailluii. 

V. [>rah ft lien. Msr. 

K. K..J. r. M.-lni'ni..v . 
I'naliiaM-. 1'. Whellry.. 
KinibH>M«r, !' Hlllvr... 


i: 4-xi, a 

ileikSiiui J.K.tinSr STracriw 


Ui-ii. Itxp. AKt. 1'. VV. WatU 

Ijjatfiult. ft UroaJwsT. rili^a 

11. It. rhn-oi. 

.irii(Nop. o,). 

lawmont (Mtkf 

1S3~Peok, dhBnoBbBa, Oberrj, 

Ino.— OfflCEB, 4nO-^Dl-4l)aS]'racnEe Sar 
Ings BSDk Bldg., SjrsGiiee. sod 807 
Marjlind Ttml Blae.. Baltimore, Md. 
(Opuratee MirTl&nd Elec. R;a., An- 
napollt: '-^ "- •^- " " 



Prei, J. N. Shanuahan Hamplnn, Vi 

V PrcaM ) B^waffl P". Peck •■ ■' 

IT. C. Cherry 8ytacB«e 

Sec. dt TreHB. Milford Badgt- 



1 Lake a 

»9 Nassau 91., New York 
fW. e.Wlllljima 

39 NassBD St . ISrm 
V. P'reala. j Fl. B. WeBlbfrw»i....Alb»ni 
W. B. Sahafleld 
L 33 NS9MU Bl., Nsw 

Traas. C. A. Hoair A 

Aiidr. D. L. WaWrt 

W. E. BpDler..3t Nasf^aa SI., Hew 

Qi-n. Mgr. A. B. BeTnolds A 

A«st. GsD. Mct. T. S. .Lyneb _ . 

AttT. John Mat Lean AJbimy 

Claim Aet. -IS. CarMr " 

Hqpl. A (Irab'o Aibla.Troy 

Bngr, Pwr, ALInea.C. K. Fatoldt, Albanj 

M. M. Ernest Horpbj •' 

Energy pTirebased rrom United Trar.Co: 

Aadr. J. M.Joel.... Racheilai 

■. W. H. Diiiikerlr DMca 

Kur. Agt.A.o'BiliiB.'.'.'!: 

Cb. Kngr. C.l. Codlo 

Elec. ^gr. U. E. DavlB ITtliia 

"ngr.W.AS. E. P. Hogndj ' 

-.ipvr.oraBtieflnlea. M. J.airplj... •' 

ijupl. Eqalp. J. P. Uffeit BoeheeMt 

M. H., B. S. Swefll Otlci 

CaBblai, T. P. Wbtlley " 

Ho»dinastcr, H.IW. Owena " 

Bnerity pntcliaaBd trom Adlrondaok 
Etec. Pawer Cnrpn \ tram, volt, IT.DODv; 
- -ley Tolt BSO v. 

cpalrthopsat UHca Park, 

..Eacbei Soninill Park (owned) and 
rtica Parli (leased,) 

isn.lfl miles; 4,H!4 e: 1*0 motor pasa., 

(rail paap.. T eipraas, 31 otbei motor 
ad 9 other cart; 1 elec. looo. *M 

(See So. MB.) 


(SneNo. r<7.) 


IBS— HlBeb KlvRr Tnatinn Co.— 

OHca, 753 W. Main 91. (CnDDSotB 
WaterlDwn. men Park, Brown t1 lie and 

Prea. Frank A. Leatar Newark. N. J. 

V. Prea. Charlea I. Taylor New York 

Ssc. Deloa M. COHgrove. Watertown 

TniBS, RIcbard Ere menta.. Newark, N.J. 

Oca, Her., & Pur. Aj^. 

L. acfiweniinnnn Walartown 

Power ata. eqnlp. 8 d. e. Eievr lot. BOO 

kw; 300 bp. e. Utralgbt; SOO hp. ta. Fltie; 

Molley voll. 550 ». 
Power eta. and repair abopi at Wattr- 


: 4.81^ e; 

Daaches Ave 
other c*ra. 

■ nd 

. Ba,5gB (1B15). 

755-New Xork State Rya. (DUeii 
Lloaa). — once. 3X,-Wi Main ''- 
(Tbla company la a cqasotldaliD 
pnrcbaae and merger of the 
Bslt Line St. K. R.. Utlca Hubi 
Hy., Plica* Mobiwk R. R,, Deerflslit 
A t'lica R. R„ Frankfort A Dlica 
Bl. Ry.. Hi^rkimur, Mobawk, Illon .' 
Frankrort Eleu. Ry. and Rome City H 
Hj. Co.) (Connects Rome, OrUkao' 
WhiteBbsro.N.w York Mill., Yorkvlll. 
DUea, New Ilartrord, Capron, Clinlai 
rnakfort, Ilion. Hobiwk, Berkinu 
and Little FallE,} 

Pres. J. P. BaniiKon BoeheaH 

Assl. to Free. W. P.Stanton.. •■ 
V. Prei. « Oen.ll(rr,,B. B. Tllton..Otic 

Bee. J, C. CnlliDB Rocheite 

^aat. Sec. H.L, Reichart 

Treoa. M. 8. Rargar 

flrand Central Terminal. New Yor_ 

Oen. Snpt, .1. B, Dutty ptJca 

Supt. J. Joum 

Claim A|tt. J. S. Knba 

Oen. Paaa. A«rl. P. V. Fallem 

Oen. Kip. Agt F. W. Watta 

Lafayatta St. A Broadway, 

(See No. 543.) 

(See also No, BIE.) 

TOI - Waverly, Sayre tc Attasna 
TnctluD Co.— omoe.WaTTly, (Con- 
nects Waverlj, N.T., 8ndSByre,AthBoa, 

Pms, G, Tracy RogerB Binahamton 

V. Pr»». J. B. Mnrrav Waverly 

Secy.&TreaB. F. B. Brlxloe, Blngbaraton 
Snpt. A Pur. A^t. W, E. Caee. . . Wavarij 

Claim Agt. a. L. Pickioy '■ 

M,M,.I>»nielHoover ■> 

Roadmaiter. D. J, Splllaue " 

Energy ponhaeed from Sayre Elec. Oo. 

Repair ah np at aayra. Pa. 

Reaches Keyalone Park (opetaMd by 

Il.ll3mlles-4-Ht^si «) motor paea, and 
S motor aetvlcp nrs. *M 

^BITBPLAINB. lO.SOT (1916). 

TBS— fihora Llun Ktec. K. B. Cu 

Office, tgl Morris Park At., New York 
City. (Pnrcbaaad the part of the Tarry 







town. White Plains and Mamaroneck 
j^. Go., from the intersection of 
Mamaroneck Ave. and Boston Post 
Road in the village of Mamaroneck, 
soath on the Boston Post Road to the 
northeastern limits of Larchmont.) 
(Leased to and operated hy the West- 
chester Street R. R. Co. of White 

. Plains.) 

Pres., L. 8. Miller New York 

V. Pres. — — — 

A. B. Clark New Haven, Conn. 

Andr., C. L. Nagle New York 

1.486 miles; 4-8^g. 120 

ySt—Westohestor Str«et R. R. Co. 

—Offices, 481 Morris Park Ave., New 
York City. (Leases and operates Shore 
Line Blectric Railroad Co.) (Controlled 
by N. Y., N. H. &H. R. R. Co.) (Con- 
nects Tarrytown, Mamaroneck, Silver 
Lake, Rosedale, Blm8ford,White Plains 
and Scarsdale.) 

Pres , Leverett 8. Miller New York 

V. Pres. 

Howard Blllott New Haven, Conn. 

Sec. & Treas. A. B. Clark " * 

Andr.. C. L. Nagle New York 

Gen. Snpt., P. W. J. Smith .... " 
Pur. Agt., G. M. Spidell, Jr. ...New York 

Claim Agt. F. B. Lyons 

Gen. Fgt. & Pass. Agt., 

P. H. Richtmyer 

Supt. of Equip. R. B. Potter. .. 

Roadmaster, S. Berrian Portchester 

Supvr. Ovhd. Constr., 

wm. Dunham " 

Bnergy purchased from Westchester 
Ltg. Co.; trans, volt. 11,000 v. 8 ph. 36 
cys; trolley volt. 600 v. 
Repair shops at Portchester. 
Sa.757 miles owned (80.26S mi. Ist'm. t., 
0.882 mi. 2nd m. t., 2.123 mi. sid.); also 
1.466 miles leased and 6.167 miles trackage 
rights. Total miles operated 80.89; 4-8^ 
g; 20 motor pass, and 6 motor service 
cars. *60 

MriI,I.IAMSTII.I.E. 1,272. 

760 — Buffalo A WIlUamsTlU* 
Elec. Ry. Co.— Office. 98 Delaware 
Ave., Buffalo. (Connects Buffalo and 

Pres. L. L. Lewis., Jr Buffalo 

V. Pres., L. L. Grove Williamsville 

Sec. A Gen. Msrr.Godfrey Morgan. Buffalo 

Treas. L. K. Wamick " 

Power sta. equip. 2 d. c. G. B. tot. 400 
kw; 1 a.c. G.B. 150 kw. 600 v. 8 ph. 25 
oys; Cor.(stm.)eng; 200hp.b. ; energy also 
from Niagara Falls; trans, volt. 10,500- 
11,600 V ; trolley volt. 600 v. 

Power sta. and repair shops at Williams- 
6.65 miles; 4-8^ g; 8 motor cars. 50 

TONKERS. 95,000. 

761— Yonkers R. R. Co.— Office, 2396 
Third Ave., New York. (ConnecU 
N. Y. City Subway and Blevated R. R. 
Terminal, Yonkers, Mt. Vernon. New 
Rochelle, Bastchester and Hastings) 
(Controlled by the Third Ave. Ry. Co.) 

Prei. Slaughter W. Huff New York 

y. Pres. Leslie Sutherland "- 

Sec. Walter C. Burrows " 

Treas. Alfred D. Sage 

Andr. B. G. Stelnetz '* 

aupt. Transp. 

William B. Thompson " 

Pur. Aift. Chas. Wittel " 

Claim Ant. .John W. Yen son. . . " 

Bleo. Bngr. Walter (^ulnn " 

M. M., J. 8. McWhlrter 

1119 Third Ave., 
Bngr. M. of W. 
B.M.T. Ryder 

Bnergy purchased from Third Ave. By. 
Co. ; trans, volt. 6600 v; trolley volt. 676 v. 

Sub-sta. equip. 4 rot. conv. tot. 2600 kw. 

Substa. at Buena Vista Ave., Yonkers, 
repair shops at 65th St. A 8rd Ave., New 

Mileage included in report of No. 689; 
100 motor pass, and 14 service cars. -^50 

(See No. 724) 


ASHEYILI.E. 20,828 (1916). 

70A— Asli«vill« A East T«nn0sa«e 

R. R.— Office, Asheville. 

Pres. J. G. Merrimon Asheville 

V. Pres. Stanley Howland ** 

Sec. G.W.Epps " 

Treas. Reginald Howland '' 

Gen. Mgr. J.S.Coleman " 

Bnergy purchased from North Carolina 
Blecl. Pwr. Co. 

Repair shops at Newbridge. 

Reaches park in Weaverville. 

8.7 miles; 4-HH g; 8 motor pass, and 
1 other car. 119 

768— Asheville Power A lA^ht Co. 

(Successor to Asheville Blec. Co.)— 
Office, 104 Patton Ave., Asheville. (Con- 
nects Asheville, West Asheville A Bilt- 
more.) (Controlled by Carolina Pwr. 
& Lt. Co., for which the Blectric Bond 
A Share Go. is fiscal agent.) 
Pres. Charles B. Johnson Raleigh 

iGen. Mgr. 
H. W. Plummer. ..Asheville 
Wm. Darbee. .New York,N.Y. 
See. B. P. Summerson 

71 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

Treas. Wm. Reiser " *• 

Audr. A Asst. Treas. 

B. M. Jones Asheville 

Supt. A Blec. Bngr. 
P. A. Woodcock, 

92 Central Ave., *' 
Pur. Agt. H. I. Seeley, Flint St. " 
Ch. Bngr. H. A. Ballard, 

172 So. Btoad Ave., " 

Roadmaster, O. W. Cooper " 

Power sta equip. 1 d. c. G. B. 800 kw; 
1 a. c. G.B. 850 kva. 2300 v. 8 ph. 60 cys; 
965 bp. e. Mc I. & 8. Ham. Cor; 760 hp. b. 
Stir; 200 hp. wtr. turb. Victor; trans, volt 
6600 v; trolley volt. 650 v. Bnergy also 
purchased from North Carolina Blectrical 
Pwr. Co. 
1 sub-sta. oap. 8475 kw; 8 rot. conv. 
Repair shops Asheland Ave. 
19.2 miles; 4-8^ g; 89 motor PMIm 6 
trail freight and 6 motor service can. (Co. 
does general lighting, power and fU 

business in Asheville and vicinity.) 


764— Piedmont Povrer A lAght O*. 

(Formerly Alamance Ry. Co.)~Olllee, 
Burlington. (Purchased the ry. property 
of the Piedmont Ry. A Blec. Co.) (OoB- 
nects Burlington, Graham and Haw 
River ) 

Pres. J. R. Paschall Richmond, Va. 

V.Pres., Gen. Mgr. A Pur. Agt. 
JuDiusH. Harden Bariingtoa 

Sec. A Treas. 
Kate L. Burges Richmond, Ya. 

Audr.. B. L. Henderson GralUHi 

Supt. ^Gh. Bngr. « .. _^ 

H.G.Smith Bndteflw 

Bngr. Ovhd. Constr. P.L.Myera •• 

V. ProB. . 


■ilBH. tot. CBp. 3000 k' 

9tH.& repair KbopBiIBo 
PtedDiont Pirk nod Ca 
I Pwr, & Lt. Co. 
■.i: 4-8M k: 9 motor pfti 

CHARLOTTE. 31.638 I1S18). 

TB3 — rieilinaDt A Nnrthern Ry. 

Co.-Gpn. Ofllcti. ChirlQtle, (Merger 
nf Piedmont Trsollon Co.. operitrDe 
between Ctairlolle. and QsetoDia, N.C., 
and tbe Oraeaillta, .SparlaD burs & 
Andenon Ry. Co., operatlne hetween 
SparUnbarK. Q'eeovllle, Anaereonaod 
Oreanwood, B. C.) 
Pren. Z. V Tajlot GhuJotte 

V. PrallB.-|fiil-Blh ATB.,HiwTork.N.T. 

|W. S.Lm Charlotte 

Gen. Mgr. A Pur. Agt. 


Aadr. Bond Animoa'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. 
-I'ranap.ji-. W.Croihj..QrBBnTniB, 9.C. 

Siipi». 1 W. L, Hngan Cb»rlotlo 

PBI. Claim Am. W.T. Gill 

Gea. PkI. i Paia, A|;t. 

Cb.Eoer. 8, L.naciitt! Charlotts 

Claim fj. V, Sniton 

Agl*. 1l. R. QiiT OTeflnTlll^ S. C. 

Snpn™. ID. G. Imlth., 
Roadwayl IT. 0. Rolahomer.. ..Clarlotle 

A. n. Prye GreanTllle, 8. C. 

EuergT pnrcbased from Soatbem Pwr. 
Co. atmoOOv.:!! d. c. Wsit. tol. UOD 
kw; 3 a. r.. Woit. tot «10 liw. 3 pb. BO 
CT"-: Crane. Tolt 44.000 t; trollBJ TOU. 
ISOfl V, d. 0, 

Riib-Btaa. BtGaaionlBandHo9fainB,N,C. 
andnnvrDB.Bpltoii. AndaraDn.QreenTllla. 
and Sparlanborg, H. O. 

I l-nbllr Ctllltleii 

MerFantlle Bldj;.. CI 
Ibe Gleclrlu llEbl, 
iway propBtrleB inCl 
and Qraeni"' " 

i Ml.-. ._. , 
iD-aalem. N. C, 
Miaterandal ' " 
D AndsnoD. I 

511 Bib Ave., New York, N. Y. 
'reas. E. C.Uantaikll UbatlotU 

P. W. Lachlcolle, Jr.'. . , 

n cbarBe Clrll Engrg. 

a. L. Dnekett " 

lit. of Publicity 

John Paul Lacae 

Gan. A Local Claim Agt.<ton '• 

■pr, ABt, Mill Pwr. Sopplj Co. . 

■ Mar., D. O. Calder 

R. L. Wommaok 

Cb. Knar, Pwr. Sta. 

J. P. O. Balloran 

«. M.. W, B. Osborne 

Roadmafter. S. A. Robinson.... 
Kner. Ovhd. CooBlr. J. C.Mnllen 

Power eta. eqalp. a rot. con». Weat. lot. 
I7B0 kw; 2 a. c. G. E. lot. I0§0 kw. B ph. 
m ctf. trolley »olt. boo y, Enerej alto 
inrclnBed from Southern Pwr. Co. 

Power aU.and repair sbapeaiDil worth. 

Owne and reachei Idkewood Park. 

Si.W nlle>;(-8<4K;6eDiotorpBB«,BDd 

DTTRHAH. 18.241. 

East Main St. <Control]ed ' by the 
ritloa SfltTice Co., flO Wall St.. Ne« 
York Cltj.) Conneple Dnrham, Kail 

'r«. F.W.^rueanir.... New York, N.Y, 
.'.Prea.&Gcn.Mgr. R.L.Llodaey.Dartum 

Hec.&Treaa. A. W, Gradjr " 

ndr.. 1, A. LlndBey " 

ipt. .!. R. Bneelee ■' 

rod. Rngr, W. D. Linton ■' 

lee. Knur.. W, L. Llpps ■' 

y. Ehht. Adolf Bliink '■ 

B.C.Dameron.....' " 

W J. Howard .! " 

M. M., .1. A. Thompion 

Power ita. equip. 1 d. c. O, E. 100 kw; 

a. o. G. E. We-t., lot. 3100 kTB. ESOO t, 

ph. BO eye; MOO hp, e. Erie. Ball. Ham., 
'or: nS4 hp. b. Bab. K W: ffiOOkw. aim, 
orh. WaBt: trana. volt. 2800 v.; trolley 

Pnwerata. Bt'B]acknell.kViTlan SU.; 
BDBlrehopeatE. MalnSt. 

Lakewood Park and 

Ic Park. 

onh a 

8 abOTe pr 

pert lei 




laBABlec.CD..ChB.. . _ . 
Imnvllle Oaa A Blec. LI. & i-Tr, u>., 
IretnTllle Tra^-.. Co.. Friea MfE A 

tlero Pwr. Co.. Anderaon Wtr., Ll. A 
'wf. Co.. r!he«t«r (S. C.l Pnwar Co., 
•hornlon Lt, A pwr. Co. (Hickory, 
J. C.) and Sonlhem Pwr.Co.l ("yatpni 
omprlaeBatoUlofBV.BSmlltB of track, 
;onlroli Ibe Greenville Carolina Pwr. 
!n. oIOreeBvllie,S.C., thnmiib owner- 

>id.)4.8MK; . - 

•lee and 1 Irall ourvtce car. (CompMiy 
doeallEbllog and power boBlneie.) *W 

OOLIMRORO. 10,000. 

TB«— Ooldaboro Eleotrle Br- Co. 

— OlOce, N. William St, (OoDoeel* 
Goldiboro. WebbtawD and BelleTiiB.) 

Prei. Geo. S, Dewey Goldiboro 

V. PrBB. Le«lle Well 

Sea. A Tre*B. W, B. Strond ... 
"" &Por. Ant. 

K,P.Ran. , 

Power eia. equip.:!! d.c. Weat. totlEO 
kw: trane. vnlt, E300v.;traneyTOll, MDt. 

Power ata. and repair ahopt at N. 
Williani St., Goldiboro. 

Reaches HerniBD Park. 

B mllca; iSii g; t motor paH. can. 




ORBBNSBORO. lt.577 (lOlQ). 

760— North Carolina Pablic Service 

Co.— once, Pabtlc Service Bldg. (Con- 
trols through stock ownership and lease, 
Salisbury & Spencer Ry. Co. Operates 
in Greensboro, Pomona, Salisbury, 
Spencer and Sast Spencer; Concord 
and HlKbpoint.^ 

Pres. Cbas. B. Hole Greensboro 

1st y. Pres. Wescott Roberson, High Point 
Snd V. Pres. & Gen. Mgr. 

R.J.Hole •* 

Sec. & Treas. L. H. Hole, Jr., 

85 Cedar St.. New Tork, N. Y. 
Aadr., Asst. Sec, & Asst. Treas. 

J. J. Lindsey, Greensboro 

((Ry.) W. IS.Whltt.... 
Supts.-( (Blec.) George Spencer " 
( (Gas) C. Win. Crawford " 

Local j Henry Jennings High Point 

Mgrs. I J. H. Robinson Salisbury 

Greensboro Sia. equip. 4 d. c. G. B. 
Northn, West. tot. lOfiOkw; 1 a. c. G. E. 
600 kw. 8800 T. 3 ph. 60 cys; 2050 hp. e. 
Allis-C, Fitch-Harris Cor.; 1900 hp. b. 
Atlas; tran*. rolt. 2200-6000 v; trolley rolt. 
600 V. 

Salisbury flta. equip, f reserve) 1 itiotor- 
gen. set West. 460 hp; 1 d. c. Bull. 115 kw: 
8a. c. Bull. tot. 175 kw. 8 ph. 60 cys; 525 
hp. e. Harris, A. & S; 460 hp. b. Penn, 
Buffalo: trans, volt. 2200 v: trolley volt. 
660 T. 

Energy also purchased from Southern 
Pwr. Co. 

Power stas. and repair shops at Greens- 
boro and Salisbury. 

Reaches Llndlpv Park and Fulton 
Heights Park South. 

25.6 miles; 4-8^ «: 81 motor and Sother 
cars. Company does general lighting 
(electric and gas) and power business. 50 

HIGH POINT. 12,896(1016). 
(See No. 769.) 

NBW BERN. 10,438 (1916). 

770— New Bern-Ghent St. Ry* Co. 

— Offloe, New Bern. 
Pres. F. Sitterding 

900 Floyd Ave.. Richmond, Va. 
Ist V. Pres. B. C. Armstrong. . .Npw Bern 
2d V. Pres. J.W.Brown. .Portsmouth, Va. 
Sec, Gen. Mgr. A Pur. Agt. 

C. J. McCarthy New Bern 

Power sta. equip 1 d. c. G. E. 75 kw; 1 
a. c. G. B. 76 kw. 2800 ▼. 8 ph. 60 cys; 100 
hp. e. Ames; 150 hp. h. 

power sta. at New Bern. 

Reaches park (owned). 

4.5 miles; iSH g; 4 motor and 2 
other cars. (Company sells energy for 
lighting.) 50 

RALEIGH. 24.418 (1920.) 

771— Carolina Pwr. A Lt. Co.— 
Office, 6 West Hargett St (Consol. 
Raleigh Eleo. Co., Central Carolina 
Pwr. Co. and Consumers Lt. & Pwr. 
Co.) (Controls Asheville Pwr. & Lt. 
Co. Raleight Street Ry. and Yadkin 
River Pwr. Co.) 

Pres. Chas. B. Johnson Raleigh 

(J). F. McCtoe 

71 B'way, New York, N.Y. 
V. Prests. i Wm. Darbee 
71 Bway 
tGen.Mgr.P.A.Tillery, Raleigh 
Sec. B. P. Summerson 

71 Broadway, New York 
Treas., William Reiser. " 

Audr. C. J. Cnrry Raleigh 

Fiscal Agt Blec. Bond & Share Co. 

71 Broadway, New York 

Claim Agt. W. L. Cmrrie Raleigh 

Pur. Agt. R. C. Howison ** 

Snpt. St. Ry. A M. M. 
Ben. Tongue '* 

Ch. Engr., A. W. Thompson Raleigh 

Supt. Ovhd. Constr. 

D. R. McDuffee 

Ch. Engr. Pwr. Sta. F. P. Ernst. " 

Power sta. equip. 6 a. c. G. B. tot. 6860 
kw. 2800 V. 8 ph. 60 cys; 2204 hn. b. Stir, 
Bab. & W; 8750 kw. stm. tnro. G. E; 
8850 hp. wtr. tnrb. Smith; trans. Tolt. 
60,000 v; trolley volt. 560 v. 

1 sub sta. cap. 760 kw; 2 mo. gen. sets. 
Steam sta. at Raleigh; hydro-eiec. 

sta. at Buckhorn Falls near Corinth: re- 
pair shops at Raleigh. 

Reaches Biootnsbury Park (owned). 

18.69 miles (11.45 mi. 1st. m. t; 2.14 mi. 
2nd m. t.) 4-8^ g; 44 motor pass., 6 trail 
pass, and 1 service car. (Company does 
general lighting, power and gas business.) 


779— Cumberland Ry. A Pwr. Co — 

Office, 219 PuUen Bldg., Raleigh. (Con- 
nects Fayetteville, Cape Fear Riyer 
and Camp Bragg.) 

Pres. H. L. Jones 

86 Haddington Bldg.. Norfolk, Va. 

Gen. Mgr. W. L. Jones Raleigh 

(Under construction). 129 

(Sec No. 769.) 

SPENCER. 8,000. 
(Sec No. 769.) 

WILMINGTON. 88,000. 

778 —Tidewater Pwr. Co. — Ofllce, 

217-228 Princees St. (The Consolidated 
Ryo. Lt. A Pwr. Co., formerly operated 
under lease, was merged. Conneots 
Wilmington, Winter Park, WrightsTllle 
and Wrightsville Beach.) 

Pres. Hugh MacRae Wilmington 

V. jC.VanLeuven »* 

Prests 1 H. C. McQueen '* 

Sec.ATjeas. Thos. B. WHlard, ** 
Gen. Mgr. Raymond Hunt. ... '^ 

Supt. Trans. T. J. Baird ** 

Claim AKt. W. B. Savage " 

Pur. Agt. A. E. Townsend. ... ** 

Engr. Pwr. Sta. R. MacRae. . . ** 
Blec. Engr. B. E. Kilbnm .... ** 

Roadmaster, J. T. Dooley .... ** 
M. M., Wm. Ammenhanser. . . ** 

Power8ta.equip.5a.c.tarbo-gen. West 
tot. 6800 kw. «100 v. 2 ph. 00 cya; 8804 bp. 
b. Bab.& W. ; trans. 10,000 t; trolley rolL 
57* T. 

2 sub stas tot. cap. 1900 kw; 8 roL oodt. 
Power sta. at Castle St; repair ihope at 

•th A Orange Sts. 

Reaches and owns ''Lnmina** at 
Wriehtsville Beach. 

85 miles; 4-RH g: 86 motor paae., 4 
trail pass. 2 fgt. motor, 4 fgt. witboot 
motors and 2 other cars: 1 dec. k>oo. 

(Company does general lighting and 
power bnsiness^. 00 


774— Southern Public UtlllUea Co. 

(Winston-Sa)em Branch) — For general 

officers, see Charlotte. 

Mgr. B. J. Pfohl Wintton-Salem 

Geii.Snpt. J. J. Sigg •* 

Claim Agt. H. M. Brandon ** 

Power sU. equip. 2 d. c. Weet. tot. 1000 
kw; 7 a. c. Allls-C, West tot. 9660 kw. 
2400 V. 3 ph. 60 cys: 700 hp.b. A. A T; 
750 kw. turb. (stm.) West; 1800 bp. tarb. 
(wtr.) Allis-C: trans, volt 18,200 ▼: trolley 
volt 650 V. 

3 sub. stas. 

Pwr. sti. (wtr.) on Yadkin RWer. 18.6 
miles from Winston-halem; fteam ate. 
and repair shopp at WInston-Saletn. 

Reaches and owns Nissen Park. 

12.68 miles (9.11 ml. Ist m. t, 8.6t mL 
sid.); 4-8H g; 40 motor pMt. aad 4 
motor freight cars. *T0 



TrH— Cupltnl Car Llue Gin. OIBcb, 

„-__._..._,., „._.. igij 


^ntrnllwl lis Rnnrrt i ' ' ■ 


oird or Ad ID t 

jniled"by"Bo«rd"o'f 'id- 
(BiUDda from HcKeiiiir 
Mala St., Qp Fonrtb 81. 

Ch. Bngr. Pwr. Sta, * 


iwsr itB. equlD.: Z d.c. Idc 
[0 250 hp, B. Ide; MO lip. h. 
». (Oil. iK y. 

iwet BU. at Cnpllol OronDtl». 
lachee Capitol Puk. 


FARdO. 80,780 (1H18.) 
TTT — Nortbcrn Strntei Powsr Oo. 

(FurKo <b Moorhead DIr.) — Office. 
Fargo. (CODpecM FargD. N. D. and 
McMiihead aud Dllworth, Hlnn.) (Con- 
trolled bj (Jorthe™ Statue Powpr Co, of 

AAMt, J. 14WallSt.,NewYork,N.T 
Treaare. (s.K. Wolff, 
Icn.Audr H.O.K»iler. " 
Toinpt., Q. B. Dobbin AktOD 

Ren,3npt,K».Dept.D,'A.'8<™ion' " 
Gen, Sapt, PrndnctloB & DIatr. Dept. 

L.G.TigliB " 

TtalBcMgr. Chai. A. Uney " 

Claim AEt B.C. Carponter " 

Ehir. AbEI.. G.Smith " 

EHgr.M.n/W,. K.D.Kekroad " 

Snpt. HbopB, P. V.C. See " 

Park Mkt- C. Y. Riildle Cantol 

By 11 -8b J & I.: 
Mgr M. U Hlli 

Bnergy purcl 

, Chlrag 

by I 

ope at Fbtko 

a FORKS. 1S,5M. 
TT7a-a»ad Forks 

Forks', N. D.. a 

Pr». t! J. Smith Grand Fori 

V. Prae. Jaa. DinniB 


M. M. A Eoer. 0»hd. Conalr. 


XnerET imrchaaed from Red RItc 
Power Co. 

Repair abopi at North Flftb SI. 

4-RH e: la' motor paas.T bill oaia. an 
S motor aarvlce can. *B 

VALI.KT CITY. 4.««. 
I7H- VallBf Cltr "t. A iDtarnrba 

Rj. Cn.~0(Bco, Valley City. (Coi 
-a Valley City with Soo R R. i 


>K. 1*0,000. (1»1 

1 of Ihs Canton-Akron By. Co.,Can- 
-N«H PhUaddphla Rv. Co. and Tba 

;., New York, N. Y. 


trolley volt mv 

Reschea Springfield Lake (leased), 

(leased) and Urady Lake. 

24B.SBmi!e.; *-^ g; 344 motor ppaa., 
25 trail paes.. 1 private, 12 e>p. motor. 4 

doie generai llgbllng and powur bni^ 

Sao. E. e. Cook Cleveland 

Andr. O, K. Avrea Alliance 

Geo, Mfr..Fgt. APar.Aft 


Sopt Johnapencar, " 

relley Toll. MO r.' 


M.4nillea;44U(: » notarpaai.. 
motor and Sterrlcecara. Hieh-apeed 
and f([t, aerrlce. (Company fnn 
energy (or lighting Sebrlng; alio 

sa - AshtabBiB * Laka Skar* 

ftr (BoldalHaaonPaA traek of Ue 

New Yoik Central R. R. (Caaaiau 




Ashtabnlft Harbor and Woodlamd Park. 

Ttm. L. A. Robiaon Cleveland 

Andr. J. H. Shaw Ashtabala 

1 mile; 4-8^g; Scars. 119 

788— Aahtmbola Rapid Tranelt Co. 

—Office, 6 Nat. Bk. Bldg. Reported 
that City purchased property; City 
Mgr., M. H. Tamer— 12-20-19. 

Prea A Treas. L. A. Robison. .Clereland 

V. Pres. A. R. Raymer. . Pittaborgh, Pa. 

Andr. & Par. Agt., J. H. Shaw, Aahtabala 

Sapt. R. L. Haghes '' 

M. M., J. O'Brien 

Park Mgr. J. C. Hard 

Bam Fmn. Jamee Morgan Conneaut 

Shares in power plant of Penn. A Ohio 

Trac. Co 
Rei>alr shops at Se. Main St. A Tyler 

6.5 miles; 4-8^ g; 9 motor and 1 line 

car; 1 sweeper. 119 

784— PeiinsylTBnIa & Ohio Trao- 
tion Oo. The (Formerly Pennsyl- 
vania & Ohio Ry. Co.)— Office, 16 Spring 
St. (Controls Ashtabula & Lake Shore 
Ry.) (Connects Conneaat, Amboy, 
Ashtabala, Kint^sville and Jefferson.) 

Prei. Thomas McGovem Cleveland 

Sec. & Treas., Fred B. Thorpe " 

Andr. Stanley Sneary '* 

Oen. Mgr. Palmer Wardman . . Asbtabnla 

Ch. Engr. Pwr. Sta. 
Harry Prettyman " 

Park Mgr. J. C. Hard 

Power sta. eqalp; 2 a. c. West. tot. 760 

kva. 400 V. '8 ph. 26 cys; 1000 hp. e. 

Cpr.; 1260 hp. b. B. & W; trans, volt. 

18,200 v; trolley volt. 660 v. 
1 sab-sta. 200 kw. ; 8 rot. conv. 
Power sta. at State Road, Ashtabula; 

repair shops at State Road, Conneaat. 
Reaches Lake View Park, Conneaut. 
26 miles; 4-8H §?• ^ motor and 2 other 

cars. 129t 

BOWLING «REEN. 5,222. 
(See No. 819.) 

BUCTRUS. 9,108. 
(See No. 828.) 

CAMBRIDOR. 18,488(1916). 

785 — Ohio Service Co., (Cambridge 
Div.) — For executive officers, see Co- 
shocton. (Connects Cambridfre, Byes- 
viUe, Derwent and Pleasant City.) 

Diet. Snpt. L. H. Slocumb ....Cambridge 
Power sta. equip. 1 d. c. Wood., 250 

kw; 2 a. c. 0. E. tot. 800 kva. 2800 v. 8 

ph. 60 cys: 1040 hp. e. Rns; trans, volt. 

88,000 v; trolley volt. 600 v. Power plant 

held in reserve. 
1 sab-sta. cap. 1200 kva; 1 mo. gen. set 

800 kw. Snbsta. run from trans, system. 
Pwr. Sta. at West Cambridge. 
Repair shops and substa. at South 

Reaches Oakland Park. 
18.88 miles: 4.8^g: 4 interurban motor 

pass, and 4 city motor pass, cars : 1 f srt. 

motor car. 60 

CANTON. 60.217. 
(See No. 779.) 

CHFLLICOTHR. 16,470 (1910). 
(See also No. 806.) 

786— The Chillicothe Klec. R. R., 
Lt. A Pwr. Co.- OflRcp. 90 W. Second 
St, Chillicothe. (Controlle<l by the Ohio 
& Western Utilities Co. and operated bv 
National Utilities Co., New York, N.Y.) 

Prts. M Oen. Mgr., 
Geo. A. Vangnters Chillicothe 

V. Pres. &. CI. Agt. 

John P. Phillips Chillicothe 

Sec. & Treas. J. C. Martin Columbus 

Ass't Treas., Pur. Agt. & Asst. Myr. 

F. K. Sexauer Chillicothe 

Ch. Engr. Pwr. Sta., Frank Childs '' 

M. M., Roy Seuff " 

Roadmaster, Jno. Byers *^ 

Power sta. equip. 2 a.c. G. E. tot. 700 
kva. 8 ph. 126 cys; 1000 hp. e. Ham, Cor; 
1000 hp. b. Erie; trans, volt. 8300 v; trolley 
volt. 600 v., 1 rot. conv. 

Power sta. nt Yoctangee Park A Canal 
(No P. O.); repair shop at Chillicothe. 

4.6 miles; 4-8^ g. (Company does 
general light and power business.) 69 

786a — Hlllsboro-Cynthiana-Bain- 
hridge-Chillloothe TraotloB Co. 

—Chamber of C/ommerce. (Connects 

Cincinnati. Hlllsburo, Chillicothe and 


Pres. J. W. Watts Hillsboro 

V. Pres. 8c Gen. Mgr. N. J, McGuire 

1001 Law Bldg., Indianapolis, Ind. 
Sec. R. R. Faulkner. . . *' •*. 

Treas. J. C. Anderson Chillicothe 

Ch. Engr. C. C. Clarke Hillsboro 

42 miles. 69 

CINCINNATI. 410,476 (1916) 

(See also Nos. 849 and 881) 

788— Cincinnati, Qeorgeto-wn A 
Portsmouth R. R. Co.— Office, Car- 
rel St. (Operated principally by steam, 
but some passenger cars doing a local 
business are operated by el^tricity.) 
(Connects Cincinnati, Batavia, Bethel, 
Georgetown and Russell vlUe.) 
Pres. A Treas. H. A. Halgh.... Cincinnati 

V. Pres. W. J. Thompson " 

Sec. A. L. C. Henry " 

Andr. J.P. Moran *■ 

Gen. Mgr. A Pur. Agt. 

A. H. Elfner •* 

Snpt. Transpt., Equip. 8^ M. M. 

L E.Woster " 

Gen. Fgt. A Pass. Agt 

R. E. Havemau " 

Elec. Engr. A Engr. M. of W. 

E.J.Jonah *• 

Ch.Engr. Pwr. Sta. 

W. Grissel Olive Branch 

Pwr. sta. cqnlp. 2 a. c. West. Elec. Mch. 
tot. 1200 kw. 3 ph. 26 cys; 1600 hp.e. H. 
O. A R :1800 hp. b. A. A T; trans, volt 
16,500 v; trolley volt. COO v. d. c. 

Power sta. at Lake Allyn ; repair shops 
at Carrel St. 
Reaches Lake Allyn (owned). 
57 miles: 4 8^ ?: 20 motor paas. and IS 
other cars. (Company does general light- 
ing and powt>r buKiness.) 60 

780— CinoiuiiHti, Lawrencebarc A 
Aurora Klec. St. K. R. Co.— Offlc*. 

Andersons F(*rrv, Cincinnati. (Coonccts 

Delhi. Home ('ity, Addyston, North 

Bend, Clevcs, Harrison, Lawrenceborg 

and Aurora.) 

RprPi vPTK i <^'- E. Uooven dnclnnatl 

Keceivers ■{ ^^^^^^ ^^^^^ „ 

Pres. SUnley Shaffer " 

Sec. Donllooven •* 

Gen. Mgr.. Audr. A Pur. Agt. 

E. M. Gumpf " 

M. M . George Jekel North B«d 

Biierey purchased from Union Gaa ft 
Elec. Co. 

2 sub. stas. tot. cap. 400 kw; 2 rot.eonv. 

l{ei>air shops at North Bend, O. 

81.80 miles. 4•8^g; 1 motor pMS. cara, 
20 dump and 2 flat cars. if79 

700 — The Cincinnati, MlUord M 
Blancheater Traetlon Co. — Ocatnl 

offices, 606 Sycamore St, GtndaaatL 
(Owns Oineinnati, MUford A 

Trie. Co.. sad CLucIddbH., Mllrord & 
EaeierB Trac, Co., propMed llnoB.)(eoo- 
aeca ClncmDaU. HadLaDovllle, Pliilii- 
<llle, Indian Hill. NexlowD, Tarrace 
Park. Mlirotd. Uulberry, Qoibun gU., 
NewtonTille, BdentoD. ^oodrllls inJ 
PrcB. & Gen. Mgr. 


TfBBi. W. e. Albera 

Ocn. Snpt. Jbb. MontEomery.UsdiBoniille 

Kngr, Pwr. Sta. Bilford 

Jt.V.. Blchud BiTBB MmdiBonTllle 

Pown ats. eqaip. 3 a. c. Ball. tol. N» 
kw. Spli. S&cfb: iBDO hp.e. AILte-C; eOD 
hp. b. Stir; trine. Toll. 18,600 t. trolley 

3 enb-Btiia. tot. cap. IIBO kir; 3 rat. 
vaur., <a-400 kw. Bnllock Bad 1-80D kw. 

Power ita. U Mllford; rapBlr ahopB at 


Park" " ™ '" " ™ "' 

37m(lflB;S-ilMai 10pBBa.,3fet.,flwork, 
(nrnlabeetngre]' tarUgtHIni;,) 119 

?9I— The CluDlnniitl Tnctlon Oe. 

— OfflwB, Tractlnn Bldg. (Op»r«es 
Olnalnnati St. Kf. Owned bv Tha 
Ohio Tmc. Co.) 

V. PreitB. ( ,(,„„,, A. Draper, . 
BxM. Aes't., H. L, Saoden.., 

Sec, D. J, DownloB 

Troan. W. n. BBiiliBter 

Ami, Traaa, P. L. Bailer 

Aadr, E, J, Boob 

Asst. Audr.B, F, BellBJ 

Gen. Mgr. A, Benham 

8apl.TTBT,Bp.A.J. OaMindorf,, 
Consit, Bngr. ThoB. B)llatt,... " 
CllimAet. WatterE.RobJDSon 
Asat, Pnr, Agt. A, L. Fischer, , 
Cb. Engr, Wm, Mittendorf , , , . 
Bogr, Hoadway, B. H. Btrry, , " 
Jlngr, Orbd, Conatr, 


8upl. Shope, J. J. Scbweltzer. 

Power ata. aqulp. W d. t. West. O. B. 
tat, n.llW kw; 1 rot, mnv. BOO kw. W«t: 
40,111 bp. e, Ucl. A S. Provj 80,476 bp, 
b. Bab. A W, A. * T; 18.000 kw, Wrb, 
(Btm,) W«(; trsna, volt, 6000 t; trailer 
fOlt, B7fi V. 

FITS power ntatlone ae foltowa; Pen- 

ML Hunt AMcMlltnnHIi. Cincinnati; De- 
pot St. genBcatin^ ((ntloB at Depot 8t 
near atta 8t,, CinclDnatl; CnminlaaTllI* 
ganerattng Btation at KnowltoaSl, near 
C- H. A D. B. R., Gammlnatille, Cleeln- 
utU Wlnton Place geneiallnK itatlon 
at Wtatan Place, 

Repair ahope at Cheater Park aad at 
'WlnEaii Place. 

OwneChener Park, which laleaaed 1« 
Iliac H, Martin; reacheB Zoo Garden, 

K7.W mllaa; 5-8!^ e: I.SS! motor sad 
IWmlan. cara; 80 trailers. 69 

793— IndUoK, ColambDi ft Eutern 
Tno. Co.— <LeaaedIoTheOhioBlec, 
Rj, Co,, which Bee tor datalla of roada 
owned and leaaed,) 

PrsB. Dana SteveaB Sprinuaeld 

V.Pre(.J, H.Snndmaker ■' 

Bee, ATreai. F. A. HealT •' 

AmL Sm. a A»1, TrenB. 


SM-Xaillee; t-SH g. «0 

7*3-IiiternrbBn Rf. A TermlDsl 

Co.— OIBoe, ins Second National Baak 
BIdg., Clnclnaatl, |Owna and oner- 
■tea tbe Cincinnati & Eaatem Elee. 
Bj, Co., (ha Rapid Kj. Co, and the 

lalerarbaa Terminal Co,) (OonnecU 
Cincinnati, New Richmond, Haaon, 

Recr , Chaa, M, LbbUb, 

80B8eo. Nat, Bk. BIdg,. Oluclnaatl 

Pree. Geo. H. WorlhlnKton Cleveland 

V. Prea, J. U, Hnlton 

Sec. TrGaB,.8upt., Par. A Claim Agt,, 

J.P, Kgoir CiaclnnaU 

Audr, C. W, Peck ■■ 

Gen, Fgl. A Pass. Agt„ 

Ch, Bnjir, Pwr, ata,' F,*H, Woods '■ 
M.M. F, H, Braeggemann,.,, •' 

Roodmlater, Joe Bolt 

Bngr. Ovhd, Conatr. Fred Teitraeir, " 

GONKY rSLA.ND STA, EliUIP,— 3 d.c. 
Weal, tot, 800 kw; 3 a, c. Weet, tot 
lOOO kw, 3 ph. SE cvb: 31ET hp, e, Bckre; 
aiOQ bp, b. A, A I*; trana. TOlt, Il.OOOi; 
trolleyvoU, GBOv. 

4 sab-atas. tol. cap, £800 kw; T rot 

Power ata, at Coner lalaad: repair ibapa 
at Dier Park. 

Reachea Cone; latiad, Highland Groye 
(owned bj IndlTtdual memhera ot com- 
panjr) and Bcechwood Park, SllIBrliin, 

es miles; b-iH g: 35 motor and IS 

T94 — The Olilo Trsotlon Co. — 
(MIllDrnek Tallaj DlvUlon.) 

OtHcB, Traction BIdg. (OpErftlBB under 
IfBae Tbe Cinclnnafl &IIamllton Trao. 
Co, whicb eitende through St. Bernard. 
Elmwood, Carthage, Hartwell, Lock- 
land, Glendale. wyonilag and Baoill- 
ton,) (Owns Clnolnnatl Trac. Co, and 

Ptea W. Keln'ej Sch'oapt Cincinnati 

iBtV.Pres ChSB.P.Taft ■■ 

8d V, Pres. Dana Stevena " 

td V, Pres. A Sec. 

Biac, Asat.. H. LTsandBra " 

Aeat. Seo.D. J. Downing 

Treas. W,H. MscAIIMbt " 

Aeet, TresB. F, I.. Haller 

Andr,.E. J, Booa 

Aast, Andr, B. F, RellBJ 

Gen, Mgr. A, Benham " 

Conalt, Bngr, Thos, Elliott,,.. 
Snpt Transp. A.J. Oatandorf,, 
Claim Agt. WnitcT E. Boblnaon 
Aait Pur. Agt. A. L. FlickBr. . 

Ch, EngrWm.Mlttendorf 

Bngr, of Roadwaja, E, B. Betrj 
angr,Ovbd.Conatr., P. J. Venning, " 
.Power sta, equip, 2 d, c, Q, E. tot. 1000 
)Ar; laOObp.e, Ucl. AS; I3G0hp,b, A, A 
T: trsna. Tolt,BeOOv; troHer>oIl. BTBt, 

at Cheatar Park, WInlou p'laco, 
HeachM Zoological Oardena, 
M,3a milea; 6-3^ g; 82 motor and B 

ci<bte:i.and. S7t,073 (1S16), 

(See also No, 77B,) 

7Sa — The Cleveland A ChBerln 
Fulls Rj. Co — Office, 708 Belmont 
Bldg. {Succeasorto Cleveland. Tonngf. 
town A Eaitern By. Co,) (Connecta 
Cleveland and Chagrin Palla.) 

Prea, H. P, Mclnlosb Cleveland 

Sec, ATraae, C. A. Tajior!"!! " 

Andr. J. E. Low«7 " 

Gen. Mgr. Robl.D. Beattv " 

Supl. L. C. Haeemso Chsgrja Falla 

Bnergy pnrchaaed from Cleveland and 
Eaitern Trac. Co. 

Subnta. at Slop S8; car barm at Cbas- 
rln Falls. 

IS mileB; 4-8M «; 11 motor, B frelghi 
and 3 other cart, EO 

1»0— C level mnd A Ea»t«rn Ttm. 

Co.— Office, 708 Belmant Bldg,. Cine- 
laud, (Has taken over the OlevelAnd A 










Bastern Div. of the Eastern Ohio Trac. 

Co.) (Connects Cleveland, Chardon, 

Burton and Mlddleficld.) 

Pres. H. P. MuIntoBh Cleveland 

V Prea. Horatio Ford " 

Sec. & Gen. Mt{r. Kobt. D.Beatty '' 

Treas. C. A.Taylor " 

Andr. J. B. Lowery 

Supt. H. A. Emery Gates Mills 

Blec. Engr. W. E. Wilson.... " 
M. M., Frank Smith " 

Energy purchased from Cleveland Illu- 
minating Co. 

Snb-stas. at Stops 7 and 19 and at C. 
& E. Jet; also 1 portable sub-sta. 

Repair shops at Gates Mills. 

40 miles; 4-8H g; 16 motor, 2 freight 
and 8 other cars. 50 

T97— The Cleveland Ry. Co.— Office, 

Leader Bldg. (Formerly the Cleveland 

Eleo. Ry. Co.) 

Pres. JohD J. Stanley Cleveland 

fGen. Mgr. 
xr « * J Geo. L. Radcliffe 
V. Presti.S Col. J.H.Alexander 

^R. A. Harman 

Sec. to Pres. Paul E. Wilson. . . 
Sec. & Treas. Henry J. Davies.. 

Audr. Thos. P. Kilf oyle 

Gen. Supt. A. E. Duty 

Asst Supt. Ralph W. Emerson 
Par. Agt. Chas. H. Stanley.... 

Claim Agt. Wm. F. Weh 

Elec. Engr. & Engr. Ovhd. Constr. 

L. P. Crecelius 

Engr. Sub-stHS. L. D Bale 

Ch. Elecn. M. W. Brigham .... 
Engr. M. of W, C. H. Clark. . . , 
M. M., Terence ScuUin 

Power sta. equip. 7 d. c. G. K, West, 
tot. 9,600 kw: 14,400 hp. e. Allis-C, Cpr; 
7.792 hp. b.Bab. & W; trans, volt. 11,000 
v; trollev volt. 600 v; energy also pur- 
chased from Cleveland Elec. lUg. Co. 

5 snb-stas. tot. cap. 33.500 kw; 23 rot. 

Power sta. jit Washington & Sycamore 
Aves. ; repair shops at Harvard Ave. and 
49th St. 

360 mile^ (including track in yards 
and buildings); 4-8^ ur; 1047 motor pass., 
416 trail pass, and 173 work cars; 13 elec. 
yard locos. 109+ 

798— The Cleveland, Southwestern 
A Columbus Ry. Co — Office, 625 Gar- 
field Bldg. (Connects Cleveland, Berea, 
Medina, Seville, Creston, Weoster, Le 
Roy, Lodi, W. Salem, Ashland, Mans- 
field, Crestline, Galion, Bucyrus, Elyria, 
Oberiin, Lorain, Amherst, Graften, 
Berlin Heights and Norwalk.) 

Pres. F. E. Myers Ashland 

1st V. Pres. L. J. Wolf Cleveland 

2nd V. Pres. F. T. Poraeroy.... " 
Sec. & Treas. J. O. Wilson. . . . 
(Jen. Mgr. A Pur. Agt. 

E. F. Schneider 

Audr. M. E. MoGraw 

Claim Agt. C. E. McKisson " 

Sapt Western Div. J. A. Nester... Elyria 
Snpt. So. Div., W. B. Demaline,. .Kamms 
Snpt. (Seville-Bucyrus Div.) 

F. M. Teingst Mansfield 

Supt. Pwr. A Shops, 

George H. Kelsay, Elyria 

Traffic Mgr. C. C. Collins Cleveland 

Power sta. eqnip. 2 d. c. West, tot. 1000 
kw; 3500 hp. e.; 4000 hp. b. Stir, Heine; 
8000 hp. (8tm.)turb. West, Allis-C, G.E; 
trans, volt. 22,000 v; trolley volt. 625 v. 

Power Kta. and repair shops at Elyria. 

Reaches Pnritas Springs and Chip- 
pewa Lake and owns Seccainm Park. 

226 miles : 4-8^ g : 60 meter and 17 other 
cam. (Company does general lighting 
and power business.) ':^50 

799— Iiake Shore Eieo. Ry. Co.— 

Ezecntive oflloe, Electric Bldff., (Jleve- 
land; general office, Sandosky. (Con- 

trols the Lorain St. B. R. Co., and 8aD- 

doaky, Fremont A Sonthem By. €k>.) 

(Connects Cleveland and Toledo and 

intermediate cities and towns.) 

Pres. E.W.Moore ClevetoBd 

(F.R.QoH " 

V Prii.f fl J ^- Lewenthal " 

V . rresis. -j q^^^ j^^^. ^ p^j. ^ ^ 

(. F. W. Coen Sandaaky 

Aadr. A. C. Henry " 

Gen. Sunt. L. K. Bone ** 

Snpt. If. Pwr. F. Heckler Fremont 

Engr. M. of W., A. V. Brown.. Sandnaky 

Claim Agt. H. Rimelspach .Fremont 

Gtn. PaM. Agt J. F. Starkey. .Sanduaky 
Roadmaster, Roy Bragdon ■* 

Power sta. equip. 4 a. c. Q, E, West 
tot. 3000 kw. 8 ph. 25 cys; 4250 hp. b. 
Stir, Bab. A W; 2000 kw. (atm.) tnrb. 
West; trans, volt. 18,000 v; trolley volt. 
600 V. Enorgy purchased from The Ohio 
State Power Co., Fremont, for operation 
of system from a point some 25 miles eatt 
of Fremont to Toledo. 

Power sta. at Beach Park ; repair shops 
at Fremont, Beach Park and Sandnaky. 

Reaches Beach Park Cowned), Crystal 
Beach, Linwood Park, Rngfles' Cifevs, 
Rye Beach and Cedar Point. 

173 miles: 4-8^g; 77 motor and 67 other 
cars. (Company sells energy to railway 
companies.) 7Q 

COI.UMBUS. 214,878 (1916). 

800-Columbna, Delaware Jk 
Marlon £Ieo. Co. — Office, Marion. 

(Snccessor to Columbus, Delaware A 
Marion Ry. Co.) (Connects Columbus, 
Worthington, Delaware, Prospect, Rad- 
nor and Marion; also owns and opwates 
city ry. service in Marion and Ddaware.) 

Pres. Eli. M. West Colnmhos 

Ist V. Pres. & (Jen. Mgr. 

A. F. Van Deinse Mariim 

2nd V. Pres. J. J. Jennings. . . .Oolambva 
Sec, Treas. A Andr. 

W. H. Davidson Marlon 

Gen. Coun. Earl H. Tnmer Dayton 

Supt. C. C. Moyer Delawars 

Trainmaster E. C . Mackan ** 

Supt. Mot. Pwr.A.F.Rolston. .. •* 
Supt. Overhead, Perl Tjowry .... ** 
Supt. Marion Ltg. Dept. 

L.C.Stang Marion 

Power sta. eqnip. (Stratford plant) 8 a. 
c. G. E. tot 2800 kw. 8 ph. 25cys; 9000 hfl. 
b. neine; 2800 kw. stm. turb. G. E; trans. 
volt. 19,500 V : trolley volt. 600 ▼. 

Power sta. eqnip. (Marlon plant) 2 a. c. 
G. E. tot. 1750 kw. 2800 v. 60 cys: 1400 hp. 
b. Heine; 1750 kw. stm. turb. G. B. 

4 sub-stas. tot. cap. 2100 kw; 7 rot. 

Power sta. and repair shops at Strat- 
ford (Address, Delaware, O.) 

Owns Glenmary Park. Reaches Otea- 
t&nnj Park, North Colnmbns. 

60 miles; 4-8^ g; 12 intemrban pass. 
5 freight and express, 5 motor service, 16 
non-motor service, and 28 city can. 
(Company furnishes enei^ to leanest 
Elec. Lte. A Pwr. Co. and Colnmmis, 
Marion & Bucyrus R. R. Co., and does 
lighting in Marion.) 80 

801— Columbus, New Albany M 

Johnstown Trac. Co.— Office, 8B8 E. 

Long Street. (Connects Columbus, S. 

Columbus and Gahanna.) 

Pres. H. M. Beazell Cincinnati 

V. Pres.LeoJ. VanLahr *• 

Sec. & Treas. Julius A. Relf.... " 

Audr. Harry A. Snyder Colnmbos 

Gen. Mgr. A Par. Agt. 

L. P. Stephens " 

M.M. Robert Whisner-....*.... " 

Energy purchased from Columbns By. 
Pwr. A Lt. Co. 

Repair shops at E. Colnmbos. 

8.8 miles: 6-2 g; 5 motor pass., 1 tgL 
motor and 1 sexvice car. ^fw 

VUS—Columboi Kj., Fwr. * Lt. Co 

— omcB. 101 N. Third He (Inc. to me 
csed by cbioge of nuae CaJambo 

Cinleii leued to Columbue RullnKT i 
lem Co. Hu sciulied tOl propeit] 

A TrtsK. B. R. Sharp. 


WMKrvllJf^, Columbni sod HarblaClill 
nan HcD. 

Lmbaaaad Licdeo.) 
rle> L. Kanz 
I Hmll KLeai 



r. P. V. B 

. r, Sjle Bsbblit... 

8iipt. Tnoip.. Geo R. Wbianer. 
Ai-l. aopt. Tr«n-p., C. B. Lacej 

Claim AkI. Ctaav B Piurh 

Pur. Afft.. M. L. Evam 

El«c. Bngi.. R. J. F.«thBr. 

Ch, Bnp-. P»rt. 9ta. B.R. AodrLi 

«qalp. a 1. c. Allii-C, 
fay.. B75-»S0Uv;B ph.SScya. 
1. Cor.; £300 bp. b.HcNuU, 

ipolley voll, 600-9SBY. 
lot. cap. 4000 bw.; 8 lot. 

and repair ahopa at Rmb 

umbia Park. 

1 rail): 4-RM r: IS motor 

pa»., 4 tgt. motor., n tgi. 

IS general liKbting & pi 


Sopl. or L 
Power n 

Am. BV.Co.7'^pr';Moir*"S; 17,818 h'l 


I (181S). 

I. & W-. 

t. 13.3ai-B9,M0 V 

*7«) kw: B ml. conv. lot. iMOO kw.; H 
mot. gen. Hti.tDl. 8S40k<r. 

Principal power sta>;8prlnE Sprine 
& Coueni 3U.; Qaj St. at OsT ' »rS 

tlU ' located 10 mllea eonCbeut of Co- 
Repair tbnps at Belton Ave., A Oak at. 
Reachei Otenlangr Park ft ladlanola 

13G.1M lallef; B-« t. and 4-8^ g; St8 

motor pu*. in'1 BO other cara. (Co. 

doea general power and lighting huelnHi 

In Coliirahot and enrroDndinR terrller)'; . 

and contiiilerable hot water heatlnir.l *&0 i' 

•m Elec. Rj-. Co — OSIca, 1 
Oa; at. (ConnKta Colnmbna, 1 
Clin uDd Plahlneere.) 

Proe Scott A. Webb Coli 

Sm. Harr; E. Stafford 

Qm. Mgr. iPor. A((t. 

L. P. Hlephena 

Bnerfff pnrehaaed tr 

BUBa— The Ohlu Service Co.— Oen. 
office, CosboctDo; local offlce*. Can- 
bridge, Bjeavllle. DhrlcbiTJIk. Dan- 
ninoD. New Philadelphia and Dover. 
(Piirebaaed the property or The CountT 
Rlec. Co. (New Phiradelphii), The 
New Midland Pwr, A Tiac. Co. 
ICimhridgo), The Twin Cllj Trac. Co. 
(Dennlwn) Coshoclon H. & Htg. Co., 
tiewcomorUown Lt. * Pwr. Co., The 
Sirasburg Elec Co. and The LatareCte 
LI. * Pwr, Co. (W. Larayette). (ConnecU 
Cambildtie. PleaaantCflj, Byeavllle and 
Derweiit; also Dennlton and Cbrlcha- 
vUle.) (Controlled by United Berylce 

Pree. Thoe. R. Brooka Scranton, Pa. 

V. Prea. ft Miir. C. H. Howetl, .Coehocton 

"ec,*Trea«. L.e.Conklln.8crantoii. Pa. 

__ndr. J. P. RaweoD Coehoeton 

Par. Aet. K. A. HiDig 

Snpt. or Pwr. J. J. Dolao 

Kn^. Inap. ft Teeta 

' C, i.Mnllen •' 


Wat. Sopt. F. T. Harria 

Power ati. equip. 1 a. o. 0. B., Allia-C. 

tarbo.Ken. lot. sm kvg. 2300 t. S ph. DO 

cya: iOOO hp. b. Stir: ISOO bp. wtr. tnrb. 
I Allie-C; trans. volt. !a,OOOT, 



■D. Jr. .New Philadelphia 
quip. S a. c. Q. B. tarbo. 

■0«— Tb« Ohio A < 

8hadea»ille'and Hart 

J.N-Snetnngel.... ... 

SBC. .1. M. Bntller. g E. B 

nen. Hkt. Clark Millar*." 

It, 81*6 k 
" ■.* 

!t. 2500 hp!'bTlrieCl'^,S 

' DLat. Snpt. L. E. Slocnmb,.. 
Power at». equip, I 

i; 1040 

ime In rea 

E C Schwab " 1 an 

rchaied from Colnmbna Rt.< P^- ■' 

800 kva. SSOO v. 8 ph. 00 

trana. yoTL S«,000 

!j volt. 800 V. Power plant held 

■ta', oap. lan kva; 100 kw. mo.- 

s:«rmi." (Tw mi: itt »: i:, i.« mi, 

M.y. a motor paa*.. 1 trail tietfCbtand 

Repair ahopa, 

at South Cambridge. 

RMCbH Oaklana Far) 


est Cambrldea. 

^ar hani and aub ila. 





Dist. Smpt. A. G. Datton DenniBon 

1 sab-Bta. cap. 1500 kw. 88000/9800 y: 150 
kw. mo.-gea. set; trolley ?Dlt. 600 ▼. 

Repair shops, snbsta. and car barn at 

1.8 miles; 4-8V( g ; 8 ears. 

(Company does general lighting and 
power baslness.) 50 

OOTINOTON. 1,848. 
(See No. 868.) 

D4TTON. 127.284 (1916). 

(See also Nos. 889, 868, 866, 879, 
1117, and 1118.) 

806— City Ry. Co.— Main office, 612 

Mntaal Home Bldg. Terminal office. 

Western and Anbarn Ayes. 

Pres. & Treas. B. D. Grimes Dayton 

1st V. Pres. G. G. Shaw . . .* *' 

Snd V. Pres. V. Winters 

8rd V. Pres. G. H. Gorman ** 

Sec.M.Hall " 

Claim Agt. J. H. Clark " 

Andr. J. Morton '* 

Qen. Mgr. T. B. Howell *' 

Asst. Snpt. T. B. BiUer " 

Ch. Bngr. Frank Bnffle ** 

Blec. Bngr. John Dolan ** 

Track Foreman, Jno. McDonald.. *' 

Power sta. eqnip. 6d. c. G. B, Westg., 
S. & H. tot. 2900 kw; 8600 hp. e. Bckye. 
Pror; 1760 hp. b. Stir, A. & T, Bab. A W; 
trolley Tolt. 660 v. 

Beaohes Lake Side Park. 

Power sta. atBmily A Leree Sts; repair 
shop at Western A Anbnm Ares. 

86.948 miles; 4-8^ g: 188 motor (46 
dosed,- 80 open and 66 combination), 
1 single tmck, 8 flat, 8 snow, 2 sand cars 
and 1 tool car; 3 sprinklers. irTO 

807— D»7ton, Sprlnyfleld A Xenlm 
Southern Ry. Co. — Office, 201 Ar- 
cade. (Connects Dayton, Bellmont- 
Shonps Station, Alpha, Trebelns and 

Pres. C. J. Ferneding Dayton 

T. Pres. Gen. Mgr. & Pnr. Agt. 

T. A. Ferneding •* 

Sec. A Treas. H. L. Ferneding. ... *' 
Andr. Pass. A Claim Agt 

R. J. Wells •• 

Gen. Fgt. Agt. 

John G. Zimmerman *^ 

M. M. J. N. Hinds " 

Roadmaster George C. Anders .... ^* 

Bnergy purchased from The Dayton 
Power A Light Co.; trans, volt. 6600 t; 
trolley volt. 600 T. 
Bepiair shops near Shonps Station. 
Roaohes Bellbrook. Kllicare Park (con- 
trolled) and Yellow Springs Park. 
97.07 miles: 4-8H g; 88 oars. -ktiO 

808- Tlio Dajrton St. B,y, Co.— 

Office, Lorain A Prits Ares. 

Wm. A. K«yet..Schwind Bldg., Dayton 
V. Pres. 

S. M. Krohn... Commercial Bldg. "• 
Sec. A Treas. 

Philip H.Worman,Sohwind Bldg. " 
Gen. Mgr. Wm. L. Smith " 

Bnergy purchased from Dayton Pwr. A 
Lt. Co. 

Repair shops at car bams. 

14 miles; 4^Vi g; 27 motor and 80 other 
cars. 70 

800— Dayton A Troy Elec. Ry. Co. 

-Office, Tippecanoe City. (Controls 
Miami Valley Ry. Co., The Trey, Ti^ 
pecanee and Dayton Intemrban Ry. 
Co.. and the Plqua St. Ry.) (Connects 
Dayton, Tippecanoe Cfity, Troy A 
Pres. Harrle P. Olegg Daytra | 

V. Pres. A Gen. Mgr. 

R. A. Crame Dayton 

Sec. Henry Gebhart ^' 

Treas. L. C. Clegg " 

Andr. Finney Spraene. . .Tippecanoe City 
Snpt. Transpt W. M. Keesler. ** 
Gen. Fgt. A Pass. Agt. 

O . H . Mnrlln Dayton 

Ch. Bnn Pwr. Sta. 

J. D. Kohler Tippecanoe City 

Roadmaster, J. D. Raoer ** ** 

Power sta. eqnip. 8 d. c. West, tot 1900 
kw; 1000 hp. e. Bckye; 1200 hp. b. Bab. A 
W; trolley volt 660 ▼. 

P«wer sta. and repair shops at Tippe- 
canoe City. 

40 miles: 4-6^ g; 19 motor and 80 other 
cars. 'Ar60 

810— Dayton A Wostem Tractioa 

Co.— (Independent operation resumed 
April 26, 1920. For fourteen years road 
was operated as Dayton-Richmond DiT. 
of Ohio Blec. Ry.. Hpringfleld.) (Con- 
nects Dayton and Richmond.) 

Pres. Valentine Winters Dayton 

Gen. Mgr. Henry Gebhsrt ** 

Supt W. A. Coleman " 

Gen. Andr. P. A. Hommel " 

Gen. Pass. A Fgt. Agt. F. L. Boyer '* 
40 miles. fTO 

811— Tho Oakwood Railroad Co.— 

Office, 1620 Brown St. (Leased to and 
operated by The Oakwood St. Ry. Co.) 

Pres. Harrie P. Clegtr Dayton 

V. Pres. A Gen.Mgr. Henry Gebhart " 

Sec. J. H. Winters *» 

Freas. A Audr H. C.Welngartner *' 

Claim Agt. John H. Clark *^ 

8.6mUts;4-8^ g. ifrfiO 

819— The Oakwood St. Ry. Co.— 

Office, 1620 Brown St. (Connects 

Oakwood, Dayton and Dayton View.) 

(Leases and operates the Oakwood R. 


Pres. A Treas. Harrie P. Clegg Dayton 

1st V. Pres. A Gen. Mgr. 

HenryGebhart *» 

2nd V. Pres. J. H. Winters ** 

Sec. A Andr. H. C. Weingartner. . '* 
Claim Agt. 

John H. Clark. . . Schwind Bldg. '' 

M. M., J. F. Merrick " 

Roadmaster J. Burkbolder *■* 

Bnergy purchased from Dayton Power 
A Lt Co.; trolley volt. 600 v. 

Repair shops at 1620 Brown St., 

10.6 miles (including Oakwood R. R. 
Co.); 4-8H g; 81 motor pass, and 
8 motor serVice cars. ifbO 

813— Peopl«*s Ry. Co.— ()fflc4*, 620 
Washington St. (Controlled by Ameri- 
ean l^s. Co., Phila., Pa.) 

Pres. J. A. MeMahoB Dayton 

PhUadelpbla, Pa. 
C. L.S.TIngley... *• *♦ 
See. A Trsas. W. W. Perkins ... ** 
Asst. Sec, Asst. Treas. A Compt '' 

Frank J. Pryor, Jr *' 

Oon Mgr. W. E. Botlean Dayton 

Snpt. of Trans. V. R. Powell ^' 

Claim Agt 

Jonn H. Clark . .Schwind Bldg., '* 
Pmr. Agt. G. C. Weirick, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Ch. Bngr. Pwr. Sta. 

G. C. Chadderdon Dayton 

M.M.,BarlLones '* 

Bngr. M. of W., Ray SUndlsh .... '* 
Frmn. Orhd Constr. 

James Franklin *^ 

Power sta. eqnip. 2 d. c. G. B. tot 1000 
kw; 9800 hp. e. McT. A S; 8800 bp. b. 
Stir. Natl; trans. A trolley Tolt 660 ▼. 

Power sta. at Germantown St.; repair 
shops at Bolander Ave. 

8189 miles: 4-8H g; 88 motor and 88 
other ears. ^60 

BKNISON. 4,008. 


IVERfOOI.. M,6n (1918) 



:. « U. Co., The Ohio BIi 
r Rj. liid Tho Btanbenxliie 
. LiTcrpool Rt. a Lt. Co.) 
■ Buvai. iDdDiLrj, Midluid 
h renj. P». and But Llni- 
llBTllli. Bnpln. TorOBlo and 
itie. O). 

Smitb B. LlTtrpool 

, A Pur. Aet. . 


M. J B McCoddbII " 


. R. F, Tliompaoii. " 
:W..T. J. Jonee,. 
r, J.D.Hkkej. .. 
nrchmpd from Bnckeia Power 
lolt. ISSOJ t: trolI«7 Tolt. 

iqnlp, «We«t. rot. coot. tol. 

itlDdnitry. P*.: rapslr (b«r> 

Rock Springs PHk >t CbMlai 
I BUDloD Park mt SteBbsariUt 
i; I^H *•■ TO motor puc., _ 
rnndaolhcccui. «B0 

b Pa«. Aft. 

Fwr. Daniei Reldat. jr. " 
Pwr. Bta. W. Niibinn 

DEKrDB Bowline Qthl 

r. Fred Miller. FlnnUj 

A. eqalp. 2 n. f. O. B. lol. lOMi 
a Dti. escvii; 4000 tap. e.HcI. 
.p. h, B»b. b W: 1000 kw. Hid. 
; tnus. TOlt, 30,000 t; troller 

PrM. A. W. Buter Ft. Laninl 

" Pre*. F. C. WHlniiiiin..., *' 

!. Wm, J.Bhemmi 


idr. P.O.RMd Lin 

Oea. FrL b P>u. Agt. 

Peter Rlagn Pt Loraml 

EuoKT from WeetSTD Ohio Ry. Co, 
I.lnai«: *-8Hg. *3 

lO.TTO (l«e), ■ 

Sl»— Tha FoaUiriB * Pramoot Bt. 

Oo — OMtB, Aloott Bldg., Foitoib. 

(Connect! Fremont. HBllillle. HaTcni. 
Rtirgoon, Kuiiu, AmMlen and Foa- 

re*. V. D. Carurnler Lima 

.Prai. J. H. Ooeke Wapakonela 

ec„Treaf..G*n. Ugr. dt CI. A gt. 

R. C. GnerUKj FoWona 

udr. F.O. Reed Lima 

«n.Fgt.&Pa*a. Agl.C.0.8ullly«n -^ 

1 enb-tta ; > rot. con». 

BnergT pmchai^ from Lake Bbera 

Repair aliopa al Premant. 

n.fmllai: 44) g: 1 motor piaa. . t rgt. 
lotor and » tgt. earn wtthont motor*; 1 

. (In H 

chaaed propartj of The lak* B- 
"- - dreen ft NapolooD St. ( 

betwren Scotch Ridge, Canter Choreb 
aDdB.iwIingGreenilSmlleal. roDDteti 
FIndlaj, Arcadia, Foatorla.Rlalu San, 
Bradner. PamharTlllg. Scotch RIdga, 
CenlerCbproh, Bow ling Orean, Lack IT, 


C. C. Farnis] DoTar 


T.Fi__. _. 

iec. A Tieaa. A.J. Sranta... 

Oan. Ugr. B. Smith 

Bopt.R.H, Bwan 

H.K., John Mitchell 

Roadmaetar, D. Campbell 

WcM.tot. MO 

p.a. Rn>:S0Ohp. b. Stir; Irani. 
and axm '-. IroUev *Dlt. TOO 

lea; tJU4 t: 11 motor, 9 trail 
I tmll (gt. and SI other can, 
ny doee genaral lighting and 

rmiMONT. lo.Mc (in«). 


saa — Tbe Oklltpcill* * NonlMina 
Ttm. Oo.-Offlce. Qalllpolli. (Put- 

•- of the Kananga Trac, 

' I (Connecta Oalll- 
Plaannt. W. Ta.) 

Sec. A Treai. 

C. K. Ounnlnaham. 

ien. Mgr.H. Harali 

inpt. f. M. KoCormlck Gall 

II.1h.,D. L - ■ ■ 


llshtlne In Flndlw.) 
LORAMIE. 444 (IBIl). 

iTt Lormmla Ry. Co. — ' 

7 Ulncter A Lorania Rt. Co.. 
I. Loramia, (Connecta Hloatcr 
flnonle.) (Oparatad by Wailara 

EnarcT poicbaaed from Oblo Ut 
> ; tre11« volt. 000 V. 
Repair ■hop' at BaM OilllpoHa. 




HABIIL.TON. 40,406 (1916). 
(See Also No. 794.) 

1191— ClnolQiiuti St l>aytou Tractiou 
Co. (Sacceseor toCincinnati.Daytontft 
Toledo Trac. Co.)— Offlcei, 615 Day ion 
Svgs. & Tr. Bldg., Dayton. (A consoli 
datioD of the tiouthern Ohio Trac. Co., 
Hamilton Clnc.innatl-NortbweHtem Ry. 
Co. Cincinnati and The Hamilton & Lin- 
denwald Blec. Transit Co.) (Connects 
Cincinnati, Hamilton, Middletown, 
Franklin, Miamiabarf?, Dayton, Tren- 
ton. Mt. Healthy, Wept Carrolton, and 
College Hill and operates city line in 
Hamilton. ) 

Free, lames M. Huiton, 

let SaV\ Bank Bid?. Cincinnati 

V. Pre!*. Otto Ann leader '* 

Sec. Clande Anhiirook 
Union Triiei Bidg Clucinaiti 

Treat*. Leo .1. Van Labr 

Provident Savings Bk., 

A.adr. J. P. Longon Dayton 

3en. Mgr. & Pnr. Agt. 
M. Ackerman Dayton 

8npt. Frank Huber MlamtHbarg 

Oen.Fgt. A Pa s*. Agt. C.Sf. Byrne,. Day ton 

Ck. Engr. Pwr. SU. J. P. Darls 

Lindenwald Pwr. Sta., Hamilton 

M. M., M. Scboenhals 

O'Neil's Car Shops. Dayton 

Bngr. M. of W., B. P. Denman... Trenton 

Bngr. OThd. Const. W. A. McNeal •* 
Pwr. au. equip. 4000 hp. b. Bab. & W; 

6SS0 kw. stro. tnrb. We»t; trai a. volt 

88,000 t; trol'ey vol*. 600 t. 
6 Bub-staa. U>t. cap. 8900 kw; 18 rot. 


Power etae. at Lindenwald (P. O. Hamil- 

Repair ahope at 0*NeiI 's Sta., Dayton 

Keachee Lindenwald Park and M. V 
Okantaaqna Groonda, Franklin. 

819 mllefl : 4-8^ g: 91 cart. 119 

HBBRON. 977. 
(See No. 889.) 

HUBBARD. 1,699. 
(See No. 965.) 

IRONTON. 18.949. 
(See Noa. 88S and 1190.) 

UiNCAflTKR. 18,870. 
(See also No. 806) 

8«S— Tke t^acaater Thm. M Pwr. 

Co. -Office, Main St. 
Pwea., Gen. llmr. M Par. Ai^. 

H. B. Petera. Lancaster 

T. Proa. Idw. DeLancy 

8ec. A Tfwu». P. R. PHera 

Sttpt. A Inrr. Pwr. Su. 


Ch. Sngr. J. Grlgi^ ^^ 

Power atA. cqnip. 8 d. c. T.-H. tot tK 
kw: m hp. e. Ililler, Am. (gas); troQey 

Power tta. and repair dbope at Fair 

It mllee: 4-^14 k; 39 motor ami 9 otber 


Andr. & Gen. Pass. Agt. 

R. F. Miller Leetonli 

Gen. Fgt. Agt. Owen B. Lazeile '* 
Supt. Mot. JPwr. A. A. Crawford " 


LBETONIA. 8,665. 

•93 — Tko TonM|pitow« * Okio 
RiTer R. R. Cn. - Ofliceu 589 Pearl 
St, Le«ionim. (i^oDn'Ota S:tlem, Le^ 
tonia, Lisbon and East Lirerrool. ) 

Pree, Warren Bi**knell Cl«»Te1and 

T. Free.. Gen. Mgr. A Pnr. 
Afft J. D. Deweee Leetonia 

See. ik Trena. 
Chaa. 8. Tbraaher Cleveland 

M. M , H. A. Rhoads 

Roadmaster. S.W. Atterbolt " 

Power sta. equip. 2 d. e. West. tot. 110 
kw; 2 a.c.\Vest. tot. 2000 kw. 8 ph. 26 eye; 
160 bp. e. West; 2000 hp. b. Stir; 8000 hp. 
tnrb. West; trans, volt 22,000 ▼; trolley 
volt 660 V. 

Power sta. at Weat Point. 

Repair shops at Leetonia. 

Reaches Park system of B. Liyerpoo! 
Trac. A Lt. Co. 

88 miles: 4-fj>4 g: 9 motor and 86 other 
cars; 8 locos. (Famishf s energy to lighting 
oomoany.) * 

LIMA. 86.884 (1916).. 

SJi4— The Ohio Blec. Ry. Co.— For 

general ofllcera. see Springfield. 

Gen. Mgr. H. G Gilpin SprinirfleM 

Snpt C. C. Fast Lin-a 

Power sta. eqnip. 2 d. c. McI. A 8, tot. 
776 kw. 660 v; 6 a.c. G. B, McI. A 8. tot. 
8400 kw. 2800 V. 8 ph. 00 cya; 8800 hp. 
b. Bab. A W. A. A T. 

Power sta. and repair shops at Lima. 

147 miles (Ft Wayne Div. 65 miles' 
Toledo Div. 72 mlleo; City Div. 10 miles): 
4-8^ e. (Compeny furnishes energy ***r 
llehtinp and dors steam heating.) 60 

8X5— Weetom Ohio R.t. Co.— Office, 
119 W. Market St., Lima. (Ownf 
the Lima, Findlay A Toledo Ry.: 
operates between Findlay. Mt. Cory, 
Cridersville. Kotkins. Anna. Lackirg* 
ton, Lima. Wai>akoneta. 8t. Mary^a. 
New Bremen. MinMer. Cellna. Hidney. 
Ptqna. Rawson, BInffton and BeftWr- 
dam: also operates Minster A Loramie 
Pree.AGen.Mgr.F.D. Carpenter Lima 

Sec. A Trees. H. C. Lang Cleveland 

Andr. F. O. Reed Lima 

SmnC. A M. M.. B. B. Gnnn.Wapakoneta 
Claim AgtaiGoeke A Roe^ el . . ^* 

Gen. Fin. A Pa^a. Agt 

C. O. SnlHvan Lima 

Pnr. Asrt Wm. M. Vamer " 

Ch. Bngr. Pwr. SU. 

B. C. Mick* troth StMnryi 

Flee. BnCT. A Ener. Ovhd. Oonntr. 

H. V. Swinehart WapnkoneU 

Roadmaster. N . Pohlabein '' 

Power sta. equip. 4 a. c. Weel. tot. 88M 
kw. 400 V. 8 ph. 26 cys: 4600 hp. e. Cpr. 
Cor: 4W0 hp. b. Stir: 6000 kw. tnrb. (atm.) 
West G. B: trans, volt. 88.000 t; tlolW 
volt. 660 V. 

7 sub-stas. tot cap. 8000 kw: 14 rot. 
Power sta. at St MaryV 
R«»pair shot's at Wapakonefa. 
10S.06 miles:. 4-M4 t: 27 nnotor and 
66 other rsr«: 1 elee. ]orf*. (Conpaiiv 
doee eeneral lighting and power hnal- 

L4IRAIN. 86,964 (191l). 

888 — The I^raln St. R. K. Ca.- 

(Controlkd by Lake Shore Klec. ^., 
which see for offlcen.^ (Conaecta La- 
rain and Blyria. > 
Bnergy parchasfd from Lake Shore 

Blec. Rv. Co.: traaa. volt 18,000 v tvallar 

volt, a* V. 
Repair shop«i at So. Lorain. 
84 5 m\\<*: 4-M^ c: ?1 motor and 

2 other cars. H 

vSee No. 866.) 

HAHHEIKU}. 37,800(1910) 

K«T— The Bl uhlan il Fnhllc S«rvl__ 

Co.— Ofrl™, 10 So. Park 8l.,(,4cijiitnjd 
physloBl iiroperljF of HaniDeld Eke. 
I.l. .t Pwr. Vo.. kuiiBvM Rbb Lt. Co. 
nii'l Mjintfleld PiiBlic ITillity A Servli 
IW.l (COBtrnlled bv OilWaBryiM Co 
Piirulr.lie» .ilt-ctrlc rallwaj, light 8: 
power .nd nslnrsl ga. wi-i™ LnTHsni- 
fleld.l (OperaiBii sn iBierarbBD "' 
cinniJolInK Maimrield and alielh,. 
I" re.. Henry [„ Doherl.v, New York 

4uc.. Treu. tc Audi. 

-1. B. Lit*eaD 

(J^n, Snpl, H. A. Cowgill. 
IJh, B gr. Pwi.Sn., 

K. r.TJay 

M. M., W, ft. Gw'li 

lip. 4000 hp.h, St)r: 

^Fih)ind ind L^eu.^ 


cyrBi Ry. Co — OBm, Msrion. (Con 

I*™. A Gen. Mgr. Geo. Why«ll..MBrloi 
V. Pre*. A I-™. 

.fame" IT Csldwell Troy. N. Y. 

^--e. A A<at Tr-a*. H. B. Hane,..Marini 

En-rHyfmmCol.DBl. *M.Ry.; trollej 

mils: i-smi: S motor paaa. car 

HAUiHKB. 2.;id;. 

MEUWAT. 400. 
(See No. HW.) 

MIT.FORD, i.ati. 

Pre.. M. S. IJopkln" O.ilnnibn 

V. Pref. B.B.yonng NElmnrtll. 

Se-. « Treas. Jalm H. 8bIcz.. 
OBD.IlKr.. Pur. Am. *Ch, Engr, 

Watten H. Hadmr 

Sript. A RoadnnMler. 


M. M-.D.C Mliafir,... 

RriaivT pnrchvod rrom the Hooking 
Pt. Co. ; Z 100 kn. rot. aeta roDai.IloK oT 
•■400 kw. esph. fl'O-ltOO ,. 8 pta. tn eye 
trans, roll ll.OOOi: i™lle» volt. IBOO v 

NKWABK. ^9.aa^ (iei«). 


hU. equip, a a. c. I>, B. turbo ( 
fi kra. VHO' V. 3 ph 60 cya.; 
Cpr: 1^00 hp. l>. "tlr. Erie CI 


»a» - Thp flyiuonth * 

Energy and equip, from The S 


B 97 rallea; 4-8M B. 

Mitnansld RIae. Ry. CD.—OSre. IS 
B. Main St.. Norwalk. (Connecta Nttr- 
walk. No. Falrlleld. Stenben. Maw 
HsTcn. Plytnontli and Cblrain) 'lune- 
llon.) (Controla Plymouth & SbBlhJ 

Rec"TOr. C.G.Taylor Norwalk 

Audr. Mlas. A. B. Bnarb " 

Sopr.. of Care ftEgnlp. 

0. D. Wooilwortli No. Fairfield 

Roadmaaler. -Tobn Watli Nrw naTBD 


_. aid.). 

ir paaa. l irall paaa. and 1 

oiittwaatarn A Columhna By C 
olt. SS.OnO y; trolley volt. SBO t. 
Repair shops at No. FalrBeW. 

PIQUA. lilM (tmS). 

The llhlu Klver Elee. By. M 
_ .. r. Co — Oflloe. ("omeroy. iOwdi 
PonumyAHIddlepi.rtBlsD.Co.) (Con- 
necia llohaon. Hridlapnrt. Pomeroy, 
Hlnartf Die. lyraciKx and Builne.) 

RemlTBT Hanr Hutvall FODiFTDy 

Pre*. I. L. iMipenlrBlniBr " 

l4igcb«>'lnu[Ht!. PbLladBlpbla, Pa. 
s-t. J. K. Trimble ,,.. .. *^ ^ .. 

Tr«aa H Wlltlama. .If... 
Aaat. TmiB, Rn-fT T Alley ■■ 
Oen. ^pr. A Pur. Agl 

D. W. Renn»«» Pomaroy 

Liaim Agia. j ^ ^ w«i..t«t '■ 

" CharlesBayH!. 


J. M.. .1 
Roadmaalar. ; 

B. Curd.. 




Bnergy parohated from Peacock Coal 
Co.; 8 a. c. mo.-gen. sets, G. B. tot. 800 
kw. 8)100 V. 8 pn. 60 cys; trans, volt. 
18,800 v.; trolley volt. 600 t. 

8ab-0ta. an repMirshopn atPomeroy. 

18.7 miles; 4-8Hi K\ 14 motor pass, 
and 8 other cars; 8 elec. locos. (Frelffht 
hauled by elec. locos.) (Co. furnishes 
energy for street and commercial lighting 
to Pomeroy & Mlddleport Elec. Co.) 


PORTSMOUTH. 88,001 (1980). 

88ft— The Portsmouth 8t. R. R. A Lt. 

Co.— (CoutrolP the i)h1o Valley Traction 

Co. Connects PortHmoath, New Boston, 

SciotoTiUe, Wheelersbarg and Ironton.) 

Pres. L. D. York Portsraoatb 

V.Pres. . Gen. Mgr. & Pur. Agt. 

R. D. York " 

Sec. & Treas. H. H. Higgins '' 

Claim Agt. H. W. Miller 

Ch. A Elec. Engr W. C. Martin " 
Ch. Engr. Pwr. Sta. 

W. A. Martin 

Bngr. M of W.. F. Jone- '* 

Engr. Ovhd. Con^-tr. 8 >m Robb " 

Power sta. equip. 4 a. c G. B. tot. 6600 
kw. 8800 V. 2 ph. 60cyB; 1600 hp. b. B.AW; 
1800 kw. Btm..turb. G. B. west: trans, 
volt. 88,0fH)-6600 v; trolley volt 600 v. 

Power «ta. at New Boston. 

Repair xhops at 10th & OfTnere Sts. 

Owns Millhrook Park. 

88.5 milen: 4 8^ g: 16 motor pasw.. 8 
trail pass., 8 other motor and 8 other 
cars;leleo loco. (Company does general 
lighting and power business ) 'A^O 

RAYRNNA. 6,810. 

885b — Cleveland, AlliBHoe A Mb- 
honlns Valley R. R —Office. Ra- 
venna. (Extends from Alliance to Li ma- 
ville. .Atwatfr. Rootstown nnd Ravenna 
eastwardly through CharlePtown. Way- 
land. Newton Falls, Leavittsburg and 

Milton C. Portmiinn Cleveland 

Pres. F. F. Klingman *• 

Sec. K. L. Smith " 

Treas. A. H. Reibig " 

Audr. E. H. Smith Ravenna 

Gen. Mgr. W. B. Riddle " 

Blec. Engr. W. T. Richardson.. '' 

M. M., W. C. Carter 

Roadmaster, John Kennedy.... ** 

Energy purchnnM from Sturk Elec R. 
R. ; trnns. volt. 88,000 v : trolley volt. 686 v. 
8 sub-Ptas. tot. cap. 760 kw; 8 rot. conv. 
Repair Hhops at Ravenna. 

48.6 milea owned (all 1st m. t.) also 8 
miles trackase rights. Total miles oper- 
ated 48.6; 4-8^g: QmotorpaM.. 1 motor 
freight and 1 motor service car. (RelU 
energy in Limavllle.) #60 

8ANDU8KT. 88.087 (1980). 

H87 — The 8«nduaky, Frensont A 

Southern Ry. Co.— Bxecutlve office. 

Cleveland. General office. Sandusky. 

(Connects Randnsky end Fremont.) 

(Controlled by Lake Rhor** Eleo. Ry., 

which see for officers. > 

Bnergy purchased ; trans, volt. 1P.000 v; 
trolley volt 600 v. 

88 miles: 4-^g; 10 motor and 8 other 
cars. 70 

RHKLRY. 4,68%. 
(Ree No. 887.) 


888— The Sprlncfleld A WAnhtny- 
ton Ry. Co.— Office. Ro. Charlesuin, 
o. (Sncoeasor to the Washington Trac 
Co ) (Connects Springfield and Soafb 

Pres. C. B. Baker Washington C. B 

V. Pres. W. W. Keifer Springfield 

Sec. C. J. Baughn South Cfharleston 

Treas. A Gen. Afgr. 

Floyd Baker " 

Audr. C. F. Wheeler. *♦ 

M. M., Frank Eeeler, 

R. D. No. 11 Springfield 


Ben Enerhart South Charleston 

Energy purchased from Sprinirfleld A 
Xenia Ry. Co.; trans, volt. 6600 v: trolley 
volt. 660 V. 

1 sub-sta. 

Repair shops at Pitchin (P. O. Spring- 
field, R. D. No. 11.) 

16.5 miles (16 mi. 1st m. t., 0.6 ml. 8nd 
m. t.); 4'HH g: 8 motor pass., 8 motor 
freight and 1 motor service oar. ifW 

8FRINOF1KLD. 61,66U (1916). 

839-The Ohio Rlec. Ry. Co.— 

Offices, Interurban Bldg., Springfield. 
(Operates through ownership the Lima 
A Toledo Trac. Co., (operating between 
Lima A Toledo) and the Lima Blec. Ry. 
A Lt. Co. (which operates in Lima), and 
leases The Ft.Wayne.yan Wert A Lima 
Trac. Co. (operating oetween Lima and 
Ft. Wayne, Ind.). Al»o acouired by 
lease the Indiana. Columbus a Baatem 
Trac. Co., which had acquired the 
Dayton, Springfield A Urbana Blec. 
Ry. Co., The Columbus, London 
A Springfield Ry. Co.. T^^e Colum- 
buR Grove City A Southwestern Ry. 
Co., The Urbana, Bellefontalne A 
Northern Ry. Co.. The Springfield A 
Western Ry., The Dayton A Northern 
Trac. Co , and about 12 miles of The 
Dayton A Muncie Trac. Co. , from O reen- 
ville to Union City on the Indiana-Ohio 
fitate line, and the Columbus A Lake 
MichigHU R. R. operating from Lima to 
Defiance. Lessee (through Indiana, Co- 
Iambus A Eastern Trac Co.) of the 
Columbus, Newark A Zanopville Blec. 
Ry. Co., (which had previouf ly absorbed 
the Columbus. Buckeye Lake A Newark 
Traction Co., the Newark A GranTiUe 
St. Ry. and the Zanesville Ry.. Lt. A 
Pwr. Co.) (Lines extend from Zanes- 
yille on the east via Newark to Colom- 
bus, through Sprinefield to Dayton, and 
from Dayton to Union City, where con- 
nection is made with The Indiana Union 
Trac. Co. for Muncie, Anderson and 
Indianapolis. Extends north from 
Springfield through Urbana and Belle- 
fontaine and Lima and from Lima to 
Defiance and Toledo, O. and to Ft. 
Wayne. Ind.) 

Pres. Charles H. Day.. Philadelphia, Pa. 

V. Pres. J. H. McClnre Lima 

Sec. A Treas. F. A. Healy.... Springfield 

Asst. Sec.. Asst. Treas. A Pur. Aet. 
J. M Pogue 

Audr. L. W. VanBibber 

Gen. Mgr. E.G. Gilpin 

Oen Fgt. A Pass. Agt. 

Claim Agt. J. M. Boyer Oolumboa 

(C.C. Fast Uma 

8 u pt B. •< F. G. Clnnis Columbas 

I W. li. Clayton Dayton 

Supts Rv. \ B. S. watters Zanesrllle 

ALt. ' )J. B. Dngsn. Lima 

Gen.Snpt.Trantp.. F..1. Moore .Sprirgfleld 

AssH Supt.. E. .1. Ix^master Newark 

Ch.Engr. J. H. Snndmaker.... Springfield 

Asst. Engr. G. D. N icoll •• 

Master j F. A. Rnndy Lima 

Mechanics ♦ F. .T. Foo»e Sprinefield 

MEDWAY PWR. STA. -6 a. c.O. R, 

West, Ham Cor., tot. 6880 kw. 8 ph. 8R 

evs: 8885 hp. b. Bab. A W; trans. toU. 

94.800 v: trolley volt. 660 v. 
HEBRON PWR STA. -8 a. c. O. B. tot. 

8100 kw. 18,900 V .8 ph. 95 cys: 8900 bp. o. 

Ham: 9800 hp. b. Bab. A W. Stir; trmna. 

volt. 18,900 v; trolley volt 0BO v. 

ZANBaVILLE PWR. aTi,-6 a. e. Q. 
S. WHt. tDl. S9UI kn. ISDII v. S pb. ao cya; 
ISOOhp. b, Heine, A.*T. 

LIMA PWR. STA.— B d. c. Mtl A S. 
West, tot., T7B kw. MO v; S a. r. Q. E. Mel 
A:4, tot. 310Dkw.innT;auli. eacya.eSOO 
hp. b. B»h, *W., A. &T. 

TiUO HQd LlmH; repair Baops atMedwaj, 
Newark, Zanoeullle, Urookvllle, W, 
AleiandriA, Springneld and Lima. 

ReucbeB park, at Buckeye Lake. 
Tecumfcli, Hoover Lake (Lima), Idlewild 
(Newark). Qanl l^taDeevlltB), Lewielon 
Iteservolr JLnd Lake View. 

im niator pass.. 13 Irall p«w. and IBI r^t! 

cara (67 Blec, squlpped.) (Cunipany does 

geueral llghtlnsanil power bnelnnsi.) 


S4«— SurluellHld Ky. Co.— OiMee, 44 
So. LlmeBtoue Ht. (Coueolidatton or 
the Sprlagflflld Blecirtc Ky. Co. acd 
OiUaen Rj . Co.) (CoBlioll.'d by Auipr- 
Icon Hj8. Co., WUhenpoop Bldg., Pbil- 

Free, Fanl'c. Martin Bpringfleld 

V.PresH. -{ ■ Pblladelpbia, Pa. 

See. A Treaa. W. W. I'irkluB, 
Anet. See Awt. Tieaa. & " 

Compl. FTaokJ.Pryor.Jr.. 

G«n. aIef. p. E.O'Bt)en Sprltigaeld 

Snpl. ofTran-. 

/amea Fundarhnrj! 

Par. Ajtt. a.C.Welrlck,Pbtladelpbla,Fa. 
Ch. Snift. Fwr. SU. 

a. C. Chsdderdon bprloEtleld 

M. M. CbB». Hamiltnn '■ 

CaBhier.W. A.' Gillen .V.' 

Power Bta. equip. 4 d. c, Q. It. C. W, 
lot. IflBOkw; asoObp. e. Hcl. & S, A)lls- 
C; aim hp. b. Bab. A W.^ailr); trans, and 

Power et^, at arcamore A Warder Sta. 

Bil - SurlngHeld Toriti. tty. Hi 
Pwr. bo. ~ OfllBe, i;iia at., Bprloe- 
tlald, (SuccflMor to Springfield. Troj ft 
Plqna By.Oo.) (Oonnecla HpriniUeld, 
CbrlKluiabarg, Caaatown andTmr.) 

Baoalrer. Genrge WbyuU M«ric>n 

Andr, & CI. Agt.W. Q. Bell,. .Sprlnglleld 

Power Bta, eqalp. S d. c. O. S. tot. lOBO 
kw; 1700 b|i. e. Cpr; 1200 hp. b. Bab. A 
W.; Irani. Toll. 34,41X1 v. a, c: trolley 
volUBTfil. d. c. 

Power Bta. and repair Bhopa at Mprlng- 

Reachee Snyder I'nrh. 

M).41niilee; 4.8^e; 9<nnU>rcam. Sells 
nnargy lofiprlngDeld & Xenia Ry. Cn. 

«tS— SprliiKUeld ft Xeulu By. C«.- 

Biecutlve OOlce. BprlDRfleld. lUonnecta 


B«. ATreae. Chaa. 9. ThVaiber! " 

Andr. U. CumnunEB SprtuuBald 

Gen. Mgr, A Por. Alt. 

Cbaa. E. BervlBB 

OeD.Pet.Agt. .TobD H.Zimmerman ■' 

M. M, OlydeBaufler SprlnRfleld 

Soar, Orhd. Canatr. 

A.R. Haynie 

Boenty purchaaad From Daylon Pnr, 
ALL Co.; tniDB. Toll. ia,a(>0 v; trolley 
-Tolt. UD t. 

UK (1BIB>. 
(Hoe Nob. 815, IHM and ISW.). 

BTIjTAKIA, 1 002. 
(See No. 8M.I 

TIFFIN. ie,8B7 (lOlBl. 

S«e -Till- TttBo, FoBtorlB A Easten 
Klec. Ry. Oo.-ODlMt, bi B. Parry St. 
(ConDHcti TI9D, Baaeum and Foslorla, 
Controls Tlffln city lines.) 

Ptoi. L. 8. Snealh Tiffin 

V. ProB. H. n. Sneatb " 

Sec, JaBllceWllBon Toledo 

TreM, C. F, M. NUea ■■ 

Oen. Hsr . Claim A For, Agl. 

R, R. Hayes TilHii 

Bloo, Bngr,. H. U. A Engi.Ovbd. Conttr. 

B. Klnsm^d Tiffin 

RuBrjEy pnrchaeed from the Cenint 
Pwr. Co. 
Repair abup at BasFom and Tiffin, O' 
l)wnE> and nperates Meaiiowbrook at 


t4T— Haiunes Tialloy Rya. A Lt. 

Co.— (ifllce. eor. JoBeraon & Superlra 
Sta,. Toledo. (A cousolldatlou of the 
Toledo A Maomee Valley Ky. and tbi 
Toledo, WalervlUe A Boulhem By,) 
Ball Line— con nee tp Toledo. Maumea 
and Ferrysbura. (Controlled by thf 
Toledo Trac, Lt. k Pwr. Co., wblch la 
controlled by the Cities Service Co.t 

■ret. Frank R. Coatea Toledo 

c. H.T. Ledbetter... 

IS,11 n 

traokaee rights)^ *-SUe; 

P»r. Oo.-omce, Obln Uldg. (Con- 
Point and Randnaky,) (diider toanag*- 
meat of W. S. Baratow ManaiemenI 
Aaa'D Inc. and canlri'lled by The Oen- 
■ ral Oiia i. Elec. Co.) 

Pres. W. S Barilow, 

BO Plue St., New York, N. T. 

V. Fret, * Qen. Sfjtr. 
T. E. Woodring Oak Harbor 

See. C. N. WHBon, 

GO Pine St.. New York, N. Y. 

ABdr."c,C.Cai.h ToUSo 

Snpt. L. D. Hull Qcnoa 

8opl.Ry",E cahrjocb " 

EDir.Pwr.Uta. Fred Bredlaii. Port Ctl'tOD 
Power ata. equip: E a, c. Bnll. G.E. (at, 
Wabw. «Iiv. i ph. IG cya: 1000 bp.a, 
Allle-C; ItflOOhp. b. Brie, Stir; 1000 kw. 
'-—-■■--'•'' tt;trana,Tolt,»,OaOy;trol- 

TOlt. ft 

rt Clint 

R-aebea Cedar Point and Sai 
)Tmilei:4'8tie; IP motor St 
Tf. (Company duea llEhtluit 




Co.) (Connects Toledo, Holland, Swan- 
ton, Delta. Waneeon, Pettisville, Arch- 
bold, Stryker and Bryan.) 

Free. L. R. Schenck 

1112 Nicholas Bldg., Toledo 

V. Pres. 
8. D. Carr. . . .Nat. B'k. of Com., '' 

V. Pres. & Gen. Mgr.H. C. Warren, *' 

Sec. O. P. Chapman " 

Treaa. H. W. Poster, 

1112 Nicholas Bldg., *' 

Audr. C. B. Klelnhanii " 

Sniit. Lt. & Pwr. 
J. R. Lawrence Wauwon 

Gen. Pgr. & Pass. Aet. L. S. Cook, Toledo 

Trainmaster, B. D. Oavin Delta 

Elec. Engr. Froelich A Emery Rng'rgCo. 
2nd Nat. B ink Bldg., Toledo 

Rnjfr. Pwr. Sta. Chas. Scheer. ...Stryker 

M. M., B. G. Towera " 

Bntrr. Ovhd. Conetr., L. Avery Delta 

Power Bta. equip. 2 a. c. G. E. tot. 1200 

kva. 13.200 v. 8 ph. 25 eye; 2000 hp. e. Cpr. 

C. & G: 2400 hp. b. Bab. A W: 2750 kw. 

turb. vfltm.) G. R , West; trans, volt. 

18,200 v; trolley volt. 800 v. 

5 «uh-9ta, tot. cap.. 20)0 kw. 5 rot. 

PowMr sta, and repair shops at Stryker. 

52 miles; 4-8^ g; 9 motor pass., 4 fgt. 
motor. 21 fgt. cars without motors and 1 
R'^rvice oar 1 elec. loco. (Company does 
lighting and power business.) -Ar50 

850 — The Toledo, OttawB Beach 

6 Nortberii Ry. Co.— Ottlce, Jeffer- 
son & Superior ^tn., Toledo. (Connects 
Toledo and Tol-do Beach, Mich, and 
also Point Place, ()hlo.> (Controlled by 
the Toledo Trac, Lt. & Pwr. Co., which 
U controUe 1 by the Cities Service Co.) 

Pres. (feG^n. Mgr. P. R.Coates.... Toledo 

Sec II. T. L"db«*tt«'r *• 

Treas. A. C. Van Driesen " 

Energy purchased from Toledo Rys. A 
Lt. Co. 

Repair ethops at Toledo. 

Owns and reaches Toledo Reach, Mich. 

28.f>fl mlloM (9 84 miles operated under 
trackase rights) : 4 ■< •< tr : cars leased from 
Toledo Rv-. * Lt Co. (Co. does general 
Itg. and pwr. business.) 50 

851— Toledo Railways A lAglxt 
Oo.— Ottlce.cor. Jefferson & Superior 
Sts., Toledo (Successor to Toledo Trac. 
Co., and connects all street railways in 
Tole lo.) (Controlled through stock own- 
ership by the Toledo Trac, Lt. & Pwr. 
Co.. which is controlled by the Cities 
Service Co. ) (Operated, under contract, 
by Henry L. Doherty & Co.) 
Pres. & Gen. Merr. F. R. Coates... .Toledo 

I P.W. Prueanff 
V. Prests.-J dOWall St. New York 

r Rathbun Puller Toledo 

Treas. S. I). Carr " 

Kec. H. T. Led better 

As^t. Treas. A C. Van Driesen.... " 
Asst. to Gen. Mgr. & Mgr. Lt. Ht. 

& Pwr , P. J. Derge *' 

Mgr. Rys., Jos. M. Rnritrht " 

Asst. Mgr. Rys. & Ry. Engr., 

A. Swaru ** 

Pur. Airt., '.T. Muns! " 

Claim Agt. V. J. Walt« ". 

Traffic Mgr. W. J. Chisholm ** 

Mgr. of Stores, G. B. Garrett ' * 

Supt. Prod., J. M. Strike " 

Rupt. Elec. I)«»_pt. Wm. E. Richards '* 

M. M., C. A. Brown . " 

Rngr. M. of Way, P. H. Parrell.... ** 

Power sta. equip. 5 d. c. G. B. West. tot. 
4850 kw; 9 a. c. turbo-gen. G. B, West, 
Allis-C. tot. 61,580 kw. 4000 v. 8 ph. 86 A 
80 cys; 7100 hp. e. Allis-C, Whlk, Cor; 
85,156 hp. b. TTeine, Stir. McNaul; trans, 
volt. 2300-4000-18,900-83,000 v; trolley volt. 
650-600 V. 

Power stas. at Water St. bet. Madison A 
Adams Sts. at Plovd St., 88nd St. A at 
Detroit Ave., Toledo. 

Repair shops at Central Ave. 

Reaches Toledo Beaoh (owned) and 
Wal bridge. Central & Navarre Parks. 

118.2 miles; 4-8^ g; 858niotor pass., 8 
exp. motor and 40 service cars. (17 with 
motors.) (Co. dof>8 general Itg. bu**ineM 
and sells ener^ to ry. companies.) i^SO 

S5S— Toledo ft Western R. R. Co.— 

Gen. Office, Sylvania. (Acquired pro- 
perty of Toledo A Western Ry. Co: enc- 
cessor to the properties and franchises 
of Toledo, Payette A Western Ry. Co.) 
(Controlled by Toledo Trac. , Lt. A Pwr. 
Co., which is controlled by the Cities 
Service Co.*) (Connects Toledo, Pione<>r 
via Mor<>nci, Mich., with branch to 
Adrian, Mich.) 
Pres. A Gen.Mfr. Prank tt. Coates.. Toledo 
V. Pr*»s. A Gen. Mgr. 

J. Prank Johnson Sylvania 

Sec, Treas. A Audr. 

Arthur P. Nicklet; 

Supt. H. R. Wheaton " 

Claim Agt. Morton C. fleelev Toledo 

Pgt. * Pas*, vgt C. P. Phillips, Sylvania 

EIpc Engr. E. V. Emerv ** 

M. M., P. W. Pengeot '• 

Roadmaster, J. S. Deiter *• 

Enffr. Ovhd Constr. 

W. S. Smith 

E'C'gv purchased from Toledo Rys. A 
Lt. Co trans, volt. 88,000 v. (ft milee> and 
13.200 V. (65 miles): trolley volt. 600 v. 

10 sub-stas. tot. cap. 8000 kw. ; 10 rot. 
Repair shops at Sylvania. 
77.79 miles owned; also 9.14 miles track- 
age rishtp. Total miles operated P6.98; 
4-8H g: 14 motor pass., 5 motor baggage, 
120 trail freight, 4 motor service and 5 
trail service csrs: 5 elec. locos. (Fur- 
nishes energy for lighting and ipower.) 

TROY. 6,128. 
(See Nos. 809 and 841). 

(See No. 805a.) 

URBAN A. 7,789. 
(See No. 889.) 

WAU8EON. 2,650. 
(See No. 849.) 

WEI.I.STII.I.1B. 7.769. 
(See No. 816.) 

WEST MILTON. 1,807. 

86S — The Dayton, CoTlnirtoii M 

Flqaa Traotion Co.— Audi ting ofllee; 

586 John HancockBldg., Boston, Maaa., 

local office. West Milton. (Cooneots 

Dayton, Piqna, Covington, W. Milton, 

Pleasant HUl, Lndlow Falls. Union. 

Bnglewood and Overlook Park.) 

Dennis Dwyer.Sohwind Bldg., Dayton 
V Pres. A (^n. Mgr. 

T. Russell Robinson Bestoa, Maaa. 

Treas. Geo. B. Whiting. .. . '' 
Gen. Supt. A Pur. Agt. 

Thos. J. Brennan West Milton 

Gen. Fgt ftPses Agt. 

Jaa R. Randall 

Ch. Engr. Pwr. Sta. L. A. Wolf 

M. M. Prank Cress 

Bngr.ofOvbd.Constr.Wm.Bby *• 

Pwr. sta. equip. 8 d. c. G. B. tot 800 
kw. 600 v; 600 hp. e. Bckye: 086 hp. b. 
Hodgee, Brnl; trolley volt. 600 ▼. 

Power sta. and repair sbopa at Weat 

Owns Overlook Park. Weat Milten. 

84.6 miles : 4-6U g ; Itmotor and 7 otkar 
cars. (Co. does lightinf bnataeaa.) 80 




WUXOUOHBY. 8,078. 

854 — Cie ▼•land, PBlnesville & 

Ifiastem K. B. Co.— Office, Willougb- 

by. (ConnecU Cleveland, Bud id, Wick- 

liffe, WilloaghbT, Mentor, Painetville, 

Nottingham, Fairport, Perry, Madifon, 

Geneva and Aahiabnla.) 

Free. B. W. Moore Cleveland 

V. Pres., Oen. Mgr. & Par. Agt. 

W. H. Douglas Willoughby 

8ec. Pied. 8. ttorton Cleveland 

Treaa B. y. Hale 

ABBt Sec, Asst. Treas. & Andr. 

J. A. Carrie Willoughby 

Sapt. Trantpt. John Harper. . ** 

Siipt. Lln«t, C. Hill 

Claim Agt. J. C. Ward 

Ch.Bn^r.Pwr.Sta. Fred Lyons Painesville 

M. M., Bd. Hengst WUloughby 

Roadmaster, Clarence Wood . ** 

8 d. c. O. B. Weft. tot. S800 kw.; 4 
a. c. G. B. tot. 8750 kva. 8000 v. 8 ph., 
85 cys; 8800 hp. b. Stir.; 8000 kw. stm. 
tarb. West; trans, volt. 18,800 v.; trolley 
volt. 850 V. 

8 S(ib-»tas. tot. cap. 8800 kw; 7 rot 
conv ; 8 mo. gen. sets. 

Powe sta. at Erie St., Painesville. 

Repair shops at Willoughby. 

Reaches Willoughby Beach Park. 

88.76 miles; 4-8^ g; 80 pass., 5 express 
and H work ears. (Co. sells energy for 
lighting and power.) 50 

XENIA. 8,718. 
(See Nos. 807 and 848.) 

YOUNGSTOWN. 186,880 (1919). 
(See also Nos. 964 and 985.) 

83 S— The Penntylvauta-Ohlo Blec- 
trio Co. (Formerly Mahoning & She- 
nango Ry. & Lt. Co.— Office, 85-81 B. 
Boardman St., Youngstown. (Con- 
trols New Castle Blec. Co.. New Castle 
Blec. St. Ry. Co. (leaoed). The New 
Casitle A Lowell Ry. Co.. New Castle 
& Lowell Healty Co., New Castle & 
Mahoningtown St. Ry. Co. (leaded), 
New Caotle Trac. Co. (leased), Penn- 
sylvania & Mahoning Valley Ry. 
Cfo., The Sharon A New Castle Ry. Co. 
(Ohio), Aharon & New Castle St. Ry. 
Co. (Pa.). The Shenango Valley Blec. 
Lt. Co.. Pennsylvania Pwr. Co.. Mahon- 
ing County Lt. Co., Foungstown, Mu- 
nic. Ry. and Tounarstown & Niles Ry. 
(under construction.) Operates Zelle- 
nople (Pa.) Lt. & Pwr. Co.) (The prop- 
erties consist of street and interurbau 
lines in Toang«town, Oirard. Niles, 
Mineral Ridge, Warren, Leavittsbnrg, 
Struthers, Lowellville, Bdenbnrg, New 
Castle, Hubbard, New Bedford,Sharon, 
SharoMville, Farrell, Wheatland, West 
Middlesex, B. Tonngstown and Poland 
c ^mprlsinffatotalof 171 mi 'as of tr.ick; 
and el<*ctnc liirhting in Tonngstown, 
Oirard, -struthers. New Castle. Hub- 
land, Ba^t Tonnntown, Bllwood City, 
Wampunn. Chewton, Zelienopic, Ohio 
and West Pittsburgh. Pa. Alsoown»> 
gas plants in Toungstown.) (Controlled 
Uirongh stock ownership by Republio 
Ry. A Lt. Co.) (On Sept. 1. 1917, the 
following companies, formerly control- 
led, wore merged: The Tonngstown & 
Sharon St. Ry. Co., The Toungstown 
Park A Falls St. Ry Co. The Mahoning 
Valley Ry. Co. and The Poland St. Ry. 

Pres. R. P. Stevens, 

60 Broadway, New Tork N. Y. 

A Gen. Mgr. Garrett T. Seely, 


V. Presux F. L. Dame, New Tork, N. T. 
Randall Montgomery, 
[ Tonngstown 







Sec. A Qen. Coontel, Wm. M.Coleman 

60 Broadway. New York, N. Y. 

Attdr. F. B. Wilkins Tonngstown 

AesL Audr., H. R. Bowie.... ** 

Treas. A Asst. Sec. 

B. G. DunisD '* 

Asht. ( A. R. Hughes Y onngstown 

Treasrs. ) L. J. Hart. . . .New York, N. Y. 
Mgr. Rys. R. N. Graham.... ** 

Asst. Mgr. Rys. 

Rex D. Billings 

Mgr. Lt. A Pwr. B. H. Bell... 
Gen. Supt. Rys. C. D. Smith.. 
Claim Agt. R. D. Billings. . . . 

Pur. Agt. R.J. Pike 

Blec. Engt. C. A. Harrington 
Bngr. Pwr. Prod. 

H. W. Bromley 

'Ovhd. Distrbn. 


•^ ] Undgrd. Distrbn. 

. M . GoldluBt 

Ch. jC.V. Canning 

Bngrs. \ Mark Pendleton ... .Lowellville 
Park Mgr. R. B. Piatt 

Pwr. sU. equip: 6 a. c. West. G. E. tot. 
46,000 Kva. 8800 v. 6 ph. 80 cys; 14.400 hp. 
b. Bab. A W. Heine: 45,000 kw. turb. 
(stm.) G.B: 1800 hp. turb. (wtr > Smith; 
trans, volt. 28,000 A 66,000 v; trolley volt. 
600 V. 

8 sub-stas. tot. cap. 5,600 kw. ; 13 rot. 
conv; 8 mo. gen. sets. 

Power stas. at Lowellville Ohio, and at 
Bllwrod City, Pa.: sub-stas. at Niles, 
Hubbard, Lowellville and Younestown, 
Ohio, and New Castle and Sharon, Pa. 

Repair shops at Hazelton and Masury, 

Reaches Tdora Park (owned). South 
Side and Mill Creek Parks. Ohio and 
Cascade Park (t.wned). Newcastle, Pa. 

119.87 miles (94 28 mi. let. m. t., 28.80 
rai. 2nd m. t., 8.27 mi. sid.); 4-8V4g; 111 
motor paps.. 4 trsil pass., 5 motor freight 
6 trail freight, 18 motor service and 4 trail 
service cars. *70 

856— Youngatown Manic. Ry.— 

Office 17 l£. Boardman St. (A subsidiary 
of The Pennsylvania Ohio Electric Co.) 
(Connects Younpstown, B. Youngs- 
town, Poland and Struthers.) 

Pre8.,R. P. Stevens, 

60 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 

V. Prests. & \ Garn-tT. Seely, Youngstown 

Gen. Mgrs. J R. Montgomery 




Sec.. F. B Wilkin 
Treas.. E. G. Dnnlap. 

Audr. G. E. Drury 

Gen. Supt. 

J B.Stewart .Ir " 

APf»t. Gen Snpf . Rufus Moses " 

Pur. AKt.H.J.Warne " 

Claim Agt. B. C. Wood 

Ch. Bngr. Pwr. Sta. 

W. R. Pounders " 

M. M.. 4 B. Creelman *' 

Supt. M. of W. A Bngr. Ovhd. 

Constr.,C.C. Beck man.... *' 

Pwr. sta. equip.: 2 d. c. West. tot. 
1000 kw.: 4 s c. West., G. E. tot. 11,000 
kva. -2200 V. 2 ph. 60 cys. : 1000 hp. e Green 
Wheelock; 6500 hp. b. Heine. B. A? W ; 
lO.OiOkw. Ptm. turn. G. E. West; trai s. 
volt. 29.000 V : trolley volt. 600. 

I Mih pta. cap 4000 kw.; 7 nio. gen. sets. 

Pwr. sta. at N- rth Ave., Youngstown. 

Repair shops at Youngstown. 

Reaches Idora Park, 

59 miles; 4-8Ug: 89 motor pass.. 11 
trail pass, and 11 service cars. '^70 

860 — Yooiigatown A Hubarban Ry. 

Co.- Office, 21-28 E. Front St. (Suc- 
cessor to Youngstown & Southern Ry. 
Co.) (Connects Youn>;stowii and Lee- 
tonia; at Leetonia, connects with 
Youngstown A Ohio River R. R. for 
Salem, Canton, Alliance, Lisbon, Bast 
Liverpool and Wasbingtonville.) (Con- 
trolled by Municipal Service Co., Phil- 
adelphia, Pa.) 

Sm. Jobn R.7Am!oenala, Phllide1pbls.Pi. 

;r. A, W. Biirttord'. .iToorgWown 


Qeu, Hgr. A.I 

M.M., iTtiife Oethl.ig, 

SB. 18 oMm 

l-Sti ij: 



«1-Repablla Bj. * 1.1. Co.— 

Oorporme oncB, t& EicbBnga PL,-r«- 
IcrClty, N. J, (Owds itlrBcUr ths Ri- 
lir Bnglmeni, Inc. »liich owqb the Zn- 
l1enopTe(Pa,)Lt. * Pwr. Co.— CODtroli 
IhrooKh stock ownorahlp The Penn- 
•jlTsnli-Ohla lillactric Co., which Dp- 
erilc* the ZclUoople I.t. tc Pot. Cd.- 
Ohdi BDd conirole directly the fnl- 
lowlnit compsnlei; Neir C»tlii Fllec. 
Co., New C»U» Elec, 81. Rj. Co., Th« 
How Cutle & Lowell Ry. Co.. Ne* 
CBitle A Lowell RasltyCo,, Now CMtle 
& MahontDglown SI. Hy. Co., New 
Caatla Trar. Co.. PonnajlvanU ic Mv 
banlnEVBllflT Ry. Co., Ths ShBron A 
New CsBlle Hy. Co. (Ohio), Sharon * 
New CMtIo St, Ry. Co, (Pb.), The Sher 
BDgoVBlley Bkc. Lt. Co., Pflimeylrsnli 
Pwr, Co. VonogilowD S KUeB Hy. 
Republic Corp. and Idorn Park Amiiet 
meat Co. 

Prre. HBrrlBOD WllliBmB, 

SO BroBdw»y, New rork,S.Y 
[QOD. CoDoeel AUec. 

V.PrMU..^ Wm.M.Colomiin. " 
IRP.StBYena ■■ 

AaaLSec. L, E. Kllmux " " 

Treaa. L. J. Harl " " 



M The Southeailarn Ohio Ry, 
Pwr. Co.) (CotiDBClB ZaneBTllti 

1 Ohio Br- 
io Hy. Lt. Sc 



ARDHORE. ao.uOO (Itl 

SaS— Ardmorx 

BuerEy pitTchaacd tnra Con 
* Pwr. Co. 
Repair ahopa at Ardmore. 
S.rf mllea; 4-RM S- * ""l"! 

BABTi.ESTii:.LK. is,ooa. 

CD,— OfHoe, ilt But 3d St., BartlN- 
rllle (CoaaeclaBarLleavlllii AIMswey.) 

Prtia, L.G. Coleman BartleaTllla 

7. Pres. * Gbd. Mgi. 

lee.,' Treaa.* A ndr. 

Wm. R. Morton " 

'°^hof ^'palariBii 

Bnercy DBichaaed fri>m BartleatllU 
^aa & BIflc. Co. 

10.1 mlloa; t-BM k; B motor eara and 1 


S6B-Clilaksaliia Bt. By Co.-Offlce. , 
■Jhlckuaha. ' 

DB. LawrcDeoHartlD Chlcluaha 

. . Pto«. W. R. Eniereon..Wakeaeld,Uaa*. 

Set. Snpl. A Por. Agt., 

Wm. H. Wadaworth Chlckaalia 

ceaa, & Gen. Hgi. 

ChBB.F.WoodwBrd,,.W»keOeld,Maa* i 
arkUrr. Ben. F, Johnson ...Chlckuhl 
Power ita, eqnip. 1 d. E. G. K. n 
w; 1 a, c. Weal. KM kw. 8300 t. 8pti. 
Icjb; trgl!v<Jlt boot. 

B«che' UnWrnUr Part. 

g.ti mllEfl; 4 8^ gj T motor can. TO 

EL RBMo. T,en. 

(See No. STS.> 
ENID. 30,S01 <IS1SV 
Enid Clly By. — Omce, 

Snpl., Claim APiir.Agl.O, Kline.. . •' 
M.M., A.L Rnlh ■■ 

Bneriy pnrchaied froio Enid Klec. Si 

Rep^r ahap) u Weal Oklahoma A*e. 

IB (IfllS). 

—The Oathrla Ry. Ca OOc* 

laAvcOdthri*. (Con- 

aiB W.Oklshomi 

IB Ry. Co.) 

r._. u.«>.... ,...»or Dklat- 

V, Pm. JohnW. Shirtel,, 

Sao. Chsa. Iloopea 

Treas. & Andr. G, J. lUchait 
Claim Agl. Oeo.W.SIrnb'e 

Uepalr ahopa at OnUirlB. 
Reaehei HTghland and HInen 

S.tinlle*; 4-SV( k: Bean. 

LAWTON. 7,788, 

,ectB Lanlon ft Fort Sill.) 
•re».. Oen, Mgf. A Pnr. Agt 
B. H.SteptacDi 


F, H. HlcbmoDd Iah 

Ancif. M A. WbM " 

Sapt. E.S. MnrlH 

M. M.,L. I. Roil.r ■' 

Baergj parcbiuied from ComaDchc 
A yvi. Co.; irollei rolt 000 t. 

Repair ahopi it LiwtoD. 

4-a((e: ^ motor pbm. ™r». 


BOD— PittabDrsh Conntr By. Od.~ 

Omco, 19B.CboctaffATe. (Absorbed 
tbe property of Choctaw Rj. & Ltg.Co.] 
(ConoacU HcAlreter, TUawandi 
HeJKhti. Kreba, AldSDoD.BHcba.Dow. 
HallsTvllleand Harlthorna.) 
Pree. Chat. N. Ma sou. 

1» Btoid«i.j. New York, N. T. 
V. Pre*, JdIIdi A. Trawlck 

Aniea BMg., Boiton, Maas. 
Sec. A rrcBH. L. W. DeburDC 

I M Broaaway, New York, N. T. 

ADdr., C. H. Bins, .[r. HcAloiLoi 

Gen. Mgr. & Pnr. Agt, 

Om. Fg[. i Pww.. Abi"' 

A. W: Goodlier •■ 


EnergT purcbaaed rrom Choctaw Pur. 
A Lie. Co.; trana. »oH. M.OOO v; trollej 

Repair ahopa at McAleeler. 

■UM rnUei: I^U g: II mniar paei., 
8 trail freight and a servlcaeBri, 1 elee. 
looo- *W 

iMUSKUGEE. 44.2ia (iei6). 

BlO-^rtaBWagte Kleolrlr Trac. Cu. 

— Office, Muakoeeo. (Connceie Bacace, 

Muikog.e and fl Glhaon.l 
t'rea..LoalB K. Hrde.,..PUlnflBld, N.J. 
V, Prea., B. D. Beuum 

II Broadway, New York. N. Y, 
Sm. Trea*. A Pnr. Agl. 

W.M.Cnlllp Mnskog™ 

Andr. CbSK. B. Foradlck. 

11 Broadway. Nflw Yorh. N,Y. 

M>!r. RD. Lone Muikogee 

M.M.,0. W.McCall 

Bnwgj pnrchnsed from Mnikogee Raa 

R«pBlr sbopf at Muekogee. 
Reaches and own? Hyde Pnrk. 
11 mlln: 4-HU e: HB moinr nod i other 
earn. G9 


(IKLAMUMA CITY, 100,000. (1917.) 

STl— Cnnltnl Trnctlou Co. — 09lm, 
law So. Broadway. P. O. Boi ^M, 
DkUboma Cllj. (Oparaws Cilliona' 
Trac. Co. nhlcli was orvanlud a* a 
conaolldatlon of the lines or Ibe Okla. 
CItT Land A DeretopmenC Co. and the 
Okla. Iniernrbnn Trac Co.l 

Pttt. * Qan. Hir. 
W.r Hara Oklahoma Clt» 

UtV. Pnf.H. S.Hnrat.... 

W V. Pr.-!. D. M. Wilson.. 

Sbc. H. a. V. Howell " 

Sopt. G«o. tr. Ham, Jr. 

ffind St. .t Sanla Pe Ave. 

Power Bta. eqnip; 1 a t. PL W. ISO kw; 
I 0. (gag) I. H, Co: trolley yolt. (WJ 
V. EnsrKT also parobased from Okla. Rt. 

Power ila. and repair shops al ISd St. 
A SanU Ve Are. 

Rcaehea North Bast Lake. State Caplfol 
■Dd park owned by eliy. 

J miles: t-m e: 2 molor pass, and S 

873 - Oklmliamu By. Co. — Oflce, 

20» Terniloal Bldg. (Operates In Okla- 
boDia [liy HtidBlReDo: aln Inlomrbau 
llneecounecClnKOklahoma City, Ynkoo. 
El Reno, Brlltog. Bdmond, QnlhrlB, 
Mnoie, Pntman CItjr, Belhanj. BaoDef 

Pres, Anion H.Classen.., Oklahoma OltJ 
V. Pies.l Gen. t^.JnlmW. SharUI " 
Seo.ii Asst, Opr.Mgr. Chaa. HoopM " 

Treas, B, J. Blcbarl " 

Audr. W. C. .lonfs ■' 

Pnr. Agt, H. R. Evans •' 

Cb. Bogr. A Aast. Plant Ugr, 

G, B, Treat " 

Claim Agx, 

GsD. W, S [ruble OUahoma Citr 

Fgt, A Pass, Agt. A, E. Morrla " 

Brec. Kngr. W, K. Danver* *■ 

Ch, Engr Pwr, Su. W. A. Failgnf. " 

M.M.W.K.Voss " 

Rofldmaaler. T. MeMMna " 

Engr. of Ovhd, Constr. Wm. Hahn.. " 

Power Bio eqnlp, 6 a. c. West, O.X. 
AIlls-C. tot, IS.OCi] kw, MOO V. 8 ph, (HI 
cyi.— aau T. a ph, X tn.; 1600 fip. e, 

F. & s: aeoohp V b. & Wi tot. la.iootw. 

alDi. turb, G, S,. Weil,. AIlls-C. trana. 
rolt, 38,000-18,600 * 6400 T; trolley rolt, 
WO V, 
T anb,naa. tot, cap. eSOO kw; IS rot. 

Repair shops at Olle St,' bet, fld t 4(k 

OKMULGBR. 8,000. 

C«. - Ofllce, 

ITI-Okmolsea Tran. C«. 

Okmnlgee- JSorce.eor to G 
Inler- Urban Rj, Co,) 

X. Bmton 
.'. Prai. & Oim 


E. B, Pastel ..Tnlu 
'rfim Okmolgee Ice 

BAND 8PRINOB. «0oa. 

SAPVLPA. ia,ia»iifli()). 

HTB — Snpalpit Elee. InterarbaD- 
B^.—OBliw, SBpaliia, iSiiccossor to 
Bapulpad: Intemrban By, Co.i (Con. 
trolled br Oklaboma Union Rj. (X) 
(Connects Sapnl pa, Klef<rliG1eD Pool.} 
. Pren.ft Gen. Ugr. R. V. Ullter, Talsa 
_ec. Allen McReyDOldB,...CartbBgf.Uo. 

Trvaiv, 1, P, Crow ThIb«i 

■ 8. W, Loi. 8apBlp» 

AM,M., J.r. nroome..,, " 

Agt, J, H.Todd " 

nitr, V O, Kasiland " 

Ch,F.nKr Pwr, Sla, 

" »ahfflieJd Sapolps. 

maiter. J. A, Ledd TalM 

. Ovhd, ronitr, W,A,CorbeCt, ■■ 
rgr.Pwr.ata. Walker Reevee " 
tver siB, eiinlp. 1 d, c, G. E. >W' 
SOO bp. e, (gie) BcMamer; trolley 

INiwer ata, and repair ahopiatSioDlpa. 

IS miles: «,BHv: » molor and I olfier 

ears. AM 

BHAWNKB. ]«,IM (1»1«), 

Co. — (Couuects Shawnee and Te- 
Piei. boula R, Hfde PUInflsld. N. J. 









V. Free. R. D. Benson 

11 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 

Sec. W. M. Cutllp Muskogee 

Gen. Mgr. R. D. Long Shawnee 

Snpt. A. L. BlackweU " 

Snergy purchased from Shawnee Gas 
& Elec. Co.; trolley volt. (WO v. 

Repair shop at Shawnee. 

Reaehes Benson Park (owned). 

12 miles; 4-8^ g; 10 motor pass, 
and 1 other motor car. 60 

TECUMSBH. 1621. 
(See No. 876.) 

TVUSA. 80,575 (1916). 

878— Sand Sprinifs By. Co.— Office, 

36 North Main St., Tulsa. (Connecto 

Tulsa and Sand Springs.) 

Pres. & Treas. Chas. Page Tulsa. 

V. Pres. T. H. Steffens 

Sec. C. P. Tingley 

Audr. Charles P.Smith 

Qen. Mgr. A Engr. Ovhd. Constr. 

Henry T. Morrison. 

Snpt. e. J. Miller 

Pur. Agt. J. H Nicholas 

Industrial Agt. F. B. Lon^; 

(?h. Bngr. Clo Tingley 

BlecBng. & Ch. Bugr. Pwr Sta. 

Clarence Tingley . 

M. M., J. E. Irwin Sand Springs 

Traffic Mgr. J. S. Bibhitt Tulsa 

Bne^y purchased from Sand Springs 
Pwr., Lt. & Wtr. Co. 

Repair shops at Sand Springs. 

Reaches Sand Springs Park (controlled). 

32 miles; 4-8^ g; 10 motor pass., 8 
trail pass. 1 fgt. motor, 81 fgt. without 
motors and 18 service cars; 3 elec. and 
S stm. locos. (Company does lighting and 
power business.) 129 

8711— TalsB St. By. Co.— Office, Tulsa. 

Gen. office, 220 N. Main St . Dayton. 

Prea. C. H. Bosler Dayton, O. 

V.Prei. W. H. Oarr " 

Sec. & Treas. D. W. Allaman. ** 

Gen. Mgr. Morris McGrath Tulsa 

Snpt. A Claim Agt. B. Hilbnrn. ... "• 

M. M., JohnRenard " 

Bngr. M. of W. Wm. Layman ** 

Bngr. Ovhd. Constr. Chas. Bonlton " 

Energy purchased from Public Service 
Co. of Oklahoma. 

Repair shops at Tnlea. 

17 miles; 4-8Vig; 45 motor pass, cars 
and 1 motor service car. *60 

980— OklahomB Union BailwayCo. 

—Office, 108 W. 4th ^t. (Successor to 
The Tulsa Traction Co., which acquired 
the Oklahoma Union Trac. Co.'s prop- 
erty in Tulsa). (Controls the Sapulpa 
Elec. Interurban Ry.) (Connects Kiefer, 
Sapulpa, Red Fork and Tulsa.) 

Pres: G. C. '^tebblns Tulsa 

V. Pres. A. J. Biddlson " 

Sec. A Tr*»ss. I. F. Crow * 

Audr. P. W. Loss. . . . . ... . . • - • • • • 

Gen. Mgr. & Pur. Asrt. R. V. Miller " 

Claim Agt. J. H. Todd ;* 

Ch. Engr. V. O. Ba-tland 

Elec. Bngr. J. A. Patterson 

M.M., E.D.Nelson.... 

Roadmastar. J. A. I^add — .... — 
Snpt Ovhd. Constr. W A. Corbett.. " 

Power sta. equip. 1 d. c. G B. 200 kw. 

anO hp. •• (gas) Bessemer; ♦rana volt. 

6600 v; trolley volt. 60 > v. Energy also 

•nrchased from Sand Springs Power Co. 

and Public Service Co. 

2 sub-stas. (1 with auto control) tot. 
cap. 800 kw: 1 rot conv. 
Repair shops at Tulsa. 
Reaches Redfork Elpctrlc Park. 
28 miles (26 mi. 1st m. t., 3 ml. aid.): 
4'9M »; 20 motor pass., 3 trail pass., 1 
motor freight, 8 trail freight and 8 serv- 
ice cars. *°" 


ALBANY. 4,175 
(See No. 888.) 

ASTOBIA. 25,000(1919) 

881— Paoifio Pwr. A Lt. Co.— Office, 
Gasco Bldg., Portland. (Operates 
■treet railways in Astoria, and controls 
Walla Walla Valley Ky. Co. which op- 
erates street railways in Walla Waitt, 
Wash., and interurban line between 
Walla Walla, Wash,, and Milton, Ore.) 
(Controlled by American Pwr. A Lt 
Co., for which Blectric Bond A Shsre 
Co. is dscal agent.) 

Pres. Guy W. Talbot Portland 

V.Pres. A Gten. Atty. John A.Lalng, " 
Sec. A Treas. Gteo. P. Nevina... . 
Gen. Mgr. Lewis A. McArthur.. 

Pur. Agt. P. J.Eean 

Ch. Bngr. H. H. Schoolfleld ** 

Distr. Mgr. B. P. Bally Aetoria 

Traffic Mgr. A. S. Dempsie " 

Power sta. equip. (Astoria stm. piaiit); 
2 d. c. G. B. tot. 6<6 kw: 8 a. c. 6. B. tot. 
1576 kw. 8 ph. 60 cys; 2160 bp. o. McL 
AS; 1150 hp. b. Cahall; trans, volt. S80D v; 
trolley volt. 600 v. Bnergy alao pnr- 
chased from Hammond Lnmber Co ; tot 
4100 kw. ; trans, volt. 2200 v. 

Power sta. and repair shops ct foot of 
Aitor St. 

».53 miles (Astoria lines): 8-6 ir: 11 
motor, 6 trail and 3 fgt. cwi ^ «*•«. loco. 
(Company does general lighting and 
power business. 60 






(See No. 886.) 


889— Kenton Trao. Co.— Oflico, Bortfa 
Portland. ^ , ^ 

Pres. B. C. Darnall North Portlaoo 

V Pres. Chas. H. Carey Portland 

Sec. A Treas. _.^ « _*, a 

G«o. F. Anderson N»>rtb Portland 

Audr. E. C. Veasy " ^" ^ 

Gen . Mgr. Geo. P. Heusner Portland 

Supt. Chas. L Brown. ...North fOrt>"Bu 

Energy purchased from Poriland By. 
Lt and Pwr. Co.; trans, volt 10,000- 
2800 v: trolley volt. 60^ v. 

1 8ub-Hta. cap. 560 kw; 1 rot. conv: 1 
mo gen. p**t. 

4miloe(3Hmi. Istm. t; H "»!; mo-); 
8-6 g; 6 motor psss. and 2 trail P**^ 
cars. ♦•O 

OREGON CITY. 4,t87. 
(See also No. »86.) 

M83— wniHmettM Vall#»y Sontb- 

orn By.-Offlce, 1612 Main St. Con- 
nects Oregon City, Beaver Creek, 
Spnng er, Mulino. Liberal, Molalla 
Hitchman, Monitor and Mt AngeL) 
((Controlled by Poriland Ry., Lt. A 
Pwr Co.) _ ^ 

Pres. Grant B. Dimick Oregon Ci^y 

V. Pres. Geo. A. Harding. ... 

Sec.O. D. Bhy 

Treas. W. A. Huntley 

Andr. C. M. Baker. ..•..•••• 

Trafllc Mgr. Claim A Pur. Agt. 
Edwin Foster 

Supt. A Ch. Engr. J. L. Stacer 

M. M., F. D. Ellis 

Energy purchased from PortlanaKy.,I<t. 

A Pwr. Co.; trolley volt 1200. 
Sab-sU. eqnip.: 1 mo. gen. West. 717 

kva. 2300 V. 3 ph. 60 cys; 1 d- c. 600kw. 

t200 v; 1 transf. 715 kva. 57,100/890 ▼. t 

^^SiS^stas. at Monitor * Beaver Ciesk, 








Repair shops at Oregon City. 
31.9 miles; i-SH g; 3 motor pass, and 
3 trail pass, cars; 1 elec. loco. 119 

PORTLAND. 295,463 (1910). 
(See also No. 1180.) 

884— OreiTOn lCl*o. K. B. Co.— Office 
Pittock Blk., Portland. (Connects 
Portland, Tlgard, Tualatin, Hillsboro, 
Forest Orove, Woodbam, Salem, 
Albany, Harrisburg. Junction City, 
Bn^ene, and Corvaliis. Physical con- 
nection with the Soathem Pacific Co., 
at Albany and Salem for inter- 
change of traffic.) 

Pres. L. C. Oilman Portland 

V. Fres. & Oompt. W. P. Turner 

8ec. R. Crosbie 

Treas. M. Barger 

Qen. Mgr. A. J. Davidson 

Traffic Mgr. W. D. Skinner 

O. E. Votaw . . 10th A Hoy t Sts.. 

Pur. A«t. Paul McKay 

Gen. Claim AgtH. K Relf '' 

8upt.Car.Serv. & Tel. H. M. Huston, *' 
Asst. Gen. Pgt. Agt. R. W.Picka'-d," 
Asst. Gen. Pass. Agt. R. H. Crozier.** 

Ch. Engr. A. J. WitChell 

Elec. Supt. B. R. Cunmngham. 

Front & Jefferson Sts. . 
Supt. Mot. Pwr. Jno. Dickson, '* 

M.M.,D.I.Clough,10th & Hoyt Sts., " 
Roadmaster, C. W. Whifleld, *' 

Energy purchased from Portland Ry., 
Lt. A Pwr. Co.; trans, volt. 60,000 v; trolley 
volt. 1800 V. 

9 sub. stas. tot. cap. 10,000 kw; 13 rot. 

Repair shops at Heod A Porter Sts., 

154 miles; 4•8^ g; 58 motor pa^s., 
84 trail pass. 115 fgt. and 17 misc. cars; 
10 elec. locos. ^70 

885— Portland A Oregon City Ry. 

Co.— Office, 416 Luiubermens Bldg., 

Portland. (Connects Portland, 

Miiwankie, Clackamas and Bakers 


Pre*. J. L. Sprinkle Chinook, Mont. 

V. Pres. Geo. W. Roberts, *' " 

Sec. Treas. A Gen. Mgr. 

F. M. Carr 20 B. S4 St., Portland 

Andr. C. B. Sprinkle •* 

Ch. iCnflT. Ralph Mclntire Milwaukie 

M M., R. Link Portland 

Reoair shops at Brooklyn. 

Reaches amns«ment park. 

16 miles; 4-8H fir; 2 motor pass., 
2 trail pass, and 7 other cars; 8 
gasoline loros. (Will extend line from 
Bakers Bridge, which is near Carver, to 
Highland, a distance of about 8 miles.) 
(BlectriflCHtion contemplated.) 59 

fl86— Fortlaud Ry., Lt. A Pwr. Co. 

— Office. Blec. Bldg. , Broadway and Alder 
St., Portland. (With the exception 
of two internrban lines, company oper- 
at'fH all the electric railways in Port- 
land and vicinity, including interurban 
lines to Oregon City, Trontdale, Caza- 
dero Hud Kull Run and over the new 
interstate bridge to Vancouver, Wash.) 
(Controls through ownership of stock 
Willamette Valley Southern Ry. and 
Yamhill Blectric Co ) (Under manage- 
ment of E. W. Clark A Co.) 
Prep. Pranklln T. Griffith Portland 

let F.l.FulIer 

8T)d. Orln B. Caldwell •* 

V PrABta J H.L. Clark 

V. Prens.^ j^j Chestnut St., 

! Philadelphia, Pa. 

Lew. Clark 

*<*H*. A Apst. Treas. 

O. L. E8tabrnok.821CtiestnntSt., '* 
Trea«.* Asst. «4ec.C.N.Hnegins Portland 
A«t. Treas. Wm. Lilley, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Andr. A. J. Johnstone Portland 


I City Lines F. Cooper. .. .Portland 
Hydro. Planto A Drill . . " 

a ..J Inter. Lines G. C. Fields ** 

8upt8.-< BridgesABldgs. J.E.Reinke " 

Lt. A Pwr. C. P. Oabome ** 

I Distribn. H. R. Wakeman " 

t Blec. B.H.LeTonmean . '* 

I Constr. B. D. Searisg. . *' 

»««.- J Oper.R. R. Rohley " 

Engrs.-< Hydraulic, 

T. W. Sullivan . . . .Oregon City 
[M. of W., T. Pumfrey..Poitland 

Claim Agt. B. F. Boynton '' 

Traffic Mgr. F. D. Hunt " 

Pnr. Agt. W. J. Morris " 

M. M., F. P. Maize ** 

Road- J 8- I«-Banka, City Lines " 

masters] ' inJJJnr^win Lines *• 

OREGON CITY STA. B.-13a. c. O. B. 
Allis-C. tot. ft280 kw. 3 ph. 88 & 60 cys; 8 
d. c. Allis C. tot. 1000 kw; 14,400 hp. tnrb. 
Victor, McC; trans, volt. 60,000-10.000 T. 

G. B. tot. 12,500 kw. 8 ph. 60 cys; 18,600 
hp. e.W I. A 8. Wks, Cor, Allis C, G. B: 
trans, volt. 10,000-33,000 v. 

CAZADBRO STA. G.— 6 a.c.G. B, Allis- 
C. tot. 14,250 kw. 8 ph. 88 A 00 cys: 96,800 
hp. turb. (wtr.) Victor; 1 turbo, mot. gen. 
set. for exctg. 185 hp; 1-400 kw. rot. cony. 
600 V. 8 ph. 33 cys. ; trans volt. 67,100 
38,000 V. 

PORTLAND STA. L.— 8a.c. G. B. tot. 
4000 kw. 10,000-2300 v. 8 ph. 60 cys; 1 d. c. 
G. B. 8000 kw. 600 v; 8500 hp. e. H. O. A R; 
8000 hp. turb. (stm.)Cnrtls: 8G. B. mot. 
gen. sets tot. 8000 kw. 11,000 v. a. c. 600 v. 

SALBM STA. H.— 1 d. c. G. B. 400 kw; 
1 a. c. West. 860 kw. 8 ph. 60 cys; 8 mot. 
gen. sets tet. 685 kw; 8 G. E. frequency 
changers 1500 kw. 88 & 60 cys: 1600 hp. e. 
Cor, Fulton. L. A B, Stir; 800 hp. b; 
trans, volt. 57,100 v. 

8ILVERT0N STA.J.— 1 a. c. West. 860 
kw. 8 ph. 60 cys; 700 hp. turb. West. 

RIVERMILL STA. M.-8 a. c. O. B. 
tot. OflOO kw. 11.000 V. 8 ph. 60 cys; 18,000 
hp. turb. Piatt Iron Wks; 150 hp. turb 
for m. g. exciter set; trans, volt. 57,100 ▼. 

ST. JOHNS STA. N.— 1 a. c. Allis-C. 
8500 kw. 11,000 V. 60 oys: 8860 hp. stm. 
turb. Parpons. 

BULL RUN STA. O.— 8 a. c. West. tot. 
11,850 kva. 6600 v. 60 cys: 18,^00 hp. tnrb. 
Piatt Iron Wks; 6400 hp. turb. Wellman- 

Total of statioii equip. 4 d. c. Allis-C, 
G. E. tot. 3400 kw; 84 a. c. Allis-C, Weat., 
G. B. lot. 61,180 kw. 3 ph. 88 A 60 cys. 
8800 6600.11.000 v; 6600 tip. e. Ham, Cor, 
Wms. Iron A Steel; 27.850 hp. stm. turb. 
Parsons, Curtis: 78 600 hp. turb. Victor- 
McC, Piatt. W. S. M.; trans, volt. 67,100, 
88,000-11,000-67,100 v; trolley volt. 600 v. 

Power stas. at Cazadero, Oregon City, 
Portland, Salem. Silverton, Rivermill, St. 
Johns and Bull Run. 

Repair shops at Center St., Portland. 

10 sub-stas.. tot. cap. 60,880 kw., 17 rot. 
conv; 27 mo. sen. sets. 

Reaches ''The Oaks'' (owned), Conncil 
Crest, Hayden Island, City Park and 
Columbia Beach, 

800.9 miles (does not include Willa- 
mette Valley Southern Hy.^; 3-6 g. A 
4-8V4 g: 69.3 motor pass. 50 trail pass, 8 
fgt. motor, 340 fgt. without motors and 
189 service cars; 9 elec. and 8 stm. locos. 
(Company does general lighting and 
powor business.) ^SOt 

8R7— Fortland-Troutdale Eleetric 
RallwBjr Co. Office, 7 Chamber of 
Commerce Bldg. (Part of the Port- 
land Ry. Lt. A Pwr. Co/s System. 
Connects Portland and Parkrose. 

fret, t, L. Thocnp.on 

V. Pm. J. L.HailniBii 

0«0. HKr. Lewli I. Tliomp«>n. . . 

iBiid DlT.)— For BieCDtiveoBlcei.. ... 
San FranctMO, Oil. (Bttgnd* ffom 
Portliud lo C-orrallla. lU HtUsbon 
Fortm Qnn. St. Jowph and HcMini 

vli Nawbtrti. OparsUH city I1d« at 
^rlngSald. Salem. Wait Llao and 
BngenBlIlofflonnacllniiaptingflaldai ' 
iEUK«atL, 4.11 iiiUu) and (i\Sa out 
Walling CO W11laniBtM,Snillei-.| Phji 
cal coonet iluu with the OtEgau Ek 
KT.Ca.,a[AJbanr, ror lalaii!banj!u . 

Claim Ail. A. H. Ro*«ibaum....PorlliT 
Bupt. aTT. Mereler " 

DlT.Engr.A Bngr.M.ofwV" 
H. M.TLull ■' 

Sigiu] Bngr. P. Schullz " 

FtoD.enb-ata C. C. Hajdon Oinei 

tim. Pmn, Stiopi 
Walter Qarrla Beaierii 

.U. M.. D. If . HcLaaghlln Fortlai 

HoentT pareha«al froni Pr inland Ri 

Kit &Pwr.Ci>:7a.c.Q.B.K>« 

«■»— Vnltsil Kallwaya Co.— Offlc*. 
PIttocIc Black, Portlaud. (Controlled by 

Bpokana. Portland & «)e>tt]e Ry. Co.) 
and WIllEMboro to PorllandTlaJn notion 
at Llnnlon with tbe Mpokane, Portland 
andSaalllB Ry. Co. (atni. road. I 

Pna.L. C. Ollmao,... Portland 

T. Pna. A Compt. W, P. Turner 

Rao. fe Aait. Compt. Robt. Croabie '■ 

TrtM. M, Barmr 

Oan. H(r, A. J. DiTldion 

Bnpt Q B. Votaw 

Par, Alt PbqI VrKtj 

Claim Ant ff K. Relf 

Cb. Bngr. A J.Wllchell 

■lac. SnpC. K. S. Connlniham. . 

Bn««j piirchaaad ftotn Portland Ry.. 

tt « Pwi. Cn; t-an-. Tolt. «.000 V: trollaj 

Toll. 1100 V. 

Repair abopi at Unnd A Portflr Hts.. 

M mliea: 4-HW e: * motor pai*.. R 
trail pan. and 14 (rail frelKbt. can. *T0 

(Ser Nob. 884 and SW.) 

(Sm No. 888) 

•m-CantnU R, B. of Omcaii.-fln, 

ODIce. Boiton, Uaaa, Local OfBct 
Dnlon. (Purebaaed the Union "t. I 
Babnrban Rr.' ■" '- 

BabnrbaD Rr.) IC 
Jet . Rot La^ an 

Pni. Bdwln Wllcoek 




toWatJa Walla. Waxh,. nnder lonilr 




apt., Pnr Agl. AM. M,. 

M. lleHner Balalnm 

'ark Hgr. P. B. Klnae; ...finding 

LahlKh Valley Traualt Co.) (Connacla 
Betbrehem and Katantb.) 

Praa. H. R. Kebr AlleDtowa 

Sec A Traaa, C. N. Wajcner.... 

Gen. Snpt, B. O. Sorine 

Eoergj from Leblgh Valley Traneit Co. 
trolley volt SOO •, 


QS-Lohlch V*Ue; Tmpell Co. 

—Otnce Utti & Gordon SU., Allen- 
iDwn. (Sui:cea«)r to LebUib Valler 
Trac. Co. and Phlladolpbia * L. V. 
Trac. Co., wblcb waa a couiAlida- 

Co.. tbe Allantovrn ft BBtblab'om Rapid 
Tranall Co., Alleotoirn Paaa. Ry. Co., 
Betblobem A Ho. Buthlebem Bl. Ky, 
Co., Cauianqaa A Northern Ht. Ry. 
Co.. So. HalUebem A Ballerla*D Bl. 
Ry. Co.. All en town A Bmana Bl. Hy. 
Co.. Coplar, BEypt A Ironlon BL 
Ry. i;o. and All^niown A Slatlngtiw 
Ry. Co.l (ConoMI* Allantown.Cbeal- 
nut Hill. Pblladelpbla. Bslhlebtn. 
VaiatFtb. BellertowD. H aco n gl a, 
Egypt, Northampton. 81* IMUlB.Slafl ng- 
lon, Cataaanqna, Ricblandtoirn aad 
NorrlitowD.) a«aaaB Balklahaa A 
Naaarelb Paaa. Rj. Cn.. oontiola tha 
Lehigh VRlley Lt. * Pirr. Co. and lb« 
Eaaloo CoDiolIdatad Btetitrla Co. 
(Hhlrh conlnili Eaaton Tianait Co . Ilw 
Eaaton. Palmrr * BelOMiein 8L By., 
the I-btlllpabarg Tranill Co.. tbB 
Edlion Blec. lIlnmlnatlnECa. or KaBloB 
and tbe Horthamptan Central St. Ry.>; 
operate* Norrlatown Trandt Co, In 
which It ooBi onahelf intereK.) (In 
1>1T. i^onlrol acquired by Lehigh Pwr. 
Sficuritlet rotpn.. which Ii andtr 
managBment of Electric Bond ft 8har« 

P(BS. n. R. Fehr AlUntawn 

V. Prea. A Oea, Mgr. 

H.H. Pallereon " 

Sac. ATtm*. C. N. WBgner ... •• 

- " W, L. Davla 

Sui.t. K.C Bpring 

OalmAgt. Wm,,T.TrTth«H.... " 

Par.AH.VV.n Fehr " 

Oan. Fm. Atn, W. P. Fotbwolf . 
"opt. Oilid. LInsa. II L. I'okar, " 

ppl.'Eqnln W.C.Klein,..";; 

nnl, Pwr. E. D. O. Kline 

Power >U. equip. Sa.e. turbo-nn.W«N., 
, B., Conn. lot. tO.Bia kw. Stra A (MM 
a pb. S A flOcTi: DMO bp. b. Bab. «Vi 
ana. rolt lJ.lin6 t; trolley roll. «00 T. 
Repair thopa at Hadlaon & Cbaw Btl_ 
AlleotawB and Falrrlew. 




Owns Central Park at BittersviUe. 

IWM m»w; 4-^ g; 198 ]>aBi.,81 miM. 
and U freight cart; 4 bbow plows; In 
sweepers. (Co. sells energy.) #60 

894-Whit«b»U St. Ry. Co—Office, 
Teung Bid?. (Connects Bgypt and 

i?*JL ^ST.P- J^^^^f Alleotown 

V. Prcs. E. M. Yoang «♦ 

Sec. Oeo. G. Sykes »* 

Treas. Alonxo P. Walter " 

Energy purchased from Lehfeh Vallef 

Keaehet Picnic Grounds at Egynt. 

» miles; I-8U g; rents cars from Lehigh 
Valley Transit Co. SO 

ALTOONA. 68,660 (1916). 

895— AltooiM M liOgran Talley Blee. 
By. —Office, 1300 11th St. (Controlled 
hj the Ameriean Bys. Company, 
Philadelphia.) (Connects Altoona, 
Tyrone, Belwood and Hollidaysbuis.) 

Pres. Van Horn Ely ^^ ' 

WitherspooB Bldg., Philadelphia 

V Pruat. J H.J.Crowley. •* »f 

V. rrests. ^ c.L.S.Tingliy •« 

Sec. A Treas. 

Walter W. Perkins 

Aset. Sec.. Asst. Treas. & 

Compt. Frank J. Pryor, Jr. 

Qen. Mgr. S. S. Oane Altoona 

Claim Agt. 8. B. Hare »* 

Pur. Agt., Q. C. Weirick, 

1881 Walnut St., PhUadelphia 
Snpt. Constr. Francis Tingley... Altoona 
Ch. Engr. ofPwr. Sta. 

F. W. DeMart " 

M. M. Bobert Long •• 

Power sta. equip. 8 d. c G. E. tot. 1600 
kw; 1 rot. coot. West. 600 kw. 6600-430 v. 
3 ph. 60 cys; 3860 hp.e. McL & 8, Allis-C; 
3100 hp. b. Bab. & W, Heine; trolley 
yolt.660 V. d. c; energy also purchased 
from Penn. Central Lt. & Pwr. Co. 

Power sta. and repair shops at Altoona 

Owns Lakemont Park. 

54.28 miles: 6-8 g; 106 motor and 14 
other cars. •eo 




(See No. 944.) 

BAKOOB. 6.889. 

896— BaniTor * Portland Trac. 

Co — Office. 448 Bushkill St., Eaeton. 

(Connects Bangor, E. Bangor, John- 

souTille, Mt. Bethel and Portland.) (In 

1916, taken over by Northampton Trac. 

Chrmn. Bd. Thomas A. H. Hay . . .Eaeton 

Pres. Dr. B. F. Billiard Bsst Bangor 

V. Pres., Qen. Mgr. A Pur. Agt. 

W.O.Hay Easton 

Sec. <& Andr. G. E. Smith *' 

Treas. Wm. L. Doyle " 

Snpt. Albert Warrick East Bangor 

Claim Agt. Chas. Brunner Easton 

Energy purchased from Penna. TJtilitieB 
Co. ; trolley volt. 660 v. 

Repair ehope at East Ba«gor. 

8.76 miles; 4-^ g; 7 motor and S other 
cars. . 60 

BEAVEB WAIAJi. 18,588 (1916). 
(See also No. 968 ) 

897 — Patterson Heights St. By. 

Co.— Office,1807-7th Ave., Beaver Falls. 

(Connects Beaver Falls and Patterson 


Pres. uarry W. Beeves Beaver Falln 

V. Pres. Chas. R. M^ " 

Sec. A Treas. John. T. Reeves 

Gen. Mgr. Fred Ham *« 

Bleo. Engr. Oeo. Bnrin.... ^* 

Energy purchased from Beaver Valley 
Traction Co.; trans, volt 600 v. 

0.6 miles (oombiaed electric and cable 
Incline); 4-^ g; i motor pass. ear. 69 

BBBWICK. 6,867. 

898 — Berwiok ft Neecopeok St. 

Z^; <5®»-0ffice, 116 Market St.. Ber- 
wick. (Connects Nescopeck and Ber- 

Pres. Henry P. Field Berwick 

V. Pres. M. Jackson Crispin " 

Sec. A Treas. Geo. W. HID.. .Beach Haven 
Snpt. Geo. Sterner Berwick 

Energy purchased from Columbia A 
Montour Elec. Co. 
Repair shops at Berwick. 
1.66 miles; 4-8^ g ; 8 motor cars 78 

BBTHUBHBM. 14,148 (1916). 
(See also No. 893.) 

899-.Allen St. By. Co.— Office, Beth- 
lehem Trust Bldg.. Bethlehem. (Con- 
nects Nazareth and Bath.) 

^••- C^M. T. Hess Bethlehem 

Sec. A Treas. Geo. H. Eressler *» 

Snpt. W. B. Harper Mazareth 

Energy purchased from Lehigh Valley 

Transit Co. ; trollev volt. 600 v. 

Repair shops at (Christian Springs. 

6.45 miles (5 17 mi. Ist m. t., 0.26 mi. 

sidO; 4-8Hg; 8 motor pass.. and 8 motor 

service cars. ^50 

BIX>0]IISBUBO. 7.418. 

^^JJj-North Branch Transit Co.— 

Office. Bloomsburg. (Connects Berwick, 
Bloomsburg. Danville and CatawiPsa.) 

Receiver, A. W Day Bloomsburg 

Supt., Pur. A Claim Agt. 
Douglass Ford '♦ 

M. M. Norman Fry »• 

Energy purchased from Columbia * 
Montour Elec. Co. 

Car barn and repair shops at 7th St. A 
Berwick Road, Bloomsburg. 

Reaches Columbia Park and Montour 
Park (owned). 

80 miles: 4-8H g; 36 motor end 4 trail 
care; 8 sweepers. 50 


BI.UE BALI.. 800. 
(See No. 946.) 

BOYSRTOWN. 9.488. 

®®^■;;*•■*'*■*s.''»n■** * Li^ht Co. 

—(Formerly The Boyertown & Potts- 
*o^n Ry. Co.) (Connects Boyertown 
and Pottstown.) For officers see 
Reading, No. 1004. 

Energy purchased from the Metropoli- 
J*nKd"on Co. ; trans, volt. 16,000 v. and 
8,300 V. 

Repair shops at Reading and Potts- 
Reaches Ringing Rocks Park. 
13 miles ; 6-3^ g; 33 motor cars. 60 

BBADFOBD. 14,644. 
(See No. 787.) 

BBISTOL. 10,608 (1916). 
• (See No. 978.) 

(See No. 991.) 

BUTXBB. 87,683 (1916> 
(See No. 987.) 



a08— Unmberlcntl Rj. Ou — Offlcc. 
Newvllle, (UoDlralB CiirUi]« ii Ut. 
HdIIf R7, Co.. .nd Ml. HollT Bprinra 
Lt. Co.) (Coniieota Carll>Ia, Mt UolTy 
Bpriugi. EJlioUoD. Milnfleld. West 
Um BDd NewTiLle.) 

(J. BBtvey OarllslB 

Beceiven J & TrflM. 

I WH]t«rBtDSIt " 

V. Pr«>. C. H. Blehop LamoTna 

Gen. Mgr, A Pur. Agt. 

Guo. A, PloQgh Nowvllle 

Buorgy parcbBied from UalMd BLec. 

BescbBB Ml. Holly Springn Park and 




BO^t— Talle* Ball nit; h 

For ernr'nl oDlcarB, See Lamoyne. 

Ami. Sopt. .I.O'Hara Otllal* 

Parli Met. U. 11. Marklcy. 1lDlllDeMprlag> 

Tr»ti». Toll. 13,«)0 v; IroUey iSt. BOO v. 

Repair shnpi St Carliile. 

Reacbee Boinnk- !!prInRii. 

BimilM; B-iUf. lOoui. 10 

OHA-MBEKSBUKO. is.qao (igia;. 

004— Ohkm ben burg * OettysburB 
Eloc, Ry. Co — Office, CharoberiPinrK, 
(Conoecu CUamberabnrii, Fayettu.ille. 
GreCDWood and Caledonia.) 

Prea. M. C. KeoOBfly Chambenburg 

V.Prea. Tboa. B. Kennedy 

Bee. ^ Treu. W.L.Rltehay 

Audr., F. J. Fell, Ji Pbllad^lphii 

Bnpl. D. B. Freti Chambenburg 

M.M., C. W. WfBlling..., ■' 

la^mllM; B-ai g; IS cara. *M 

•OS— CbBmbcTBbnrg; & Shlppens- 
bnTE Ry. Co,— Offlce. NoHh Second 

baiibnrg, GHienvTilage and Bblppeoe- 

Prea. J. A, SlriW Chambersbutg 

V, Prw. A. Ravin Pomaroy 

•PrflM. 0. P. Miller 

8«0...T.'O. Schaff 

Qen. MgT ,Pur Agt.A H.H. 

Energy par*" baaed from Central Valley 
Repair IbopA al Nortb lad SL, Cham- 

Haacbu* Red Bridge Parli (owned.) 
IS miU'i: b-V4 t; ij motor paaa, oan 

Varn«t> * Psyfllle Cllj SI. Ut. 

Co Offline. BbdIc or Charlarol Bldg. 

(Connecti Uoiieieen. Halle Vemon, Ar- 
nold Oily and Charlerol.) 
Pre*. * Oen , Mgr. 

Treat, Da>ld M. McClnaliay.. . 
Sapt. A Prir.Agt T>, Gnr rallll 
Claim Agt T. H. WarrenafDrd, 

aOT-WsiUld« Eler. St. Ry. Co.- 
Omce, Bank of Charlerol BMi. (Cm- 
naeli No. Charlarnl. Vonanarn. Cbar- 
lerol, BonWnyTlne niHl F.ll -worth.) 


Prei. W. I. Berryman Charlarol 

V P. & Oen. Mgt. 

C F.Ttiompeon 

Sec, & Audr. ft.W. Brom 

Treas. Kerfoot W. Daly 

Sapt.APnr, Agt. D.Uny Calllbao 
Claim Ajft. T.H, Warranstord, , 
Cb. Engr. Wm. H. Btamm 

Sneigy purcbaaai] Irom West Peon 


i; B-B!4 B. 


OOD—Cheater TrasIloD Co. — OSIca, 

iStb St..t Bdnamant Ave. (liBaMaUnlDD 
Ry, Co, of ChealsTi Ofantar. Darby 
& Plilladelphla Ry., CbaMer ft Hcdka 
Klec. Ky,,Cheaterttl. 8*. and Cheater * 
Drluware St. Ry. (Rnflre capital Block 
owned h; Wilmington A Cbettet Trac. 
L'o.. wblcb iB controlled by InKed Pvr. 
& Tranepl, Co.) {Controlled and operat' 
ed nnder leoae by sontbern Penniyl- 
• aula Trac, Co.) (CODDSCU Wllming- 
Ion, Pblladvlphla. Uadla. Marco* 
Hook. Upland and Cbeiter.) 

Prea. Walter A, Rlgg 

WldcneiBldg,, PbiladalphU 

Sec. ft TraaB. T. W. Grookatt, Jr., 

Beybnm-B»lloy Bldg., ■■ 
E'ower sta. o^Mraied by Sonlhem PaDB' 

'VowM alaTut Jib A«, ft Ponn St, 
Repair ehopH at ISth St. ft KdfemoBI 

Reacbea CliMler Park and ShaUpot 
Park, Wilmington, Del. __ 

n.^mllcB: S-»jg; lOScara. *10 

aiO — Sonlhem Feanar ■*>■■■> 
TrHo. Co.— Office, CheelBt, (Costtola 

Kddytlone St. By. Co., Che«ler TfM. 

eIot.. By? Co^and ModU, Glen Blddla 
ft Bookdale Eloc, St. Ry. Co.i (Con- 
trolled by Wllmlngron ft Philadelphia 
Trac. Cd„ which ■HforoSlcari.) tlV 

OLATBTON. t,at. 

Bll— Clalrtnn SI. Rr- Oo,— Oraaral 

office, 48!i-»lh Atb,, Pltlsbnrab. 

Prea, 9. 1,. Tone Plltabarittt 

V. Prae.J H, Haed ;_' 

Treiu. C. J. Braun, Jr " 

Compl C.a.Mllcball " 

GeE, Mgr. P. N, Jonec '• 

Por apenlhv oDI 
Rye Co. 

Eoargy pnrabaaed from a 

i.uiHiniiM: ^s^g;■pM•, la oM i t v m. 

OLBABcnOiD. s^Ma> 

(Sea Ho. 181.) 


«1>— DoUMre Constr ft PIiUmI*!- 

5bl» KlH. By. Oo^Oaica. Clinoa 
rUht*. iBiUBdafiaBftanniPblla.t 
t» MadU. OB BaltliD»nU|t) OtoaH 
ownad by IbaDalMdPoMftVniuM. 




tenUte Rjs. Co.) (Operated under lease 

by Southera PenDSvlTania Trac. Co. 

which is controlled hj Wilmington A 

Phlla. Trac. Co.) 

Pres. John A. Ri^ Philadelphia 

Sec. A Treas. T. W. Grookett, Jr. . ** 


COATBSYIIXIB. 14«4B6 (1016). 
(See also No. 10S2.) 

91Sa — OoatesvUle Trolley Co. — 

Office, 909 Bank Bldg., Coatesyille. 
(Will extend from CoatesTllle to Mo- 
dena and connect with Lancaster* Tia 
Conestoga Trac. Co. and West Chester, 
via West Chester St. Ry.Co.) 

Pres., Henry 8. Rich Marietta 

V. Pres. Willis Keullig. Lancaster 

Treas., Chester C. Doan Coatesyille 

Gen. Mgr. , R. H. Hendershott. . ' * 

6 miles; &iB4 IT; 4 motor pass. cars. 
(Under constrnctlon.) 59 

(See No. 068.) 

CONNBLLSVILLB. 16,456 (1016). 
(See No. 001.) 

CORRT. 6.901. 

918— Corry A Colombiis Trae. Co. 

—Office, 780 North Center St., Corry. 
(Sacce^sor to Corry A Colambar St 
Ry. Co.) (Connects Corry and Colum- 
Pres. A Gen. Mgr. 

Oscar 8. Pritz Cony 

V . Pres. A. M. Howard ** 

Sec. & Treas. D. J. Fritz " 

Power sta. equip. 1 d. c. C-W. 900 
kw; 110 hp. e (gas) Struthers, Wells; 
trolley volt. 660 v. 
Power sta. and repair shops at Corry. 
Reaches Recreation Park at Columbus, 
Fair Grounds, Race Track and Baseball 
Park at Corry. 

4 miles; 4-8H g.; 4 motor cars. (Ex- 
tension to be built north from Columbus 
to Clymer, Sherman and Summerdale to 
Mayvil)**, N. Y. connecting at that point 
with Chautauqua Trac. Co*s line for 
Westileld, Chautauqua and Jamestown. 



914— Blue BidKO Timotlon Co.— 

Office, DanielsviUe. (Connects Daniels- 

ville, Bdgemont, Berlinsville, Walnnt- 

port and Slatington.) 

Pres. J.K.Hower DanielsviUe 

Sec. H. H. Hower •• 

Treas., Oen. Mgr. A Pnr. Agt. 

C.C. Marsh " 

Rlecl. Bngr. ft M. M., 

Robt. f: Bartholomew ' ' 

Energy purchased from Lehigh Yalley 
Transit Co. 

Repair shops at DanielsviUe. 

Reaches Bagemont Park (controlled). 

7 miles; 4-8H g: 6 motor and 4 other 
(*an9. (16 miles under constmetion.) (Com- 
pany does lighting.) 119 

DANTIIXB. 7,617. 

91^— DaiiTlUe A Svnbnry Transit 

Co.-Offloe, 290 Mill St, Daavllle. ( Will 
connect Danville, So. Danville, River- 
side. KHbm Grove and Snnbnnr.) 

Pr«^ Simon Krebs MOMntt 

V. Free. Geo. J. Kiebs *.,,. ** 

See. W. Fred. Jacobs DanfillA 

Treas. Chas. P. Hancock Danville 

Audr. Chas. F. UhJ, Jr. Somerset 

Supt. Richard B. Hullihen. Danville 

Bnergy purchased from Oolnmbia A 
Montour Blec. Co. 

Repair shops at Danville. 

Reaches Riverside park. 

2.8 miles; 4-(^ g: 4mo. pass, and 2 trail 
pass. oars. (Undir construction— part in 
operation.) 119 

(See No. 1088.) 


919— Phltodolphia * Baeton Eleo- 

By. Co.— Office, 76 N. Main St., 

Doylestowa. (Connects Doylestown 

and Baston.) 

Pres. A. H. Sickler .Philadelphta 


Amos Johnson Lambertsville, N. J. 

See., Gen. Mgr. A Pur. Agt. 

W. 8. Chambers Doylestown 

Treas. H. G. Rush Lancaster 

M. M., Wm. F. Steele Raubsville 

Roadmaster, Chas. Krial Revere 

Energy purchased from Clymer Pwr. 

Repair shops at Banbsville. 

88 miles; 6-9M g; 8 motor pass., 9 fgt. 
motor and 4 other motor cars. if 60 

DUBOIS. 14,666 (1016). • 

917— DnBols Traotion Co.— (Con- 
trolled by DuBois Blec. A Trac. Co., 
which is operated by the United 
Service Co.) (The Keystone Utilities 
Co. has taken over the Du Bois Blec. 
A Trac. Co.) (Connects Falls Creek, 
Sykesville and Big Ron.) 

Fres., L. G. LaBar Scranton 

V. Pres. , W. B. Brubaker •* 

Sec. 8l Treas. , W. H. Davis ' ** 

Mgr. Robt. B. Blakeslee Dd Bois 

Supt. M. B.Glnter •♦* 

Bnergy purchased from Du Bois Blec. 

Repair shops at Dubois. 

Reaehes Bdgemont and Hands Parks. 

6.9 miles; 4^^ g; motor cars and 1 
other ear. 119 

919 — United Trac. St. By. Co.— 

Office, 19 B. Long Ave., Du Bois. Pa. 

(Connects Du Bois, Briton, St^nlT, 

Sykesville and Big Rnn, also Falls 

Creek on Dm Bois Trac. Co^s. line.) 
Pres. A Gen. Mgr. 

Austin Blakeslee. Du Bois 

V. Pres. M. B. Ginter " 

See. A Sunt. Irvin Blakeslee ** 

Treas. J. W. Schoch " 

Bnergy purchased from Dn Bois Blec. 

19.79 miles; 4-8^ g; 6 motor cars and 
1 other car. 118 

DUQUESNE. 10,064 (1016). 

919— Duqnosno A DraToslmrc St* 

By. Co. — Office, First Natl. Bank 

Bldg. (Connects Duqnesne A Dravjos- 

Pres., Fred. W. Scott, 

467 Union Arcade, Pittsburg. 
Treas.ft AsstSecy . ,M.C. Briggs, DuquesnS 
Supt , M. A. Ryan McKeesport 

Bnergy purchased from Pittsbnrg Bys. 

Repair shops at Kennedy Ave. A Mifflin 
St., Duquesne. 

4 Biiles; 6-1^ g; 9 motor pass. cars. 


rumSTLVAMU 14 

■AVrOM. M.Ma (1SI8). 

<Bm »lm Not. m aad BIS.) 

91N)— EftBtoD TrABslt Oo. — Ofllo*) nth 

*ODnli>ii»t>,,AlllDtown. <Tb< Shud 

ft Bo. Bitfalibam Truilt C*. hu bHO 

br tW Euton OontaAdaUil Bkc. Co.. 

whiob In tarn In contrelleil br the L«- 

hifb Vkllar Tnntll Co.) (CannMt* 

aMtoD, Hslhinbgin. 80. B*thlabeB. 

humtb ■ad rrvainiDibaic.) 

Cl«i. H. R. Fahl AllantoKii 

I B, El. Hackatt EutoD 

T. PrMU. i P. B. StwjuT 

I H»mp8l8»ii. N. Y, 

Oan. Mcc. H. H. Piltenoo ....Allenlown 
aw. «TrflM. B. B. Wsgnar... 
AHt, Sac. A Ami. Treu. S. B. SttEant 

H1I Cbwlnui 91., Phlltdelphli 

Pm. AM. W. K. Fahr Alleottmn 

B«pt. W. B. Tttai KaatDD 

ClAlmAgl.W J.Trrthtll AUentown 

8BCr.ll.nfW.,A.P.8mlUl ■' 

aoM, at Equip. W. C, Kliln .. . " 

■.v. C.A. Dond autm 

Una PoniDui. P. B. Crick " 

BDflrnr pnrcbuBGd trvm Parm. UtUltlai 
On.; troll CT Tolt, 6M T. 

Keiwir Aoss at Buton. 

lUicbat Oakliind ind Itland Pmrki. 

' " "" m. I.: 8 

. '<-»« t- 
a motor pais., IS liiU ptu., 8 molor 
■arrlceiDdl tnl) >erTtaeMr. iiVO 

Mi-Northampton, EBalon A 

SKahloBton Trkctlen Co. — Re- 
1t« IppalnMd Xot. IB, I9ll).~Ad- 
areii. P.O. BaiSeS. Rutoii.448. Buah- 
kill St. (Coiine«UPhl)]ip>biint,P>.aiid 
R^ealvar iTre«,Wm, L, Doyle.,, Kaetoq 
Chnn. Bd, Tliomu A, B,Hb]',,., " 

7m. A. B. Hiring FrBDcblaiirD, N. J, 

V. Proi. Qen, Ttgr. t Far. Agl. 

W. O.H«r EMton 

■w. JtAndr Q, K. Smitli " 

Snct. W, A,Cn1ainaii..Wialiingloti, N.J, 

"*"bi in. C. B, Branner E««ton 

L, Llnd«D Gardner. WublngloD,N,J, 

'U. Huip, S d. e. Q, E. tot. SSO 

», e. B. i W.. A<J»: <nO hp, b, 

MDi « 9; tuna. A trollef volt. ESS >. 

Povar tlo. and npilr »bop» nt Port 


rated 41 


kw- «ao bi 


». J.. I 



: S car*. (Con lam 

•»*— NartbampMa TrkctlSB Co.— 

SaealTar appointed Not, S, 1>I9.— 
Oaea, U8 BoahklU Bt. (Connacta 
BiMan. TaUniT, Nuantb and Bannoi 
wllh dItKt connacUona for Dalawire 
Water Gap A Btrnndaburg.) (In KIA, 
Aeqnired propartj of Bangor A Port- 

IteoelTer, Cheater Bnjder 

Chmn. oTBd Tbomaa A. H. Haf, 
Praa. A. B, BarinK.,..Frenclitoii 
T, Prea,,nen.Mgr,APD[,A|Et. 

t.Cbtt. Blebnaa... 

■MdmaaMr, Jacob Rahicr 

Puk Tttr.O. B. Sklllmin " 

Bn«CT parcbaaad. 

Ra«ho> and owna Butakfll Park, 

MbIIbb: t-tHit: K molor and I otha 




Pannaj'lvuilm ;• M&nUnd 
tf. Cd. — (Connacta Ballabnri. 

9ec. it Treaa. J, L, Baichdi 

Elec, Bngr. Bert Kldner Bojuton 

Bngr, Put, 8U, A. Bloeber BIk Lick 

Foirer aU. equip, I d. e. Rida. BOO k«r; 
500 ho, e. Ridg: tSO hp, b, Stit; aotttj 

GETTT8BUKG. 4,080. 




M1-CleTelBBd ft Sri* Br- C«— 

Addreaa Boi 4S, GIrard, Pa. QaDeral 
oOlceal Elk Park. (Buccelaor to Con- 
Dsaut & Erie Trac, Co., and leaam line 
in Ohio of same name.) ICuunecta Erie, 
Qlrard and Kut Sprlngfleld, Pk., ud 

PrM"c™Wlliock PlHaburgb 

V Pres. Henry E, Flab Brie 

Bcc,. Aait. Treu., Osn. Hgi. ft 

Par. Agt, J. M, Bmlth Glraid 

Tre&9. J, R. McDonald Briat 

Andr,, W. Q. Fnllerton GIrard 

BnET.Pwr.Sta, B.H.SbeldoaKortb GIrard 

M.lll,,C, F, DooiltUe ■' 

r Rflfltern DIt. 

, F. W. Saaen. SwaDTllle 

Itoad- 1 Middle DIt, 

" W. taeli, EaitBprinsfleld 

tern DiT, 

L. BverMt.. 

rower eta. eqnip, Z d. e, O.-W. tot. 800 

Itv; ISOO bp, e. penn; 800 hp. b. Bab. ft 

W; trailer 'oil. BBO.*VB ». 

Power eta. and repair ahopa at Bk 
Creek. Pa. (No P.O.) 
Reacba* BIk Part (owned.) 
Sl.Wmlki^ 4-^g: 8 motor and ■ othM 


03* ~ Bctaujlklll Ballwar Ca. — 
General oOlce, Ginrdillle: «iacirtha 

A'anne, Philadelphia, Pa. (OiMntM 
SohDTlUll Lt.Ht.ftPwr.Oo.} (CobmcH 
Mabaooj Cltr, SheDandoab. Sllbeirlaa, 
PrackTllle. Hahanoj Fltu.OlrattfTlIlr. 
AihUnd, BI. Clalr aad PottaTlUa and all 
intermadlBle polnU. 

Prea, Powell ETsna 

103S Washington Ara., PhUaiMptiil 

V. Prat. Jamta DT^iana,, . . 

Bee. A Traas C. E. Hinna.. 

Ota. Mgr. C. SIma BalUy OlrardTlIM 

Sopt. T. J. McAndrewa 

Pnr. Aft., J. ScotI Pardoe. .PhlUdalpUa 

Oi, Bngr., D. L. Nicks.. ..UalMiKnCIt* 

Elac. Bngr J. W. Hopkioa , . .QlnrddUa 

Foreman Bam, Pat (Pieman. " 

Bnitr. Ovhd, Conatr. 

Geo. W.MIehaal " 

Bn>riT niirchaaed From BebaTlklll OM 


Repair ahopa *l Oimrd'lll*. 

« mllxa: t-m g; »7 motoipr ■■ ■ 

othar care. (Company doM gior 
lug and power bDalnna Id t 



S.4Sa (1916). 

saSit— Weit Pann By*. Co. (Con- 
nactg Voungwood, Or**iMbnig, Jnn- 
nntta, Irwin ind Tr««ord CltJ.) For 
geneni olllcen ks Plttabajgb. 

Dopl. C.W.Hlubaoli Qreguboig 

BspBlc abap* It Oneubiirg. 
HIlKKsaDd eqaip. Inclnded In nport 

or compkDT It Plllibgrg. llfl 

TnlDc U gr. A Gan. Fit. A 

"u*. AklO. A, zceli HutUoa 

Im Agt. JuuM P. Gofwui... " 

ElTC. A Blcntl Engr. 

Wm. flctiwartE. 

H. H., JamM Brown " 

BoKr. K. of W.Benj. Hoiria,... •' 

BiurgT porcbuMi tnim WlUuf-Bura 
A HulatoD Rt- Co- 

9 nib-Maa. b>t.<»p.IKIOkw; 4rol.oaaT. 

Rspalr •bopt ■! Hula Puk. 

Keachca ud owai Hula Park. 

M allat; ISU f. n pa«a. and B Mh«r 

B30— Haaovar ft HcSlienjaUiwB 
Ht. K)-. Co.-0«oo, HuioTar. (Oon- 

UBCta HangvBT, UcBoenjatilwD, Cooa- 
wisD Cbapel &ad UltlaMown.) {Ooet- 
Bted bj United Service Co.) (The 
Keystone Utilltlei Co, baa taken oyer 
Ihli propertj.) 

Pn>;P. l^Albetton Sctanton 

V, Prea. B. H. Etutabolham.... " 

Sec. A Tnaa. J. J. Grace 

Hgr. A Par. Act E.K. GarTalt..BaiiOTei 

nrk Hir. B. 1[. Qrambine " 

Gnergv parcbaard from Oaoaver LL 

HI. & Pwr. Co; trailer TOlt. BOO t. 
Repair (liapa at Hanover. 
Owui Bfcbelberger Park and raacbea 

Cnneoaeo Park. 
llmllea: i-(tmii IE motor and 3 other 

. _ St, B>7~CoV, bairlabi .. 

Trac. Co. and Hamibarg City Paei. 
RT. Co.) rConnecuBarrlabnrB.gMel' 
ton, Ellgbaplre, Mlddletown, Hnmmeli. 
town, Pro«reat, LlKileitown. Oberlln, 

iTuhler, W. Vear... 

John O'Connell 

Asat. loPrea. C. F. Crai 
anpt. Tisnap F. M.Da 

G. R.lMOkH. c 

>r, J. W. Ander»< 
a. equip. 3 d. c. 
Id to Illla-C. e 

volt. »900y.: troll"* Tolt. MOt. 

I aab-ata. cap. 1000 kw;! rot. cour. 

Power for anb-ata. pnrchaaed fron 
HarrlahorgLl *Pwr, Co. 

Power ala, at Sooth Cameron St. 

Renalrahopa at Cameron AFoiaterSti. 

Reache* Faitang Park (pirtij owned 
and leaaed). inltat: E-IM It: IM motor 

HAZLBTOM. tt.491 (laiS). 

(tat— LehlBh TimaUDD Co.— Offloe, 

i».»g No. Wjronilng SI. (Connecla 
UcAioo. Preeland, Drlftm, Jeddo, 
Ebervale, Latttmer. MIlnHrllle, Weft 
HulBlonandJeanHTllle.) (TbaWllkaa. 
Barre A Haaletnn R. R, Co. owna K; 

Prea. A. litarkte Haile 

V.Prsa..Q«fi.Hgr., Pur. Agt ft 

ParkMgr.C. a Honck ' 

gM:.*TreH. N.C. Voat 

Uhlgh Tiac. Co'a. tneki.) (Conttola 
AnthraclM Power Co.) (Owned br 
Wllkea-Barre A Huieton R. R. Co.) 

, Prea. . 0«n. Ugt. A Par. Agt. 

udr. C. J. Klncbnw... 

IngT.Mfllnt, of Way, Banj.Hmrla " 

Power ata. eqnlp. » a. e. W. B. tot. 
.jOOkw. SKi.t ph. * cya; IWO hp. a. 
Brown : SlOO hp, b. Heine: flOOO kw. ktb. 
'tm.)Weat; true. volt. IB.TBOt; troUay 

>lt S» T. 

Power ata. at Bt. Johna. 

Repair abopa at Haala Park. 

Raachaa Hule Park (owned by Lehigk 

at milea (Sd rail); 4-8M g: 10 pa«', I 
rm. motor, G rgt. and 10 otbar sara: 1 

034 — Wllkaa - Harra A Umilatow 

B. B. Co Offlcap at Haalaton, Pa., 

and Jsraey City, N. J. (Owni tba 
Wlikea-Barra A HaalatoD Ry. Co.. the 
Wllkf e-Barre Term. RS. Co. and Mp.e. 
of atock ol Lehlgfa Tiac. Co.) 

Sac. N. C. Toat. . 


030— Harahey Tnuelt Oo.~OftlGa 
Herabey lOonnaott Palmyra, Hon- 
meletown. BarabV. Campbalttawn. L» 
banon and Elltabatlilowni at Rllsabath- 
town connacta with the llnaa of tba Oe- 
nealoea Tiae. Co., at HummeTalown 
with Tinea ol BarrlahnrR Rn Co. and 
at Lebanon and Palmyra with llnea of 
Baadlng Tiaoilt A Lt. Do.) 

Ptm. Wm. F. R. Hurria Hanbay 

V. Free. Wn>. H. LebUdier " 

Snpt.APnr.An.!Knidef!i ■' 
■nn. Matnt. of Way, B. N. Harr " 

ParkUgr.A.T.Hallman ■■ 

Power ata, aqnip, 1 d. c WadkUOkw; 
SBOhp. e.B. *W, (atm.purcbaaad); — kw. 
QodIi] atoi. bat; trolley loK. UO t. 

Bapair abop* at Henhey and Labason. 
BaaiAea Herabey Park (owned by K. B. 
ffimlfei; B-IMr; n motor and 4 otbar 




HOMESTEAD. 22.466 (1916). 

fse— Homestead & MIlMln St. By. 

Co. — Office, 805 Amity St., Home- 
Btead. (Connects Homestead, Home- 
stead Park and Lincoln Place.) 

Pres. J. B. Coen Homestead 

V. Pres. Hiwch L. Nevin * 

Sec. Hany E. McWhinney. . ■ 

Treas. & Supt. C. H. Knapp. ■ 

Audr. Fred J. Hahn ■ 

Claim Agt. R. C. Davis 

Union Arcade. Pittsbur^t 
M. M., J. C. SchweinberR.... Homestead 
Energy purchased from Pittsburg Rys. 

Repair shops at Main St., Homestead 

3.25 miles; 5-2H g; H motor passenger 
ears and 1 other oar. if 60 



(See Nos. 931 and 935.) 

HUNTEfGDON. 6 ,861 . 

M7 — ^HuntlnKdon, Lewlstown & 
Juniata Valley Tne. Co.— Office. 
416 Penn St.. Huntingdon. (Will 
connect Huntingdon. Mt. Union, Mill 
Creek, AUensville, Belleville and Reeds- 

Pres. R. J. Mattem Huntingdon 

Sec. J. R. Simpson * 

Treas. &, Gen. Mgr. 

F. Blair Isenberg * 

Supt. R. M. Peightal ■ 

M. M., H. P. Grove ■ 

Energy rented from Penn Central Lt. A 

Pwr. Co.; 1 a. c. Ft. W. 550 kw; 1 d. c. 

Ft. W. 182 kw; trans, volt. 2300 v; trolley 

Yolt. 650v. 
Repair shops at Huntingdon. 
1.75 miles in operation; 6 cars. 119 

INDIANA. 5,749. 

•t7a — Indiana County St. Rys. Co.— 

Office, 28 So. Seventh St., Indiana. 

(Connects Indiana. Clymer. Ernest, 

Creekside, Homer City, Graceton, 

Coral. Josephine. Blacklick and Blairs- 


Pres. F. M . Fritchman Indiana 

Sec. & Treas. John G. St. Clair. . " 
Gen. Mgr. &. Pur. Agt. 

W.M.Seiple • 

Supt. Ira C. Fine • 

Eleo. Engr. L. W. Householder... " 

M. M., George Lovelace " 

Roadmaster. Wm Kinter " 

Energy purchased. 

2 sub-stas. tot. cap. 800 kw; 1 rot. 
eoDv; 1 xno. gen. 

Repair idiops at Indiana. 

Reaches & owns Chestnut Grove Idle- 
wood and Locust Parks. 

36 miles; 4-8 V^ g; 8 motor pass., 1 motor 
frei^t and 1 motor service car. il^60 

IB WIN. 2,886. 

-The Irwln-Hermlnle Trac. 

Co. — Office. Irwin. (Connects Irwin. 
Fairmont. Hahntown. Chambers, Rill- 
ton and Herminie.) 
Pres. A Gen. Mgr. C. H. Bolton Irwin 
V Prenti. i ^ A. Troop. . . . Pittsburg 
V. ^resw-J Treas. L.H. Taylor. . Irwin 

Sec. & Audr. Jan. I . Marsh * 

Ch. Engr. Milton Campboll • 

Elec. Engr. A Engr. Ovhd. Const r. 

Frank Barnnm I.Arimer 

Engr. M . of W ., Edward Wilson. Herminie 
Energy purchased from West Penn 
Elec. Co.; trana. volt. 2200 v; trolley volt. 
Repair shops at Irwin. 

5.5 miles owned; also 0.25 miles track- 
age rights. 5-2 H g; 3 motor pass, and 3 
freighters. (Will extend line to Export.) 



M9 — Jersey Shore Sb Antes Fort 

R. R. — Office, Jersey Shore. (Con- 
nects Jersey Shore, Antes Fort and 
Nippono Park.) 

Pres. Robt. McCullough Jersey Shore 

V. Pres. Robt. Cameron. ... * 

Sec. J. F. Persons * 

Treas. G. J. Deniston * 

Gen. Mgr. A Pur. Agt. 

C. B. McCullough « 

M. M., J. M. Campbell " 


Henry Corstetler, Antes Fort 

Energy purchased from Jersey Shore 
Elec. St. Ry. Co. 

Repair shops at Jersey Shore. 
2.75 miles (2.5 mi. Ist m. t., 0.25 mi. 
sid.); 4-8^ g; 2 motor pass., 1 motor 
freight and 1 motor service car. ^50 

M9— Jersey Shore Elee. St. Ry. 

Co. — (Owned by Lycoming Improve- 
ment Co.. Williamsport, Pa.) (Con- 
nects Jersey Shore. Vilas and Avis). 

Pres. A Gen. Mgr. 
Ernest H. Davis Williamsport 

Sec . A Treas . J . W .Cochran , Jr * 

Audr. H. H. Hill - 

Supt. A Pur. Agt. 

Lloyd Thomas Jersey Sbore 

Power sta. equip. 2 a. c. Westg. tot. 230 

kw. 2 ph. 60 oys; 1000 hp. e. Nord, Cor, 

775 hp. b. Keeler. Bab. A W. 
Power sta. and repair shops at Railway 

and Culvert Sts. 

Reaches Avis Base Ball Park. 
5.1 miles; 4-8)^ g; 15 cars; 1 snow plow. 


JOHNSTOWN. 68.529 (1916). 
(See also No. 1015.) 

•41— 'Johnstown Trae. Co. — OflBoe. 
Central Ave. (Connects Johnstown 
and Windber.) (Formed bv raAnrer ol 
the old Johnstown Trac. Co. and its 
leased line, the Johnstown Pass. Ry. 

Pres. E. M. Da Pont Johnstown 

ij. M. Murdock.... •• 
L. L. Dunham, 
New York, N. Y. 
Sec. A Treas. Jos. McAneny. .Johnstown 
Gen. Mgr. L. T. Shannon. ... * 

Claim Agt. J. Earle Ogle • ^ 

Ch. Engr. G. Nelson Smith. . . * 

Ch. Engr. Pwr. Sta. 

Harry Crovle ■ 

M. M.. D.H.Harrison • 

Power sta. equip. 3 d. c. Westg. tot. 
1500 kw; 2250 hp. e. St. L. H. O. * R; 
trolley volt. 550 v. 

Power sta. at BaumerSt. 

Repair shops atC^tralAre. 

Reaches Luna and Island Parks. 

38.0 miles; 4-8 H g; 72 motor end 34 
other cars: 2 snow plows and 2 swemMts. 

•4? — Southern Cambria Ey. <)•.— 

Address. P. O. Box 863. Johnstown. 

(Connects Johnstown, South Poi^ 

Ebensburg and Nanty Glo.) 

Pres. P. J. Little EbenalmrK 

V. Pros. Hon. Geo. M. Werts. Johnstown 

Sec. C. T. McCormiok ■ 

Treas. Fred Krebs " 

Gen. Mgr. A Pur. Agt. 

George Palm • 

Engr. Pwr.Sto. W. H. WakcfleW 

R. F. D. No. 1, CoTemangh 
Encrr. M.of W, A. V LitUe..Eb«>nslMirB 

Power sta. equip. 2 d. e. O. B. tot. 
1600 kw: 2400 hp. o F. A S: 900 hp. b. 
Bab AW.; trolley volt. 1200 r. 


Powerrtft . odd repair ahope : 
Reaobea Woodluid Puk. 


kanainon, Kennttt Square. WHtgrlv 

Pa, tnd Yorklyn, Huckeaain and Wil 

mington, Del.) 
Pth. e«), KoMlor. 

B31 Drexal Bld«., Philadelplii, 
V, PrcB.C!aren<,i! 1.. HarpiT. .. 
aei.. & Tress, Philip E. Cfuolwa.,.. ■ 
Cpn..\iEr, ft Pur. Aet. 

B. F.TVickanhaai.. . .Kennptl Snuati 
Gcn.Frt. 4 Pbsb. Agt. 


M. M., Frank RoMr.,,. 
BDadmsilct. M. O'Lau^ilin * 

Powereta.tquip. 2rl,o, C-W.Mt. 70 
kw; 1000 hp. B, Clatk; 1000 hp, b. 8di 

W*— Wesl Penn. «yB, Co.— (Conne. 

a work an and 1 oUier ou. II 

LANCASTER, 50,833 (I9I6). 

(See also No. ei28.| 

tM -CoaeitoKa Tractlan Co. OfEo 

IjncMter City St. Ry.. Lancaau 
A Lititi Ry.. LuicaaHr, Willon St 
Lainpeler ft StraetiurE Rv., Lrnica, 
Ut ft Columbia Ry,. Lancaatcr 

A FIari_ 
Ry., Coll 

,. Columbia 
iaft DoD 

a Ry,, Lan- 


iel«r, PeteraburK ft Man- 
Christiana ft CoateavillB 

, (whioh Donnecu Philadol- 
'DiB. i.^oateavillfl and IjmcaBter), 
:Bnraeter & Rocky SprinKa Ry,. 
:phrala ft Adamstonn Ry., l.ani^aatcr 
■- Quoryvillo Bl, Ry,, RobrerBlown, 
,andi«vllle ft Ml, Joy Ry., LaDoaaUr 
■ ICaBteni St, Ry. (which DaBneoEB 

St. Ry, 

Ry. Ca. 
and Tr^n 

' Hill 

9 BlUB I 

ith New Holland and 

Lnodaiilor.l (The oorr . 

thia campany is D¥ined by Lancai 
County ^v, ft Lt. Co., whioh ia c 
trolled by Unilod Gas & Elec. Cort 

P™, W, W.Orint Lnnni 

V, Proa, Geo, BulliH^k 

a . .J'^ Broadway. New Yorit, N. 

Sec. ft Treu, 

Anna E. Raofk LanoBi 

Gm, Mgr.R. B.Hull 

ClaiinAtt.R. N. Eby 

Gen, Fgt, Aitt, C. E, HonmaD. 

Gen, Supt. H. W. Brabakar.,. 

Supt, of Trans, David R, Baker ■ 

Eiur. H . W. Crawford ■ 

^ Energy nurchaaed from Penn. Wlr 

Pwr. Co., Holtwood: Ren. ata. held in 


sub-Btationa at Neffeville, Reama- 
Liuupelsr. Groffdalc, Saluoga, 

ReBohofl Rooky Springa Park; 
' 183,75 loUea;' 5-2W g; 122 moti 

bD the Btook of the ConertoRS BeaHr 
Co.) Ediaon Klec. Cu,. UaoHter Eliw. 
Lt., Ht. a Pwi. Co, and Lanoaater Qaa, 
hi. 4 Fuel Co.. {which owni a majority 
of the Donuoon alook of the Columbia 
Gaa Co,) Controlled hy Unibe<l Gaa 
ft Elec. Gnrjm,, Now York, N. Y ,i 

?~pZ;S.'i';fe "-— ' 

61 Broadway. New York. N,T. 

John A. 'M;iKe^. 
61 Broiidwny. 
Tteaa. Arthur L. Unn, Jr.. 

LEBANON. 33,000 (1919), 
(See also No. 935.) 
la— Bpliraiit A Lebanon 8t. Br. 

».— Omte, LebauDD, i Property opor. 
Bd by Kphrala ft Ubanon Trac, Co.i 

Frac, Co.i 


e4ab— KphrBtiiAI«baiionTne,Ca> 

—Office, gth i, Walnnt Si-,, Lebanon, 
(Onarateii lue property of the Epbrata A 
Lebinnu SI, Ry, Co,J (ConpecM Bphrala, 
SoBlh Moaniain, KlelnfdWTKille, 
SchMlTentowD, Reiitrllle, lona and 

Prea, A. K.lane oIm 

■ ■ V, Prei. A, B-Qlovlneai Lebanon 

V . Prea. Henry O. ETaoa 

Ollrer BIdg., PttUbntw 

See. Geo. D. Krauw Lahanon 

- eaa. H. H. Ulricb •■ 

„jdr.F,W. KreldM •■ 

a™, Mgr- Sapl. a For. Agt. 

■|. H./johnRIIiar!!!"!','.'.!"!! ■■ 
DKT, M. of W. M. P.WIlnier...He!»t7lll« 
Ingr. Orhd. Conatr, 
S.H.Sater Kleii 


(Untrist.) For gsncral 

SmUni, fNo. lOOT) 
□iv. Supt. ThomuA. Dunlap. I^h 

Energy from Melropoliton Edisoa 
IzoUey volt. 600 v. 

Repair ahop* at ISlh & CombeTlani 

2a.23 mJes; G-3H «: 20 inalor | 


i alber <> 

LKECHBUEG. 3.62*. 

•W— West Penn. Eys. Co.— fConnHet. 
Apollo. VsodciiriCt. Hyde Park and 

Bupt, J. H. SUvia Leeehtnur 

Repair ebope at LaenhburE. 
ApoUo. "" ™ " ison ar n r 

8.S Biilm: 5-2H k; 8 motor past eani 

I work eat. Il« 

LEMOTNE. 1,383. 

Ml— Taller kn>— OIB«. Lemoyu-R 

iContro)" HartiabufK* MMiiiiiiiabuf- 
:ise.Rv Co -Weill'idrviewA Mnrvn 

Tills Elef. fit. Ry. Cq.. Wbitd Hill A 
MeehanicBburg Pan. Ry. Co.. Carliile 
ft MecliSDiciburK fit. Ky.Cn. ICoi 
necU Hairiibunt. Camn Hill. Shire 
manalown. MeehfltiiMburg, Binlint 
Springa. Cariide, Now Cumber] 
While Hill, Umoyno, Marys. 
Warmlayabuni. Fiurvi'>» uod En. 
Pm. A Pur. A^i. CH.Biabnp, Lem 

C. M, DftviaoB Chamber! 

Ch. Engr. & M. M.A.S.BeoU. Lam 
Blec.Gngr. J.CThompsoQ. . 
■ Engr. M.dlW, 

Edw. A. Shinier 

Park Mgr. H.B.Markley. llinliDg Spr 

Energy purchaiMd from United f 
Co., t^moyne. Pa.; Iraiw, voll. 13. a 
trolley volt. 000 v. 

Rapkir aluipi at Lemoyne. 

Ruehea and auntroie Biiiting Springa 

44 milei: 5-2H t: 3Q oara. 10 

LBWISTOHN. 10.733 (1016). 

vn-Tbc LawUMwn fr Keniivlllc 
Bee. Bv. Co.—OAioe, 41 W. Mar- 
ket St., Lewiatown. {Connecui Lewia- 

PraaTA Pur, Agt, 

J, I. Quigley LewUiomi 

V. Prea. Juhn E, Zimmnmrnnn 

nil Cbwtaut St., FhlUdetpUa 
B>D. ATnsaB.Chaa. Day 

Audr. ft Claim Agt, 

Q. T, Hawke. , Lewiitown 

Dan. Mgm, ft Engn, Da.vft SCimmermann 

Oil Chutnut St., PUInd'lpbU 

Bupt, C, E,Gaiaani Uwiatowo 

Wealg. tot. i03fl kw. 900 hp. c, WE«ti 
H. F. ft M,: BfiO hp. h. Hah. W . H, F, 
ft M,: traoB. volt, BOO v; trolley voli 

1 aubaU. oap. 1100 kw; 3 Wiat. rot. 

Eiierey purehaHd from Penn C^ulrsl 

u. ft Pit. Co. 

Power stn. aod repair aliopa iil Lawls- 

Deacheii and opetatea Kialiaeoqullla 

10.5 milw; 4-aH k: 2a motor pan. 


LOCK HATF,N. 7,772. 

BU — Sugquelianna Trmetton Co.— 

OSoe. took Havan (Coanesla Look 
Havon. FlemiiuEtoD anil Mill Hall.) 
Pres. ft Tr«aa. P. P. GriffiD..Lack Haren 
9ec. Henry Hippie. ' 

M. M., William WUtisg. .. • 

Power sta. equip. 3 d. o. Weat. tu 
300 k«; 4a0 hp, e. Quineri ZOO hp. I 

McDonald. 3„'>oa. 

M(3a~n«( Penn. B^a. Co. (Cooaaela 

McKEBSPOBT. 47. $31 (IBISI, 

VazaaHlea and Boott Eavai. For gen 
eral officere nee Pituburgh , 

" "' MeKeemiori 






Park at 

•"o^.a-E. a' 

Joromi. St, (Con- 
Qd North Mskma- 

Gen, Mgr. ft Pur. A 
Jo1id\1. Lyh... 

Energy purchaastt 



North MoKaaapott 
rom Pittaburg Rya. 

Repair shapi at North MeKeaanorl. 
2 mile* owiwd^ alio 1 mile laaaed. toUl 
railei operated 3; 4-8M b;,^ in " " " 


iSw No,SE.5,) 

MAKH. I .xno. 

.. .„iiiik a LrtMUa 

Tranalt Co., 'Surowor to CartHB 
- ■ — "iwlS MarkatSgun. 

. (ConiMMa Uppw 
:a«tMaueh Chunk a^ 


Treas. Geo. H. Mayer HftUCh Ctiiin 

Gen. Mir, G. R. Eahrig.. " 

o'^kwI'llBO hp. B, Rum 

AUi^C. tot 
BiU: eas ' 

Owns Flagstaff Mountsia Park, Flag- 
sUff HeichU (ennimer hornes.) 

12,6 mikar 4-SM g; 14 rr-otor pa«. 
2 motor nrvice and 9 trail eetviix oars. 


HEADVILLE. 18,802 (1910). 

M7— NoTthwegtcrn Penurlnolk Kf. 

Co.— Offioe, *a) CommeroB Bldj.. 
Erie. [Operatn uiulec letiK Cmnoni 
County BjB. Co.) (Conneots Erio. 
Edjnboro, Cambridefl SprinuHVeflariKa 
BlyHtoneJot., Saegoretown, MeadvilTo. 
HarmoDibura ana Lineavillfi; tdao 
coDDflOU «itb Penna. liiw at Llneiville 
for Piltsburff and Eriti.) (Controlled 

torouffh owDBrnhip of common stook.) 

Pre», F, F. CurtM Erie 

V, Prei. & Gen. Mgr. 

Chaa. M. Hatth * 

Sm. A. O. Chapin 

Treas. A. A. Culbertaon ^ 

rTranm.E, 6! Hawkins " 

Equip. (M.M.I P. J Barron " 
a. . J Poiin, (EIh. Eugr.) 

B»P>>>.< H.B.S<Gr«naaa " 

Traok & RoadvaF, 

L W. D. NolBon 

Aast. 3eo. A Aaat. Treaa, & Pur. Aat. 

Geo.W.Kunta - " 

Ch. Engr. Jaa. lirica * 

EDeruy pumbaicd fram Erie County 
Hed. Co., 

4 eub-atu9. tot. nap. 2100 hw: fi rot. 

Repur Ebops at Mesdville and Erie, 


3B,5 fflilai owned; also 30 miles leaaed. 
Total miln operaled BS.S: *-^*e; 24 
motor pan.. 4 motor (reiftbc,0 tradrroght 
and 2 motor sErvioe oars. *5a 

aST— Crawfom) Countr BaUmra Co.— 

(Operated under lease by Nnrthwestem 
PcoBsylvania Ry. Co.) (Oiroa all oap- 
ital Stock of Peoples Ineandeennt Lt. 
Co. wbiob is leaaed to Nortbwestern 

and 10.5 miles between Meadnlle and 

Prea. F. E. Curtse Moadville 

V. Pres. A Qen. Up. 

ChatleaM. HatiS 

Beo, Geo. W. KunU 


MEDIA. 3,502. 

IS Uuil 

iroUed"'bV"liilerit»'e' H^-"ci 

P^Wlv^ia^VST 6c . 

doDtrDlled by the WilmlDgUn & 

Philadelphia Trac. Co.) (Connects 

Media nith Glen Riddle,) 

Prre.JiihnA Rieg . Philadelphia 

Sm . A Treas. T. W. Grookrtt, Jr. " 

5mil6s;a-2Hi[. *70 


Bm. JobnH. Mtrera.. 


HILTON. 7.460. 

•W— Leirlalnirg, Milton * W>t- 

eontown Pus. Eallwar Companr — 

Eieautive Office. 72 Union Trust Bide,, 
Harriabunt. tooal office, Milton, (Con- 
neota Walsootown. HiveraidB Park, 
Milton and Lewiiburg; alao operates 
under lease, over Penmi. R. R. Co. 'a 
Iraaka iBtor. bat. system), the Mon- 
tandan A Miffiinaburi Ry., conneeljiig 
Montandoo, Lflwisbura. Brook Park. 
BiBbl. Vickabure and Mifflinsburi.) 

Pres, John F. Wluttaker HanTsbuH 

V. Prea. L. O.Bromi .York 

See. A Treas. D, L, Diehl . ..GreBocastie 
Audr. Aaat. Sen. A Aaat. Trma. 

Gen, Mgr. & Pur. Agt. 

W. W. Wilson Milton 

SupC. aum. Geo. Vet. b Pasa. 

Aft. St Park Mp. H.R.DeeWr, Milton 
Roadmaaler, C. £. Coup. ■ 

Energy purcboned from Mortbumbcr- 
laad County Gas & Elec. Co.; trans, volt. 
1140 v; trolley volt. 500 t. 

Repair ehnpi at Milton. 

ReBDbes RiversidD Park lovaed). 

20 ,28 miles (0.2SawnBdsnd Illeased); 
4r8H g; 13 motor and 2 stnraiie 
battery cars. *70 


Ch.Ener pBT. ata. 

Engf'^vbd^onitr. ■ 

BoydBarrett,. , 

Engr. M. of W. B. 8tuli.. * 

Park Mgr, W, J. Ritchin., 

Power Bta. equip. 5 d. c. G. E. W, E 
tot. .lOO kw; 820 bp. e. McE. Ham. Cnr. 


& Centralia Elec. Ry. Co.; also oper- 
ates Mt, Carmel i. Locust Qap Trae. 
Co.) (CaDDBCts Shamokin. Brady. 
Kulpmont. Mt. Cannol, StroDB. Con- 
tralia, Asbland. Beaverdale and Loaust 

Treat. Wm Kiefer, Jr. , 

Supt. 4P"r. A«,- 

A. Haw&rd Tlioinue. Jr Shamali 

Ch. Engr. WilaonLeiby Mt. Corn 

M.M., Wm. Eoutc 

Power sto. equip. 5 d. o, O. E. tol. 14 
liw; 2000 hp. e. Allii^. Cpr. Cor; O 
hp. b. Coatea v; tio][Bjf Tolt. SSO y. 

CarSic" ' ■ "" "'^" * *"" "'^' 
Reaohea ud own^ Mnyavills Park. 

^Eaersy to be purchaBed from Petmaj 

NANTICOKE. 23.126 (IDIO). 

(See No. 102S.| 



Ry.. Central Elec. St. Ry., College A 
Qrudvlsv Glw. R. R„ Bai,Ter A 

Vanpon Eleo, St. Ry,. Riverview 
Elec. 3e. Ry. Co., RochHatar A 

Conway Ebo. St. Ry. 



Pui. Agt. 

C.w:t.c»I>«r.436 Fifth Av.. Pittaburgh 
M. M., H. jTMeyu. . . . New Brigblna 

Energy pu 

Pwr.Co,. 1 

[. O. Allison... ■■ 

■afl«d from Duaueflne Lt. 
Jiburgli, Pa. 

NEW CASTLE. 41,ld3 (IQIn). 
tM-Nnr Cutle * Low«U Br- Co. 

YounptDwn. U„ which MS for o£«r 
EnBTpF funiiahHi by The Pemuylvsn 
Ohio Eleotric Co. 

;-8IiaroD A N«w CmUc St. Br- 

Ohio. (Connrcls Hubbard rOhinl, . 
Vsw Bertforrl nnd New Ciu/lie (P 
(ControUed bv The PniiiaylvaniB.<: 
Electric Co,. Voungitown. Ohio, «l 


<WS>— AUHhenr TaUey St. Br. Co. 

— CenerJ o£°e, Bcaeduni>Treei 
BIdg,, 221^th Ave., PitUbur^h. 
(CcntrolB All=([beny Valloy Lt. Co.l 
(Coanrqta Pittaburgh. Aapinwall, Che>- 
wioli. Bprtdgdale, New Kemriniton. 
Tarantum, BraclionridEe and Na- 
trona. 1 (Owned and operated by the 
West Penn. Hya. Co.) 
Pre*. Willioton Fiak , .Piliabunli 

Bee. ATrea*. C°C. MoBride. . 

Aaat. Sec, W. F. Craig;, ■ 

Anat. Treaa. K. C, Ughtrap.. Pittaburgh 

Qsn.Bupt. Truiap. 

H. A. Duna ■ 

Chum Agt. T. B. Donnelly.... 

Pur. Agt, W. E, Higgins ■ 

Ch, Engr, HoadwaySatmoturei 

J. iTpritach,.?. 

Siipl, A. A, Hatch New BBiisiagt->n 

Supt, Equip, nsuiel Durie..Connellf>viU' 
SuBl. Ovhd. Constr. 

W.M, Rogers 

M. M..S. J. Witt 

Powsrstii, equip. 2d. o.W. E,,G,E 
tot, 12e0 kn; 3 s. o, W. E, tat. 1125 kw. 
BBOO T. 3 hp. 80 cya; 2853 bp, e. Wi»- 
Doniin. Hamilton; 2000 hp, b. Bnb. * 
W; Irana. volt. 12.000 & (1850 »: 
trolley volt. SSO v. Eoercr ilw pui> 
chand from AllEeheny Valley Lt. Co, & 
■"— - Penn. Pwt. Co., 


. Co, 



.. 013. 

NOBKISTOW>f. 31.41UISI6). 

MS— Montffamvr Traiult Ca.— 

Office, 1200 Stock Eieh, BLdi,. Phila- 
delphia, IConnecta Narrubiwii. 
Trooper, fairview VilliEB, Cenlrr 
Point. Cedira, Skippack. Ledsrach and 

Hending Trunrit * Lt, Co. from 

TronoortoNorriatown, (3.71 miles). 
Prea.C. Merwyn Graham, , .NorriMown 

V. p™, John I*derach 

Seo, Treu, A Audr, 

Daniel .M, Andora 

C?n, MRr,. Pur, Axt, A Ch, Enir. 

Pcrcivol ArmiiMB Philadelphia 

Bupl, A Gen, Fgt^ Paaa, Agt, 

f. B. KUne Sklppsck 

riaim Ant, Calvin 8t«in Nnrriatown 

M, M.Sidney Larrad Skippadi 

Eneriv purchuetl from Rcadlni Tru- 
■It & Light Co.; truu. volt. 13.300 «; 
trolley volt. 600 V, 

Reput ahopfl at Skippaek. 

56.22 miles [IZ.Gl milsa owDed): 
12->j g; 3 motor pau, and 3 ntbcr inotiir 
cara. (Ijn'-"fn>inHarlsysYmBto8oudsi- 
ton (4,3 >i>'i1<'» and Harleyarllla Ui i<:.M 
Grei>nvi1lc(12inika)u ' 

n-Norrlslown Tranilt Co.— OHIef 
Penn A Swede Sta,, NorriMsn 
(Owned by Philadelphia t WaMara 
Ry. Co. and Lehigh Vallq' Tnndt Co. 
and operated b," "— ' ■ 


Silabes Errickaon.. 





M7a— PhllBdelphlft A Western Ry. 

— Office, Norristown. (Connects Phila- 
delphia. Haverford, Bryn Mawr. Villa 
Nova. Wavne. St. Davids, StraflFord, 
Gulph Mills, Bridgeport and Norris 
town . ) (Owns one-half interest in the 
Norristown Transit Co.) 

Pres. Thos. Newhall 

Commercial Trust Bldg., Philadelphia 

V. Pres. & Gen. Mgr. 
J. L. Adams Norristown 

Sec. dbTreas. Silsbee Errickson " 

Audr. C. S. Mount* " 

Signal En«r . Wm . Gable " 

Ch. Engr. Sub. Sta. 


M . M. Rowland Hubbard .... " 

Roadmaster, James Curran.. * 

Energy purchased; trans, volt. 13,200 

v; trolley volt. 650 v. d. o. 

3 sub^stas.tot. cap. 5250 kw: 7 rot.conv. 

Repair shops at Upner Darby. 

34 miles 4-8^ g; (3d rail); 25 motor 

and 4 other cars; 1 snow plow. ir 50 

068— Reading Transit A Lt. Co. 

(NorristownDI?.^— Office.Norristown. 
(Leases the Schuylkill Valley Trac. Co 
(atock owned by The United Pwr. & 
Transpt. Co.) and its leased lines as 
follows: Norristown Pass. Ry. Co.; 
Ci izens' Pass. Ry. Co.; Montgomery 
Co . Pass . Ry . Co . ; Roxborough , Chest- 
nut Hill & Norristown Ry. Co.; Wis- 
sahickon Elec. Pass. Rv. Co.; Consho- 
hocken Ry. Co.; The Trappe & Lime- 
rick Elec. St. Ry. Co., and the CoUepe- 
ville Elec. St. Ry. Co., connecting; 
Philadelphia, Conshohocken, Norris- 
town and Pottstown.) For general 
officers, see Reading, (No. 1004.) 

Div. SuDt. Geo. W. Magill... Norristown 

M. M., J. W. Gordon 

Energy purchased from Metropolitan 

Edison (^o . and Counties Gas & Elec . Co. , 

trans, volt. 13,200 v; trolley volt. 600 v. 
Repair shops at Norristown. 
Reaches Ringing Rooks and Plymouth 


70.75 miles; 5-2)^ g; 70 motor pass., 

4 fgt. motor and 17 other oars. it^O 

NORTHUHniKRfiANP. 3,517. 
(See Na 1019.) 

OAKDALE. 1,700. 
(See No. 953a.) 

OIL CITY. 19,297 (1916). 

969— Tbe Citizens' Traction Co.— 

Office Oil City. (Company owns or 
controls the Citisens Lt. & Pwr. Co.. 
The Monarch Park Hotel Co., the Big 
Rock and Reno Bridge Cos., and is j 
consolidation of all the electric roads in 
Franklin and Oil Cily. (Connects Oi 
City, Franklin and Rouse ville.) (Con- 
trolled by Municipal Service Co. 
Phila., Pa.) 

Pres. Jos. Seep Titusville 

V, Pres. 

James Crosby Brown. . . .Philadfdphia 

Sec. John E. Zimmermann.. * 

Treas. B. W. Frasier. Jr... . ■ 

Audr. J. G. McClellan Oil City 

Gen. Mgrs. 

Day oc Zimmermann Philadelphia 

Gen. Supt. V. A. Redfield Oil City 

Pur. Agt. B. L. Cole • 

Asst. Supts. j J. L. Hardenburg. Franklin 
Transp. ) F. N. Gibbs Oil City 

Ch. Engr. Pwr. Sta., 

E. W. York « 

M. M., Chas. Aiken * 

Power sta. equip. 4 turbo-gen. Curtis 

tot. 3000 kw; 2250 hp. b. Oil City; trans. 

volt. 11,000 v; trolley volt. 660 v. 
Power sta. and repair shops at Oil City. 

Reaoheeand operates Monarch Park. 

34.7miles;4-8H g; 62 motor cars and 

1 1 other oars; 2 snow plows. itSO 

PALMTRA. 2.000. 
(See Nos. 935 and 949.) 

PATTON. 3,907. 

970 — Northern Cambria Ry. Co. — 

(Formerly Northern Cambria St. Ry. 

Co.) Office, Patton. (Connects Patton, 

Carrolltown, St. Benedict, Qpangler 

and Barnesboro.) 

Pres. James H. Allport Patton 

V. Pres. Rembrant Peale, 

2710 Grand Central Term., 

New York. N. Y. 
Sec. & Gen. Mgr. C. L. Calahan. .Patton 
Treas. C. A. Sharbaugh .... CarroUtown 

Energy purchased from Penn Central 
Lt. & Pwr. Co , 1 mo. gen. set G. £. 800 
kw; trolley volt. 600 v. 

Power sta. and repair shops at St. 

Reaches Sunset Park (owned). 

13 miles: 4-8H g; 7 motor pass, and 1 
motor service car. <Ar70 

PEN ARGYL. 3,967 (1915). 

971— Slate Belt Elec. St. Ry. Co.— 

Office, Pen Argyl. (Connects Bangor, 

Belfast, Pen Argyl, Wind Gap and 

Nazareth . ) 
Pres. A Gen. Mgr., 

J. T. Hambleton Pen Argyl 

V. Pres. J. C. Keller Wind Gap 

Sec. G. A. Schneebeli Nazareth 

Treas. C. A. Harris Philadelphia 

Supt. & Gen. Fgt. Agt., 

Calvin Itterly Pen Argyl 

Engr. Ovhd. Constr., 

deorge Andrews * 

Pur. Ait. A M. M. 

Samuel Kellow * 

Energy purohased from Penn a. Utilities 
Co.; 4(X) kw. mo-gen. sets; trans, volt. 
2300 v; trolley volt. 575 v. 

Repair shops at Pen Argyl. 

18 miles; 4-8H g; 7 motor and 3 other 
cars. 119 

PHILADELPHIA. 1,709,518 (1916). 

(See also Nos. 586, 587, 605, 912, 966. 997, 
1009, 1017, 1026, 1027 and 1032.) 

972— Chester A Philadelphia Ry. 

Co. — Office, 8th and Dauphin Sts., 
Philadelphia. (Operated by Philadel- 

Ehia Rapid Transit Co. and Southern 
division, U. S. Shipping Board, E. F. 
Corp.) (Connects Chester and Phila- 
Pres. W. C. Dunbar 

1520 Spruce St., Philadelphia 
V. Pres. & Treas. inao H. Silverman 

605 Land Title Bldg, Philadelphia 

Sec. H. 8. Meredith • 

Asst. Sec. & Asst. Treas. 

F. B. Ellis Philadelphia 

Energvfrom Phila. Rapid Transit Co. 
and Pluladelphia Elec. Co.; trans, volt. 
13,200 v.; trolley volt. 600 v. 

1 sub. sta. tot. cap. 1,000 kw. 2 rot. 

1«.777 mUes; 6-2Ji g. ^60 

973 — Ealrmonnt Park Transit Co. — 

Office, Fairmount Park. (Successor to 
Fairmount Park Transportation Co.) 
Pres. Norman S. Alexander, 

Sta. W., West Park, Philadelphia 
Sec. A Treas. Cnayton E. Piatt • 
Asst. Gen. Mgr., W. L. Hartman " 
Ch. Engr. Pur. 8ta.,D. Byrne ■ 

M. M., J. H. Macleary * 

Power sta. equip. 4 d. c. G. E, West, 
tot. 1800 kw; 2410 hp. e. (stm.) Weth; 
1850 hp. b. Berry, Bab. A W; trolley 
volt. 600 V. 




Power ata. and repair shops at Sta.W. 
Fairmount Park. 

Reaehes and owns Woodside Park. 

8.83 miles; 5-2H g; 30 motor and 30 
other cars. 50 

974 — Frankford, Tacony A Holmes- 
burg St. Ky. Co.— Taoony, Philadel> 
phia (Station L). (Connects Philadel> 
phia, Frankford, Tacony, Holmesburg 
and Torresdale.) 

V. Pres. Wm. Milnee, 
331 Qowen Av« Philadelphia 

Sec. & Treas, James H. Bell, 
1816 Land Title Bldg. 

Qen. Mgr. 
ThoB. Qibflon. . . Tanony, Philadelphia 

Supt. Conatr. 
ThoB. Devine.... ■ « 

Fknn. Car Bam 
Eugene Cook.... * * 

Ener^ purohaaed. 
Rei>air anopa at Taoony. 
X6 miles owned, 1.11 miles leased; 

5-2V^ g; 20 motor pass, and 7 other motor 

cars. 119 

•7< — ^PennsylvaDla Railroad, Eastern 
Region.— Paoli and Chestnut Hill 
Divs. Gen. Office, Broad St. Sta., 
Phila. (Extends from Broad St. Sta. 
Philadelphia to Paoli, 20.3 miles, and 
West Philadelphia to Chestnut Hill, 
10.2 miles.) 

Pres. Samuel Rea Philadelphia 

Asst. to Pres. W. U. Moyer. 

Geo. D. Dixon 
Henry Tatnali 
A. J. County 
Geo. T.. Peck 

Sec. I ewis Neilson " 

Treas. James F. Fahnestock " 

Compt. E. A. Stockton 

Gen. Mgr. C. S. Krick 

f Phila. Terml. Div. 
A. M. Parker 
(Chester Hill Div.) 
Phila. Div. E.J. Cleave 
(Paoli Div.) Harrisburg 

Pur. Vgt. MontgomerySmith, Philadelphia 

Gen. Counsel F. I . Gowen ... 

Ch. Claim Agt. J. C. Rose. . . 

Traf . Mgr. J. I.. Kysmans .... 

Gen. Fgt. Agt. Guv S. McCabo 

Pass. Traf. Mgr. D. N. Bell. . 

Gen. Pass. Agt. O. T. Poyd. . 


Ch. Signal Engr. A. H. Rudd 
Supt. Insurance Dept., 

R. H. Newbern 

Ch. Kngr. M. of W., 

W. G.Coughlin 

Energy purohased from Philadelphia 
Electric Co.; trana. volt. 44,000 v; 
trolley volt. 11,000 v. a. ph. 

6 sub. ataa. tot. oap.44 ,000 kva. (5 with 
auto control.) 

Repair ahopa at Paoli. 

116.3 miles; 4-8H g; (catenary); 115 
motor paaa. oara. it50 

•Tt— Phlladeiplila EaUways Co.— 

Office. 006 Land Title Bldg., Phila- 
delphia. (ConnectaPhiladelphia, Eddy- 
stone and Chester.) (Operates under 
agreement Esaington Div. of Cheater ft 
Phila. Ry. Co7(3.31 milee.) 
Prea. Isaac H. Silverman. . .Philadelphia 

Sec. A. W. From ■ 

Treaa. Chaa. F. Wagner, Jr ■ 

Supt. Joa. C. Lugar * 

Energy purohased from Phila. Eleo. 

Power ata. and repair shops at west 
side of Penrose Ferry Bridge. 
Reaohes Point Breese Park. 
15.069 miles; 5-2 g; 25 motor and 3 
other oars. 110 

•77— FhliadfllpliU Bi^M TramU Os. 

— Exec, offices, 1520 Spruce St., and 
Land Title Bldg.; Operating offieei. 
59th and Callowhill Sts. and 8th k 
Dauphin Sts. (Leases and operates 
Union Trac. Co. and all its undcrlving 
properties. Operates Chester ft Phila- 
delphia Ry. Co^. (Connects Chester, 
Media, Darby, Willow Grove, Hatboro, 
Doyleston, Chestnut Hill and Phila- 
delphia) . 
Chmn. Exec. Comm. ft Pres. 

Thomas E. Mitten Philadelphia 

V. Pres. (in charge Finance & Aortg.) 

W.C.Dunbar ■ 

Vioe-Pres. (in charge operation) 

G.A.Richardson * 

Sec. F. B.Ellis ■ 

Treas. Q. W. Davis * 

Audr. E. L. Austin * 

iC. J. Joyce 
Ballard, Sparks, 
Andrews and Maderie 
Sec. (in charge Welfare) 

A. A. Mitten " 

Real Estate Agt. 

J. A. Patterson " 

Supt. Transp. F. W. Johnson " 

Pur. Agt. W. L. Maise " 

ClaimTgt. J. .J K. Caskie " 

Elec. Engr. G. A. Harvey * 

Engr. of Way, George B. Taylor. . ■ 
Supt. Roll. Stk. ft Bldg. 

K. T. Senter " 

Supt. Elev. ft Sub. Lines 

E. J. Mclh-aith " 

Supvr. Pur. ft Sup. 

G.A. DuCasse " 

Supvr. Insurance 

E.W.Bowman " 

Supt. of Time Tables, Leon Jewell * 
Msr. Willow Grove Park, 

J. R. Davies * 

Power stas. equip., 17 d. o. West., G. 
E., DeLaval tot. 17,675 kw.; 14 a. e. 
West., G. E. tot. 58,800 kva. 13,200 v. 3 
ph. 25 cys. 26,250 hp. e. Weth., FlUh.. 
Penn., 46,987 hp. b. B. ft W., Parker: 
58,975 kw. stm. turb. West., G. E., 
DeLaval; trans, volt. 13,200 v.; trolley 
volt 600 V. 

Energy also purchased from Phila- 
delphia Elec. Co. and Philadelphia 
Hydro-Elcc. Co. 

17 Hub-stas. tot. cap. 103,500 kw.; 
(U rot. conv. 

Power Htas. at 13th ft Mt. Vemcm Sta.. 
903 Reach St.. 33rd ft Market Sts., 09th 
ft Market Sts. and 2nd St. ft Wyominf 

Sub-stas. at 2d St. and Wyoming Ave.; 
33d and Market Sts.; 128 East Cheltsa 
Ave.; 32d and Dauphin Sts.; Qetmaa- 
town and Erie Aves.; 15th and To^sr 
Sts.; 2035 Banstead St.: Frankfoid A^. 
and Arrott St.; 13th and Mifflin Sta.: 69d 
St. and Lancaster Ave.; Qleaslde, Mont 
(Do.; 812 Sansom St.; Allison and Blarfcet 
Sts.; 58th St. and Woodland Are.; 182S 
E. Letterly St.; Manayunk and 80th 8t. 
and lOastwiok .We. 

Principal repair shops at 8th ft 
Dauphin Sts.; Kensington Ave. ft Cum* 
berland St. and 60th ft Market 8U. 

Reaches Willow Grove Park, (owned 
by Phil. Rapid Trans. Co. and Union 
Trac. Co.) and Fairmount Park. 

56.107 miles owned (32.588 mi. 1 st. m. 
t.. 16.195 mi. 2nd m. t., 7.383 mi. sid.): 
also » 14.190 miUns leased and 1.378 miles 
trackage rightH. Total miles operated 
.569.42; 5-2^ g.; '2\Hl motor pass.. 60 trail 
pass., 21 motor fgt. ft exp., 854 motor 
Hervio(> and 9 trail service oara. #80 

•78— Trenton, Briitol A 
St. By. Co.— Office, 204 
St., Briatol. (Conneoto Phila. Brfalol. 
Tull^town, Morrisville. Br&dflawalOT, 
Eddmgton, ComweUs, AadaliMa. Tov- 
resdale. Pa., and Trenton, N. Jj 

Pres. Carl N. Martin. 

Stock Exo. Bide., 

Fct. A(l 

b. Hsine. Keel«i: tiuu. A Cnlley volt. 
17.67 inil«; 5-2>^ e; IS motor wd S 

tr*— Tlu Anierli 

— Office, 1321 W 
Bridgeton di Ml 

in BbUhbtb Co. 

Llnul St. (Cgntrol* 
vilk TmcUon Co., 
.. BiiilHetoD. N. .1.: 

LogBO VBllBy ElM.TtV. Co.. Altoona. 
Ph.; Chicaca A Joilet Eleo. Ry, Co., 
(nbiob cohctoIh Chicsgo A DssplRinea 
Valloy Eleo. Ry. Co., Joilot. Ill,); Ohio 
VnUay Else, Ry., Hunlinaton, W. Vs.: 
KumwiiB Valley Tmo. Co.. CtmrleHtoii. 
W. Vn.: Home EIec. Lt. & Stm. Httf. 
Co., Tyrone. Pa,; Scranton Ry. Co,, 

ton.Duiunore A Moohd Lake K.R,Cd.); 
Lyaohbure iVi,.) Traa. & Lt. Co., 
Boyd County Elec. Co., Aaia«nd (Ky.); 
Coiu. Lt.,Ht. and Pwr.Co..Huntin«tan 

(Ohio); MonmoufJi lAtt. Co., Keyport 
(N. J.); Cue May Lt. k Pwf .Co., 
May (U.ri: Fort Huron Gas A Eleo. 
Co,.PortHia™i (Mloh.>:QuiooyGMA 
Elea.Htg.Ca..quincy (ill.); RomeGaa. 
Gas LtrCo., Nflaa (Micb.); Porumoulh 
Gaa Co., Portnnouth (Obio); Waraau 
" " *" "■' 1; Roanoke (Va.) 

A Lt, Co, 

Central Trai 


t Pbiladelphin Tran. 
.Iwood Park Co., Joilet (I 
ied bv NatioDui Prapcirlj 
.Van Horn Ely,. ..."■- 

.. Philadelphia 

2d"V.'Fre7'cT17. S'TTiiiey ' 

See. ATreaa.WelWrW.Perldna • 
Avt.Sf . Ant.Treaa ACompt, 

Franlt J, Pryor, Jr * 

Ant. Compt. H. D. Anderun * 

Gffli.Mgr. H, J. Crowley... 
Pur. Agt. G.C. Weirick.... 
Gon.StorBkeeperJ A.Berndt " 

Mnch.EnKr A. Kuylenatioraa ■ 
EIPC. lingr. P. H.Cb™..,. 
EnKr.WayAStruot.C.aKeen " . 

•M — Ttae Kentnekr aecnrltfM 

Cwpn-— OSi», FrankUn Bank Bld^., 
1416 ChestDut St. (CoQtroli Ken- 
tucky Trao. & Term. Co.. Leiinclon, 
Ky., Lexlniton (Ky.) loe Co, and 
LeiinElon |Ky.) Ulilltiei Co.] 
P™. Ferny M. Chandler. . .Pbiladelpbia 

Sec. W.J. Devine. ...'.'.',!!; 
Treas, H.Willl»mB,Jr 

Ml— National PnmwUM Co.— Gen. 
Office, 834 Market St.. Wilmington, 
Del- (Conttolfl threujLh owaerabip of 
Moek Oieater County Lt. & Psr. Co. of 
Pern... New Caatle County Eleo. Co. ol 
Delaware and The American Ryi. Co. 
ol Philadelphia.) 
Frei. Van Horn Ely, 

Withenpoon Bide., Fbiladelphia 
V.Pm, A,C.Robluion, 

C^monweattb BIdg.. PittsburEb 
See. A Tieaa, Henry P. Carr, 

Wlthenpo<Hi Bldi., Philadelphia 
Audr, H. D. AnderBOn ^ 

■Sla— Municipal Serrlec Co.- 
Gee, Land Title BldcJControla CheMet 
Valley Blm. Co. (Coateeville, Pa.' 

Staunton [Vs.] Ltf. Co., Arlington 
(Va.) Elec. Co., Riverside Lt. 4Pwr. 
Co.. jWaynMboro. Va.), Aleondrla 
iVa.j County Llfi.Co..Young»lowa(0.) 
* Suburban Ry. Co., CitiMntTrae.Co. 
{Oil City, Pa,), Salera (O.) Lti. Co.. 
and VoUDBta (Oa.) Lis, Co.) 

res. a. B. Baker Boston, Ma«. 

. . Free. Gordon Campbell ...Philadelphia 

^. See, C, A. HWlun ... 

rreaa. L.B. Har^v n«>nn.Mua. 

3sy « zim 

n — Tba United Oai IiinnT»* 
■uant Co.— Office. Broad A Aroh 81a., 
Phila, (Inteneted in tbe followina 
eleotrio ^opertiea: Charleston (B. Cj 
CoDeol, Bs. ft Lt(,. Counties Gaa i 
eleo. Co. (NorristoAn A Ardmoro. Pa,), 
Fulton County Oaa & Ebe. Co., 
OlovenviUe, (N.Y J, Northsnl Indiana 
Gse A Eie«. Co.. (Hammond A I^By- 
ette. tnd,), Sioui City (Iowa) Gaa * 
Else. Co, and Sylaouse (N. ¥.) Ltf. 

Pres. 8. T. Bodioa Philadelphia 

'AGen Mar. 

Lewla LlUie. , . 
, Randal Morcan. ' 

V. Presto. { Walton ClarkTr. 
F. H.Oadsdea.. 
W. F. Doulhiit. ■ " 

Gen, CounaekCR. Warden • 

James T. Hutchinss * 

Bao. 0, W. (Dujran • 

Tress. I. W. Morris • 

iir. Act. J. A. Pearaon ' 

[gr. New Business Dept. 

C. W. Hare • 

MSa— Doited Natloaal UtUltlM Oa. 
Gen .Office ,603 Market St,.Wiliaiiwtoa, 
Del. (Controls Amer. Rys. Co. and aub- 
aidiaries. National Propertiea Co, aliid 
subaidiaricB, Jersey Central Trae. Co.. 
Middlesei A Moomouth Elee, Lt., Ht. 
A Pwr. Co., Monmouth Lt«. Co. and 
National Gas A Eleo. Co. and suboldiB- 

rn'van Horn Ely PhUadalpUa 

. Pree. C. J. Crowley • 

BM.ATreas.W alter W.Perkins * 

PHIUPSBimO. 3,58fi. 
•81 — Centre ft CleaMeld Er. Oa. 
—Office, Philipeburg. (Contrdled by 

is controlled by Pennsylvania EIec.O>„ 
(Connects Philipebura. Mortisdalel 
Munaon and Winbume.) 

Pres. F. T. Hepburn. , " 

Gen. Mgr, Stephen C. 

Seo. W, A.Roiber 

Treas, H, E. Thompeoi 

Bupt. J. J. Barniek 

M. M., E. Geniucks, .""■,■.-■ .PW^Siui 
Roadmaster. D. C. Ndaon... * 

Ener^ punihaKd from Penn, Publie 
Servioe Co.: trans, volt. 22,000 v. tnll^ 

1 iiul>eta'. cap. 200 kw.; 1-200 kw. nt. 

Repair ahopa at Philipebnn. 

Reaebes Park at Marrisdale, 

13.S miles (12 mi, let m, t., 1J> mi. 
sid.l; i-%ii b: 7 motor pass, and 3 motor 
«»Td« caca. ^SO 

Offloe J^ieniivilte. {Conneoti 





ville , Comer Store , Williams Comer and 

Valley Forge.) 
Pres., Gen. Mgr. & Pur. Agt. 

ThoB. E. O'Connell Phoenixville 

Sec. I. E. Miller 

Treas. V. N. Shaffer • 

Ch. Engr. Howard W. Sanford, 

815 Union St., Philadelohia 

Energy purchased from Phila. Subur- 
ban Gas & Elec. Co. 

Repair shops at Williams Comer. 

Reaches Valley Park (owned). 

6.^ miles; 4-8Hs: 8 motor and 2 other 
cars. (Will ext«nd to Norristown via 
Mont Clare and Jeffersonville.) 119 

PITTSBURGH. 579.090 (1916). 

(See also Nos. 911, 945. 950. 954 
and 965a.) 

§86 — The Duquesne Incline Plane 

Co. — Office. 1214 Grandview Ave. 

(Operates incline 800 ft. long and 400 ft. 

high from Carson St. to Grandview 


Pres. F. W. Severance Glassport 

V. Pres. F. B. Nimick 

Keystone Bldg., Pittsburgh 

Sec. Kirk O. Bigham 

Treas. S Severance 

Union Bk. Bldg. « 
Supt. A. C. Oakley * 

Power sta. equip. 60 hp. e. MulhoUand; 
b. Riter & Conley. 

1600 ft. (cable); 5 g; 2 cars. ^50 

086— The Pittsburgh A Beaver St. By. 

Co. — Office. New Brighton. (Con- 
trolled by Philadelphia Co.) (Connects 
Baden. Economy. Ambridge and Leets- 

Pres. A. W. Thompson 

435 6th Ave. , Pittsburgh 

Sec. W. B. Carson • 

Treas. C. J. Braun. Jr " 

Controller, C. S. Mitchell.. . * 

Gen. Mgr. W. H. Boyce. .New Brighton 

Pur. Agt. C. W. Lepper 

435-6th Ave.. Pittsburgh 

Safety Engr. H . O. Allison, New Brighton 

M. M.H.J. Meyer 

Roadmaster, Wm. F. AUshouse " 
14.99 miles; 5-2 >^ g; cars rented from 

The Beaver Valley Trac. Co. *50 

•87— Pittsburgfa, Mars A Butler By. 

Co.— Office, 606 Benedum-Trees Bldg. 

Pittsbiu^, (Successor to Pittsburgh & 

Butler Ry. CJo.) (Connects Pittsburgh, 

Mars and Butler.) 

Pres. David I. McCahill Pittsburgh 

V. Pres. & Gen. Mgr. 

H. Etheridge Zelienople 

Sec. & Treas. R. M.Glick,... Pittsburgh 

Audr. S. C. Bednar 

Supt. A. S. Fullerton Mars 

Pur. Agt. J. B. Campbell Pittsburgh 

Gen. Fgt. Agt. Keith Randolph, Harmony 

M. M., W. R. Adair Mars 

Engr. M. of W., A Dematt " 

Energy purchased from Harmony 
Elec. Co. 

2 sub-stas. (with auto, cont.) tot. cap. 
1000 kw; 4 rot. conv. 

Repair shops at Mars. 

Reaches WUdwood Park. 

33.3 miles; 5-2^g; 11 motor pass. 
2 motor freight and 6 trail freight cars. 
(Company does lighting business.) <Ar50 

•88 — ^Pittsburgh, Harmony, Butler A 
New Castle By. Co. — Office 124 
Staawiz 8t. (Counects Pitt«bargb, Z'l- 
ienople, Beaver Falls, Evans City, Har- 
mony, Butler, EUwood City and New 

Pres, David I. McCahiU Pittsburgh 

V. Pres. A Gen. Mgr. 

H. Etheridge Zelienople 

Sec. A Treas. R. M. Click Pittsburgh 

Audr. S. C. Bednar 

Supt. C. L. Osborne Harmony 

Pwr. Agr. J. B. Campbell Pittsburgh 

Gen. Fgt. Agt. Keith Randolph, Harmony 
Ch. Engr. J. A. Lucas ** 

Power sta. equip. 2 a. o. G.E. turbo.- 
gen. tot. 3000 kw. 13,2 iO v. 3 ph. 60 cys; 
trans, volt, 13,200 v: trolley volt. 1200 
and 600 v. Energy also purohaaed from 
Harmony i^leo. Co 

3 sub. stas.; 2-500 kw. rot. conv. 600 
V. d. c. 3 ph. 25 cyB. 

Reaches Cascade Park. 

Power sta. and repair shoiM at Har- 

80.5 miles (68 mi. 1st m. t., 12.5 mi. 
2nd m. t.) 5-2H g; 23 motor pass, 6 
mo 'or freight and 29 trail freight oars 


MO — Pittsburgh Ballways Co. — 

Office, 435 6th Ave. (Controlled by 

Philadelphia Company.) Operates the 


Ardmore St. Ry.; United Trac. Co., 
of Pittsburgh; Consolidated Trao. Co., 
East McKeesport St. I^. Co; Allegheny; 
Bellevue & Perrysville Ry. Co: Morning- 
side Elec. St. Ry . Co; Pittsburui, OuuHis- 
burg & Washington Ry. Co; Ben Avon A 
Emsworth St. Ry. Co; Washington k 
Canonsburg Ry. Co; Pittri>urgh A Bir- 
minghamTrac. Co; Pittsbur^4k Charleroi 
St. Ry; Monongahela St. Ry. Co: Subur- 
ban Rapid Transit St. Ry. Co; Mt. 
Washington St. Ry. Co.) (Opoates in 
Pittsburgh, East Pittsburgh,wiimerding, 
McKeesport, Duquesne, Monongahela 
City, Charleroi, Washington and adjacent 


Chum. of Bd .James D. Gallery .Pittsburgh 

Pres. A. W. Thompson 

V. Pres. J. H. Reed 

Sec. W. B. Carson 

Treas. C. J. Braun, Jr 

Compt. C. S. Mitchell 


C. A. Fagan 

W. D. George 

S. L. Tone 

Officbbs FOB Rbcbivbbs 

Sec. J. E. Ebrenz 

Treas. J. L. Foster 

Audr. A. D. McPherson. . . . 
Asst. Audr. W. P. McArdle. 
Pur. Agt. C. W. Lepper. . . . 

Gen. Mgr. P. N. Jones 

Supt. Transpt. J. M. Loftis.. 
Asst. Supt. Transpt. 

F. W. McCarthy 

Traf. Agt. F. R. Cogswell... 
M. W. Flanagan.. . 

John Dalley 

Div. JE.C. Fitch 

Supts .\ F. R. Wilhelm 

IJ.E. CoUer 


Supt. Claim Dept. Cecil G. Rice 
Supt. of Equip. F. R. Phillips 
Supt.Ovha Lines,H.A.Pharo 

Gen. Agt. J. S. Shedd 

Ch. Engr. F. Uhlenhaut, Jr. 
Engr.M.of W. J.M.Lamed . 
Asst Engr.N .of W .G .W .Emory 

M. M., Jno. A. Rogan 

Asst. M. M., J. C. Keenan. 
Gen, Storekeeper 

M . T. Montgomery * 

Energy purchased from Duqueshe Lt. 
Co.; trans, volt. 11,000 A 22,000 v; 
trolley volt. 550-600 v. 

17 sub-stas. tot. cap. 33,200 kw. 28 rot. 
conv. cap. 16,300 kw; 23 mo. gen. sets 
cap. 16,900 kw. 

Repair shops at Homewood, Rankin. 
Allegheny, Glenwood, West End and 
Sout 1 Side. 

Reaches Kennywood an^ Westviefw 
Parks and Duquesne Garden. 

606 miles; 5-2H g; 1.346 mo. and 
631 other cars. iffiOf 

9Mfta— St. Ckdr Incline Plane Oft.— 

2227 Salisbury St.— (Operates an in- 



flline pl&nfl froro JoAophjoe St. to FootdiilA. BroHnHville Jiinfltiua; Browntf- 

ArlineUiu Avs, B, 3.) Tills Junction. Lambert, MoCldlud- 

PreB. town, Leckrons, M«oiilomo, Onyi 

D[. T. P, Cocbrui, Laodinc, Mod Vue, Martin: Browmvills 

3301 Salisbury St., Pittiburch Junction, New Salem, FuibankB, Fllbeit, 

V. Prm. Orient, Republio. Menittstown. Allino, 

Albert Perrett, 2520 Cobden St, " TbomtowD, Brownsville, 


le. Aoji, Sprung, 

301 3^in«St^t,Ctur Bora. Httsburgh PITTSBURGH AND ALLEGHENY 

TreM. Wm. Youna, viT.i.KV nrvrsiON 

SaliBbi^ * Sterlins 8t>. ' VAI-LKY UIVISION, 

tSupt. Alex. O. Kortoer, Leeobbuis, HydePaik Fsny. No. Van- 

Steclins St., letb Ward, - derxrift. AlSaonPuk, ApoUa. 

Ch. Enor. JosepG Eiohert ' 

Eur. Kl. of W., John HinkofTer . . * RtTTANNINQ * LEECHBURO 

Exietgy puiehued (nun Duaoesne Lt. DTVlsmK 

w ArlinstoD Park City. Run. MaDorriJle. Ford City, Ronton. 

t.:5-8g;2eabl8<»r». llff ' '*-■'■ 

Ml— Wtst Ptau Rya. Co.— Office 

2046a.:K-SE;!eBble«n. ' 110 UoapePark. 


MBld«., 221 4th Ave,, "ION, 

Ktlahurgh. (Farmed by merger, Mnj- Oakdale, Noblestown, StnrgftMl, Mo- 

23, 1917, of the following, Browoavillc Donald 

St. By. Co., Greensburg A Southern ptes. A. M. Lynn Fitldnir^ 

Eleo. St. By, Co.. Latrobe-Hscla St. V. Pres. * Gen. Mr "' "~ 

Ry. Co., LatrobeSt. Ry. Co^ Maann- H. L. Mitchell,,, 

town-Morjantown St. Ry. Co., Mo- V. Prea. A Sec. 

Keeepart A IrwinKy. Co., PitMburKh, Raymond B. Keatini . " 

MeKeoaport * ConnellBvJlle Ry, Co., Treas. C. C. MeBride ■ 

Pilteburgh. McKeasport A Greenaburg Audr. M. W. Glover., . • 

Ry. Co.. Uniontown Radial St. Ry. A«t Seo 

Co., West Pcnn Intenitban Ry. Co., V. K. Dunbar New Yotfc, N. Y. 

Went Pent, Sye. Co., Woat Penn Ttae, Claim Agt. T. B. Donnelly.. Connalleville 

Co. and While Eiec. Tree. Co. Owna Pur, Agt. W. E, Higgim Pittaburgh 

and operateH, in name of West Penn Ch, Engr, Roadway^ 

Rya, Co,, under lease, Kittamimg & Structures, J. L Ftitsch .,. " 

Leeohburg Rye, Co., Oakdale i Mo- Sunt, Equip, Dan'] Durie, CooDelbvilb 

Donald St, Ry, Co, and Pittdburgh A Q^ s^t. Terr. "A", '■™»««™" 

Allegheny VJley Trac. Co. Owns Dan'l. Durie 

Allegheny Valley Bt, Ry. Co., Sleu- Geo. Supt. Ter 

bBnvilleRy,Co„TheBroolieElBe,Co., H A Dunn 

(W, Va,). Steubenville, Walieburg aod SuDt, Track A 

^^?l^'C:Sl-J^^'"^^'^^r.^.±' .PA, MeyM,".:,,"., ,",',',., ConnelUvaie 

LintyElor, Cij.,NowCum- Sunt" 
uu.muu, r. Va„ Wellsburg (W. Va.t fr' 
Lt,Ht,APwr.Co,BndW88tPemiPwr guot M M 

M. Rogen 

ci. (c^^oiiedby^eVPe^ f™: w«7p;nS"po:;;r'(rsrervor^" 

* ^".■^'^- *'''.- ■'fe'' '5,',"™."^'!?°- Rep"' "top. at ConnellBville, Oreenj- 

trolled by American Wu-.Wts. A Elec. burg, Latrobe, McKeeeport. Garretti 

Co,) Hun and Leeobburg. 

The followiag Uiwos and village! are Reaches Olympia and Oakford Parka 

ooniHoted by West Penn Railways Sys- (ownedl; Lenape and Alliaon Puki 

tem, I controlled n and Shady Grove Park, 

Total track mileage operated, 204,70; 

MeKEESPORT AND COKE EE 5-2M 8- "^Pj^:*;*^^ '■ o™"^ " 

niON nivrfilftNa oontrofted, 286,33; 5.2M h and 82,92: 

UIUN uiVieiUNS ^j^ g. ^g^^ ^„ operated, 107 cloaed 

TralTorl Csv it» lie A da a Ijin mo. pa«a,: flO open mo, pui,i 8 tndlers; 

jner Irwm Im n Habntouu Long R mi Seip.aud Igt,nio.; tl work and lineino.; 

Mckosaport McKwaport Duqueano 6 mo. sweeperg and 26 miM. other oara; 

WcKeespott, Ve saiLea Bostun O npa ownedor controlled. 235cloeed mo, pass., 

Park Mt Vernon Bupoa'Vists Scot iSopen mo, Pasa,, 23 trailera, 7 eis, aod 

Haven Irwin Manor Penn Jeannet •<*■ "•o- 2* work uid line mo,, B mo, 

Oakf rd Fa k Crocnsburg Hull Hav "weepers and B7 dOm, other oata. *30t 

<teaville ^oungwood, Now Stanton ^i ■nr..! ■■!,■, ■ n.«.»a_ ■_ /^^ 

Hunker RudMalp Tarra Spottdale "• — "***'O0f«l*lin CouaCr By, Co. 

Oreenaburg South Greeoaburg -VounE r°*£"!f-"'^ ,"}'"'." v.^'^iv""? 

■wood Armbnat Heela HecU CalioiBt p burjh^ (Conue^ctaLatrobeaod Dcrry), 

Yonnatown ifingetoo Latrobe Beeli '" ,;%rX A»!.?i,R„ nk 

BtanXrd Mt Pfrasant Mt Pleasant *, v ^ i^^iJ^ k 

Mnrooruvl *f»ni> Cm.™! T»-ni Ml M V, Frca, J, A. McCoHlh 

Morewood Acme central larra Mt p.nT.!.'. Nod Rt T...rnK. 

J-leasani Brmgeport Mammonnviue -^ »„„ . .lBk„UtrobB 

Iron Br dge No Seottdale Swedetown "^l™^' fSwrt"*'- »i,,A™ 

Seotldale Sorttdale Meadow Mils fi.°r?^P°; pT^ir ii,i. 1 li-ir* r£ ^ 

Bcotldalo E%er»n Ponnsville Mtuphve ^^rJ^l.^L^ ^^^ SS^ 

ftdmg, Move Coalbrook ConnelbiiUe „ ^^ purohawd from West Pbu. 

Conn la If So Connalhm le Connells nJ:""' i, -j _ i, _ . n. 

v^lle Power H use Dunbar FersuK)n o,?,??" "''"P" ""<* °" '"™' " ^"^ 

Mt Braddock '.hBd> Grove l>ark " 7 °°|„. 5.J „. 3 n,o^r p^,, pg„ 

nelliml p T^ •eonni- No 1 Le aennng **• 

N 1 \ I \ nod b I b tv M4— WoodlaiTD A SonthtTD SC. Kjr. 

r —Office, Third Ave, and Roaa St, 

I Pittaburgh. [Connects Woodlawn and 

Free, A, B."6hepherd PltUbnreh 

H V. Prea, A Qtai. fgt, Ajt. 

(hance Umoniown Continental Rerore F, A. Ogdan " 

flee. |[ Pdt. Agt. 

Joha L. Moon Pliubnrgb 

Tn—.J.C. Wtttaa 

Snpt. J. H.Oua WondUvn 

Ok.lnar.D.L. Utkeal muburfb 

Khtst pqrduaod frnm Jodh A LaDKh- 


BiSIl mllsa; i*H ff. 14 raolor pu*. 
iBd t work can. *V} 

Mi — rHIUAtfMlU Co. — (Cootrob 

ITYm. Co. and Pittabor^ A Boam 8t. 
Rr.) (Own* Dnquenia Lt.Co.uid BOD- 
trolfl Beverak other LiAhiinx companies 
iDaodaboutPituiburEh.l (The Dnital 
Ih*. iDveMmcDi C». u*iuover«2 u.c. 
of (he outatimdiTiE rnnmiuD slock. I 

Cbnnn. Bd.. Junea D. Cillery. 

435 fitb AvB.. Pittrixirth 

Fna^A.W.Thoinpooa " * 

Sm.W.B.Cubh. * ' 

AHt.(A.W.8lST«Iuan * * 

Smb-Ig. W. 

i WMhdMiub * ' 

Tnu' • 
Ant. lJ.W.Muiny- 
Tnun., t H.W.AtinFU " 

C. si'MitofaeU.. 
AM, Caupt,, 

OOB. Blfr., 

A. Hnrlbert .. - 

C. S^Leppn.. ■ • 

T"ld A«t.. 



Pr«u.\Sec.Raym.>TiJ 13. Kta 
AHt. Hen.Iw.K. DimWnr, 

(See als'i N'>. «01.) 

NT— TMUtowD & PhoenlntUc By. 
Go.— Office. Hiirri.'t.n Bld([- Pbils- 
delphia. (I.eaH-' I'i'U.'Idwd Pu«n»T 
Ry.C«.,PaIM'<»n« RoadinitSt. Ry, 

Co. and'ry A Chntet Elec. 
Ry. Co.) lOpti.ifs in Stnwr. Potla- 
tom, Sanatoaa. l.infipM. Snrinn Cif 
(RoyenfonJ) i 

RoyenfonJ) and I 
1. Gfo. N'. Milsl 

Audr, ^arlM W. l(„..,ho -Spriiw 
^t. Harry F. Svi. "iNirt .PolU 

Ch.Eiur. fUlphijr. i:.,<! 
Elccl. Knitr. f M M 

Poww rta.Bqiiip 1 -i p.Wbm.MO kw: 
4U bp. «. Ball: irnru. jk (i^y volt. 
BSD ..; enerBy ■.!•.. i-urohaaeJ from 

rikopa at Potlatovn. 3priB( (hty whI 

RMche*, owns ami operatet nuiatoci 


.'i miles; 4-8lg e: 3:1 can, (Compiuu' 
o«g:M)cni1 ligblincaod (xmerboaineai.) 


M— Eulem rennirlTanla Kri. Co. 

— ijfflw. Pnilavilie.— fOwM and opei- 
awa Ibe Put.-ville Union Trae. Co.) 
Potm-iUe A IteidinE Rv. Co.. Schuyl- 
kill Haycn A Urwifaburc St. Ry. Co.. 
SehuylkiU F.lur. Rv. Co.. Cnsl CmiIs 
EW, Ry. Cn . The Port Cubon A 
Middlepon Fie". Ry. Cn..Tamuua A 
PattaviUe Elec. R, H. Co., aodFott.. 
ville A 91. Cbur EIh. Ry- Co.) (Con- 
neeta PottavillB, Srhuylkill Haven. 
Orwifibuii. 8t. Clair. Pt. Carbon, 
Palo Alto, Olcn CarboB, MiD««Hlle. 
New FhiUdelphia. Middlrport, Tama- 


illiam St. 
J. i. .MauBT 

43 Ei^ngt PI.. 
See. A Treaa. T. W, MoSat, 

43 Exihaaca Pt., 
A^t.Saoi.A IH. R. Brmni 
Aiat.Tmn. 1 1. A, RHnbardl 

Gen Mer C. A.Hull 

Opera ting Mrn. 

J. C. While Mana«einent Corpo. 
43 Eiehaoge PI.. New York. S. Y. 

Geom b! Williami Potlnillr 

Aaat.Supt.of Rya.W.B.Daan * 

Claim A»l. J. A. Mower 

Mgr. Elec. Dept H I..Tf«niBn 
Ch.Enit.Pwr.Sta.L. M. Mather " 


Power sta. equip. 2 d c.Walker lot. TOO 
kw. .'lOO y; Sn. c. Allir-C. n. E. tot. TZOO 
kw.3300 V.3 ^.60 lyt- MSO bp.i.Wetb. 
" ■ " ■ "lit C; 4135 hp. b. Bab. A W. 

I, RHnbardt, Potuville 

Hfinc. Kepi 


nmxsvTkmotr. io.Mt. 

M — JemnoB Trardon Co. — Offioe, 

21S N. Fiodley St.(C.>n<n>la MahoninM 
ValleySl.R.R.Cn.l 'CooDMta Poni- 

Ses. B M CUrk 

Mp.Weatky E.WiUiAr 
Elee.Engr.AM M. 
Harry Dinantor^ . . . 

Ch. Enitt. W. C. Mini 

A Syl.-«-ille.) 

Engt. Oehd. Conatr 

Chu. Spnaklq . 

5 d. o. Rids. lot. 

Rkli: lS.W1ip. b. 
It. VX) V. 





3d miles; 4rSyi g; H motor 
and 2 exp. & fgt. mo. cars. 

BEADING. 109.381 (1916). 
(See also Nob. 891 and 901.) 

1001— Mt. Penn. Gravity K. R. Co. 

— Office, Reading. (ComiectB Min- 
eral Springs Park and The Tow6r, and 
operates on Mt. Penn.) 
Pres. A Gen. Mgr. James Riok, Reading 

V.Pres. E. C. Nolan 

Sec. A Treas. Frank S. Livingood * 

Supt. Jacob F. Seidel • 

Reaches and owns "The Tower." 
8 miles (approz.);4^H g. Orerhead 
trolley and gravity. (Operates in sum- 
mer only.) 119 

1002— Neversliik Htn. Ry. Co.— Offioe, 
12 So. 5th St., Reading. (Extends 
from 9th <k Penn Sts., south on 9th St., 
and winds around NevwsinkMoimtain. 
(Controlled through stock ownership 
by Reading Transit ft Lt. Co.) 

Pres. E. L. west 

50 Pine St.. New York. N. Y. 

V . Prests. \ Thomas Cheyne . . " 
i Joseph B. Taylor. ... " 

3ec, C. N. Wilson 

Asst. See. & Asst. Treas. 

J. H. Bucher Reading 

Audr. E. R. King 

Gen. Mgr. J. S. Avery " 

Supt. Transp. & Gen. Fgt. & Pass. Agt. 

J.P. CosteUo 

Claim Agt. R.D.Jones 

Pur. Agt. A.H.Bamum " 

M: M. H. E. Aldrioh 

Engr. M. of W., E. H. Werner. . " 
Engr. Ovhd. Constr. J. C. Eyler '* 

Energy purchased from Metropolitan 
Edison Co. 

Repair shops at 9th ft Bingaman Sts. 

5.72 miles; 4-8)^ g; 7 motor pass. cars. 
(Operated during summer months only.) 


1003— Oley Valley Ry. Co.— Office, 12 
So. 5th St., Reading. (Connects Read- 
ing, Friedensburg and Boyertown.) 
(Controlled through stock ownership 
by Reading Transit & Lt. Co.) 
Pres. E. L. West 

50 Pine St.. New York, N. Y. 

V Prpst^ J Thomas Cheyne * 
V. Prests.S j^ggpjj B Taylor 

L 50 Pine St. • 

Sec. C.N. Wilson « 

Asst. Sec. ft Asst. Treas. 

J. H. Bucher Reading 

Audr. E. R. King « 

Gen. Mgr. J. 8. Avery * 

Supt. Transp. ft Gen. Fgt. 

ft Pass. Agt., J. P. CosteUo.. .Reading 

Claim Agt. R. D. Jones * 

Pur. Agt. A. H. Bamum • 

M. M., H. E. Aldrich 

Engr. M. of W., E. H. Werner. . ■ 
Engr. Ovhd. Constr. J. C. Eyler. ■ 

Energy purchased from Metropolitan 
Edison Co. 

Repair shops at 10th ft Exeter Sts., 

Reaches Friedensburg Park (leased). 

19.80 miles; 5-2H g; 6 motor pass. 
and 2 fgt. mo. cars. <Ar50 

lOOi— Reading Transit A Lt. Co.— 

Office, 12 South 6th St. Reading. (Suc- 
cessor to the Reading Transit (Ik>.; 
leases the Lebanon Valley St. Ry. Co., 
and Schuylkill Valley Trac. Co., which 
in turn own or lease numerous underly- 
ing companies. Owns 01^ Valley Ry. 
Co.. Neversink Mtn. Ry. Co. In Sept.. 
1917. the United Traction Co. owned 
The Reading ft Womebdorf Elee. Ry. 
Coh Birdsboro St. Ry. Co.. Bg yto w n 

ft Pottstown Ry. Co., Front ft 6th St. 
Ry. Co.. whidi companies were part of 
merger of 1917 and are now oat of busi- 
ness. (formerly operated under lease). 
Leased the Reading Trac. Co., The 
Reading City Pass. Ry .(3b. .East Read- 
ing Elec. Ry. Co., The Reading ft 
Temple Eleo. Ry. Co., The Reading ft 
Souinweetem St. Ry. Co., and Adams- 
town ft MohrsviUe Elec. Ry. Co. 
(Operates in oountaes of Lebanon, 
Berks. Lancaster. Montgomery 
and Philadelphia, all located in 
southeastern Pennsylvania. (Operates 
an eleotric urban and interurban rail- 
way in Reading. Birdsboro, Pottstown, 
Norristown, Conshohocken, Lebanon 
and other towns; direct connection is 
made with Philadelphia (Chestnut Hill) 
Allentown, Lancaster and Harrisburg.) 
(Under management of W. S. Barstow 
Management Assn., Inc.) (Owned 
by The General Gas ft Elec. Co.) 
Pres. E. L. West, 

60 Pine St.. New York, N. Y. 

^ Treas. 
Thomas Cheyne *• 
L. H. Tyng ■ 

Sec.C. N. Wilson ■ 

Asst. Sec. ft Asst. Treas. 

J. H. Bucher * 

Audr. E. R. King Reading 

Gen. Mgr. J. 8. Avery ■ 

Gen. Fgt. ft Pass. Agt. 

J.P. CosteUo 

Q..,^». /G- W. Magill Norristown 

^"P"\Thomas A. Dimlap Lebanon 

Claim Agt. R. D. Jones Reading 

Pur. Agt. A. H. Bamum * 

vr Tu„)H. E. Aldrich 

.M.Ms.^j ^ Gordon Norristown 

Engr. M. of W.E.H. Werner... * 
Engr. Ovhd. Constr. J. C. Eyler. * 

Energy purchased from Metropolitan 
Edison Co. 

Repair shops at Reading. Norristown 
and Lebanon. 

Reaches Carsonia Ringing Rooks and 
Plymouth Parks. 

Total mileage and equip: 203 miles; 
5-2 V^ g; 276 motor pass., 12 exp. and fgt. 
mo. and 48 other cars. if 60 

SCRANTON. 146.811 (1916). 

1000 — ^Lackawanna A Wyoming Val- 
ley R. R. Ckl. (Laurel Lme). — 
Office. Terminal Sta.. Scranton. Pa. 
(Formed by merger of the old Lacka- 
wanna & Wyoming Valley R. R. Co. 
and Scranton ft Northeastern R. R., 
(I^entral Valley R. R. and Wilkes-Barre 
R. R. Co.) (Extends from Borough of 
Dunmore to Wilkes-Barre via Scranton 
and Pittston) (Controlled by Scranton 
& Wilkes-Barre Trac. CorpnO 
Chmn. Exee. Com., Fnmk R. Ford, 

116 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 

Pres. Wm. C. Sproul Chester 

V. Pres. Gen. Mgr. ft Pur. Agt. 

P. J. Murphy Scranton 

Sec. 8. C. Stivers, 

116 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 

Treas. F. W. Potts * 

Audr. W. E. Pearson Scranton 

Supt. Transpt. J . H . Murray ... * 

Claim Agt. T. M. Bumis * 

Gen.Fgt.ftPass.Agt.W.L.Caim8 * 
ChJ:ngr.Pwr.Sta.Geo.W.Esslinger * 

M. M.. M. F. Flatlev Scranton 

Roadmaster, R. P. ICearney ■ 

Power sta. equip. 2 a.c. West. tot. 2600 
kw. 3 ph. 25 cys; 2 a.c. turbo-gen. West. 
G.E. tot. 5500 kw. 3 ph. 25 cys; 2800 hp. 
b. Bab. ft W.; trans, volt. 22.000 ▼; 
trolley volt. 660 v. 

Power station and repair shops at 

Controls Vallev View Park. Reaches 
Rocky Glen and Luna Park. 

60 miles; 4-8H.gj 80 pass., 68 fgt.,with- 
out motor, and o fgt. motor ears; 2 elee. 
iooos. 60 

(Contiola ScnDton ft Binghmnton Ttm . 
Co.. utd Tbc NDitbem Elceltie Si. 
Ry. Co.) ConDBeU Senntan. Cbiks 
Summit. DaltoB, FutotyvilJe, Nichol- 
»n. BmoUm ud MontroK. 

Pm. W. L. CODD^ Sermstoii 

Seo. AWkldawfisld 

Trow. F. W. WollcrtoD . 

Audr, Ju. J. MoffM 

Om. Mir. K.W. Dny • 

Gea. Supt., A Fur. Act, 
H. L.Koobler 


Bncr. Pwr. B(a. Wm. Wstkioa... . IXIIon 


Roi'lmsMer. K. WiUfool ... 

kn. 24Da-aSJ V. 3 ph! 25 oyi; 2 (tm e. 
H. O. * R: 2000 hp. b. Fnuli., Heine: 
3250 kw. iBtm.) turb. Wexl:4ZO0 hp. wtr. 
tiiTb. Wst: tniu. volt. M.MO-moCa v; 

n lub. (tu. tot. 3000 kw; 8 rot. eaav: I 

Repair shoiia Bl Brookiide. 
Reach ee Nortbern Eleelric Parii mnd 
take Winols (owned). 
2T milei ottned <2G mi. 1M m. t., 2 mi. 

* ' . Total mileaopented 51: 

I. (CoiapMiy '"■""" 

trulcan richta. 

t4H a; »^>uto 

■ads motor BOnri 


the Amniieiiii Rvlvmji Co., PbiUdel- 
pbia. Pi.) iCooDseta PittMon, Benn- 

toQ uid CiHwiKUla.) 

Pns. Vu Hon Elr, FhilMlalphU 

V p™*. /H. J. Crowley . 

*■ "^"""iC. L. a.TLngley. 

See *Tre».WiaterTrPerUm * 

Compt. ft A»t. Sec. 

Fnuik J. Pryor, Jr. 

Gen. Met JikooJ. Cotemu.. ScrantoD 
Supt. Tnuup. WilUim W. May. 

Ckum Agl. J J. Fabar 

Pur. Agt. G. C. Weirick . Pbiladelphia 
Ch.Entc JwT.SU.E.A.Wiklt . .Becmnton 

M.M., JohnF. Duffy 

Engi.M.of W.,H.H. Dartt... . * 
Enjr. Ovhd. Coiutr. A Pwr. 

A.J.Conion • 

b^aeriEy purchased from Scfanton Elec. 

I0Z.3TT mils; 44^ r'lTS motur and 
ffi otber ^an. *1W 

laiS —KcraMM L'tUltiM Co.— rin- 
eorporatad in Nov.. 1910. apd has UkBn 

by United Seni« Co.: Hanovsr * 
McSherryMown St. Ry, Co.. Hanover 
U,, Ht. 4 Pwr Co.. Geityaburj Eln- 
tiic Cu.. Du Boil Eke. Co., and Du 
Boi> Traetion Co.. and Siuquebaou 
County Lt. A Pwr. Co.) 

Pre). F, J, Plati ScraotoB 



■ ■ .Maniman 

501 3 

r York 

N. Y. 


Elentric St. Ry, Co.— Office, 227 Wyo- 
ming Ave.. Scrantun. (On March 1, 
iei4, by sgreemcnl between tbcSctan- i 
loD A BlDghamtun Trac.Co.aad Scran- ; 
ton, Montroeeft BinghamtoD R.R. Co., 
tlie latter look over all property eieept I 
from the City Line to Proridenee | 
Square and Irom Ptovidenoe Square to i 
227 Wyo.sinc Ave. Tracks between tbe 
lait named points ue owned by Scian ton , 

ton' i Binghamton Ttai. Co. have 

tight to use same.) (Controlled by 

Scranton, Montroae d Binghamton R. 

R. Co.) 

Free. Earn Ripple Scranton 

V . Prea.. Geo . Supt. «i Pur. Agt . 

R. L. Koehler 


Audr. Jamea J. MoHat " 

Gen. Mgr. R, W, Day * 

Claim Agl.F.M.Francia 

Supt. Transp, J, C. Moiicll . . 

Ch, Engl. tT C.Dougherty.. . ' 

Power ■«■. iqulp-— (Opmted by S. M. 
* B. R. R. Co.n a. p. WMt. tot. 5050 
kn. 3400-1060 v. 3 pb. U on: 1200 hp. 
e. n OAR; 20O0 hp. b. H^ie, FranE; 
32£J kT. itm. turb. Wert: trana. volt. 
Se,lia.>-16,6 lu v; trolley volt. 62S v. 

S inb. itas. tot. »p. 3B00 kw: 9 rot. 

Pawn Sta. and nptii ibiqM at Brook- 

Rauhta Northam Elootrio and Laks 
Wiwla Parka 

K milM owned (48 mi. lit m. t., S mL 
■id.);alMi 2)j milnleaawl Total mOe* 
operated 48: 4-SU b\ 22 motor paH.. 8 
motor Irelght. 4 trfil ftaisht and I UtO 
aenicaiar. *T0 

IMt— Scranton Br- Co.— Oaoei. 234 

l«l«— Scran ton * WUkei-l 

Corpn.— Offices, Richmond, va. isi 
ceesor to Lackawanna it Wyomi 
Valley Rapid Transit Co. (Contn 
Lackawanna & Wyoming Valley R. 

Chmn. £iee. Comm., Frank R. Ford, 
Its Broadway, New Y«k, N. ~ 

Free. Wm.C, Sproul. Cheat 

Walter H. Lippinoott. ..Philadelphia 

H" %,C. Stivers, 

115 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 


I. N. Y. 

,-fl * Mooaie Lake 

(Th« Scranton & Carbondale 
■- '■"^— '-'- Ry. Co. and 

) iCoDtrolled by 

!•!>- Uiilt«d Senlec Corpo. — Offlee. 

700-718 Scruntou Life B1dg„ Scranton 
(Controls, through stock ownership. 

delphia. Cambridge at 

IS J[ F.Iec Co.. Brii 

Lt, HI.* Pwr Co^Hanover & McS 
rytowD Si. Ry. Co. IHanonr, F 
Ttihorough Wtr. Co.. Tarenlum, . 
Gettysburg (Fa.) Else. Co.. Bu* 
hanna County (Pa.) I.t. A Pwr. < 
Du Bois (Pa.) Elec. A Trac. Co. (w! 
owns Du Boi> Tree. Co. and Du I 
-■c.Co.).' ■ ■" ■ — " 

•res. Thi«." H. 1 

l»ll— Sbamokln A Kdgcwoo* Bm. 

By. Co.— Office. Ditnr "— ■- *■"- 

(Cfnnecl ~ 

Shamokini. -o 
Pies. A Gen. Mgr. 

SaraW. Kulp 

V.Prei Wm.C. MeConnell... 
Sec.. Trees. A Pur. Agt. 

SunbDir ^CnnaecLi Uninilton A Sun- 

'rei. J.Bimpsnu Kliae, 

M»rfcEt 3c Front Sla., Boobnrj 
'. Free, W. W. Hepburn, 
HIT Peno-ylvonta Bldii,, PhflartelTihla 

ee. Mary E. tlshet Suubury 

'reis. W. P. Rhnads. let Natl. Bk. " 
iipt. T. A. SaioB, 

Ml N'orthway, Xorthamberland 

ml Bid.): 4-i)M k: is motor pts»'. 
mnlortralgbtanfll motor aerrir* car. 

aiti — Sunhurr A Satquehsnna Rr- 

Ry. Co. and Sonbori' 4 SeUnsgroTO 
Eteo, 81. Ry. Co, IConmot* NDrth- 
umbcrland, Sunbury and SelinaErove.) 
Icceivpt&Gen, Mgr. 

C.H. Grunt Morthumbetluid 

'ree. Wm. H. Grocnough . - . .aunbuty 

•reas. Dovl A. Muasar Scranlon 

ludr. .T.C, TteBlBT .Sunbuty 

Ch.Engr. & Sen Dao Daily ... 
Power sW equip. 2 d. West. tot. 650 
/ ; 4-15 ho 0. Putnam. (tW hp. b. 
itnamitroikyvolt 575 t. 
iHub. sta;2rat. oonv. 
Power Bta. and rapaii abops St RoHlna 

Rench™ and o ™i Ri.llinK Hrren Park. 

0.2 miles (Q D mi Ist m t . 2.3 mi. rid.) 
Totai miles operated Be;t-St~i e; IDpaaa.. 
1 freigbt and 1 «r<-i« cai. *?0 

TAMAQUA. lO.SM [IttlS). 

{Hoo No. BSB.) 

TABENTUM. 7.414. 

(l^ecalBoNo. BB5s.) 

lOltl-Turentumi BTHkHHrldgc A 

Butler St. Ry. Co. -Offlcc. Creicent 

ft.. Bra'' keur idee: P. D. Addrcan, Bol 

in^ TareDtiim (ConuteiK Taretilnm, 

BrickenMdgB. Nalrona Height* and 

BIrdTllle ] 

Frea. H. U. BrarkeDridgs, 

Park BIdg,, Pitteburgh 

V. Proi.JnhnMcfilnlBj TaMulnm 

Sec, A TreM. C. H. Mnorhonfl '• 
Gen.Supt * Pnr.Agt.R.H. Doyd " 

Euergy purohaa^d from Pi.-nn«j]»Bnl« 
Ball Mid- Co.. Natrona; crolley volt. 

Supt. Frank LuKat 

CoEtfob ^^«ot5"pBCk." 

15 niilDB: 4-8H s: 22 ears. 70 

SHABON. IS.eie (1916). 

(See No. S6fi.) 


(Si-o So. 929.) 

SOHEXaBT. 2.012. 

_. ac Somerset Bj. 

J. MaiaCroBa8t.,{P.O. 

Bai2e6|,Som<!rE?I. ICouoecIa Jobni- 
town, Diividsvillc, Hulsopplo, Jerome, 
Soswell, Jenuers, AooaU, Coal Juno^ 
lion, Hatriaoa. Somotset, otoj 

Pres. John A. Berkey Sometaet 

See, A. Kent Miller 

Trena. Jobn O. Bmml 

Xir.ltCti. Edk. (T.S.Honck.Jobtutoini 
EnerjD. purofisaed from Penn Heo. Ser- 
-vicBCo;tranB. volt. 13,000 vitioUeyvo- 
eOQ V. 

Sub'fltna. at Holaopple and Somerai 

12 mill.* operated; l^^H f. I mo. a 

(2n miles under eoDBtnietion.) 1 

ISIfl— So. Bethlehem * Saucou i 

By. Co.— OfKe-. 2B Meobanic I 

ai. IVU. (C-OQne:ts So. Bethlehi— 
(Unlve-eltr Helshla). Setderaillle, 
Col Hillls. Freldonirllls, Centra Valley 
■nd Plilladelpbta yU Lehigb Vallaj 
Tranall Syalem,) 

Frea. Cbas.>.Ho9mai:,eoulb Betblehom 

Sm.W.H. Lauor 

Treas. 4 Gen. Met.. 


Audr. M.M.Cannon 

M. U., .T. H. Cannon. ..9aiitb Bethlelieiii 

Eleo.^St. a"p™ Co.™roUoy°volt. 
S76-fi00 V. 

Repair shops at CniTsniCy Helgbta, 
Bo. Bi^thlehem. 

Reachca park at Univorntv Hoighn 

7 mi'lea: 4-8^ g: 8 motor paai. and 

2 other ears, *7U 

NTEELTON. 15,543 (igiB). 

(See No. 931.) 

STBOUDSBUBG. tot. 12,000 {1919) 

(and East Stroudaburg) 

Ull— StTDudsbnrg TracHon Cn.- 

Office, 18 Norib 7th St. (Leases and 




HDd the Stroudaburg, Water ' 
Portland Ry, Co. 
buri, E.° ■-■- 

bure. Water ( 

i;. Stroudaburg, Water G 
-■ > Phvaieal eonaectio 
p roads St Main and 7r 

s 2M g; a 

TmJSVILLE. S,713. 
1022— Tltustineft Cambridge BprlDE* 
BMIroad Co. (Formerly filuaville * 
Cambridge R. B. Co,)-Office. 170 
BroadwH-, New Fork, N . Y. (SucceMor 
In the Erie & CimtraJ Ponnaylvanla 
Ry. Co.) ■ ""■■ '"■ 

paaaenger sta. in East Stroudsburg, t 
eoth & Market Sta.. Phila.l 
Frea. & Gen. Mgr. 

A. A. Holbrook Stroudsbur 

8npt. J.G, (jeber ' 

Energy purehased Irom Strgudabnr, 
Elec. Lt. A Pwr. Co.; trolley volt, 650 v 

Beacbe. one park (owned). 

I2.G miles; 4-3H it H pass, motoc can 

1033— TlluarUle Traetlon Co.— 0(- 

150 E. Diamonci^Bt,, Titiisvllle. 


, Hydett 

IT and 1 'otb< 

s. FrederidcW. Qarvan, 

40 C«lar at,. New York. M. T. 

- a.G>-o.H. Dunham .Warren 

"larry L. Moore 

Marine Bk, BIdg., Eri» 

f Audr. Cbarlea L. B«ok, „ 

1 Madiaon Ave.. New York. N.T. 

Gen. Mgr. A Fur Act. 

See. ATiei 

My. Oo. — ones, HuonlG Teispla, 




Bfip&ir flbopa at Fieldmoia Spriuga- 

pTflfl. Albert GaddL;. . 
Bec.,T»Ba. &GeD. Mgr. 

L. H, FrBBbor 

Bupt. Ohed M. Jones. 


'-. 5-2M e. 




00 kw, mo. gen. set; 2 d. o. turbo- 
«n. Curtis, G. E. tot. IQDO kw. BOO v. 

Itoiloj- volt. « 

'. G. E. I 

,t Llauercfa B 
!t Llaoeri 


I Ridley 

ddpbia, throu 
Hill GatnttI 

r Darby. Drp.i'l 
ton. Afdni., Col- 

(Lcucd tu Fhilodcli 

terTrac. Co.J 
PiM. Robt, L. MoTBBP, . PhiUdelphi! 
8h^ Treu. E. F. Meyen. Upper Darbj 


1T.7T tnila; 5-3M ■: 10 can. *t)C 

l*IT-rhllwtelphU * Wnt CliMtei 
Traction Co.— Offices. Uppcc Darby. 
(Uuei Ardmore & Llaoercb 81. Ry. 
Co. and Pldla. & Gnrietfard Bt. Uy. 
Co.) tE.lpnd. trojn fl3rd A Markel 
Kl«.. Phila., to Wcit €>."■»'■ 1 

Pn« A. Merrill TwlM 
BIO Commsrciol Tnut 



Sopt. M. nf W., A. K. Carrood, 

WmtM. tnl 800 kw. 600 t: 2 a. e. lurb. 
tm. Cmtit, C.E. lot. 3500 kw, 445 v. ( 
arc: l mt. «dt. tot. 2290 kir; 1000 k> 
tnnrf. H5-13.00D ti 18S0 bp. b.Edc*, 

WANAMIE. 1.700. 

IDW— Penple'a St. Bf. Co. of MbdU- 
cake A Newport. Office, Po«« 
House. Wannmic. iCoDoeote Naoti- 
iioko, Sheatowu, Alden. Wansmie. and 

Pres. K. M. Bmith. Alden Su. 

'59 No! Sedoud St,, Pbiladelphii 
Sen. L. E. Boss, 

115Z Market St.. Berwiisl: 

Treaa. Wm. Willis Nanticoks 

Supt, & Eleo. Eogr, 

Irrinf Ruidiel Waumii 

CUm A«t. R. B, eheridsn, .Nuitiooki 

Engrs. (BarauelO. Morusii. 
Pwr, Sta.\joseali BhukwaltU. 
Roadmaster. Cbarlos Vandermark " 
Enitr, Ovhd. Constr. 

W. R. Bruch , AldoB 8l». 

Power Bta. e<iuip. 2d. e. AUia C. Wem. 
tot. SSOkw; lOSoW-s. B.*W, AUisC; 
fiSO hp, b. Stir, Bab. & W. Hmrriiboii: 
trolley volt. 600-5o0 v. d. 0. 

Power bU. itnd repair sbopt nt Wu- 

Reacfaes uDd CDDtroli Kirnuu Park at 
a.5 mijes; 4-SH g; 10 motoi pw, 

nARBEN. 14.737 (lOlB). 
ISee also No. S5Tb.) 

ion— WuTcn St. Rf. Co. — Offine, 101 
Liberty at., Wsrreo, CConnecu 

Warren, Sloiiehain, CloMOdon, Tiona 
and Sheffleld.) 

Pres. D. H. BiEgini Wemn 

See., Tress, ft Gen. Mgt. 

Bupt. G. A^°obBt! :■.■;!:::::,■ ■ 

A»t, Supt. Wm. Kribdd • 

Gen. Fit. Aft. W.G.jBOkiiu RdmO 

A«t, M('e£ Put. A(t. 

H. W. Huston Wams 

Ch. Ener. Pwr. Sta. R»y Portar. . ■ 
RDadmasIsr, Gits KooB ■• 

Power na. equip. 4 a. s. We»t«. tot. 
llOOkn. 3S0 V. 3pb. ZScyi: 1750bp.e. 
ten) WatB: traoe. volt. 22,000 v: tralhr 

20.25 mites; 4-SK g: is' motor paa.. ] 
^ompaay doaliBhtins in ehelSeldkaii 

Pres. A Gen Mar. D. H. Signns, Wui 
VJre«,Homar M .PreMon.^TBlM, Ok 

We«>. tot. 

kw. 3S0 V. s. ph. 25 cys: 3 
I) Weng: Irani, volt, 22,00t ., ___, 
1, 2S,000 T. a. 0.: 6» r. d. a. 

■ub-stas. lot. cap. 380-000 kv; 1 

(SceNo. 990.) 

nATNISBORO. 7,190 

1931— CbambcnbuH. CreencaBtle A 
narDesbaro St. Kj. Co.— OSmi 
Rank of Wsyneaboro Bld«.. WBynH 
bora. (CoDDFCU Cbimberaburc 
PunmBr. Blue Kidge, MHriun. Grwn 
cutlE. ZulliUEEr, WsyaeBboro, Bhiuly 
Grove. Rouierville and Highflold. 
Md.) (Conlnil»WByneabon.Efic,Co. 
BDd Blus Ridgs Ry. Co. and it in turn 
eantrolled by the MageralowB & Pnd- 
Biiok Ry. Co.) 

Prea. Emery L. CobLonli, Frederick. Md. 

V. Proe, W, L.Minick , . , . WaynB» 

Sec. D. Norris Beoediut ... 

TrBM. Jay F. Shank 

AHt. Treat. & Audr. 

K. E. Toim .Frederick, Md. 

Gen.MKr. M.A.Pdoler. Haeprauntn. Md. 

fat. A|t. R. V. Mltah«U Pnderick.Md. 

Supt. H. W. Price Waynobora 

Ami. Supt. W. M. Krbe 

Power ata. equip. 3 d, c. C, W. WesM, 

tot. 700 kw; 4 a. c. Wa»(«. Bull- C.-W. 

AllisC. tnt. 1000kw.2000v. Snh.eocyc 

1000 hp, e. RuBaall; 1000 hp. b. Keelen 

BMkw. (scm.) turb. De Laval Allia-C; 

tnuiB. volt. aZ.OqO v; trollry volt. 5M v. 
Enersy purchaAed from llBg;er»tawa 

A Frederick By. Co. 

Power etu. sod repaii shops nl Wtunea- 

Rti'achca Pen Mar and Cold Spring 


im— W«( CfaCBter St. Sr- Co.— ur- 

fiee. 350 Bullitl Blda.. Phila., Pa. 
(Controls CaalesviUe Trao. Co.) (E>- 
tends rroni KenoeCt Square, where 
i-onnections ue made with linea tor 

%>Hnga and Wilmmctoa. Del., throuKb 
We^t Chester to Dowuincton and 
Coatenille and there connecU with 
Cfloeatoga Traotion lines; connects at 
West Cfint«r with tinee to Philadel- 

Pres. Geo, D. Woodude . , . PhOadolphia 

V. Free, Meyer Shamberg, . 

.-[■c,atn,Mgr.,ClniA Fur.Agt. 

Treu. M. G. Waadflde.... 

Oen. Supt. E. W. Gc)M.,WoHt Chester 
Energy purchased iToin Cbesler Valley 

Elea. Co.i tioiley voll. ST.t v. 

Repair ahopa at West^^ Che««f. 

a?*4™ mijS!'"2Mi°(:'?4 iiotor''SSSi'., 
3 work and 39at ears;! snow plow. SO 

nlLKES-BARBK. 7e.77n (mia). 


■ns— Plfmanth A LmrbstUIc Br. Co. 

— Submdiary of Wilke»-BBrra Hallway 


Pm. Abram Nesbltt WUkes-Barre 

fupl.T.A, Wright 

lU«~ffllke«-BuTe Bsllwu Co.— 
Eiec. Office. Miners Bsok Bldg. I.<nsei 

and operataj Wilke«-Barre * Wyoming 
Valley Ttbc. Co. (including Witkes- 
Barre, Dallas * Harvey'i lAke Ry 
Co. with all its Bubflldiary cotnpaaiM). 

Pro. Abram Nmbitt WiUea-Barre 

V.PreB., Gen.Mgr. A Pur. Agl. 

Bm. * Treu. C. W. Ij^oMk 

. .Wilkea-Barre 

t Northampton B 

Supt. Tranap. i. Ch. Edk 


SW.MarkatSt., ' 

Claim Alt, E. L, Liodemuth 
Ch. Engr. Pwr. .SU, A M .M. 

Wm. H.Wheaton .... 
Aast. M.M.E. F. Room 
Roadmaiter,JahnBiermBn. ' - 

Powerala. equip, 8d. o. G. E, to( 
kw:4a. 0. G.E:. West, iflt.e/noki 
V. 3 ph. 25 cvb: 7000 hp. c. Hanis, 
aoOO hp. b. Ilab. * W. Heine; 15C 
Btm, mrh, G, E; Irana. 6600 v; i 
voll. 675 V. 

Repair shop^ a 

Reachea and a 

Sans Souri Parks. 

ll3inilfB;1-81ag; 17a motor oars. 80 

leU— Wllkcs-Barre A Wyoming Tal- 
ler Tnr. Co.— Office. Wilkes-Barre, 
Leoaeil (witliiLsBuUidiftrieglloWilkea- 
Rarre Railivay Co. Controlled by the 
Inter«tHte Kya. C^, through the 

1 rea. John A. Rigg. 

Widener Bldg., Philadelphia 
SecATrena. T.W.Grookelt.Jr, " 

Power 8t«, BI Wilkea-Barro, Pa, *50 

niLLiAuspomT. 33,809 (leie). 

1038— Ea»t End FtSienga By. Co.— 

Energy p 
disoo Co. 

lUl— South Side PaasengeT By. Co. 

—Office. Weat & Willow Sta. (Owiied 


Superviaor Track H.M.C 
Energy puroha ' " 

Is Vallamont Park, 
cara. 50 

Mgr.E. II. Davis 

Aaat. Mgr G.E.Wendle . 
M.M.J.W.Strmwbriiie .. 
Superviaor Traok, H.MTColton 


-— BB Valley Br> Co.— Office, 

WiUiamatown. (aeorganiiatiDn ol 
Lykena and Villiama ^^lev St. Ry 




Pres. Louis Dellone Harrisburg 

Sec. & Treas. John OenslaKor, Jr. 

711 No. 3d St., Harrisburg 
Supt. P. E. Whisler 

417 East Market St.,William8town 

Encri^y purchased from Lykens Valley 
Lt. & Pwr. Co.; trolley volt. 600 v. 

Repair shops at Williamstown. 

10.1 miles; 5-2 H k; 7 motor pass., 3 
motor service and 1 trail service car. 
(Will extend line to Reiner City.) *5J 

(See No. 977.) 

WOODLAWN. 1.396. 
(See Xo. 994). 

TABDLE?. 894. 
(See No. 612.) 

YORK. 51,656 (1916). 

1041— York Rmllways Ck>. — Office, 27 
W. Market St. (Owns entire capital 
stock of the Suburban Land Co. and 
the York Steam Htg. Co., and all ex- 
cept one-half share of the capital stock 
of the Edison Lt. & Pwr. Co.) (Con- 
nects Blairs Station, SorinR Grove. 
Menkes Mills, Hanover, Windsor, Red 
Lion, Dallastown, Wrightsville, Hel- 
1am, York Haven, Dover and Mt. 
Pres .&Gen.Mgr., Gordon Campbell.York 
V. Pres. & Ch. Engr. 

L.C.Mayer * 

V. Pres. inChge.Opr. J. E.Wayne. " 

Sec. M.G. Stees * 

Treas. & Pui . Agt. E. A. Bamits ... * 

Audr. Jno. J. Landers * 

CUdm Agt., 

John A . Hoober . . Security Bldg . , * 

Gen. Fgt. Agt. L. E. Graflf * 

Supt. Lt., Ht. & Pwr. 
W. H. Long,41 W. Market St., * 

Ch. Engr .Pwr Sta. O. E. Grim * 

M. M., E. L. Greene * 

Roadmaster, S. P. Andrews " 

Park Mgr. F.H.Hartley " 

Power sta. equip. 2 d. c. G. E. Westg. 
tot. 750 kw; 2 a. c. G. E. Westg. tot. 525 
kw. 2300 V. 3 ph. 60 cys; 2 a. c. turbo- 
gen. West. tot. 7500 kva. 2300 v. 60 cys.; 
1500 hp. e. Allis-C, Rus; 3500 hp. b. Bab 
&W; trans, volt. 23,000 & 2200 v; tro- 
ley volt. 676 v; energy also purchased 
from York Haven Wtr. & Pwr. Co. 
Power sta. at Gas Alley & Water Sts. 
Repair shops at Pennsylvania & Hart- 
ley Sts. 

Reaches Highland, Brookside and Cold 
Springs Parks 

85.15 miles (75.17 mi. 1st m. t., 5.28 
mi. 2nd m. t., 4.7 mi. sid.); 4-8^ g.; 70 
motor pass., 8 trail pass., 4 motor freight, 
11 motor service and 5 trail service cars. 
(Company docs general lighting and 
power business.) ^50 


MANILA. 350,000. 

1M2— Manila Elec. Co.— Office, 43 
Exchange Place, New York, N. Y. 
(Controls Compania de los Tranvias de 
Filipinas and La Eloctricista. (Con- 
nects Manila and suburbs.) 
Pres. Charles M. Swift, 

Grosse Pointe, Ferrisburg, Vt. 

Pardee \ New York, 

C.Choate../ N. Y. 
134 Maroelino. Manila. 
See. A Treas. 
T. W. Moflfat New York. N. Y. 


Grosse P 
fj. H. P 

JJos. K. 

•IJ-C. R< 
I 1 

Audr., Asst. Sec. & Asst. Treas. 

H. P. L. JoUye. 134 Marcelino, Manila 

Eleo. Mgr. R. Lopes ' 

Mgr. Ry. Dept., C. E. Hayoood. * 
[Shops & Car Houses, 

F. J. Tew ■ 

SuptB-lTranspt. W. A. Seten " 

iTrack F. D. Jones " 

Pur. Agt. W. J. Marion * 

Claim Agt. C. H. Van Hooven .... • 
Ch. Engr. Pwr. Sta. B.H.Blaisdell ' 

Power sta. equip. 5 a. o. turbo-gen. 
West., Allis-C. toi. 16,000 kva. 380 A 
3600 V. 2 & 3 ph. 60 cys; 5300 hp. b. 
Bab. & W; IdSOO kw. stm. turb. West.. 
Mlis-C; trans, volt. 3400 v{ trolley v .It 
600 V. 

1 sub. sta: 4 rot. oonv. (1-ry., 3 excit. ) 

Power sta. on Pasig River (Isla 
Provis), Manila. 

Repair shops at 134 San Marcelino, 

61.84 miles; 4-8H s; 126 motor pass., 
2 trail pass., 1 fgt. motor and 10 other 
oars. (Company does general Ugbting 
and power business.) irSO 


MAYAGUEZ. 16,563. 

1043 — Mayainiez Tramway Co. — Of- 
fice, So. 135 Concordia St. (Suc- 
cessor to Sociedad Anonima Tranvia 
de Mayaguez.) 
Pres. & (jen. Mgr. 

Clemente Javierre Mayaguei 

V. Pres. Jos6 Durftn ..... ... . • 

Sec. Francisco Durftn • 

Treas. Matias Gil * 

M . M . , Pastor Carrera * 

Power sta. equip. 1 d. c. Q. E. 50. kw. 
2300 v; 100 hp. e; 110 hp. b. 

2 miles; 4 Gould storage battery carb. 


PONCE. 35,027. 

1044 — Ponce By. & Lt. Co. (Formerly 

Ponce Elec. Co.) — Offices, Ponoe; and 
147 Milk St., Boston, Mass. (Owned 
by Porto Rico Corpn.) (Connects Ponoe 
and the Playa Port.) 

Pres. Harry T. Edgar, 

147 Milk St., Boston, Mass. 
I Maroy L. Sperry " " 

V. Prests. ■{ & Local Mgr. 

( Gerard A. de Haseth. Ponoe 

Sec. Victor D. Vickery 

147 Milk St., Boston, Mass. 

Treas. H. B. Sawyer " " 

Gen. Mgrs. 

Stone & Webster, Inc. . . " " 

Power sta. equip. 1 d. c. G. E. 160 kw; 

3 a. c. G. E. tot. 1000 kva. 2300 v. 

2 ph. 60 cys; 675 hp. e. McE; 826 hp. b . 

Bab. & W. Heine; 500 kw. stm. turb. 

G.E.;trans.volt.2300 v;trolley volt.676v . 
Power sta. and repair shops at Haato ■ 

Ave., Ponce. 

5.53 miles owned (4.68 mi. Ist m. t., 

0.85 mi. sid.); also 0.54 miles leased. 

Total miles operated 6.07; 1 meter g; 8 

motor pass., 2 motor freight and 2 trail 

freight cars. (Company does general 

lighting and power business in Ponce and' 

Playa.) *70 

SAN JUAN. 48,716. 

1046— Porto Rico Rjrs. Co., LtiU— 

Main office, 6 King St. East, Toronto, 
Ont., Can. (Owns and operates the 
Porto Rico Ry., Lt. & Pwr. CJo. and 
the Porto Rico Constr. Co.) 
Pres. D. E. Thomson, K. C. 

Toronto, Ont., Can. 

VJhres. W. D. Ross * 

Sec. & Treas. T. A, Spoor.., ■ 

IHf— Porto Rico Ky. U. A Pwr. Co. 

line (18,02 miles) bitween Rio Piedrae 
And CBKuas; also op«rat«B by clcrtrivity 
through city of Saa Juan and Snnturw 
ID Rio Piedcu witfa brsDch lines to 
Borinquen Park.) (Controlled by the 
Porto Riso RyB, Co.. 
~ 8. A Gen. Mgr. 


3en. Mgr. 

Tou. R. F. Quiutno.. 
ur. Agta, Moody ILai 


!, N.Y. 

Elec. Engr. A SupC. Ltg. 

Sapt. frumiay.'G.L.Enf'o™' ! " 
Powergta.equip. Id.c. Bull. 250 

g B. c. Westg. G. E. >.ot. 0975 kw. 2300 

V. 2 4 3 ph. «0 oys; 700 hp. e. Amen; 

1630 hp, b. Cshill, Bab. A W; 1750 kw. 

sUn. turb. Weatg: 7800 hp, ' ' ' 

Morria, Smith, W. S. M.^ 

22. 000-1 WO-2200 v; trolley 
Power Btai. at Comeiio and 
Repair shops at Rio I 

14.454 miles eleo.; 4-SM C 36 > 

PB»., 10 trail paag., 99 fit. and 

can; 4elM). apd Sstm. looos. (Company 
dDe>s generalliBhtinBaridpoiRrbiuineflr * 


NEWPOBT. 30,472 (1015). 

- Local office. 449-45S Thames 



.'7 1 Rook St.. Fall River. Man. 
SecTrea*. AMgr. 

E. P. Go8lin_g ....Newp 

Audr. Alfred C. Hall " 

Pur. Agt. J. C. Earl McLennan . 
Engr. Pwr. Sta. 

G. Allied Eddy 

■M M.. C. L. SewJl . ..Porlamoi 
Ensr. M. of W.. Robert BrnlUy 

Vernon Avp. Car Barn. Newp 
Engr.Ovhd,Constr.G.W.Web8t«r " 

4d.c.G. £.106.112.1 ki": * a, c, t.. t 
ti>t. 2500 kw. 3 ph. ft) eys: 275 hp. e, ( 
E: 1900 hp.b. Bab. &W; 3B0O kw. stn 
turb. G. E: trans, volt. 2200 v; trollc 

Power aiae, at Thamei St.. Neopo 

Repair shop" at Tham"8 St.. Ncwpo 
and Vemnn Ave., Newport. 
22.2miW:4-S^f: £o motor pan.. 

I«18— Newport * ProildcDce By. f^ 

— Offloe. Newpjtt. (C.inn?ota New- 
pot. Middlatown. PortamoiKh and 

by ferry with N>:a Yarl 
* HartiiOfd B. R. to P 

Pres. Edward A. Brown Newport 

Tieaa. Geo. E. Macomber, Augusta, Me. 
8upt.A Pur. Agt. 

Geo. M. TowlB Nemort 

Energy purobaoed from Bay State 
Street Railway Co. 

Repair shops at Middlelown. 

■ " ' K 4-81^ g: 11 motor paai., 1 

.and 3 m 


(SeealaoMos.SOOa, a 
lOH — Prorldence A l 

Rhode 1 


Preaident JohnO. Amea Providenoa 


Theodore Franini Grean,. 
Sec. A Treas. 

)M— Prorldence A Danlelaon Br- 

(Leased to and now operated by the 
Rhode Island Co. ae the Danielaan 

lUI — Prorldence, Wkrren & Brti- 

tolB.B. Co.— Office. Room 22S, South 
StatJon, BoBlon. Masa. (This aectjon 

track hraoeb 
il. and from 

. . Providenoa 

, C. H. R;id ProTiiencB 

er sta. equip. 3 a. e. Weet. tot, 
w. 13.200 ft 2300 V. 3 ph. 25 oya; 
• " ■ ■ W.; 5250 kw. turb. 
nit. 13.200 v; trolley 

2400 hp. 
(atm.) W< 
»oU. 860 V. , 
Rhode Island Cc 

IT sta. and repair shi^w at Wai^ 

e bland Co. — Office, 
..Providence. (Owns 
jrrLllvillc St. Ry. Co., 

The leases with tbe Union R^road Co., ' 
Hy.Co. h ■ ■ ■ ■ 

rminated. but the 
are operating the lines under 
of the Court. Controls all 

ingtoD, Coventry, Warren, Central 
•ans. Warwick. E. Greenwich. Cum- 
erland, Lincoln, E. Providence. Bnr- 
.illville, Scituate. Foster. Danielson, 
Wickford, Peace Dale, Wakefield, 
West Warwick and NarTagansett Pier.{ 
,D._.,_ L_,j ,, Mear- "-'■'--- 


I. Theodore 

a A. ViaU, trus- 
d troUey lines. 

17,1014 1 
[Franlt H.^ 
. Theodore f 
'■ Green... 

Pnt.&Oan.MEr, A.E.PotMt. Provideooe 

Treaa. E.E. Worrall 

Compt. H. B. BbsltoB 

Supt.TruiBpt. K.K.AndeTson. 
Supt. {Northern Civ.) 

Frank H. Broun 

ClaiinAat.C.E. Redtem 

Oen, Fgt.Agt. A. E. Paddock ' 
Pur. Agt. 

J. H. Ssniord New Hnveo. Cono. 

Ch. Engr. H. W. Suiboni...FrDVidei]» 
Bupt.PwrALinw W.C.BIade. " 

Ch.EnBr.Pwr.Sla. D.P .Minor " 
Supt. of Equip. W.D.Wri«ht. " 

Bupt. Truik A. V. Gardiner. . * 

Power 9ta, EQuip. 2 d. c. G. E. Wpat. 
Cot. S0O0kff;2a. c.G.E. tot. 3000 kw. 
11,000 V. 3 ph. 25 cys; 7,080 hp.b. Bab. 
* W., Big. Homiby; 40.500 k» -In-, 
tilth. Weslg.p O. E; tranB. volt. 11,000 
Tjtrolley volt. 600 V. 
v: trolley volt. BOO v. 

lleilb^taa. l2 with buto. <ont.) tot. 
(«p, 23,100 kw; 2eror.,coin. 

Power Btk. at Eddy nnd Manchealei 
Ste., Pri.viiieiicB. R. I, 

Repair ehopa at Crsnaton Bt.. Arliog- 

tOD, & 1. 

Reaches Roger Williams Park .Cregcent 
Park, Hunt's MHla, Rooky Point and 

2nd m. t. and 2 mi. ad.)'; alio sti milai 
leased Total miles op^ra ed SM; 4-3>> 
■: 1015 motor pais., 33 trail pa s., 34 
■motor treight, 69 trail freight, ft motor 
eerrieeandSS (rail service can: 4 elec. 
loeos. *50 

IMS— The United TrMtloQ A Elec- 
ttle Co.— Office, Providente. R, I 
(Owns the Union Railroad Co., Paw- 
tucket St. Ry. Co. BDd the Rbode.Is- 
land Suburban Railway Co.. all ol 
which are aperat«d by Frank H. Hwan. 
T. F. Green and Z, W. Bliaa. Recvis 
of (he Rhode Island Co.) 

Reccjveii See. t Treagum 
Comehus 8. Sweetland ... .Providenoe 

Prea. Benjamin A. Jackion..,, " 

V. Pnn. Frank W. Mateaon... 

WAKEFIELD. 2.7»). 

IMSa— 9«* Tlev R. R. Co.— [Coo 
necu E. Greenwich, Wickford, Nar 
ragansett Pier and Wakefield.) (Leaeed 
to and operated by The Rhode Island 
Co. as its Sea View Div.) 
V.Preg. William A. VioU... .I^ovidence 
Sec, 4Trea», Theodore F. Green ■ 


WBSTEKLT. 10.17S (1015). 

(See No. lOS ) 

WOONSOCK8T. 4O.07.'>. 

(See Nox. 438 and 1052.) 


ANDERSON. 12,200 (IBie.) 

M— Southern Pnbllc DlUltlei C 

For general officers sec Chariot 

iRy.Dept. Thoa 
Piallte & Lines 

11a. c. West, G. E. tot. STSOkw. 2300 v 
3pb. 00 eye; 750 bp. b. W. A W; 1000 kw 
turb. (etm.) O. El 12.000 bp. lurb 

Power B 
Ihoals. , 


trooa. volt. 23.000— 

ly does geaerat light- 


_ (leased the Char... 

Conaol. Ry.. Gas A Elec. Co. foi 
years,) (Connects Cba>-1"..->n IT 
Navy Yard and No. Chi 


crested ii 

.) (The 
o., of 

Pres. P. H. Gadsden 

i Walton CUrk 
1401 Aroh St., 
PhilatUphis. Fa. 
C. M. Benedict . . CharleeioB 

Set , <j. W. Gurran PhiladelpluB, Pa. 

Aset. Bee. AAsst.Treae. 

M. C. C Tesaiei Cbarleaton 

Treae. I. W.Morris, 

1401 Aioh St., P 

Edw. C. Stathart . . 
Met, Stuart Cooper... 

Audr.C. J. Benai 

Gen, Supt. Ry, Dept, 

T,W. Poaaailaigue • 

Asst, Gen. Hupt. Ky. 

F A.BaUo- • 

Adjuster, E. G, Hasting. 

Pur. AeI. J.A.PeareoD. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Engr. C. M. Roavell Cbarleaton 

Ch. Eogr. Pwr. Sta. J.O.MoiHon ' 
Constr. Engr, L, V. Dawson. .Cbarleaton 
Supt, Equipment, F. H. Harris '■ 
En_er. Ovbd. Coutr. E. A, Foi 

Fowei <ta. euuip. 2 d. o. G. E, tot, 1000 
kw; 3 a. c, turbo-gen. G, E, tot. OOOO 
kw. Z300T. 3ph. BOoys;la.c. turbo.-gon. 
Wist. 5000 kw. 13,200 v, 3 ph. 80 eyai 
4eBShp,b, Franklin, Heine. B.AW.iQ.E. 
ft Westg,; trans, volt, 1 320&«aO0O-23O0 
v: trolley volt. 550 v. 

2 subatas, tot. cap, 1500 kw; Meeting 
St, eubsla,: 500 kw, mo.-«eB. oet; Fin 
Mile Bubata,; tot, 1000 kw, G. E, rot. 

Power Bta, at foot of Ctuubtte St. on 
Cooper River; rcservn plant and repair 
shops at Meeting A Foineett Bt«. 

Reaches Base Ball Park, Chioora Park. 
Naval RUtion and Hampton Park. 

38,53 miles (21,64 m, lat m. t,; 15,5/ 
mi, 2nd m, t.; 1.72 mi. sid.n 4-8^ g; 
m motor paaa,, 13 trail p^ise, and 5 motor 
service car* <23 motor and S trail oan 
out ol service,) (Company does nmaal 
lighting and power bueiaen aud eella 
eoeiEy to Charleston-Isle of Palm* Trae. 

Co.) *ao 

lOM— Chuleston-lile of Painu Tne- 

tliui Co.— Office. New Cbarlearloa 
Hotel Bide (Owns and operatei tlte 
,-.1....-.- ■-!- -'nalmiRv.. andOdtt- 

nd. the Qov- 
d the Ills of 

Prei. A Trees. Jamea Sol 

V,Pres„ Gen.Mgr, A Pur,Agt, 

Rec, Ijiwrence Pinckney 

Audr, E, H. Newton • 

Elec, Edit, A M, M, 

L, M. Freeman "• «—- — t 

Power >U, equip, 2 d. o, G, E. tot. 450 

kw;2 a. e. G. E. West, tot.22tikw. 2100 

V, a: A 3 ph. 60 eye; 1000 hp, a. H. F. * 




M; 1000 hp. b. H. F. & M.; trans, volt 
500-550 V. 

1 8ub-sta. cap. 600 kw; 2 G. E. rot. 

Power sta. at Sullivan's Island; sub-sta. 
at Mount Pleasant. 

Repair shops at Mount Pleasant. 

Reaches Isle of Palms (owned). 

9 miles; 4-83^ g; 11 motor and 11 other 
cars. •^IIO 

COLUMBIA. 34.611. (1916.) 

1057— Columbia Ky., Gas & Elec. 

Co. — Office, Columbia. (Formerly the 
Columbia Elec. St. Ry., Lt. & Pwr. 
Co.) (Connects New Brookland, Wav- 
erly, Shandon, North Columbia, Ridge- 
wood, Eau Claire, College Place and 
Shandon Annex.) Controls Camp 
Jackson . 

Pres. F. H. Knox Spartanburg 

V. Pres. & Ck>un8el 

J. B. S. Lyles Columbia 

Sec. R. Charlton Wright 

Asst S«c. L. F. Pearoe " 


Chas. M . Tew . . Arcade Bldg., ' 
Gen . Mgr. V. 8. Wright ... " 

Sec. to Gen. Mgr. W. C. Daligny • 

Supt. J. W. Spence * 

Claim Agt. C.P.Davis * 

Supt. Gas Dept. J.M.Steele * 

Elec. Engr. J. A. Hancock. * 

Asst. Elec. Engr. H. L. Sanders * 
Engr. Pwr. Sta. 

L.Hall Gervais St., * 

M.M., W.C.Devane, Car Bam ■ 

Power sta. equip. 6 d. c. G. E. tot. 2000 
kw; 11 a. c. G. E, Westg. tot. 2,500 kw. 
3350 V. 3 ph. 40 cys; 4000 hp. b. Stir.; 
5500 kw. stm. turb. G. E. Westg. trans, 
volt. 3300 v; trolley volt. 580 v. 

2 subnttas., 6 rot. conv. • 
Power stas. at Parr Shoals and Colum- 

Repair shops at Columbia. 

55 miles; 4-8 H s: 53 motor pass., 
12 trail pass, and 4 other motor cars. 
(Company does general lighting and 
power business.) ^20t 

GREENVILLE. 18.181 (1916). 
(See also No. 765.) 

1058— Southern Public UtUities Co.— 

Executive office, Charlotte, N C. 
V. Pres. & Aotg. Mgr. 

A.V. HarriU. Greenville 

Supt. W. R. ChiUress 

Claim Agt. Luther Guy * 

Engr. M.of W., S. J.Estes... • 

Energy purchased from Greenville- 
Carolina Pwr. Co.; 3 rot. conv. West, 
G. E. tot. 1100 kw; trans, volt. 13,000 v; 
trolley v. 600 v. 

Repair shops at East Broad St., Green- 

Reaches and owns Dukeland Park. 

14.23 miles; 4-8)^ g; 23 motor pass, oars 
and 1 other motor car. (Company does 
lighting business.) 


SPARTANBURG. 21,365 (1916). 

1060— South Carolina Lt., Pwr. &, 
Rys. Co. — Office, West Main Street. 
((Jonnects Spartanburg, Saxon, East 
Spartanburg, Glendale and Clifton. ) 

Pres. Philip G. Gossler 

62 Cedar St.. New York, N. Y. 

W . Pres. & Gen. Mgr. 
George B Tripp Spartanburg 

Sec. & Treas. J. J. Thames, Jr. 

62 Cedar St., New York, N. Y. 

Asst. Treas. A. S. JoUjr. . . .Spartanburg 

Supt. Ry. B. A. Buckheister. * 

Gen. Supt. J. H. Axtell • 

Power sta. equip. 3 d. c. G. E. West. 

tot. 600 kw; 6 a. c. Q. B. AUia-C tot. 

12,750 kva. 8200 ▼. 3 ph. 00 cys; 0000 kw. 

turb. (stm.) G. E; 2400 hp. b. Bab. & W; 
16,000 hp. wtr. wh. Smith, Allis-C trans, 
volt. 33,000 V. 3 ph. 60 cys.; trolley volt. 
620 V. 

Power stas. (steam i^lant) at Spartan- 
burg and (hydro-electric plants) at Gas- 
ton Shoals, 99 Island. 

Repair shops at East Spartanburg. 

21 miles; 4-83^ g; 21 motor pass, and 2 
trail pass. cars. (Company does general 
lighting and power business.) -^50 


ABERDEEN. 11,846 (1915). 

1061— Aberdeen Railroad Co. (Suc- 
cessor to Aberdeen Ry. Co.) Office, 
Aberdeen. (Connects Aberdeen and 
Pres., Gen. Mgr. & Pur. Agt. 

Chas. A. Howard Aberdeen 

V. Pres. W. D. Swain * 

Treas.A. L.Ward * 

Sec.S.C.Hedger * 

Audr. C. H. Youngman * 

Atty. Chas. N. Harris * 

Supt. &Ch .Engr. A.F.McQuillan ■ 
Asst. Supt. Frank J. Biskup .... " 

M. M., Geo. S. Benton • * 

Power sta. equip. 2 d. c. G. E. tot. 200 
kw. Energy also purchased from Aber- 
deen Light & Power Co.; trans, volt. 2300 
v; trolley volt. 550 v. 
Repair shops at No. First St., Aberdeen. 
Reaches Wylie Park, under manage- 
ment of Aberdeen Park Board. 

5.85 miles; 4-8H g; 10 motor pass, and 

2 trail pass, cars, 1 other motor car; 

snow plow. 60 

DEADWOOD. 3,653. 

1062 — Chicago, Burlington & Quln- 

cy R. R. Co.— Offi(fe8. 547 West Jack- 
son Blvd., Chicago, 111. and 10th & 
Famam Sts., Omaha, Neb. (Steam 
road now operating by electricity, 
branch between Dead wood. Lead and 

Pres. Hale Holden Chicago, 111. 

Asst. Treas. C.J. Ernst.. . .Omaha. Neb. 
fC. G. Burnham.. •' 

V Pr««*^ JE. P. Bracken.... " 
V.Prests.^g^ & Treas. 

I T. S. Howland " 

Audr. H. D. Foster Chicago, 111. 

Gen. Mgr. 

G. W. Holdrege Omaha, Neb. 

Asst. Gen. Mgr. 

W. F. Thiehofif " 

Supt. G. L. Griggs Alliance, Neb. 

Asst. Supt. Trans. 

O. E. Pearson Omaha, Neb. 

Pur. Agt. L. N. Hopkins. . .Chicago, 111. 
Gen. Pass. Agt. 

L. W. Wakeley Omaha, Neb. 

Gen. Fgt. Agt. 

F. Montmorency * 

Chief Engr. 

A. W. Newton Chicago, 111. 

Asst. Chief Engr. 

F. T. Darrow Lincoln, Neb. 

Elecl. Engr. J. E. Gardner. .Chicago, III. 
M. M., G. E. Johnson Alliance, Neb. 

Energy purchased from Consolidated 
Lt. & Pwr. Co. 

Repair shops at Deadwood. 

Reaches McDonald Park, Deadwood 
and City Park, Lead. 

4 miles; 3 g; 3 motor and 2 trail cars. 


SIOUX FALLS. 35,000. (1919.) 

lots— Sioux Falls Traction System. 

—Office, 415 No. Main Ave., Sioux 

Pres.db Gen.Mgr. F.M.MiUs. Sioux Falls 
IstV. Pres. A. C. Mills * • 




2d V.Pres.,Sec.,Trea8. Audr. 

& CI. & Pur. Agt.R.C.MillsSioux FaUs 
Supt., Ch.Engr. & Supt.Ovhd . 

Constr. John K. Gibson. . . '^ 

M.M., John?. Dake " 

Engr. M. of W. 

William Adams * " 

Energy purchased from Northern 
States Power Co.; trolley volt. 550 v. 

Repair shops and car barns at 415 No. 
Main St. 

Reaches Sherman, McKennan, Lake and 
Lein's Tower and Liberty Parks. 

16 miles; 4-8H g; 20 motor pass, and 
2 other oars. ^50 


BRISTOL. 7,148. 

1064— Brtstol Traction Co.~Office, 
Bristol. (Operates in Bristol and ex- 
tends to Bis Creek . ) (The Holston Val- 
ley Ry. (fonnorly controlled) has been 
electrified and is now consolidated witb 
and operated as part of the Brist' I 
Traction Co.) (On Sept. 15, 1917. 
property purchased by B. L. Dulaney 
and associates. Service has been sus- 
pended.) (Road dismantled, Dpp 

I^'ve»{ J^^p DuUn^y i,- • : • • ■ Brijtol 

Pres., B. L. Dulaney 4th St., * 

Sec. Treas. & Audr. 

Wm. E. Eberhart, Jr « 

Energy purchased from Bristol Gas & 
Elec. Co. 

Repair shops at Bristol. 

Reaches amusement park at Big Creek 

15.30 milos; 4-8H si; 12 motor and 

2 freight cars. 19t 

CHATTANOOGA. 66,075. (1916.) 

1065 — Chattanooga By. & Lt. Co.— 

Office, Hamilton Bk. Bldg. (Consoli- 
dation of the Chattanooga Rys. Co. 
and the Chattanooga Elec, Co.) (Owns 
entin^ capital stock of Lookout Mtn 
Ry. Co., (not included in receiver- 
ship) which controls through own- 
ership of all securities, Lookout In- 
cline Ry. Co.) (Connects Chattanooga, 
East Lake, St. Elmo, Alton Park, Ross- 
ville, Lookout Mtn., Hill City, Boycc 
and Misbion Ridge, Tonn., and Dodge, 
Ga. ) (Controlled by the Tennessee Ry . 

Reoeivors \ fX/GiahTm.;. ''"'**S°'"'^ 
Pres. CM. Clark, 

321 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

i&Gen. Mgr. 
B. C. TCd'^'ar.. Chattanooga 
H. L. Clark, Phikdelphia, Pa 
Sec. & Treas. Ci. L. Kstabrook 

321 Chestnut St., « 
AsHt. Src. & Asst. Ireas. 

C. Wright Chattanooga 

Gen.Supt.K. D. ]N'ed ... 
Asst.Cien.Supt. H.Ji.Whiteman " 
Supt . li y . J . n . Andcrn* »n . . " 

Claim Agt . B . D . Ha.-kin.s . 
Pur. Agt. W. A. Boyles. ... *• 

Ch. f:nj:r. Pwr. Sui. 

E. C. Willi;.ni8';n " 

Engr.M. of W., R.C.Morrison * 
KvrT. ( 'vhd. Constr. W. .1. Hill * 

Power sta. equip.: 1 d. c. Westg. 1000 
kw; 6 a. c. G. E. tot. 4000 kw. 2300 v. 

3 ph. 60 cys; 1400 hp. e. H. C; 2686 hp. 
b. Bab. & W; 4000 kw. (stm.) turb. G.E.; 
trolley volt. 650 v. Energy also pur- 
chased from Tennessee Power Co. 

Power sta. at Clift St. 

Repair shops at 3rd & Market Sts. 

69.31 miles; {-Hlu g; 80 motor and 12 
other cars. (Company docs lighting and 
power business.) ^70 

1066 — Chattanooga Traction Co.— 

Office, James Bldg., Chattanooga. 
(Connects Chattanooga, Signal Moun- 
tain and Red Bank and intermediate 

Pres. C. E. James Chattanooga 

V. Pres., Gen. Mgr., Pur. Agt. 
ifeCh.Enfijr., W.T.James * 

Sec. D. F. Bickman * 

Treas, John L. Davies * 

Supt. C. A. Comer. .North Chattanooga 

Ch. Engr. Sub. Sta. 

H. W. Hodgkins 

M. M., Wm. Raines * 

Engr. M. of W. 

W.J.Blackburn " 

Energy purchased from Chattanooga A 

Tenn. River Pwr. Co.; trans, volt. 6600 

v; trolley volt. 600 v; 1-300 kw. G. E. 

conv; 1-500 kw. G. E. conv; 1-500 

West^. conv. 

Repair shops at No. Chattanooga. 
20 miles; 4-8H s; H motor and 9 other 

cars. 70 

1067 — Lookout Mountain By. Co. an4 
Lookout Incline By. Co.— Office, 
Hamilton Nat'l Bank Bld^., Chat- 
tanooga, Tenn. (Operates incline to 
Lookout Mountain. Connects St. 
Elmo, Chattanooga and Tx>okout 
Mountain.) (Owned by Chattanooga 
Ry. (feLt. Co.) 

Pres. C. M. Clark ... Philadelphia. Pa. 

V.Pres. B. C. Edgar Chattanooga 

Sec. & Treas. 
G. L. Estabrook. .Philadelphia, Pa. 

Asst. Sec. & Asst. Treas. 
C. Wright Chattanooga 

Gen. Mgr. E.D. Reed 

Supt. H. L. Harbin 

Claim Agt. B. D. Haskins. . 

Pur. Agt. W. A. Boyles. . . . 

Elec! Engr. E.C.Williamson 

Engr.M.of W., R.C.Morrison 

Energy purchased from Chattanooga 

Ry. & Lt. Co.; trans, volt. 6600 v; troUey 

volt. 550 V. 

10.795 miles; 4-83^ g; 12 motor and 2 
other cars. 70 

1068— Tennessee By., Lt. & Pwr. Co.— 

Office, 321 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, 
Pa. (Holding company and owns 
practically all of the common and pre- 
ferred stocks of the Chattanooga Ry. A 
Lt. Co.; common stock of the Nashville 
Ry. & Lt. Co.; and capital stock of the 
Tennessee Pwr. Co. of Chattanooga.) 
(Under the management of E. W. 
Clark & Co. Management Cornn., 
Philadelphia, Pa. and Columbua, Oluo.) 

Pres. C. M. Clark... Philadelphia, Pa. 

V Prp«f« i^eo-K Haidy, NewVork.N.Y. 

V.Prests.^E.W .Clark. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Sec. & Treas. G .L. Estabrook. . ■ 

Asst. Sees. [W. L. Lament ' 

and {Jacob Hekma, * 

Asst. Treasrs.l New York, N. Y. 

Clerk Wm. M. Bradley Portland, Me. 



106»— Cltlsens By. Co.— Office. Clarks- 
ville. (Successor to Clarksville A EKm- 
bar Cave Ry. Co.) 

Pres. & Gen. Mgr. 
W. E. Beach Clarksville 

V.Pres. John J. Conroy 

Sec. S. Newberger 

Treas. C.W. Bailey 

Audr. R. B. Broster 

Supt. Allen Harris 

^ Energy purchased from Ky . Public Ser- 

Vie© C*o 

Repair shops at 10th St., Clarksrille. 
5.5 miles; 4-8H g; 4 motor oars. AM 

GAIliATDf. 2300. 
. (See No. 1076.) 


Heaohes and owns Chilhowee and 

Fountain Oity Parks. 

(See Nq. 1070.) 

M.7n miloa {30.16 mi- let p., t„ 13.35 

■ni^nd m. t , 2.2r, mi. aid.) Total miles 

JAcmtON. IS .SOU (i9ie) 

3H trail pass., and 10 motor service oaraj 

lait— Jackaon Bj. A Lt. Co.— Gen- 

(Company does liehting.) *SQ 

eral offloe, Chogtgr's Levee, jBck.iun 

urbBE St. R. R. Co.) (ConnsMe Jack- 


nun k Hlcksvilh.) 

(Sec No, 1087.) 

Pr™. C, E. Claggstt Louiaville, Ky , 



MEMPHIS. 14S,9S6 (1916). 

Seo. Gw. W. Lewis 

'•ST^srwl.^. IS-bS; 

Audr. H. R. Bland Jnckaon 

Ave. {ConaeotB Memphis and Lake 

View, Misa.) 

John ViBdom '"..,.' 

Pres. A Gen. >Igr. 

<^iS"c.S.T:'-'»-;,„ • 

T H.Tutwiler Memphi. 

V.Pr™. Luke E. Wright -^ 


Seo. & Treaa. L. Lemay 


tot- 2350 kw, 2M10 * aSOQ V. 3 ph. 6(1 oys; 

144B hp. b. Vogt, Bab.dW; 1225 liw. 

n,B3 miles: i-SH B\ * cars. 50 

«,m. turb Ailis-d.. PsBona trans, volt 

2S0TV.: Imlleyvolt.ESOT. 

Power Bta. and repair shops at Seuth 

"K!t'^n%a^ ?7e, ^Co-^SoISi 

Rin-al St, 

7.25 rail™. 4-aH K: IS motor paaa. and 

by the A™""'^^- Cities Co.. New York, 

1 motor aervioo car. (CooipBny <lon» 

Receivers^ T. 11, Tutwilcr,,..Mamphia 

general lighting and power bu=incas.) 


iFrankS-BUin ■■ 

V. Pres, Luke E. Wright ° 


Aa«i, Audr. W.T, Brown: :'.'.'-'. ' 

Gsn. Supt. E. W. Furd ' 

neots Johnson City and Carneiie.) 

Claim Agt.CB, Proctor 

Pea, Thad A. Coi Johnson City 

Pur, A«t. W.N, Ford ; 

V, Pres, M. H. MerrlU. . .BoBtgn.MaB, 
Treas, R. F. Tucker, 

Ch, Engr, J- H. Hayhiw ' 

EnKr,Pwr.ata-J.W:McQ.rty, ■ 

50 Stale St.. Boeton. Mass, 

Ch. En«r, Pwr. Sto, 

Waller Wsgner 

Snpt, ol E.iuia- 4 Ovhd. Lines 
A D, Miwiorlar 

Roadmaster.T.M. Gorman... ' 
Power Sla. equip. 7 d. c. G- B. & Walk- 

er tot. 8800 kw; 13,fiOO hp. e. Alli*-C, ft 
Penn; 7820 hp.b. Bab- & W, Stir; trans. 


Power Bta. equip. 2 k o, G, E. tot. 050 

kw. 3ph.60i;ya:500np^H. Allia-C; 900 
hp. h. C. & Z, Bob. & W; 500 kw. Mm. 

R^r shop, at Walnut St. * Beale 

turb. G. E; trans, volt. 23Q0 v; trolley 

* Kracbes East End, Overton an.i River- 

Pownr Btn. and repair shops at Roan 
Bl., Johnson City, 

Reaches National Soldiers' Home. 

aids Parks and Tri-SlatH Fair Grounds. 
130 4 mile.; *^H g; 278 motor pa«.. 

M trail, paas,, 1 Igt, and 35 semoe Da^ 

6 milPs; 4-8M b; IS motor pus. and 

BothBrmol^rears. *1I9 

NASHVILLE. 117.057 (1919) 

K\:>XVII.I.F.. S0,00i). 

leiB— Union Trae. Co.— Office, 3az 

Sacoad AVH„ No, Nashvilk. (Suocee- 

Co.— Office, S2fl South Gay St, (C^u- 
naots Knniville aad Fountain City,) 
Conlr^Ued by the Amerioan Cities Co. 

aor to all the properties. riKhts and 

tcrurban Ry.) (Connects Naahville 

with Gallatin, ) 


Pros, H, H, Corson Nashville 

V. Prai. John Bell,, ..... 

Gen. Mgr. L. C. Connell 

Pros,* Gen.Mgr, C,H,Harvsy Knoxvillc 

Ener^ puruha«^ from Nashville Ry. t 

V, Proa. W. 3. Shields 

Lt. Co-; 4 IransF. G. E. lol- 201 kva. 

See. d: Treaa. C. J. FlemiD«. .. 

2300-10.000 v: Trans, volt. IH.OOO v.. 

Andr. C. A, BrittBs ... 

Supl. Ry.T. C.Selly 

3 ph. 00 cys; trJioj-voll. 6),)v. 
SubHrta. cap, 000 kw; 2 rot. ncnv. 


8ub-sta- and reptur sbops at HeDde> 

Pur, Ael, J,E. l,ebo«.. . , 


^■JT„'STo'^c.m^-: : 

27.05 miles; 4-8«g; 6 motor cars. *M 

Engr, Maint, ol Way. F-J.Joaea " 

M, M,. J. M, Kington 

inT—NwiliTlUe Intmarban »j.— 

Office. 5^3 Broadway. -Vashvilk'. (Con- 

""i'D''3^""'- . ■ 

Power Bta, equip, 5 a, b, G, £. A111»C. 

Pres. ifc Treaa. 

tot, esrm kw, 2300 V. 3 ph. eO cys; 1000 
hp- B- Hoover, Owens, Enj.. Ham; 3900 

John H. Cari»Dt«r Nuhvilhi 

^.b. Bab.* W.,Stir;« turb. 

AnJr. W. H. P.irrinh, Jr ■ 

Oeu, Mcr, k Pur, Agt, 

Titrelley ..ili', B^iSO v. ' 

Meadi Frierson 

lsub,BtB.eap ll>00kw;5rc.t,«,ov- 

9upl,E. C.Shwkl..y 

Enerajr puruhased from Nashville Ry,, 





Sub-Btas. at Brentwood and Franklin. 

19.3 miles; ^SH s; 4 pass, and 2 fgt. 

can; 1 eleo. looo. 50 

107S— NashTllle Ry. & Lt. Co.^f- 

fice, 605 Church St. (Absorbed the 

Cumberland Elec. Lt. & Pwr. Co. 

(Controlled by the Tennessee Ry., Lt. 

A Pwr. Co.) 
Pres. C. M. Clark 

321 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
V. Pres. & Gen. Mgr. 

B. C. Edgar Nashville 

Sec. & Treas. G. L. Estabrook, 

321 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Asst. Sec. & Asst. Treas. 

^ B. F. Manning Nash\'ille 

Gen. Supt. J. P. W. Brow-n « 

Aast. Gen. Supt. Jas. E. Cameft.. " 

Supt. Ry. H. A. Davis « 

Claim Agt. Kinney Harman « 

Pur. Agt. H . B. Stubblefield .... " 
Elec. & Mech. Engr. H. H. Bailey • 
Ch. Engr. Pwr. Sta. 

W.E.CampbeU «, 

M. M., Geo. Swint • * 

Engr.M.ofW.,H.C.Benagh.. " 

Power sta. equip. 1 d. c. G. E. 1600 
kw; 4 a. c. turbo-gen. G. E. tot. 15.500 
kw. 2300 V. 3 ph. 60 cys; 1600 kw. e. Int. 
Pwr. Co; 7940 hp. b. Bab. A W; trans. 

120,000-19,000-13,200 v; trolley volt. 
600 V. 

3 sub-stas. tot. cap. 12,000 kw; 4 rot. 

Reaches Glendale Park (owned by com- 
pany), Centennial Park and Shelby Park 
(owned by city). 

100.27 miles; 4-8H g: 214 motor 
pass., 23 trail pass, and 15 other oars. 
(Company does general lighting and 
power business.) 119 

1079— Nashville Trac. Co.— Office, 150 
Fourth Ave. N., Nashville. (Oper- 
ates in Nashville and reaches suburbs.) 

Pres. W. O. Palmer Nashville 

V. Pres. C. M. Crawford « 

Sec. & Treas. 
P. V. Burington Columbus, O. 

Audr. S. O. Wright Nashville 

Gen. Mgr., Pur. Agt. & Ch. Engr. 
G. B. Howard « 

Supt. E. N. Woolard « 

Claim Atty. 
W. E. Steger. . . Steger Bldg., • 

Elec. Engr. J . B . Mullins " 

Energy purchased; trolley volt. 550 v. 

d. c. 

4.5 miles constructed; 4-8H g; 3 motor 

cars. (System will have about 25 miles of 

track when completed.) 129t 


ABILENE. 14,238 (1916). 

1089— Abilene St. By. Co. — Office, 

126 Cypress St., Abilene. 

Road sold to Henry James & George 
L. Paxton of Abilene. 
Supt. D. Coker Abilene 

Energy purchased from Abilene Gas & 
Elec. Co., 3 ph. 60 cys. 

Repair shops at Second & Dall Sts. 

4.75 miles; 4-8H g; 4 motor cars. 
Operation suspended following a fire; 
may be resumed in future. 


AUSTIN. 34,814 (1916). 

1089— Austin Street By. Co.— Office, 

Scarborough Bldg., Austin. 
Pres. & Gen. Mgr. W. J. Jones. .Austin 
V. Pres. F. H. Watriss 

1 K . 60th St. , New York , N . Y . 
Sec.f&JSupt. Claims D. A. Bush. .Austin 

Treas.lE.fP.lWilmot " 

Asst. Sec. Guy P.lGannett, Augtista, Me. 
Aaat.Treas.Geo.K.Macomber • 

Supt. Transpt. Chas. Inc Austin 

Asst. Supt. Transpt. Geo.Milton. ' 
Elec. Engr. 

Edw. Chisholm • 

M. M., W. H. Tucker • 

Supt. M. of W., W. H. Burdett. . • 

Power sta. equip. 3 d. e. O. E. West. 
tot. 1350 kw; 805 hp. e. Mol. A S, Ran- 
kin, Fitch; 875 hp. b. Bab. AW; 1000 Im. 
stm. turb. West; trans, and trolley volt. 
550 V. 

Power sta. and repair shops at Presder 

22 miles; 4-8H g; 46 motor and 2 work 
cars. 50 

BEAUMONT. 40.422 (1020). 

1083— Beaumont Traction Co. — OflSce 
Terminal Bldg., Beaumont. (Se- 
curities owned by the Kasterm Texas 
Elec. Co. which see for general officers.) 
Mgr . Alfred F. Townsend. . . . Beaumont 
Supt.Transp. J. P. Morton. .. " 

M. M., J. E. Gallaher • 

Repair shops at 796 Irving Ave. 
13.5 miles; 4-8H g; 36 motor can. 128 

1084 — Eastern Texas Dee. Co. — (Owns 

the securities of the Beaumont Tiaotian 
Co., Jefferson County Tractiott Co., 
Beaumont Elec. Lt. i Pwr. Co., Port 
Arthur Lt. & Pwr. Co. and Port Ajrthnr 
Ice A Refrigerating Co.) (Owns and 
operates the street Railway system in 
Beaumont; the interurban railway be- 
tween Beaumont and Pott Arthur (20 
miles); the entire electric lisht and 
power business in Beaumont and Port 
Arthur; and an ice and refriseratiii( 
plant in Port Arthur.) 

Charles F. W. Wetterer, Boston, Mass. 

Sec. George A. Peiroe " . •• 

Treas. Henry B. Sawyer.. .. " " 

Gen. Mgrs. 

Stone & Webster, Inc. 

147 Milk St " •• 

Mgr. A. F. Townsend Beaumont 

Supt. Rys. J. H. Russell " 

Pur. Agt. H. C. Morrow. 

Claim Agt. L. C. Sin^eton. . . . 

Supt. Pwr. Stas. 
Joseph Bowers, Jr Port Artlrar 

Ch. Engr. F. C. Taylor Beaumont 

M. M.. H. C. Presslar 

Roadmaster, P. Cannon •• 

Engr. Ovhd. Constr., 

H. E. Brauning •• 

BEAUMONT PWR. STA.— 8 a. c. 

West. tot. 3200 kw. 2300 v. 3 ph. 60 oys; 

1 d. G. West. 300 kw. 500 v; 4 mo-sen. 

West tri. tot. 500 kw. 125 v.; 3 mo-aen. 

G. E. tot. 1100 kw. 600 & 1200 v: 475 

hp. e. Cor; 4100 hp. stm. turb. West: 

2200 hp, b. Stir. Bab. & W. 


—3 a. c. G. K. West. tot. 1800 kw. 2300 

V. 2 ph. 60 cys; 3 mo-gen. tot. 700 kw. 

600 & 1200 v; 1500 hp. b. Stir. Bab. 4 

W; 2445 hp. stm. turb. G. E., West. 

1 a c. AlUs-C, 4000 kw. 6600 v. 2 ph. 

60 cys; 1800 hp. b. Bab. & W; 6462 |p. 

stm. turb. Allis-C. 

Power stas. at Beaumont and Port 

Arthur, tot. cap. 9300 kw. 

Repair shops and car house at Irving; 

Ave., Beaumont. 

32.7 miles; 4-8^ g; 51 motor pass., -4 

trail pass, and 3 other cars. A 60 

BBOWNSyHXE. 13.163 (1916). 

1085— Brownsville Street * Inters 
urban Railroad Co. — Office, 1101 

Elizabeth St. 

Pros. Jas. A . Browne % . . Brownsville 

^ .Pres., Audr. & Gen. Mgr. 

D. A. O'Brien • 

f <<& Treas. A. W.Wood... ■ 

EaeTEy purchssed froi 
Elee. Lt. A Wtr. Wlu. 
3^1 mLlfa; 4-8H Ki 2 « 

_ J. B. WBlker. 

Audr. W. R. Bunu 

Pur. Agt. H . B. FiBher 

Supt. C. A, Swanson 

--'- '-.P. lUddick... 

ic, George 1. Ptun 

1M«— Bnan * Centnl Tciu later- 
HTbmkr.Co.— Offios.Biyan. (Con- 
nects Bryan, Stone Cto, PiitahridKe, 

ine City, Piltnl 
Bud Wilcot.l 

Mgr. for Recv. A Ch. 

L. M. LeviosoB.... 
Audr. ASec. E.Loftii 

27 .2 mllta: 4-«H r. 
fi ateun uid 9 otner 
by etnm tor Irrrigbt » 

«■». (Operates 

1087— Brran A College Int«rurban 

mj. Co.— Offioe, Bryan. IConnmU. 
Bryan, Hill Crest, TJnioo Hill and 
College SUtion.) 


N. Fenn 









■ Ag 

. .Elm & F 

J. L. Bn 

T'i. B . 

Eaeray purcnaaod 

kSU., ' 

i Ovhd 

1 baliu'Pirr. A 

J V. 

Lt Elm A Peak 8u. 

^« >'""''■-""'*!!! 

Sou tbwes tern Trac- 
tion Co.— 3d floor, Garten Bld(. 
(ConnecM Dallaa, Cemoot City .living. 
Grand Prairie, Mansfield, Alv&rado. 
Cleburne and Glen Hoee.) 

rei. E, P. Tunwt Ddl« 

It V.Prea.Bwn P.Coohran .. 

i V. Pies. Jobn L. Cleveland, .Clebunw 

See. *Trea<. J. E. Baaeett DaUaa 

J. J. Carter ' 

Ch. Engr. Jobn T . Witt 

- - J. N.Jnner 

& Lt . ^"."^Road contracttd (rem 
to Itvinti via Eagle Ford aoi froi 

I Eagle 

ss.AGen. Mgr. J .Howard Power. 1 

F. B. Dunlap . 
Supt. W.H. Beard. 
Cb, EoEr. AEngr. 

COBFUa CBEISTI. 10.433 flHlBl 

IKl Corpus Cbrlid ky. A Lt. Co.- 

Office. 410 Starr St.. Corpua Cliristi 
(Buccensor to Corpus Chriali 9t. A li 

ReeeiverR.U.Culbereon Hourto 

Pres. John Gribbel. . . .Phihdelphia. Pp 

Johns. Hendem 

Itn— D»llM street By. €».— Offioe, 
500 F rat Bank Bldg., Dallas. 

res. J. H. Miller Waishgohw 

. P«j. A. C. Moaer Dallai 


Ob. Engr. W. E. Brook* 

Power s(a, equip. 1 d. o. G, E. ISO 
kw; 4 a. e, G.T:. ^^t. W. W«t tot. S.M 
kva, 2,300 V. 2 ph. 90 oys: BM lip, ■ 
Diesel Bokye. Ball; 1200 £p. h- .StirTiiig. 
Mur Bckyc: trans, volt. 2300 v; tr-.llpy 

DALLAS. I24.52T (IfllO). 

IW. B. Eoad.. 


IMT— Texas 

— oi, lnW._ 

Ry.— Office, 7tb 
Mg (Owns and 

. Co. Open 



, Dallas 

[ 245.47 ro 

trance into Dallas, is lesaed). also iooal 

aad Waeo consisting of 33,98 milM of 
track. Enters Dallasover tracks ofThe 
Dallaa Ry .Co. under trackage oootraot. 
Northern (Brminua: Deniaon, Grayaon 
County; Bouthern termini: Waeo. 
McLennan County and Coraicana. 
Navarro County.) 

■res.J. F.Strickland Dallu 

Mgr. Burr Martin. • 

::aldir ■ 

i.Agl. Jae.P.Oriffln, * 
■, CThompsm " 

s. C.E.( 

!. A Gen. Claii 



A.J. Bush, Jr 

Supt. of Pwr. H. L. Inonm. . , . 
Fur. Engt. A. D. BrinkerholT. . 
Ant. Pur. Act. C. F. MoAuliff . . 



Supt. of Equip . W. Silvus Dallas 

jl__d fT. J.O'Conner " 

Energy purchased from Texas Pwr. & 
Lt. Co.; trans, volt. 33,000 v; trolley volt. 
1200-600 V. single trolley catenary 
suspension. , 

Repair shops at Dallas and Waco.; 
■ 14 sub-stas. 

269.47 miles owned, total miles oper- 
ated 279.45; 4-8)4 g; 190 interurban. 40 
motor pass. 20 trail pass. 3 parlor, 9 motor 
exp. & bagg. 7 trail, ezp. and bagg. 67 
city pass., 4 work &line and ballast, flat 
and other cars. Owns terminal at Deni- 
son, Corsioana, Waco and Dallas. ^60 

DEBnSON. 14.779. 
(See No. 1097.) 

EL PASO. 61,902 (1916). 

IIM— El Paso Elec. Ry. Co.— Address, 
P. O. Box 431; office 202 Martin Bldg. 
(Controls and operates El Paso & Jua- 
res Trao. Co. ; operates in El Paso and 
a line to Juarez, Mex.) (Securities 
owned by the El Paso Elec. (I)o.) 
Pres. Marshall M. Finney, 

147 Milk St., Boston. Mass. 
V. Pros. Jason C. Leighton . " 

Sec. George A. Peirce " 

Treas. Henry B. Sawyer " 

Asst. Treas. 

Robert O. Himel El Paso 

Gen. Mgr. Alba H. Warren " 

Asst. Mgr. Luke C. Bradley, 

1111 Scanlon Bldg., Houston 

Ry. Supt. Alves Dixon El Paso 

Pur. Agt. E. R. Fontaine « 

Claim Agt. Chas. A, Braun " 

Gen. Fgt. & Pass. Agt. R.A.Gill. 
Ch. Engr. Chas. T.earmouth.. . , " 

Ltg. Supt. J. L. Alexander " 

Elec . & Signal Engr . J . B . White . " 

M M., J. E. Lawless •* 

Power sta. equip. 1 d. c. West 200 kw; 
6 a. c. G. E. AUis-C. tot. 10,500 kva 
2300 V. 2 ph. 60 cys; 300 hp. e. McE., 
6290 hp. b. Bab. & W. Stir. A. <fe T: 
10,500 kw. turb. (stm.) G. E. AUis-C; 
trans, volt. 22,000 & 6600 v.; trolley 
volt. 600 V. 

2 sub-stas. tot. cap. 2400 kw; 5 mo-gen. 

Power stas. at Santa Fe A 4th Sts. 

Repair shops at Cotton & Olive Sts. 

Reaches Washington Park. 

41.73 miles (33 72 mi. 1st m. t., 5.96 
mi. 2nd m. t., 2.05 mi. sid.); 4-8^ g; 82 
motor pass. 6 trail pass. 3 motor service 
and 2 trail service cars. (Company does 
general lighting & Power business in EI 
Paso, Tex. and Jaurez, Mex.) "kdO 

1101— Rio Grande Valley Traetlon 

Co. — Address, P. O. Box 431; office, 

202 Martin Bldg., El Paso. (Connects 

El Paso and Ysleta.) (Controllo<l by 

El Paso Elec. Ry. Co.) 
Pres. Marhsall M. Phinney 

147 Milk St BoHton, Mass. 

Sec. Hollis T. Gleason 

TrA.«« /Jason C Loighton " 

^'®*^\ Henry B. Sawyer 

Asst. Treas. K. O. Himel Kl PaHO 

Gen. Mgr. Alba H. Wnrren 

Dist. Mgr. Luke C. Pradlev. 

1111 Scanlon Bid;;., Houston 

Supt. H. S. Potter El Paso 

Pur. Agt. E. R. Fontaine • 

Supt. Alves Dixon 

Claim Agt. Chas. A. Pranii .. 
Oen.Fgt. & Pass.Agt. R. A. Gill. « 
Ch. & Elec. Engr. & Ent^r." 

Ovhd. Constr. J. B. While . 
Ch. Engr. Pwr. Sta. 

Chas. Learmouth '* 

M. M., J. E. Lawless *• 

Energy purchased from El Paso Elec. 
Ry. Co.; 1 mo-gen. West. 300 kw. 2200 v; 
trans, volt. 22.000 v; trolley volt. 600 v. 

Sub. sta. (tot. cap. 300 kw.) at West 

Repair shops at Cotton & Olive Sts. 

Reaches Washington Park. 

9.81 miles owned (9.34 mi. 1st. m. t.. 
0.47 mi. sid.) ; also 7.01 miles trackage 
rights. Total miles operated 16.82: 
4-8i g; 4 motor pass. cars. it50 

ll©2— El Paso Electric Co.— Office 
147 Milk St. , Boston, Mass. (Owns the 
securities of El Paso Electric Ry. Co.. 
El Paso & Juarez Traction Co. and 
Rio Grande Valley Traction Co. which 
companies do the entire electric rail- 
way, electric lighting and power 
ness in El Paso, Tex., and Juarez. 
Mexico, and operate an electric 
railwav between £l Paso and Ysleta). 

Pres.Marshall M. Phinney, Boston, Mass. 

V.Pres. Joseph Remick. . . * 

Sec. George A. Peirce. ... * 

Treas. Henry B. Sawyer. . * 

Gen. Mgrs. 

Stone & Webster, Inc.. . " 

Power sta. equip.: 2 d.c. West. tot. 200 

kw. 575v; 6 a. c. G. E. Allis-C. tot. 




AllisC; trans, volt. 22,000 and 6600 v; 

trolley volt. 575 v. 
Power sta. and repair shops at El Paso. 
Companies controlled own 51.^ miles 

(43.06 mi. 1st. m.t., 5.96 mi. 2nd m.t., 

2.52 mi. sid.) ; operate 50.79 miles: 4-8^ g.: 

86 motor pass., 6 trail pasf., 8 motor 

service and 2 trail service cars. irbO 

FORT WORTH. 104.562 (1916). 

IIOS— Northern Texas Trac. Co. — 

Office, 400 Main St, (Operates in Ft. 

Worth; also an interurban lihe connect- 
ing Ft. Worth, Handley, Arlington, 

Dalworth, Grand Prairie and Dallas.) 

(Controlled by Northern Texas Elec. 

Pres. Charles F. W. Wetterer 

Poston, Mass. 
1st. Vice Pres. 

Jason C. Leighton *' 

2nd. Vice Pres. & Mgr. 

Geo. H. Clifford Fort Worth 

Sec. George A. Peirce Boston, Mass. 

Treas. Henry B. Sawyer. . * 

Gen. Mgrs. 

Stone & Webster, Inc. . . * 

Asst. Mgr. & Claim Agt. 

W. C. Forbess Fort Worth 

Gen. Supt. V. W. Berry 

Pur. Agt. H. E. Hodgkins 

Gen. Fgt. & Pass. Agt. 


Ch. Engr. A Engr. Pwr. Sta. 

E. L. White Handley 

Elec. & Signal Engr. 

J. B. Ledlie Fort Worth 

M.M., J. T.Porter 

Roadmastor. W. L, Hunter Handley 

Engr. <^)vhd. Constr. 

J. T. Irby 

Power sta. equip.: 4 a.c. West. Alli»-C 
tot. 2800 kw. 390 V. 3 ph. 25cy8; 4200 hp. 
e. Cpr. H. O. & R; 5320 hp. b. Bab.A W; 
8000 kw. stm. turb. West; trans, volt. 
6 sub-sta. tot. cap. 6700 kw. 12 rot. conv. 

Repair shops at Ft. Worth and 

Repair shopsat Ft. Worth and Handley. 

Reaches and owns Lake Erie Park. 

132.71 miles owm-d («7.»« mi. Ist. m.t . 
:i2..37 mi. 2nd m.t.. 12.:{6 mi. tdd.); alwi 
11.11 miles trackage rights. Total mifea 
operated 131.45; 4-8 J g.; 197 motor pass., 
29 trail pass., '.i motor freight, 5 motor 
service and 7 trail service cars. 8 auto. 

{)a88. buses. ((^ompany does general 
ighting and power business.) #00 

IIM— Tarrant Conntj TrMtlon Co.— 

Office. 400 MaiD 8t. (Suuieuor io 
FonWonhSoulheniTrac.Co.) tCon- 

PrM. CbailH F. W. V 

V.Pm. Jason C. Lab. 
Sea. Otorge A. P«toe 

Tnu. Henry B. Sawyer. . 
Gen. Mm. 

LooJ Mjr, Geo. H^ clSjmd . . .Ft. Worth 
Gen.Supt. V. W. Beity ,. .., 

Fur, Ait.H.E. Hodgfini. .. . " 
Claim Agt. W. C, Fotbew . " 

Gen Fit. * P»M Agt. 


Ch. Engr- E. L. White Handley 

Eleo. Ji Signal Edet. 

J. B, Ledlie Ft. Worth 

M.M., J. T.Porter . 

Engr. M, o( W., W L. Hunter. 

Entr. Ovhd. Conatr. J. 1^. Irby. JHandley 

147 Milk Bt.. Beaton. Maaa. 
(Owns sccuritiee of NortbeiD Te«» 
Trac. Co.; i:apilsl etock of the Tarr 
County Traction Co. Iformerly F 
Worth Southern Trsetian Co.) i 
.h. 4,lin=.«n If .T.A Pwr. Co. Th 
Q eleetrie railv 

a. Hem 

1 Ft. 


GALVESTON. 41,8«3 (1916). 

ItM— GalTeBton Electric Co.— Offi<», 
Aye.I*21atat. (Operates en lirt ' 

ton,)'"* ''('conlroned™by"Galve 

HouBlon Klee. Co.) 
Prea. ChBs. F. W.Wetteiet. Boaton. Maai. 
V, Prea.JsBonC [.eigbton ■' 

Treas. Henry F. Sawyer,.! 

Aati. Treaii. 11. B. Lanaialer, Galvcstoo 

I.ooa1 Mgr. H. G. Carroll 

Supl. A. li. EUrt 

Fur, Agt. F.V.Schneider 

ClKim Vgt.G.F.Pienw 

Ch. Engr. J. V. Vunet Houaton 

Engl. Par Htn. W. L. Hillin . .GalveatOD 


Erigr M. or W.. 

Ceo McMullan 

Knjr. Ovhd. Couslr. C. A, Goes 

Power Bta. eiiuip. 2 d.o. G.E. 
U»Okw.:^<i>.fl. li.f:. tflt, S2SkvB. 23.. .. 
2 ph. UJ cyi.: 1440 hp.e. F. A 8,; 2060. 

780 tw.'3'nio.-Mn. wl». "* '' ' "" 
Power -la. and repair shop., at ObIvm- 

;i>i.l:l mile* (i.'i,l2 mi. 1st. m.t., 
mi. 2nd m.t.. 1.52 mi, aid). 4-Si ■., 
72 motor paw,. 2 motor eervioe and 5 

11«— aal(Ml«n-Haiuton Bee. Br. 

Co* — (Company haa rights of entrance 
into Gnlvenon over Crncka o[ the Gat- 

ovet ttHCka of the Houeton Etac. Co.) 
(Connecte Galveston and HoubIod.) 
(Controlled by the Galvaston-fiouat^m 
Eleo Co.) 
Piaa. Charlea F. W. Wetlerei, 

14T HUk St., Boston, Uaaa. 
[ Lake C. Bradlejr . . , . Uoiulon 
V. Preals. < Juon C, LelEhton, 

I 147 Uilk St., Boston, Uau. 

Sac. 0»or)[e A. Polrie " ■• 

Treaa. Henry B. 8ai»)ier " " 

AmL Treas. Harry L. Harding. ..Houston 
Osn. Hire. 
Stone A Webatar. IBC . Boaton, Has*. 

Loral Mgr. W. B. Wood HoaHra 

STipl. « U. Moras 

Pur. .1 flen. P««. Agt. 

Ch' Ei^r'j. T^VmH'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. 

B<*c. ETigr.R, S. Reading '■ 

H. M,. F.J. Bennett 

n60°"™"!«oo'T,''a ph! w cyii'nw 

hp. b. Bab. * W; XTM kvr. nm. tnrb. 
6. S: trans, volt. 83,000 »; trullaj Tolt 

Powsitta. BlWebater. 

Rrpslr ibopa at Hoaston. 

Raacbes GalvesUn Beach. 

47 ra miles owned 144.11 ml. Itt m. t., 
S.te ml. aid.): ileo 1^411 mll« t>a<-ki» 
rights. To^al mllei operated H.SIS; 
4.1m '■- IS motor paas., I trail pHi., S 
motor fralghl and 10 trail serrlce can. 


■US -Galvea ton-Houston Elee. Co. 
Omce d( Gen. Ugra., IIT Milk St„ 
Bonlon. Hise. Owns ttie capital stOok 
of the OalveatoD Klec. Co. and SousloD 
Elec. CO.. whloh compHulM do the 
entire electric ra'lwaj snd a portion 
of the electric llgbltng snd power 

Ai>o o^tna caplul stock of Oalretton- 

Klectrlc railway operallnfl between the 
cities of nalveslon and Bonaton (4T.M 
mites). Power plants at Galveston. 
Honslon and Leagne City. tot. cap. 

CbarlesF. W.Watlerer-.Boatf 
Sec. George A. Peltoe.... 
Treas. Henry B. Sawyer, , 

111*— Mineral Hdtbta St. Rn. Co.- 

ley ColleirLine.T [Ei'MSHrom mST 
eral Heigiite to city of GreenvUle; has 
operBtiog right of way over about M 

V.prea. *Oen. Mgr. 

W. T. Wright 

^oc.ATreBH.TTM.Massay. ,, " 

Energy purchased from Greenville Ry. 
4 Lt. Co. 

2.S miles: 4-SH t\ 1 motor paM. ear. 

117,447 (iei7(. 

Travis Ot.. Hoaslon. (Operates the 
entire tyateai of (treat rallwaji of 
HodMod, iTblch ioelndes WeatBore- 

NT Milk St , BotloD, MlH 
(Luke C. UrHd]<iv.,..HoaiJtoi 
BBta.-' JaeoD C LeLehloQt 

I U7 Milk 31.. Boston, Haia 

Oh. Bnir. J, V. ITieasr " 

H. H„>. J. BDnoctI '' 

Bncr. M. of W., P. S. Daenwea. 

Pow«T lis sqalp. 4 d. e G. E. 0-W. 
yert. lot, Sior kw: 8830 hp, B. B»ni. 
&. O. * R: SWO hp. b. A. & T. Btlr., 
Bab. Jfc W; WoIIbj volt. 600 ., 

Pimer'iti. It cor. Commerce A Brsncli 
IlspalTibopiitBDEslkeA HMhy SIi., 

.jnEfiw.Co,) (CormectiHouetflDuid 

Prea. W. W. Baldwio.Burlinehii 
Beg. ft Trena, Mai Eggert 

LAEEDO. 15.74U (inilll. 

alBldc.. St. Loola, Mo 

il Bids.. St. LiniiB. Mo. 

Cb.Eocr. Fwr, Bta. H. R. Muod, WrnlD 
M.M._._R.H,BrBnEke ; 

Bngr. Ovhd 

Ben Her 

Power ath. equip, i o, c.o. i^. ^uu 
8 ■. 0. Q. E. Wait, W. E.. C. W. _... 
B060 kTB. 2300 v. 3 ph. flO oya: 52M 
hp. s. Boon, Ham. Cor. Rath, Bsll.Weat 
Panions; linOhr ■" "— '" "--—■""" 

motor frfliant iai. (Covpanr di 
il UshtingbuBiiiFia.l A 

LONGVIEW. 5,155. 

(ConBBEW Lonrnew 

Jimolion .1 
Pnt. Mta. C. A. Fo.' 
V. Prea. R. B, I*yy 
Sea. ATMaa, 

Mn. Mark K. Moltlay LoDgyiew 

Aodr. W, B. MoNaunhCo... ^ 
11|T. ft Pur. At*- L. J. Everett. 
M. M., W. M.8ofogBin» 


.pby A 


.. 49 Wall St., Ne« 

York, N. Y.) 
'res. & M(r. C. H. Nandell. ...Marahnll 

.aat. Mar. P. Campbell. 

■, Pre". AGen. Mgr, 

A HardRnives .Ddlai 

ec. E, 8. Fry Marshall 

,udr. J. M. Diptic Da!la» 

'ui. Act. J. E. Meadon -■ 

;h. Engr.J. B. Halt Msnhall 

;Bgr. cTvhd, Constr. H. M. Long ' 

Energv purchased from Marthall Eleo. 
!o,; Id. 0. C-W. 135 kw; I rot. ooDT,i 
rolley vnk. 650 v. 

Repair ahopa at W, Houaton Ave. 

ttea<^hea Caves Park (owped by rityl, 

4.S inilea; 4-9H e: 7 motor pub. dam, 

MoKINNEY, 4.711. 
(Ste \o. 1097.) 

I. (Controlled by the Boutb- 
VT. Sc ht. C , which ia in 
.rolled by SoutllweeterD 

I.L. Baker. ... 
B. & Con. Mgr 

r N 

Sqq. & Treai. J. C. Thumpson Ualla* 

Energy purchased Irom To.n« Power ft 
!.t. Co: tran». volt. 2300 v; ttollny volt. 

S.s'mitBa: 4-Shi t: S motor cam and 

PORT ARTHUR. 22,261 I1II20). 
till— Pm Rr- Co.— Office, 220 N. Main 

S(„ Dayton. Ohio. (Operatol under 

B«reement by Port Arthur Trac. Co.) 
PrcB. C. H. Busier . Dayton, O. 

V. Pr«, * Cen. Mgr 

H. M. Smith Port Arthur 

Sec. E. C. Harley Dayton. O. 


Audr. L. A. Bourneoii. . . . Port Arthur 
M.M., H.E. Jonea ■ 

Energy purchased from Port Arthur 
I.t. A Pir. Co.; trans, and trolley volt. 

Repair ahopa at 7th ft Houaton Avva. 

-; 4-Si ■ 


Ills— Put Arthni Trae. Co.— Loca 
office, 7th and Hounoa Avfn • M^i* 
office. 220 N. Main St. 

(Operalea in Port Arth 
By. C. 

ilao Piei 

Ciiui' H. Bualer.. . .Dayton, O. 

. Dale, 

ReiboU BUg.. 

Gen. Mgr. A Pur. Agl. 
H. M, Smith 

M.M.,H.ii.Johus......... ;; 

Energy purohaaed. 

Kepair Ahops at 7th and HouatoD Ana. 

ira^il'^'!^: Ian.*' "' '""""' "*" '*« 
SAN ANTONIO. 123,831 (1910). 

IIM— 8»n Antoalo, 8bo Jm« * 
MedlDa TaUey Intctnrbaa Bf— 

Office. 107 Ave. D. rCoDDTU Rao An- 





Eneriryr purchased from San Antonio 
Public Service Co. 

Reaches Swimming Pool and Public 
Bath House, 

5 miles; 4 g; 3 cars. (Operates auto- 
mobiles; electric car service temporarily 
discontinued.) 18t 

1121 — San Antonio Public Senrlee 

Co. — Office, 305 E. Houston St. (In 
1917 acquired the properties of San An- 
tonio Traction Co . and the San Antonio 
Gas A Elec. Co. ) (Controlled by Amer- 
ican Lt. & Trac. Co.) 
Pres. Emerson MoMillin, 

120 B'way. New York. N. Y. 

{W. B. Tuttle San Antonio 
&Gen.Mgr. E.H.Kifer '* 
AJ>.Lathrop. New York. N.Y. 
Seo. A Treas. R. C. Jones. . . .San Antonio 

Audr. Perry L. ^ng " 

Claim Adj. Fred. J. Johnston '* 

Pur. Agt. Howard Henson ... *' 

' fElec. Geo. H. Cushman ** 
Traosp. W. W. Holden 
Supts.^ Pwr. Sta. V. H. Brauning •* 
I Eqi^ip. S. E. Mason 
iM. of W. A. M. Courtney " 
Consult J:ngr. H.C. Abell, NewYork.N.Y. 
Constr. Engr. G.W. Smith. . .San Antonio 
Engr. Ovhd. Constr. 

R. E. Sivley 

Power sta. equip.: 3 d.c. G.E., West., 
Allis-C. tot. 1425 kw.; 7 a.c. G.E., West., 
Allis-C. tot. 22,300 kva., 2300 v. 3 hp. 
60 cys.; 4200 hp. e. Ham. Cor.; 8300 hp. 
b. Bab. & W.; 20,000 kw. stm. turb. 
G.E.; West., Allis-C. trans, volt. 13,200 v. 
trolley volt 600 v. 

1 sub-sta. cap. 4750 kw.; 3 rot. conv.; 
3 mo. gen. sets. 

Power stas. at Conoepcion Road and 
Villita & S. Presa Sts. 
Repair shop opp. San Pedro Park. 
92 miles (34 mi. Ist. m.t. 26 mi. (double 
track) 2nd m.t., 6 mi. sid.); 4 g.; 161 
motor pass., 54 trail pass., 8 motor service 
and 12 trail service cars. (Company does 
general lighting and power business.) 


TEMPLE. 13,504 (1916). 

tiZZ — Southwestern Traction Co. 

— Office, Temple, Tex. (Connects Bel- 
ton and Temple.) 

{Wm. J. Yeager. .Lewiston, Pa. 
Calvin Green. ... • 

F. F. Downs. Temple 

Gen. Mgr. & Pur. Agt. 

W. G. Haag Temple 

M. M. «fe Engr. Ovhd. Constr. 

W. C. Foore 

Claim Agt. G. M. Felts Belton 

Engr. M. of W. Alf. Pedigo Temple 

Power sta. equip. 2 d. c. Stan. tot. 300 
kw; 400 hp. e. Bates; 450 hp. b. Keeler; 
trolley volt. 600 v. 

1 sub.-sta. cap. 550 kw. 2 rot. conv,; 
1 rpo. gen.-set. 

Power sta. and repur shops at Midway. 

Reaches Bell County Fair Grounds 
(owned) and Lake Polk Park. 

13.1 miles (12.56 mi. 1st. m.t., 0.54 mi. 
sid ) ; 4-8i ^.; 7 motor pass., 4 trail pass., 
1 motor freight, 1 trail freight and 6 trail 
service cars; 1 elec. loco. #60 

TEXARKANA. 12,640 (1916). 
(See No. 31.) 

TEXAS CITT. 5,500 (1911). 

1123— TeiAs City St. Ry, Co.— Offiee, 

Texas City. (Operations indefinitely 
suf^pended.) (Operated within city 
lim\t8 only. Through medium of gaso- 
line motor cars, connection was made 
with Galveston-Houston Elee. Co. at 
Texas City Jimction for Houston and 
Galveston and intermediate points. 

Also connected with ferry lines between 

Texas City and Galveston.) 

Trustee, John C. Logue Houston 

Pres. A. B. Wolvin Texas City 

Sec. Harvey A. Thomas * 

Mgr.&Pur.Agt.R.M.Orth. • 

Energy purchased from Texas City 
Transportation Co.; trans, volt. 2200 v; 
trolley volt. 550 v. 

4 miles; 4-8H g; 2 motor and 2 other 
oars. ^50 

WACO. 33,385 (1916). 

(See also No. 1097.) 

112i— Central Texas Elee. By. — 

Offioe, 2003-2009 Amicable BMff., Waco. 

(Will connect Waco, Robinson, Levi, 

Mooreville, Ceqo, Belfals, Oenavilie 

and Temple.) 

Pres. & Gen. Mgr. O. A. Rsrfle Waoo 

V. Pres. John F. Wright " 

Seo. & Treas. J. L. Davidson. ... " 

Audrs. Upeleger & Falk 

Supt. W. G. Haag Temple 

Ch. Engr. P. A. McCarthy '^ 

(Under construction) "A^O 

(See No. 1097.) 

WICHITA FALLS. 12,124 (1916). 

1126— Wichita FaUs Trac. Co.— Office, 

505 Kemp & Kell Bldg., Wichita Falls. 

Pres. J. A. Kemp Wichita Falls 

V. Pres. Frank KeU • 

Sec. & Treas. J . C. Mytinger . . 

Audr. C. L. Crowell 

Gen. Mgr. & Pur. Agt. 

L. L. Allbritton « 

Supt. Walter Morrow *'* 

Claim Agt. A. W. Allen * 

M. M., John Hawatay " 

Engr. M. of W., J. T. Adams " 

Engr. Ovhd. Constr. 

J. C. Caywood 

Energy purchased from Wichita Falls 
Elec. Co.; trolley volt. 600 v. 

Repair shops at 1906 Ninth St. 

Reaches and owns Lake Wichita. 

14.5 miles (12.5 mi. 1st m. t., 2 mi. 
sid.); 4-8^ g; 30 motor pass.^ 4 trail 
pass., 1 motor freight, 1 trail freight and 
1 motor service car. <^50 


BRIGHAM. 3,685. 
(See No. 1127.) 

LOGAN. 7,522. 

(See No. 1127.) 

OGDEN. 31.404 (1916). 

1127— Utah-Idaho Central B. R. Co. 

— Offioe, 404-4 16 Eccles Bldg. (Succes- 
sor to Ogden, Logan & Idaho Ry. Co., 
which had acquired the Ogden Rapid 
Transit (Do. and the Logan Rapid 
Transit Co.) (Extends from Ogaen 
to Hermitage, Idlewild, Pineview, 
Huntsville, HarrisviUe, Fan* West, 
Poplar, Plain City, Hot Springs, 
Nerva, Willard, Perry, Davis, Bng- 
ham, Calls Fort, Honeyville, Madsen, 
Dewey, Collinston, Beaver Dam, 
Summit, Petersboro, Mendon, Well^ 
ville, Hyrum, Millville, Prqvidenee, 
Logan, Greenville^ Hyde Park, Smith- 
field, Mack, Richmond, Merrills, 
Sugarton, Kent, Quinney and Lewis- 
ton, Utah: Fairview, Whitney and 
f^'eston, Idaho; includes all city lines 
in Ogden, and Logan. Connections are 




made with the Bamberger Elec. R. R. 


Pres. M. S. Browning Ogden 

let V. Pres. Joseph Scocroft * 

2d V. Pres. L. R. Eccles * 

Sec. & Treas. Royal Eccles * 

Audr. P. H. Mulcahy • 

Qen. Mgr. & Pur. Agt. 

W. A. Whitney " 

Asst. to Gen. Mgr. C. F. Muller. . " 

Supt. W. S. Law " 

Gen. Fgt. & Pass. Agt. 

J. W. Ellingson " 

Ch. Engr. H. C. Errett " 

Supt. M. P. &Elec. Engr. 

G.W. Shaver " 

Roadmaster (Intenirban & City) 

Wm. Corlis * 

Energy purchased from Utah Pwr. & 
Lt. Co; 5 d. c. G. E., W. E. tot. 2300 kw; 
trans, volt. 44,000 v; trolley volt. 660- 
1500 V. 

Sub-stas. at Ogden, Smithfield, Hot 
Springs and Dewey, tot. cap. 3300 kw. 

Repair shops at Ogden, Utah and Pres- 
ton, Idaho. 

Reaches Lorin, Farr Park, Hermitage, 
Idlewild, Pineview and Pleasant View and 
Hot Springs Sanitarium. 

137 miles (d. c. & catenary); 4-8H g; 
18 motor, ill other cars exclusive of 
street cars; 6 elec. locos. -A^50 

PROYO. 10.645 (1916). 
(See No. 1130.) 

SAi;r LAKE CITY. 110,000 (Est. 1914). 

1128— Salt LAke, Garfield & Western 

Ry. Co.— Office, 1018 Keams Blda., 
Salt Lake City. (Connects Salt Lake 
City, (jireat Salt Lake and Saltair 
Beach, a distance of 15 miles. Line has 
been extended to Garfield, making a 
total route mileage of 20 miles.) 
Pres. &, Gen. Mgr. 

Joseph Nelson Salt Lake City 

V. Pres. Arthur Winter. . . * 

Sec . & Treas . Joel Richards * 

Supt. S. H. Beasley " 

Claim Agt. Prank E . Hansen . . * 

M. M.. George Little • 

Engr. Maint. of Way 

O. Rassmussen * 

Energy purchased from Utah Power 
& Light Co., trans, volt. 44,000 v. 3 ph; 
trolley volt. 1500 v. d. c. 

2 automatic sub-stas. tot. cap. 1200 
kw; 2-mo. gen. sets. 

Repair shops at Salt Lake City. 
Reaches Saltair Beach (owned). 
20 miles; 4-8H g; 6 motor pass.. 
18 trail pass., 3 trail freight and 2 trail 
service cars. ^50 

1129 — Bambercer Elec. B. R. Co. — 

Office, Elec. Ry. Bldg. (Successor to 
Salt Lake & Ogden Ry. Co.) (Connects 
Salt Lake City, North Salt Lake, Boun- 
tiful, Centreville, Farmington, Kays- 
ville. Lay ton, Clearfield, Arsenal, Sun- 
set, Roy, Orchard and Ogden.) (Con- 
nects with the Utah & Idaho Central 
R. R. Co. at Ocden and the Salt 
Lake & UUh R.R. Co. at Salt Lake 
City, also all diverting steam railroads.) 
Pres. & Gen. Mgr. 

Julian M. Bamberger. .Salt Lake City 

1st V. Pres. J. B. Bean * 

2nd V. Pres. J. H. De Vine Ogden 

S3cy.& Ch. Engr. E. A. Vail.. . 

Treas. Simon Bamberger " 

Audr. W.E.Jones • 

Gen. Supt. N. S. WUtsie 

Claim Agt. D. S. Romney. ... * 
Gen. Fgt. A Pass. Agt. 

R. B. Needham ■ 

Pur. Agt. Geo. O. Trunkey. ... * 
Elecl. Engr. Leonard Wilson. . * 

M.M.,M.L.AUen « 

Foreman Ovhd. Constr. 

Chas. M . Stayner Farmington 

Roadmaster M. H. liialwits Ogden 

Energy purchased from Utah Pwr. & 
Lt. Co.: trans, volt. 44,000 v; trolley volt. 
750 V. a. c. 

4 sub-stas. tot. cap. 2800 kw; 7 mo. 
gen. sets. 

Repair shopn ^t North Salt Lake. 

Reaches Lag. )n Park (controlled). 

70 miles (36 mi. 1st. m. t., 26 mi. 2nd 
m. t. and 8 mi. sid.); 4-8 >$ g; 14 motor 
pass.. 12 trail pass., 70 trail freight and 
1 trail service oar; 5 elec. locos. #50 

U30— Salt Lake & Utah R. R. Co.— 

Office, 222 So. West Temple St., Salt 

Lake City. (Connects Salt Lake City, 

Lehi, American Fork, Provo, Spanish 

Fork, Payson and Magna; also operates 

local line in Provo.) 
Pres. & Gen. Mgr. 

W. C. Orem Salt Lake City 

f Jas. G. BerryhiU Berkeley, Cal. 
_ V. ^Gen. Atty. 
Frests. 1 Henry I .Moore, Salt Lake City 

Sec. & Treas. F. M . Orem • 

Audr. J. R. Brown * 

Supt. & Ch. Engr. R. K. Brown ' * 

Pur. Agt. R. M. Mitchell ■ 

Traffic Mgr. Ross Reason " 

Gen. Fgt. & Pass. Agt. 


Signal Engr. W. A. Hollien " 

Ch. Engr. Pwr. Sta. & Engr. 

Ovhd. Constr. W. P. Morford . . Payson 
Eleo. &, Mech. Engr. 

Leonard Wilson Salt Lake City 

Roadmaster W. I. Williams Provo 

Energy purchased from Utah Pwr. A 
Lt. Co. at 44,000 v. and transformed in 4 
sub-stations to 15(X) v. for use on trolley 
direct; 12 rot. conv. West. tot. 3000 kw. 
750-1500 v; 12 transf. West. tot. 1800 
kva. 44,000 v. 3 ph. 60 cys. 

Sub-stas. at Granger, Lindon, Spring- 
ville and Bringhurst. 

75 miles (catenary); 4-8H g; 11 else, 
motor pass., 1 sasoline motor pass., 2 
eleo. motor freignt and 65 other ears; 2 
eleo. looos. 119 

1181— Utah Lt. A Trac. Co.— (Con- 
solidation of Utah Lt. A Ry. Co. and 
Salt Lake Lt. & Trac. Co.) (Connects 
Salt Lake City with Murray, Sandy. 
Midvale, Bountiful, CJenterville and 
Holliday.) (Electric light and power 
and gas properties leased to and oper- 
ated oy Utah Power & Lt. Co.) 

Pres. C. W. Whitley Salt Lake City 

/S. R.Inch * 

„ _» , JO. J. Salisbury. * 

V.Prests.< c. E. Groesbeck 

(D.F.McGee, New York, N.Y. 
Sec & Treas 

W. E. Blodgett Salt Lake City 

Asst.jS. A. Whitney * 

Secs.\L. W. Osborne. New York. N. Y. 

Asst. /E.P.Summerson " 

Trea8rs.\E. O. Howard. . • 

Mgr. H. F. Dicke Salt Lake City 

Traffic Supt. 

Geo. W. Manning * 

Claim Agt. Frank E.Hanson * 

Pur. Agt. A. D. Smith. . . * 

Ch. Engr. L. L. Dagron. . * 

M.M., E.E.Franklin... " 

Energy from Utah Pwr. & Lt. Co.t 
repair shop at Salt Lake City. 

Reaches "Wandamere" Liberty Park, 
Bonneville Park, Pioneer Park, Fort 
Douglas and Beck's Hot Springs. 

146.12 miles: 4-8H t'. 165 motor pais., 
10 trail pass, and 42 other cars; 4 elee. 
locos. 110 


BARRB. 12,160 (1916.) 
(See No. 1137.) 


lltS— BcDowf Falls * 8aitoa*a Miw^i 
St. Ry. Co. Address, P. O. Box 711. 

Bellowi Falls. ' 

D. A. BUkculee. . .New H»ven, Conn. 

Ban. Geo. A. Weston BaUowe Falls 

Traaa. B.C. Monhouaa. ... " 

Mar. i. Put. Agt. 


Gan. Ftlt. A«. 

J. B. BattTgui 

M. II., P. M. Woolej 

Roadmsater, J. Folliird " 

Eneriy puTchsmd from Pall Mtn.Eleo. 
LI. A Pwr, Co; 2 rot. G. E. lot. 300 kw. 
•00 T. a ph. 00 CT>; trsD*. Tolt. HBOr; 

Repair ihopa at TX. WestmlDitar St. 

ReaebM and owng Barber Park. 

T.G inllM; tm g; 14 motor pH*., B 
motor rrelght andB motor aarrlca oan; 
S alec. loco*. *ni 

(See also No. eSO.) 

irn— The TcrmaBl C«.— Offloe, 129 

Churrh St., New Haven. Cona. 
(Acquired the part of the BBnnington 
A North Adams St. Ry. Co. located 
within the Stale of Vermont. The part 
of Che BeaniogCoD & North Adome Bt. 
Ry. Co. located in the State ' '" 

cquired b; 


R. R. Co. 
Pownal. Vt,, and Benoiniiton and No. 
Adam*. Mass. (CauttdQed by the 
New York, New Haven A Hartfoid 
R. R. Co.) rT-»u.. m- R™^nV F-.n. 
R, R. Co., 

i u itself leased for 

niaety-oine yearn from Fi 

the Berkshire Si. Ry. Co.i 

Prea. Howard ElUon. New Haven 

V. Pres. L. 8. Btorra. * 

Treas. R. E. Healy Ben 

Audr, I. A. May. . . .New Haven 
Gen. Mgr 

3. Q.TUohn. 
!0.4fll milea; 


(Bnttleboro Dlv.)— Looal office 

Main Bt. General office, 55 Coi.„ 

St , Boston. Mass, (Absorbed Brstlle- 
boro St. Ry. Ca. and owns Berwick 
A Salmon Falls Elec, Co.| (Connecta 

boro.l (A siibsldiary of Middle West 

UtititiHi Co.) 

Prea, BamuellnBUll Chicago, m. 

V.Fres. Howard L. Otda. .Boston, Mass. 
Sec.4 Audr.H. L. Harria, •• 

Trees C. A. Forrest '" " 

AasC. Bee. A Asst. Treas. 

J. F. Reilly New York. N. Y. 

Mgr. W. B. Richardson. .. .Brattleboro 
M. M . P. R. Stockwoll..,. 

Power itaa, equip. 1 d. e. West. 2B0kw. 
650 v; n. d, Stan. 300 kw. !I,000t. 3ph. 
60 cys: B6S bp. turb. (wtr.) Smith. Hunt; 
energ.f also purehaged from Con- 
necticut River Pwr. Co.; trans, roll, 
11,000 vi trolley volt. SSO v. 

Power Bta. at Weat DummaratoD. 

Repair ibobg at Brattleboro. 

S.5 milea; 4-8H g: 7 motor pass, cars 
(Company does electris and gas light- 
ing tnuineaa. 60 

Fmn. Pwr. Sta. I 


trolliy volt. flOO v. 
Power ala. at Vergennea; r«pur ebopa 



iiM-Muitw n»t St. 1 


11S7— Bun A 

* Power Co.— Offioe, 20 Lsogdon St. 
(Cannecls Barre. Berlin and Mont- 

PrM. H.' T. SoBda 

201 Devonshira Bt., Boalan, Mui. 
V.Preata./iJJ-'???'-' '. 

Treas. E.A.Bradley • 

Audr, Isaac S. HaU 

Mgr. C. J. Cookaon Moutpelier 

Bupt. Charles M. Durrell. ... ' 

Energy puroliasad from Moutpelier A 

1118— ButUnd Br- Lt. * FwT. Co.— 

—Offioe, 28 Center Bt. (CouieBta Rat- 
land. West Rutland. Castleton. Hyde- 
ville. Fur Haven and Poultn^. (Un- 

trolled by General Gag ft ^lee. Co.) 
Pros. Wm. B. Barstow 

60 Pine St., New Yorit, N. V. 
V.Pres. AGen. Mgr. 

Siipt.afElee. D*pt. 

W. O. MinarJ. .... 
Bupt. Ry.Dept. J.M.I 

flupt, GasDept. W ° 

,., M,. ThoB. Roach • 

BnersT purchaiad from Vernumt Hj- 
Iro-Elso. Corpn; trana, volt, ISOO-IMW- 

14,000 v; troHeJIDlLSOOT, 

IIM— BnrllDKtoii TracHon Co.— Of- 
fioe, cor. Church and Main Su, (Con- ' 
trolaMilitary Poet, St, R, H,) ("- 
necu Burlington, EsMi Junction 

Bupt, & Pur, Agt. T.B.JoDi 
Aiat, Supt, B. D, Hendee,., 

Power ata. at Mendon (bo P. O.) 

Repair ehopa at Rutland. 

28.2 mllca: 4-8H ■; 27 mo. pan., 

1 fs*. mo. and S lt\. ean without nurtonj 

2 alas, loooa. (Company doat teneral 
lighting and power budnaaa 1& Ratlasd. 

ST. ALBANB. 7,583, (1^20) 
lim-HSt. Albani * Swsnton Tne. 

48 Hanover St., Barton, Uaa 

Traai. A Audr. 


.BBlCimore, Md. 
V. Pres.,GQn. Mgr. A Pur. Agl. 

John L. Lirera CbarlotCeaville 

fee, ATreaa. A Audr. 

W. M. Morton 

iupl. C. L. Carter 

Ch. Engr.T.B.DBviB,,,. 

Puiver al.B. equip. 2 b. o. turbo-gen. G. 
E. tot, 1500 kw. 3300 v. 3 ph. 60 cys; 800 
bp. b. B. & W.; 2-lSUa kff . stTD. turb. G. 
E.-. Irana. volt 2300 v: Itollay volt. 675 v. 

I aub-atB. CBp. 400 kw; 2 rot. conv. 

Power i!a. at EivauiiB llivcr, eaat at 
Chariot iMvil la, Vb. 

Rep^ abopa at CbailotFteiville. 

ReBchaa and owns Jefferson Parle. 

3.S miba: 4-Sti g; 11 motor can and 1 
other car. [Company does a general 
li|[htinE and power bualaen.) 60 

DjUnrLLE. 20,021. 

1144^Dan<IUe Trac. * FwT. Co.— 

Office, :<02 Main St., DbiivIUb. (Cod- 

OMts Danville and Scboolfield.) 

Prea. J.F.Hison Danvilln 

V, Frca, R. A. Jamea 

Bee. ATrean.H. 8. Lanier 

Gbq, eupl, A Pur, Aft. 

P.G.HlMlni ■ 

Ch. Engr. H. M, & Bogr. 

OvhJ. ConaiT. J, M. King. . . 

Power sta. equip. B d. o, G, E., T. H., 
Ediaon tot, 724 kw; 950 hp. e. B. * W. 
Erie, Woth; 460 hp. b, A. & T.; trolley 
volt, 650 V. 

Power Bta. Kt River St., Danville. 

Rspur ahope at Bo. Main Bt., DaU' 

9.15 mile»; 4-8W a; 20 motor nnd 2 
trail can. *7() 

ORAHAH. 1,017. 
(See No, 11S2.) 

HAMPTON. 6,506, 

I lU— Newport New! A Ramp (on 
By.. Gu A FJec. Co.— OHico. Hamp' 
Con. (ConsoUdBtion of tlie Newpurt 
Newa & Old Point Ry. A Else. Co,, 
CitUen. Hy., LI. A Pwr. Co., Hamp- 
tuH Roads TracUoD Co., Newport 
News Gu Co. and Hampton. Phoebus 
*Ft. MonroeGaaCorpn.j { 
Newport News, Hampton. Buekroe 
Beooli Phocbua. Old Point Conilort 
and Hilton Viaute. (Under manaae- 
ment of Peek, Snaimahan & Cherry, 
lno..SyniouM, N.Y.I 

Prea, J. N.Bhannslian Hamptua 

V. Pres. ft Gen. Met. E. 7. Pack * 

See. & TroBs. R. WTBookBr. . . 

Pur. Agt, W. Stewart * 

Audr, a. H, CMkay 

Bupl. * Claim Agt 

C.D.AadrBet ■ 

Ch. Engr. N. E. Dreiiar * 

GlecEngr, F.B. L»wton 

Sunt. Pwr. A, E. flderly " 

M.M,.C. W.Wood 

Roadmastcr, D. Ault - . - " 

Power BlB. equip. 4 a. e. turbovta. 

G. E. tot. 1.400 kva.3450 V. 3 ph. eo oysi 

4300 hp. b. Dab. A W; 1,400 kw. aUn. 

turb. a.E. 4.200 hp, water turb, Bab. at 

W,; traiu. volt, 10,000 v; trolley roh. 

3 aub^tai. tot. eap. 3.500 kw.. S rat. 

Power DtB. and repair abopa at Hftmp- 
Reaohea Buekroe Beaeh fownsd) . 
S1.I6 mjleg; 4-8M K f* moUriMa., 
34 trail pan., 14 motor trclahV 38M| 
Ireiihl and e motor utvioe nan; I des. 
loco, {Company dove central U^htlnL 
pawiir and laa huiinen.) *W 

,000 ceifl). 
{Ses No. 1111.) 

Supt. A£lecEii|«r. 

A. W. Peterson 9t. AlbEM 

Claim Act. Elmer Johneon , . • 

Ch. Eogr, Pwr. Sta. 

E. C. Biokford 

Sur. M. at W. 

Barnard DelliEan ' 

Enerey purohnaed from PubUc Elec. 
It. Co.j trolley volt. 650 V. 

Repair ehopa at St. Albana, 

ReaeheaSt. AlbanaBsy Park (nwnod), 

13.333 milea; 4-8H s: 10 molur and 2 
other nara. *60 

SrBINGFIELD. 7,480 (IDie est.) 
ll«ft— SprlnEflcId Eiec. Kf. Co.— 

Office, Spruigfield. (Loaaaa tie Spring- 
field Elee, Ry. Co., CharlsBtown , 
N. H. CoonectB Springfield. Vt.. with 
"-'- — ■ "-■-» R. R. at CbarlBB- 


1, N.I 

'd SprlugSeld 

Prra. i. Mgr. 

EdwardC. Croiby Brattleboro 

V.Prea. M.A.Coolidge, Fitohbure, Mara. 
Sea., Sngt. A Pur, Agt. 

A. J. Croiby SpringBeld 

Audr. Frsd'k S. Pratt Brattleboro 

EISD. EncT. Morru Dooley SprinKfield 

Emt. Maint. of Way 

Enm. Ovbd. Conitr', 

Wm. Herriek 

PDWEriitB.equip.6d.o. G. E.tot. 1/100 

kw; 600 hp. e. ; 450 hp. b. -: 2 wlr, 

turb; alio stor. bat; trane. volt. 550 v; 
troUsy volt. 560 v- Energy alao pur- 
ohfldod. 1 rot. otmv; 1 mo. gen. Bet. 

Power ala. at Gould'a Mills. 

Repair ahopa at Miniral St. 

10 milea; 4.8^; motor para.. 4 motor 
freitlbt Bnd 3 motor servioe aars. lAlao 
mrnea an reig t oara rom . ^.^ 

STOWE. 500. 
U41— Ml. HansSelit Elec. K. B. 

Co.— Office, Slowo. (Conneeta Waler- 

Pre!!.''*'H. s'wkn 

ISO Oliver St., Boaton, Mbbb. 
V. Prea. Ic Gen. Ugr. 

C. E. Burt Stows 

Boc. & Audr, L, C. Moody. .Montpelier 
TreBa,.Gen. Fgt. & Pbbb. 

Ch. Encr. H. Melvjn ' 

Enar.M. o(W., A. B.Algor. . .. • 

Energy puroiiaaed from MorriavUle 
Eleo. &.;trBna. volt. 11.000 t.; troUsy 
volt. 600 v. 

8ub ata. and repair ahon* at Stowe. 


11.2S mila: 4-8H t: 3 motor nui. 
and 9 fgt. Motor nrs: 1 fat. rar wiUiout 
motor. n 


(SeeKo9. lis, 120 and 121.) 

Uia— TIrsliila By. & Ptn. Co.- 

(Berkloy St. Ry. Div.) (Connec„ 
Norfolk and Berkley,) Foroffieeraan 

Reaches Lakeaidc Park. South Norfolk 
and Money Pi. 

Mileage and roUinE ttook tne1ud«d in 
report oiNo, lisu. Riohmond. no 



lUS— Lrnchbars Trsctlon A LUi;ht 

Co.— Office, 723 Main St. {Controlled 

by AmcrioBD Rys. Co.| 
Free. Van Horn Ely , . PhiladelphU. Pa. 

V. /H. J. Crowley. * 

P«Bt«.lC. L. 8: Tiogfey " 

See. ATreas. 

Walt« W. Perliini. . ■ 

Audr. rnml J. Piyot, Jr. . • 
Gen. M«. J. W. Hancook., .Lynohbure 
Ant. to Gen. Mir. 

W. G. CUtftor ., 

Pur Alt. G. C. Weirick. 

1321 Walnat Btmt, PlukdelpliiA, Pi 
Supt. Ry. Dept. i. Claim AgC. 

D. C. Frost Lynchburi 

Eleo.Encr. Bryant White ' 

Ch. Engr. Pwr. S«i. 


EngT. W^ A Structures 

Powerstu. equip. 2d. 'ii'.d!E.((it.45< 
kw; 4 a., c. G. E. tot. 42SO k». 13.200- 
2300 V. 3 ph. 60 cys; TOO hp. e. Ball ( 
Wood: 1400 hp. b. A. & T.. Bab. A W 
1500 kw. (sun.) turb. Q. E; 4100 hp 
(wtr.) turb. S. M. Smith; ttaoB. yofi 
13.200-2300 v; trolley volt. SSO v. 

Power itaa. at Lynohburg and RauMn 

Repair ahopa at lynchburi. 

Re&ehea and owns Rivermont Park. 

18.88 milee; 4-8M K, 42 motor can 
(Company doee oaneial lighUus and ga 
busincM.) *ft 

NEWPOBT NEWS. 20.502. 

NOEFOLK. 89.012 (IBIS). 

icrn Railroad— 

.. Bldg., Norfolk, 

y and Virginia Beach.) 

V. PrcB. A Traffic Mgr, E. D. Erie 

Bupt. Transp. C.P. Dumn 

TrMumaster B. C. LeacETT 

Oen.Claim Alt. J.H.Barrett. ,. * 

Ch.Engr.F.L. Nidiolson ■ 

Ch. Ear. Pwr. Su. A. Pearce. . 

M. M. W. C. Alley.. ■ 

Supt. M. oE W„ Joiin Dwyer. .. ■ 

RoadmaBler, R. J. Green 

Power ala. •(IUJPl' ^ ^- '- ^- ^' *^ 

i cya: 2000 bp. e. Allia-' 
», b. Bab.&W, A. AT; 


Allb-C. Weth; 


tr^, 2 eip. mot. eara, 1 (fft. and 1 
lifting buHln»s in Virginia Beach.) 

US*— VlTslDla Rallwar A Fowet Co. 

— (Lease* Norfolk Ry. A Lt, Co.) 
(Connects Berkley, Ocean View, Pine 
Beach,Old Point, Newport New,, Nor- 
folk and Portsmouth.) For general 

report o1 No. Il5e, Riohmond. 

PETRR8BVRG. 25,582 (IBIS). 
(See alsoNo. 1160.) 

iiGl — Blchluid-ABblBDd kr. Co.— 

(Formerly Peterabarg-HopewellACltJ 
Point Hy. Co.) AddreiaP. O. BoiSaj. 
(Merger of the Petersburg A Appo- 
mattox R J. aod Hopewell A City Point 
Ry. Coe.) (CoDDCCK Richland and 

Prea'j.7, VaughsS*." .'"''shaiBVillB 
iBlV I-rca. Jonathan Bryan. Riohmond 
aud V. Pros. D. R, Myditte. . , 
Seo, SlTreas. Oliver J. Bands.. " 

Asn.Trcaa. H. E. Mason 

Gen. Counsels, W.Zimmer.. Petersburg 

Gen. Mgr.J- AB^rd 

Supt, J, T. BlaofcweU 

M.M.. Sam Wright 

Energy purchased from Virginia Lt. ft 
Pwi. Co; 1 rot. conv. West. 30O kw.trftiu. 
volt. 13.000 v; troUey volt. 550 v. 

Power station at Cedar Lane; repair 
shops at Richmond. 

lE.lmllea (14.8ml. tstm.L. 0.4 ml. aid.): 
4.814 Kl 8 motor pass.. 1 trail pan. and 8 
motor service cars. -ktO 

rOBTSMOVTH. 39,651 (Ifllfl). 

11>X— VlTclnla KaUwny * Power Co. 

— Pur general officers, see Richmond. 
Local Supt. E. A. Bishop .. Portsmouth 

Energy from Norfolk; trans, volt. 
11,000 v; trolley volt. 575 v. 

Mileafie and rolling stook included in 
nptai of No. 1166. iUchmond. 60 

RADFORD. 4.202. 

I lU— Radford Water Pwr. Co.— 

Office, 98 First St. (Consolidation of 
Radford Elec. Lt. A Pwr. Co.. Rad- 
ford St, Ry. Co.. and Radford Water 
Work*. (Connects RaJford and East 

Pros. H. C. Trier , Radford 

Sec. ATreaa.. A. J. Lucas • 

Gm. Mgr..J. H.Mott ., 

0. We«t. sls'kvB, 2200 T. 
ya; 150 hp. e; 150 hp. b;— hp. 
',) Morgan Smith; trans, volt. 
2,300 V. 

" wer Sla. on Little River, 6{^ miles 
Radford; repur shops at Radford. 
. Smiles; 4.8Mg; 3mDtDrpaH. can. 
(Company does lighting business.) 1^50 

RICDHOND. 156,037 (1016). 

(See also No. 1012.) 

IIH—Tlnclnla Br- & Power Co.— 

Office, 7th and Franklin Sts. (On July 
1 19 1 1 , this company (sucoessoi to Vii^ 
ginia Pass. A Pwr. Co., which eon- 
trolled Richmond Pass. A Pwr. Co., 
Richmond Trac. Co. and Richmond 
A Petersburg. Elec. Ry, Co.). pur- 
ohaoed and merged with tha Norfolk * 

properties. Owns and operates prop- 
erties at Norfolk, Petersburg. Porta- 
mouth and Suffolk. Va. On June 30. 
lPTf).|niiiiiawla»il luimml ■ItliRiili 
mond Ry. A Viaduct Co., coiuuetliu 
Church Hill. Fulton and Richmond 

I C. B. Buohanan... 
8eo. A TraiB. Geo. B. WiUinms 

Goo. H. Taylor. 149 Brondway, 

New York, N. Y. 

0«i. Audr. W. J. KbM RiDhmoad 

Aut. Gen. Mgr. 

T, Norman Jonea , Norfolk 

Fur. Act. i Elm. Eagc- 

W. C.B1JI.. Riohniond 

OsD.Supt. Lt. &Pwr. 

J. E. HsrvBU 

Obd. Claim Agl. F, W, Mulfoid ' 
Gm. Bupt. of Bys. C.C. Jobnsoa * 
6upt, Bohedulea & iTupcction 

6. Pollard 

fRiob. Div. 

Supt. I H. L. Hmitb 

By. LioeiA So. Rioh. i. Int. Div. 

I W. F.Bryoe 

M. M., W. J.Hioka 

Bngr. M.ofW,, J. M.Pcnick. 

Sunt. EKsirb. A Install. 

T. H. SlribUng. Richmond 

Ch. Engr, Pwr.Bu. 

W. O. Randlett 


Ch. Engr. E. S. Ely Norfolt 

Bupt. Transp. E. A. Bishop 

M.M.,T.W. Madison 

Ch. Engr. Pwr. Plant <k Subata. 


Supt. Ey, U. i Pm. 

J. F. Pood Peunbnrg 


Supt. R. J. Brinkley Suffolk 

Power Btes. equip. 10 d. e. G. E, tot. 
eeoO kw; 8 a. c. G.E. Allis-C. West. tut. 
4S.8») kw. 2300 V. and 13,200 v 3 ph. 
eo oys; 12.600 hp. b. Bab. & W; 37,2S0 
kw. atm. turb. G. E. Went. Alli«-C; 
18,000 bp. Btr. wh: amith. Laf, Hoi., 
Tcump; tnlia. volt. 110,000- 13,200 v. 
tnllov volt. 650 V. 

Power Bias, at Richmond. Noriolk. 

Rcpui Bhopi at RichnioDd , Petersburg, 
Norfalk and Portsmouth. 

Reaches aod owdr Femdate. Ooean 
View, Forest Hill. William Hyrtl, JelTer- 
Bon, Chimboruo »nd Capitol Square 

Total of aU diiisions: 2SS.00 miles: 
4-BM g; 55B PBM. and -IB servioe oars. 

BOANOKE. 43.284 nom). 
(See also No. 1183.1 

llf7— Mill Mountain Incline, Inc. 

—OS OK . e 13 Sttinkland Blda.,RoBaoke. 

Pres. W. P. Henritse Roanoka 

Beo. A Trea«. John C. Wallace, . 

Energy purchased , 

Reaches summit of MiU Mouatain. 

2,000 ft.l.SS miles) 4-8^ g: 2 ears. 

ilterW. Perkins. . . .PbHadelnliia, Pa. 
Oen. Mgr. J. W. HBDcaek ...Roannki 
Supt. Transp. t Claim Aet. 

Supt". Equip. W.t, Bush'. *. ', '. 

1^21 Walnut St., Pblladal^iiB. Pi. 

Eke. Engr. W. a. Clay tor Roiuukt 

Ch.Engr. Pwr. 8U. 

C. C. Hogshead ' 

i:n_gr. Way & Struetur™ 

Elmer E. Barnard 

Power sta . equip , 8 a. 0. . E . t . TflSi 
:w. 2300 V. 3 ph. flO cys; 3048 hp. b. Bah. 
i W, Root; 5000 hp. stm. tvA. Q. E.: 
IDOO hp. wtr. turb. Platl: tran voll. 
1,000 v; trolley volt. HOO v; energy abo I 
mrrhased from Apoalaabian Pwr Co. 

Power sta. (hydro-eleo.) and repait I 
hops at Roanoke. ! 

Reaebea and owns Mountain Park. 
20. S5 mile«; 4-SH g; 4t motor and I 
ither cars. (Company doea lightmi 

,eS4 [lOie). 

1 US— Shenandoah Tnctloa Co.- 

(formerly Blue Ridge Lt. & Pwr. Co. I 

Olfiec, Greenville Ave, (Operates in I 

Staunton only.) ' 

Pres. 4Gon. Mgr. 

John H. Adams Btnuniau 

V. Pros. 8. D, Timberlake. Jr. . 

Sac. R.E.R. Nelson 

Troas. M. O'Donnell ■ 

Supt. John T. Colo 

Energy purohased from BtaunUin Ll<. 
Co.; trolley volt. 550 v. 

Repair shops at Greeoville Ave. 

Reaches Highland Park (owned). 

and' 1 other motor ™r. * M 

SUFFOLK. 7,008. 

[Sen No. llSfl.) 

TAZEWELL. 1,230. 

iieo— TBEOHeii St. aj. Co.— tCon- 

nscls Taiewell and North Taiewd].) 

Preg, J.Edw. Peery .Tuewell 

V. Pres. J. E, .Tackeon. 

Sec. ftTreas. W. T. Qillflipia. .. • 
Gen. Mgr. ttPir. A(t. 

Power Bta. equip', a d!B.W™t.Alli«C. 
tot. 360 kw; 2 a. c. Warren, tot. ISO kw. 
s. ph. 133 ays; 375 hp. e. H. ft T. AlUaC. 
450 hp. b. W. & W; trans, volt. 3200v: 
trolley volt. 550 v; energy also purcbueo 
from the TaiewcU Eles. Lt. k Pwr. Co. 

2 miles; 4-8H g: 3 oars. 11» 


ABEBDKEK. :>0.334 (1916). 

lUl~GrB)''a ItHrlNiT B;. * Lt. Co. 

—llffiuc, 106 E.Huron St. (AbMrbad 
the Cray's Harbor Elec. Co.) (Con- 
nects Aberdeen. Hoquiam and Cob- 
mopolis.l (Controlled bv Fednml Lt 

Free. E. N. Sanders™ 

00 IJroail»a¥. New York, N, Y. 
V. Prea. C. H. Nichols. ■ • 

See. AMgr. P.A.DBrtraod Aberdseo 

Treaa. J, Dunbill 

00 Broadway, New York. N ▼ 

Supt. Pur. Agl. & Claim Agt. 

C. H. Nc&on 

- . Pwr. Sla. H. A Rradner. 
master, J, L. Neilwn 

Power sta. equip. 3 a. c. turbO'cm. 
Wwt. lot. 2400 kva. S800 v. S ph.MUra 




1600 hp. b. Bab. & W; 2400 kw. stm. 
turb. West., Parsons; trans, volt. 2300 v; 
trolley volt. 650 v. 

Power sta. and r'spair shops at Aber- 

Reaches Electric Park (owned ). 

11 miles; 4-8V^ g: 18 motor pass., 2 
trail pass, and 7 trail freigh tears. (Com- 
pany does general lighting and power 
business.) ^60 

BELLINGHAM. 32.985 (1916). 

1168— Pacific Northwest Tnu;. Co. 

(Northern Div.) — (Connects Belling- 

ham, Burlington, Mt. Vernon and Sedro 

Woolley.) For executive officers see 

Asst. Treas. J. C. Hector. . . .Bellingham 

Looid Mgr. H. B. Sewall " 

Supt. Ry . John Hickok " 

Supt.Lt.&Pwr.R. U.Muffley " 

Pur. Agt. E. L. Noyes " 

M. M.TPeter M. Loft 

Energy purchased from Puget Sound 
Pwr. & Lt. Co., trans, volt. 55,000 v.; 
trolley volt. 600 v. 

2 sub-stas. tot. cap. 1,000 kw.; 2 mo. 
gen. sets. 

Pepair shops at Pellingham. 

35.3 miles owned (32.16 mi. 1st m. t., 
3.14 mi. sid.) ; also 10.3 miles trackage 
rights; 4-3^ g; 3 motor pass, and 73 
trail freight cars*; 4 eleo. locos. ^^70 

1164 — ^Puget Sound Pwr. & Lt. Co. 

(Bellingham Div.) — For executive offi- 
cers see Seattle. 

Div. Mgr., H. B. Sewall Bellingham 

Power sta. equip. 2 a. o. Q. E. tot. 
35,000 kw. 2300 v. 3 ph. 60 cys; 1510 
hp. b. Bab. & W. 2728 kw. stm. turb. 
Curtis; 3200 hp. wtr. wh. Pelton; trans, 
volt. 55,000 v; trolley volt. 600 v; enerey 
also purchased from Western Canada 
Pwr. Co., Ltd. 

Power stas. at Nooksaok Falls. 
Repair shops at Bellingham. 
25.51 miles •2j.9 mi. 1st m. t., 1.94 mi. 
2nd m. t., 2.67 mi. sid.) ; 4-8^ g; 33 motor 
pass., 1 motor freight, 2 trail freight and 
2 motor service cars. (Company does 
general lighting and power busmess.) 


CLAKKSTON. 1.257. 

1164( — Lewiston-Clarkston Transit 

Co.— Gen. Office, 821 Palace Bldg., 

Minneapolis.Minn.; Local office, Clark- 

Bton. (Connects Lewiston (Idaho) with 

Pres. A. G. Norti. .Minneapolis, Minn. 
V. Pres. 

Geo. Barrows .. .Breckenridge, Minn. 
Sec. E.H. Nort«... ^ « 

Gen. Mgr. & Pur. Agt. 

H. C. Hartung Clarkston 

M. M. V. A. Bilderback 

Energy purchased from Washington- 
Idaho Wtr., Lt. & Pwr. Co; 1 d. c. G. E. 
125 kw; trans, volt. 2200 v; trolley volt. 
576 V. 

Repair shops at Clarkston. 

Reaches Vernon Park and Hartung's 
Zoo, (controlled). 

4.15 miles; 4-8H g: 4 one-man motor 
pass. cars. 70 

EVERETT. 35.486 (1916). 

(See also Nos. 1171 and 1172.) 

1166— Puget Sound International 
Ry. & Pwr. Co.— Gen. office, 860 
Stuart Bldg., Seattle. (Controlled by 
the Pacific Northwest Trac . Co . ) (Con- 
nects Everett, Lowell and Snohomish.) 

Pres. Fred'k S. Pratt Boston, Mass. 

., »^ . /Alton W. Leonard ... Seattle 
V.Pre8t8.|wm. H. McGrath. ... - 
Sec. William T. Crawford, Boston, Mass. 
Treas. Henry B. Sawyer. . " 

Gen. Mgrs. 

Stone & Webster, Inc. ...Boston, Maes. 
Aaat. Treas. C. F. Kirchbaine. . . .Everett 
Actg. Local Mgr. Geo. Newell — " 

Pur. Agt. C. F. Redward " 

SuDts i Ry •• H. W. Grant " 

°"P^- \ Lt. & Pwr., A. M. Chitty. " 

M.M., E.M.Swift •• 

Roadmaster, A. L. Hollings " 

Power sta. equip. 1 d. c. West. 600 kw; 
2 a. c. West. tot. 1250 kw. 2200-110 v. 
2 ph. 60 cy^; 1550 hp. e. Allis-C; 1192 
hp. b. Bab. & W; 1000 kw. stm. turb. 
West; trolley volt. 550 v.; enerf^ also 

Eurchased from Puget Sound Pwr. A 
,t. Co. 

Power sta. and repair shops at Everett. 
18.04 miles owned (13.971 mi. Ist m. t., 
2.738 mi. 2nd m. t , 1.331 mi. sid); also 
5.4 milee leased. Total milee operated 
23.26; 4-8H g: 26 motor pass.. 1 motor 
service and 1 trail service oar. (Company 
does general lighting and power buatneoB. ) 


1167 — ^Paclfle Northwest Traction Co. 

— (Southern Division). For execu- 
tive officers see Seattle and Everett.) 
(Connects Seattle and Everett.) 
Asst. Treas. C. F. Kirchhaine. . .Everett 
Actg. Local Mgr. Geo. Newell. . . " 

Pur. Agt. C. F.JRedward 

Fgt. Agt. Ray Woirol 

SuDts } Ry., H. W. Grant " 

""^P^- 1 Lt. & Pwr., A. M. Chitty " 

M.M.. E.M.Swift « 

Roadmaster A . Hollings * 

Energy puchased from Puget Sound 
Pwr. & Lt. Co., and Puget Sound Inter- 
hational Ry. & Pwr. Co.; trans, volt. 
13,000 v., trolley volt. 625 v. 

1 sub-sta. cap. 500 kw., 1 mo. gen. set. 
Reaches Silver I ake Park. 
26.675 miles owned (22.88 mi. 1st m. t., 
3.795 mi. sid.) ; also 14.269 miles trackage 
rights. Total miles operated 40.944; cat- 
enary; 4-S^ g.; 9 motor pass., 1 trail 
pass., 30 trail freight, 1 motor service and 

1 trail service car ; 2 elec. locos'; (freight 
motors.) -^70 

NORTHTA KIMA. 20,951 (1916) 
(See No. 1181a). 
OLYMPIA. 6,996. 

1169— Olympla Uirht A Power Co.— 

Office, 523 Main St. (Connects Olym- 

pia and Tum water.) 

Pres. L. B. Faulkner Olympia 

V. Pres. P. M. Troy « 

Sec. John T. Otis * 

Treas. & Audr. H. A. Hart. ... " 

Supt. H. C. Ranft " 

Pur. Agt. W. K. Burntrager. . . « 
Ch. Engr. Pwr. Sta. 

F. M. Cooj>er Tumwater 

Power sta. equip. 1 d. c. West. 500 kw; 

2 a .c. West.tot.OOOkw. 2300v. 2&3ph. 
60 cys; 1600 hp. (wtr.) turb. S-B & S-V; 
trans, volt. 55,0()0 v; trolley volt. 500 v. 
Energy also purchased from Puget Sound 
Trac. Lt. & Pwr. Co. 

1 sub-sta. cap. 200 kw.; 1 rot. conv. 
Enernr pu. chafed for sub-eta., 1500 kw. 

Power sta. at Tumwater. 

Repair shops at Olympia. 

6 miles; 4-8H g; 10 motor pass.. 1 
trail pass., 1 other motor and 2 other 
oars. (Company fumishes energy for 
lighting and power at Olympia anoTum- 
water.) 60 

RAYMOND. 5,000. 

1176— WIlUiM Electric Co.— Office, 
Raymond. (Purchased the properties 
of the Willapa Harbor Ry. Co.. Twin 
City Elec. Co. and South Bend Elec. 
Co.) (Connects South Bend and 
Raymond ) . 

Pres. J. S. Thornton. New York, N.Y. 

V . Pres . H . If obart Porter ■ 

■8 Mgr. H, J, C 

Tnu. M. M. Fisher South Bend TsiAgt. N. W. Brookett 

Sum. Ry. A, W.Fisher Raymond Fat.Tiaf, Mat, W. H.Somera, ... 

POWER STA. 1— Tot 460 kw. West. Heal Estate* Iiu. Agt. D. N. Kitut 

im; 2 eo^net Twin NiEle. Ideal; 1 turbo- Ch. BIgd. Engr. O. E. Quioui 

(•n. Curtla 3D0 kva, 6«0() v, 3 ph. 60 oya. *TD 

POWER STA. 2— IturlHUBn. Curlia 

1000 kw. 2300 V. 3 ph. 60 oy»; 2 mo, len. IIJS - Seattle Manic. St. By.— OfHoc. 

hrp W«rt. tot. 275 kw. 2300v;a.o;550 507 County-City Bldg. (Purohamii th» 

T. d. 0. Loyal Ry. Co.) ApHl 1, 1919 purcbaaod 

POWER STA 3 (Hvdraulicl 1 wtr eotiro atreet railway ayatem of th* 

wh. Faltonil^n. AlliiC. llSkw.2306 Seattle Diviffloo of the P"*"' 8o^ 

1. a pb- Trafl., Lt. 9l Pwt. Co: and with Urn- 

'Ponw Wa. and repiui ihops at Ray- S'"°."„"'*"?'"' ll'^V '"i"r"'!"*o'S^ 

joau^. ■" "-J Seattle and suburb of Lake Burkp, 

B.444 roUes; 4-8H g: 3 motor oara, «»"Pt?nB Itainier Valley.) Div, "A 

Company furniahe. ener,y for U^tin;,^ \i.C^\i^t^}'^'y^^'T^t:. 

niiMiiia ftom Highland Park to lAk* 

BurieD. Deoembai 31, IBIO, w 


DunoD- ueoemoor ji. jviv, aoqmrea 
^operty of Weetem Washington Pwr- 

IITI— FmUg Northwcat Traction CatI H. Reeves. 

Ca.— Gen. ofGce, 860 Btuart Bids. S07 County-Clty Bids He 

(Contrala the Pugsc Sound InUr- Aat. Supt. E. D. O'Brien 

national By. 4 Pwr. Co. and in turn Audr, AiJen B, Hialt 

la controlled by the Pu«el Sound Pwr.* Gen, Supt. Hya. D.W. Hendanon 

Lt. Co.) Operatea in two divisions Asst toGeo Supt. Ryi. 

not physically , __. 

Pre*. Fred' k S. Pratt Boston, Mass. Sapt, Equip. A. D. Campb«a 

„„ , /Alton W. Leonard Seattle Can. Fn. Agt. J. B. Wadlinvttn. 

" " .. - . . Claim Agt, Jas, H. Dsuiiij 

m T. Crai 

- ~ «(... ■ Hunt Maint. A K. Pinrw, . , 

1 Pua^ SooBd 
^ORTHER.V DlVISrOX-Operat^s an ^^^S^^.'^i^^,' 

■---■■" — ■'- — --'"—■■— .-..■■ ^ _ . -,„d,^„g(: 

Md.iBmiiM (12777" mi .lit m 

Treaa. Henry B. Sawyer.. ■ Supt. Maint. A. E. Fio 

Gen. Mora. Energy punhaaad fi 

Stone & Webster, Ins... ■ Trao. Lt. *Pwr. Ca( 4 

Mt. Vernon Burlington to Sedro Repaii ahiHW at OeorgatowD. 

oUey, Waah., and does bght and Reaebea Golden Gardena. 

■er buslnssB in ttrntory tributary 230.48 nulag (127.7 mi. lat n 


2iid m. t., 15.44 ml. aid.): 4-8U|. 

Ener^ purchased from Puget Sound (3 f , on 1 oablo, 3-6 g. OD oliSw oabla): 
Pwr. *Tt. Co. 462 motor pan., 14 trail paaa., 4 notor 

35.3 milea; (owned) 3 mo. pass, and 'et. &. eip., 48 trul fst, & sqi, knd IB 
54 other ears: 2 eter. loeos. trul aemce oara; alao 37 sable paw. nod 

BOUTHERNDIVISION-Operatea in- ^ oable senrioe eara, *M 

28,7 miles (owned)- 9 mo paae and RsntoJ * Southern Ry. Co.) (CoB- 
33othar<iara;2eleo.l^. ' ' *70 ^,%ifimM C?ty and'RwteTBeJjt^ 

"?r^;iIiafp^a*'on^T *,-^s*^; iw'.MmhjrE'C;^!§3iilj;,liii 

Lt Ci 

F. Co., Pacific CoasI 

jundPwr Co SeatI 

r Co and Whatcom Coi 


M. Brooks. . 

■!7 '"■■ Gen. Mgr, t 
. D t Audr.&Pur 

^upt, T. H, : 

:t. P. C. Eiohhora. 


w&"''c^n°^5rPu';;ct"'8J,.'^"lnSor S' '1fe^''^"^"4Bmi!;i--' '• 

^alRy APwr Co Theeompanv RfidmMMfl S." MoliSe". . , ' I ! '. ■ 
r^i „._!^ .5..^. ■"■ 7"""' T*" Energy purohased from Pucet Booad 

I "•'""J 1^'™' ^nd inururban Trae., K. i Pwr. Co: trans. -Sit. OO/MO 

iXV .,... ,_ 

(only light and powor Tar..... 
oontrola hydro-olentr e pur plant 

proaent cap. of 42,680 hp. a 

and lnt«rnrtitto railways aun-gatins 

493.6 milea.) {See all 

ChniB.Bd. FTed'k&Pntt, Borton.MaH 

Prea. Alton W. Leonard Seattle 

V.Pres. Wm. H. MeGrath - 


Winiam T Crawford Boston, Mass 

Sec. Jas. B. Howe Seattle 

Tieae. Haniy B. Sawyer Boston. Ma«i. 
Oen. Mara. 

Stone * WriMtcr, Ina. . . Boston, Masa. 

SPOKANE. 150.323 (1916). 

Il7t— Spakane * Suttn Br- *P«I. 
Co. and Inland Emolr* B. B. Ci. 

S'ormerly Spokane A Inlaod " ' 
, R " - ■ 

ieorn H. Tayldr. 
ce. Terminal Bld^ 


8 Trap 

., Spokane Teminal fo.. Spoksne 
^ Inland Ry, Co., and CoBut d'Alc 
ft Spokane Ry. Co., Ltd.) (Opi 

(ConnocU Co^p" Akne and Mosm 
Idaho, BDdCcilfunndSpoksDe. Wast 

HeoaivBr F. E. Connor Spoka; 

V, Prea, i Traffic Mjr. 

Waldo 0. Faina ■ 

W. F. TuIBBr, ,' PoHland.Ot 

Sec., Tnaa. ft Put. A«. 

Paul McKay • 

Bupt, J. F. Gannairay Spokgj 

Claim Agl. J. M. Home,,, 

Ch. Engr. A. J. Wltchd • 

Elec. Eoir. ft Cb. Engr. Pwr, Sta, 

J.W.Hungala ' 

M. M., M. Q, Charlei 

BoadmaaUr, P. McNamara 

IB.OOO kw. 2300 v!*3 ph.'oo'iye: 2\.X 

hp. (urb. (wtr.l Hoi; trans, volt. 80,01. 

v; trolley yolt. fl.flOO v. a. n. * fiSO v. d. c. 

Power ata. at Nbe Mill Bridge on Spo- 

Repair shops at apokaao (Waah.) oo 

Reaohea and onoe parka at Hsvde 
«Dd Liberty Lakea and at Rail Park 
" ■ '■• ■ ■■" ■ - urd'AlcDf 

i-SHr. 140 motor para. ,10 trail paea. .' S 
molorrrewhC, 1« trail frdsht and 10 m»- 
tor«ervi«oar«, (Co. Bellaenerxy anddoa 
lilhtmi in Spokana, Bic Bend and tb* 
Palouiw Diatncta of Waah. and Nortban 
Idaho by means of 3H eubttaa. equipped 

116,000 (1918). 

HonlGlpal St. Br. 

laat lltb St. ("Tide 


oDhre Man 

to, Corl 

'•■ *-*H e: 6S pau. anc 
other cars Icity); 5Bpa«a.,'429JrHght, a 

ban); 13 elco. and 2 aleani Iooob. (Coi 
bany do« ligbting and power bueinesL 

tl7e— WasbliiBton Wmter Power C*. 

Office, Trent Ave, ft Lincoln S-. 

Spokane. {Coooeots Spokane, Hillyard 

Medical Lake and Cheney). 

W.J. C.Wakefield Spokane 

Prea. D. L. HuDtincton 

let V.Pres. W. A^WMta. 

U Wall 91., New York, N, Y. 
Jnd V.Prea. ftGoB. M«r, , 

W. E, Coman Spokane 

See. A Treaa. V G, Bhinkle 

Audr. J. S. SimpBOD ■ 

<3eQ. Supt. R.A.Willion 

Pur. Agt. A. C. HaggBnmiller, . . 

CUini Agt. T. G. Aeton ' 

Ch. Engr. V. 0. Grei»r 

M. M.TQ. H. Darbj ' 

LONG t^KE STA. EQUIP.— 3 a. o. 
O. K. tat. 37. MO kv. 400U-BO.DOO and 
110.000 V. 00 oya; 87.600 hp. wtr. turb. 

i. a. n, O. E. tot. 20.500 kw. 4000 y. 60 
eyi, 3B.00O hp. wtr, turb. Morris. 

—5 B. c. G. E. tot. 11.250 kw. 2300 v. 
80 i<j;«; 16,300. hp. wtr. turb. Piatt, 

G.E. tot. 4,500 kw, 4000 V. 80 oyarOd.D. 
C . E. tot. 4300 kw. 80»^00 v; IS.SOO hp. 
wtr, turb. Al!i»<:; Pelt™, U(., S, ft %■ 22,000, 13, 200 v,3ph. 
80 eye: trolley volt. 000 V, 


— B d. 0. Q, R. mo. tea. tot. BOOO kw, 
SOO-flOO V. 

Id. o.G. E, mo, gim. tot. 800 kw. 800 v. 

G, t:,mo. nan, 400kw.B0Ov 

- -1 d. c, G. E, mo. gon. ZOO kw. flOo v 

Repair thope at ^^ane, 

Owne NaUtorium >ark, Spokane. 

U0.S21 mila (Bg.Hfl ml. lit. m, t.. 

80.000 v: DoUey volt. 5S<V«X> v. 

imi. latm. t., 3 ml. 2ad 
bkI); 4-SK f- M motor 

B. t., 0.75 

{Freight ia Hwitohed from 



1 of Steilacoom.) (Cob- 
perated by Puget Sound 
lich aee Cor offlosn). 
ased from TaoomD Kj. ft 


:; ml, 2Da m. i., 2.1 mi. aid.)', alau' 7.1 
liles tiaokage righta. Total miles oper- 
M 23,4; 4-SM g.; S motor paBB. and 1 
olor freight ear, *T0 

17B— Pvget Sound aee. Uy. — 

Gen, Offioe. SOO Stuart Bldg., Seattle; 
local office, 1306 A St. (Cunseata 
Taooma, Auburn, Kent and BeatUB, 
(Owmi Taeoma Ry. ft Pwr. Co. and 
Paoifis Traction Co., wbieh companiea 
do the eotire eleetrio railway and m 

oCTawma,) (Contn^ed by the Pugei 
Sound Pwi. ft Lt. Cd,> 
™. PrsdTi B. Pratt 

147 MJk St., BoatoD. MaM. 
-PrcBlfi. IWm.H.McUralh,. , ."Seattle 

- ,0. Wllliflm'T. Cra»ford""oBtnn, Maaa, 
Treaa. Hanry B. Sawyer.. * 

Geo, MgrB. Btoaa ft Webater. Ins, 

147 Milk 6t,. Boetoa, M«a, 
Mgr. K.T.tiullivHn . ...TBConm 

Pur. An. G.O. anidfr '■ 

ClaimAgt.H. G. Wimor " 

aupt.O.C.Ma(hi8 '■ 

RoadmaaUr. U, J. NawHi 

EiMrEy pnnb«ed from the Pmat 
Bound Pwr. ft Lt. Co. 

2 anb-atas, tot. cap, 1,800 kw.: 6 mo. 

70°S niit« CTfned 147.9 ml. let m. t., 
miles trackage 'righu', 4-8}j 'g| ard rad 

freight and eiptr™, and S trail sorvioe 
(Company dote' geurral lightinc buu- 

K Bt. (6anneeU Fu- 

yallup, Spanaway, Suikoooin, Faro 

Bill and Ameilcaa Lake.) (Owned and 

operated by the Pugel Sound Else. Ry. 

Prea. Fred'k 3. Pratt. 

147 Milk St.. BoBlon, Ma», 
VJ>rsala.i Alton W. Leonard,. ..Saaltla 
^WUliam H. MaOrath. 




Seo. William T. Crawford, Boston, Mass. 

Treas. Henry B. Sa^vmsr * 

Qen. Mgn. Stone ft Webster, Inc. 

147 Milk St.. Boston, Mass. 

Looal Mgr., R. T. Sullivan Taooma 

Pur. Agt. G. O. Snider 

Claim Agt. H. G. Winsor " 

Gen. Supt. G. W. Rounds 

Supt. Pwr. & Equip. K. S. Schluss. '* 

Roadmaster H. A. leaver '* 

Power sta. equip: — 5 d. c. G. E. tot. 
2200 kw., 3 a.c. G.E. tot. 2500 kva. 2200 
v. 2 ph. 60 cys; 4450 hp. e. Friok, Penn., 
Cpr., S. C, Steams, 4100 hp. b. A. & T., 
B. & W., Phoenix, Stearns; trans, volt. 

65.00 A 1.3.800 v.; trolley volt. 600 v. d.c. 
Energv also purchased from Puget 
Sound Pwr. & Lt. Co. 

3 sub-stas. tot. cap. 2250 kw. 1 rot. 
conv. 260 kw., 4 mo. gen. sets. tot. 2000 

Power sta. and repair shops at Tacoma. 

Reaches Spanaway Park (owned) and 
Point Defiance Park. 

85.9 miles owned (54.7 mi. Ist m. t., 

25.1 mi. 2nd m. t., 6.1 mi. sid.) ; also 12.6 
miles trackage rights; 'J -3^ g; 151 motor 
pass., 1 trail pass., 2 motor freight, 56 
trail freight and express and 5 motor ser- 
vice cars: 2 cleo. locos. (Company does 
general lighting and power business.) ^70 

TANCOUViai. 13.180 (1916). 
(See also No. 886.) 

list— North Coast Pwr. Co.— Gen. 
office, 441 Pittock Blk., Portland, 
Ore. (Successor to Washington-Ore^ 
gon Corpn.) (Operates in Vancouver; 
connects Vancouver and Sifton (Van- 
couver Dlv.), and Centralia and 
Chehalis (Twin City Div.) 

Pres. Clarence M. Brown 

Land Title Bldg., Philadelphia. Pa. 

V. Pres. Gen. Mgr. A Pur. Agt. 
R. M. Boykin Portland, Ore. 

See. J. Newlin Brown 

Land Title Bldg.. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Treas. B. F. Donahue ... Portland. Ore. 
Power sta. equip.: 2 d. c. West , G. E. 

tot. 700 kw; 2 a. c. AUis-C. tot. 2000 kw. 

2300 V. 3 ph. 60 cys; 1800 hp. b. Stir; 

2 stm. turb. Allis-C; 700 hp. wtr. turb. 

Allis-C. Smith. Vaile; trans, volt. 45,000 

v; trolley volt. 600 v. Energy also 

Eurchased from Portland (Ore.) Ry.. 
it. ft Pwr. Co. 

Power stas. at Chehalis and Kalama. 
Repair shops at Chehalis and Van- 

20 miles; 4-8H g: 10 motor and 14 other 
cars. (Company does general lighting 
and power business.) 70 

WALLA WALLA. 26.136 (1016) 

1181— Walla Walla YaUey Ry. Co.— 

Gen. office, Qasco Bldg^ Portland, 
Ore. (Operates in Walla Walla and an 
interurban line connecting Walla Wal- 
la, Wash., and Milton, Ore.) (Con- 
troUed by the Pacific Pwr. & Lt. Co., 
which in turn is controlled by American 
Pwr. & Lt. Co.) 

Pres. Guy W. Talbot Portland, Ore. 

Asst. to Pres. Geo. L. Myers " 

)Gen. Mgr. 
C. S. Walters. Walla Walla 
John A. Laing, Portland, Ore. 
Sec.ftTreas.Geo.F.Nevins * 

Asst. See. & Asst. Treas 

Lewis A. McArthur * 

Traffic Mgr. F. L. Ring . . . .Walla Walla 

Pjir.Agt.P.J. Kean Portland. Ore. 

Ch. Engr. H. H. Sohoolfield. * 
Bnp. In charge R /W ft Taxes 

Wm. H. Gaivani " 

M. M.. P. Fichtner Walla Walla 

Roadmaster N. Manaro * 

Energy purchased from Pacific Pwr. ft 

trolleylvolt. 600 v. 
3 sub-sta. tot. cap. 1000 kw.; 2 rot. 
conv; 1 mo. gen. set. 

Repair shops at Walla Walla. 

29 mUes; (27 mi. 1st m. t., 2 nu. sid.) 
4-8H g: 12 motor pass., 3 trail pass, and 
10 motor freight cars; 2 eleo. locos, if^ 

TAKIMA. 20,961 (1916). 

1181a— Taldma TaUoy Tramporta- 
tlon Co.— Office, 122H West Yakima 
Ave., Yakima. jfConnects North Ya- 
kima, Harwood, Selah and ^^ley City.) 

Pres. ft Gen. Mgr. ,, _^ ^ ^^ , . 
N. C. Richards. . Miller Bldg., Yakima 

V. Pres. J. D. Farrell Portland, Ore. 

Sec. Myrtle M.Slassor 

Miller Bldg., Yakima 

Treas. Julia A. Prasch * 

Audr. R. B. Oswin *. 

Supt. W. S. Howard ■ 

Gen. Fgt. ft Pass. Agt. 

H. C. Temple , * 

Pur. Agt. G. W. Saul Portland, Ore. 

Ch. Engr. E. F. Kidder. ..Walla Walla 

M. M., A. J. Field • • Yaldma 

Energy purchased from Pacific Pwr. ft 

Lt. Co.; 3 d. 0. G. E. tot. 900 kw; 3 a. c. 

G. E. tot. 1050 kw. 2300 v. 3 ph. 60 cys; 

trans, volt. 26,000 v; trolley volt. 600 v. 

d. c. 

Repair shops at Yakima 

45 miles; 4-8H Si 16 motor pass., 5 
trail pass., 4 other motor and 18 
other cars; 1 elec. loco. &0 


BLUEFIELD. 15,442 (1916). 
(See also No. 1199.) 

1182— Appalachian Pwr. Co.— (Bloe- 
fleld Div.> (Connects Graham, Va., 
and Bluefield, W. Va.) 
Pres. JuUus A. Trawiok 

47 Ames Bldg., Boston, Mass. 
[G.N. Walbridge 
25 Nassau St. 
V .Prests . New York , N . Y . 

Chas. N. Mason 
165 Broadway ■ 
See.A.H.Mosle.30BroadSt. * 
Treas. W. R. Emerson 

47 Ames Bldg., Boston, Mass. 

Audr. W. E. Terry BluefieU 

Gen. Mgr. Herbert Markle * 

Local Mgr. S. G. KUbum * 

Pur. Agt. J. P. Gills ■, 

Energy is furnished from hydro-«ee. 
developments to sub-station at BluefieU; 
1 mo. gen. G. E. 300 kw; stm. plant 
reserve; 1 d. c. G. E. 500 kw; trans, 
volt 88,000 v; trolley volt. 650 ▼. 
Power sta. on New River, Va. 
Repair shops between Graham and 

7.40 miles; 4-8H S*. S motor pass, 
and 2 other motor cars. (Company does 
general lighting and power Dusinea^ 

118S— Norfolk A WMtom By. Co.— 
(ElectrlcDlT.) — Office, Roanoke, Va. 
(Electric sone extends f com Bluefield lo 
Vivian; Bluestone to Pocahontas and 
Bluestone to Clift Yard (Bimmoos 
Branch). (ElectriMng section be- 
tween Vivian and WelchJ 

Pies. N. D. Maher., Roanoke, Va. 

i Operation, 
A. C. Needles " 
T. S. Davant •• 

Sec. I. W. Booth Philadelphia, Pa. 

Treas. Jos. B. Lacy Roanoke, Va. 

Compt. Jos. W. Coxe " 

Gen. Mgr^W. J. Jenks * 

Supt. W. T). Franklin Bluefield 

Gen.Cnm JUt. W .S .Battle Jr. Roaaoko.Va 
Pur. Agt. J.H. Clemmitt... . • 
Gen. ^^. Agt. 

B. WT Herrman 

Ch. Engr. J. E. Crawford. . . 
Ch. Eleo. Enp. C. H. Quinn 
Signal Engr. D.W.Riohards 






! 4-8H k; ( 




1 othar ear. (CompBay uhbb gsaera 
lifhtiai BDd cower busiaau.) Ill 

1181 — Cliuto-iton Inierarbfto B. B 

Co.— OSes. Terminal Bli.. CbBrlsi 
ton. (Leases for 99 yean the KuiBwhj 
Vallev Ttbo, Co., whioh is oontrolle. 
bv Anwrican Ry>. Co.) (CDDDeot 
Cbarl«b>n, So. CbBrleBCon, Sprinj 
HiU, St. Albans, . Kaaanha City 
Maiden, Marfflet. Cbwapeaks, Win! 
f»ds Jot. and Cabin Creek Jot.) 

Pres. W. A. MacCorkle Charlestoi 

V. Pres *Sce, F. M. Stauntoc 

Treas. A Audr. A, " "■" 

Cod. Mar. a Put 
I. N. Smith. . 


Claim Act. L. H. Oakea. 

Oen. Fat. A|t. A. Leaob. 
3,C Mfpkfr. 

^., M.HUl.. 

2 d. 0. G E. lot. 
Weth; 1000 hp. b. 

lurchased [ram Vir- 

), 301)0 kw.; 8 rot. 

fl.'i mil.-a owqfii (37,22 m 
mi. 2nd m, t.. l.flflmi. a 
.raakage risbts: 4-SH t- 

u A Eketrie Co— 

82 Cedar St., New York, 

' ez Cedar Bt., 
, ,. IWW.Ffeeman.Ciiii.ini 
""■) W, Y. Cartwrirht 
1 Treas. Palk T.afroan, 
•olUDiDnpai&lvlea. Cn. 
4lb A PUlm SU., Cinsinn 

ELM GBOTB, l,89R. 

Fairmont A aarkaburg Div . i Park- 
ersbura, W. Va., Marietta and Pererly. 
Obio. in the Parkenburg A Marietta 

Se.'.ATraB. Walton Miltar " 

Audr. O. F. Louab " 

Gen. Mgr.E.B. Moore 

rWys,, D. H. Blanks 

ABat.,Bys.,K.C.Powmaii " 

\lKrs,-^P.&M.[>iv., H.S.Sewtou. " 

LPwc, Dept.,It.W. Lamar, Fairmont 
Div. Supt. J. IT Beala Clarksburg 

I Eqaip. J. A. DuOy . . . Fairmont 
.SuptB. ^D&t.ftOvhd, 

I F.C.ManMin " 

Pur, Art. E - " ■ ■ 

1. trafflo A^""" 

Cha^. Falwell Parberabari 

;nKr.M.ofW„ F, A. H. Kelly, Fairmont 

Poner sla. equip. 11 a. D. G. E. tot. 
a.SOO kvB. 2300-U,DOO V. S ph. tlO cjs; 



). Hut- 

li, iid.) 


neral I'igh 



GBAFTON. 7,5(jJ, 

U88 — OraTtOD Lt. & Pwr. Co.— OIGoe, 

EdLiion''r;Ba *'' Power Co. will pur- 
chase property.— 12-20- IBi. (Conneota 
Graflon, Biueville and City Park.) 
Trustee in Bankruptcy 

T. F. Lanbam... Grafton 

mI'm,. A.d p" udfooi," '.' 

Power sCa. emilp. I d. c. Wint ISO k». 
SSDv: 2 a. e. West. tot. SZ3 kva. 2300 v. 
2 ph. «0 ova; 600 bp. b.-Atlaa, Geary: 000 
hp. e. Pho.nii. \Q r. Ball. Skinr; 1 mo. 
gen. eet 273 k« 

Repair shops at Fettorman. (No, P.O.) 
Keaehea City Park (in obarge o[ Com- 
mon Couoflii,) 

Boi^bSnaw^ ""^ ""' 129] 

HUNTINGTON. 50.000 ao2']> 

IIM— Ohio Taller Blee. Bt. Co.- 

Miller-RitUr Blda., Huntincton. 
lUwmi tbe .Ashland £ CatleltHburi St. 
Ry. Co.. Ashland. Ky.l. (Conneota 
Huntington, Ceredo. Kenova. W. Va , 
Callettsburg, Ashland, Ky.. Coal 
Gnrre, Imotan aad Hanflng Roek.O.} 
(Controlled by American Rys. Co.) 

Pres. Van Horn Ely . , . , Philadelphia, Pa. 

,,„ . /H.J.Cro-ley 

V Jreata.^C. L. S. Tin«ley, .. 

See. * Treas. W. W. Perkins. 

Audi. Prank J.Pryoi. Jr • 

Qen. Mn. W. R. Pamr. ..Huotiagton 

'^•' Alt. G.C.Weiriek, 

1331 Walnut St., PUladelpbia. Fa. 

Eleo. A Ch. Enp. 




Supt. Transp. & Claim Agt. 

J. A. Marcum Huntington 

Aas't Supt. Transp. & Fgt. Agt. 

John W. Williamson • 

Engr. Pwr. Sta. Chas. Lake Eenova 

Supt. Lines D. L. Evans. ..Huntington 
Div. Supt. R. E. Kimmel. .Ashland, Ky. 
M. M., J. F. Schmidlapp.. Huntington 
#Park /H. O. Via * 

Mgrs. \G. M. Wilde Ashland, Ey. 

Energy purchased from Consolidated 
Lt., Ht. & !Pwr. Co., Kenova; trans, volt. 
11 ,000 v; trolley volt. 600 v. 

Repair shops at 18th St., West Hunt- 

Reaches and owns Camden Park, Kel- 
logg, W. Va., and Clyffeside Park, Ash- 
land, Ky. 

46.29 miles: 4-8H g! 73 motor oars. 



1191 — Lewlsburg A RonceTerto Elec. 

Ry. Co. — Office, Lewisburg. (Connects 

Lewisburg and Ronoeverte.) 

Pres. S. P. Preston Lewisburg 

V.Pres. J. B. Laing ■ 

See. H.B. Moore • 

Treas. H. F. Hunter ■ 

Qen.Mgr. R.M.Bell ■ 

Gen. Fgt. & Pass. Agt. 

Lon S. Davidson * 

Energy purchased from Va .-Western 
Pwr. Co.; trans, volt. 46,000 v; trolley 
volt. 600 V. 

6.2 miles; 4-8H g; 2 motor cars and 1 
other car. 119 

MORGANTOWN. 13,709 (1916). 

IIM— Morgantown A Wheellnc Ry. 

Co.— Office, Traction Bldg. (Oper- 
ates by electricity between Morgan- 
town and Randall for passenger service 
and by steam between Randall and 
Brave, Pa., serving coal mines.) (Con- 
trols Monongahela A> Ohio R. R. Co. 
and Blacksville A Western Ry.) 
Receiver, Qen. Mgr., & Pur .Agt. 

R. E. Kerr Morgantown 

Pres. Manning Stires, 

45 Cedar St., New York, N. Y. 

Sec. Frank P. Weaver Morgantown 

Audr. & Gen. Fgt. & Pass. Agt. 

Amnon I. Derr * 

M. M., C. G. Jackson * 

Roadmaster J. A. McKinney " 

Qen. Foreman Elec. Line " 

Geo. McLure ■ 

Energy purchased from West Virginia 
Trac. & Elec. Co; trans, volt. 560 v: trol- 
ley volt. 600 V. 
Repair shops at Granville. 
27 miles (3 elec. & 24 stm.); 4rSH g; 3 
motor and 8 other cars; 4 stm. locos. 


UM — So. Morgantown Trac. Co. — 

Office, Blackstone Bldg., Morgantown. 
Receiver, Aaron Garlow.... Morgantown 
Pres. & Qen. Mgr. 

John Madagan * 

V.Pres.SanfoniBarrickman * 

Sec.&Park Mgr .John E. Price 

Treas. P. S. Johnson 

Elecl. Engr. M. L. Cross. . . 
Roadmaster, A. D. Davis. . 
Park Mgr. C. N. Reay 

Energy purchased. 

Reaches 25-acre park (owned.) 

6 miles: AS^i g; 3 cars. 119j 

IIM— West TlrKlnla UtUltles Co.- 

(Morgantown Div.). (Connects Mor- 
gantown & Sabraton and Morgantown 
and Granville.) For executive officers, 
see Wheeling. 

Local Mgr. J.K. Buchanan. Morgantown 

M. M.,C.E.Nigh 

Power sta. equip. 3 d. o. West. G. E. 
tot. 900 kw; 5 a. o. tuibo-gen. G. £.. 
West. tot. 3400 kw. 2300 ▼. 2 A 8 ph. 
60 cys; 1570 hp . b . Heine, Stir; tranfl . Tolt. 
13,200 v; trolley volt. 600 ▼. Energy 
also purchased from Monongahela VaUey 
Trac. Co. 

Power sta. and repair shops at Morgan- 

6.5 miles; 4-8H s; H motor oars. 



1196— The NeweU Bridge St By. Oe.— 

(Successor to The NeweU St.iKy. Co.) 
Office, Newell, W. Va. (Goimeets East 
Liverpool, O., and NeweU, W. Va.) 

Pres. Marcus Aaron, _ 

2nd Nat'l Bank Bldg.. Pittsbursh, Pa. 

V Pres . 

E. M. Knowles East Liverpool, O. 

Sec, Gen. Mgr. & Pur. Agt. 

F. B. Lawrence NeweU 

Treas. W. E. WeUs * 

Power sta. equip. 2 d. c. Burke, tot. 300 
kw; 2 a. c. Burke, tot. 150 kw. 2 v^. 60 
cys; 500 hp. e. Allis-C; 930 hp. b. Tita»- 
viUe, Heine; 1-300 kw. turb. Curtis; 
trolley volt. 560 v. 

Power house, car bams and repair 
shops at NeweU, W. Va. 

Reaches park at Lake NeweU (owned). 

3 miles; 4-8H g; 10 oars. (Company 
furnishes energy for lighting through 
NeweU Wtr. & Pwr. Co ) 50 

PAREXRSBUIIG. 20.612 (1916). 


1197— Kanawha Trac. A Elee. Oe.— 

Office, Union Trust Bids. (Ino. in 
April, 1915, and on June 7, 1915. eon- 
solidated with Parkersburg, Marietta 
& Interurban Ry. Co.) ((Jontrolfl city 
lines of Parkersburg, W. Va.. and 
Marietta, O., and connects these oities 
with LoweU and Beverly, O.) (Con- 
trolled by the Monongahela VaUey 
Trac. Co.) ^ „ , ^ 

Pres. Thos. Logan Parkffisbars 

Sec. George M. Alexander Fairmont 

Treas. O. F. Lough ■ 

Audr. J. Cummings Parkersburg 

Mgr. H. S. Newton 

fGeo. T. Mann 
(Parkersburg Div.) 
Frank E. Wilson 

, (Ohio DivJ Marietta. O. 

Claim Agt.C. B. W. Chapmaa.Feinnont 
Gen. Fgt. A Pass. Agt. _ , 

C. R. Devine Parkersburs 

Pur. Agt. E. B. Smith Fsarmont 

Ch. Engr. Pwr. Stn. _ , 

O. B. Summers Parkersburg 

Supt. Lt. & Pwr. Dept. 

J.H.TrisUer * 

M. M., C. W. FolweU * 

Supt. M. of W.Wm. Bailey. ^ * ^^ 
Power sta. equip. 4 a. c. G. B. tot. 
6000 kw. 2300 v. 2 & 8 ph. 60 cys: 1360 
hp. e. AlUs-C., Ham, Erie; 2500 hp.b. 
Bab. & W; 5000 kw. turb. (stm.) G. B. 
171 hp. wtr. wh. Lef; trans, volt. 22.00; 
v; troUey volt. 600 v. 

Power sta. at Parkersburg. 
Repair shops at Parkersburg and Man- 
etta. , ._^ 

60 nules; 4-8H K 77 motor pass, 
and 13 other oars. (Company does gen- 
eral Ughting business in Parkersburg, W. 
Va., and Marietta and Beverly, O.) 70 

(See No. 820.) 

miNCETON. 5,000. 

Asst. M.M., J.Thorn. 

UH — ^Prlneetoii Fewer Co.--m'««~. 

Princeton. (Operates in Prinoeton and 

connects this aty with Bluefield -■ 

connection is inade with the 




lachian Power Co. for entrance to the 

Pres. & Treas. L. P. Hardy. . . Princeton 
V. Pres. H. E. DeJamette. ... • 

Gen. Mgr. S. J. Evans • 

M. M., E. T. Evans • 

Energy purchased from Appalachian 
Pwr. Co; trans, volt.. 13,200 v; trolley 
volt. 600 v; power sta. equip. 1 mo-gen. 
Allifl-C. 200 kw.; rot. conv. West. 200 kw; 
1 a. o. AlUs-C. 175 kw. 2200 v. 2 ph. 60 
cys; 250 hp. e. AUis-C; 300 hp. b. Hous- 
ton, Stanwood and Gamble; power station 
held as auxiliary. 

Pwr.sta.and repair shops at Princeton. 

Reaches and owns a park site of 70 
acres, partially developed and leased to 
Glenwood Park Co. 

14 miles; 4-8H g; 5 motor pass, oars 
1 fgt. car and 1 motor work car. (Com- 
pany does general lighting and power 
busmess; sells energy to Athens Powee 
Pwr. Co. #50 


1200— Tyler Trme. Co.— Office, Sisters- 
ville. (Connects Sistersville. Purs- 
ley & Middleboume.) 

Pres. & Gen. Mgr. 

S. G. Pvle Sistersville 

V. Pr38. & Treas. 

W.J. Neuemchwander ** 

Sec. W. C. Harrington 

Supt. H. H. Cooper. . . • 


John Snodgrass New Martinsville 

Energy purchased from Sistersville 

Elec. Lt. & Pwr. Co; trans, volt. 550 v. 

troll«y volt. 550 v; 

Repair shops at Sistersville. 

12 miles; 4-8H g; 5 motor and 2 other 

cars. •20t 

1201— Sistersville & New Martinsville 

Trac. Co. — (Successor to Union Trac. 

Co.) — Office, Sistersville. (Connects 

Sistersville, New Martinsville, Paden 

City and Brooklyn Junction.) 

Pres. R. Broadwater Sistersville 

Sec. S. G. Messer * 

Treas. W. J. McCoy • 

Ch.Engr.Pwr.Sta. T.V.Stetson * 
Engr. M . of W. John Snodgrass " 

Energy purchased from Sistersville 
Elec. Lt. & Pwr. Co.; 

Repair shops at Paden City. 

Reaches Paden Park (owned). 

12 miles; 4-8^ g> motor ears and 1 
other ear. 89 j 

WEXIiSBURG. 4,189. 
(See abo No. 1,208.) 

1202— SteubenvlUe, Wellsbonr A 
Welrton By. Co.— Office. 221 Fourth 
Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. (Connects Wells- 
burg, Follansbee, Steubenville. Holli- 
day 8 Cove and Weirton.) (Operated by 
Wheeling Trac. Co.) 

Pres. WilUston Fish Pittsbuivh, Pa 

V. /Raymond B.Keating • 

Prests.lC. P. Billings * 

Sec.&Treas. C.C.McBride • 

Audr. M. W. Glover ■ 

Asst. Sec. W.F.Craig... * 

Asst. Treas. R. C. lightcap * 

Gen. Supt. C. W. Marsh Wheeling 

Claim Agt.E.D. Lash * 

Pur. Agt. W. E. Higgins 

221 Fourth Ave., .Pittsburgh, Pi 
Energy purchased from Wellsburg 
Elec. Lt., Ht. & Pwr. Co. 
Repair shops at Follansbee. 
13.52 miles; 4-8H g: 10 closed motor 
pass, and 4 misc. cars. . 69 

12it— WellsboK, Bethany A Wash- 
iBKton By. Co.— Office. 103 8th St.. 
WeUsburg. (Connects Wellsburg ana 

Pres. Sam'l George Wellsburg 

V. Pres. J. S.Liggett « 

Sec* Gen.Mgr. F.T.McEvoy * 
Treas. & Claim Agt. 

W. W. Beall ' 

. , /John Scott " 

Audrs.^Ohas. S. Wilson « 

Energy purchased from Wellsburg 
Elec. Lt., Ht. & Pwr. Co. 

Repair shops at Betluuiy. 

7.8 miles; 4-8H g; 3 motor pass., 1 fgt. 
motor and 4 fgt. cars without motors. 


WHEELING. 43,377 (1916). 

1205— Pan-Handle Traetlon Co. — 

Office, Wheeling. (Owned, leased and 
operated by Wheeling Traction Co.) 
(Connects Wheeling and Wellsburg.) 

Pres. Williston Fish Pittsburgh, Pa. 

V. Pres. C. P. Billings Wheeling 

Sec. W. A. Shirley ■ 

Treas. C. C. MoBride. . . Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Asst. Sec. W. F. Craig * 

Audr. M. W. Glover ■ 

Gen Supt. W. B. Atwood Wheeling 

Supt. Edw. Wright Wellsburg 

Claim Agt. E. D. Lash Wheeling 

Pur. Agt. W. E. Higgins, 

221 Fourth Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Supt. Equip. Daniel Durie 

Connellsville, Pa. 
Ch. Engr. Ways & Struct. 

J. L. Fritsch Pittsburah, Pa. 

M. M., H. Branson. . . : ^^eeling 

Engr. M.of W. W.A.Underwood * 

19.19 miles; 4-8H g; 8 closed motor 
pass., 2 ezp. motor, 3 work and 4 other 
motor cars. 60 

1206— The Steubenville A Wheellnc 
Traetlon Co. — Office. Huron and 
Zane Sts., Wheeling. (Owned, leased 
and operated by Wheeling Trac. Co., 
(Connects Steubenville, Mingo. Brill- 
iant, Rayland and Martin's Ferry, 

Pres. Williston Fish 

221 Fourth Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

V. Pres. R.B.Keating... 

Sec. W. A. Shirley Wheeling 

Treas. C. C. McBride Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Asst. Sec. W.F.Craig. ... 

Audr M. W. Glover " 

Power sta. at Brilliant, 0.(shut down.) 
15.42 miles: (9.31) 4-8H g. and (6.11) 

5-2^g.; 5 closed motor pass., 1 open 

paRs., 12 work and 5 other motor cars. 


1207 — West YlTKlnla UtUltles Co- 

(Formerly West Virginia Trac. 4; Elec. 
Co.)— Office, Wheeling. (This Co. owns 
and operates a large part of the electric 
street railway system at Wheeling and 
supplies city with natural gas; also 
owns and opterates electric street rail- 
ways, electric light and natural gas 
plEuits and water supply systems both 
m the suburban district of Wheeling 
and in the City of Morgantown.) 

Controls the following: CHty & Elm 
Grove R. R. Co.. which owns a line in 
City of Wheeling and suburbs extend- 
ing along the National Road to the 
Pednsylvania state line; also owns water 
works and electric light plant formerly 
operated by Suburban Lt. A Wtr. Co., 
uid Wheelinj| Park, formerly owned 
by the Wheeling Park Assn. ; also con- 
trols Wheeling & Elm Grove Ry. Co. 
which operates an electric railway in 
the suburban district of Wheeling, in- 
cluding Fulton, Pleasant Valley, Elm 
Grove and Triadelphia, which extends 
to the Pennsylvania state line at West 
Alexander; City Ry. Co. operating in 
Wheeling; Union Utilities Co.; and 
City & Suburban Gas Co. 




Pres. E. L. West Easton, Pa. 

V.-Pro8. O. H. Wallbrdige, 

ivew York. NY. 
Sec. & Treas. Thomas ( heyne, 

50 T'ine bt.. New York. >:. Y. 

Andr. F.J. I . Doyle W heeling 

Ccn. Mjir. J. D. W hittemore. . 

!H. Ames • 
Peter Stanton « 
Eleo., Qas & Wtr. Lines 
T. Tuttle • 
Rys. C. R. Bendell • 

Gen. Ffft. & Pass. Agt. Geo.NoU " 

Engr. Pwr. Sta. F. B. Cope • 

M. M., James Robinson * 

Power sta. equip. 5 d. c. West. tot. 
2000 kw; 3 a. c. West. tot. 425 kw. 3 ph. 
60 oys; 2500 hp. e. Cpr. Bckye; 2700 hp. 
b. Stir, Heine; trans, volt. 2200 v: trolley 
volt. 600 V. 

Power stas. at Elm Grove and (City 
Rys.) Wheeling. 

Repair shops at 12th & McCulloch Sts. 
and 27th & Wood Sts. 

Reaches Wheeling Park (owned.) 
39 miles; 4rS}4 g; 74 motor and 6 
other cars. ^ 

U08— Wheeling Trmetlon Co.— Of- 
fice, Huron and Zane Sts. (Owns and 
operates under lease — Panhandle Trac. 
Co. and Steubenville & Wheeling Trac. 
Co., owns and operates in name of 
W. T. Co. — Bellaire South-western 
Trac. Co. and Wheeling & Western 
Ry. Co. Operates under lease in 
name of W. T. Co. — Steubenville, 
Wellsburg & Weirton Ry. Co., and 
Steubenville Ry. Co.jT (Connects 
Moundsville, Wheeling, Wellsburg and 
Weirton, W. Va., and Bellaire, Martins 
Ferrv, Barton, Brilliant, Ray land and 
Steubenville, Ohio.) (Controlled by 
the West Penn Rys. Co., which in turn 
is controlled by the West Penn Trac. 
& Wtr. Pwr. Co.) 

Pres. Williston Fish Pittsburgh, Pa. 

V.Prests./Gen. Mgr. 

C. P. Billings... Wheeling 

Sec. W.A.Shirley « 

Treas. C. C. McBride... Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Asst. Sec. W. F. Craig ... * 

Audr. M. W, Glover. ... " 

Gen. Supt. W. G. Yates Wheeling 

ClaimAgt. E.D. Lash « 

Pur. Agt. W. E. Higgins, 

221 Fourth Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Supt. Equip. Daniel Durie 

Connellsville, Pa. 
Ch . Engr. Ways & Struct. 

J. L. Fritsch Pittsburgh, Pa. 

M. M., F. C. Martin Wheeling 

Power sta. equip. 3 d. c. West. Bull, 
tot. 2000 kw; 3 a. c. West. tot. 3500 kw. 
2200-6600 V. 3 ph. 60 cys; 4150 hp. e; 
Cpr, C. & G; 3250 hp. b. Bab. A W 
3500 kw. stm. turb. West.; trans, volt. 
22,000 v; trolley volt. 600 v, d. c. 

Power stas. at 42d St., Wheeling. W. 
Va. and at Brilliant. Ohio. 
Repair shops at Wheeling. 
Reaches Moundsville Camp Ground, 
Total miles: operated, 59.23 (5-2^g.) . 
42.59 (4-8H g-); owned or controlled 
69.23 (5-2H gO. 28.50 (4-8H g); total 
cars operated, 107 closed mo. pass., 18 
open mo. pass., 20 non-mo. pass., 4 exp. 
and fgt. mo., 11 work and line mo. and 
29 other cars, 3 sweepers; owned or con- 
trolled, 94 closed mo. pass., 18 open mo. 
pass., 20 non-mo. pass., 4 exp and fgt., 
11 work and line mo. and 25 other cars; 
3 sweepers. (Comj^any does general light- 
ing and power business.) ^20t 


APPLETON. 17334 (1916). 

1310— Wlseonsln Trac., Lt., Ht. A 
Pwr. Co. — Office, 780 College Ave. 

(Consolidation of Appleton Bieo. Lt. A 
Pwr. Co., Fox River Valley Eleo. By. 
Co. and Menasha & Neenah St. Ry. 
Co.) (Purchased Fox River VaUey Gas 

6 Elec. Co.) (Conaeots Ai>pleton, 
Menasha, Neenah and Kaukaiiiia» umI 
includes local line in Appleton. 

Pres. & Gen. Mgr. John I. Began 

First Wise. Nat. Bk. Bldg . .Milwaukee 
Sec, Pur. Agt. & Supt. 

A. K. Ellis Ai>pletoii j 

Ch. Engr. John MoCarter * 

M.M.John W.Stark • 

Power sta. equip. 4 d. o. G. E. tot. 1O70 
kw; 8 a. c. G. E.. Allis-C. tot. 1703 kva. 
1000-2200 V. 3 ph. 60 oys; 3000 hp. e 
Allis-C. 4448 hp. b. Stir., Spa^; 23.U00 kw. 
stm. turb. Alus-C; 1620 hp. wtt. turb. > 
Allis-C; 1275 hp. wtr. wheels MoCormiek; 
trans, volt. 4000-33000-66030 v; trolley 
volt. 600 V. 

I sub-eta cap. 2750 kw.; 1 mo -gen. set. 

Power sta. and repair shops at Apple- 
ton; sub-sta. at Neenah. 

2 ' .242 miles (9.482 mi. 'st m t.. 0.6 tS 
mi. 2nd mt.. i.^22 mi. sid.) Total miles 
operated 9.482; 4-8H g; 19 motor paaa. 
cars and 1 motor car. (Company does 
gas and electric lighting.) *60 

ASHLAND. 11,594 (1916). 
(See also No, 491.) 

1211— Ashland Lt., Pwr. St St. If' 

Co.— Office, 212 W. 2nd St. {Operatei 

in Ashland.) 
Pres. L. E. Myers 

1119 Monadnock Bldg., Chicago, HI. 
V. Pres. L. N. Boisen ' 

1119 Monadnock Bldg., ' 

Sec. A Treas. W. H. P. Weston 
1119 Monadnock Bldg . . ' 

Audr. E. J. Shaylor AaUand 

Gen. Supt. & Pur. Agt. 

W. J. Hodgkins * 

Dist. Supt. M. J. Jahl " 

Ch. Engr. R. S. Wilhehn ** 

Power sta. equip. Oa.o.G.E. tot.8360 
kw. 2200 V. 3 ph. 60 cys; 2700 hp. b. Bab. 
& W; 7250 kw. turb. (stm.) G. E; 1880 
hp. turb. A. & T. (wtr.) Smith; trans. 
volt. 16.500-33,000 v; trolley volt. 500 v. 

Power sta . and repair shops at Ashland. 

Reaches Lake Park . 

6.7 miles; 4-8 >^ g; 7 motor and 2 other 
cars. (Company furnishes eneiiy for 
lighting.) irSO 

BELOIT. 18.072 (1916). 
(See also No. 240.) 

1219— Belolt Trac. Co.^-Offioe, 323 

State St. 

Pres. R. N. Baylies Chioaco. HI. 

V. Pres. Joel B. Dow B^oit 

Sec. O. S. Baylies Chicago, 111. 

Treas. W. F. Woodruff Rookfocd, 111. 

Audr. Paul Stich « 

Gen. Mgr. T. M. Ellis. Jr Beloit 

Supt. C. V. Vermillion • 

M M., S. S. DeCamp ■ 

Engr. M. of W., B. S. Fiph « 

Energy from Rockford A Interoibaa 
R. R. (1(). 

Repair shops at Beloit. 

7 miles owned; also 1 mile trackage 
rights; 4-8H £*> 16 motor pass, uid 3 
trail pass. cars. iflO 

CEDABBUBG. 1,777. 

1213— Milwaukee Northern By. C3».— 

(Connects Milwaukee, Cedarburg, 

Port Washington and Sheboygan.) 
Pres. Wm. A. Comstock. .Detroit, Mieh. 
V. Pres., Gen. Mgr. & Ch. Eiia. 

F.W.Walker Port WMUngton 

Sec. & Treas. 

Henry A. Haigh Detroit. lOoh. 

Audr. C. R. Bradbum Cedatbarg 

AmC. Gbh, Mer. & Fui. A«t. 

John St. John Cedarburg 

Ch, Daspntohar. A, Montabs. ' 
Supl. Mil, City Div. 

A. Csriaon. Milnaukee 

Engr. Pwf. 81a. 

gmil Albl Port Waahington 

M. M. Frank Kittiley CedarEurg 

Oen.Fct.APug, Act. 

Otto Maike 

KondmMter E , Rutherford ... • 

Power Its. ectuip. 2 a. c. Allia-C. tot. 
SOOO kff, 3 pb. 2S oyg; 4000 bp. e. (as, 
650 V. 

Repair sbops at Cedarburg. 

TO milei in operation; 4-8H b: 24 oara. 
(Will e.lend line In Pand duXac from 
CedarburE via West Bend. 43 miles.) 
(Company doesgenofal lighting and power 
biulnese.) 5U 

rScB No. 1214.) 


l>14~WlicoDSln-Hliuie8ata LI. * 
Put. Co.— Offieo, 2-4 80, Barstow Bt. 
[Controlled by American Public ntili- 
liea Co. I (Operstoa at, ry. syetem in 
Eau Claire and CbioDena Falls, and 
interurban line eonnecting Eau Cbiire, 
Chippewa Falls and Altnana.) 

PrH.Joe.H. Brswer.GrandRapida.Miob. 

let V. Pre* 

W. B Parsons. , , Minneapolia, Minn. 

adV. PrcB. tGen. Mgr. 

P. D, Kline Eau Oaire 

Trrae. WilliaJ.rUpUy. }> • •" ■ 

Diit. Audr. L. B . Boheisi . . .Eau Claire 

Dlat. Mgr. B , 8. Torraoca. . . . 

Oen.Oportic.Supt.GM.A. Mills * 

Ch.Enar. V. a.Hillyer 

Supt. Ry. E. V.Wahl 

Pur, Agt. A Claim Agt. 
A. ClCraadall 

Sunt. Pwr. 8ta. A M. M, 



lot, 30.600 kva; 4S,000 hp, turb. (wtr,) 


LA CROSSE 8TA. EQUIP.— 3 turbo- 

C, AlliB-C,. Weal, lot, 3700 kva; 1500 
b Bab. di^W. 

O.E, eookva, 3ph, eaoye;650bu, turb. 
(wtr,) Sroitb, 

G, E, tot, 1300 kva. 3 ph, 60 rys; 2200 hp. 
turb. (»tt.) Smith, 

a. o. O, E, tot, 7600 kw, 3 pb. SO eye: 
10.800 hp. turb. (wtr.) Allis-C. 

2 d, a. G. E, tot, 375 kw^ I a, 0, O. E. 
1200 kw, 3 ph, 80 eys; 2500 bp. turb. 


tan. aeuG.E, tot, 1000 kw; trans, volt. 
20,000-66,000-33,000-13,000 v: trolley 
volt. 600 V, 

Power Btas. at Delia Dam, Menomonie, 
Cadu Falls, Chippewa Falls. Eau Claire 
(ry.Hrvin). WisaDtaandLaCrosse, tot 
«u. installed 5H,787>4 kva 

Kepair shaps at Eau Claira, 

Heaehes E^tric Park (owned). 

3S miles; 4-eH f. 26 motor and 3 other 
tan. (Company does general lighting 

POND DU LAC. 21,113 (1016). 

I Wise. Eiec. Co.— For 

mivBoHicara see Sheboygan. (Con- 
■ Fond du Lao, Norui Fond du 

Lao V 

nation at Fond du Lao, 

,f.iK(.'— "■■■ 


™las;4-8MK; 14 motor 



6BAMD BAFIDB. 6,521, 
I»e— Orand Baplds St. Br- Co — 

Office, Grand Rapids. .(Conneota 
Grand Hapida, Pt, Edwarde. So. Cen- 

Praa. L, M, Nash Grand Rapid* 


800. G.M, Hill * 

Treas, Frank J. Wood. , , , 

Gen Mgr Neil E Nash . * 

8 miles; 4-SH S^'s 

a. and! 

G8EEN BAT. 20,353 (ISIB). 

1S17— Bar Shore St. Br. Co.— OSm. 
315Na. JeETorsonSt. (Conaacte Oreeu 
Bay with Town Preble. Bay Beaoh. 
Bay View Beach and Harbor View 

E-TbeWiseonsiS Publio'"^?^°e Co.) 
Pros. * Gen. Mgr. 

J, A. Cuaiok..., GreenBar 

Sec. J. P. Neugent 

Trees. H.J. Cuaiok • 

Pubbc'^rvTco'co. ""^ uoonain 

Repair ahops at Greau Bay. 

Reaebee Bay Beach Park. 

2 miles; 4-SH g: 4 oars. S7 

12IS-WiicODsln PabUc SarTke Co.— 

Office. 204 N. Washington St., Qreen 
Bay. (Buperinteods operation ot Bay 
Shore St. Ry. and owns Gi«n Bay 
Gaa, A Elec, Co.) (Connects Green 
Bay and Duck Creek; De Fere, 
Wrigbtalown, Little Bapida and RaU' 

Prea, Clement C, Smith 

1410 lat Natl. Bk. Bldg.. Milwaukeo 

V. Pre*. C. H. Pham^oia Green Bay 

V. Pros, ft Pur. Agt. J. P. Pulliam 

1st NaffBk. Bldj.. MilwaukH 
See. A Treaa. Howard Greene 
1st Nat'l Bk. Bldg.. 
Aaat.Beo.-Treaa. H.C.Mackay • 
Audr. A Asst. Sec. 

MiasA.L.Ruacbar.. Green Bay 

Gen. Supt. A. G. Carson 

Supt. Rys. 

W, a. GoodykoonH .. 
Supt, Lt, A Pwr, 

W, J. Wadsworth • 

Ch. Encr. Chas. A. Ewing, ... ' 

Clum Agt. Walter Bie ■ 

Cb. Engr. Pwr. Sta. 

E, A. Blodgect Green Bay 

Pwr. Engr. J. Bedora Maoitowoe 

M. M.. J. Jossart Gre«nBar 

Engr. M.oIW., 

Theodore Hendricks • 

Power aUi. equip, e a. e. Watt, Altin^C, 
tot. ll,500kw. 21100-1400 v.3ph. soft 25 
cys:IflO0bp. B. Alli»-C;3200Ep. b.Btir; 
B. i W, 5500 kw. atm. turb. AUlrC: 
West.fleoO bp, turb. (wtr.) AlUi-Ci tram, 
volt. 06,000, 33,000 A Ifi^WO v; (raller 


and Manitowoc. 

it. Mp. 700 kw: 6 rot. 
t Green Bay, High FallE 
it Wuhincwn St. , Qreen 

Cmlrole lUdge Point Park. 

Rsaohei Boy View Besoh. 

44.S loUea; 4-8M i; S4 motor and fl 
odwr can. (Company alni doea Apneral 
lifhtiiUE and cioner buaii 


JANESTIIXB. 14^39 (1916) 
(See alio No. 240.) 

UU— JanuTlUe Trae. Co.—Office. 

311-313JBckmaoB%. [Cantrolled by 

Onion Ry.. Gsi A Blec. Co^ 
Pub. B. C. Cobb, 14 WalJ St, New York 
V. Pna. & Tnas. 

W. C. Spatka Hockfopd. 111. 

Sm. W. H.-Lomooa 

Bupt. A. L. Dgbsrty Janeivilte 

EnfiTgy purobaoed from Rockford & 
InUmrbao Ry. Co. 

5.3?^^l'e»"4%M ^A molorpam. and 
2 other oara. 129 

KENOSHA. 31.370 (lOlfl). 
ins— WlBconslD Gas & Elcctrle C0.-7- 

lines. ) [Absorbed the WaterlowD 
k Elec. Co. and the Burlinatoa 
Lt. APwrCo.) (Controlled by 

M(".|w, J. Leaoh.'.' 

Ch. Engr, Fwr. BU. 

John Andenon 

CO. I 

_ 0. West., Allia- 
ifikw. 2300 V. 3 ph. 60 
?my: 1110 hp. b. Stir, 

ley volt. eoO V. Energy niao purc'hasi 
tfon Milwsukoo Eleo, Ry. A LI. Co, 
1 Bub-ata, SOOO-SOO kw: 2 rot. oon 

Repair ahapB at kc 

7.5 milee; 4-SH « 

utility oara. iComi 

li^lJDg and power hi 

31,877 (1918>. 

Vat—I^ Ctmm ft Onalulu St. Br. 

Co.— Office. 300 Miun St.. La Croaae 
{CanneDU La Croisa and Onulaaka.) 
Piea. * Gen, Mir, Peter Valier La Crone 
T.Pres. (MiMlGraoBEdwarda. 
'nsaa. R. C. whelptw' 

Natl, Bk. of LaCroaae. 
.ner^ purchaBod. 
epajT ehopa at La Croaae . 

" •; 4-8« g; I motor car. 

ItW— WlKODitn Kr-t LI- * Pwr. Co. 


Power ata. equip. 2d: a. d.'k. tot, 800 
kw: SOO hp. e. AUia-C: 000 bp. b. Scotch, : 
LaCroaae: traoa. volt, frooi HMSeld ' 
45,000 v. trolley voit. 800 T, 

1 aub-«a. cap. 760 kw; 1 rot. conv.; I , 

"'powe°r gtaa. at HatBeld. Wlao. and Win- ' 

Repair ahope at 3rd & La Croaaa Su,. 
La Crceae. 

Reaobea Fair Grciundi and Myrick 
Park . I 

10 niUes; 4-8K g: 23 motoi pan. 
and 4 other motot oaca. 60 

MADISON. 40,000 (1919)- 

l:;31— HadbOD KaUwan C«.-Offi«. 

2303 Fair Oaka Ave. (Buooaasii ta 

Southern Wiec. Ry. Co.) 

Pres. F. W. Montgomery Madiaon 

V. Prea. A Pur. Agt. 

Dudley Monlgomery • 

Traaa. Warren Montgomery ., . * 
Supt. Hugh Montgomery ..... ' 

"Seouiity Audit Co. .New York. N. Y. 

Claim Agt. In D, Browne Mwliiaa 


Engr M, ol W., Chaa. Milbrook * 
Eogr. Ovhd. Conatr., Wm. Cbeff 

Energy purchased [rom Madison Gu 

Repair ebopo at 230Z-S Fair Oak* At* 
2.i.!iD miles <IS mi. Jat. m. t., 7 mi. 
' f«W K 3* 





K3S— HanKowoC ft NorlbcrB Am. 

Co. — Controlled by WiacoDHO Sm^ 

ticaCo. For eieeuijve offloen na lOh 
wBukee. (Oparatea in Manitowoc^ aai 

IZW— WIscDnsln Taller DM. Co.— 

trana. 2300 v. trolley volt. 500 V. 
Power ita. and repair ibop* at MemD 
2 milea; 4.SM g: i oara. TO 

MILHAUKEE. 473.000. {1917). 
(See also Not, 213. 518, and 1313.) 

—Office. Public Service Blda., ut 
waukee , Oporntea in Milaaukaai abo 
operates intorurban linea to ITaiiiiti 
Keooeha. Waukeaha. WatertomirS. 
Troy and BurUn^ton. and aoboiiMdi 
linee to Wauwatoaa. Wot AIUa,nB 
Point, North A SonUi MUwaukM ai3 
Whitcfista Bay.) (I3antralled by Itt 
Wioeonain Ediaon Co., IPiO., wuoh ti 
turn ia controlled by ChaNortbAmarieaa 
"- -I Broad SL.Naw York.) 


..NawYotk, NY. 

t. Treu. 43.470 iiiil»:4-8Hi; 31 motor uidln 

a.'. Audr. Geo. ^ 

(Sm No. 1113.) 

CUim An. M. 8. lUMoh. . . . ■ (Be« No. 1220.) 

Supt. RoUiiu Stook, J.H.Lucu * 

Ch. Edbt. of Pwt. FIuU, bh^mithiiw va tut iiaii>% 

J*Ti A'B*™™ * BK^W¥G4W. 28.659 (1M6). 

Elea. Edki. Goo^ Q. Po>t. . . . ' (B« alio No. 1215.) 
Enp. W.4 3..R.H. Plnkley. 

Power sta equip. 13 d. o G. E. tot. lsn~b»t«n WUc. El«. Co.— 0£B(», 

14,650 kw; 2^ B. c. G, E, Alli»-C. lot. 428 No. 8lh Si. lOwns and operatw 

80,600 kvB. 13,200-*000 v. 3 ph. 2B * «0 what wbb fom-riy the BhBbovHM Elec 

oy,;3S.724hpbJd«,Std 82.0001™. c« ^™ESXm*Wi^ r7**". Co 

turb, (Sim.) AliifrC. G. E; tianl. volt. the Wiaconsin Elec. Ry. Co.. ud the 

13, 200-28, 40G-ae, 000 v: trollEy volt. 1200 Milwaukee and Fqi River Valley Ry.) 

i eOO T. d. 0. Also putchM« enmy (Con nects Sheboygan. Sheboygan FmUa, 

fnjm Soiithern Wi». ^«. Co. am Plyn,o„0,, CryalS Lake aotT Elkhart 

kw.) and Wuk. River Pwt. Co. {9,000 LnkB.) lOwned and operated by Kel- 

»w,J . 1 ._. fiyp Brewer A Co., Grand Rapids, 

16 mib-rtas. (oBB with auto oont.) tot. Mioh.) 

oap. HI .Wh lin; 37 rot. conv. tat. oap. pre,,Joi.H.Brewer, Qrand Rapidi.Hieh. 

n'^Ok"' ""* ^" " "" ^' ''™-*0»S- "■■'■ 

Powet atai. at Oneida Bt, Pub. Ser. BM.^Iiea«vett.O™dR^d», ^!Sl! 

Bid... Commeree St. andHolton St.. Mil- Trms. WUBs J.Ripley. ^ 

wsntee, aod isaoine. Audi. Paul Stark • 

RepairehopeBt38thBt. A Cold Spring Bupt. Tnoqi. A RoUini Btk. 

Ave., Milwaukee. Arthur Kalota Shabonui 

402,4 miles; 4-8Mb: Ml motor paaa., Ch. Engr. 

103 tiail paas, and 347 other cars. L. B, Andrua, ..Oraod Bapidf. Mloh. 

(Opemtm lishtiiu and power system Elee. Entr. E. M. Henrey. ,8haWsu 

in MU»aukee,^8w Butler. Racme, Ch, Entr. Pwr. Sta. 

Wauwatoea. So. Milwaukee, Koohegler, L. T^TamadaB ■ 

MukwonaBO._Pewaukee, Sast Troy M. M., J. L. Curtis ■ 

Waterford, W. AlUi, Cudahy and power ata. equip. 3 d 0. 8tan G. E 

Shorewopd, and «lle energy to other tot. 12eokw; 8 a, 0. Stan. G. E. AUto-C. 

utililiee m MUwaukee. Racine, Kenmha, ,^^ gjoj, ^^ 2300 v, 2 and 3 ph, HO aye; 

o.._,._^_- —..^ M„-T. x..i_ . .. AUis-C, Wert; 2250 hp. b. 

■ I, turb, G, E. 

urn. _-- --. 

^- ,>..,. ..._^„,j_ -XT. .J — 1 mib-ata. 

' Bab, A. W; 6750 kw, _. _. 

Allis-C: trans, volt, 13,200 v; troUay 

B Fint Nat'LBwkBUs. (Holdilu 1 nib-ata. 400 kw. 2 mo. len. Hta. 
ipany oMitroUiiig throush MooE Power sta, at N, Stb St. t Maryland 

V— lerdup WiaooDSin PuUio Servin Ave, 

Co., Ore«nBayj,WiiooDilnRy., Lt. A Refmir gfaopa at 80, 8th St. A Clara 

Pwr. Co,, La Crane; Bbeboygan Gai Avo. 

Lt. Co: Manitoixw * Northern Trae. Rcacbes Lake View and Crystal Lake, 

Co. and Calumet Serriea Co.) towned.l 
Pres, Clement C. Smith ,.,, Milwaukee 34 naic>)i:4-8Mc;34motorand lOotfaw 

' LuduHton Patton " eus. (Company doe> aeneral iightlna 

ASeo, Howard pieene and power busiaees,) 1^60 

Treas, H. C. Kffackay, , . 

Ant. See. A Asat, Treaa, 

W. M, Cheater 

leorn P. Miller 
:. Macki 


lUD— ChlCBRD, Harrard A G«Mn 

Lake By. Co.— Office. Walworth. 
(Connecu Harvard and Big Foot, ni., 
(See No. 1221.) and Walworth aod Fontana, Wi«.) 

Prea. Wm. MoKinley, 

OSHKOaH. 39,0«S (IBlfl). V. Prea.C, f! KiipTt 

(See also No. 1215.) 803 Harria Trust Bldg, 

St., Chi0*|O. Ql- 
'dak PaAtin. 

1MB— EMt«ni Wlie, Hac Co.— For Gen, Hit, CI, Agi. * Pi 

eiecutive offioera aee Sheboyian. E, E. Duwtii Walwmih 

[Operatea Oshkosh 8t, Ry., OlUioA- *"dr, A. D, Slmonion 

N'eenah Intarurban line and Dihkoab Energy purohaaed from Southern Wi^ 

A Onu-D Interurban line. (Conneeti omain EEwl Co. 

Oshkosh. Neenah and Omro,) Heiwir ihopa at Walworth. 

Local Mgr, B. W. Arnold Oshkoah Reaebea Geneva Lake, 

Enp. Pwr. 8U. Fred Johnaon, , * 12.83 milea: 4-8M ij S motor paM. 

M^,,EarlF,HarTa ' I tnU pasa. and 16 oUwr oue 2 alee. 

Track Fmn. M. Horan * toeo*. (Cmnpany doea frai^t bgdi— 

Roadmaater A. Eaarieliar , * anil intninhinim iiilh iTifciaan It TInrth 

Enern purehued from Oibkoah Gas matoo By. and Chlaaco, Wlw. k St. 

Uaht Co. Pant. I^ »«) 




WAUPACA. 2,789. 

ISSl— Waupaem Elee. Serriee A Ey. 

Co. — Office, Waupaoa. (Suoceasor 
to Waupaca Elec. Lt. & B^. Co.) 
(Connects Waupaca and Wisconsin 
Veteran's Home and Grand View 
Pres., Qen. Mgr. ft Pur. A^t. 

E. A. Aspnes Waupaca 


Freeman Hibbard, Minneapolis, Minn. 
Sec. A Treas. Wm. Dresaen. .Waupaca 
Engr. Pwr. Sta. 

W. C. Rasmussen. . .^ * 

Power sta. equip. 1 d. c. Q. E. 150 kw; 
1 a. c. Elec. Mch. 160 kw. 2200 v. 3 ph. 
60 cyv, 200 hp. e. Erie; 160 hp. b. Erie; 
210 hp. turb. (wtr.) Lef ; trans, volt. 2200 
v; trolley volt. 650 v. 

Power gta. and repair shops at Wau- 
Reaches park at Chain-O-Lakes(owned) 
5 miles; 4-8Hi g; 4 motor pass., 3 
trail pass, and 4 other cars. (Com- 
pany furnishes energy for lighting and 
power.) 50 

WAUSAU. 10,239 (1916). 

13S9— Wisconsin Yaitey Elec. Co.— 

Office, 206-208 3rd St., Wausau. (Suc- 
cessor to Wausau St. R. R. Co.) (Pur- 
chased property of Merrill Ry. A Ltg. 
Co. (Connects Wausau, Schofield and 

Pres. C. C. Yawkey Wausau 

V. Pres. B. F. Wilson « 

Sec, Treas. A Qen. Mgr. 

M. C. Ewing ■ 

Audr. Wm. Anderson " 

Supt. Ovhd. Constr. R. B. Carter ■ 

Power sta. equip. 2 d. c. Allis-C. C-W. 
tot. 800 kw; 3 a. o. Natl, Allis-C. tot. 
1600 kw. 220-110 V. 3 ph. 60 cys; 1800 hp. 
b. Heine; 2250 kw. stm. turb. G. E. A 
Allis-C. 2800 hp. turb. (wtr.) Lef, Allis- 
C; trans, volt. 44.(X)0 v.; trolley volt. 
500 V. 

Power sta. at Plummer Island, Wausaa. 
Repair shops at DeKaUb St., Waman. 
Reaches Rothsohild Park, (owned.) 

9.08 miles; 4-8H c; 10 motor and 6 
other oars. (Company does general light* 
ing and power bu sln ea s .) 110 


CHETEBINB. 11,320. 

13SS— Cheyenne Elee. Ey« Oo« — ^P. 0. 

Box 373, Cheyenne. (Connecti 

Cheyenne and Ft. Russell.) 

Pres. J. A. Martin ..CheyemM 

V. Pres. A. D. Johnson ' 

Sec. A Treas. G. £. Abbott ' 

Audr. H. L. Davis * 

Mgr. D. Porter Empfield • 

Ener^rv purchased from CheyeaDnA Lk., 
Fuel A Pwr. Co. 

Repair shops at Pioneer Park. 

Reaches Pioneer Park. 

5.6 miles; 4-8H s; 7 motor pass., 
and 5 trail pass. cars. ^50 

SHEBIDAN. 8,906. 

1384— Sheridan Ry. Co.— Offioe, Sberf- 

dan. (Successor to Sheridan Rar. A Lt. 

Co.) (Connects Sheridan, Ft. AfadDOB- 

aie, Diets, Cameyville and MooanL) 
Pres. Albert Emanuel 

61 B'way, New York, N. Y. 
V. Pres. Alfred Diefenderfer. ..Sberidia 
Sec. W. F. Breidenbaoh. ... Dayton, OUo 

Treas. R. H. Walsh Sheridan 

Cjen. Mgr. D. W. Jones * 

M. M., James McCoy * 

Energy purchased from Sheridn 
CounWElec. Co.; trolley volt. 000 t. 

1 sub-sta. cap. 525 kw; 2 d. o. rot. oonr. 

Repair shops at Sheridan. 

16.5 miles; 4-8H c: 8 motor and 4 oHmt 
cars. A50 



CALGABT. 84,000 (est. 1916). 

1335— Calgary Af nnks. Ey.— Office^ 2nd 

St. E. Victoria Park. Cfalgary. 
Gen. Mgr. Commr. 

A. G. Graves Calgary 

Supt. Ch . Engr. A Elec. Engr. 

R. A. Brown « 

Asat. Supt. C. Combs « 

Engr. M. of W. Wm. Gale * 

Energy from plant owned by city 
(which purchases energy from Calgary 
Wtr. Pwr. Co.) 

Repair shops at 2nd St., E. Victoria 

Reaches Bowness Park and St. George's 
Public Park. 

82 miles (66.5 mi. 1st m. t., 15.5 mi. 
2nd m. t., 1 mi. sid.) Total miles operated 
65.5, 4-8^ g.; 80 motor pass., 6 trail 
pass., 2 motor freight, 8 motor service 
and 4 trail service cars. irGO 

EDMOBTTON. 68,500 (1916). 

1337— Edmonton Radial Railway^ 

Office, 80th St. and 117th Ave. 
Comt. A. Ormsby, Civic BIdg. Eklmonton 
Treas. F. Barnhouse * • 

Audr. D. Mitchell • « 

Actg. Supt. Roadmaster 

& Engr. Ovhd. Constr. 

W J. Brunless « 

Claim Agt. 

A. R. Duncan, Civic Bldg., ■ 
City Engr. 

A. W. Haddow « « 

M. M., A. Laing * 

Power sta. equip; 6 d.c.C.-W., Siemens, 
West., C. G. E., tot. 2100 kw.; 4 a. c. 
Siemens, C. G. E., W«st tot. 11,200 kva. 
2300 V. 3 ph. 60 cys. 3800 hp. e. G. A Mc; 
7200 hp. b. Bab. & W., B. & M.; 8000 
kw. stm. turb. W. & R., West.; trans, 
volt. 2300-6600 v; trolley volt. lOOO v. 

1 subHsta. cap. 1000 kw;; 2 mo.'gen^ets 

Power sta. at 104th St.A 92d Ave., Ed- 

Repair shops at 117th Ave. & 80th St.. 

Reaches East End, South Side, Patricia 
Sq. and Municipal Golf Links Parks 

54 miles (owned) and 1.4 mi. (leased); 
total miles operated 55.4; 4-81^ S! 73 
motor pass., 1 motor freight and 7 motor 
service cars. irOO 

LETHBRIDGE. 11,000 (est. 1916). 

1238— Lethbridce Manic. Ry.— Office, 

City Hall, Lewbridge. 
Comr. Public Utilities 

M . Freeman Lethbridge 

Sec. & Treas. T. Fleetwood. . • 

Audr. J. R. Patterson * 

Elec. Engr. G. E. Reber * 

Ch. Engr. Pwr. Sta. J.Watson • 
Engr. M. of W. A Ovhd. 

Constr. W. Simons ■ 

Power sta. equip. 2 d. c. Siemens, Eng- 
land, tot. 600 kw; 2 a. c. Belliss & Mor- 
com, tot. 938 kw. 2200 v. 2 ph. 60 cys; 
1100 hp. e. Bellias & Morcom; 2400 hp. b. 
Bab. & W; 1500 kva. stm. turb. Williams 
& Robinson, 1-1500 kva. Curtis turbo- 
gen. 2200 v.; trans, volt. 200 v; trolley 
volt. 600 v. 

Repair shops at oar barns. 

Reaches Henderson Park (owned by 

City). ^ . • ^ 

(0.5 miles; 4-8Hs; 10 motor can. 118 


NELSON. 4.476. 

1739— kelson St. Ry. Co., Ltd. 

(Munich— Office, City HaU, Front St. 
Sec. & Treas. 

W. E. Wasson, P. O. Box 1028, Nelson 

Audr. J. E. Lawrence * 

Gen. Mct. & Ch. Engr. 

G.T.MacGuire « 

Supt. F. C. Ii^am.... « 

Ch. Engr. Pwr; Sta. 

Thos. Needham Bonnington Falls 

Pwr. sta. equip. 2 d. c. Allis-C. West, 
tot. 550 kw; 2 a. c. Allis-C. tot. 2500 
kva. 3 ph. 60 cys; 2500 hp. wtr. turb. 
Alhs-C; trans, volt. 12,000 v; trolley volt. 
550 v. 

1 sub-sta. cap. .550 kw;- 2 mo. gen. 

Power sta. at Bonnington Falls on 
Kootenay River. 

Repair shops at Nelson. 

Reaches Connaught Park (owned by 

4 miles; 4-8H g; 2 motor pass, cars 
and 1 sweeper. •^'60 


134IK-Britlsh Columbia Elec. Ry. 

Co., Ltd.—CKgce, Columbia St. (Op- 
erates line to Sapperton, Millside and 
Queensborough.) For executive officers 
see Vancouver. 

Supt. W. H. Elson. .New Westminster 
23,613 miles; 4-8K K- 60 

1241— British Columbia Elee. Ry. 
Co., Ltd. (Fraser Valley Branch — 
New Westminster to Chilliwack.) For 
executive officer;? see Vancouver. 

Supt. W. H. Ebdn. ..'.Ne*r Westminster 
Sub-stas. at Cloverdale, Langley, 

Matsqui, Sumas and ChilUwaok. 
77,889 miles; 4-8>^ g. 60 

VANCOUVER. 120,(X)6. 

1349— Britlsk ColanAbla Elee. Ry. 
Co., Ltd.— Head office, 34 Nicholas 
LanCi ■ Lombard' St., London, Eng. 
Local office, Hastin|» & Ciirrall Sts., 
Vancouver, B.C. (Company operates 
city and stiburban lines in Vancouver, 
Victoria, No. Vancouver and New 
Westminster; three interurban lines 
connecting Vancouver with New West- 
minster; interurban line connecting 
Vancouver with Steveston and inter- 
urban line from New Westminster to 
Chilliwack. See also New Westminster, 
Fraser Valley and Victoria Branches, 
Nos. 1240, 1241 and 1243.) 

R. M. Horne-Payne London, Eng. 

Sec. R. W. Bartlett • . « 

Gen. Mgr. George Kidd Vancouver 

Asst.Gen.Mgr. W. G. Murrin " 
Ge^. Exec. Asst. F. R. Glover * 

Solicitor, V. Laursen « 

Compt. E. H. Adams * 

Local Sec. J. V. Armstrong. , . « 
Gen. Fgt. & Pass. Agt. - . . ■ 

W. D. Power * ' 

Pur. Agt. P. Lewis « 

Traffic Supt. Wm.H.Dinsmore ■ 
Elec. Supt. J. r. Newell. ..'...• « 

Power Bta.- equip. (Lake' ^untsen) 10 
a. c. C. G. E. West. Dick Kerr, tot. 
47.700 kw. 2200 v. 3 ph. J&O cys. 

VancouTO' stm. aux^iary, 12.500 kw. 
stm. turb. Allis-C; trans, vcilt. 35j0O0 v. 
trolley volt. .550-600 V. . . ' 

And diilUwg 

Repair iiht 


. Vanoouvar, Point QraT. 

r, Bo. VanooOTBr. Lola 

»by, Nevr WefltminBtflT, 

«qiii. CIoverdalB, Bunma 


IB St Vanoourer uu) New 

,n|w Park, CentiBl Park. 

■ uid bBoace, IM f] 

l«U— Brltbh ColamMa ElM. Br 
Co., LM.— For euoutive offioeii »■ 
Vknoouvnr. (OpciatoB city linM 
(41,55 miles) Bod hd inMci.rban L— 
betw»D Victoria and Baanicb 12* 
mitts), known u tbe Bnaniob Int 
urban Line.) 

Local Mgf. A. T. Goward Victo 

Mgr. Lt. & Pwi. Dtpt. S, J. HhIIb ■ 
Bupt. City Lin™, H. Gibson. ... ■ 

Pur. Agt. A. R. Ricbnrdson ■ 

Elec.'Eiigr.a, M.Tripp ■ 

Engr. M. of W. E, N. Hor™y. . . 

M, M., W. H. AfDiBtrong ■ 

Energy purcbaaeil from Vancouver 1b- 
land Pwr. Co: trane. 60,000 A I7,fi00 - 
12 (nuuf. Weat, C. O. E. tot. 49,200 k' 
Z-30D kw. rot. eonv; 2-1000 kw. mo, se 
C. G. E; 2-1000 kw. (no. gen. Wwt. le.. 
leOQ kw. 2200 V. 3 ph. SO cys: trollBy 
volt. GSO V. 

Auill. Bloam sta. at Viotoiis. 1 d 
C, West. 600 kw. 560 v; 5 a. o. C. G. 
West, tot. 2720 kw. 2200 v. 3ph. 60 
"b; 2500 hp. 6. Bab 

ark and B< 



)Ul~Brandoii Hnnlclpal Kf~-f>m<te 

City HbJI. Brandon. 

City TreaB. G. F. Sykea Brandon 

City Audi. J. B. Beveridge . . . . ■ 

Supt. TbDS, Bodoa ■ 

Fnon. Car Baro T. E. Jodh. ... ■ 
iBt St. A College Ave., ■ 

Energy purohaaed from Canada Oaa & 
Heo. Corp: 3d. o. C. O. E. lot. 870 kw: 1 

r. mo. C. G. E. 436 kva. 2300 v. 3 pb. 
gya: trana. vott. fiSQ-eoO v. 
CHrbaro at lit St. & Colloce Ave., 

d 10 

mXNmG. 22S,000 < 

inlpea Elec. ■>■ Co 

_jr. Sinbara. (bpera 

urban Rapid Tranat Co., bik 
B«, Hdk&k and Lake Wtnnii 
TCoSDMta Winnipeg, "■ 
Selkirk, EHonewslI ud 

Pre*. Bll AiuuHUB Nante 

T. Prea. tc Gen. Wge- 
A. W. UeUmont 

fiao. F. Morton Mom . 

Tr«aa.J.~ '■ ' 



Minriek, MitflheU," 

Aeti. tntornal Ai 

A Co. 

Moras, Anderaon AGuy Winnipeg 

Vh.I^iVumW " 

CoBtr, Supl. W. J.Oabocne.... " 

Pur. Agt. F. J. Pratt " 

Storekeeper Freeman Henrjr " 

TmffioBupt., W.F.Edwards . " 

TraUBp. Engr. J. R.Ona " 

Eleo. Engr. A. Trott 

ConniHing Eleo. Ensr. 

W. NbIboq amHli " 

Supt. Oolhae 8tk. 

J. E. WiltiiM.., " 

Engr. Malnt. Way A Struot. 

STwilkins " 

Mjr. Gas Dept. M. L, Kane... . 

Supt. Wtr. Dept. P.W.Woodmaji.Piaswa 

Winnipeg power ata. equip. 12 a o., 
C. G K, lot. 27,000 kw. 2200 V. 3 ph. 
GOuyn. RIDO bp. b. Bab. A W; 0000 kw. 
Btm. turb, C. G. E, 33.000 hp. wtr, turb. 
" "■ * ma. volt. 60,000 V! trolley volt. 

rpightand 8 motor aetvioi 

jto pasfl. liuaea, (Compaay fnr- 

iBrgy (or lii^llneand oomn '-' 

and operates gaa works in 

Winnipeg '£i. — OSoe. Elsntria 
way Chambera. (Operated hf V 
pea Eleo, Rv.) {Connaota Wtai 
BeUdrk aDd Btoaewall.) 

Gen. Mp.A. W. MoUmont. ., 
Bupt. G. PettingsU 

'ur. Agt. F. ; 
;ieo. Ingr. - 
Energy purohaaed Fron 
[y. Co.; trana. volt. 1 

oit. eoo v. 

3 sub^toa. lot. gap, ! 

ighting a 

puE on the soutb aide oltht AiriiS- 
bnine River.) (OperatHl by WlDsinB 
l^e. Ry. Co., wUch lee tor opiaiii^^ 

ft™. Sir AugU'tusNMilon, 

Qgn. Bupt. F. L. BnUer.. , 

Ry. Co. I Warn. rolt. 22,0C 
volt. SOO T. 

I xlbMa. 0M>. lS00kw;2m. 


HONOnm. 11,34S (UIO). 

Mdto * Oh cZimSR-Offl«, 
Hoooloa. {Opanto*i>M(niM(]a.) 
FtM.AGw. Msr. B.B.Rmwt 

11 E. 40U> St.. N«r York. N. Y 

Eogi. Ovhd. Cgnstt. W. a. Scva, HkUfM 

PowBf 8ta. Bquip. < t.. 0. C. G. E. lot 

eZOO kw. 2300 y. 3 pb. 60 sn; IflOO hp. «. 

ftov; 4600 hp. b. Bsb. ft W; WOO kw. 


Power sia. end ropalr ■hop* at howet 
WBter St. 

Resohes Publio Oanlaia. ^iriiu: Qm- 
doD Rowl. Point FtaMMit ud R. W. 

21.173 nilM; 4-8M ■: N «»*<« sui. 
(CompBiiy bIbo ootiWoli ths oltT UfhliBB 

Eutecn Elea. Co., Ltd.) (Ci^wiitt 
8t. Jolm, Wart St. John. EmI St 
J<du, FUtirilb, LwoMter ud Cold- 

Pni. L. R. Rom St. John 

Befi. tc Treat. 

Oen. Mgr. Tbos. H. M. Csuky. ■ 

EHee. £^. H. A. Brown ■ 

Edit. FwT. Bta. J.G««iy 

Pow«rit«.»iniip.2d.B.C. G.E.Wert, 
tot. IMWkwriTs.C. a.E.lot, 3M0 
kw. 2800 *. S ph. SO era; 4000 bp- ■■ 
Robb ft Laurie: WOO hp. b. Bab. i W; 
3200 kw. totm.) titrb. O. E. Wert; 
ttollBT ToH. BM T. 

Pow«T fta. aod npait ihopi at 8t. 
Reaehea S«Hlde Park at Wert Bt. Joloi 


26 mileai 4-8H s; 91 can. fCompaD]' 


A. Btuati Pratt 

147 Milk St.. Borton, Mart 
BiuineH Mgr. 

r ftNi 



Oen. Mgn. 

Supte. j i^m^~ I. p, R 
Claim Acta., Baliue ft Ee 

I Lt. ft PwT. J. L. ColUiia 


J. 7. E 

10 P 

XFreanun. I 

LtnnrWatNet. ■ 

B,B10 aaio). 
tw Om. Co.. U4. 

Obucow, SteUartm, WertviUa aod 

Pna. Chas. A. FlahartT 

1 13 State St. BoatoD. Umm. 
V. Prea., Mgr. ft Put. Act. 

Leonard T. Flaber^ Blellartoo 

See. ft Treaa. Wm, B. Itocar* 

113 State St. Boaton, Maa. 

Audr. y. B. Oder HalUal 

Supt.Ry. CF.MoQuatrie . New Olaaaow 
Ch. Engr. Pwr. Bu. 

N.J. Milhr..; 

M. M., Wm. ThranpeoQ Stellartoa 

RoadniaMer, Ju, Manhall.New Qlai«aw 

Power eta. equip. 9 d. 0. C. Q. E. tot. 
676 kw; 4 a. o. CTo. E . tot. B76 kw. 2300 
T. 3 ph. flO oral 2G03 hp. a. Bobb, Harrla 
b: IWIO hp. b. Robb, Matbeaoo; trolley 
volt. 5fi0 y. 

Power ata. ft repair ■hopaatSletlartoll. 

9.S milaa; 4-8H a; 14 motor and 4 other 
oan. (Company dbea Ufiitiw^ ^ud powttr 

STDRKT. 17,733 {U16). 

1211— CTape Breton Eles. COj. Ltd.— 

OfficSi Eqilanade, Bydney. [Conpanv 
doea the entim aleotris Ufhting aod 
f leotrio railway buaiwM la Sydney, tha 
«ntii« eleotria li«htbic bnaiiwaa bi 
North Sydney, ttie fttn buriMaa bs- 
twflen Sydney and Nvth ByAuy, tad 
operatea an iDtemibaa line brtweaa 
(Toith Bydney a^ Bydney Ulaea.) 
IControle (he Sydnar ft Glaea Bay I^ 
Co., Ltd^ an Interwban line (10 niilm) 
betweao Bydney and Glaee Bay, whiah 
i« operated unmr leaie.) 

Piea. A. Stuart Prstt 

147 Milk St.. Boaton. Maia. 

V. Prea. FroderinkS. Pratt 

147 Milk St.. * 


147 Milk St., • 

Treut. Henry B. Banyer. . 

BhNMft WebMOT, Inc. , . ■ 

Local ^p.C. C. Curtis Sydney 

Supt. J. B. Bulln' " 

Ch. Enjr. Pwr, Bta. A. C. Webber " 

M. M.7T. O, Sharpe '■ 

Roadmastei J. M. Sween " 

Encr.Ovbd.Conatr.C.J.CampiwII " 

^*«r at*, egoip. 3 d. e. C. O. E. tot. 
700 kw: 3 1- o. Cf. G. E. tot. tlOO kv. 
2200 *■ 2 idi. 60 oral 1876 bp. e. Laurie A 
Robbi 130O hp. b. Robb: BOO kw. etm. 
turb. C. W., iUllrC; 1 mo. sen. C. G. B. 
300 kw; trao*. volt. 32,000 t; tnllsy rolt. 


Power itaa. (1800 kw. eap.) at Taw»- 
weoA St., Bydney and Recent Bt., N. 

Eeoaii ibapi at Sydwr. No. Bydaar4 

fliih-ri^TM' No. Bydnar and BaaifTa 
■ ■ - i.B00kw, 

n— VBrmaath Lt. 



(Operatn in Yu-moutb aiily.) 
Pni. A Fur. Agt. Carl M. Pihl 

H)CoQKriig>8t.,Bnili]ii. Mua. 
V. Pres. Thd.. L.WUes 

5U Coagreu St., 
8w. A Ami. Mgf . 

TniM. * Audr. A. J.'Mftrkle " 

eO Congress St., Bostan. Msbb. 

Power 9U. equip. I d.c, C, G. B. 150 

kH;3a. a. C. G. E. tot. SJokw. 2200 v. 3 

Eh, BO eys: WO hp. e. Robb. Leonard; 373 
p. b. Can. Fily; 400 hp. wtr. turb. 
SmiUi: trang. volt. 22.000 v.; trolley 
volt. 550 V. 


3 milcai 4-8W k: ( 

AMBEBSTBIIRO. 3.360 (1916). 
(See No, I2fl3.i 
BBANTFOBO. 23,132 ligiB). 
(8™ abo No, 12S0.) 

■ISS—Brmiitronl Hunlr. Br.— Office 

303 Colbatne St.. Branlfonl. (In 191 
the city took over the Braotford 81 
Ry. Co. and the Grand VaTlev Ry. Co. 

this rity with Paria.) 
Bd. or iChmn.F. J.Calbeck.Branttori 

Hy. \W. R. Tumbull 

Comn, S C. H. Hartman 

Ser., Gen. Mgr. t Pur. Agt. 

A. H,Fo.lH- 

M. M.,D,Em6lie .,.. 

Sunt, TrarA. A1h». Topp * 

Ensny purchaMd from Hydrv-EIeo 
Pwr Coram, ol Or" 

t, 400 ki 

itford. 2 


I Mohawk Park (owned 

Pnn, R. G. O, Thompson 

8h. ATreai. H. S. Ganaby . , , ■ 
Audr, Put. Aect. C. F, Wau«h,Chath«in 

Gen, Mr- W.J. Curie 

M. M., A. A. Talari ; 

000 kw. 550 v; 900 hp.' e.' Ridgwaj; T.W 
hp. b. Bab. & W.; trans. * troll hv volt. 
660 V. EnerEy purnhaBed from Hydro- 
Blee. Pot. Comin. (Niagara Syatem). 
Power i(a. and repair ibopa at Chat- 

Reach ea Ene fiewh on Lske Erie (con 

40.77 niilea in operation; 4-8M g; 8 im 
pa«.. 2 tiail paaa, and W 7«t. »n: 
I other rar: 2 elec, locos. (Baa frei(tl 
interchangn with Miobino Central H, H. 
at Charing Croai, Canadiui Paeilit 
Ry, at Chatham, the Pen MwqiKiu 
R. R. at WallacaburB, Uui Wabuli 
R, R. and the Crand Trunk Ry.) 10 

COEKWALL. a.59g (igiS). 

1»7— Coniwall St. Br., Lt. * Ptn. 
Co.. Ltd.—Offiee, SbrmhI St. E. 

Pres. a. H, Ewing ', Montnal. Qw, 

SsclTreaa, E.ATMannaU 

142 Notre Dame 8t,, • 

Audn, P, 8. Ram k Co., ■ 

(Jen. .Mgr. A Ch, EngT. 

W. L. MaoFariana ComviD 

Engr, Pwr, Hta. E, Hart ■ 

Powemta, equip. 3 d. 0. Northn. G. E, 
tot. BOO kw; 300 hp. e, Robb; 300 hp. b. 
Robb: 400 hp. wU, turb. 8. Mori» 
Smith; trolley volt. 650 v. Btwrgy alH 
purcihased frain St. Lawtesce Pwr. Co. 

Power aU. (hydio-etoo.). goutb ol 

Repair shinig north ol Cornwall Canal. 

Owns St, Lawrence Park. 

6 miles; 4-S!^ c; 10 motor' pui. an: 

.490 (tBlD). 

(See alio No. 1S79.] . 

lUS— Fort WUHam RMtrlc K|. 

(Momicl— OtSce, City H&U. {Oper- 
ates in Ft. William and oonneets widi 
Port Arthur Civio Syslem.) 
Chmn. Committes. G. A. MoDaaiJd 

Victoria Ar«.. Fort WiUtam 

Treas, Harry Jamea ' 

Audr. P. H. B, Dawson • 

Gen. Mar, A. L. Farquharsoo.. ■ 

Trsffic fflgr. M. E, Mortoo ■ 

M, M,, E, H, Workman • 

EtuTgy purchased trom KaminiatiaDB 
Pwr, Co, 

t sub-eu. 3 d. o. C. G. E. Ali»C. 
Bull. tot. I87G kw: trolley voH. MS v. 
Car barns at Wabh St. 
Reaohu Murphy Park. 
20,55 milca IIS.OS mi. lat A 3ih1 n. t. 
I,B mi, lid.) 4-SH g( IS inQtar pua., t 
trail pass, and 2 rmitor aerviAa «■». 
(City mnnagea lighting 
utilities .) 

OALT. I0,2B9 (CM IBlfl). 

I2H— Grand Blnr BUhmr— CMBoa, 

S N. Water Ht. (Conneeta Oalt, 

Prnton, l-Ecflpclcr, Kitohener and 

Waterloo, and conneeta. iritfa Laka 

Eric & Northern Ry.> 
Prai. A. n. McTier 

C. P. R., MontMal. Qim. 
V. Pres, A Troas. M, Milne Todd. Gait 

Sec. H.C. Oswald MoDtTBal. Qua. 

Audi. A. McL, Campbell • 

Oen.Mgr. M. W.K.rkwoOd...... • 

Supt. A. J. Clarke .'.Ftorton 

Pur. A.t. F. Damlcy 

Claim Ant, A, W, Coniiah Oalt 

GeD.Fgt.&PaBB.AEt.C.J.WliitDer. ■ 

Ch. Rngr, F. H, Midcley " 

Ch, Engr. Pwr. BU, ft M, M., 

R,E,WBtt Fmloa 

Road master. J, Deans • 

Power stB. equip, la. c.C.WtU:SaO 
kw. 370 V. 3 ph. fS cyi; TfiO hp. 4. O. * 
McC; .WO hn. b. G. A MrC; truM. Mt. 
BOOO v; trolley volt. 000 r, amjo-.mim 
purchased From Hydro-Elw. Pwr.CgmM. 
ol Onl. 

2 Buh-sUs. tut. op. I3D0 kwi 8 rat. 

Power Bta. aod tepait sfaapa at nJMtJtf. 

Reachn Idlewiid Park (owned). 

22 milta: 4-SH ■; » motor pui.. I 
eip. molor, 2 Igt. and Z other (sn; 
3 dee. loooa. (Puaencer aud Ireicht 

IIM— biM bic * Votthnn BmUwu 

— Mmh office. Oalt. (Lcued for 090 
yem to Cinadian Pacific Hy.) (Oper- 
ates between Gait, Glenmoria, Faria. 
BranKord, Waterford , Simcoe and Port 
Dover, connectine witb the maio Line 
of Che Canadian PsciBD Ry. at Gait.} 
Pt». A. D, McTier. 

C. P. R, Montreal, Que. 
V. Free. A Tmu. M. Milne Todd. .Gait 

See. H. C. Oawald Montreal. Que. 

Audr. A. McL. Campbell Gait 

Gen. M|r. M. W. Kirkwood ' 

Bupt. A. J. Clarke Preaton 

Put. Agt. F. Darnley 

Gen. Fat. A PaaaAat. C. I. Whitney ,Galt 

Claim A«t. A. W.Comieh " 

Ch. Engr, F. H.Midiley 

Cb. Engr. Pwr. 8U. » M. M. 

R.E. Watt Preatoa 

fioadmaater. J. J. Morisaey. Brantlord 
£DEr. Ovhd. Conitr. 

D. McKerchar 

Eneriy purchawd from Hydro-Elec. 
Pwr. Conuaiaeion ol Ont.; trolley volt. 
1800 V, 
3 sub-etai. tot. cap. ISOD kw; 3 rot. 

ford; repair Hhope at Pre^oa, 
Reachea Port Dover Park 

(Ballaet) other 

OAHANOQUB. 3,804. 

Prea. J. R. Moodie HamiltOD 

V. Prea. Cyrua A. Birae,.... . . " 

See.. Mng. Dir. & Ch. Easr. 

Wm.C, Hawkine ' 

Gan, Mgr. Edw. P. Coleman.. ' 
Ch. Aoctn. Geo. D. Fearman.. 
Gen. Supt. Ry, Depl. 

Geo. E.Waller * 

Hupt, St, By. Div, 


CI, Act, A Supt, [ntenirbaa Div. 


Pur, Act, J, B, Griffith ' 

Supt. ol Conit, C, K, Green, .. 
Gen, Supt, Lt, A Pwr. 

W,G.An«ua - ■ 

M, M, 

J. O, Binkley, Terminal SU. 

Pover nta. equip. II d, o, C. O. E. 
W»t. tot. 3fl60 kw: 14 a.c. O. E, C. G. E. 
West, tot, 33,0fi0 kw. 2100 V, 3 ph. BBH 
cya, 4200 hp, b, Edfe: 40,300 hp. (wtr,^ 
turb, Siva-Monnoet, Ksanedy, Vfath; 
45,000 kw, (stm,) turb. Weet; (rana, volt. 
40.000 VI trolley volt, 600 V. 

Power atas. at Power Glaa, near St. 
" ' Brantford, 

107 m 

4;aji (1 m CI 

iOBB general ligbtini bi 

, (Con 


> Mo, 1 

■Ml— Hydro ElMtrlc rawei CoBimli- 
«■»■ of 0>tari» Uuly 1. lezo to(A 
over property of Gualph Radial Ry, 
Co.). Office. Guelph. 

Prts, H, Weatoby Guelph 

Treae. J. O, N. Hose * 

Audra. Fred,PaceHia(inBftCo,, ' 

Gen. Mar, J, A. Houae " 

M, M,. J, Johoaon * 

Energy purchased from Hydro-Electrje 

Pwr. Conun, of Ont.^ (rang. volt. 690-600 

v: trolley vdt, 600 v. 

Repair ihopaat Waterloo Ave,. Guelph, 

Reaches BiVereide Park (owned by C^l 

S.3 milea^ tsyi g; 10 motor and 4 

oilier can, *ao 

HAMILTON. St.OflO (eat. iei6). 

S™,,.... „...,.„,„.- 

ini»ion 6o,.*Ltd!]' ""' " ""^ 

Lt. anUTri^^Co.'a De Cew Falla plant: 
trane, volt. 10.000 v. 3 ph. 66 eye. 
23 niilea; 4-B)j c: 10 cara. 60 

ItU — DoinliiMn Power A TranimlB- 
■lOD Co., Ltd.— Offire. Terminal Bld«, 
iCuiitrola Hamiltnn Cataract Pwr.. 
U. and Trac. Co.. the Hamilton El«.. 
Lt. APwr. Co HuniHonSt. Ry.Cn,. 

Brantford A Hamillnn IiJec. Ry, Co.. 
Wealern Counties Ehc. Co.. Lincoln 
Elec. LI. A Pwr. Co. A WsUiuid EUe'l 


irehaaed from 
- t, * Trac. 

.t Har 

IMI— BkmlltoB HMiiiUIn Fmik Co., 

LM.— (Op«a(c9 incline railway for 

Energy purohaaed from Munie. Hydro- 

Eleo. Dept. 

1754 feet; 12-lW c 2 cart (double- 
geared electric incline hoiat). TSj 

KINGSTON. IS.S74 (1916). 

IM*— KlBfitoii, PorUnoalh * Otg 

u»i|Bl face. Br. C».~Offiee, Kiw- 

Pra H. W. Riohardaon Kingiton 

Sec, A Treaa, W. F. Niokle, ... ^ 
Supt. A Pur. Alt. H. C, Nickle ' 

M. M,. A, E. Oake. 

Park Mgr. J. E. Jonea 

Energy purohaaod from City ol Kinga- 

Repair shopa at Kingiton. 
Reachea Uka Ontario Park (con- 
trolled). „ 
S milea: 4-8^ g: 23 can. *aO 

KIN06VILLE. 1,427 11916). 
1M7— The .Wlndaar, Kbmi * Lake 
Sfaon mapid Uj. Co.— omce, Kinga- 
ville. (Controlled by Dominjou Trac- 
tion and Lighting Co., Ltd.) (Con- 
oecte Windsor, Eaaex, Kingavilla and 

Prat. G. R. Cottrelle Toronto 

V. Prw,. Gen, Mgr , A Pur, Agt. 

A. Eaatman - -Kingavilla 

.'5.T. i l-ieah. W. R. PhiUimore, Chatham 
.\!9t. .Stf. ATreaa, J, L, Baird.Kingaville 

Supi. C. P.Cooper ' 

Traffic Mgr E. 8. Hughea 

Ch. Engr. A.Baltaer 

Ch, Engr. Pwr. Bta. F. WaWi. 

M.M., J.Carowa 

Supt. Line Dmt. C, Petaraon, . * 
RqulmeiBter Chas. Low. . , , . . * 

Power ila. eauip. 2 d. c. C. Weet, tot. 
1000 kw; 3 a. c. Weat. tot. 1000 kw. a. 
ph. 2S cys: ISOO hp. a. O. A McC: 
1400 bp. b. C. Fdy: troUey vdt. 6600 V. 




Power ate. and repair ehopa at 

R aa gh aa eaiiBo and park al 

(Sea alM No. 12fl.) 

20 other ears; 1 

4-«Ha: 7 motorjDMa.. 4 tnil ' **!?— !*• /ft«^ 
loeo 50 

23,000 (Itlt). 

Nortbera Rwy. Co. 
St.. West. ^OH 
Bridteport. WiO 
Ferrae wHUatba 
res. w. H. BrartBai^pt. • . . . 

V. Pm. Qao. M. SIttik 

(., TVeaa. * Gca. llcr. 

J. H. Wveal 

I front etty 



•ztCDd to Elora aad 

G^ Ltd. 

(Operates aerial 

. 41 Erie Atb. 


^waatDa too tfiffwfi in wMnt tse^ wlun' 
pool at Niaffara FUk ia looated. Con- 
neeU with TntenMitioBal Ry. Co. and 
Niacara Obrie R. R. Co.) 

Niagara Falle 

•ta. at 
S.S Buha: VOM t: 3 

^. (Ma^e. 
Wcat. (Operated tar 1 
Comm. Hae tr^Be 
Kitchener, Waterloo and 
Chma. Lt. Comm. G 
Sapt. V. 8. iCcIatyre- 
M. M.. W. G. Snidair 

V. Prea. Gooaalo Tonaa. 
See.. Treaa. A M0. 

Herbert BaOaid * 

Sunt. A EMr. M. of W. 

Cahria Stercne * 

M.M..Jamea R.Brown.. * 

Enero porehaaed from Stamford 
i Hydro-Eleetrie Co., T hnmn a on' a Point; 
; 1 motor Weat. 75 hp. 3 pb. » eya. 

1780 ft: eeztuple cable: 1 ear. 119 

jjg NOBTB COBALT. 200. 

_ ins— NiplMtac OcBlnl Bf.— Office. 
If- North Cobalt. (CoaneeU Cobalt. 
Y^' North Cobalt. Haifejbwy. Now Lia- 

it with 

keaid aad Kerr Laka.) 

Prea. J. L. Fnairtiart 
Sec. A Treaa. Hr.H. : 



Pwr. Comm. of Ont. (N 
imaa. Tolt. 13.200 ▼. 3 ph. 25 
▼olt. 550 ▼. 

I eab-ata. eap. 3 lot. eonr. Wt 


> Aodr. H. H. McGee North B«r 

Sopt. K. MeDonaU North Cob^ 

Sopt. of Traffic. W Jl.Griffin. North Bay 
Claim Fkt. A Paae. A«t. 

A.J.Parr • 

: , Par. Act. W. A. Graham. 




■>-■ .. -w^ ■ m^ m^. A Pwr. Co.: 
**• ▼: trolley roh. 5S0 ▼. 

RcmAm Athletic Park. North Cobalt 

I5.S7 mika: 4-8M g: 8 

' 1 — *- — 
and4traa * •«*« 

. 05,000 atit)- 

OSffiAWA. 7.430 (IMO) 
m By. 

(Connaaia Cedar Dale, 
By. (M«Me.)-Offiea. PUIv A Mait- Twp. of' Eaet WMtby and 
laadSte. (Exteada eouth from Cllgr of laHlw Ta>>.) 
Loadan thra^lb the Vift^m 4rf Weat> Piva.J.E. 
■ limn. Glanworth and TaraMmth. 'Sbe. Tivna. A 
Cto4rfat.TWawi. Vil^iaf Whimi J. H. VaBa 
and fianir in Vill«a of Ptet M0. A Gen. F«t A Pam. Agl. 

by HW. Cooper 

d^.. Par Act ftCh. 

I. K. B. 

Mayor. E.S.LittIi 


fDr. R. W. fl^ 


4adr. H.A.Cro»«U 

MrM-.C.K-lenhart . 

E^.Pwr Sia. E. Si 

STm.W M Duflgr 

ITiiediaeiiri B. A Cooper 
Ei^ Orbd Coiwtr J J Mitchdi 

Pwr. CVoaa. of Ont : 
ti^ky «DI> ▼. 

I eob-eta: 2d e. C Weet. to*. 

Pow«r plaat aad 

Pwr. Coou of Oat.; traoa voh. 13J00 
T. 3 pb. 25 eyv uuBry TeB I90O t d c 


"i r 7 


r. 10 tomil 





16 auka: ilO mi Ut m t and ai- 
44U c: 7 mow .pnea., 8 
t aad - aaoter wr rte* can 
XToi^nay hM bn* mi^ 

) #50 



.Sm alao No. UM.) 

Pr«a CkarfaaCorrv 

Sm ATr«at LioMadTaii 

.\krva. O 

Mcr.APar A|t.r B Kug 

«.)&«. 34S Alb^rs :^ 

Ottown andaaabai^ani _ ^ 

Hi^ 5 mika from aty aad Hnl^Qna 
,C*.-«truik«l by Onawa Tfeaa. Co.. 

T. AWnr^ :«S \:t«rt 5l 

?a <f ' %t znUey tv:1i 

R«pair t^i^ %i Ly^ m L.^oioa 


G L 9 
M*r. F. D B 

k»: ^^4 r M 3LL-i.-r aai 3 trail Mmt VI<r A rV- .KgT' 

lis i M 

•*^ \.:*wrtSt. 


(Sea No. 1Z«0.) 

PBESTON. 4,az3. 
[See Nob. 12fiB uid 1300.) 

ST. CATHABINBS. 10,078 (1916). 

12M— Magsra, St. Catbirlnes * 
Toronta Kf. Co.— OlGce. St. Cnlh- 
flrima, (Control the Pott DalhouaiH, 
St. CaLh&tioua & Thorold Elea. 91. 
Ry. and Niogsra Falls. Woalsy Park 
& CUrton TrBinwBy Cq.) (Pint of 
Canadiiu) National Rya.) (ConnacW 
Port DalhouiiB. 31, CBthaiioM, Thor- 
old, Niasara PbIIm. Wiillaiid, Port 
Colbome aad Niagara-ao-the'Liike.) 

F™. D. B. Hanna Toronto 

'■^"""■1a. J. Mitohell * 

8eo. R. P. Onnsby * 

Treaa. H.G.Foremnn - 

Audr. J. C. Hi^bt St. CathBtinea 

Oon, Snpt. K. Vr. Oliver Tofooto 

Supt. N. S. Cumming St. Cntlmiinei 

Pur, AKt. B. Wilson - 

ClBini Agt. H. MbcDodbM Toronto 

Oen.Pgt. APaaa. Ael. 

H. L. FairbBitn " 

Ch.Engr.A F.awwBrl 

.fig. Engr. W. M.PunWr Toronlo 

Roadmaatei, Jno. Carey. . 

Enersy Durcihase>d from Toronto Niac- 
ua Power Co.; Craiii. volt. 13.000 v; 
trolley volt, eOO v. 

t> lub-stu. tot. cap. 3SX k«: S rot. 

R^uir ahopa aC 9t. Catharioefl. 

RMehn, owna and operates amuse- 
msDt pari! at Port Dalhousie and leasea 
Lakende Park. 

7B miles (eleetrio and steam): 4-B K B. 
ES paH. and S8 Ireifht ean, 8 loooaj S 
oabooaea: 3 mow ploni 1 nreeper. *20t 

BT. THOHAB. 17,000 (1916). 

IWl—St. Thamu Honle. 8t. Br.— 

Office, City Hall. 

Sea, A Treas, Miss Lang Bt. Thomaa 

Audt. H. T. Qougk ■ 

Qen. Ugr. 

J. F. Daiuherly, Car Batni * 

Ch, Enir. M. Ferruon ' 

Ch. Enxt. Fwr. 8ta. 

John Roberta * 

M. M., LomoMurpfay, 

CarBBTDB. Bt.Tbonui 
Roadmaater, John Bishop.. . ■ 

CityEncr.WanenMiUar.., . * 

Power ata, equip. 2 d. e. C. Q. B, tot. 
260, kw; Z50 hp. e. Robb: 200 hp. b. 

Fow'ei aU. and' repair ahopa at St. 

Raaohea Pinafore Park, (owned bj 

T.Smileail-SHsilSean. GO 

8ABNIA. 12,200 (191 B). 

IISS— Sarnlm St. b, C«. Ltd.— OSoe, 

■ IB Front St. (Conneola Bamia and 

Point Edward.) 

Rob't MaoKeiude N.Vidal 8l.,Baniia 
V J-rea. Randall Kenny, 

273 N. Vidal St., 
Beo.TreaaJi Up- aea.B.Wadlaiid ■ 

i.^,. /Jam«Mill«r ■ 

*''^1h. W. Unsworth ■ 


J. R,F ■ 

0. SwMlUbE.* 

Andn. Arthur A. Crawley ACo. .Ottawa 

8apt. A. J. ToWn * 

Claim Ajt, Geo, W. Long ■ 

Elea. Bnsr. M. C. CDonnsIl 

66 Sparks SI., ' 
Ch. Eip. Fwr. Bta. 

wTH. Bakiwln, HbUla Bl., ■ 
M. M., 

R. A. Baldwin, 3S7 Albert St.. 

Power sU. equip, 2 d. o. We«, tot. 
2309 kw; 4000 hp. turb. [wtr.) Weat. 
tiana. volt. 2200 v; trolley volt. 600 v.: 
enernr also purohaaed Iiom Ottawa Eleo- 

Am. stm. *•«.; 1 turbo (en. Weat. 
4000 kva. 2400 v; 2 ph. 60 oyB. 2700 hp. 

4 Bul>eta*.: tot. oap. 4S7fi kw., 4 mo. 

Power ata. at Middle St. 

Repair aboM at Albert Bt. 

Readwa Britannia Park (owned) and 
Roekdiffe Park. 

eS mileK <2S mi. Ist m. t., 37 mi. 2nd 
Di. t. and 3 mi, sid.J 4-8Hi ■! 16^ motor 
cars." "" '"""™"' '"^ 

inT—OttawB Trw. Ca., LM.— (Con- 
trole The OtUwa Elee. Ry. Co.) 

Prea. T. Aheam. , (Wwa 

V. Pres, WBTTenY.Soper ■ 

See. & TreHi. O. L. aoeUioc * 

Audra, Arthur A. Crawley 2 Co . . * 


ravMBomo. is,3oa (leio). 

ms— Tba Petarkora Badlal By. 

(Munie.) — Offioe, 287 Oaorfe St., 
Peterboro. (In iBie, road purehaaed 
by Ontario Ooremment, and now 
ofwrated by the Hydrv-Eleo. Pwr. 
Comn. of Ontorio. ) 

IChmn. air Adam Beek, K.B.. 
Hon. I. B. Lnoas, M.P.P. 
W. K. MeNaocht, C.M.O.. 

See. W.W.Pope ■ 

Local Mgr. W, Q. Fer(a 
Boadmaster, J. MoCann 

Enariy from Bydro-Eleo. Pwr. Comn, ' 
of Onti trolkv TOlt. SSO v. 

7^ milea: 4.8H r, 10 aatsi 2 aww 
sweeper*: 3 wlas plows. 50 

FOKTABTHUB. 12,000 (1016). 

(See also No. I2SS.) 

1211— rwl Arthur Civic Ballwar.— 
(Operated bjr the PuMio Utilitlei 

Cump.) — Office, Whalen Bldg. (Oper- 

city with Ft. William.) 

III! Matthews 
W. Marnaan 
R. Tourtellot, • 

Treaa. D. Melver Port Arthur 

Sec,. Uen. Mir., Put. Agt. 

Mcintosh. Cole It Robertnn. Toronto 

Meahanlo, F. Philip Port Arthur 


Jaa. DU1on...Car Bana, Port Arthur 

Eneray purchased from Hydro-Electric 
Power ComiB. of Out.; 3 d.e.B.A H., 
Alli*C tot. IISO k>i 200 bp. (aib. 
(wtr.); trolley volt. 600 v. 

19.6 miles; 4-8M ■! 19 motof pass,, 
2 trail pas. and 3 t^sirvue oara. (aty 







Sault Ste. Marie 

Power sta. at Water St. 
Repair shops at Front St. 
Reaches Lake Huron Park (owned). 
9.25 miles; 4-8H s; 10 motor pass, cars 
and 1 baggage car. if 50 


15,000 (1916). 
(See also No. 501.) 

1783— The Internatloiial Transit Co. 

Office, 527 Queen St., Sault Ste. Marie 
Ont. (Connects Sault Ste, Marie and 
Steelton; operates a ferry between 
Soo, Ont., and Soo, Mich J (Con- 
trolled by Great Lakes Pwr. Co. Ltd.) 
Pres. J. O. Hey worth. 

Harvester Bldg., Chicago, 111. 
) Martm J. Insull, 
V. ( 72 W. Adams St., 
Prests.rJohn A. McPhail, 

Sec. & Treas. 

Oliver E. McCormick. . . « 
Audr. & Pur. Agt. 

J. M. McNeU « 

Gen. Mgr. A. E. Pickering « 
Supt. J. Summerheyes * 

Energy purchased from Great Lakes 
Pwr. Co. Ltd.; trolley volt. 550 v. 

Repair shops at Sault Ste. Marie. 

4.32 miles; 4-8>4 g; 9 motor and 4 other 
cars. ^50 

SUBBUBT. 8.000. 

1^84— Sudbury, Copper Cliff Sub- 
urban Elec. By.— Office, Car barn, 
Sudbury Range Hotel Bldg . (Connects 
Sudbury and Copper Cliflf.) 

Pres. J. J. MacKey Sudbury 

V. Pres. L. Laforest * 

Sec. & Treas. C. Bibby « 

Audr. J. W. Ross « 

Gen. Supt. W. E. Massie " 

Roadmaster, B. Legasse « 

Energy purchased from Wahnapitae 

Pwr. Co., Ltd., 1 d. c. C. G. E. 300 kw; 

trans, volt. 2200 v; trolley volt. 550 v. 

Repair shops at Notre Dame St., 


Reaches Lake Ramsay. 

7.9 miles; 4-8H g; 4 motor cars. 60 

TOBONTO. 470,140 (1916). 
(See also Nos. 1045, and 1280.) 

1S8S— SchomberK ft Aurora By.— 

Office, 84 King St. East. (Connects 
Schomberg, Kettleby and Eversley 
with the Toronto & York Radial Ry.) 

Pres. Sir Wm. Mackenzie Toronto 

V. Pres. Frederic NichoUs * 

Sec. & Treas. J. C. Grace • 

Audr. J. M. Smith « 

Gen. Mgr. W. H. Moore « 

Asst. Gen. Mgr. Chas. L. Wilson • 

Supt. C. W. Mott « 

Pur. Agt. Geo. K. Hyde « 

Traffic Mgr. F. S. Livingston. . . 
Res. Engr. C. P. Van Norman. . « 

Elec. Engr. Wm. B. Boyd • 

M. M., A. M. Smith * 

Roadmaster, W. Ro6e • 

Engr. Ovhd. Constr. 

J.H Middlebrook • 

Enc purehaaad firom Toronto 4( 
York lial By. Co.; troli«« rclU 000 v. 
Sub- . pMT 8^'»^S« I d. 0. C. 
Wert. •• 

14.4 X Horn 

Toronto^ , . ..i 


OQ ' 

Traffic Mgr. J. Metoalf Toronto 

M. M., M. Switxer • 

Energy purchased from T<Monto Hydro- 
Elec. System. 

Repair shops at Danforth A Cozwell 
Aves., Toronto. 

21.63 miles; 4-10 J^ g; 45 motor can. 


1287— Toronto By. Co.— Office. 02 King 

St. E., Toronto. 
Pres. Sir Wm. Mackensie; 

1 Toronto St.. Toronto 
V. Pres. Col. Frederic NichoUs, 
King & Simcoe Sta. 

Sec. A Treas. J. C. Grace 

Gen. Mgr. R. J. Fleming. 

Asst. to Gen. Mgr. F.L. Hubbard 
Clm. Agt. James H. Forrest. . . . 

Pur. Agt. H. H. Beasley 

Ch. Engr. Farley G. Clarke. 

12 Adelaide St. 

M. M., W. R. MoRae 

Track Supt. James G. &nith 

Engr. Obnd. Constr. 

O. V. Anderson, 12 Adelaide St. • 

Energy purchased. 

Repair shops at Frederick 4( Front Sta. 

139.119 miles; 4-10 J^ g; 808 motor and 
164 other ears. 60 

1288— Toronto Suburban By. Co.— 

Office, 2896 Dundas St., W. Toronto. 
(Connects Toronto, Weston, Lambton 
Mills. Woodbridge, Thiatletoim and 
West Toronto; also Lambton Mills, 
Huttonvale, Norval, Georgetown, Ae- 
ton and Guelph.) 

Pres. D.B. Hanna. Toronto St., Toronto 

V. Pres. A. J. Mitchell 

Sec. R. P. Ormsby 

Treas. A. Forman 

Audr. C. E. Friend 

Gen. Mgr. Col. Geo. C. Royce.. 

Asst. Mgr. W. J. Radford 

Claim & Pur .Agt. Robert Gilbert 

Elec. Engr. S. Roseveare 

M. M., J. W. Walker, 

Lambton Car Bams, I^unbton 

Frank Lindsay, 936 Keele St^ Toronto 
Energy purchased from Toronto—' 

Niagara Power Co.; trans, volt. 18,000- 

2200 V. a. c; trolley volt. 600-lfiOO v. 
4 sub-sta; 4 rot. con v. 
Repair shops at Lambton. 
Reaches Lambton Park (contridled). 
64.32 miles; 4-8M g; 24 motor poas.., 

4 trail pass. , 2 motor freight and 4' motor 

service cars. (Company does lighting 

and power business.) 


1289— Toronto ft York Badlal By. On. 

—Office. 84 King St. , East. (Conaists 
of three divisions. Metropolitan, 
Mimico and Scarboro.) (Connoets 
Toronto, Richmond Hill, Aurora, Novr- 
market, Jackson's Point, Sutton, 
Scarboro, West Hill, Mimico and Port 
Pres. Sir Wm. Mackeniie, 

1 Toronto St., Toronto 

V. Pres. Frederic NichoUs 

Sec. & Treas. J. C. Grace 

Compt. J. M. Smith 

Gen. Mgr. W. H. Moore 

Asst. Mgr. Chas. L. Wilson 

Supt. C. W. Mott 

Pur. Agt. Geo. K. Hyde 

Supt; Ovhd. Const. 

f ".Middlebrook 

Tknl Mcr. F. 8. Livingston... 
r*". . ir. C. P. Van Norman. . 

1 J cr. W.B.Boyd 

M.JT.M. Smith 

1k»' 01 wr. iw . juMs. •...»• 
'i W. liC. A bb ott. ... 
purchased from Toronto . 
, volt. 12,000 t; troUsgr rtit. 

; d. e. b. Q. lE.'^«kl 
/9 feAio'.^can. lali. 




Repair shops at 1488 Yonge St.. 

Reaches Bond Lake and Scarboro 
Heights Park (owned) and Long Branch 

82 miles: 4-8H A 4-10^ g; 52 mo. pass. 
8 exp. mo., 3 fgt. and 35 other cars; 1 
elec. loco. (Sells energy to Schomberg 
A Aurora Ry.) 50 

WALKEEYILLE. 3.302 (est. 1916) 
(See No. 1230a) 

WELLAND. 5,318 (est. 1916). 

19fl— Ntogara, WelUnd & Lake Erie 

Ry. Co. — 603 Dominion Bank Bldg., 

Toronto. (Connects Niagara Falls and 


Pres. H. C. Scho6eld Toronto 

V. Pres. W. W. Near 

Sec. A Treas. H. Rooke • 


Clarkson, Gordon A Dil worth. " 
Ch. Engr. Pwr. Sta. 

L. L. Farrer Welland 

Energy purchased from Page-Hersey 
Iron Tube & Lead Co., trolley volt. 550 v. 

Reaches Alexandria Park. 

5.5 miles; 4-8J^ g; 3 motor cars. 70 

WELLAND POKT. 253 (1916). 

12f?— Dunnrille, Wellmnd Port & 
Beamsvllle Elee. Ry.— Office, Well- 
and Port. (Will connect Ounnville, 
Welland Port and Beamsville.) (Ne- 
gotiations are pending whereby the 
road may be completed by the Hydro- 
Elec. Power Commission of Ont. and 
operated in connection with other 
hydro-radial lines.) 

Pres. James A. Ross Welland Port 

Sec. M. R. Campbell..... . * 

Ch. Engr. Edmund Wragge 

Traders Bank Bldg.. Toronto 
23 miles. (Under construction.) 60 

WINDSOR. 32.000 (1919). 
(See also No. 1267) 

13t3— Hydro-Eleetric Power Com- 
mlssloB of Ontario (Apr. 1, 1920 
took over property of Sandwich, 
Windsor & Amherstburg Ry.) — Office, 
14 Sandwich St. (Operates under lease 
The Windsor & Tecumseh Elec. Ry.) 
(Controlled by the Detroit United Ry . , 
Detroit, Mich.) (Connects Tecumseh, 
Ford, Walkerville, Windsor, Sandwich, 
O jib way and Amherstburg.) 

Supt. A. McGill Windsor 

Asst. Supt. H. Brooker * 

M.M.,A.Pay « 

Power sta. equip. 1 d. c. Allis-C. 400 
kw; 3 a. c. C. G. E. Swedish tot. 1675kvB. 
2300 V. 3 ph. 60 cys; 2000 hp. e. G. & 
McC; 650 kva. stm. turb. G. & McC; 
1000 hp. b. G. & McC, Robb; trans, volt. 
1100 V. a. c; trolley volt. 500 v. d. c. 

Power sta. and repair shops at London 
St., Windsor. 

45,237 miles; 4-8H g: 56 motor pass., 
6 other motor, 4 trail pass, and 13 other 
cars. (Company furnishes energy for 
lighting.) ir40 

12fSa— The Windsor ft Tecumseh 
Electric Ry. Co.— (Connects Wind- 
sor, Walkerville, Fora and Tecumseh.) 
(Leased to the Sandwich, Windsor A 
Amherstburg Ry.) 

Pres. F. W. Broolcs Detroit, Mich. 

V. Pres. & Pur. Agt. 

James Anderson Windsor 

See. A. E. Peters Detroit 

Treas. Jos. Bampton * 

Audr. Irwin PuUerton * 

Gen. Mgr. Sidiiey 8. Andenon. .Windsor 

flktpt. F. E. Hayes " 

Ch. Engr. Pwr. BU. N. Maitland " 
M. M., H. F. Fctmion * 

Roadmaster James Lynch Windsor 

Engr. Ovhd. Constr. 

Edw. Jennings • * 

Power sta. and repair shops at Windsor. 
Mileage and cars included in lessee 

Co. 's report. 119 

WOODSTOCK. 9.320 (1916). 

ISM— Woodstock, Thames Valliey ft 
Insersoll Elec. Ry. Co.— Office, 365 
Dundas St., Woodstock. (Connects 
Woodstock, Beach ville and Ingersoll.) 

Trustee Judge Wallace Woodstock 

Treas. Effie Peacock * 

Audr. J. M. Brophy 

Supt. & Pur. Agt. Ira Warfield 

Ch. Engr. Pwr. Sta. 

Milton Long Beachyille 

Energy purchased from Hydro-Elec. 

Pwr. Commission of Ont.; trans, volt. 

13.200 v.; trolley volt. 600 v. 
Sub-sta., 2 rot. conv. tot. cap. 350 kw. 

25 cys. 

Repair shops 1 mile west of Woodstock. 
Reaches, owns and operates Fairmount 


12 miles; 4-8H g; 7 mo. pass. cars. 



ATLNEB.. 3,109 (1911). 
(See No. 1295.) 

HULL. 33,000 (1919). 

12M— Hull Klec. Co.— Office. 117 Main 

St. (Connects Ottawa. Hull and 


Pres. A. D. MacTier. Montreal 

V. Pres. & Gen.Mgr.G .Gordon Gale rHull 

Sec. A Treas. H. C. Oswald Montreal 

Supt. Lt. A Pwr. A. V. Gale Hull 

Supt. Tramp. A. E. Meeoh * 

Engr. Pwr. Sta. N.E.Bcaudry, Descbenes 
Roadmaster. H. F. McKenney * 
M. M., George Stonehouse. . . * 

Power sta. equip. 2 d. c. C. G. E. tot. 
700 kw; 4 a. c. C. G. E. tot. 1900 kw; 
11.000-2200-550-110 v. 3 ph. 60 cys: 3 
motor gen .sets tot .760 kw .2200-600 V .d c; 
4015 hp. turb. (wtr.) Trump, Am; trans, 
volt. 10,000 v; trolley volt. 600 v. En- 
ergy also purchased from Ottawa & Hull 
Pwr. & Mfg. Co., Ltd. 

Power sta. and repair shops at Deecho- 
nes; sub-stas. at Hull and Aylmer. 

Reaches Queen's Park (owned). 

32.88 miles; ^S^i g; 34 motor. 9 trailers 
and 10 other cars. ((Company furnisbes 
lighUng.) 119 

LEVIS. 7.452 (1916). 

mt— The Levis County Ry.— Office. 

127 Commercial St.. Levis. (Extends 

from Lauzon, St. Joseph, Bienville, 

Levis, St. Romuald. New Liverpool to 

Quebec Bridge.) 
Pres. S. H. Ewing 

142 Notre Dame St., West. Montreal 

V. Pres. J. C. Blouin Levis 

Sec. A Treas. E. A. Macnutt 

142 Notre Dame St., West, Montreal 
Audrs. P. S. Ross A Sons 

142 Notre Dame St., West, Montreal 
Gen. Mgr. A Pur. Agt. 

H. E. Weyman Levis 

Supt. A Engr. M. of W. 

A. Chandonnet " 

Claim A Gen. Fgt. A Pass. Agt. 

H. S. C. Moffatt • 

M. M.. D. Chenard * 

Energy purchased from Can. Elec. Lt. 
Co.; trans, volt. 11.000 v. 3 ph; trolley 
volt. 650 V. 

Repair shops at Fraser St., Levis. 

11.5 miles; 4-^V^ g; 22 motor pass., 
5 other motor and 3 other can. if 50 


(8sa >Ik> Km. 400, 090. 1301. 130G, 

1337 ud 1334.) 

Utl— CiBadlaalTBlhiiMl mattwar*— 

ExHutiva offioe, Toianto, Out.; Om- 
erklManmBBi'ioffinforEuteTD Una. 
MoutceaL (laoludes The Cuiadiu 
NortlMtii Ry. Co. of whioh th« Mon- 

8upl. Const, ft Ch. EagT. 

W. F. Grave. Monde.! 

CIumAgl.A.E.Slww * 

Supi. Pwr. Planw, 4. B. Byrd. . ■ 
Bupt. Rolling etock.D.E .Blair, YoDTilk 
Gen. Pgt. Agt. A. E. Pnpla. . .Monlnl 
Cb. Engl. Pwr. SU. J. N. Diok. 

Poner Bts, equip. S8 d. o. C. G. B, 
Weat. AlliwC. Bull, C-W. tot, 4S,BO0 

tlMtrioally.) (Extonda from Mdn- j ^^.fn!, '22^.! ' mm " S^a^5^ u^„X 

Vnm. D. B. Hanns... 
M. J. Hilla. 

<Uatanw of 7.3 miba.; 

I e. Laurie, FeoD. Mel. ft 8: Z2.4(» bp. b. 
; Bab. ft W, Adatnaou, MoDougall, Cida- 
'daula: 14,G00 kw. etm. lurb. G. B. 

Pr». B. J. Rusierfanl " 

Swi. H. P. Omjsbi-. 

■u... I A»t. Gen. Mar. 
^f"") W.A.TKing>land 

I^"» (Ch.Encr.A.F.8(ewut 

I Toronto, 

Elea.EDgr.E.B. Walker.. " 
BignalEngr.W.M. Punier ■■ 
Supt Montreal Div. 

J. J. Sunderland.. 

Elep. Supt. C. P. Price.., 

puishand Iroi_ 

us^ jnoineai. ii^muusu Montreal, 

... LMnbart. LoBaoeull. ChamUy, 

Btghdiau, Marlsvllle. Roisemont. Bt. 

Ctmin, Abbottrfoid Mid Otaaby.) 

F». Howard O. Kallsr Mootieai 

ij. E. Dalrriiipla * 
Treaa. Fraak Bmtt. . * 

Bm. Jamea A. Yalei • 

Compt. J. M. Roeerear. * 

Aoeountant J. P. HudKin * 

Oen. M(r. W. B. Powell ■ 

r. O. Lb I 

W«t. Q. E. tot. 2800 
T'Lt^nit. ft 

Claim Act. T. ff. R. HoBaa. . . Montreel 

Par. Aft. Geo. W. Cam * 

Roadnmater, A.Efattaraon. St .Lambert 

Power ata. equip. 6 d. o. Weat. O. E. 

tat.2000kw:Sa.- "" ■ 

kw., 2300 T. a I 

ZB MO v; trolley .__ . 

purehaaed ttom Montreal 
Pwt. Co. 

Sub. Mm. at St. I«mbert J3 tot. 
ooBT. C. Weat. lot. ISOO kw.); Cluunb^ 
(1 ma.fen. Mt C.Veat. 400 kw.): Roags- 
moot (I ma.-foi. lat C. Q. E. HO kw.) 

RepalT Asm at it. Lambart and Oran- 

fUaobafFlMOroTe, Chambly Canton, 

H.a mlk*i4-8>t(;37 motor paia. and 
11 otbn mn. *60 

IIW ll»iitw»l IfMoma Co>— Ol- 

flea. TS W. Cr^ Bt. (Controlled by 

the Hontre*! 'mmwayi A Pwr. Co.) 
Pna. E. A. Robert Montreal 

•■"•""iHon. Geo. G. EViatn. 
Seo.-Traaa. Patrick DaN<>> 
Andr. J. O. Robaoa. . . 


Neisee and Col- 
at Youvilla. 

370 miles: 4-8 )j g 
SO trail paw., 83 □ 
other cars: 3 eisa. loo 

Co.— OfBoB, 78 W. Oi^ S 
treat. (Qnitrola Montiad T— _.„- 
Co., Canadian Lt. A Pwr. Co. ud 
vanouB otbor ligbt and power a 

V. I^es! J.'W. MoConoai'V. . . 
Beo.-Treaa. Patriok DubM. .... ■ 

IMl— Sliawliiinii Fklla Tennliul Br. 

—Office, eil Power Bldg., Montreal. 
(A tcDol line eonneating Shawioino 
Falls wltb St. Maurice Valler Ry. and 
Canadian NsUonid Ry. {atm. road], 
used for snitohiDg only.) (Controlled 
by The Shawiniian Wit. * Pwr. Co.) 

ptes, Julian C. SraS Meotreal 

V. p™. W. 8. Hart 

Boo, H. G. Budden • 

Treaa. James WUsnn 

Audrs. Sbarpe. Milne ft Co ■ 

Supt. B. O. Wood..,BbawIiilipB Falk 

Pur. Agt. C. P. WalBb . . .lloabvd 

Energy from The Shawia' ~ 
Pwr. Co; trane. volt. 6flOOT. 

Repair .bops at ShawinliEH Afa. 

1.H9S mile, owned (.461 mL M M. i.. 
1.531 mi. Bid.); also S.8S4milai trvokafa 
righte Total mile. opnratod4.Mll 4^t( 

QUEBEC. 104.000 <1BU). .. 

I»J~ Quebec Railway, UAI A 
Power Co.— Gen. oiBoe, Cor. tikoVM 
ft St. Joseph 816. (Owna Qndiae H. 
Ry. Cn; operates in Quebae ud a Mb- 
urluD line (^D miles, aleaai Mai Sm- 
trie) from Cluobco to St. Adbm ant C|* 
TourinGnte.) (Controlled bv fC 
Quobco Ry.. L(., Ht. A Pwr. Co.> 
Pre.. Laroe C. Webaler, 

Bd. ol Trade bids., U 
V. Pres. L. I. Tarto, La PaUa, 

Seo. Arlhut Le Moino 

Treaa. Ttobeit A. Wdnin.. 
Audrs P. 8. Bom* Co. .. 

Gen. Mgr. W. J. Lynoh ._ 

Supt. Cfly Div. R. M. R«mIo. . . . ■• 
Bupt. Montmorency DIr. *Qm. 
Fft, ft Pass. Alt. J.A.B^nML ■ 

i*ur. Agt. S. S, Oliver ■ 

Ch. Edxt. ft Engr. M. olW. 

C.J^ot • 

Eleo. Ener, L. BurraD ■ 

M. M.. Peter Quinn • 

Power Bta. «iuip. S d. a. O. O. B. 
West. C. W. tot. 4S00 kw: 5 a. •. aH«, 
A. C. B. tot. 3000 kw. SHOO V. S jSrSl 
eye; 72Zfi hp, turb. |wtr.) S.-B,iaH»Ci 
trane. volt. 21.000 v; traltvvott. WDw. 



Pofrer atma. at MoDtnonnci- Fella ud 

Sueen St., Quebeo; aub-sMi. al 91. Adds 
3 BiiBupte. 

Repair shops at Qiulwo. 
Rasobn Kent Hoiue Park, MontmoT' 
enijy Falli (owned .) 

74 milsB 119.61 dlr tnak); 4-8K t: ISO 
motor uid 220 othu sun. {Cfompuy 
' daw geiuinJ lightinc bimI power buaiuH^ 

llW-^Tha qnAM blhran Utbt. 
Hnt * Faww Ob.— (Owns ud opw 
ml« QtwbM R^imy, Ucht A Powvc 
Co., Uw QhIim Om Co., tiw Fronts- 
DH Qh Co., Uw QuiiiH Jaqquea 
Csrlier Co., and the CanuUaD Elea 
LI. Co.) 
Prea, Loms C. Wibatw 

Bd. o) Trada Bide. Moalisa] 
VJfrea. Senator D. O. L'Eaptrence 

Harilot Comr., Qusb«c 

See. Arthur LeMoine ■ 

Treaa, Robert A. Wilson * 

Gon. Mp.W, J. Lyneh * 

Audn, P. S. Bam & Co Montreal 

SHEBBBOOn. 2S.D00 a BIS). 
llM— AerWook* Kr. * hrr. Co.— 

Opt. Offiffi. ClemeBt Tbntrs Bldi,, 
Sberbruoke. iConnecla Sherbrooke A 
LennoiviUe.) (Owned by SoutberD 
Cauda Fwr. Co., Ltd., Montreal.) 

Pica, W. C. UMkiiw 

330 CoriUine Bldg.. Montreal 

Sec. TrejM. A Pur. Agt. 

Lewii Clark RaikcU ■ 

Gen. Met. J. B. Woodyslti !.' 

fRy. F. X. Couwre. . . BbailiroiAe 
H„„,, Tramp. Peter Milea.. * 

""f^lPwr. F. A. Chiebolm. ■ 

ICar Bama T. Qnine. . ' 

Power ata. equip. 3d. o. C. O. E. (ot. 
40D kw: 3 a. d. C. O. B. tot. 3000 kw. 
2200 V. 3 pb. 60 ova; 4000 Joookea turb. 
(wtr,): trana. volt. 3S.O0O: trolley volt. 


Power ita. (hydro-elae.) at Iherbnoks. 
MacDc River. 
Repair ebopa on Leuoivilte road. 


^_,-,. D. W. Houston 

ClaimAgt. G.F. Btalr 

Pur. Agt».. r-— ■■• 

SupLPwr, E ... 

M._M, JobnBa>l« 

. plon 


S KIT^tS. UJX» (IVla), 

IB TluM Uma and eiteoda to Cs 

U MhM^mJ CA BUbudiar] ' 

'-n Wtr. * Pwt. Co 

it The 

PsmTT^. MeDDual. ."l.TrUastnal 

▼TPrea. Juli«i C. BmUh 

Mng. Dir. W. S. Hwl • 

Ben. A Treu. Jane* Wiboa. . 
Audre. Shupe, MilM*C6. .. * 
Gen Mgr.APnr. A«t. 

R. J. Beaumont * 

Si«t. J. H. McNeill.. Three BJver* 

Energy purchased fom North Bbore 
Pwr. Co: troiley \aH. SSO r. 

I aub-ata. «p tOO kw: 2 nui.-(«B. 

Itai»Ii*(iopa*t St. Mauriu St., Thrsa 

T.OI>'milH:>«Hs,'18 motor pan. and 



M ~- The Mmm Jaw nee. Br. 


rn.. A. A. DloD, 

3S Owk* St., Ottawa, Out. 

Mgr. A. H. Dioa Moowi 

Aial.Mgr. R.W.Moore ... • 

Power ala. equip. 3 d. o. tot. BOO 
EDO-eOO v; 000 Ep. e. DIeeel (oil). 

Power sta. and repair ahope at oor. 
Ave. A Higb St. 

Reachea Amuseraoit Park, ^»b 
mile Boucbweet o[ city. 


M,Z13 (lOlB). 
• HDOldpml Kr. 



a.E.W. Bull... 

3S0: kw. 2SJXI T. a ph. 

Weat. tot. 300 kw; 1030 hp. e. Inglla.a. 
AMoCiBOOOhp, b. Bab. AW:3G00W. 

Power ata. at'Broad St.; oarbames 

Reaohea EihiUtloD Oiouode (owned br 

3S mIlea; i-^H Bi 37 Bator and 30 
other ean. (City (urnlahei energy (or 
lichtlogand power.) *a0 

SASKATOON. 28,000 (eat. 1016). 

Sum. a City EnilDeer 

a. D . Arohftald, Cj(r Hall. 
Ant. Supt. H. Swail. Car Ban 
M. M.lEng Orfad.Conatr. 

Ifl.3 Diil»: iSH 

rem city Lighting Plant; 2 
< mo. gen. aeta tot. «KI kw. 
Voat.geBiUoUeyvolt. OOOr. 
, at Av... C. * 26th 8t. 
Bihibition Park (owned by 

ft psffi, 2 



( LWItr psil'ida rob khiii at 

ST. JOHNS. 30.000 <1B17). 

DM— St. Johu St. By. Co.— Office. 

WalorSc. (Owned by Raid Newfound- 
land Co.) 
Pros. A Oon,MErJI.O JMd. -St. JobOB 

V.Piea. R.O. field 

See. TrSBB .ABupt. F.J. Hunter. Montnal 

Andr. H. MoNeil St. Johna 

Gen. Supt. J.P. Po««ll. ' 

Pur. Agt. H. C. Crawford • 

Elec. Engr. J. W. MonJB ' 

Ch. Engr. Pwr. Sta. 

J. H. Hallw - Potty Harbor 

Roadmaeter.w. F. Joyce St. John* 

Power ata. equip, 4 s. e. Weat. tot.SSOO 
kVB. 3 ph. BO eya; 4000 bp, tulb. (wtr.) 
Voltta. Heodenhcim; trsna. volt. IB.DOO v; 
trolley volt. BOO v. 

Power bU. ihydro-electrio) at Petlr 
Harbor, milaarromSt. Jobna. 

Repair ahopa al St. Johna. 

7 milea (eloctilD); 3-fl g: 7 motor and 
3 other care. (Coaiinoy doe> general 
Ughting and power buaineu. SB 


(•w wdw Dnitod BMlM, pi 

MEXICO (Rep.) 

la Mexico lane at United SlaUt.} 


1S10 — CampBiilB Froducton 
Abasteeedora de Potencla I 
trio 8. A.— (Uu Uken over tbe i 
ol Cia. dp ElePtriKiciftd y Tranvit 
Agiinaraliiinlfia.) Adilina. Apu 
1081, Meiiro, D. F. 
Gen. Mgr, Carloi Bagitdo. Apai 

340 hw. 3.W v; 3 &. c. A. E. C, Wsl 
«2fi Itw. 30OO V. 3 ph. 60 cy>; SOI 
a. (oil) Genua Biucb-DiracU 120 1 

rpTO. KontlBa; 200 bj 
■tor. bat. Huen SfiC 
3000 t: troTley vdt. 6HI 

CITY or 

131 1 — Companli Electrln r de Ferp 
rsrrllica dc Chlhnahiu, S. A. 
Office. CkLle Viotoria 101, Chibuabu 
(Cooaolidstion of CompsPiii de Trs 
viu de Ghihiuhua and the Ferrocari 
Mineral de Cfaihuahiw (eteani}, 

Oen, Mtr. Juan F. Trevlflo..Chibushi 

Audr. Alberto Heredta 

Supt. Ing. Enrique Cortaiar. * 

Cb. Engr. Pirr. Sta. 

Federico Rodriguei ■ 

Elect. E-iBr-CSalcidD 

HoB^aster. A. Martinet.... ' 

Power etn. oauip, 3e. c.G. B. Allini 

tut. HDO kw. 2300 V. 2 ph. 60 rye; I6< 

hp. e. InduilrisI; 1000 hp. b. Heine; H' 

bw. (rtm.) turb. AlliiC; trans, volt. 23 

t; trolley volt. 5S0 V. 

10. as mills eUe.. 14.28 niilei strn 
4-aH t; IS motor and IH other rai 
(Company da« l^hling and ginwrr bu 

tVAnXZ. S.218 (1007). 
ISqe No. 1133.) 

COLDWA. 25.148. 
M13~remranU ITrbuio Dc Coll ma. 

UOHRZ PALACH). 10,000. 

!tV. Frea. 

Mariana Aikiere. Ave. 
nrt V. Prea. 

Ulpiano Ruii Uvin, 


A CI. Agt..jSlfi 

Ave. Moreloe ^ 


Pur. Apt. 

fo, aOO, Torreon, 
. Engr. 

, Ton 

tot. 875 kx: 6 a. c. O. E., 
ISSO kw. Z300 v; 3 ph. SO 
e. Cor. florai. Knrting; A 

I. * W.; trans, volt. 13, » 

110 k 

3 trad freiabt 
a. (Company 

PACHL1CA. 38,620. 

I»4— CompanU de Lui, Pmru * 

FerracarrllFs de rschnra.— Ad- 

dreea, Dppoeito de Trkmiaa. (Con- 
nec^U Pachuca, Real de MonU. Mines 
or San Kafael. Santa Gcrtrudias and 
La Blanca.) 
Pr«. Joaquin D. Casuua. . . MeiicD City 
Treaa. Jacinto Pimento] ... * * 
li-n Mnr- T. Brandeoburt. * ■ 
Fur. Agt. Aaron Garcia. Pacbura 
Scbroder.. ■ 

Ch.Engr, Goo 
M. M. Tranpiii 

13li — ComiianlB 

. Bldradtctrlu 

_ IrrlRadoni dri Cbapala, B. A.^ 

Addm, P. O Boa 2B0, UuadebiaiS 

- - Guadalajara). 
n. , . . Guadalajani 

□ en'MD'.Euaene Pine 
See. A Ant. Mot. 

Cb.Enar. I.l|. Dept'. 
Inc.Cbu J.Barro 
Pur. Act J. M.Qulii 
Eur. Repair Shop 

Repsir ahoH >t tiuadiJajaH. 
ReocbEa ErP«rmdDD Park. 
eainileB;4-S!^ii: IIOcHra. (Compuiy 
turanbfa energy for lighting In princlpBl 



ma— Comunla da Tnurias dc 
HellHI, S. A. (Mexico TiaiawsyBCo.. 
I.Ul.)-EMcutiYe <jffi«, «J3 Dominion 
Bank Bid*., Toronto. Ont.. CbdwIii 
LocuL sddiBn, P. O. Bo> 1S4 Bia. 
Federal District. MeiiQO. <U»tia add 
operates under leav Cia. Ferrocarrile* 
del DinCrito, Federal de Meiieo and 
Meiioo ElHOWie Tramways Ltd. 

! Fedoral Diatritt: pop. 

t. Co.) 


Pm. R. C. BmwD. .Toronto. Ont.. Cat 
V. H. MalHilm Hubbartl. 
PraaU. 3 Lonjou Wall. 

I London, Enaland 

Sec. a. H. Marry 

11(13 Dominion Bk. Blilit.. 

Toronto, Out, Ci 
Local 3eo. 
P. Mendei y Mendei Meiien 

Mdk- Dir. a. R.O. CDDHay * 

Gen, M»r. F. W. T«le ' 

Pur. Agt. A. G. Caldaron, . • 

Technical Eiup', A. E.Roy nolda * 

Enei«y From Meiiran Lt. A Pwr. Co. 
trolley volt. tBO v. 

e aubttia. tot. cap. 11.000 kw; (11 
mo. (en.h 2 portKble lubatss. lot. 830 kw 

Repair shops at IndianiJla. 

204 miles elec. iSii k: 9.5 milei mule 
3 g: 39S elec. 8 mule, ISf Irejaht asd 6- 
[uneralcars, (IntenirbanmadiloTi^ui^i 

Aiuai^alientea, Afluasialienu. (Kc 

TULUCA. 31.247. 

1117— Tnntlai de Tolnca. — Addreai. 

Apartado 25. (City lioB only.) 

Pr« . Eduardo Henin?. Toluca 

Ucc ft Tnaa. Alberto Heokd ■ 

Audr. E. Alcantara • 

Gen. M(r. t. Oouiali • 

Put. AgCi. Hcnksl Bma * 

M. M.,.M. Pineda • 

Hoadmaater F. Uatdy ' 

Repair shop* at Sanu Clara. Toluca. 

Heaccsa perk at Colon Road. 

H.2 mila, 3-« f. 43 can. (Company 

doei general lighting and power bu 

tl.r..iich Cia de l.u>>:ieetr!e. de To 



lit— t'ampanla de TranvlM, Lm y 
Fuem Motrli dc Mantenj. 

(.Monterey Ity., LI. * Pvr. Co.) 

" a}^ 73 
q. (Operal 

Donald Mnan 

Sec.H.S. Gauaby 

Compt. R. O. O. Tkompaoa 
Gen.Mgc. AOfl.Rep. 

E. P, aeliae 

.^aat. to Gen. Mgr. 

E.G.St. HiU 

M«r. Ry. Dept. D. S. Mores 
Mgr. Ll. & Pwr, Dept 

Ch.Bnii?. ptr'.SU.' 

C. D. Baiter 

M. M. Canuto Puenle 

Roadniaater Dominco Gareia 

kva. 4000 V. 3 ph. 00 cyt{3 m 
O. E,. w™t. tot. lOOoVw: 
Bab, A W. Atlna: trans, v. 
trolley < 


r. Ailem 

4-8M g. 

(Company does lighting and power busi- 
nees.) *aa 


PItEBLA. 101.214. 

ira— Compania de Tranvlas, Lm r 
FUHU de Puebla. H. A. (Puebla 
Tramway, Lt. A Pwr. Co., ttd,)— 
Ganeral oRice, 3a Caile de Beldaras 
No. 24— P. O. Boi 615. Meiico Cily: 
local address, P. O. Boi 41. Puebla. 
(Contolidation of FerroearrHI Urbano da 
Puebla, the Ferrocarrit Industrial ds 
PuebU, the Cia Anonima de Alum- 
brado Elcetrieo de Puebla and the 
Cb de Lui y FVteraa El Porteiuclo.) 

Pres. fflr Clarendon 0, Hyde 

47 Parliament St.. London, England 

See. F. J. LeMsHtre Jersey. C. 1. 

Mng, Dir. A. E. Wonwiek 

P. O, Box S15, Meiico City 

Gen. Mgr. F. J. Miller Puebla 

Asst. Qen. Mgr. 

John West Thompsm * 

Power »U. equip. 14 a. c. A.E.O..G.B. 

West. tot. 20.7eO kw, 10,000-4000-2200 v. 

3 ph. a0oyi;23,O0O hp. turh.(wir.) Voiih 

E^ber. Wyw: 5000 hp. wtr. wb. Pelton: 

tram. volt. 100,000-42,000^,000 v. 
Power atas, al Portesueio, San Au- 

gustio and Tuxpango. 
40 miles; 4-3^1 e: 20 pav. and 13 Tgt. 

mule car*: 12 pan. and S fgt. n> molor 

can. (Company does general lighting 


CATORCK. »,.M7. 
mi — CtempsnU del Perracarrll 

Ogarrlo. — (Connecu Caiorce with 
Potrero, where it ennDecla Kith Na- 
tional Kaiicoad o[ Mexico.) 
Pra. Joanuio de la Mama 

AparUdo223, San Luii Pntosi 

Rafael Gustavo Lopei 

Apartado 34B * 

An'lonlo Lomeli. Apartado 0, Catorea 

Power sta. equip. 3d. cC.a.E.tot.BOO 

kw; 1 a.o.C.G.G.3S ova: 100 

hp.e.(gaa ± itm.) Diets .Utto. Met, A S: 

Uque ft Aguila Bti, 




200 hp. b. Union Irop Wka; trolley voiv. 
Power Bta. And repair ahope at Santa 

14 milee eleo.; 3-6 g; 34 can. 60 


MAZATLAN. 22.000. 

19ZZ — Emitresm del Ferroearrll 
CJrlwiio y veetnal.— P. O. Box 29, 

(Controls Linea del Muelle, linea del 
Puerto Viejo (1 .5 miles under construc- 
tion) and Ferrocarril Vecinal.) (Con- 
nects So. Pacific R. R. Sta., IH miles, 
and cemetery, 3 miles.) 

Prop., Mgr. & Pur. Agt. 
Arthur de Cima Masatlan 

Sec. Daniel C. Urrea ' 

Supt. Robert de Cima " 

Repair shops at Maaatlan car bams. 

Owns park at Loma Atravesada. 

4.6 miles (mule and steam); 3-6 g; 8 

cars. (Operation temporarily suspended.) 



NUEVO LABEDO. 7,000 (1018). 

IISS — CompanUi de Tranvlag de 
Nuevo Laredo, S. A. 

Pres. & Qen. Mgr. 

Juan F. de la Garia. . . Nuevo Laredo 
V. Pres. Canuto Barreda. " * 

See., Treas., Supt .& Pur.Agt. 

Luis Varela * " 

Energy purchased from Laredo (Tex.) 
Elec. & Ry. Co. 

3.5 miles; 4 g; 4 pass, cars and 1 fgt. 
oar. 122 

TAMPICO. 16,313 (1007). 

1S94 — CompAoUi Eleetrica de Lui, 
Wnentk f Tracelon de Tampico, 

S. A. (Tampico Elec. Lt., Pwr. & 

Trac. Co.. Ltd.) — General oflioe. 3a 
Calle Balderas, Mexico City: looal ad- 
dress. Apartado 124. Tamptoo. (Op- 
erates in Tampico and oonnofita Dooa 
Cecilia and Miramar.) 

Chairman, Sir ClarMkUm G. Hyde, 

47 Parliament St, London, Eng. 

J. H. McDonald " •• 

Mng. Dir. A. E. Worswiok 

P. O. Box 615. Mexioo City 

Gen. Mgr. Harvey S. Leaoh, 

Apartado 124, Tampieo 
Pwr. sta. equip. 3 a. c. turbo-gen. A.E. 

G. Berlin tot. 6000 kw.2d00 y.3 v^.eOeya; 

6 boilers Bab. & W; 1-3000 kw. Weatg. 

turbo.-gen; 2-500;trana. 

volt. 10,000-2300 v; trolley voH;. 660 t. 
Power sta . and repair ebcqpa nt Taniileo. 
12.75 miles; 1.44 metera g; (4-8 H): 14 

motor and 7 other oani. (Cooopaiiy iloes 

a lighting business.) 



VERA CBUZ. 20.164. 

1396— Vera Cmi Elee. LI.* Pirr. Jk 
Trae. Ltd. — General office, 3a Calle 
Balderas, No. 24, Meadoo Cl^. 

Chmn. Vincent York. 

47 Parliament St.. London, Eng. 

Seey. J. H. McDonald.... * * 

Mng. Dir. A. E. Worswick 

P. O. Box 616, Mezioo City 

Gen. Mgr. F. J. Miller Vera Cnia 

Power sta. equip. 6 a. e. SiraoeiM Broa; 

tot. 2100 kw. 2200 v. 3 ph. 60 ciya; 

3500 hp. oil eng. Diesel; 3 mo. gen. aata 

tot. 55U kw; trolley volt. 600 ▼: trana. 

volt. 2300 V. Held as a standby ate. 

Energy purchased from Puidt>la Tnmwmsr 

Lt. & Pwr. Co. 
Repair shops at Vera Gma. 
Reaches a bathing reaort. 
13 miles; 4-8M g; 1$ motor and 15 

other oars. (Company 

lighting & power bwain—.) 


(See ander the United States, page 164.) 

I > 


itU tlktr A/anb, firtign r. 



ISM — BrUcetown TrsDiinr Cii.,Ltil. 

(CoDtrolled by Wm. B. McKuilsy, 

ud sngeiHtaB, Chunpiugii. lU.) 
Chiu. Local BoHTd of Dicecton, 

C. Y. Simeon Bridgetown 

0«D, Mar. (Ch&rge of ReooaAtructian, 

Eleolnfication Si Puraimsing). 

B. £. Cfaubbuok. ..F«iria7lU.,U.a.A. 
B«o. ik Trena. Edw. WoodnUD. 

es Eichange Pl.,FDrtlBiid,Me.,II.S.A. 
AiBt. Sec. Ju. M. Mflsde.-.Bridcetown 

Audr. A.H. McKinatiy ^ 

Mgl. R. A. D. Bynoe ■ 

ConaCr.Eiur.W.R. Morrison.. * 
Deputy Mir. I. R. Ooll ■ 

fl milm (mule line — will be oonverted 
into electric tramway); 20 care. 60 


GAM AGUE T. 39,019. 

II27 — The C«iu>cu>J ttoc Ca-i. Ltd. 

—(La Compaflia Eleeine* da Cua^ 
Buey.) (Formeily The Canuaiev Co.. 
Ltd.)— Office, IM St. JameaSTTMoD- 
treal. Que.. Can. Opeiatina olBoa. Bl 
Estrsda Palms, Cuna«uey. (Owna 
Catnaguey Tramwiiy Co., Ltd., ud 
Camaauev lAnd Co., Ltd.) 

Freg. Cari C. Giles Camuuey 

V. PrcB. W. fl. Row. Halilai, N.a..Cui. 

Seo.V.M.Dniry, Montieal, Qua., Cut. 

AudnJDelaitleJMeudar.Oriffltfa ft Co., 

Lc LodJa, Havana 

H(T. A. E. Freneh Camasuav 

AooouuUut, Jamai C. O'Lauy ' 

Fill. Acta. Moody Eng's Co., 

90 West St., New Vorli, N.T. 

Ch. Engr. 

Jose Ben)'..U Ubartad, Camagney 
Power ila. equip: 2 d.o. O.B.tot. 300 

kw: 3. a. c. Q. E.. Weatfl. Int. SCO kw. 

I2(Xlv. 2ph.eOcys; 875 hp. e. B. ft W; 

960 hp. b. A. ft T; GOO kw. stm. turb, 

Weatg; trans, volt. 12O0 v; trolley volt. 

PwT. eCa. and npair dic^a at 91 
Egtrada Palma, CanuEuev. 

S milea; 4-8H gl IS paaa., 1 tgt. and* 
flat can. iC^iupany doei lighting and 


ISXS— Tranvla Sectrico da Cai- 
dCDM, a. A,— Office. Ava. Indep 
cia y Calls B. Cardanaa. (Opei 

Free. Martin biaa, 


V. Free. Eroeato C 

Sec. Dr. Prank J. Lwnei 

AvUoB, Caidawtt 
UfCiUlaa ■ 

Cb. Eofr. Jorae A- LArriea, 
Calls o y Av . Imtependsuda. 
Tceas. ft Audi. Paulino Dial,.. 
Gen. Mgr. Ed. ElurreaU^ 

Supt. Pedni J. DiUi.'. 

M. M.,O.SabateT 

~ ■. M. of Wj Paul Cutro. 

I^iile Sy^A 

Power lU. equip,, 2 d, o. Prinim. tot. 
130 kw. Energy also punhaaad tttaa 
Cia da Electiin^ad de Cardanaa, 8.A, h 

7 miLB8:'4-SH g; 12 storage battery 
earn. 70 

CIEKFUEGOS, ». C. 30,100. 

1329— ClenfuegaB, PalmUa « Cra- 
eea Elec. Ki. & Pwr. Co. — Ex- 
ecutive ofbce. 233 broadway.. New 
York, N.Y,. U.S. A.; gen, uiEca.SMtM 
Elena 00, CieuIuego«. Banta Clara, 
Cuba (Couuectg Cieolucgoa, CnMSt, 
Caunao, Palmiia. Camaroneg, Com- 

res. Joan Mariiiion. Habaaa 

■'^"™-1g. Cordona • 

«. Julio de U Torre ■ 

reaa, M. CaslelHiro " 

en. Mgr. Jose Primellei . . . . Cienfuegoa 
iBt. Mgr. Frank M. Aguirre. , ' 

-ar. Agt.J.mnP.Mutray.... 
Cb.Engr, C.C. VemiBulB.... ' 
Elec. Engr. O. H. Palmer ; 

Engr. Ovh'd. Conett. 

W.D.Abbott ■ ■ 

Power ita. equip. 3 d. c. C-W,, West., 
tot. 1S5 kw. 220 hp. oil e. Mieu k Weiaa, 
DcIb Vergne: 1000 kw. Blm. tuib. O. Gi 
1500 hp. wlT. turb. G.-E; traoa. volt. 
44,000 v: trolley volt. 2300 v. 
2 Hub-stas.; 1 mo. gen. set. Siefiu 
Pwr.sU. *Bd rapnir A(^ at Cm 

"ao'^JSlSi; «H''*"'2a paaa. Md J 
other care. Storage battery system, (Com- 

Eany does general lighting and powar 
uBinoss in Cianfuegoa.) (4fi milea atan- 
dard ringla track under coostruBtlonJ 

HAVANA. 29T.1S9. 

IM-Haniu Elec. Ry., Lt. • Pwr. 
Co.— Gen. office. Bavaua. Monte No. 
1. (CouaalldatioQ by merger of the 
Bavaua Elec. Ry. Co. and the Cam- 
pimin de Qaa y Elccirioidad da la 
Habaau.) (Controls all electric liiMs 
in Havana and the Insular Ry. Co.) 
(Operates In Havana and to and In 

Aral, Tran, F. Porrq Orfila,. . 

Audr. Ragelio Oduardo 

Aut. Gen. Mgr. & Ch, Engr. 

C, W. Rioker 

Claim Agt. Neslof Tremnla 

Hupt. Traffic. J. E. Fueotea 

Pui. Agt. A.MeDenaU 

Elect, Engr. R. W. Taaia 

Meoh, Engr. W. E.Gowllnd.... 

M. M.FranBiaon A.MW 

Sunt. Orhd.Ci 

Power Bta. 


'. 2200 V 
D. Dab. ft W. 'ai.OM KW. bub, tOTD 
t; trans, volt, 13,200 v; trolley volt 

Biifa-stas. tot. t*9. 11.700 kw; IS rot. 

>. {9-1000 kw;3-E0akw; 4-300 kw.) 




Repair shops at Qth^lS^ Sti. .Vailadd. 

Reaches Palatino and Playa de Maria- 

93 miles; 4-8>4 «; 416 motor and 73 
other cars; 9 e\ec. locos. (Company does 
lighting and power business.) -^-60 

1331— Havana Central R. R. Co.— 

Central Station, Havana. (Connects 

HavE^na, Miarianao, Punta Brava, 

Hoyo Colorado, Guana jay, Cotorro, 

San Jose de las Lajas, Guienes, PrO' 

videncia Sugar Mill, Regla and Gua- 

Pres. W. E. Ogilvie, 

42 Broadway. New York, N.Y., U.S.A. 
V. Pres. Frederick W. Baumann 

6 Hanover St . , New York , N . Y . , " 
2d V. Pres. Wm. A. Jones, Jr. 

233 Broadway, New York.N.Y., " 
Sec. & Treas. H. Belief euille 

42 Broadway, New York, N.Y., " . 
Asst. Sec. & Treas. B. A. Gale 

42 Broadway , New York , N . Y . , * 

Audr. T. P. Mason Havana 

Gen. Mgr. G. A. Morson « 

Mgr. Traffic A Transp. 

G.J.Humbert « 

Supt. E. G. Robes " 

Gen. Ft. & i W. T. Medley • 

Pass. Agts. ) Frank Roberts * 

Supt. of Stores H. L. Ashley * 

Claim Agt. G. C. Dedge • 

Ch. Engr. Phillip Hammond. ... * 
Ch . Elec .Engr .John A .Thompson • 
Master Car Builder B.F. Elliott. . 
Engr.M. of W., R. S. Webster. . " 

Power sta. equip. 4 a. c. turbo-gen. Q. 
E. tot. 8500 kw; 2200 v. 3 ph. 25 cys; 5625 
hp. b. Munos, Bab. & W.; trans, volt. 
19,100 v.; trolley volt. 600 v. 

Power sta. at Havana. 

Repair shops at Luyano. 

77 miles; 4-8 H g; 36 pass, and bag- 
gage and 324 fgt^ oars; 10 elec. and 5 
steam locos . (Company furnishes enorgy 
for lighting in all towns connected except 
Havana.) 50 

BfATANZAS. 86.099. 

1337— Ferrocarrll Electrlco de Matan- 

zas, S. A* — Office, 3an Carlos y Re- 
curso. (Controls the Tranvia de 
Matanzas and The Yumuri, Matanzas 
& Bellamar Ry. Co. Operates in 
Matanza? and suburbs . ) 

Pres. Luis Amezaga Matanzas 

1st V .Pres. Bonifacio Menendez " 
2nd V. Pres. Pedro U. Bea. . . ■ 
Sec.Eduardo Rodriguez Verrier " 

Treas. Bautista Cianizo * 

Mgr. & Ch. En|:r. 

J. Gonzalez Sigarroa " 

Supt. Antonio Morey • 

M. M.EvelioBello « 

Supt . of Traffic , Andres Aragon • 

Energy purchased from Compania 
Anonima Eleotrica Alemana Cubana. 

12.4274 miles; 4-SH t'. 21 storage bat- 
tery cars.- 88 


(See No. 1331.) 

SANTIAGO. 45.470. 

1333 — Compania Electrlca de Alum- 
brado y TracHon. de 8antlai[o. — 

Office liartroann. baja 15, Santiago. 
Pres« Jose Marimon, 

* .Banco Espanol, Havana 

V. Pr«B. lose BcMeb Santiago 

Qee.'&AUAk Oodoy _ 

'. ; 1 • * •• '." Wiop Espanol , Havana 
Tretfiw'Baneo SBpaool.-. ■ bla de Cuba 
Audr. Eduardo Montanchez. . .Santiago 
Gent Fct. * Pass. Agt. 

GuiMermb Alernany " 

Pur. Airt. Edwardo Guerra 
Eleo. Eni 

Sngr. W. Fuller. 

Ch. Engr. Pwr. Sta, 

Andres Santiago Santiago 

M. M., Baldomero Corona. ... * 

Engr. Ovhd. Constr. 

Jo86 Diaz « 

Power sta. equip. 2 d. c. Westg. tot. 
800 kw; 4 a. c. G. E. tot. 1100 kw. 2300 
V. 3. ph. 60 cys; 2000 hp. b. Bab. & W; 
2000 hp. e. G. E. 1000 kw. stm. turb. G. 
E; trans, volt. 2300 v; trolley volt. 600 v. 

1 sub-sta.; 2-400 kw. rot. conv. 

Power sta. and repair shops at Punta 
Blanca, Santiago. 

Reaches Vista Ale^ra and Villa Mari- 

15.90 miks; 4-8H g; 81 motor and 5 
other cars. (Company does general 
lighting business.) irOO 


KINGSTON. 57,379. 

1334— The West India Elee. Co., Ltd. 

— 151 Orange St. (Controls Jamaica 

Lt. & Pwr. Co.) (Connects Kingston 

and the Parish of St. Andrew.) 
Pres. Jas. Hutchison. 

260 St. James St.. Montreal, Que.. Can. 
V. Pres. G. J. Crowd 

ShaughnessylBldg., « « • 

Sec. J. M. Brady 

Bk. of Toronto 

Bldg •• « • 

Audr. Harold Davenport Kingston 

Mgr. David N. Barr - 

Pur. Agt. Moody Eng'g Co.. Inc. 

90 West St., New York. N. Y^U.S.A. 

Elec. Engr. H. A. Campbell Kingston 

Traffic Supt. David Peat « 

Power sta. equip. 2 d. c. G. E. tot. 500 
kw; 3 a. c. G. E. tot. 900 kw. 500 v. 3 ph. 
40 cys; 760 hp. e. Belliss & Morcom; 700 
hp. b. Bab.& W; 1350 hp. turb. (wtr.)8.- 
B.;tran8.^olt.l4.000 v; trolley volt. 660 v. 

Power stas. (hydraulic) at Bos Walk 
and (steam) at Gold St. 

Rej^-ir shops at 161 Orange St., 

Reaches Rock Fort Gardens (owned); 
leaded to Amusement Co.) 

26 miles (electric): 4-8H S; 31 motor 
and 7 other cars. (Company does light- 
ing business.) 60 


(See under the United States, page 164.) 


PORT OF SPAIN. 60.000. 

133ft— The Trinidad Biectric C«., 
Ltd. — Home office, cor. Park & Fred- 
erick Sts.. Port of Spain, Trinidad; 
Executive office. Keith Bldg.. Halifax, 
N. S., Canada. (Operates in Port of 
Spain and immediate surrounding 

Hon. W. B. Roes. . Halifax. N. 8.. Can. 
[Wm. Gordon-Goraon, 

V.Prests. Port of Spain 

iH.R.SUver. Halifax.N.8.,Caii, 

Sec. & Treas. F. B. Oxley • • 

Audr. T. L. E. Piers.. • • 

George R. Mahon Port of Spain 

Pur. Agt. Moody Eng'g Co., Inc. 
90 West St., New York. N. Y.^U. 8. A. 

Gen. Mgr. S. D. Harding. . Port of Spain 

Asst. Gen. Mgr. K. Maeiarlane * 

Elec. Engr. Geo. S. Pollard * 

Traffic Supt. ClementeStoute " 
Power sta. equip. 2 d. o. G. E. tot. 600 

kw; 3 a. c. G. E. tut. 060 kw. 2200 V. 2ph. 

60 ova: 2200 hp. e. Robb; 1000 hp. b. 

Bab. ft W; 760 kw. stm. turb. Weal; 

trolley volt. 660 v. 




Power ata. aind repair shope at Port of 

Reaches Queen's Park, Saranoah. 

14.24 miles; 4-8H ^', 24 motor pass, 
oars. (Company does lightinc and power 
business.) 129 


PANAMA. 75.000 (1915). 

ISM— PMumui Eleetrte Oo.~€)ffice. 

71 B'way., New York, N.Y.. U.S.A. 

(Connects Panama. Ancon, Balboa, 

La Boca. Ft. Grant. Bella Vista and 


W. J. Ferris. . New York. N. Y..U J.A. 
[B.W.HiH NewYork 

V.Frests.U Gen. Mtr. 

I James S. Dales Panama 

/ Qan. Mgr. A Cb.C&igr. « > > 

E. O. Qraham Panama 

See. A Treas. £. P. Summerson 

New York, N. Y.. U.S.A. 
Audr. Edmund George Ford . . . Panama 

Supt. Elmer P. Haw * . 

Claim Act. J. F. deLaOBsa,Jr. * ' 
Pur. Act. Electric Bond A Share Co. 

71 Broadway. New York. N. Y. 
Ch. Encr. ^wr. Sta. K. Slatteiy .Panama 
Encr.Ovhd.Constr. W.J. Swales * 
' Power sta. equip. 3 a. o. West. tot. 
2500 kw. 2300 v. 3 nh. dO oys; lOfiO hp. 
b. Bab. 4b W; 2500 kw. stm. tarb. West; 
en«cy also purchased from Cia Paname- 
na am Fuersa y Lus; trolley rolt. 660 v. 

1 sttb^ta. cap. 600 v; 2-300. kw. rot. 
conv. Westc* 

Rraair diops at North Ave. 4b Ameri- 
can Wharf. 

Reaofaes Bella Vista Bathinc Beaeh and 

10.5 miles; 3-6 c: 22 motor and 2 freicbt 
cars. iAr50 


A rtanged AiphdetiatOy by Name 

Alkhama LlBbt A T 

Vlc«-PrMli1etit, T. K. Jaol 

Co., llohlk. 

McnUn ind TrsHorer. J. P. Robs, Blr- 
-'— '— n Ky. Lt. A Pwr, Co., Blr- 

■.tt: S. B. Inlkn.Blant 

fammrLt. i£ Pwr. Co., MoBtgomerj, 
. K. Jickaon, Mobile BJie. Ue., Ua. 
falls: B. T. Sehunler, BfaaDeld Co., 
Shameld: Jdo. B. Weskltj, AtslMuna 
Wtler Co.; J. 9. Fevoir, BlTminK. 
taam Rt.. LI. & Pwr. Cd„ Birmlng- 
hsm. ♦If 

Amarloan Klaotrlo Bkllway Ao- 

(AffllUIed wKh A B R A> 
risildent, I. A. Haj, Compt. The Oon- 

.d Vica-Pceiident, P.B.WebelE 

Hutu: fan 

BlTOlllDI. HI 

trd Vlea-Pruldan 

WlllitB A. DoIT. Andr,. Tlit Danit 
TMHiwiiy Co., [JenTar, Colo.: P. 1 
KIdk, Aadi., San Antuolo Publl 
8«vlce. Sao Allonio, Texai; F. E 
WllklD, Aodi,, Pcaiia]>lvaDlH ■ Ohi 
BUctrlc Co.. YonDgitown, Obloj ( 
n, Bernd, Hac. and Oan. Andi., Di 
HoloeaCUf Rl'. Co. DeiUolnc*,low 

Anailaau Blaatrlo BkUwar 

FiaildaDt, Joho B. Pardee, Pr«. Xaat 

PeniuylvanU Rallvaya PotUTlUe, 

HI Tloa-PiM'*— >.-■—'•.-'-.■- 

, Kicbud McCnUoob, 

1 VIcB-Prw. 

•poll* TnctloD A Tarminal Co., In- 
4lli Vlee-Proa. Philip i. Kaalj, Prai. The 

A nut. Klec. Ry. i 

Bl't. AaiDi B. R. 
Blac. Ry. SniTg. 


By. ulallnt j»>u, IT. u. ..uiiiui, 
Pra*. Aroer, BiK. Ry. Tramp and 
TraF.Aiaii:JohBa. Barry, Salea Ubi. 
aanaralBlM. Ca.,B«beiiaotady,N.\. 
Wm. t. BartbolomBW, VIce-PrM. 
WHllDRhoBaa Traction Brake Co., 
Ball PltUbnrf b, Pa. ; Thoa. rinlgaii. 
Vloa-Prei. Amei- Brake Sboa A Pdy. 
Co., Oblcaiio, III.; B.A. Hegenan, 
Jr., Ptm, Rat'] Ry. Appllauee Co.. 
New Tork aid B, M. Curwen, Pr««, 
J. O. Brill Co. Philadalphia, Pa. ♦M 

la B»IIw>rOUIai 

elated Buraiua, Pltlaburgh Railway* 
Compuiy rll tabu rib. Pa, 
d Vlce-P[»li]eDt, Wallace Voir, Claim 
Aueot, KeBtnckj Tracllon A Tarml- 
fleeroUty and Tiaasarar, J.B.Knbu.Olalin 
Aft., New York SUla Kya.. Ullca, 

Ry. Co.. 

Prooloi, UeiBphl* Stteet Ry. Co., 
Mempble, Tano.: H. O. Wlnaor, Pu- 
RBt Saand Blac. Ry. Co., TacoiuB, 

(AoniBUd witb A B R A) 
FfMldunt, K.R. Hill, Cona Encr. Norfolk 

i, Weatero By. Co., New York. N. Y. 
tat Vice- Pn-flidant, W. Q. Oove, Hopt. 

Bqalp. Brooklyn Rapid Tranall lya- 

leni, Brooklyn, H.Y, 
MVIce-Prealdent, C. L. Cadte, Blt-o. 

Bnjtr., Hen York Slate Rail waya, Ro- 

Sd VICB-PrwIdbnl', C, S. Kimball, Bnnl- 
Buer Halnl. of Ways, WaBhlngton 
Ry. & Blac. Co.. Waahinglon. D. C. 

raluT and Traaiorar, B. B. Bntrlit, 
i Waat Wlh St. . New York. N. Y. 

leaUT* Conmllt** : The oOloera and 
C. F. Bsdwell, Aiat. Bngr. Pahlla 
Berrlce Ry. Co.. Newark, N J., B.A. 
JobDwn.Sopt.Shopaand Bqnlpment 
HetropDlltanWaatSlde Elerated Ry. 
Oo.. Cbleaeo, ni.; U C. Data, B&gl- 
near. Amerlcaa CItloa Co., Birming- 
ham. Ala.: B. H. Hcotlald, RoKloa't 
PaH'Br& BqalpmsntTwIn City Rapid 
TiBBall Co., Utnnea^lla, HIna. U 

(Affiliated wllh A B R A) 
-ealdeni, W. H. Colllna, Gen. Mp. ¥o^ 
da. Johnatuwn Ic Glovcnvill? R. H., 
Clnvpraviilc, N. Y. 

Baltimore, Kd. 

3d VLde-PreaiJenl. G. T, Secty, V. Proa. A 
den. Mgr. PcnnBylvania-Obio Eleo- 
trio Co.. Younftalown. Ohio, 

BMrstarr and TraaaBrer, B. B. BiirlU, 
B W. tOth St,, new roik. N. Y. 

BiMullTa CoaaalttM: Tb* «flaan akd 
J. K. Punderlont, V, Prea.. Confleoti- 
DUtCo., New Haven. Conn.; 0. H. 
ClifTord, V, Pr«., Northern Teia* 
Trao. Co., Ft. Worth. Teiaa; A, Oa- 
boury, fiupl. Montml Tramwavi 
Co., Montreal, (tuo^ Can.i and T. 
C, Cherry, V, Pr™, Rocbealer, Syr*- 
cuae A Eaatctn R. R, Co., Byra- 
cuae. N. Y. *W 

1 Vi(H-Pic»i[kDl, J. A. Whitto*. Mgr. 
Pine Bluff Co.. Pine Bluff, Ark. 

" E. Dillon, Mgr. 

Fublio I 

ld«Pr«]dniC. W, K. DODn, V. P. L*i 

Anaelfli Hj. Carp, L«Aii«*lw. Oil. 

rtuuni.Tlit: Angla-LondoD Piria N*t|. 

*nBear,'w. T. Hill, BS Sutler Bl., Sn 

.Damn, T. PtM. la AnB^» EillwiT 
Oonou I'M AjubIM! Wn. Olijlon, 
HnS- Dlr. Sui Dliio RIas. Br-' Bah 
DI«o.: W. B. Albeifer. V. fna. ft 
Obq. Mbt. Sao FnoclHo-Oakland 
Tarralna) Sjt.. Oaklud. CbI.; "* 

I Pbut, PrMldsD 


IkB Elactiio Ballw»r 

'0 Boad St,,TonHila, Can. 

Col. J. _.. 
-. Montreal 

Tramwaya Co. 
Hc.norary Vice-Pteaident. Anton Bui 

rows, Mn|. Db.. Canadian RailWa 

BDil Marine World. 
Praaldant, ArthDt Gabovrj. Sapt. Hol 

Ireal (Oaa.) Tranwaja Co. 
VinpPrnM^nt, G. Gordon Gale, Vice- 

Prnident & Gen. M«r. Hull Ellcrtri 

r. (pro-l 

Hunoranr SMretanr-Treagnrei. ,. 

A. EaMman. Vi«-PreBident A Gt 

Ugt. VI*d«or, RiMX aod La__ 

SboT* Buld B*. Co. 
?:uautive Coinniittoer Tbe Pmldent. 

Vi<«-PrendeBt and F. D. Burpee. 

Bupt., Ottowa Eleo. Hr-: C. C. 

Curtia, Mir., Cape Br "" 

Idke S 

, Vloe-Prealden 

-., WuHtaor, Easei i 
e Rapid Hy. Co.; ■" 

^fBr. Britiab CalumWa EIh. Ry. 

Co.: R. M. RudeSupt. QubIkc Hy. 
Ll. 4 Pwr. Co;. Lt, Cot. G. C, 
Hoyw, Gen.-Mgr.. ToronM Bubur- 
ban Ry. Co. and C. L. Wilion. 
Mgr., ToroatD A York RadUl Ry. 
Co. *51) 

OaatTVl KlMtrla Bailirk; 

(^o.; if. A. Georie, A 
s Railway.* Lighten. 

Oantral Klastris &bI1vb7 

iodianapohfl, Ind. 

t Viop-Proaidenl, A. C. HMdb. Vi(*-Pre«- 
Northem Ohio Trao. i Lt. Co., 
Akron, Ohio. 

id Vioe-Prmident, E. J. Burdiok, A»t. 
r.fn. Mgr., Detroil UnitHl Lln», 
Iliilrail, Micb. 

ictctanaBdTHUum.A.L. KeenaiDar. 
NBTractioD-TeriDliul Bldi, , IndUn- 
apslla. Ind. 

lecutlia Commltlee: F. D. CupeoteT, 
Ptm. WMUro Ohio Ry : C. U BabrTi 
Praa,, iDdlinapolli A dnclmiall 


rt, Wayne A Ko. Ii 
A. Nlclu>n. 0«a, Mjt. u uiup i ihhuh 
Co, of Indiana: G. T. Seely. Gen. 
Mgr., YouQUtown * Sharon Elev 
trio Street Railway: W. S. Rudder. 
Gen. Traffio Mar,, Delroit rnfleJ 
tinea; F. W, Coen, VioB-Presidcnl 
and Gen, Mgr. Lake Sbdre^ko, 
Ry., SaBdueky. Ohio; J. F. CoUioa. 
Vioe-PrcMdant A Oon. Mgr., Miohi- 

Kn Rail way Co., Hany Reid, 
evident, Interatnle Puhlfo ServiM 
Co; L. G. Parker, Representative. 
Clevelanil Frog A Croaaing On.; H. 
.. „ ._ „ ^nulive, in- 

ly Co., C. B. 

dianapoUa Elei^trie Supply C> 
Kleintaoa, Proaidenl, CentI 

□■atrml Klaetrlo TrsOia 

Ttnatnal Bldg., tndlanapolla, Ipd. 
HaMlBgi taeldiD JftnuaiT,^attta,Maj, 
SepUmligr and NutrdIih. A&D 

» Ul^l, F*w*r* 

Toledo & It 

C. B. 

rid Vi»¥™i>dBnl, Irwin Fullerlon, 
Audr., Detroit, Ualtcd Lwaa. 

MrelarjandTMHqnf.A.L. NserMnar, 
H8 Tncttam-Tamlul BldE,, Indla- 
napoUa, Ind, 

....„■ wi, fnmmiltiie; Homt*- Buhl, 

PrDildant. Noraau ftMd, 0>D, Mgi. TM 

Colondo Pwf. Co,, DnTiT, Col, 
111 Vloa-Pialldent Ci. Bemrad, Walteili 

LL A Power Ca^ Baaldar. Col. 
td Vlce-Frealdanl, T. O. KeDoedi. Otn. 

Sapl., Tba Dtnnr Qaa A Bfec. Lt. 

Co., DeDTar, Ccd. 
Aclg. SureUrj-Treaaurer. Iflra UlnaW 

B. W, Baker, Thi " "-- * 

Hee. Lt. Co.,DeiiTai 

oBptlDM: W.C. Sterne, The 

Jumtalt ConnlT Pwr. Co., Dentar; 
K,A. Fhlnney, Gen. Ifrr. JelTeraon 
Conntr, Pwr. « LI. Co., Ooldan, Col. 

C.Bpaik<,OWiH(r, F 

FnMdral, W. C.Bpaikf, Oi 

I»t Vlc»Pr*aldaDl. B. H. Walter. a«a. 

Mgr Tern Hail* (Iad.> » Waatan 

■y, Co. 
*d Vlet*tmU»tit, W. 1~ Aruld, Q*a. 

Hn, Blgta A ■aUridM 11m. Oo., 


Executive Committee: President, let and 
2d Vice-Preeidente and D. E. Pareone 
Qen. Mgr. East St.;Louia& Suburban. 
Ry. Co., East 8t. Louis; Frank J. 
Baker, Vice-Pres. Public Service Co. 
of Northern Uiinoi*; £. C. Faber, 
Vice-Pres. Aurora, Elgin A Chicago 
R. R. Co.; C. H. Handshy. Asst. 
Qen. Mgr. Illinob Traction System 
Springfield; H. £. Chubbuok. V. Pres. 
Exec. Illinois Traction System; 
Britton I. Budd, Pres. Chicago klev. 
Roads: J. R. Blackball, Gen. Mgr. 
Chicago A Joliet Electric Ry. Co. 

Annual meeting, January. 60 

lown Eleetrte EftUwnjr 

President, H. E. Weeks. V. Pres. Tri- 
City Ry. A Lt. Co., Davenport. Iowa. 

Vice-President, R. A. Leussler, Qen. 
Mgr. Omaha A Council Bluffs Street 
Railway Co., Omaha, Nebr. 

Sec. and Treasurer. C. E. Fahrnev, Gen. 
Mgr. Ottumwa Railway and Light 
Co., Ottumwa. Iowa. 

Board of Directors: President, Vice- 
President, Secretary, Treasurer and 
F. J. Hanlon, Gen. Mn.. Mason 
City A Clear Lake Railroad Co.. 
Mason City, Iowa; E. C. Allen, 
Gen. Mgr. Cedar Rapids A Marion 
City Ry. Co., Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 

Annual meeting, June. if 50 

Madsm PaMIc Service Aflfoclntton 

President. R. G. Lafite. Eureka. Kans. 

1st Vice-President, Otto Theis, Garden 
City, Kans. 

2d Vice-President, H. F. Jackman, Min- 
neapolis, Kans. 

3d ViceO^raaident, W. C. Sharp. Con- 
cordia, Kans. 

Secretary-Treasurer. W. W. Austin, Cqt- 
tonwood Falls, Kans. 

Executive Committee: C. L. Brown, Abi- 
lene; H. W. Magruder. Liberal; W. 
E. Quilleo, Hutchinson; A. M. Pat- 
ten, Topeka; L. O. Ripley, Wichita; 
W . W . Austin , Cottonwood Falls . 50 

MUslMlppI B actrl cnl AtMctetton 

President, H. E. Brandi, Meridian. 
Vice-Pres., R. B^ Claggett, Greenville. 
Secretary and Treasurer, E. S. Myers, 
Vicksburg. 50 

MluonrI Asfoclatton of Pabllc 

Acting President A 1st Vice-President. 

L. P. Andrews. Sedalia. 
2d Vice-President, H. Spoehrer. St. Louis. 
3rd Vice-President, Col. P. J. K^aley, 

Kansas City. 
Secretary aiyl Treasurer, F. D. Beardslee, 

315 N. 12th St., St. Louis. 
Executive Committee: P)iilip J. Kaaly, 

Kansas City; B. C. Adams. Joplin, 

E. R. Locke, Mexico; Worth Bates. 

Lexington; J. S. Tritle, St. Louis, 

(Associate Member, representing 

class "C" members.) 
Public Affairs Committee: V. L. Elbert, 

Chairman, St. Joseph; J. F. PoKer, 

Kansas City: Bnioe Cameron, St. 

Louis; E. C. Deal, Springfield; 

J. H. Van Brunt. St. Jomh; U. 

Wurdack. St. Louis; £. A. Aberais-^ 

sen^ Montgomery; W. H. Uenby. 

University City. if SO 

NailoMil AsflMlvUMi t MtMwy 
UMUtr " ' ' 

President, Walter A. Shaw, IlUnois. 
1st Vioe-President, JatiMs A. P»rry, 

2nd Vice-President, Carl D. Jackson, 

Secretary, James B. Walker, 49 Lafay- 
ette St., New York, N. Y. 

Next convention, Nov. 0, 1020, Wash- 
ington, D. C. 1^50 

New England Bleetric Freight 

President, R. E. Cosgrove, Fgt. A Pass. 
Agt. Springfield St. Ry. Co., Spring- 
field, Mass. 

SecreUry-Treas. F. C. Lewis, Qen. Fgt. 
Agt. Boston A Worcester St. Ry. Co.. 
Fk'amingham, Mass. 50 

New England Street EftUwmjr Clab. 

President, I. A. May, New Haven, Conn. 

Vioe-Presidents for States: Alfred Swee- 
ney, Maine; Jo|a Lindall, Boston. 
Mass.; Thomas Q. Kendrigan, N. 
H.; F. S. Nicholson. Vt.; Walter C. 
Slade, Providenee. R. I.; J. S. Good- 
win, Bridgeport, Conn. 

Secretary, John W.^olling .Boston, Mass. 

Treasurer. Fred F. Stookwell.Cambridge, 

Finance Committee: I. A. May, New 
Haven, Conn.; B. W. Barnell. Win- 
chester, Mass.; C. A. Record, Cam- 
bridge, Mass. 

Executive Committee: J. E. Dosler, 
Lynn, Mass.; A.- F. Walker, Boston. 
Mass.; A. A. Hale, Boston. Mass.; 
Wm. W. FieM, Cambridge. Mass.; 
Edward Dana, Boston. Mass.; L. P. 
Morris, Boston. Mass.; Walter C. 
Bolt. Boston. Masn. <^50 

New Toric Eieetric Eallwajr 

President. Edw. A. Maber, Jr.,Viaa-Pres. 

A Gen. Mgr., Third Ave. Ry., New 

1st Vice-President. Talnuwlge C. Cherry. 

Vice-Pres. A Gen. Mgr. Rocbeeter * 

Syracuse R. R. Syracuse. 
2d Vice-Pres.. W. O. Woed, Free. New 

York A Queens County Trae. Co., 

Long Island City. 
Secreta^-Treasurer, Wm. F. Stanton, 

Asst. to President, New York State 

Kys., Rochester, N. Y. 
Executive Committee: The officers and 

James E. Hewes, Gen. Mgr. Albany 

Southern R. R. Co., Rensselaer; Geo. 

Keegan, Asst. to Pres. A Qen. Mgr. 

Interborough Ra^ Transit Co., New 

York, Benj. E. TiHon, Vioe-Prea. A 

Gen. Mgr. New York SUto Railways, 

Syracuse; Wm. E. Gove, Sunt. Equipt. 

Brooklyn Rapid Transit Co. 50 

Oklahoma UtUltlei AMoetettoa. 

President, J. W. Shartel, Vioa-President 

SGen. Mgr.. Oklahoma Ry. Co., 
klahoma City. 
1st Vice-President, C. E. Devin. Mgr.. 

Apache Telephone Co., Apache. 
2nd ^ce-President, J. M. Gayle, Utility 

acountant, Oklahoma Oty. 
Treasurer, Wm. Meo. Pres., Security 

National Bank. Oklahoma City. 
Manager. H. A. Lane, 1107 First National 

Bank Bldg.. Oklahoma City. itSO 

The Padflc Cialni Ageaii 

President, W. H. Moore, San Diego (Cal. 

Elec. Hy. Co. 
1st Vice-President. C .A . Blackburn.Butte 

(Mont.) Else. Ry. Co. 
2d Vice-Prendent. J. S. Mills. Ban Fran- 

cisi-o-Oakland (Cal.) Terminal Kwys. 

Tmrauin (WmIi.) Ry. A Pwt. Co. 

tcnUrr ind Ticuurfr. B. F Boynloo 
PortUnd (Orc.t Ry. LI. & Put. Co. 

liMutiv* Committee: J, H. Hsnclbn. 
Uoiteil RiulTTKub of San Fnflcisco, 
Calif.; Thoa. G. Aatnn. WMUnctoD 
Witfr Pwr. Co.. Spokane, Wuh.: 
a. A. Bistaop, Paeinr EIk. Ht-. L» 
Annln. CJ.; Thomae A. Cokt. Loi 
Ang*l« (Calif.) By, Corpn.; F. J. 
I.nncinn, Portlgrul. (Ore.) Ry. Lt. 
i P*r. Co.: H, C, Wimor, T.roma 



m Campbell, P™. 

,. York. 
.,. T. B. Donnplly, 
action Co., Pittaburvh. 

Penn. Traction Co., Pittaburgh. 
Beerstiuy and Treuuier. Henry M. Slin. 

PreBdent, C. L. 8. Tingley. 
r. Rya. Co.: C. B. FBirohilrf. Jr.. 
1 Rapid Transit Co.: Thoa. A. 

'rnident. Herbert Mvkle. Gen. M«. 
Appalachian Pwr. Co.. Bluefidd. W. 

■t Vi« President, Mentflr 

Mcr. Moundai 

villo, W. Va. 
d VicK-PreaidBnt, Hon. Fred Paul Crav 

cup, CharleatoP. W. Va. 
d VicB-Pr™klent, P. P. Craft., Gei 

Mge. Kanawha Trac. * glee. Co 

^■eeutive Caniniitee: Burr Martin. 
Dallaa. Tax,. C. E, Calder, Dallu, 
Te..; Albft H. Warren. El Paao. 
Tei.: H. C. Morria, DallH. Tm : 
O. H. Clifford. Ft, Worth, Tei,: W. 
B, Tiittlo. San AnloniD, Tii , 8. R 
Bertmn. Jr,. Hoiuton. Tei,: F D, 
Murphy. Houston. Tei.. A. F. Town- 
arncl. Beaumont, Tei, ;C.H.Couiwr. 
Hou-lon, Tbi : Unwanl Smith, Port. 

Hoathweslem EImMoI * tU» 

Pr«iHent. A. Hardarave, DbHm. Tei. 

Ut Vice-Prnident. C, E, Calder. Dallaa. 

2Dd Vice-President. Alba H. Wanen. 
El Paao. Tei. 

aid Vi«-Prwdea(. S. R, Bettron. Jr. 

SecrEtary. H.B.Cooper, 403-404 8Uu(b- 
ter Bld«.. Dallaa. Tei, 

Tn-jMUrer. J. B, Walker. Datlai, Tei. 

Eterutive Committee: Burr Martin, Dal- 
las. Tei.: A. Hardrsve, DiOla*, Tei : 
C E, Calder. D^Laa. Tn,; Alba H. 
Warren. El Pho, Tsi.: and H C. 
Morrii, Dallaa. Tei,; O. H, Clifford, 

Ft 1 

wth. Tei 

.;6 R B 

■, B, Tut( 

ton. Tei,: F, D. Murphy. I 

Tei.; A. F, Townaend, Beaumont, 
Tei.: C. H, Couraer. Houaton. Tex.: 
Howard Smith, Pott Arthur, Tei. 
jviaory Committee: H.O. Clarke.Houa' 
ton, Tei.; K. L, aimona. El P«M, 

Tmli B'. E.' DaSSSf 'Hoiiton? To"! 
B. F. Cherry, WeaOierford, Tei.; A. 
Patl«r»n, Teiarkan " — " 

, DalUu, Tei 

. C, Ken 

burs. Dallaa. Tei.: H. E. Hob«>n. 
Dallas. Tei.; F. G. Kuoe, Dallaa, 
Tn.; C. A. Nexnina. Houiton. Tei.: 
Mac F. Sterrett, Dallaa. Tea, 

""' Dallaal 


Sir Cbarlw Petrie. J P. 
J. a. Harmood-Banner. Bi 

M. P. 
J, M.Hendenon, M.P. 

E.Garcke. M.I 

Rt. Hon. Sir Albert Bt 

M. P. 
A. DeTurckheim. 
of Council . Hon. Sir 
. G. B. E 
Plan, R. J. Hovley. 
Sanctuary Hoiwe, W, 
IP, a. W.. England. 

e la aorittt Lee Tramwaya 
la. Bruaaets. BeUium. 
.deBiirtel, Inapecteur G(n«I- 
iraire dee Ponta et ChauH«ea. 

SmreUry. Henry damp. 23 R 

BnuHh, BehiuiD, 
EieeutJve Committee: The t 
J. Kenels, Adminiatrale 
G«n^le de Cbemlni di 

Gen, M«f, CompMOie Gi 
OmBibuB de Paria: O, Pavii 

mwaya. Parian Ch. 
Mcr, Compacnie 

le de Tramwaya Eleclriquw. 

Geneve: Ch. Thoue 
ptiae C*n*rale de Tri 


WlMMMiste ■leetrl«»l 

FNridmt. W. C. LiMUiib«ff7, G«b. Sopt 
flapmor Wstar, LlgM m Pwr: Co., 

l0t VfM-PraMMt L. M. BolMii, Vict- 
PMi., AtlriMii Lt. Fwr. A St. Rn., 

iitr kwauwfc mdff., cnacsfo, in. 

Ind TiM-PrMtdfBt, HaraM L. Oelfie, 
Gail. Vgr. JmiMfllle Blee. Co.. 

tPi Vtoa-PiMMcBl. P. Di KIIm, YIm. 
PwWgatWIiunrti MhiUBmi light 
§mA Powtr 0«w, Im OMm. 

8«ef0lU7 Md Ttmmuw, J. P. PiBtaun, 
IMS Flrit Natn Bnk BMf^ Mil. 


SamP. KidhciIt. ) 
AnnUHiD. Pn*. I 

HP Q.lllard. Sobllo J 

IB CorporktloQ OommlHio* 


D. F. JobDI 

A. K. aulii 

Ben PerBuioD, EngilneM. 

D. R. Johnson. Tsrltt Kipatt ■ 

H. X. Benj, Andr. 

Oerlrude Fogle. 
__ Chl^FOIerk lacorpontlni Dapl. 

V.J. 0r«b8ni, OWaf CUrk 

-^ laveatmcDt Co. Dept. 


iMurmie Depl. 

9. R. WlllJimaoa, C))l«f Clerk. Auta Dept, 

On/ A. PneliDg, Sec. 

Robert C. Knoi, Obd. ConuNL 

W. L. BBlmrdeli, Clilef Edit. 

O. P. Plndln. Re 
MlneldsneBruher I BMoognphari 
'- Mamie BMwar f *3 

Arkanaaa, State Tax OommlMlDn 

LLltIa Rock. 

(Cammlulon loAilaH and Bqnallis 

HalLicaila, Tel«^apba, Talepbonw, 

Slroat lUilrnida, Inlernrba-- "* 

Wnrka. Eleclrto LJiibt PIi 
Lla«, Btpraii Comi 

Car CompanlM. Tol. .„, 

Bri'lgei, ate., la ha** and meralH 

ovst iba a**»BmaDl and cot^UoD of 

itenubana, Waler 


81.. Ban Trandica. 

II G Matbewno, Aul. S«c. 

iEiamlnar A Rata Expert. 
R. Saokw, Chief Engr. 

W. C. Fankhanaer, 

CbUr Depl. Finance and AccU. 
Hugh T. ODcdoa. Atl'f. 
Xjtoa WntoTer 

A. L. WUaun, Cklaf Tel.fcTel. BntlOD. 

or B«llwft> Com- 

LL.B., ' 

Ph. D., Alfit. Chief 

K. 0.,'lL.D. Dopntj ["J™ 
rrorf, I 

-I. C. BofCe, E-. . 

A, D. CartwnEbt, Bee. 

E. 4.P-' '— ' 

R. Rlel 

Geo. A. Monntiiln^ Chief Bajr. 

E. A. Primeaa, AMI. See. (Franob) 

:bat«aiM,'A>ab Sac. " , 

■ ■■ nln, ChlafBM- 


JohnKarph;, llMMoal iDElBaat. 
Georn Spancn, OUaf Oper. 0>ear. 
A. B.BI Jr. S. O..BnllGltor. 
Jamei HIIK. LIbn. * Bnarr. OOa 
Ol/da LeCTln, Chlaf fire tnapeetor. 

DopartmaDl ol Sallwaja ud O'H'II' 

Bon. J. D. Reldi P. C. MlnlaUr. 

G. A. BeU.O.M.G.. DepntjHInliUr. 
G. W, Tataa, Agit, Depn^ 

HID later. 
J. W. Pngalej, Bee. 
W. A. Bowden. Chief Engl. *S0 

Oanadm, Bf BDltobB Fnblle DtUltlaa 

Hngh UcHalr, Gaa EngibMi, 
IvIaradoFublle Utllltlea 

laldemuD l 

nt E. HaldemUD 

', Andataon 
nk P LiDDon 
. A. FIan|]lg*ii.SeCTeUr7, 

OoaneoUast Public Ctllltlea Com- 

RlcbardT.HlMlna, 1 

Winaled. Chatnnan | 
Chaa. C. ElweU. 1„ 

N»« Haven f OoniBliatanBa. 
Joaaph W, Alaop, { 

Hanrj T. BlUlnga. Baitford, BeorcUrr 

latlint arCvlombla Fnbllo Dtlll- 
(lea Oomnilaalen 
DlalHct aid(., WaahlngtoB 


Charles W. Kuta, ) . 

Chaimutn Commiasionera. 
Louifl Brownlow ] 

Walter C. Allen, Executive Secy. 
Francis H. S hens. Gen. Counsel 


Intcrstetc « iiimerce Commission 

Washiiurton , D. C. 

Edgar £. Clark of Iowa. Chairman. 

Charles C. McChord of Kentucky. 

Balthasar H. Meyer of Wisconsin. 

Henrv C. Hall of Colorado. 

Winthrop M. Daniels of New Jersey. 

Clyde B. Aitchison of Orison. 

Robert W. Woolley of Virginia. 

Joseph B. Eastman of Massachusetts. 

George B. McGinty of Georgia, Sec. 

Alfred Holmead of District of Colum- 
bia, Asst. Sec. 

Thomas A. Gillis of Pennsylvania. 
Asst. to the Sec. 

T. Leo. Haden of District of Columbia. 
Chief Clerk & Pur. Clerk. ^60 

Flortdn E. E. Conmlsstoa 

R. Hudson Burr. 
Newton A. Blitch 
Royal C. Dunn 

Lewis G. Thompson, •.^^w. 

Dosier A. De Vane, Counsel. 

J. H. Tench. Rate Expert. 50 

ScttIco C^BUMto- 

>Commis6ioners . 


Commissioners . 

Goonia, E. E. CoranlssloB of 

CM. Chandler, 

Paul B. Trammel], 

Jas. A.Peiry, Atlanta 
John T. Boifeuillet, 

J. D. Price, Athens 
Albert Collier, Sec, Atlanta. 
E. M. Price, Rate Expert. Atlanta. 
James K.Hines. Special Att'y., Atlanta. 


Hnwslt, PaMIc UtIHttes Commis- 
sion of 

William T. Garden. 
Alexis J. Gignoux 
I. M. Stainback 
H. P. O'Sullivan. Secy. 
H. Gooding Field, Audr. 
J. R. Kenney, Asst. Sec. 

Commissioners . 


Idnho, PaMIc UftUltles Commis- 
sion of Tbe State of 

Boise City. 
A. L. Freehafer, 

Geo. E. Erb 

E. M. Sweeley 
C. J. Callahan, Sec. 
Raymond L. Givens, Atty. 
W. L. Gorton, Chief Engr. 

F. W. Hassan. Aucfar. 
Leonard Way, Rate Clerk. 
J. R. Cummock, Reporter 

Commissioners . 


Commissioners . 

Illinois, Public Utilities Commis- 
sion of 

James H. Wilkerson 

Frank H. Funk 
Walter A. Shaw 
Patrick J. Lucey 
R. Allan Stephens, Sec. 
G. E. Doying, Asst. Sec. 
W. M. Hammond. Chief Accountant 
Frank G. EwaM, Chief Engr. 
H. M. Slater, Transpt. Rate Expert. 



Indtena, Pablle 


E. I. Lewis, Indiana-' 

polis. Chairman 
Glenn Van Auken 
John W. McCardle 
Paul P. Havnes 
Fred. B. Johnson 
Carl H. Mote, Indianapolis. Secretary. 
A. B. Cronk, Chief Tariff Bmvan. 
Harry Boggs, Chief Aoeoantant. 
H. O. Garman, Chief Engiiieer. 
D. E. Matthews, Chief Inqpeotor. itSO 

Indian*, Bowd of Tax CTonmli 
sioners of 


Fred A. Sims, 

Philip Zoercher. 
S. N. Cragun. 
W. C. Harrison, Secretary 



Dee Moines. 

lows Eallroad Commlsidoii 

Des Moines. 

D wight Lewis, 

John A. Guiher 
Chas. Webster. 
Geo. L. MoCaughan, 

J. H. Henderson, Indiandla, Gommeree 

Walter Condran, Des Mmnee, Asst. 

Commerce Counsel. 
W. F. Parsees^ Des Moiiiee, Cl|ief Rate 

Leonard C. Donohoe, Chief CUric. 
A. B. Campbell, EUeo. Engr. 
H. A. Franklin. Signal E^. 
C. Bailie EUis. StatSstidan. ^50 

Kansas, Court of tadEgtriia Eo- 


W. L. Huggins. ] 

ClM."feir' M-nb«orC«»t 

George H. Wark J 

Carl W. Moore, Clerk 

A. E. Helm, Commerce Couneel. 

F. S. Jackson. Attmney 

T. J. Strickler, Chief Engtnedr •» 

Kentncky E. E. Oomm toi lim 

J. Sherman Cooper ) 

Chairman lfv^«-,-« «--» - -- 
FrankBurns [i/ ommfs s ton sts. 

E. C. Kash J 

Sam Collins, Rate Clerk. 

Richard Tobm, Secre tar y. 

Frankfort. > ^80 

Louisiana, E. E. 

Baton Rouge. 

Shelby Taylor. Crowly.f , .„. 

John T. Michel, New Orieane. Com- 
missioner 1st District.^ 

Huey P. Long, Jr., Wiifailidd, Ooni- 
missioner 2nd Distriet." 

H. Jastremski, Secretary. 00 

Maine, Pnblle UtHlttet 

Benjamin F. Cleaves, 
Biddef ord .Chairman 
Herbert W. Trafton, 
Ft. Fairfield 
Albert Greenlaw, 


. 1 

ii -r 
■ - :■» 


George F. Giddincs. Augusta. Clerk. 
Wm. M. Black, Augusta, Ch, Eiua. 
Elmer E. Parkman, Augusta, Chief 

F. J. McArdle. Chief of Rates and Schedr 

Albert E. Lamb, Bangor, Chief Ac- 
countant. 60 

Maryland, PaMIc Serrlce Com- 
mission of 

Munsey Bldg., Calvert A Fayette 
Sts., Baltimore. 


• Wm. Milnes Maloy 
James C. Legg. 
J. Frank Harper 
W. Cabell Bruce, Oen. Counsel. 
J. S. Goldsmith, Asst. Gen. Counsel. 
Benjamin T. Fendall, Sec. . 
Chas. G. Edwards, Chief Engr. 
J. L. Wicks, Transportation Expert. 
Jas. F. Dunn, Jr., Auditor. 
Frank Harper. Chief of Bureau of 
Rates and Tariffs. ^50 

Massachusetts Depftrtment of Pabllc 

167 State House, Boston. 
Henry C. Attwill, 

Everett E. Stone 
Alonso R. Weed 
David A. Ellis 
Henry G. Wells 

Commissioners . 

C<Mnmi«sioners . 


Michigan Public UtlUtlei Com- 

Capitol Bldg., Lansing. 
Wm. M. Smith, 

Wm. W. Potter 
Sherman T. Handy 
Samuel Odell 
Earl R. Stewart , 

Will H. Brunaon, Secretary. 
James Bice, Chief Inspecting Engr. 
Fred R. Harris, Valuation £ngr. 
M. L. Munson. Chief Clerk. 
E. A. Calkins. Statistician. 
Foster M. Wintermute, Chief Rate 

Inspector. SO 

Minnesota, Eallroad 4k WMehouae 
Commission of 

Capitol Bldg., St. Paul. 
Ira B. Mills 
O. P. B. Jacobeon 
Fred W. Putnam , 
A. C. Clausen. Secretary. 
Thoa. Yapp, Asst. Qemetnry. 
A. L. Flinn, Rate Expert. 
D. F. Jurgensen, Engineer, 
^ijfred Kearton. Signal . Engineer. 
J.W. Howatt. Supvr /Telephones. ^fiO 

N. E. Wmianul, Secretary. 

R. P. Spencer, General Counsd. 

J. D. Lindsay, Asst. General Counsel. 

J. L. Harrop, Chief Engineer. 

T. J. Murphy. Chief Accountant. 

C. B. Bee, Chief Rate Clerk. 

R .E.Duffy ,£lec .Lt . ,GasAWaterExpert 

W. W. Johnson, Tdephone Expert. 



Montana, E. M. and Puhllc Service 


Daniel Boyle, 

Le. D«„nfa ''*^" Co«mi«k,n«. 

J. E. McCormick 

W. J. Haynes, Secretary. 

Thos. J. Hefling, Auditor. 

James H. Bonner, Enmneer. 

H. B. Schaefer, Rate Clerk fiO 

Nallonal AsMctetlon of BnUwnr 
•nd UtUltjr CommlaaloBcrt 

49 Lafayette St., New York, N. V. 

Walter A. Shaw of Illinois, President. 
James A. Pory of Georgia, 1st V. Pres. 
Carl D. Jackson of Wisconsin, 2nd V. 

James B. Walker, 40 Lafayette St., 

New York, N. Y., Secretary. 
Next convention, November 0» 1020. 

Washington, D. C. 120 

Nehraska SUto Eallwajr Commis- 


H. G. Taylor 

Thos. L. Hall, 
T. A. Browne 
John E. Curtiss, Secretary 
B. E. F6rbes. Chief Engr. 
Hugh LaMaster, Counsel. 






E. E. CommlMloB 

Commissioners . 

George R. Edwards, 
McCool. President 
W.B.Wibon, Corinth 
CM. Morgan 

James Galceran. Jackson, Secretary. 
M. C. Moore, Jackson, Rate Expert. 


Missouri Public Service CommU- 

Jefferson City. 
W. G. Busbv, 

K. J. Bean 
D. £. Blair 
Edward Flad 
N. W. Simpson 

Public Service Commission o*^ 

Carson City. 

J. F. Shaughnessy, 1 

W.H.Simmons, Reno J 

H. D. Sammis, Secretary. 

F. O. BroiU. Chief Engr. 

Fred W. Feldt, Rate Exprnt. •SO 

New Hampshire Public Service Com- 


Wm. T. Gunnison, 

Thos.W.D" Worthen 
John W. Storrs. 
Walter H. Timm. Clerk 
Mary A. Nawn. Asst. Clerk. 



New Jersey, Board of Public CtUllr 
Commlssloncrt of 

State House, Trenton. 

John W. Sloeum, 

Geo. F. Wright. 
Andrew Gaul, Jr. 
Harry L. Knight 
Alfred N. Barber, See. 


Commissioners . 


New Meiico, Slate CorporaMon Com* 
mission of 

Santa Fe. 

Hugh H. Williams, | 

J. M. Luna***^*^"*" |Comnuarion«rs. 
Bonifacio Montoya J 
A. L. Morrison. Clerk. 



Nvw York, Pmblle Bsrrlea Oom- 
rnlMtoB •f th* 8t«t« of 

FUKST DISTRIOT — OffleiRl address, 
40 Lafayvtte St., New York. 

(UtUitiet operating in Greater New 

Lewis Mlzon, OommlioiOBer. 
Morgan T. Donnelly ) T>-««f 
Chai. V. Halley, Jr. V ^ Deputy 
Alfred M. Barrett | CommlsBlonerB. 
Terence Fttrley, OoauMl. 
James B. Walker, Sec- ifW 

SECOND DISTRIOT— Official address, 
68 North Pearl St., Albany. 

(Utilittea operating outside of Greater 

New York.) 
Okas. B. HiU, 

Frank Inrine 
John A. Barhito 
Geo. R. Van Namee 
Joseph A. Kellogg. J 
J^dyM P..flale,OoaMel, Canton, 
Francis X. Disney, Albany* Secretary. 
Francis B. Roberts, Asst. Seci 
Bdward C. McBntee, Bzecutive Clerk. 
H. C. Hasbrouck, Chief, Division of 

Statistics ft Accounts, Troy. 

B. J. Cheney, Albany, Chief Bngr. DIt. 
Lt., Ht. A Pwr. 

C. A. Vols, Assistant Bngtneer. 

C. R. Vanneman, Albany. Chief Div. 
Steam R. R. 

-C. R. Barnes, Rochester, Chief Inspec- 
tor, Blec. R. R. 

W.B. Q^gs, Albany, Chief Div.TariirB. 

B. B. Rogers, Albany, Chief Div. 
Teleg. and Telep. *60 

^Nortk GAToUnft, Oorponitlon Coin- 
. . nslaalon of 


W. T. Lee, Chairman 1 
. George P. Pell. V Commissioners. 

A. J. Maxwell. ) 
R. O. Self, Clerk. 

W. G. Womble, Rate Clerk. 60 

North Dakota, Board of Ballroad 
Oommlselonere of 


8. J. Aandahl, 

LitchTille, Pres. 

C. F. Dupuis 
. Frank MtlhoUan 

J. H. Calderheadi Sec'retanr. 
Leota Hendershott, Chief Clerk. 
Fred Bremier, Director, DiviBlon of 

B. H. MorriB, Engineer. 
J. B. Adams, Accountant. 

v. B. Swart, Rate Bzpert. *60 

Ohio, The Publle Uttlltlea Com- 
mission of 

SUte Office Bldg., Columbus. 

Charles C. Marshall. 

Beecher W. Walter- ^CommisBionerB 

Byron M. Clen Denln|: 
G. C. Maxwell, Seereury. 
B.H.Hanna, Statistician and Auditor. 

D. B. Butler, Snpt Bureau of Rates 
and Service. 

D. 8. Archer, Asst. Secretary. 

T. B. Green, Telephone Bxpert. 

L. G. White, Blectrical Bxpert. 

B. E. Com, Attorney. 60 

Oklahoma Corporation Oommls- 

Oklahoma City. 

Art. L. Walker, I 

Waurika, Chairman ) 
Campbell RuBsell, y Commissioners. 
_ Warner | 

R.B. Echols, Blk City J 

* Vcommissioners. 

P. E. Glenn, Secretary. 

L. Bennett, Bate Bzpert. 

H. W. Hubenthal, TwephoBO Bngr. 

A. I. Thompson, Bnglneer. 

B. B. Johnston. Gas M Blec. Xngr. 

E. G. Grimes, Auditor. 199 

OrosroB, Pabllo Sorrlco Ooasnsls- 
elon ot 

Fred. G. Bnehtel, "^ 

Chairman I ^ . . 

F. A. Williame KtonunlMlooers. 

H. H. Corey J 

W. P. Bills, Aect'g. Sec 

C. J. Green, Chief Bnglaeer. 

T. C. Davies, Rate Clerk. «iO 


tomal Affkdre, "Bw r— at BaU- 
waye of The OoHiaaoBwaalih af 


James F. Woodward, Sec. of Intenal 

F. C. Gerberich, Ch. Burean of Bys., 
Thomas B. T. Baldwin, Asst. Ch. 

Bureau of Rys. 60 

PennaxlTaMla* The Pnhlla Ba r f l ee 
Commlsslcm of The Oomaaon- 
wealth of 


William D. B. Alney,'^ 
Montrose, Chairman 
SamU M. Clement, Jr. 
S. Ray Shelby 
John S. Rilling, Erie 
James 8. Benn 
Milton J. BMeht, 

John G. Hopwood, Act*K. See. 
Berne H. Bvans, Counsel . 
John Fox Weiss, Asst OoobmI. 


George A. Wood, Marshat 

John P. Dohoney, Investigator of Aad. 

F. Herbert Snow, Chuf, BwaMi af 

Paul B. Flekenscher, Chief, Bviaan of 

Rates and Tariffs. 
R. F. BuBher, Chief, Borean af Aaeoaals 

and Statistics. 
B. M. Vale, Chief, Bureau of PnUlc 

Convenlenoe. ittSO 

Porto Bloo, Pahlle fl sri l ae Oaaa* 
mission, of 

San Juan. 

Pablo Berga Acting Secretary. iufSO 

Bhode Island, PnbUa UtIUttae 
Oommlsslop of 

Room IM StateHouse, Prarldi 

William C. Bliss, 
East Providence, 

Samuel E. Hudson, 

Robert F. Rodman, 

North Kingstown. 
John W. Rowe, SecretAiy. 
Geo. A. Carmichad, Special Agaat 


South Carolina I 


Frank W. Shealy, ^ 
Chairman 1^ 
H. H. Arnold p 


James Cansler 

J. P. Darby, Secretary ' 


South Dakota B.B.OoassalMloBam 

J. J. Murphy, 

J. W. Raish 
D. B. BriBbiae. 



H. A. Uftnid, BMretary. 

L. R. Bltnay, StotistlMlMi. - M 

Mi4 Pvklto 



B.A.SiikM, GhairBMB 

H. H. Haiwftli Commluloncn. 

Geo. N. Welch 

(MiM) Willie Fields, Secretary 

J. O. Hendley, Rate Clerk. 60 

TeuM, RallroAd OommlMlon of 

AlliMnMeyMd, \ 

lUrle B. MSlSSr "• ^OommiiMoner.. 

C. B. Oilmore. J 

B. R. MoLeen, Secretary 

R. D. Parker, Cfivil Bnglneer. 

W. B. Pita Gerald, Bipert AceoantaBt. 

O. O. Hudnall, Bxpert Rata aerk. 60 

Ut»h, Pablie UtlUtlea OoaamUwIon 

Salt Lake City. 

Joehua Greenwood, ") 

Fresldent (_, . , 
Henry H. Blood MJomml§§loner§. 

Warren Stoutaonr j 

T. B. Banning, Secretary. 60 

Vermont, Pablie Serrloe OouMlkla- 
aloB of The State of 

Walter A. Datton, 
Hardwlck, CbairoMni 
William R. Wavfier, 

Bli Porter, 

Ned D. Clawion, Clerk, Brattleboro. 


VirffiBlB, State Corporation Coii- 
mlaaloB of 



Wm. A. Bhe a, ^ ^ 

. B.T.WttiOii,CI^. 
J. C, BiokeimMi, Bleetrlcid Baglneer. 


WmthlB9iton. The Public Serrloe 
Oonmlealoa of 

B. V. KnykendaU, Y 

Hance H. ClSSSd*" }<?ommlHtei»«i. 

Frank R. Spinnbig J . 

J. H. Brown, Secreta^r 

O. O. Calderhead, Mate Bxpert 

H. J. Flagg, Chief Bbgiaeer 

R. M. Burgnnder, Aiit. Atty. JO 

.» * i «. • 

West TffrslBl«.ttf i^ublletenriee 
Ooaamlealon of 


George R. C. WUei, ^ 

Bdgar G. Rider "'^"rOommlMroneri. 
Bmeit D. Lewis ) ^, ,> ,i . , « . 
B. B. Bemheim. Secretary* 
Charles O. Wolfef. ^Aast. Seo. : iifiO 

Wlieoneiiii Railroad Cbnanlaalon 

Carl D. Jackson. 1 

Henry R. Tmmbower fC««WBlsiloi0rs. 

John S. Allen. ) 

0. D. SecheYcrell, See. . 60 

Wyouilns, Baafd of BanallBatUsn 
A Pabltaf^Serrloe l^mmlajMoa 


.■«♦ •.*'.» 1,..' 

' Claude L. Draper, ^ 

Manrice Groebba "^ nhmwaiMUiMin. 

H. M. HantiiUCton J 

B. N. Crowley, SecrfUry 60 

'' ■ '? 

- n ■• 1 

\ '^i 

-*! r * ;» 


Reprinted from the Elbctric Railway Joubnal for May 29, 1920, but Invucht up 
to July 15, by meant of additions and correetioiia subnutled 
from a number of sources •■ 

New England States 

Name of Company 

Bristol & Plainville Trmy 1 

Connecticut Co. (The) ^ 104 

Danbury & Bethel St. Ry 12 

Lordship Ry . Co \ 

^Safety Can-^ 
New Rebuilt 



ToUl— 4 


AndroscMKin & Kennebec Railway Co 24 

Bangor Ry. A Elec. Co 27 

Biddeford ft Saco R. R « 

Knox County Electric Co 3 

Portland R. R 28 

Total— 6. 



Berkshire St. Ry 58 

Boston Elevated Ry 31 

Brockton & Plymouth St. Ry 6 

Conoord, Maynard & Hudson St. Ry , 4 

Connecticut Vy. St. Ry 

Eastern Mass. St. Ry. Co 201 

Medway & Dedham St. Ry 4 

Middlesex ft Boston St. Ry 6 

Milford, Attleboro ft Woonsocket St. Ry 

Norton ft Taunton St. Ry 

Springfield St. Ry 10 

Worcester ft Warren St. Ry 1 

Worcester Consolidated St. Railway 10 

Total— 13. 831 







New Hampsliire 

Concord ft Manchester Elec. 

Laconia St. Ry 

Nashua St. Ry 

Portsmouth Elec. Branch of Boston ft Maine R. R. 

Total— 4. 




Ehode Island 

Newport ft Providence Ry. 


Barre ft Montpelier Trac. 
Rutland Ry. ft Light Co. 





Total— 2. 

Group Total— 29 669 25 6 

North of the Ohio and Potomac and East of the Mlsiiaelppi Klver 

INfltrlct of Columbia 

Washington Ry. ft Elec. Co 


Alton, Granite ft St. Louis Trac. Co. . . 

Aurora, Elgin ft Chicago R. R 

Cairo Ry. ft Lt. Co 

Centra] Illinois Pub. Service 

Centralia ft Central City Trac. Co 

Centralia Trac. Co 

Chicago ft Joliet Elec. Ry > . . 

Chicago, No. Shore ft Milwaukee R. R. 

Chicago, Ottawa ft Peoria Ry 

Decatur Ry. ft Lt. Co 

E. St. Louis ft Suburban Ry 

E. St. Louis Ry 

Freep<Ml Ry. ft Lt. Co 

Galesburg ft Kewanee Elec. Railway. . . 

Galesburg Ry. ft Ltg. Co 

Jacksonville Ky. ft Lt. Co 

Kankakee Elec. Co 

Northern Illinois Lt. ft Trac. Company. 
North Kankakee Elec. Lt. ft Railway. . 

Pekin Municipal Ry 

Peoria Ry 

• • • 


• • • • 




• • • • 






• • • • 


• • • • 


• • • • 


• • • • 








■ • • « 




• • • • 



• • ■ • 



• • • • 


• • ■ • 






• • • • 


SMrliDc. Diion A EtMaa Elm. Ry 

St. Louia * E. St. Louig Eton. RailwBjr 

UrbuDB A Chunpusn Ry. Gu A Elec. Co. . . 

IndiBiiK Tno. C 

Ccotrsl ludinDB Lte. Ci 
ChieMO. Bo. Bend A Nu. hiuibus 

E^kOaTJlle * Ohio Vairey Ry. Co 

Gary A Hobut Trac. Co 

Gaiy et. Ry 

Indiana Ry. A Lt. Co 

Indiana Service Corp 

XouBvijje A ^orthwn Ry. Ic Luhting 

Louuvilie jk BoutberD It 

Waafaington St. Ry, , 
Total— 16 


Benton Hart»r-St. JoeRy.AU. Co t 

KlSl:ii.".%'"'." "■. *.^'"-. "-::::::: 

aS.TS.r&'B',';.':- :;■•■- 

— - 

Hew tmvt 

Trenton A Manier County Trac, Corp 


H«w TMk 

iErw'.E-K'i'j'lf.S'-" ,■ 

Putnam * #«,lche.l*t Tr«e. Compiuiy 



:i. GoartMown A Portaoioutii R. R. . 
i/iiKiiuuxtl. Milford A BJaDehotec Trae. Co. .. 
Cleveland, Soutbweateni k ColombM Bf..... 


Name of Company 

Columbus, Delaware & Marion Elec. Co. 

Columbus I^., Dt. & Pwr. Co 

Lake Shore Elec. Ry 

Northern Ohio Trao. A Light Co 

Penn. A Ohio Electric Co 

Richland Public Service Co 

Toledo, Bowling Green & So. Trao. Co . . 

-■^Safety Cars-^ 
New RebuUt 






Total— 12. 


Altoona & Logan Valley Elec. Ry 

Beaver Valley Trac. Co 

Butler Railways 

Chambersbur^ & Shippensburg Ry 

Citisens Traction Co 

Coatesville Trolley Co 

Corry A Columbus Trac. Co 

Lancaster & York Furnace Street Ry .... 

Lehigh Valley Transit Co 

Montgomery Transit Co 

Northwestern Pennsylvania Traction Co . 

Pennsvlvania-Ohio Elec. Co 

Philadelphia Rapid Transit Company .... 

Reading Tr. A Lt. Co 

Susquehanna Traction Co 

Tarentum, Brackenridge A Butler St. Ry. 
Trenton, Bristol Jk Philadelphia Trac. Co . 

Warren St. Ry 

West Penn Railways 

Woodlawn A Southern St. Railway.^ .... 




• • • ■ 



. • . • 





■ • • • 


• • • • 


• • • • 


« ■ • • 


• • « • 

« • • • 


« • « • 





• • a • 


• • • A 



• • • • 


• • • • 



• • • * 


• • • • 

• • • • 



. . . . 

Total— 20. 


Beloit Traction Co 

Eastern Wis. Electric Co 

Janesville Trac. Co 

LaCrosse & Onalaska St. Ry 

Madison Railways 

Milwaukee Electric Ry. A Light Co 

Wisconsin Public Service Co 

Wisconsin Ry. Lt. A Pwr. Co 

Wisconsin Trao. Light, Heat A Power Co . 
Wisconsin Valley Elec. Co 

Total— 10. 






• • • • 





' 4 

Group Total— 123 (6) 1475 



South of the Ohio and Potomac and East of the MlsslssipplJiH[T^^ 

Alabama Power Co 

Birmingham Ry. Lt. A Power Co . 

Mobile Lt. A R. R. Co 

Montgomery Lt. A Trac. Co 

Selma Trac. Co 

Total— 5 


Miami Beach Elec. Co 

Miami Trac. Co 

Pensacola Elec. Co 

St. Petersburg Municipal Ry. 
Tampa Elec. Co 





Total— 5. 


Albany Transit Co ... . 
Athens Ry. A Elec. Co. 
City & Suburban Ry. . 

Columbus R. R 

Rome Ry. & Lt. Co . . . 
Savannah Elec. Co ... . 


• • • • ■ « 


• • • • • « 

• • • • • • 



• • • a • • 







• • . • • • 








Total— 6 


Henderson Trao. Co 

Kentucky Trao. A Ter. Co. 

Louisville Ry. Co 

Owensboro City R. R 

Paducah Trao. Co 



Total— 5. 


North Carolina 

Name of Company 

Carolina Pwr. & Lt. Co 

Fayctteville Trac. Co 

Durham Traction Co 

North Carolina Public Service Company . 

Piedmont & Northern Ry 

Piedmont Pwr. A Lt. Co 

Southern Public Utilities Co 

Tidewater Power Co 

•—Safety Cars—* 
New Rebuilt 


Total— 8. 

South Carolina 

Charleston Consol. Ry. & Lighting Co . 


Citisens Railway 

Jackson Ry. & Lt. Co 

Knoxville Ry. A Lt. Co 

Nashville Ry. A Lt. Co 

Tennessee Cfoal & Iron Co 




Total— 5. 



Blue Ridge Lt. & Pwr. Co 

Charlottesville A Albemarle Ry . 
Virginia Ry. & Pwr. Co 

Total— 3. 

Weat Virginia 

Charleston-Dunbar Trac. Co 

Monongahela Vy. Trac. Co 

Ohio Valley Elec. Ry 

Princeton Power Co 

West Virginia Trac. A, Elec. Company. 
Wheeling Trac. Co 



Total— 6 16 

Group Total— 44 (6) 414 

West of the Mississippi RItof. 

Douglas Trac. & Lt. Co 1 

Tucson Rapid Transit Co 

Total— 2. 


Ft. Smith Lt. A Trac. Co 

Hot Springs St. Ry 

Little Rock Ry. A Eleo. Co. . 

Pine Bluff Co. (The) 

Southwestern Gas A Eleo. Co . 

Total— 5.... 


Central California Trac. Co 

Glendale-Montrose Ry 

Fresno Traction Co 

Humbolt Transit Co 

Los Angeles Ry. Corp 

Pacific Electric Ry 

Pacific Gas A Electric Co 

Peninsula Railway Co 

Sacramento Northern Eleo. Railroad. . 

Sacramento Railway Co 

San Diego Eleo. Ry. Co 

San Francisco-Oakland Ter. Railwajrs. 

San Jose Railroads 

Stockton Elec. R. R 

Union Traction Co 

Total— 15 


Arkansas Valley Ry. Light A Power Co. 

Colorado Sprinfm A Interurban Ry 

Denver A So. Platte Ry 

Grand River Valley Ry 

Greeley A Denver K. R , 

Ft. Collins Municipal Ry< 

Trinidad Elec. Trans. Ry. A Gas Co. 
Western Lt. A Power Co 




















• • • 






• •' • 4 




• • 

• • • 


• • 



4 • - 

» ■ • ' 




i ■■.•**■ 

• • • » 

• • • • 



• • • • 


• • » • 





Nuna o( CompMiy New Rebuilt Types 

CwUr lUpiilii A MurloB City lUUnmy. . . 

Clmrla Ctty-W«tern Ry 

Clintan, DBvenport A MiBcatine Ry 

CKnton 8t. Ry 

Ft.'%o<iSn<. Dtt Moiofii'^Bo.' R.'r'.'.'.'. 

Ion Ry. & Lt. Co 

loWB Southern Utilittea Co 

Keokuk Eles. Co 

Mmod City A Clew Lalie Railwmy 

MiHieripiH Vy. Elec, Co 

OakiUaon Tree. A Lt. Co 

OttumwaHy, * U. Co... 

Peoplei Gu A Else. Co 

Bioui City Service Co 

Wntcjloo, Cedar Fall* * Notthern Ry. . . 

Total— 16...., 

ArkBUU Valley Int. Ry 

AtehhuonRv., Usht & Power Co. . . 

HutohitwoQ iBterurbBn Ry 

Kmku City WeMetn Ry 

Kanus Elee. DtUitiea Co 

Muhattaa CHy * Intenirtwn Ry. . . 

BaHaaSt. Ry 

Topek« Ry. Co 

Wichita R. R. & Lt. Co 


Aleiiuidria Monli:. St. Ry. . 
Baton Ro^ Etee. Co 

Monro* St. R». . 
New Orieam Ry. 

ALt. Co... 


8t. CkHid PuSlio Service Co. . . 

Total— 2 

Cane Girardeau-; 

LlfhtATrao. Co . . 

-inCity BridnATi 


KsBHaCityRys. Co 

St. Joaeph Ry.. IJsht A Power Co... 

St. Lode Witter Wnk* Ry 

Sprintfleld T^setion Co 

Union DeiMt-Bridae* Terminal Co... 


DelU Kee, Liabt, Power A MFf . Co. . , 

Rattieaburi Tfaotion Co 

Jackaon Lt. * Trao. Co 

HerMenLicht A Ry. Co 

Viekaborf Lt. A Tr«e. Co 

Total— S 

Oreat Falls Bt. Ry 
Helena Lt. A Ry. 
HiBKHdaSt. Ry.. 

Total— S 

leoln Traetlon Co 

isha A CouDoiJ BluSi St. Railway. . 
laha. LuKoln A Beatrln* Railway. . 




■ ■ ■ • 
















"-Safety Cars—* Other 
Name of Company New Hebuilt Types 

North Dakota 

Grand Forks St. Ry 6 .. .} 


Bartlesville Intenirban Ry 

Enid City Ry 

Oklahoma Railway 

Oklahoma Union Ry 

Pittsburgh County Ry 

Tulsa St. Ry 

Total— 6 25 


Pacific Pwr. & Lt.*Co 3 

Portland Ry. Lt. & Pwr. Co 25 

Total— 2 

South Dakota 

Aberdeen Railroad 

Sioux Falls Trac. Systems 

Total— 2 


Amarillo St. Ry 

Austin St. Ry 

Beaumont Trac. Co 

Corpus Christi Ry. & Lt. Co 

Dallas Railway Co 

Eastern Texas Elec. Co 

El Paso Elec. Co 

Galveston Elec. Co 

Greenville Ry . & Lt. Co 

Houston Elec. Co 

Marshall Trac. Co 

Northern Texas Elec. Co 

Northern Texas Trac. Co 

Paris Transit Co 

Port Arthur Traction Co 

San Antonio Pub. Serv. Co 

South Western Trac. Co 

Texas Elec. Ry. Co 

Texas City St. Ry 

Wichita Falls Trac. Co 

Total— 20 


Salt Lake & Utah R. R 

Utah-Idaho Central R. R 

Total— 2 18 


Gray's Harbor Ry. & Lt. Co 6 

Lewiston-Clarkson Transit Company 3 

North Coast Power Co 3 

Olympia Light & Power Co 

Pacific Power & Light Co 3 

Puget Sound International Railway & Power Co. . 18 

Puget Sound Traction, Light & Power Co 104 

Seattle & Rainier Vy. Ry. Co 7 

Seattle Municipal Ry 10 

Spokane & Eastern Ry. & Pwr. Co. and Inland 

Empire R. R. Co 

Tacoma Ry . & Power Co 67 

Walla Walla Vy. Ry. Co 

Washington Wtr. Pwr. Co 

Western Washington Pwr. Co 4 

Yakima Vy. Transp. Co 

Total— 15 225 

Group Total— 130 1290 162 


• • • « 



• • • • 



■ • • • 



• ■ • • 













• • • • 



















■ ■ • • 




• • • • 














• ■ • • 

. . . . 


. . . . 


. . . . 



• • • • 

■ ■ • • 



• • • • 

• • • • 


• ■ • • 


• • ■ • 


. . . . 






Brandon Municipal Ry 7 

Calgary Municipal Ry. (e) 

Cape Breton Elec. Co., Ltd 2 

Edmonton Municipal St. Ry 

Hydro-Electric Pwr. Com 4 

Lethbridge Municipal Ry 

Levis County Ry ._. . . 20 

Moncton Tramways, Electric & Gas Co., Ltd. . . . , . • . . 



• • • • 



'-SafetjrCai*— » Other 

Name of Company New Rebuilt Tyi)e8 

Nova Sootia Tramway & Power Co., Ltd 48 

Peterboro Radial Ry 2 

Quebec Ry. Lt. & Pwr. Co .... .2 

Sherbrooke Ry. & Pwr. Co 3 .... "8 

Three Rivers Trao. Co 12 9 

Total— 13 113 24 08 


American Trading Co 6 .... .... 

Mexico Tramways Co 6 . .... 

Matanzas (Cuba) Elec. Ry 16 .... " . . . . 

(a) Details not available. 
(«) McCauley type. 



Com- 'Safety Cars 

panics New Rebuilt 

New England 29 569 26 

North of Ohio and East of Missis- 
sippi River (6) 123 1,476 236 

South of Ohio and East of Missis- 
sippi River (6) 44 414 2 

West of Mississippi River (r) 130 1,290 162 

Total United States 326 3,748 424 

Canada (d) 13 113 24 

Mexico and Cuba 3 27 .... 

Grand total 342 3,888 448 

(&) Details not available for 6 companies. 

(c) Details not available for 4 companies. 

(d) Details not available for 1 company 




150 . 








1.410 6,746 

. 1 




Electric Railway Officials 

United States, Canada, Mexico and West Indies. 

The f^ure fbUowiiv the name corre t ponda with the number Ot 
the railway witti which the official ta connected, as ibown in tb« 
SeographicBl list, and wilt be found under that number 

Abbot, w. M,. 
Abbot, Wm. N. 
Abbott. G. E... 
Abbott, O.M.. 

er, W. C^ aas. 39Sa 


A&man.D. W 

AlUnitton. L. L 

ABiiasort.E. J 

209, 230. 23S, US 

Ad»ir, W. B 



mH, E. W. . . , 
... ,iiB, Edwiid : 
AfUniH. Gideoii . . 
• m., H. B.... 

danu! J.'L.(Coiii.)'83,'8fl 

AUon, P. W 

Men. K.F 

Alev. KsncyT 


AQhod.H.O S 

Alfehnuw, Wm. F..B 



Alkong, U. Hayn 

103S, 10X7 
AliwWDnh. Deuie R.. '" 

Albin H., A. , . ,.94sb. »4Hb 

Albl, kaH 
Aloal ■ ■ 

Aldriob, B. E. 

1002, 1003, lOM 
AUri.U(., I*m«r. 
Alsniuy. Guilter 

AleuDder, A. 9 . 

AlaiudH. £. D..lfiS, 

AUn, Horaw E , . 

AmUAA. Lnji.^ . . . , 
AntowabBBiia, Wm. 
' ' i*,DuiidM... 

Andenan, Chirk 6,. . 

John. iaao. 1 

ABduwn.a. V I 

AndHson. R. K... 
■ ■ R. R... 


. 1M3 


Apiwl. Jno. J 2TB 

«pplegstc. Georn . . . 60S 

pplewhi(fl.8.P IT 

Appleyud, A, E G08 

Apted, W.M 481 

lArngon. Aiidrta 1331 

ArDfaer, L. H E93 

ArohibBld, O. D 1808 

Aidl^, W. H 1B« 

Antabrlls.C. C .27S, 290 
Ar!(ini«ht,P,8..133. 13* 

Atnung. A. H...MO, T02b 

Amit>Ee,Percivil.... BBS 

Armleuler, Otta B3t 

ArnmtroDg, Alex 39S 

AmutioDg. E. C. ., 770 
ArniBlninK. ICdwBRi 

ArmlroDg, E. E HB 

Anutii»t, F.J 448 

ArmtiDDg, P. B ISS 

/Irnuttoni, H. N ^ . . , 071 

ArDutrong. J. M IM 

AnutiODc, J. V 1243 

AHniiltnng.M.E.,., 487 

ArnutroriR.ThomHA. 508 

Arnuliong. W. H.... 1143 

AfDey.R,^ 494 

Acaold, B. J ISt 

Atnald.B.W 1215 

Aroald.E.W 1228 

ArDDld.H.H 278 

Arnold. H.J 14fi 

AmoId.W.L 181 

ArBi>teia,W 61 

Arthur, R.G 17 

Any. A.R S85 

Aahbroak.Cluide.... 821 

Aabdown,C«ilB 694 

Athley. It, L 1331 

A»hm™d. E. W S 

Atl>ma.E.X 1231 

AUMrtan'.Ci'H.'.'.!!! ISI 

AUurtDD. F. B 930 

AlfciiH. J. W 147 

Atkiiuon. C. E. . . .3B1, 399 

Attarbun. W. W.... 0TB 

Atlrn holt. 8. W SSI 

Atwood, W.B. 130B 

Antr, Frandioo 1330 

AaHf,A.G 113B 

AuItTb 114S 



Arliiii. C. L - - 

AyncO.K 781 

ibitl. Lyle 

Kiook, AH...,. 

rlftdiero, Milford.... 

BwthtojJ.H .*.'.*.'.*. 



B^y, C. W 



Bailey, R.W 

Bailey, W.P 


Baird, J. A 

Bftird, J.L 


Baker. C. B 

Baker. CD 

Baker, C.E 

Baker. CM 

Baker, Frank J.. 

BaMirin. A. N.... 63, 668 

Baldwin, A. B "•* 

Baldwin. B. J 

Bablwin. Ow. J. 

124, 127, 130, 130, 147 

Baldwiii,H.B — 

BaWwin,R. A 

PBlliird.H, A 


BaUud, TTP 

BaOurd, dmrki. 


r, j.a 11«,1W 


By. H.H... 

lurouv, ^iwria. - . - , 
Banto, B. P 

Barcer. M. 8. 

630, 728, 741, 750, 765 

BBrilleaai,F :— 

Barker, George flOZ, tM, i 

Barker, W.J 

Barker, William 8. 

eoz. «oa, 614 

BBraard. Georce E... 

Barnard. H.F 

Barnard. H.H 

Baroes, Jsino P 

Baraa, Cbamberluo 


Barney, Coo. L 

J, J. J ss: 

Buiilti,E.A 104! 

Barnum, A. M. 

Beeber, W.P 961 

Beeman, J.H »I( 

Beers, James IM 

Beeuwkes, R tTl 

BeiE.Wni.Tt M 

we.Gw IlflS 

' 701, S48, I13S 
Barthold. W. H.. .26S, 495 
Bartholomew, Robt. F. fill 

Bartlett, Charles 572 

BartlBtt,CU[UinL... 427 

Bartlett, E.O U4Ta 

8anlett.F.A 94 

Bartlett, G.K 572 


I. M., M.D. 

Batee. f^haa. W.., 

Hat™, a.F. 

Bathe. J. M . . . 

atlk'9. Frank.. 

aui'r, C. J 


H. B 

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Baumhoff, Geo. V 


Baa. Pedro U.'.! 

B«»sh, W. E... 

'ieale, J. J . 

Bsamn.C. A 

Bean, H. K 721 

Bean, J. B 

Smui, W.L 

Ilaiiiii. Bynm A 

It»nb»>. W. H 

F.L, 103 

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BeHitr,'E. C'-i...... ' M 

RntCy, U. C S33, HI 

Boatty, I.M 

fieattjr. RoU. D.. .7M,7II 
Beoudry. N. E. . . . UH 

BeaunoDt, «. J UN 

BeaieLl.H.M HH 

Beoht, A. J 814 

Beehtel,E.J...,^a4iO, 3ti 
B«k, Bb Adam, R-^. 

Beak, Burt 
Beak. Charl 

Beek, Martin.. 

1300, im 


Bell, T- " 

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Bell, W.O S41 

Bellamy. W.H UU 

Bellefeuille.H UU 

Belleville. F. E 741 

Bellinger. F. W HI 

B«Umeie, Wilfred.... 407 

Autuat..C7^ 70C 

Belt, C E 

Ban, Wm.H 

Benagh, H. C 

Bendel, Wm. C. 



Benedict, CM 

Benediot. D. Nonb.. 

nett.F.J...lUKr, UU 

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nctt.H.K 401 

nett, H.L aM 

nett. O. G 73>, 73) 

Bennington. J. H. 

667, Ma, 7S1 

Ben<toa,H.M SM 

Benaon, B. D 879. ttt 


'BflrgBohDcidpr. A,S., 
Beringn, A, F, .T02b, 

Berkey, John A 1 

Beriid.O, H 313. 


Beroey.E. a 

Bernhud, LymHn C, 303 

BemiiD.L. W 

B«i7y.G.H 7t 


Berry. Jdh- - ^ 

BBrryiiill', Jm.6... 
Seirynuui, A.L..,. 

Bertraod.'P. A,!!! 
Berwiud Edwio J.. 

Btt)b.C. E.. 


Bioe. Edwin ( 

Biary, H^R 

B)|bw, A. n 

Bigdow, Chnrln H:. 

Biadow, E. a 33G